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Thursday, October 13


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 87

Chapter 87.
" well I think it would be a great experience for the boys hey" I said smiling to my father in law.
" babe are you sure about this? You don't have to feel intimidated by anyone over this. We can just discuss it overnight you know" Mordecai suggested as he took my hands into his.
" I'm sure, unless you are not sure about this.. It wouldn't be a bad idea for the boys to see the world you grew up in and if we miss them, we can always hop on the next plane to London! I know it would be tiring but I'm doing it for the boys!"
Mr Martins got up and hugged me.
" this means a lot to me. It really does"

I told him that if he was two timing me, he would regret the day he even thought of it.
It wasn't like I had a plan or something but I just had to scare him off nje.
I didn't sleep that night. I was awake thinking if I made the right decision.
As for taking over the family business, we decided we were going to do it. I missed being boss lady though.
On Monday I went to hand in my resignation letter at work.
" wow it was long overdue though. We thought you would never resign" Rochelle said as she entered the office in the shortest dress I have ever seen. The make up was overly done she looked like an art gallery.
" the word privacy doesn't really exist in you vocabulary Rochelle? The CEO lashed out on her.
Well he might have woken up in a wrong side of the bed because he usually just smile when she does it.
" but..bu......" She stuttered but he shut her up.
" anyways let's all go to the boardroom" we all followed him although I just wanted to leave. He didn't really say anything when I handed in my letter.
" well I'm not gonna waste your time but this company is going through some tough time and therefore we will be retrenching people. On the board you will find names of those that are remaining. Mrs Martins was among the 5 people remaining but since she is resigning none of you should have any ideas that you will take her space" he said as he made his way back to the office.
" you gotta be kidding me Mr high and mighty. I can't be retrenched from this job, otherwise your wife will know of what has been happening during those late hours you claimed you were working. You better put my name in there" Rochelle ranted as she followed him.
I didn't stay for all that drama, I left. I couldn't even say proper goodbyes because it was all mixed up.
I had to tell my mom about the twins and the lecture I got was more than I expected.
" vele vele, you have lost your mind her Francesca. If you couldn't afford those twins, you should have just brought them here like you always do than giving it to that guy who is two faced nje. You might never actually see them ever again"
I did try to reason with her but she didn't wanna hear any of it and so did Christina. Nandi was the only one who thought it wasn't a bad idea.
Well days went by faster than I expected. Soon it was the festive holidays. Mr martins invited us to spend it there. When I told my mom she literally jumped for joy. You could swear it wasn't the same woman calling Mr Martins the devil who can't be trusted.
Her joy couldn't be compared to that of Nandi. She immideately posted a status saying she would be going to London. Mr Martins was paying for everyone.
It was one of the best festive seasons we ever had. Just simply amazing. Not because of the place, but my people made it a memorable one.
It was just sad when I had to leave the twins behind but they weren't worried or sad.
We got back to SA to start a life without boys around, first month was the hardest. We skyped almost every night but it wasn't the same.
My husband tried by all means to make it fun for the two of us. Roger was left behind as he wanted to be with the twins.
The company was doing good under our administration. All was well.
Allan finally married Christy before their second baby was born. The boys came back to attend. They looked way bigger than the last time I saw them. They looked happy, so I was happy.
Nandi and her new boyfriend were going strong too although she kept on worrying about how she was going to tell him about her HIV status.
Well it wasn't an easy thing to do especially in the world full of stigma against HIV positive people. Christy and I advised her to take her time
Well when she finally did, the results wasn't all that she expected. She said after telling him about her status, he accepted it. Telling her, he was there for her. Well talk about a once in a lifetime kind of man. He was heaven sent.
My girlfriends would start talking about kids and that wasn't a topic I wanted to take part in. I would find an excuse not to answer anyone who would ask if I didn't want other kids or when was I having them.
God knows I was trying. I didn't tell Mordecai about it but I'm sure he did pick it up.
The year went down by with no sign of me getting pregnant. The boys came for the holidays. We decided they should continue with school there until they were done with primary school.
The fact that I couldn't fall pregnant was driving me nuts. I was even pushing Mordecai away and didn't want to tell him what's was going on.
" I know you want another baby. I know you badly want it but you have been acting like not getting one is your fault while its not. Babe this isn't about you alone. What if I'm the problem here and the one who must see a doctor? " he said one night just after we were done having sex.
Sex for me was no longer fun but rather' I just want him to ejaculate" kinda thing.
I just hugged him and cried.
The next day we went to see the doctor and got checked up. When the results came, none of us had any problem whatsoever. The doctor gave us medication to help us be more fertile.
Nothing changed. I just had to accept that two kids was what God gave me and I had to be thankful. Some people couldn't even get one baby.
Two more years down the line I have actually accepted the whole thing and started enjoying life as it came.
The boys were around for a visit. Gosh they were big guys. More like their father. To think they left when they were just small five year olds now they were actually big eight year olds.
" mom why don't you eat the pan cakes we made for ya" Adrian said as we sat down for breakfast one morning.
" I have been saying I'm not feeling well. Your father seems to be enjoying them. That's something" I said smiling trying to shift the focus from me but that didn't stop them from pestering me with their pancakes.
I didn't like the smell of eggs and milk. I felt like I was eating them raw and with just one bite , I felt really nauseous.
I immideately ran to grab the nearest bowl and vomited.
Mordecai ran to check up on me.
" mom are you fine" the boys asked in unison clearly panicking.
I didn't say anything because I passed out.
I woke up in the hospital.
" oh thank heaven you are awake. We have been worrying about you " aiden said hugging me and Adrian ran out calling for his dad.
They all hugged me.
" guys I can't breath " I said laughing and they all broke the hug. Mordecai told me the doctor was waiting for the tests results. I was secretly praying the cancer wasn't coming back.
" well I can see you are all having some family time" the doctor said smiling as he entered.
We just nodded. It was clear he had the test results. My boys looked scared too. I never told them about that cancer unless somebody did or they just investigated.
"I had bad news and good news " he said as he felt my skin for the temperature I suppose.
I looked at Mordecai signaling him to tell the boys to leave but the doctor continued talking before he could even say something.
" well I can tell you alone while your family wait outside"
" well just say it. Its fine" I blurted out.
" bad news is I have to keep you at the hospital for 3 more days while the good news is you are 12 weeks pregnan.... "
He didn't finish the statement because we all just screamed in joy.
" this is so cool, we going to have a little sister" aiden said hugging his brother.
" or little brother " Adrian added.
We just laughed.
"Well God works in a mysterious way babes" my husband said kissing me.
" I have always been suspicious babe. You gained weight, you were so lazy these days and your boobs too" he continued.
I was suspicious too but I just didn't want to get my false hopes up.
" well more good news is you Mrs Martins are going to have twins" he added with a grin.
" what? " I asked in disbelief.
Mordecai and the boys also asked the same thing.
" this is cool" aiden and Adrian said in unison.
Well I wasn't sure if I was ready for another set of twins again. It was scary.
" I hope its boys" Mordecai said smiling and the boys cheered on.
They all knew very well I wanted a girl so I just kept a straight face while they laughed at me.
" well we will just have to wait and find out" the doctor said as he walked out.
I just looked at my family laughing and goofing around.
God was indeed able!
The end.
I decided to end the story here because.... Well Ria and Morde deserved a break. New story will be coming this Friday and hope you will give it your time as well 
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Monday, September 26


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 86

Chapter 86
A dramatic friend like Nandi was really needed. This whole thing was stressing us but she sorted it out in a snap of a finger.
After nomasonto has dragged her husband out of the I house, I went to hug her.
" thanks a lot friend" I said as I hugged her.
" anything for my special people" she smiled.
" I have to give it to you Nandi, that was some drama I have been craving to see for quite some time
Mordecai thought the moment called for a celebration.

