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Best of luck poem

Blessings of good luck

Blessing of good luck May the supernatural mighty one shower you with fortune and luck.
You are so good,loving,honest,honorable and faithful.
May the flood gates of heaven Open to you and let it rain to unto you.
I wish you a very perfect smile that will last for good,
i wish you an emerging love and laughter,
i wish you positivity in everything you do,
i wish you that everything you touch must turn into gold not forgetting silver and diamond.
i wish you a christian life so that we meet again in heaven when the world pass.
Some are born lucky and fortunate, some are born talented with the ability,You are both. Good Luck.
may the almighty pour all the luck on you
never get disapointed in life,fight like a warrior.
i wish you good luck in all your plans.