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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Sunnyside Pretoria 'Ocanto Latino' Pub owner make Fong Kong child with a drunkard woman from Giyani - Pictures

A Chinese man make Fong Kong kids with a sunnyside drunkard woman from Giyani - Video

Ocanto Latino (Okanto Latino) is a Pub in Sunnyside Pretoria which is Tsonga and Venda dominated. It is located in Robert Sobukwe Street (which used to be Esselen str) and Greef street.

Chinese are not here in South Africa to play, they mean business. A Chinese p_erv3rt who happened to be the owner of Ocanto Latino Pub in Sunnyside was spotted in the l_iqu0r shop doing 3ld3rly things with a Tsonga women by the name "Basane".

Apparently Basane gave birth to a Fong Kong child and she is even drinking more because there is no one to help her look after her scary child.
one of the comments from black twitter"-
"Yabona manje they're gonna make fong kong kids abafa fast bese nizothi iMzansi has weak humans kanti yilama ching chong wenu!!"
Considering the recent rise of Chinese discount malls scattered around the country, all selling ‘Fong-Kong’ knock-offs, questionable foodstuffs and clothing that can only be washed once, few would argue against this opinion. In fact, the relevant term here might be ‘Chinese anti-brand’, products that contradict the very principles of brand building: quality, durability, trust, performance expectations, etc.

Efforts to get comments from the Shop owner were unfruitful since we didn't understand each other with the language, and the Chinese owner doesn't trust anyone & he was not ready to open up.

- Mzansi Stories

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