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Life poem

Life is a very huge thing, others see it as a blessing because it only comes once to each and every individual! We living a temporary life which doesn’t last forever, each and everyday is just a lucky day as long as we still breathing!
Getting to wake up each and everyday and do what we have planned as also a blessing since not everyone made it to that certain!
Happiness also forms part of life, when you happy in life just consider yourself rich because that’s juss something money cannot buy! We all need to feel loved @ some point,
so there’s nothing more special than waking up feeling that you are loved.
You get to have that sense of belonging! Love is priceless, it can’t be bought and its also something that can’t be begged.
It must just come naturally! Love leads to hapiness, when you feel and know that you are loved,I consider people happy!
Love yourself first so that others can be able to love you because life and love are more the same. Who are we if we don’t love one another in life?
Love makes the world go around. No matter how beautiful one can be in life, if their heart is not pure!
They considered as ugly! So love plays a huge rule in life! Life is a blessing which we all thankful for