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Tuesday, August 2


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 73

Chapter 73
Mordecai's POV
OK fine I was wrong. I shouldn't have released Lucy without consulting Ria first. I was just scared that she was breaking the law and we could both end up in jail. My kids needed a parent. I didn't have a plan on how I was going to go about everything. I just thought letting Lucy go was the right thing.
I went to the bedroom and found Ria sleeping. I was glad, I wouldn't be getting any lectures on how wrong i was with the decision I made. It was going to be a song that never ends.
"Are you even telling me the whole truth?" She asked when I was trying to slip in between the sheets. I should have just went to the spare room and slept there.
" I have a feeling there will be surprises later. You know I won't even attend your trial. I'll rather spend time with my kids than being humiliated in front of the whole world. " she continued.
" what will people say if you not by my side? They will believe I did it and you know it. You can't do that. We can't have that " I replied.
"Oh watch me. I tried being on your side in the best possible way but you threw it back to my face. Now that woman you released from my hands will actually testify that we held her hostage trying to make her drop the charges. Now tell me, what will people say? They will definitely believe you did it and tried covering your don't even have any hard evidence to prove your honesty. Cirmustancial evidence will actually land your ass in jail."
" justice will prevail Ria. It always will" I said trying to sound optimistic.
" what did you just said? Oh my gosh Mordecai wake the hell up and come back to reality. In reality justice hardly prevails. There are a lot of people across the globe who are in jail for things they didn't do. But this justice of yours is silent when all that happens. You will end up in jail preaching this justice story of yours."
" Ill fix it. " I said taking my phone and dialing Lucy. She didn't pick up.I tried Amanda.
Amanda: what do you want Mordecai?.
Mordecai: I want us to fix this. Lucy is leading you astray and it won't end well.
Amanda: blood is thicker than water Mordecai and I have nothing to talk to you.not after what your crazy wife did to my sister.
With that said. She hung up.
I didn't say anything more to Ria but just slept. The next morning I decided to go to work. I was definitely gonna lose my mind if I just stayed at home idle.
I got to work and people were clearly talking about me. I couldn't walk past anyone without getting weird looks. It was evident that they all thought I was a rapist. I just couldn't be in such environment. I decided to go out and have some drinks. Home was not the place I wanted to go to. I was tempted to call my dad because clearly I was failing to sort things out by myself.
As I continued gulping my beer, I received a message from Allan. I was reluctant to open as I thought he would be asking me about my whereabouts.
After couple of minutes, I decided to read it. I couldn't believe my eyes. He said he found the club Amanda was at the night she claimed I raped her and there was a video footage. I was praying there was a concrete evidence on these claims.
I immediately got up and drove home. I wanted to share this with my wife. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.
When I got home, she was eating dinner with my brother. They were laughing and getting all cosy. I bet they wouldn't laugh like that had I been around.
I went to kiss her on the cheek as I greet them.
" babe there is a video that shows where Amanda was the time she claimed I raped her". I said excitedly.
" oh that's something. Have you seen the video"? She asked staring at me.
" um well... I haven't but.." I didn't finish my sentence because she cut me in.
" well apparently the students have started protesting against you. The rapist lecturer as they dub you. And there has been talks that you have been suspended "
" where did you get that lies. That's all lies. " I shouted defensively.
She laughed a bit. " you are all over the news Mordecai and apparently some students are gonna come out and testify against you"
" what?They will testify lies against me"
I clearly undermined Lucy. She was prepared to ruin me.
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A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 72

