Wednesday, July 11

Mahlatse Ramatseba

You cant believe what Jacob Zuma did in this video - This Man is something we didn't know : Video of Jacob Zuma & Makhelwani

Video of Jacob Zuma & Makhelwani - You cant believe Jacob Zuma in this video - This man is something we didn't know

The former president Jacob Zuma 'Msholozi' visited Makhelwani who won't stop talking, having a nice conversation, good laughter after a long time and a traditional lower level meat and Pap.

It is true when they say 'Nothing exposes character more than how you treat people you dont need".Zuma he is such a nice listener and a good man who dont undermine people at their levels, even those who are poor.
In the video, the Makhelwani keeps on talking and Mr Zuma barely say something all he do is to eat the traditional food. Even most of whites actually like Jacob Zuma Contrary to what most people think, He can sing and dance and has humor.

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