Thursday, July 12

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Tshepo Maseleme Forgives & Reconcile with wife 'Daisy Maseleme' and they are so happy after prayers from Man of God

Tshepo Maseleme reconcile with her wife, the Department of Health Human Resources manager Daisy Maseleme and they are so happy & moving forward with life

The leaking of the video has caused devastation to Daisy Maseleme’s overall health and has divided her family. Daisy is a married woman with kids. Her husband also works at the Limpopo Department Of Health. To protect the husband and kids from any further humiliation, their names and pictures have been withheld.

Upon hearing about Daisy’s ordeal, Man of God went to Limpopo to see Daisy Maseleme who was hospitalized at the time of his visit. It is reported that Man of God went there to pray for Daisy’s health and to pray for her family so that they can reconcile and stand together as a family.

When reached out for a comment from Man of god, Man of God had this to say “What the Maseleme family is going through is the work of the devil, and i am here to make sure that the devil doesn’t succeed in the destruction of Daisy’s health and Daisy’s family”
“Daisy is not to blame for everything that has happened, the devil saw a weakness in her marriage and the devil sent someone to exploit that weakness. But after praying for Daisy and her family i am happy to announce that Daisy is out of that hospital bed, she is confident and she is not going to allow the devil to win. She is going to stand tall with her family by her side.

I am happy to announce that faith has been restored at the Maseleme family. The devil did not win and the devil will not win, if they thought they have destroyed her career at The Department Of Health then that does not matter because her Job will be restored!” – said Man of God

Efforts to get a hold of Daisy and her husband for comment did not succeed! But any further updates will be here.

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