" guys I don't drink, remember?" I said.
" well me too hey" Christy added.
Nandi and I looked at her surprised because she loved wine.
" because I'm pregnant " she shouted and we started shouting with her.
Mordecai congratulated Allan and we hugged our Friend.
This called for more celebrations. We spent the remainder of the day chilling and having some good time.
" so tell me, are you not planning to have more kids?" Ayanda asked me.
I brushed it off saying it will all happen all in the right time.
Mordecai told me his father was planning to visit us the following day so I woke up and prepared for his visit. I had a helper but decided to do stuff myself. He came around 12 In the afternoon. There was something about this guy that still petrified me. I guess it was the power that he exuded. I could never get used to him.
I think it was the same with Mordecai but he was quite better as compared to me. Roger on the other hand could handle him quite well.
" so sir Martins is coming huh?" He said jokingly when I was preparing food in the kitchen before his father arrived.
" I'm sure there is something he wants" he added.
I just laughed it off.
" what if he just came to see us. He has been scarce these days ever since he moved back" I said.
" please help me set up the table" I asked hin.
Mordecai was busy playing soccer with his sons.
He came in few minutes before his father arrived.
" wow you have gone all out babe. This is way too much for dad you know" he said tasting some of the stuff I prepared.
I hit his hand and he came to hug me.
Mr martins came alone. He didn't have any girlfriend that we have ever heard of so we thought maybe he was there to tell us he was getting married or something.
But that wasn't what he came for.
He started congratulating us on keeping our marriage going. He said he doubted we could make it this far. With that said, he thought the two of us were matured enough to run his business here in SA.
" well dad, last time it didn't end well and you know it so I believe its better when we are not involved" Mordecai told him as we ate our lunch.
" you were young back then, now you are matured. I believe the two of you can keep the empire going or make it better even. If you two handle things well,I can be able to give this whole thing to you two " he said smiling.
Well that sounded tempting. I would have liked the idea of being boss lady but yet again, I thought I was better off being away from the family business.
Mordecai told him he was loving being a lecturer but his dad said he could do it part time.
" well we will discuss it first together and then come back to you" I suggested seeing the conversation wasn't going anywhere.
We all agreed to that and continued eating.
" I have something else to ask" Mr Martins started.
We all looked at him. I had a feeling it was going to be something I won't like.
" I was thinking Adrian and Aiden could come with me to Britain next year so they can attend school there"
I immediately looked at Mordecai and Roger who exchanged looks.
I kinda knew this day would come and couldn't have been better prepared for it.
" I'd love to attend school there, you know" Aiden said to his brother.
We kinda forgot these two were in the table with us. You could swear they never listen when you talk but they are always all ears.
" I think we should go check up the new game grandpa bought for you" Roger took them to their room.
"Isn't this a way of trying to take my kids away from me for good?" I asked trying to sound in control of the situation.

" dad I don't think Ria will be comfortable with this. I mean, we both want to see our twins grow up right before our eyes.
" they will come back every school holidays or anytime you want them to. It can just be for next year and then they will come back. I'm really begging for this chance for me to spend time with them. I could have moved back here but I'm tied down with business. Please guys" he pleaded.
I wasn't about to buy his sob story. Taking the twins away could actually put pressure on me to fall pregnant again and worse I didn't trust this guy's intentions.
now. I thought you lost your touch girl" Christy said and we all laughed.
Dear readers I'm gonna take a break for two weeks as I'm having my exams now.
I was also thinking of giving Ria and Mordecai a rest at chapter 90 and not 100 and have a new story. I can assure you it won't dissapoint.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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Saturday, September 17


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 85

Chapter 85
Mordecai looked at me with a face that wanted answers but I didn't budge.
" I'm just gonna be preparing dinner babe so you will come tell me all about your doctor's visit." He said leaving the bathroom.
I took the test kit and rolled it inside some papers and discarded it.
I took a bath first and when I got to the kitchen,he was almost done.
" mmm it smell nice down here." I said taking a chair.
" anything for my baby".

I told him what the doctor said and he just came and pick me up and put me on the table.
" that's good news babe. I wish I was there for you " he said kissing me.
" I just wanted to hear the news first and besides you have a lot of catching up to do at work"
" well we can go somewhere to celebrate, you know" he suggested.
" or we can just celebrate here at home with the boys" I replied.
The boys entered with Roger.
" but dad said we are not allowed to sit on the table " Adrian said putting the plastics he was holding down.
" of course but I didn't say your mom wasnt allowed "
I stepped down and went to kiss both of them.
" ewwwww, we too old for that mom please" aiden tried to get away .
" this is another reason we don't like being dropped at school by you. We are too old for kisses in public mama" Adrian added.
I just smiled and shook my head.
" OK fine boys, I'll go get myself a baby girl who will love being kissed even when she is old" I said smiling.
Nandi and Christy asked to spend the Saturday with us.
I woke up early and prepared snacks for them. They were both bringing their families. Nandi had a new boyfriend so we were going to meet him.
The afternoon went well, we chilled by the garden while the kids played around.
Mordecai's phone rang and he got up to answer it. When he came back I could tell he was upset but was trying so hard to hide it from the others.
I asked him to help me with something in the kitchen and he followed.
" babe is everything alright? You look like you have just received a disturbing phone call" I asked placing my hands over his shoulders.
" well its Ayanda... That guy is disrespecting me and it is actually frustrating me because I have no plan whatsoever to get us out of this. I don't want to commit a crime trying to get this guy to leave us alone because it won't look good on our end"
" I have been worrying sick about him too. He calls me almost every hour, threatening our family. I thought I could handle this too but he can't be putting my twins into this. You know, this morning I received a text from him telling me all the stuff my sons did yesterday. From 8 until they got here with ,Roger. I'm scared babe" he took me into his arms.
" I didn't mean to eavesdrop but whatever you guys are talking about sounds scary. Are you talking about the same Ayanda I know" Nandi said as she entered.
Well Nandi loved news so I wasnt surprised she could eavesdrop.
I ended up telling her what was going on. Maybe she could help us out.
After I told her the whole thing she just stood there deep in her thoughts.
Mordecai looked at me and I could tell he was saying I made a huge mistake by telling her.
" this is easy, you know" she said smiling.
that was not what I was waiting to hear. A little sympathy couldn't hurt.
" do you know that chick Ayanda is married to?" She asked.
I didn't even know Ayanda was married for that matter.
" nomasonto from your class back in UCT Ria. That crazy chick..." She continued.
I couldn't even remember that name. I shrugged my shoulder. Mordecai didn't say a thing all this time.
" she is my home girl and I kinda talk to her at times. I didn't even know Ayanda was back in your Life chommie. Well guys leave this to me. I'll sort it out. All you have to do is call Ayanda and tell him you are ready to sleep with him. He must be here in an hour from now and leave the rest to me"
I looked at Mordecai for approval but he just smiled shaking his head. He didn't trust Nandi but he said we must give it a shot.
I did as I was told. Nandi asked Roger to go with the kids for some milkshake. In an hour Ayanda came all dressed up in a short and a vest. The others were instructed to hide by Nandi so it was just me and him.
" I see your husband finally talked some sense into your head. Well we mustn't actually waste time. You can start by sucking my dick. If you don't do it right, I'll make you repeat baby girl" he said smirking.
" well I..."
I didn't finish what i wanted to say because a woman whom I can safely assume is Nomasonto budged in ready for war.
The others who were hiding emerged too.
" what kind of fuckery is this Ayanda hee? I bath you, feed you and give you a roof over your head but this is how you choose to repay me? Even that law degree you are using to con people, I paid for it. You have a job because of me. All you have in your life is because of me, uyandiva? . I made you Ayanda but you always choose to make me look stupid. Hai mtase, i have had enough.I'm putting a stop to this" she shouted pacing up and down.
Nandi was busy smiling. She liked drama and she staged the whole thing this way knowing this would happen.
" babe let's not do this now" he begged. He was on his knees.
I just couldn't believe the whole scenario playing before me. This couldn't be the same Ayanda who used to act like the world was his oyster.
" do what now? Namhlanhe ngizakubonisa ukuba ngiduma nganyoni ndidinwe qgithi amanyala owenzako...! Im taking my car back and everything else for that matter"
" Nomasonto please don't do that. Please! I'm really sorry" he had tears coming out of his eyes.
I was actually starting to feel sorry for him.
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Tuesday, September 13


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 84

Chapter 84
Picturing Rianze with another man is the worst thing that i could ever imagine.It will be detrimental that forgiving her will be the hardest thing to do. I just don't picture my wife being fucked by another man.
If my wife was to ever cheat on me and i find out....words can barely do the pain justice. It would kill me.
I hugged her tighter, thankful that she didn't sleep with that sorry ass of a man. Ayanda was gonna rub it in my face every chance he gets. In fact he would make sure to remind me about it everyday.
"Ayanda, I'm sorry my wife hasn't been cooperative in this whole deal but I promise you we will sort it out. She just need a little motivation and we will set up a date" I said with a little smile.
" what?...oh" Ayanda replied sounding surprised.
I told him to leave and he left. He didn't want to leave because they way I handled things was not what he expected.