Chapter 72
Mordecai's POV
Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll
give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means
you're in the wrong house, that's what it means.
Henny Youngman.
I suppose I was in a wrong house because the woman who was in mine was unknown to me. She was a stranger who had vengeance written all over her face. I know what they say about hell having no fury like a woman scorned. My Ria was not capable of beating someone to a pulp. Let alone torturing them.
I tried talking to her but she wasn't listening. After some time she finally gave in and we went upstairs.
" we can sit here and talk all day, Mordecai. But if it has nothing to do with getting that evil woman to drop the charges then we are wasting our side" she said pacing up and down.
I decided to send a message to Christy and told her everything was fine. I didn't want the whole thing to blow out of proportion.
Just as I was about to sit down, someone buzzed at the gate. I looked at the camera to see who it was and it was none other than my troublesome brother.
" I'm not letting him in" I said sitting on the couch.
" why the hell not. Where do you want him to go to?" Ria asked staring at me.
A noisy person like my brother was the last thing I needed. I opened for him and the first thing he did when entering the house was to go hug my wife. That was another reason I didn't want him next to my wife. He was too upclose and personal with her.
" hey big bro. Whats up with the grumpy face. Come give me some sugar" he said opening his arms for a hug.
" what sugar? What's wrong with you" I asked ignoring his open arms.
" don't tell me you have forgotten that episode from Regular show where rigby was...."
" Oh OK. Its fine " I cut him in and hugged him.
" don't ever talk about sugar or whatever. Stop being dramatic" I said sitting down.
" yeah right. You are too uptight. I haven't seen you guys in ages. You should be excited to see me." He said sitting next to me.
" we are and I'm sure the boys would be way too excited to see you. We can get an uber to take you to Tembisa now" I said faking a smile.
" OK what's going on here.why are you trying to get rid of me?" He asked.
" probably coz I have held Lucy hostage in the basement" Ria blurted.
" Ria!!!" I shouted.
" you what? Oh my gosh! That is just amazing. I have always wanted to do some creepy things like that hey." Roger said smiling.
" its not a joke , its better if you excuse us until we sort this thing out." I said sternly.
" I'm going to see this. I don't trust ya all have guts to do such a horrid deed."
" come I'll show you " Ria said leading the way.
I didn't go with them. I just sat there and waited for them to finish whatever they were doing down there. After some time they came back.
" Oh my gosh, you guys! I have missed so much. Why didn't you call me when all these was happening so I could see it first hand. ? " Roger asked the moment he sat down. I knew that Ria had told him everything. The problem with my brother was he turned everything into a joke. He was busy saying stuff and giggling with Ria.
"Stop it guys, this is not some sort of a joke you can laugh about all day. This is serious." I shouted.
" OK fine, I wanna go see my twins now, can you drive me to Tembisa. I think you guys need some fresh air out there." Roger said.
" nah you guys go ahead, I need to rest ".
"OK then. Asta LA vista."
He left with Ria. I was glad they left. I needed some piece of mind and quietness.
They came back around 8pm while I was dozing off in the couch.
" we had a great day. The twins really wanted to come back but seeing that we have a hostage situation, I convince them they will come back home soon" Roger said as he walked in. This guy never kept quiet. He could talk all day.
" well that is going to be sooner because I dealt with the hostage situation of yours." I mumbled.
" what do you mean you have dealt with it. Don't tell me you have killed her Mordecai " Ria said freaking out.
" isn't that what you would like Ria?. You would love it.well I let her go".
" you what?" They asked in unison.
" yeah you heard me. I let the poor girl go"
Ria laughed a bit." What do you mean poor girl?. You have just ruined your ticket out of jail young man. You don't know that woman. " she walked out .
That hit a nerve. Ria might have been right. All Lucy promised was that she was going to drop the case as soon as I let her go. Taking her word for it was not good enough but kidnappings her was not OK too. We could both end up in jail for it.
" but you know that ex of yours can't be trusted. I'm sure she doesn't even trust herself. I personally think you have just took a shovel and extend your own hole, the one you dug when flirting with Amanda " Roger added taking the stairs.
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A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 71

