A Dreamer Poem - Mzansi Stories

A Dreamer Poem

I don’t know what it is
It makes my heart beat faster when I have to write minutes
It takes me to the most beautiful places. When I came back the meeting is adjourned then I start wishing
I don’t know what it is
It says no no u won’t make it, so don’t even try
It makes me sit back and pity myself not to ask to be taught when someone knows what I don’t
It makes me feel like a failer
It makes me feel offended when friends make fun of me when trying to speak my mind
I really don’t know what it is
It makes me doubt my beauty but the mirror says a different story
It makes me believe that I know nothing, so I don’t think
I wish I knew what it is
We never meet, we were never friends and yet it is taking control
But something inside so strong kept it all together
Its plugs the electricity in me it’s like a chain that supplies me with
Confident, potential, love and a big smile that’s why I am here today
By Lerato Mtshabi they say m a dreamer but m not the only one