" I'm so sorry babe. I was desperate and he was my last hope. I couldn't help seeing you go to jail " Ria said with tears threatening to escape her eyes.
" no babe. I don't blame you. You helped us a lot babe. Ayanda is our problem and we will solve him together "
Well I didn't have a solution as yet but one thing I was certain about was that my wife wouldn't sleep with him.
Negotiating with him wasn't gonna work. That guy hated my guts.
Ria's POV.
The past few days had been a rollercoaster. Honestly I was relieved that my husband was not going to jail no More, I swear it was gonna send me into a depression.
Ayanda was going to be a headache though. It was like I made a deal with the devil.
I tried not to focus on it as Mordecai kept on reassuring me that we would work it out.
I decided I was gonna go back to work. It has been so long, I felt like a new person in the job.
The projects I left unfinished were done by some people.
I could hear Rochelle gossiping and complaining that I dissapeared for weeks and nobody is saying a thing but if its the others the CEO will demand proof left, right and center.
I didn't pay much attention to her but did my work and when it was time to leave I left.
I had an appointment with my doctor the next day. He was gonna give me the results on whether the cancerous cells were getting worse or dissapeared.
I wasn't as scared as I used to be about beating this thing. I felt stronger than before.
When he came with the results, my heart started beating faster. If he told me they were still there then I could be kissing my kids goodbye soon.
" I know this wasn't an easy journey for you and your family Mrs Martins but at least I hold good news..." He said smiling.

That was all I wanted to hear. Good news. He explained all the medical terms of his and said that there is chance of the cancer recurring.
I wasn't gonna start worrying about that. It could or could not return.
I was worrying about having another baby. Mordecai and I have been having sex all these times without any method of contraception. I had false alarms here and there but none of it seemed to be yielding positive results.

I didn't tell Mordecai I have been trying to fall pregnant because I wanted to surprise him. I have been keeping tracks of my ovulation days and whatnot so I could know when I was more fertile and when I wasn't. I know it would mean a lot to him since he had always wanted us to have another baby for quite some time.

I explained to my doctor the problem I had but instead he started telling me that its advisable to fall pregnant after 2 years after having the chemotherapy treatment.
That was way too long and I wasnt gonna wait for that.

On my way home I decided to buy the pregnancy test. It was the 4th one I was buying. I actually wanted the doctor to run some fertility test since I was scared I might be experiencing secondary infertility but I decided not to go through with it. Maybe I was just over reacting.
When I got home there was no one. Roger was back to stay with us and the boys but they were not there. Maybe they went out for an ice cream.

I decided to run the test. I waited impatiently and just as I expected it was negative. I was starting to worry.

Mordecai entered our bathroom and immideately brought me back to reality.
" oh sorry baby. I didn't know you were in here... What is this that you are holding?" He asked trying to locate the stuff I was holding behind my back with his eyes.
" ummm" was all I said.
I wasn't prepared tell him
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Monday, September 12


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 83

Chapter 83.
I hugged my boys for quite some time. I had my wife to thank for it. She was just smiling taking us a photo.
" aww this is so cute guys. Well I didn't wanna tell you but I was scared you were going to jail bro. I was really scared " Roger said.
" um this is not the good time to talk about this guys " Ria said signalling that the twins shouldn't hear it.
We continued with the party.
My boys were over the moon.
" I think I owe you big time my love" I held Ria by the waist while she was busy in the kitchen.
" you owe me nothing babe. I did the whole thing for us."
" well this has been the best time of my life. Well one of the best babe" I kissed her.
" hold your horses mr martins ,people might just walk in on us."
" mom, dad come we are about to cut the cake" Adrian told us.
We followed him.

The party was fun. We had fun as a family. Once we were done we played games while the twins were playing with nandi's and Christina's girls.
My dad didn't want to partake in the games but we forced him. We laughed and joked around till late.
" thanks for the amazing time guys. We should get going " Allan said. He left with Christy. Nandi left as well.
" well we should also get going babe" I told Ria who was packing up some stuff.
" can the twins stay behind with me?" Roger asked.
" when are you coming back to Sandhurst. I hope Dinah doesn't think we still need time to fix things because we are fine" I asked Roger.
" well bro I'll come back Saturday. For now I'm cool here " he replied.
" I heard you found a girl here. I was even starting to think you are gay young man.."
" well you must just get going. It's getting late now."
I left with Ria. My dad went to his hotel.
" what a day babe. I'm gonna take a shower, don't you wanna join me." I asked her as I kissed her on the forehead.
" nah babe. I'll bath later"
It was like something was bothering her but I couldn't ask what that was.
I went to take a shower but I couldn't see my shampoo so I came back to ask Ria.
She was on the fone so I decided I was gonna come back after she was done. But hearing my name caught my attention.
" I told you Mordecai doesn't have to know about this" she said to the other person on the phone.
I didn't wait to listen to the rest of the conversation. I went back to the shower and decided to shower without my shampoo.
After I was done, Ria was already sleeping. I could sense something was up but I didn't ask.
" babe when are you going back to work?" I asked my wife the next morning while we were eating breakfast.
" next Monday.I'll be going back.I just need these few days for us to spend as a family " she smiled.
I was also planning to go back to work on Monday. I was actually planning to resign at the varsity and look for a job somewhere else but my supervisors talked me out of it.
After eating breakfast I went for a jog. I came back after an hour and what I heard when opening the lounge's door was voices of two people arguing.
I could hear the other one was Ria but the male voice wasn't all clear to me.
Seeing me enter, they immideately hushed.
It was Ayanda. I was fuming seeing him standing inside my own house.
" what is going on here. Ayanda you are like a bad rash that just seem to not go away." I said as I put my stuff down.
" is that how you welcome people in your own house.I thought they taught you some manners in england but manners dololo" he sat on the couch smirking.
I didn't say a thing but just looked at Ria with eyes that demanded some answers. Instead she looked away.
" well you have stayed your welcome Ayanda. I need to talk to my wife in private please"
" Hau ya'all have a big mansion. You can even go to the basement " Ayanda scoffed.
" Ria I need some answers here. What is this guy doing in our house" I asked sternly.
" oh so she didn't tell you I see, well Mordecai your ass is parading up and down freely because of me. I got you out of that hell hole" he spoke with so much confidence in his voice.
As for Ria she didn't want to look me in the eyes not even once. It now made sense. All those late night calls she received was from this daredevil.
Well I was mad it was all made possible by him and not somebody else yet I had to be thankful I was out of jail.
I had no right to be mad at Ria for this. She did what she had to and I was thankful but there might have been something he wanted in return.
" well sorry for invading your privacy Mordecai but with any favour there has to be some payment in return and your wife offered me money for your freedom. I mean millions but I know why? because I'm sure that will mean nothing from a rich family like yours so I asked her to sleep with me. She begged for this dick" he smirked.
I started sweating profusely. I could my heart pounding in my head. My knees buckled inwards and I immideately sat on the couch.
Ayanda was kind of having fun with this whole thing. He burst out laughing.
Ria was just standing where she was. She didn't move nor say a thing.
" well don't faint on us Mr M. We haven't done the deed" he laughed some more.
" no we are still going to do it. You see, your wife didn't keep her end of the bargain. She is now refusing to sleep with me as per agreement and I don't like people who don't keep their word." He continued.
" what" I jumped up like somebody who just saw a snake.
" oh my gosh, you didn't sleep with him. Oh babe you didn't " I ran to hug her.
" but I still have to " she whispered.
" we will cross that bridge when we get to it" I said as I hugged her more.
God knows I was relieved.
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A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 82

Chapter 82.
At that moment I didn't know whether I should jump in joy or just contain it. Gosh I was happy.
The word happy is an understatement, I was on cloud 9.
I got up and picked Rianze and swinged her around. I didn't care about who was watching.
" I have no words to thank you with right now. Babe how did you pull it off?" I asked putting her down.
" not important right now babe. Tonight you can attend our boys birthday and that's what matters right now" she walked to where our friends and family where standing.
Well I was happy she got me out of here yet so curious as to how she did it. It didn't seem she would be telling me anytime soon anyways.

