Tuesday, November 6

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Chaos as Our Perfect Wedding presenter Nomsa Buthelezi children being bullied because she's lesbian

Chaos as Our Perfect Wedding presenter Nomsa Buthelezi explains to her children that she is a lesbian

Nomsa Buthelezi has revealed that her children have been bullied because of her relationship with another woman.

The Our Perfect Wedding host came out publicly in August, sharing a picture of her partner Zandile.

While many people praised her for talking openly about being a lesbian, some hurled homophobic comments her way.

Nomsa was not the only one who had to deal with negative comments about her relationship.

Her children have also been affected and were bullied in school. But she says that she has a “very open relationship” with them.

“They understand my sexuality. Yes, they were bullied at school but my kids made the other kids understand that ‘hey! If your mother has a husband, then my mother can have a wife and that’s that’,” TimesLive quoted her as saying.

Nomsa added that addressing her sexuality with her children was not “simple to navigate”
“However, kids always know when you are happy and when you are not and my kids always knew who I was before I even embraced it.”

The media personality says that her teenage son has “amazed” her because he understand her.

“He’s 14 and immediately when I introduced Zandile to them, he told me I’ve been happiersince she’s come into our lives. They connected, the trick was I wasn’t forcing Zandile on them, their connection was organic.”

Nomsa added that she hopes to help people around her understand the LGBTQI community.

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