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Mzansi Random Jokes

0 Imagine your ready for bed around 22H00 someone just keep on buzzing you over and over using digits that you don't recognize well.The buzz keeps on crabbing your attention  and thinking it could be an Emergency perhaps someone is in Trouble... then you  decide to call back the number and you only find out that it is a woman saying she's looking for employment or if you know someone who employs people please assist!!!*and then your shocked indeed....! it was a  Happy day lovers & friends.......!

1 A loo is an alternative place to freshen up when you are getting mad.

2 If your light in complexion,your regarded as a cheese girl or yellow bone and if your dark in complexion ,you are referred to a fried cheese girl or a black bone

3 This goes to the waiters and waitress : please don't tell me what to do after i have bought food at the place your working......because they will be like saying "enjoy your food".

4 If the devil goes to hell alone he will be bored there....who wanna keep him company there?

5 I don't like girls who puff like they had put cement on their face. which animal would you prefer to be because your very wild.

6 Some other places thou...!...even a donkey would say no i cant stay here,this places its not collected at all

7 Most people the way they commit adultery if their bodies had slip that get released after the intercourse their slip would be finish by now.....

8 If you wanna kill your girl friend in south Africa don't use a mini cooper, you better use a pistol like the athletic in south Africa. you use a mini cooper you go to jail,you use a pistol your innocent.

9 Yesterday a Zulu girl by the name of Simtandile visited me at ma place,she is actually my girl friend. Later on she then went to the toilet,her cellphone rang,i looked at her phone n saw Chris brown calling........ i did not say anything.....after that another call came in and when i checked was usher Raymond,and i remained calm but more curious. within some moment another call came in and it was kanye west.i then said to ma self maybe this girl is a Caleb consultant or manager..... while i was thinking another call came in n it was written drake..... i started being more concerned and i dialed my numbers to check how she saved my name, only to find that she saved my number as peny,peny.....

10 Unsuccessful funny people :- If your funny and not successful,i wonder what happened to you, because at high school no body wanted to date you or be friend with you, meaning you were not disturbed by anything. At church they were not asking you to take the offering because you will scare the people who are prepare to give. Your parents where not proud of your looks and when they talk about their children s they where not mentioning you. On streets people where not greeting you because its difficult for them to get used to your looks.

11 South African girls :- South African boy:baby what can i do for you this week?i just got paid....! south African girl:we can go out clubbing this weekend,plus i wanna have fun. American girl: lets safe the money you have and stay indoors this weekend so that we can deposit a house next year with that money.