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Thursday, October 21


King Monada’s BMW M4 repossessed


 King Monada’s M4 was taken by Police on Wednesday 2021-08-20, According to a source “King Monada is Owing Lot’s Of Money on the car. The bank had to repossess the car to recover the outstanding amount.”

People took to social media to have their say on the issue.

 Whatever is happening… Inxeba le Ndoda alihlekwa

King Monada shall regroup🐷”  said one Facebook user.

“ We might not know the reason for this, but all I can say is that,  Mercedes benz C63 ya gagwe ba e tšeri so then ya boya ele ye blue with some spoiler🔥. Le drop zone nyana👌

So I guess it'll definitely come back with some changes.🙏” said another Facebook user.

Indeed. Judging from the current economic challenges and the impact of Covid19 pandemic, this can happen to anyone. I guess King Monada will bounce back. Said one more user

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