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Mzansi quotes

1. If you are a leader and feel like it is cold at the top, you are doing something wrong. 

2.Those who don't work on their marriages are the ones who end up fighting for their marriages.

3. How can I love you better if I don't know myself better?

4.The two biggest relationship killers: Fear and anxiety.

5.Your attitude will determine your altitude. I love this. Your attitude towards the Word, Man/Woman of God and God will determine your growth in God. The bible says He that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be Filled, God is saying if you don't have appetite for Him, He won't feed you with something you don't want. God only feeds hungry people, He goes on to say I'll give you the desires of your Heart, If you desiring nothing that's what He give you. You don't have to wait to be perfect to have hunger for God

6. Infatuation relation-ship I have a feeling that you're no longer faithful to me anymore, so I came to a conclusion of finding out now rather than later because this lead to insecurities and doubt. This perception is destroying our relationship. You spend limited time with me these days, sharing less with me and your acting suspicious. You no longer texting me and you call me less when you have air time (that's a bad sign).i feel like I am in relationship alone. " You make secret phone conversation " you are having distinct changes in appearance " You like picking fights and arguing more with me, so that you can leave to spend time with whoever.... " You lie to me more often " social networks (windy conversations) " you like accusing me on the very same things you are so guilty of because they are wearing you " you make me feel horrible for asking or addressing some of the situations " you no longer telling me you love me or saying it back after me when you are not around me " You no longer answer your phone at night when I call you, and when you see the missed calls you don't get back to me. " You make fun of me swearing at me always “You disrespect me " lack of sex desire " you are not faithful The old saying goes, "Once a cheater always a cheater"

 A massage to gents:- To see if you’re ready for marriage ask yourself this simple question...:if she cheat will you forgive her?....

8.Never feel sorry for yourself, instead work hard on your life. Working hard is building a better future for your children’s.

9.If you owe me and you don’t want to pay my money back, i will just make sure i don’t hang around you or be around you. You take me for granted and you don’t value my plans with that money

10.To Gents: Do not chase girls, instead chase money and the girls will just come after you. Girls love a smart successful man. Man are meant to be strong and women are meant to be wise

11.Real friendship is when you love your friends with all of your heart and trusting God only. God will never disappoint you nor forsake you,but people will do even when you show them that extreme love

12.Never forget where you come from because where you are going is not guaranteed you will get there. home is home but as for me im not going back to poverty,i do better because i know where i come from and i didnt forget. 

1. Believe in yourself. 
 2. Be proud of who you are and content of what you have and aim high.
 3. Always be positive in everything you do.
 4. Seek for help if you don’t understand or don’t know.
 5. Love yourself and value yourself before you can do that to others.
 6. Make sure that you are always with the right people and at the right place so that you don’t get swallowed like the man Jonah. 
7. If you are a Woman: God did not create you to be strong, He created you to be wise. You were born with wisdom, not strength. 
8. If you are a man: God created you to be strong, he did not create you to be wise and that’s why woman and man need each other. You were not born with wisdom, but strength.
 9. Be physically and mentally competent. 
10. Develop yourself academically to broaden your horizons and to have a life security because education is security in this world. 
11. be good to all the people and your colleagues at work. 
12. pray, read the word, and commit yourself to him and he will bless you indeed
 13. Eat healthy food and balance diet. Make sure you exercise regularly to keep your body functions. Prevent for diseases before they attack you and stay away from troubles like dirty games.
14. Respect yourself, your body and all the people all over the world even foreigners because they are the children's of God. 
15. Be a hard worker in each and everything that you do so that you can be successful in future.
 16.Be more responsible and save money because life it's difficult without cash. Money makes the world go round if you didn't know. You can't get love and justice without money.