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Tuesday, March 13


Watch Video: Montana Poort School pupil beat white teacher for giving bad remarks of her assignment


Watch & Download Video:Montana Poort Secondary school girl assault white teacher for giving bad remarks about her assignment 

Pretoria Montana Poorts high School suspends 'bully' girl who assaulted the teacher

Pretoria - The mother of a 15-year-old Montana Poort Secondary schoolgirl who brut@lly assaulted a wh!te teacher for giving bad remarks about her assignment, on friday laid charges of assault against the girl.

The Gauteng Education Department said it was instituting disciplinary action against the alleged attacker. The incident is believed to have its roots in b.ullying

A cellphone video of the attack surfaced on social media on friday morning, showing the dangerous girl walking to the front in the class to assault the teacher.

The 15-year-old then suddenly pounc3d - sl@pp!ng, k!ck!ng and pu.nch!ng the unsuspecting Montana white teacher with her assingment.

In the video, recorded by a friend of the att@cker, other girls could be heard laughing in the background while urging those trying to break up the att@ck not to get involved.

The att@ck appeared to have been planned, as the pupil recording the video could be heard in the beginning telling the others her cellphone took blurred videos.

The victim, speaking outside the Sinoville police station after laying charges, said the attacker used to be one of her Favorited students.

“i used to be more like her mother and I didn’t know why she had not been speaking to me for two weeks. So when she held my hand and started walking off with me I assumed she wanted to mend things between us,” she told the Pretoria News.

“I really don’t know what went wrong because she didn’t say anything to me, but instead just started attacking me.”

The principal of Hoƫrskool Montana, said management was informed of the incident had since started an investigation into the matter.

“We are seriously looking into the matter as the girl was wearing the school uniform during school hours in the classroom during the attack and could thus be identified with the school. It concerns us because it reflects negatively on the school.

“Such behaviour is unacceptable and once our investigations are done, we will be providing feedback to the principal of the affected teacher.”

Provincial Department of Education spokesman said they were aware of the incident and strongly condemned b.ullying in schools.

Bodibe said disciplinary processes as prescribed in the code of conduct for pupils had been instituted against the alleged attacker.

“Counselling will be offered to the affected teacher.

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