Monday, June 11

Mahlatse Ramatseba

8 South African universities that will make you earn more than R200,000 per month

8 South African universities that will make you earn more than R200,000 per month (SEE STATS)

Data from research group, PayScale, shows which graduates from South Africa’s top universities have gone on to have the highest average salaries.

PayScale uses big data to analyse and present salary data through a variety of metrics – from level of working experience, degrees studied and job fields employees work in.

One of the metrics is salaries based on which universities an employee graduated from.

According to the data, graduates from the Wits University have the highest average salary range (between R145,580 and R861,370) – though it’s the University of Cape Town which has the highest average salary for those with a bachelor’s degree (R348,000).

Meanwhile, graduates from smaller cities – like Durban and Port Elizabeth – have lower salary ranges, with the latter having the lowest average for a bachelor’s degree (R229,790).

The data below is based on over 2,000 data entries from South African graduates. Numbers have been rounded.
UniversityAverage LowAverage HighBachelor’s Average
University of the WitwatersrandR145 580R861 370R301 910
University of PretoriaR142 290R820 640R262 060
University of Cape TownR141 740R765 850R348 000
UNISAR117 420R762 070R328 220
Stellenbosch UniversityR142 290R725 070R260 860
University of JohannesburgR109 420R680 370R225 060
Durban University of TechnologyR91 110R592 550R217 200
Nelson Mandela UniversityR96 310R552 680R229 790

PayScale’s data generally reflects the regional data recently published by jobs portal, CareerJunction, showing how salary ranges differed across South Africa’s three major metro areas.

In the study, salaries in Johannesburg were consistently higher than the national average when compared to Durban and Cape Town.

In the latter two regions, salaries were mainly lower, but also higher depending on the specific industry or sector.

With graduates from any given university typically going on to work in the same are as the university (Wits graduates working in Johannesburg, UCT graduates in Cape Town, etc), it stands to reason that the salary ranges attached to those universities reflects the area they are in.

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