Our friends and family were clearly happy for us. Ria asked Christy and Nandi to help her prepare for the twins birthdays.
" babe I think I should leave with the girls to go buy the birthday stuff now" she said kissing me.
" no babe. I had plans....I mean the girls can manage without you. They know the theme mos and the other stuff." I said holding her hands.
I wanted to take her out first so we could have a little celebration of our own.
Her friends said they will manage without her so we left.
Our car was parked at a basement,
Once inside, I put her favorite CD on, this was all going to be about her. I was about to drive off when she climbed on top of me. I had to switch off the car. As the strong, sensual beat and soulful lyrics filled the room,
She reached up and cupped my face in her hands, While softly caressing my face with her fingertips.
She boldly told me that If she was to choose a husband all over again, it would always be me. She locked her lips with mine.
She slowly moved her fluttering fingertips down the sides of my neck and worked them around to the back of my scalp and gently, but with firm pressure, massaged my scalp up to my forehead and back to the nape of my neck. Her fingers traveled in a slow, sensuous rhythm.
She inserted one of my finger into her mouth and slowly licked it from base to fingertip in an erotic manner. She was so openly shameless about the whole thing.
" babe we in a public space" I said and she put her finger on my lips.
" shhhhh" she whispered.
Well our windows were tinted, I don't even know why I was worrying. Well the fact that it was in public just gave me a thrill.
She moved her hands to my chest and through my shirt gently squeezed my nipples. She applied a little more pressure and starting at the top, slowly undid each button on my shirt.
She adjusted the seat until i could sleep flat on my back. She started to reach for my belt and pretended to fumble with the belt just so she could teasingly rub her fingers over my manhood, which was now straining for release. She unfastened the buckle and very, very slowly slid the zipper down. I was squirming in my seat. I wanted her badly.
She lowered my trouser and placed her lips on my bulging penis, still held captive by my boxers.
She lowered my boxers as my hardening cock emerged, begging for her attention. She wrapped her lips around my wet crown and gently slid her lips further down my shaft and very slowly back to the tip. My soft moans urged her on. She licked her lips and applied their moistness to my growing erection. Slowly, then gaining speed and adding just a little more pressure, She worked her mouth, lips and tongue up and down.
The way she was doing it you could swear she wasn't the same wife of mine who hardly gave me a blowjob.
She raised herself up on my knees straddled my erection while offering her nipples to me by pushing them in my face. As i suckled one tight bud and then the other bit lightly, she started panting.
She lowered herself on my erection and lifted up and down in a teasingly slow fashion
Gosh this woman of mine was beautiful.
She continued her sensual journey of my body, she leaned down to kiss me softly on my lips. She increased the pressure of the kiss, our tongues sparing as we clung to each other. She started riding me faster, we petted and nuzzled and ground our bodies into each other with sheer abandon.
I closed my eyes and raised my arms over my head and lost myself in the sheer joy of the feelings she was igniting in me; I was a quivering heap of flesh.
After what seemed like an eternity, i turned her over and i entered her from behind. She was moaning in rapture and my powerful thrusts were sending her over the precipice of sanity. Faster and harder i plunged into her. I was rapidly losing whatever control I had and I didn't care. I wanted to surrender to my orgasm but I also wanted us to experience that moment together.
The closer she got to her climax, the closer I got to mine. My body was pulsating and I didn't think I could last much longer. After several minutes my body started shaking and I was almost sorry that this thrill was nearing an end. We were each other's addiction. I tensed, arched my back and let loose with a primal cry as I cum.
We laid there next to each other panting breathlessly.
This woman of mine just took me by surprise.
We drove home feeling a bit guilty that it might be obvious we were having sex if we are to find everyone waiting for us. Just as we were about to get home, Dinah called Ria to tell her that the party will be at Tembisa.
That was great, we got into the house and had a shower then got dressed to drove to the party.
I asked that nobody should tell the boys I was coming. Their mother got in first.
" why do you guys look so sad like its not your birthday? Well I got you a present " she said as she opened the door.
" oh my gosh is that dad?" They screamed in unison as they jumped from their chairs to hug me.
" oh dad you made it" Adrian said as I picked both of them up.
" anything for my boys hey" I smiled.
They both rested their heads on my shoulder.
It was the best feeling ever.
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Saturday, September 3


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 81

Chapter 81
I decided to follow them, when I got to the room were they were in, Adrian was already telling his brother what happened,upon seeing me Aiden ran to me.
" dad tell me he is lying, you are coming right?"
" I really want to come but right now I can't promise" I answered avoiding his already disappointed face.
" see? I told you" Adrian shouted.
" well guys we will talk about this, I think you need to take a bath" their mom said.
They went upstairs to take a bath and I just sat on the couch with Ria in silence.
She decided to go prepare food and we ate as a family. We didn't really talk much that night.
The next morning I woke up a bit late. I had a terrible headache. I didn't sleep well last night because all I dreamt of was jail.
" morning babe, " Ria said bringing me breakfast.
The twins entered while I was about to start eating.
" we have decided that we are going to stay with grandma" they both said in unison.
Ria looked at me then back at them.
" why is that so?" She asked
" we just love it there" they still said in unison.
" well then you will also learn to love it here " she retorted.
I could see she was getting worked up
" babe we will take them there" I intervened.
" take them where? Can't you see this is blackmail? They are blackmailing you.
Why are you all giving me so much stress why" I immideately got up and helped her sit down.
" do you actually think that your father wouldn't do anything to attend your party? Do you think I don't want that? " she asked raising her voice.
" OK boys , go to your room." I said looking at them and they ran out.
" babe let us just allow them to leave " I told her.
" no. Its not going to happen. I am the parent here. They can't be telling me what to do.they are not even 5 yet for crying out loud. What's gonna happen when they are 15 and you are not here.
You know what, I have had to enough of this " with that said she stormed out.
Few minutes later I heard the car leaving.
I spent the day with my sons. Roger came to spend the day with us. He was still at Tembisa.
Ria was nowhere to be found and her phone was off. She came back around 6 in a very good mood. She bought the boys a lot of stuff.
Well I kinda thought she met with Christy or something but the jolly mood was just the beginning. She was acting kinda weird for a wife whose husband was about to be sent to jail for a very long time. I didn't ask her anything.
I was also gonna sound weird or jealous interrogating my wife as to why she was ecstatic these days.
As the day of my trial drew closer Ria was just a happy soul. The boys were surely surprised as well because their mother had always been grumpy ever since the trial started.
" babe is everything alright" I asked her the night before my trial.
" everything is OK babe. Didn't u miss the bubbly Rianze? This is she " she said then kissed me goodnight on the forehead and slept.
In the morning she said she would be late so she wouldn't be driving to the court with me. She took the kids to Tembisa. Roger wasn't attending the trial. Well I guess it was his choice and I couldn't hold it against him.
I got to court and 15 minutes later there was no sign of Ria. I was kinda panicking seeing that the court was about to start without her in sight. The last thing I needed was not having my wife as my support system on my last day of court.
This was it, she probably gave up on me, it explains why she was all happy during the week. She probably found a guy and moved on. It has to be Ayanda.
If I have been found guilty and hear that she has moved on with that guy, I will find people to kill and then be serving a sentence for a crime I did actually commit.
Well when it was my time to take the stand my wife came in. She was all dressed up like she was going to to a red carpet event. Everything was on point. The court just came to a halt watching her walk in. She was on a body hugging red dress with some white stilettos and a new hairstyle.
She actually reminded me of the day she came wearing a red dress when I was about to marry Lucy. The confidence she displayed was beyond what I knew her for.
She whispered " sorry I'm late " as she sat behind me.
" Mr martins, are you gonna take the stand or not" the judge shouted and immideately got up.
What I was saying was gibberish. I knew at that very moment that I have lost the case. All I kept on saying was I didn't do it which was annoying the judge every a second I uttered those words.
When I was done I was surprised to hear Amanda was taking the stand.
At first I heard she wouldn't be taking the stand. I looked at Ria who was just smiling from ear to ear.
Amanda looked distraughted, I guess it was a face she was putting up so people could believe she was the victim for real.
When her lawyer asked her a question." Do you know this guy?" Pointing at me.
She kept quiet for sometime then said.
" yes I know him" that very moment I knew that jail was for me. I started day dreaming about myself wearing the orange jumpsuit and all the horrible things that were going to happen to me.
" he didn't do it. This is all lies. He never touched me. It's a plan made up.Lucy came up with this plan, paid all these witnesses and whatever"
I was busy day dreaming when I heard all that. For a second I thought I was just lost in my own thoughts.
The next thing I saw was Lucy jumping the seat she was at and straight to where Amanda was. She started strangling Amanda. " ke tla go bolaya, moloi ke wena" she screamed as she strangled her. Commotion arised.
" order in my court." The judge shouted.
The guards were busy trying to take Lucy off Amanda, by the time they finally took her off, Amanda had passed out.
Lucy was gangster and she has been in more fight than anyone who was in that court room so I wasn't surprised she could strangle someone to their death.
" lock her up. I won't have this clown show in my court " the judge said to the prison warders.
"Ria came to where I was sitting, kissed me on the lips and then said"babe you are free"
Mmmm this woman was full of surprises hle.
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Tuesday, August 30


