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Tuesday, April 16


Former President Robert Mugabe To Spend 29 Days In Hospital


Former President Robert Mugabe To Spend 29 Days In Hospital

Former President Robert Mugabe will spend 29 days in a Singapore hospital for treatment, current President
Emmerson Mnangagwa revealed.
Mugabe will miss Independence Day celebrations for the second time in a row after being ousted from office
in a military coup in November 2017.

Mnangagwa revealed Mugabe’s whereabouts during an interview with ZBCtv on Saturday. He said:
He has not been feeling well. At the age of 95, I think he is reasonably in good health. Currently
he is not in the country. He left on the 2nd of April to Singapore, he will be way for about 29
days and he will come back.

I am making sure that I do the facilitation for him to receive treatment, take him to Singapore
and to bring him back, all the facilities, I make sure that it is done.
Mugabe has shunned the limelight since his humiliation in 2017. His last public appearance was on election
day on July 30, 2018, where he implicitly declared that he would vote for MDC president Nelson Chamisa.

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