Monday, January 1

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Pastor Mboro launch an airline for members to visit heaven at R1m per trip

Pastor Mboro launch an airline to fly to heaven

Controversial Prophet Mboro who visited heaven 2 years ago is allegedly planning to launch his own airline which will fly people to and from heaven.

According to sources close to the pastor, the airline which will be called Mboro Airways will give people an opportunity to visit God whenever they want.

“We know Pastor has regular contact with the Man upstairs. He wants to give people a chance to have a personal interaction with God. Mboro Airways will provide people with an opportunity to visit heaven,” said one of the people who will heading the planned airline.
“The church has raised enough money to launch the airline as soon as this year. It will cost just over R1m to fly to heaven. It is a very reasonable price considering the fact that people will get an opportunity to meet Our Father,” he added.

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