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 80

Chapter 80
The court started with the state presenting its case. The list of witnesses was almost my whole class and some people who used to work for my father.
" Mr martins used to touch me inappropriately or spank me when no one was watching"
" oh he used to sext me every now and then. My boyfriend even threatened him but that didn't stop him"

I looked at Ria and all I could see was dejection. She was defeated.
" well I have to admit I undermined Lucy, damn this girl might send you to jail" my dad said sipping coffee during recess.
" you have to do something Mr Martins. This is bad. I can't stand this anymore. I can't have my husband humiliated like this in front of everyone. " Ria said with tear- filled eyes.
" guys I tried, OK. But I couldnt find my way. The only way out is to have Lucy disappear " my dad continued sipping his coffee like what he was saying was an easy thing.
" well it will come back to haunt us, we will be the number one suspects dad"
" not if she dies in an accident, then Amanda will chicken out without Lucy being her backbone "
" well as much as I feel defeated. We can't have that right now. Babe let's just have faith" my wife hugged me.
When we got back to court,it was Lucy's time as a witness. She went on and on about how I was a pervet during our time of marriage. She even told the court what Ria did trying to get her to drop the charges. She said I even put her up to it because I was manipulative and ruled as a dictator in my relationships.
The judge was a woman and from what I heard she hates rapist and usually give them longest jail term. I kept looking at her when all these witnesses were talking and I could see she hated me already.
The lawyer I hired was just useless. He was making the situation worse. I was starting to think Lucy paid him too.
The court was adjourned and we were meeting again on Thursday.
Thursday was Adrian and aiden's birthday. We planned to have a family celebration that night and then a huge party with their friends on Saturday.
No...this wasn't happening. Thursday was the day I was gonna testify for my own defense and Amanda was also going to testify.
I could be taken to jail If found guilty and would then wait to hear my sentencing.
When we got home the twins ran to us.
" mom, dad we have an idea for our birthday party next week." They both said in unison.
" we would love a Ben 10 theme"aiden shouted.
" no no no no no! Not again. Mom we can't have Ben 10 theme. Aiden we had a meeting about this" Adrian retorted.
" yes but you wanted spiderman. Gosh that is so 2000 and late. Mom try reasoning with your son, will you?."
" OK guys maybe you should go back to the drawing board and discuss these ideas. Dad is tired. He wants to rest " Ria tried taking them upstairs
" um no babe. I need to listen to this. Come tell me all about it guys." I said sitting on the couch. I wanted to spend as much time as I can with them.
They jumped on the couch as well.
Witness after the other lied through their teeth. Some were even faking to cry. I wondered how much Lucy promised them. It was a whole army recruited to destroy me.
He promised me high marks if I had sex with him"
" OK so we were thinking on using regular show as our theme but we thought it would be weird because Mordecai has the same name as yours dad" aiden giggled .
" well guys you love regular show. I think it would be a cool theme. Pops, will be the cake, one of you will wear Mordecai's costume while one of you will be Rigby."
" I want to be Mordecai " Adrian shouted.
" no. I was born first so I'm Mordecai " Aiden shouted.
" ya all can be Mordecai " I smiled going up the stairs. I wanted to take a shower then rest.
" babe are you OK? " Rianze sat next to me just after I was done taking a shower.
" I'm gonna miss my sons fifth birthday Ria. For the first time in my life I will miss their birthday" I couldn't help the tears coming out.
" oh Mordecai. We have to do something. You might not be found guilty " Ria was also crying.
" you know the chance of that happening is second to none, what do I tell them when they are all grown up. That I failed them? I brought this to myself. I had a beautiful woman next to me but I invited the devil in our lives" I said trying to remain strong.
" don't beat yourself up babe. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect and I mean no one. Have faith "
" but I can't stand the fact that I'm might miss their birthday. Why can't they just move this whole thing to Monday. I don't wanna miss their birthday. I can't."
" what do you mean miss our birthday dad?" Adrian asked standing at the doorway.
" how long have you been standing there" his mom asked.
" long enough to hear that dad will rather go somewhere else than attend our birthday"
" Adrian it's not that " i got up and went to him.
" don't touch me" he moved a step back.
" you promised to be there for us no matter what dad. You promised to attend our birthdays, soccer matches, graduations or whatever. That was last year if it doesn't ring a bell. Last year on our birthday , you promised." Adrian was crying.
" baby, it is not...." Ria didn't finish her sentence because Adrian ran down the stairs. She ran after him.
I wanted to go talk to him but I would just be making things worse.
The moment when your kids start to despise you is the moment you realised that you have failed as a father.
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Saturday, August 27


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 79

Chapter 79
I left the table before they could see me, I wasn't gonna sit there and continue torturing myself. It was pathetic.
I was a grown ass man who wasn't supposed to be doing that. I just had to have faith in Rianze.
She wouldn't cheat on me. I mean we have been having a good thing going on recently. We were good.
She came back later and I just made small talk over petty things. I wasn't gonna ask her about Ayanda.
Our holiday was over and we were just not looking forward to go back home. The trial was upon me and Ria was kinda scared of the surgery she would be undergoing.
We consoled ourselves with the fact that we would be seeing our boys.
When we landed at south Africa,We decided to go to Tembisa. We got there in the morning and the boys were just preparing for school.
" Adrian come look! Its mom....and dad!" Aiden shouted seeing us enter the gate. Adrian came along running and they both went to hug their mom.
" mmmm it's clear I'm not the favorite here ,boys. Therefore I'm taking back my presents " I said pretending to go back.
" no dad. We love you too" they all ran to me. Aiden held on my left leg while Adrian was busy pulling my right.
Ria laughed taking the bags inside the house.
" boys your transport is here. Its time for school" Roger shouted but the two ignored him.
" I don't want to go mos" Adrian said folding his hands. Aiden did the same.
" just tell the driver they are not going. I'll call the school and tell them something came up" Their mom said taking their school bags. They all ran to hug Ria upon hearing they are not going to school.
" you are spoiling these kids too much Ria. You always give them unnecessary days off and it's backfiring coz they just don't like going there no more" Ria's mom said hugging her then me.
" how was the trip guys. It looks like it did you well." She asked.
" it was just what we needed." I answered smiling.
" but mom I have to spend time with them. Tonight I'm going to the hospital, tomorrow is surgery. I might not even wake up"
" don't say that my child. God has it all under control. Come here" Dinah hugged Ria once more before she left for work.
We spent the day at Dinah's house playing with the kids.
They were making us watch cartoons, play hide and seek , soccer among other things. We were actually tired but Roger just wanted to go on and on so we left the three playing and went to take a shower.
I had to prepare Ria for the hospital. We waited for her mom to come come back then left. The doctor ordered her not to eat so we didn't grab anything to eat. I didn't want to eat in front of her.
I spent the night at the hospital. Ria didn't want me to leave. She was so agitated, I wondered how she would have been acting if they were gonna open up her head.
I slept by her bedside and was woken up when the nurses said it was time for her to go to theater.
I spent few hours just waiting. I was unsettled but the doctor later told me everything went well. She was wheeled back to her ward. I let her rest as i went home to freshen up and tell them it all went well.
She spent a day more at the hospital and was then discharged.
Thursday was my trial, I didn't think Ria was fit to attend it but who was I kidding, she said she was coming whether it rains or pours.
I asked her mother to try reasoning with her but it fell on deaf ears.
" babe I hope you have changed your mind. The doctor said you must rest remember" I said Thursday morning when I woke up.
" I'll go crazy sitting in this house doing nothing and the same doctor you are talking about said I must mobilize " she answered going to the shower.
I had no choice but took her along. We were 10 minutes earlier.
I saw my dad enter although he never said anything about attending, Dinah and the family as well as most people I considered friends were present.
" mmmm I can see you are back from Bali. It was definitely the last one you will ever have young man." Lucy said standing in front of where I was sitting.
" please leave me alone ,will you?"
" of course I will. Oh and before I forget..I'm gonna use that assault as piece of evidence against this case. Your wife thought that I was gonna press charges against her but she has a thing coming. I will tell the whole world how she tried to get me and my sister to drop the charges... I have been planning this thing for a long time Mordecai and you guys think that I'm just an airhead who is a school drop out. when I heard you took a job where my sister was, it showed me that God is real. Putting you in jail will hurt Rianze more than she could have ever imagined and I'm about to make sure of that. Now let me go, take a seat and watch the drama unfolds" with that being said Lucy left.
" dont worry about her babe" Rianze held my hand.
Well at this stage I was panicking. Jail has always been my biggest fear and a guy like me was never cut for it.
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Wednesday, August 24


