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Wednesday, April 1


Mourners for hire to cry & mourn at funeral - Fake crier for hire


Hired to mourn and cry at funerals and for reasonable price.

Durban - It’s important to grieve and show your support for family and friends. Because Everyone who was there when life was great might disappeared when life becomes rough.

It is a known fact that when days are dark friends are few so,hire mourners to make the funeral interesting with a lot of mourners crying and rolling around.

Dumisane Ngobene, 21, placed an ad on Facebook some time back offering to “fake-cry” or even “cry and roll on the ground” at funerals – for a fee. His post, along with a generic picture of people mourning at a funeral, read: “Do you want to boost your funeral?

We hire out professional mourners to cry at the funeral. The prices are: normal crying at R200 per mourner, crying and rolling on the ground at R300 per mourner, crying and insulting at R400 a mourner, or crying and threatening to jump into the grave at R500 per mourner.”

Asked if it was disrespectful, Ngobene said no.
“Funerals are not as sacred as they used to be. Nowadays, people need these services. I discovered that mourning services were a real thing in London and other parts of the world. This got me thinking.

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