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Jokes of the day

1. After years and years of working hard, saving almost all of my salary, others getting fat while I got skinny, I finally managed to buy myself a digital camera to take a picture of my favourite car. Finally

  Today on my way to work, the taxi driver happened to hit a baby on the high way. After some time the driver went out of the car and started to beat the baby and dragged the baby out of the way very harsh. Some people are very cruel; he didn't even care what will people say about his actions,luckily enough it was a baby of a dog (animal).

 The way somebody is so ugly her mother use her to scare the father when they are fighting and they even use her to scare children's who doesn't want to go to school.

 Can somebody please help me with R250 via wire transfer (my swift code is 12300), I want to go to Pretoria because I just received a call that my baby swallowed a memory card, the baby keeps on singing all the songs or tracks in that card and he is unstoppable because the memory card was on repeat. I haave to get there early because even porn Is there in that card.