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 78

Chapter 78
What I was hearing sounded creepy and scary. Who does that though?
" ah babe I'm sure its nothing huge. I understand " I said trying to ease the situation.
" what do you mean its nothing Ria? Your husband is a snob and he thinks he can do whatever just because he has money, " Ayanda sounded so disappointed from how I handled things.
"You are a snob too Ayanda. Let Mordecai be. He had a reason for whatever he did, and as for you. You loved money more than me. If you should excuse us. We got things to get to" I held Mordecai by the hand and we went to our room.
" well thanks for standing for us back then." He said the moment we got in, trying to kiss me on the neck.
I pushed him away. Yes I stood up for us but I want to know why you paid Ayanda. Was he even the only one?
" I did it for us Ria." He said coming closer for yet another kiss. He wasn't taking this whole thing serious.
" There was no us back then, we were friends. How could you go around paying guys to mess me up. Making me believe that they were assholes" I asked sternly.
" because had I not do that you wouldn't have dated me Francesca. You kept on going on and on about how I was a bad boy and stuff. How I changed girls like my underwear. Most of it wasn't even true but who was I kidding. You never believed me. I actually went all the way out to make you believe that I was a man enough for you. I tried annoying your boyfriends when you took me to those double dates of yours and the girls I came with were all paid for to act like I had girls or whatever and clearly it didn't work that is when I resorted to paying off the guys you dated. Yes I paid off that first guy you dated, harry, Ayanda or whoever seemed interested in you. Just don't take it the wrong way. I wanted you to see me as a man you could see yourself with" he retorted.
" I just can't believe you did all that. Man I had a crush on you back then and I just thought I never stood a chance with you while you also thought you didn't stand a chance with me. Whatever you are telling me is so hard to believe though." I smiled touching his chin.
" I know right. All the girls I have dated threw themselves on me. Rochelle for instance or Lucy but you didn't which was sexy." He started kissing me.
I kissed him back and well we made love. It was the order of this vacation. If those symptoms I had back then were not true about me being pregnant then I guess I was going to get Pregnant . we have just been having sex like it was going out of fashion.
Next day I only went out for lunch. I spent the morning with my babe.
Just after sitting down for lunch, Ayanda came and sat next to me. It was like he was waiting for me.
" I thought you were never gonna come out of that nest of yours? " he smirked.
" what do you want?" I asked.
" just to have lunch with an old friend." He answered.
Mordecai's POV.
Just after Ria left I decided to follow her. I didn't trust Ayanda close to my wife. I wore a hat and glasses just to make sure none of them sees me. I wanted to hear what he was feeding her.
The last thing I needed was having Ria cheat on me. That would kill me. It would drive me nuts. I was willing to prevent it before it even happens. I got a table a bit closer to theirs and pretended like I was reading a newspaper. I just had to make sure that Ria never sees me because she could even spot me wearing a clown suit.
" how sure are you, that you are not missing out if you haven't actually slept with anyone except your husband.I may have messed up seeing the money Mordecai gave to me but i realised later what I was missing out" Ayanda said to my wife.
" I'm not missing out on anything Ayanda. Whatever Mordecai provides is sufficient for me. There is no need for me to go elsewhere looking for something else. i dont even want to hear your sob stories." She snubbed him which brought a smile on my face.
" The least you can do is give us a chance. I was young back then and I messed up. I tried contacting you but your weird husband cut all ties I had with you. He even threatened me. Ria I messed up as much as he has messed up. I know you are staying with him because of the twins. He is not an angel and you know it." Ayanda continued. I felt like I could just stop him but Ria would hate me for sneaking up on her every now and then.
" yes and I have accepted that.I don't want you to tell me about it. Ayanda let me be. How do you even know about my twins?" She asked a bit concerned.
" because I never gave up on you and I'm not planning to. I tried talking to you but it was like Mordecai paid people to make sure I didn't get to talk to you. Why couldn't he let you choose what you wanted for yourself. He doesn't even give you that chance Ria. He got you tangled in his little world that all you think about is him. " he said.
" yes and I'm fine with it" she answered back.
My woman was doing great. There was no way she was gonna cheat on me with Ayanda. I smiled at the idea.
" can we just have lunch someday, well... when we get back home because I know he will be watching you like hawks here. Please just give us a chance to do that. Just lunch. " he asked taking her hands into his.
I looked at Ria, she looked as if she was thinking about it. This woman better not even think about it. Ayanda was troublesome. Lunch for him meant fucking her. He was gonna do everything in his power to avenge me for taking her and keeping her away from him. . I have never imagined Ria fucking another man. That doesn't happen in my vision and I swear I was gonna kill somebody before it even happens.
Sorry for posting late. I dozed off
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Sunday, August 21


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 77

Chapter 77
Upon hearing the news I should have felt elated but that feeling of joy refused to come my way. I thought he might have just said it to despise those three back there.
" babe are you OK. What did those two do to you" my husband asked opening the door for me.
With my husband, chivalry was not dead. We could be arguing but he would still open the door for me or give me a jacket if it was getting cold." I'm not sad hey. I'm just glad you pulled that Bali joke with those three back there " I said smiling.
He laughed for some time." Babe it wasn't a joke or anything. I meant it. We are going to Bali, this weekend "I screamed in excitement. It was real. I was going to Bali. As much as I wanted to be very ecstatic about the whole trip, I started worrying about the financial part of it. We couldn't afford it, not even the flight.
" babe stop worrying my dad paid for all of it" he said as if he was reading my mind.
Bali was magical, I just couldn't stop googling the place and admiring it.
I drove to my mom's place to deliver the news.
" oh I'm so happy for you baby. Good things happens when you persevere" she said hugging me upon hearing the news. I had to tell Christy and nandi too, they were all happy for me. We were leaving Friday morning.
I couldn't stop humming packing our bags. Mordecai offered to prepare supper for us. The next morning I got up earlier. The 14 hours flight wasn't that bad with my husband around me. We were just talking about this and that, especially how far we have come.I just couldn't wait to get there and when we finally got there. I just wanted to kiss the soil or run around around like a crazed 16 years old. It was just an amazing feeling.
His father paid for the honeymoon suite so the first thing we actually did when we got there was to have sex. It even felt different, it was sex in Indonesia after all.

