Wednesday, May 16

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Video: Mboro ask members to remove their un_derwear and wave in church & touch their p_rivate parts

Prophet Mboro Make Congregants take off their un_derwear in church & to touch their p_rivate parts

Many people are calling out the South African Pastor for being a p_ervert, after he converted his service into a full p_ervert show by asking his congregants to remove their p@nties and wave them in the air like some sort of ritual.

To some critics amazement, the church-goers obliged and soon started waving their p@nties in the air. Though it is not clear what the pastor was trying to achieve by asking the unimaginable of his congregation as the worship session is going on, however he was heard saying, “Must we stop because somebody does not like it?”

While this took place, the pastor placed his hand firmly on his g3n!tals. While he prayed, his members also imitated him and also placed their hands on their g3n!tals.

This comes as no surprise as it has been reported before now that a charismatic local preacher in Benoni, South Africa, Pastor Penuel drew widespread shock and criticism after he asked his congregants to take of their clothes in church and self stimulate until they 0rg@sm on the floor.

According to the Pastor, the holy act of m@sturbat!on would produce s_acrosanct fluids which would make the church floor as sacred as heaven. Those that participated in the practise would be rewarded with eternal life free of sickness, as God had told the pastor that the holy produce of the act would be taken as a sacrifice to the heavens.

In the 5 min video of the church service, the Pastor can be heard telling the congregants that God had already sent the angels to oversee the event.

“Start now, the angels are here watching to see who is doing and who is not doing.” the pastor bellows out loudly.

Shortly afterwards, he instructed all his members to take of their clothing and look at the most attractive person in the church, and then start to self stimulate.

The blurry video then goes blank but the audio remains, and the congregants can be heard moaning in the background.

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