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Friday, March 29


'Why Man Are Afraid To Date us Successful Women, Im rich and single'


Why Men Are Afraid To Date Successful Women -  'Im rich and single'

DAILY Sun asked SunReaders on Facebook why most men don’t want to date independent women.

And many men had a lot to say.

– Ta Dorana said: “They tend to treat us like their children. They send us to the shop. They want us to take off their shoes. They want us to put their phones on the charger. They want us to bring them toothpicks. They want us to hang their underwear. They don’t want to have sex when you want. They want to have sex when you don’t want. They must just go buy sex toys.”

– Jay Marhamela said: “Men are not shallow like women. We don’t care about you having a job or looking like Barbie. We want respect and personality.”

- Katlego Phillimon said: “Who said we don’t want date them? We approach them and they reject us.” Even the women shared their thoughts on the matter.

– Vinolia Mogashoa said the men were lying. “It’s jealousy, intimidation, weakness and low self-esteem. A confident man is boss. Money or not, educated or not, successful women respect a confident man,” she said.

– Shalom Kgosigadi said: “Most men are afraid of being challenged. Successful and independent women question what is deemed as common sense, therefore some men want to be authoritarian and disregard women.”

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