The next morning,I decided to go have breakfast outside our room. I wanted to see people. Mordecai said he was going for a swim first. After eating my breakfast, I sat there watching people walk about ,minding their own business.
" wow, are my eyes deceiving me or what I see before me is true" a voice said behind me.
I didn't turn to look but I could hear that I recognized it from somewhere.
Eventually the owner emerged from behind it was Ayanda.
I got up and hugged him.
" oh my gosh Ayanda. What the heck happened to you. You look all grown up. Damn boy" I said sitting down.
" I'm nothing compared to you. You look like some business woman who owns the world. You look amazing and matured. Most of my exes are washed out and tired but you are on another level."
Ayanda was my ex from varsity. I actually never saw him ever since we broke up back then. I had to admit he looked matured.
He sat down with me and ordered his own breakfast. I didn't want him to. I tried telling him that I was there with Mordecai but he kept on talking about this and that. He just never seemed to shut up. I guess that was one attribute about him that never changed.
" you still married to that snot nosed punk who thinks the world evolves around him?"
" he is not like that Ayanda. He is a good guy". I defended Mordecai
" since when are rich people good? There is just a lot you may not know about him hey. I'm just saying" he added.
This guy was starting to scare me now. I decided to brush whatever he was saying off. There couldn't be anything I didn't know about my husband.
I decided to change the topic. I have been spending most of my days worrying and it wasn't good.
We talked about Ayanda instead and he said he was running some business or something. We were reminiscing about what went down back in the days but I made sure we never really talked about us or me finding Ayanda cheating on me with those girls. Instead we talked about student politics or Lecturers.
We were busy laughing and joking around when Mordecai emerged out of nowhere. I just saw him standing,not amused at all.
" what kind of a circus is this" he asked somewhat annoyed.
" babe meet Ayanda, you know that crazy ex of mine from varsity right" I said smiling but he brushed me off.
" I know this guy but what I don't know is why are you being cosy with him"
He was getting angry and I could feel it. I just didn't want him to cause a scene around people.
" I don't get why this is such a big deal. He is nothing but an ex from years ago. Why are you getting all worked up?" I asked pissed off.
" babe its not that, I was just asking. Sorry if it came out the wrong way" he smiled.
He couldn't fool me even if he tried.
" well maybe your dear husband is actually scared that you will find out that he paid me to mess our relationship back then and I might not actually be the only one" Ayanda smirked.
I was a bit confused. I was totally confused.
" but why? " I mumbled.
Ayanda looked at Mordecai but he looked down.
Why would he do that?
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Wednesday, August 17


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 76

Chapter 76
I woke up tired. It was around 11 am. I usually don't oversleep. I just don't oversleep. Mordecai was still fast asleep.
I could hear him snoring softly; I moved slowly out of the bed. I didn't want to wake him up. I went out to make a phone call. I had to call my boss and lie about yet another doctor's visit. Having told him my medical problems, he understood. In fact he even suggested that I should take days off till I was fit to get back to work but being me, I assured him I would manage. Clearly I was failing so I told him I would actually take those days off.
I felt my head buzzing.What a crazy night we had. What time did we finally go to sleep though? I was actually sore between my legs; man we fucked forever last night and into the morning. I smiled thinking about it, that was a wild time. We felt like teenagers once more.
We literally did it all over the house -on the kitchen floor, leaning over the stair banister, the couch, against the wall. We ended the night in the shower. We had the hottest, steamiest sex ever. I mean ever.
Well I haven't had some like this since years back.
I decided to make some breakfast. My body was actually telling me that i was too weak for such but my soul was like ' girl he deserved it'.
I decided to actually do all the stuff he loved ; pancakes with strawberries,bacon,eggs, sausage and toasted bread, raspberry almond scones, waffles with bananas and salted caramel sauce and cappuccino. I didn't leave anything out. I went all out.
When I took the tray to our bedroom he was wide awake, grinning from ear to ear.
" That smells nice babe," he said kissing me on the forehead.
" oh my gosh Ria you did all these for me?" He asked and I nodded.
" babe are you sure you didn't drive to some restaurant while I was sleeping" he continued already digging in to the mouth watering breakfast.
We ate together talking about sweet nothings to each other.
" wow babe im impressed. Wow" he took the tray to the kitchen smiling. He just couldn't stop smiling. Ever since we moved in together I hardly made breakfast for him let alone lunch or supper. We were usually eating out and when we wanted proper home cooked meal we would go to my mother. You can't blame me, we had a helper back at helderwyk so I didn't do anything there. I had someone helping me here but she wasn't cooking and with the twins at my mom's, she only came for cleaning.
Well that was about to change. I was going to be cooking for this guy.
"Thanks for the meal babe" he said nibbling on my ear, and placing his hand on my breast.
'Babe after what you did to me last night, really?" I whispered.
"I promise this is the last time" he said continuing with what he was doing.
I gave in and let him do what he wanted.
In the afternoon, Mordecai had a meeting with his lawyer at Midrand and i decided to accompany him, he had his own car but we used mine. We got there just in time for his meeting.
The trial was kinda stressing me because at this stage it seemed like Lucy had the ball and threatening her wasn't gonna work. I was scared that we might lose the case. It was a simple thing. Most people would rather side with a victim even when they are not sure of what happened. I mean I would have done the same if he wasn't my husband.
We always hear stories of lecturers forcing students to sleep with them in exchange of marks.
The protest that the student started against my husband was serious and could impact the outcome of the trial. Let alone those women Lucy was paying to fabricate lies against my husband.
I may have not done law but things weren't looking good on our side. Mordecai had no witness whatsoever except the video he said he was still going to acquire from the club or whatever.
I was really scared.
The lawyer on the other hand wasn't even helping other than repeating that things weren't looking good for us. I wasn't even sure were Mordecai got this guy but the least he could be doing was give us some ray of light. We needed it.
He said he was still digging information that could discredit Amanda. I doubt he could even find any dirt on Amanda.
I didn't even know she existed and she appeared to be a good character.
Lucy did plan this properly. I had to give it to her.
After the meeting we went for lunch. We were drained. I wasn't even that hungry.
Mordecai got a call from Allan concerning the video that might be his ticket out of jail and he said he was rushing there. He wanted me to come along but I decided not to go. He said the club was around Midrand so it wouldn't take much time.
I continued eating my lunch and I saw Lucy, Amanda and Lerato approaching. I was hoping they didn't see me which was inevitable because they were actually facing me.
"Oh mrs high and mighty Martins" Lucy said taking a seat opposite me. The other musketeers did the same.
I was now wishing I left with Mordecai.
"Rumour has it that Mordecai finally kicked you out of his house and took the car. You were seen with bags being a johnny walker at Tembisa. Not that I'm surprised, they said you sent the kids back at Tembisa because things were already hanging on thin thread. What goes around comes around sisi." She continued sipping the juice I had on the table.
This girl had zero chill hle. Where was the respect though?. I kept quiet and continued eating my lunch.
Lerato saw me with the bag the previous day so she probably told her all these. I'm pretty sure I was the topic for the night.
" I'm sure once Mordecai has been locked behind bars, you won't even afford to eat out" Amanda added scoffing.
" You look and sounds like an intelligent girl Amanda.This sister of yours will ruin your future since she doesn't have one." I said smiling.
"Leave my sister alone. I'm actually gonna lay charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm against you. It will be a shame to see the twins growing up with no parents. I told you I was not to be messed with" Lucy said.
" You sound like a broken record Lucy. Right now I'd love to finish eating in peace hle" I continued eating
" Leave the poor girl alone, she is still nursing her broken heart after Mordecai tossed her aside like a used condom" Lerato uttered.
Mordecai saved me because he arrived. He greeted them, much to their dismay and sat next to me. They didn't move or acknowledge his greeting.
"Babe, we are going to bali for an urgent vacation" he said holding my hands.
"Bali? Like indonesian bali?" I asked in awe.
"Ofcourse. Anything for my beautiful wife" he kissed me, took my hand then we walked out.
"He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Psalm 23:5"
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A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 75

