Tuesday, June 12

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Pictures of the man who left slay queens or girls with a R37000 bill - Hero of the week Video

Pictures and video of the man who left girls with a R37 000 bill - 37k bill in south africa

Pretoria - Meet the man who left poor girls (Jackie girl) with a 37k bill _Some South African slay queens have been left to be objects of ridicule after a man who took them out to a bar in a club was discovered wanting when it was time to foot their invoice.

The mentioned South African man who took them to a membership, reportedly ran away and left them with an invoice of R37,340 Rands.

The ladies are saying that the man who was supposed to pay the bill quickly vanished when the waiter came with the bill.

It seems the girls were having a nice timeout as they were ordering top class drinks and meat. They were having some 18-year-old whiskey and having fun until the moment of paying up the bill came upon them. Here is a break down of why the bill had amounted to such an amount:

They had drunk 14 bottles of Veuve Rich, with one bottle costing R1,800 which means 14 bottles amounted to R25,200, had a Glenfiditch 18 yrs old bottle which cost R3,200, they also had appletizers which costed R150, Red square reloaded amounted to R180, Ice Tropez 6pack R4,800, meat platter R950, Hennessey bottle R1,000, and still water R60, altogether the bill was R37,340.

It is said the man said he was going to the loo and he never came back, leaving the ladies with this hefty bill, for now, we don’t know what then happened to the ladies who were left with the bill, but here is a video of the ladies after being left to pay the bill:

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