Tuesday, November 6

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Amukelani Baloyi from Giyani challenges Malusi Gigaba with the Longest 4-5, Enough of Gigabytes - Video

Meet Amukelani Baloyi from Giyane who is challenging Gigabytes - Enough of Gigabytes #Gigaba #Gigabyte

Social media especially on twitter and Facebook has been abuzz since a $3x video of Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba surfaced on the internet which cause serious traffic jam on the internet.

A young man by the name 'Amukelani Baloyi' released a video of him walking while his 4-5 was not covered, according to our source the motive towards the video was to get Malusi Gigaba video phased out because most women on social media are praising him.

The minister revealed in a series of tweets that the video was stolen when his phone got hacked 18 months ago. Gigaba says he reported the matter to authorities after it was used in a blackmail and extortion attempt by unknown culprits, which he turned down.

The minister on his recent comments mentioned that he has a right to be r_omantic with his wife and he doesn't see anything wrong with the video.

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