Chapter 75
I decided to leave the car back there and used a meter taxi.
When I got home, I found my mom at the gate with some woman. I greeted them as I entered.
" Hau , are you bringing more clothes for Adrian and Aiden? Like really, you guys? Those kids have more than enough stuff here already. Unless you actually don't want them anymore in sandhurst" my mom said following me to the house.
"They are mine mom"
" What do you mean they are yours.? Rianze don't tell me you are back?" She asked staring at me.
I just looked down.
"Ndazile. Awunoqubeka uyenzalento Rianze" (I knew it, you can't keep on doing this Rianze)
" But mama I...."
" But mama what? I agreed to stay with the twins because I thought you guys were working on your relationship but are ruining it. I'm pretty sure the main reason you are coming with this bag here, is lucy. Why do you keep on letting her destroy what you have. Woman if you don't stand up for this marriage you will wake up to find it all gone. I can assure you!! Rianze, mtanam. You have been acting like a victim ever since the lucy saga, making Mordecai look like the devil. The poor guy is trying, but you just can't see it because he is just not good enough for you anymore. " she said in a high pitched voice.
"That is not true mom" I defended myself.
" What is the truth then. Did he cheat again? Did he say he doesn't want you anymore? What did he say? If it isn't about this court case then what is it? " She asked sternly.
I kept quiet. She took out her phone.
"I'm calling him " she said dialing the numbers.
She didn't answer me because she walked up the stairs and left me standing there.
My phone rang, I was in no mood for phonecalls but I answered.
Christy: hey you!
Me: well if you want to give me another lecture about marriage and what not, can we do it later.
Christy: ( she laughed a bit) well atleast you know what you have just done is wrong.
Me: why aren't you people keen to hear my side of the story? You heard the story from Allan who got it from Mordecai. I'm your friend. You have to get it from me.
Christy: marriage is not easy but you can't run everytime you feel the heat. You can't always be on the right side my friend, never. You guys need to stop playing this game.
Rianze: I get it my friend.ill fix it. I have to go now.
I said hanging up the phone. I didn't want to hear more lectures. I just stood at the lounge with my bag like a guest. I knew I wasn't welcomed so I couldn't just take my bag to my room. It was getting late and my kids were nowhere in sight.
" Mama where are my babies" I asked as she surfaced from the kitchen.
"They went to the cinema with Becca and their grandpa" she answered and went back to the kitchen. I asked if she wanted help preparing dinner but she refused.
I decided to just watch tv. I heard a car in the driveway and immediately got up. I may have seen my babies earlier on but I just wanted them around me.
I was just disappointed seeing it was mordecai and Roger.
" Oh you made it just in time for dinner guys" my mom said hugging them.
Just when we were about to sit down, the twins entered and immediately ran to Roger. When he was around we didn't matter.
We sat down and ate dinner. It was great,joking and laughing as a family.
" Rianze and Mordecai, I think its getting late and you guys should leave." My mom said clearing the table. This woman though, she never told me anything about this.
" Oh and Roger,I heard Aiden and Adrian saying there is something they would like you to help them with"
I could see what this was all about so we bade people goodnight and left. Roger stayed behind.
We got to the house in silence. Nobody was saying a thing to one another.
"Um I'm going to sleep" I said going up the stairs.
" so you are planning to play this game till when Ria? You don't even want to talk but run whenever it suits you" he shouted coming closer to me. It was evident that he was angry.
" you just don't respect me Rianze. I'm your husband and I demand some respect around here."
He pushed me against the wall and that sent chills to my spine. I could see he was angry and might even hit me but instead his lips locked against mine.
I went weak all over, my knees almost buckled. Probably because it wasnt what i was expecting from him.I forced them to lock. To be strong.
I responded to the kiss and my body, thirsty from not getting some, tingled all over when he touched me. He unbuttoned my shirt but seeing it was taking forever he tore it apart then reached from my breast. It was scary but sexy. he sucked the first one, then the other one. sucking, flicking, and gingerly biting them in a way that quickly started driving me crazy with pleasure. In less than a minute, he yanked my skirt up over my hips, and I could hear him unzipping his pants. I felt his cock sliding inside me. He started to thrust into me then he stops.
"You’re beautiful Rianze. ,” he told me under his breath.
Then suddenly, he was thrusting so hard that my pussy could hardly contain him—he was plowing me, fucking me deep, groaning with abandon, For a moment, the room seemed to lose its air. This wasn't the husband I was used to. There was so much strength and passion in what he was doing. I saw affection glint in his eyes, and a smile hovered at the edges of his lips as he bent over to kiss me.
The painting that was on the wall crashed to the floor and shattered but he didnt stop. His thrusting became more frantic and powerful . With that,Mordecai arched his back and thrust the full length of his cock into me as he came , filling me with a force I’d never yet felt from him and through my own orgasm i felt his cock spasm, adding more heat to my already burning core. When I recovered enough to think of what had just happened, I felt like I had just been taken to a different place. This guy deserved to be called Sir Martins or I could just kneel down like a true venda woman and show him some respect cause he sure did deserve it
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A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 74

Chapter 74
Rianze's POV
This whole debacle was taking its toll on me and Mordecai wasn't even helping. It was like he was making matters worse. For once he could have just listened to me and maybe the whole thing could be over by now but nah, he just couldn't trust me.
Having the media involved in this thing was his ticket to jail. He wouldn't Even know what hit him while he was still playing the victim card.
I bade everyone goodnight and went to my room. I wasn't sleepy or anything. I just wanted to be out of Mordecai's sight. I lay there with my eyes fixated on the ceiling thinking about my boys. This was not the kind of life i wanted for them but i was also thinking for the future. If i failed to beat this cancer then they wouldnt have hard time adjusting to being around my mom.
My problem was Mordecai, he would definitely want full custody and would probably end up marrying another diabolic woman like Lucy or worse he would remarry her.
This guy could surprise you. I laid there until I fell asleep. In the morning I was woken by Mordecai.
" babe, I prepared breakfast for u. When last did you have it in bed" he said smiling, handing me the tray. He kissed me on the forehead. I wasn't in the mood for such but I didn't want to disappoint him after the effort he made. I ate while he said besides me reminiscing about all the good times we had together. It was refreshing and I was chuckling most of the time.
I immideately ran to our bathroom feeling nauseous.
" babe are you OK? " Mordecai asked following me.
I couldn't reply as I started vomiting.
" babe. Should I call a doctor? I mean can i bring you something?" He asked clearly panicking.
" I'm just vomiting. It's not a big deal. I'm sure its the side effects of the treatment " I smiled trying to assure him that I was fine.
I have never actually vomited because of the treatment and I was praying that it had nothing to do with pregnancy. Mind you my periods were late. I didn't say anything to Mordecai because I knew he would blow everything put of proportion.
Mordecai tried convincing me to go to the doctor but I didn't budge. There wasn't anything more they could do except giving me stuff that I felt were making things worse or telling me about the endless tests that needed to be done.
My doctor told me that he was booking me for surgery the following week for the removal of the cancerous tissue. I underwent chemotherapy first to shrink the tumour. I was scared. Who isn't scared of surgery though. However after the whole procedure, I would be able to know if all was well or not.
I spent the day shopping with my girls. It was a therapy I really needed. After shopping I went to see my boys. They were so excited to see and couldn't stop asking when they were coming home.
When I got home I found Mordecai at the lounge. Roger was nowhere in sight.
" I am leaving you" I said as I put my paper bags down.
" what do you mean by that." He asked clearly confused.
"I want a divorce. my lawyer will bring the divorce paper as soon as possible." I picked my bags and walked up the stairs.
" Ria,you can't just decide in the middle of nowhere that you want to leave me. You can't do that. Who does that.?" He said following me.
" Telling you wouldn't have made a difference because you don't listen to me. This is the only way I'll get things to happen because talking to you won't help." I opened my room and put the bags down.
" What's the reason for this divorce.? Who put you up to this? Is it your girls, they were busy feeding you nonsense I see. We only have few issues that we need to sort out.please don't do this. For our babies sake."
" My kids will do just fine without u Mordecai."
" Your kids? They are my kids too. Don't do this Ria. I don't want to see us entangled in a court case over them.please don't do this " he pleaded.
"What's going on here. What's with noise guys" Roger asked entering the room.
" she is leaving me" Mordecai sat at the bed with his hands on his head.
"What? But why Ria. This guy loves u. Please don't do that"
" love me? We are here because of the twins, other than that I don't even think he would have asked for forgiveness after what he did with Lucy. He doesn't care about anybody but himself" I started packing some of my clothes in a bag.
" but you know that's not true Ria. I love you. God knows I do. I might have a funny way of showing it but I do. Please don't leave me" he begged
" yeah right. I have just been miserable here and its going from bad to worse. You are not actually doing something about it. Call me when you are ready to be a grown ass man." I took the bag and left.
"Ria please don't leave. Mordecai do something. We can't have this.You guys love each other." Roger shouted.
I didnt want to leave but i had to do this. A little break was what we needed maybe.
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