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Friday, October 29


Zimbabwean woman gives birth to a frog - watch video


 A Zimbabwean woman gave birth to a ‘frog-like creature’ 

Precious Nyathi, from the village of Gokwe, in the north west of the country, was eight months pregnant when she went into labour. 

But her husband, Mr Nomore, was left baffled when the 36-year-old gave birth to ‘something strange’ which resembled an amphibious creature. 

Precious Nyathi gave birth to a bizarre ‘frog-like creature’  – before being ordered to burn its corpse in front of horrified villagers 

The baby later died in hospital before village elders ordered that the ‘frog-like creature’ be burnt in front of residents.

Some say its Witchcraft while other sày It is a Fertility ritual practised in Africa. Apparently they use "fertility" frogs but mostly "fertility snakes" believed to cure infertility. Other country use it if you are cheating on your partner.

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