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Love Poems

Author : Esther Louisa Schuesseller Msiska
You take away my sorrow
Until we reach tomorrow
To remove yet another arrow
Pierced deep in my heart
You became my best friend, in a wink
Instantly becoming a link
Between me and happiness
Which was tinted with intense blackness
I have replaced you, from zero
To my hero
From bad
To great
You understood me with no questions asked
Gave me medicine to the unknown disease
Even though on the morrow,
The pain am running from will be felt again
But your love,
I have felt
And now,
I love you too Vod**

Love is llike a butterfly,Somtimes it fly high and sometimes it does not.i loved you like a butterfly When you talked to me,my heart would bit fast,your smile carried away all my tears Your voice made my life changed,your style took me from the bottom to the sky. I choose you like a red rose in a flower shop and you broke my heart like a glass falling down from the table

Love is so great,it’s like an ice block and i want you to be my ice frezzer,if love was for sale,i would buy it for you to love me more. Love its like an ice block and i need you like am thirsty,hold so tight that i dont break,don’t crush me with your teeth because i guarantee u,you will never see me again, Let our love be like an ice-block and be my ice freeezer,never let me to melt,i speculate we will stay strong and nothing cannot crush us

funny how we fall in love

AUTHOR:Lebogang Phofu
funny how everytime we fall ‘in love’ we normally say ‘this is the one i love’ then later you have been introduced to temptation, envy,insecurities,jealousy,secreats everythin changes to lust. It elevates from late night calls,deleting text,coming home late, not replying your massages,not picking up your calls,
havin excuses for every reasoning and yet u managed to stay, until you find that one ammunition that made you cry everytime you thought about the untrue talk you have put up with, the years you stayed in the relationship, the kids,then finally you pull the plug and say im done,
taking time to heal and years to recover from the relationship, and painfully you utter those words one knows best ‘i will never find someone like you’lol struu you will never! you know why? because you gonna find sumone better than your ex and thats the worst remedy an ex can ask for and the 1st words you utter will let you know if thats the one, you gonna smile everytime your with them and silently you would tell your heart those words ‘this is de one i wanna spend the rest of my life with,
this is my future’lets thank our ex because without them we Wouldn’t knw this beautiful people we are having today exsist so i SALUTE u…!!!


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Wow! Well thank you for that... Keep inspiring us with love words