Thursday, June 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

See how R37k 'R37000' bill For Slay Queens was paid - Video

How Did Slay Queens Pay The Bill? See Who Paid The R37 000 Bill For Slay Queens And Left With Them For The Night – Watch Video

One of many questions that emerged after a video footage trended from the weekend of the so-called “slay queens” being abandoned with a R37000 restaurant bill was: How will they eventually pay?

Well, we have the answer and a video to prove it.

The women appeared to have been left by a companion with a bill of R37340 in the video taken at Zero13 Lifestyle Club in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

A waiter at the club who did not want to be named confirmed that a group of young men who are regulars at the club and are known as forex traders payed the R37 000 bill and left with the slay queens at the end of the night. Watch video below:

It has been confirmed that the young men did not only pay the R37 000 bill for the slay queens but they also topped up the bill with more expensive drinks and food. At the end of the night the bill amounted to R100 000 which was paid in cash using R200 notes!

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