Thursday, June 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Officer pour 7 Heineken on the ground from students who claim they refused to bribe him

Police officer pour school boys 7 bottles of Heineken on the ground & they claim they didn't have money to bribe him.

Officer who allegedly poured 7 bottles of beer on the ground as a warning to students who were drinking alcohol, at a park, after school, celebrating their friends's birthday is been praised by black twitter.

The students are reported to be doing grade 10 and 11 and they decided to hlanganisa tuck money to buy beers in celebration of one of their friends and they met up with a ZCC Sergeant who doesn't like to see kids participating in such act of drinking.

The students claim the sergeant asked for a R50 bribe which they didn't have because they were only left with R7.50 for cigarettes and the sergeant got angry because he thought he was going to get some $$$$ for Braai pack for sure or milk & coffee since he is ZCC according to the students.

Keep checking as we are still gathering more information and reaching out to the Sergeant to hear his side of the story.

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