Chapter 71
I have to give it to Lucy. That plan was well executed but that doesn't mean she has won. She can't keep on winning every time. No ways.
The next morning I woke up in a happy mood. I suggested that Mordecai should go out with his friends. I had a plan of my own.
Just when I was about to bring it into action, Christy buzzed. I let her in.
The boys were at Tembisa. Well that was what I was good at, shipping the boys off when problems arise.
Maybe I'm just a bad mother.
We sat down and talked about stuff while watching reality shows.
"People actually think that they can walk all over you as long as time allows them just because you are too nice. You know what ?I'm putting an end to this. I swear I am." I said sipping on my coffee.
"What are you talking about Ria?." Christy asked.
"You know very well what I'm talking about. This girl can't just keep on acting like im her punching bag." I said focusing on the tv.
" I'm your friend Ria, and whatever stupid plan you have. I'm not gonna allow you to go ahead with it. I can't watch you go to jail." Christy reprimanded me.
"Who said anything about going to jail?" I asked.
I was not going to allow anyone to stop me from teaching that girl some lessons. Christy left and said she was going to meet up with Nandi. I told her I wanted to sleep although she tirelessly begged me to come with her. She finally gave up and left.
I wanted to text Lucy but decided it was going to be incriminating so I called her. She picked up on the second ring.
Lucy: Mrs monareng hello.
Oh I didn't know she was married already.
Me: hi Lucy, I want you to listen carefully dear.
Lucy: who is this?
Me: I need to cut a deal with you. I'm sure you know our address by now. Please be here in 40 minutes or lose out at a chance of ever being rich.
I didn't wait for her to reply but hung up.
At exactly 40 minutes, she buzzed at the gate and I opened.
" oh that was fast, I suppose you didn't take a taxi or a train" I said faking a smile.
" ofcourse not, my husband brought me here. You know mandla? The one who was faking to be Amanda's fiance?" She said making her way to the couch.
I faked another smile again but deep down I wanted to jump on her throat. This girl was too much.
" oh congratulations on your marriage my dear. Do you want coffee perhaps? Or maybe wine" I asked grinning.
Gosh this was like some play where we were acting. Those people were sick though, scheming to get money from us.
" of course not dear, I'm here for business and business only." She mumbled.
" what kind of a business will that be without coffee in between" I said that going to the kitchen. I came back and gave her a cup. I started talking about what I had to offer.
" well you see, Mordecai's dad had offered you guys 20 million if you drop the charges" I said sternly.
" Get out of here" she jumped excitedly.
This lady was crazy. I'm sure if Mr Martin was to be involved in this, he would offer her a mere 5000.
" of course Lucy. All you will have to do is sign up a contract and you will be 20 million richer". I smiled. I was even getting tired of smiling to this Lucifer.
She finally drank the coffee out of excitement.
That was all I was waiting for. It didn't take time for her to get drowsey. When she finally passed out, I dragged her to the basement. Well she was still a skinny ass so it wasn't that hard. I tied her to the chair and after some time the drug was starting to wear out. I pour water on her to wake her up fully.
" oh my gosh. What have you done to me, you witch. Where am I? Where the hell am i? " she shouted trying to free herself.
" ah shut up already. No one will hear you. If you cooperate, you will soon be home" I smiled busy cleaning my scissors.
" what are you going to do to me, you evil woman?.somebody help me!She continued shouting
" well why don't you just stick around and found out" I said slapping her.
I was going to batter this girl up with my own fists.
She was screaming her lungs out as I battered her. I would take a break and go watch TV or do something else then come back again and ask her if she was ready to call her sister to drop those charges. She was still reluctant. I wasn't moved by either the blood coming out or her begging for mercy. She had to do it. I wasn't going to back up. My hands were sore so I had to bring a belt.
Mordecai's POV
I was actually the biggest fool walking on the face of the earth. I couldn't believe Lucy have played me for a fool once again.
She really wanted my head and wasn't going to rest till she get it.
The problem was Rianze always had to be dragged into this. She didn't deserve it, especially after what she was going through.
I couldn't sleep that night. My head was all over the place.
In the morning Ria suggested that I go out with Allan so I can try to keep my head off things.
While I was busy chilling with Allan I received a call from Christy. I immediately picked up fearing something had happened to Rianze.
Christy: Mordecai I think something is wrong with Ria.
She said immediately when I picked up.
Me: what do you mean.?
My heart was now beating faster.
Christy: she has gone crazy and I think she is going to do something bad to Lucy. I didn't think much about it in the morning but now it has hit me. Her phones are off, her mom doesn't know where she is. And Lucy was last seen in the morning.
Ria: OK calm down... Maybe she went to the doctor and ......oh my gosh do you mean she might kill Lucy?.
Christy: she sounded like a possessed person in the morning. Please find her. Go check at home.
I immideately told Allan that I had to leave. When I got home. It was really quiet. I went around the rooms looking for her. It looked like she was around. The TV was on, there was also a fresh coffee on the table. Something was odd.
I searched all the rooms and she was nowhere in sight. I heard some sounds from the basement and ran there. I couldn't believe my eyes when the first thing I saw was Lucy tied in a chair, all bloodied up. Her face was not a good sight for a mother who gave birth to her. She was in deep pain and looked weak. Rianze got up when she saw me.
" why are you back early babe" she said touching my chest.
" what the heck is wrong with you.what has got into you?" I took her hands off and went to untie Lucy.
" don't even think about that Martins. Not even in your wildest dreams. Don't forget you are the reason this is happening" she said getting serious.
I stopped.
I looked around to see if there was a gun but there wasn't, just some scissors and a knife. That was better.
" what are you going to do, kill her? Then what Ria? What's gonna happen after you kill her?" I asked facing her.
" I'm not gonna kill her. I'm going to show her that I'm one woman she should never mess with" she said smiling.
" she already got the message. Please" I pleaded.
" no she hasn't. She is going to drop those charges because if she doesn't you will go to jail" Ria said taking a scissor.
" Ria please. Don't even think about that. Whatever it is you want to do" I pleaded once more.
" Mordecai help me! Please help me" Lucy mumbled crying. Her voice was even faint.
I just stood there.!
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Monday, July 11


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 70

Chapter 70
My head felt like a marathon because million thoughts were running through it. I started sweating. I couldnt think properly.Maybe my brain had overheated and blown a fuse.
For some reason I have come to believe that nothing would ever send me to a frenzy. That's cause i have been through a lot. I quickly got into my car and drove off to the police station. Allan had sent me a message to bring my bank card so we could make bail.
When I got there Allan was sitting on the bench.
"Where is he. What the hell happened?" I asked clearly freaking out.
" calm down Ria. He is in the holding cell. We need to bail him out. I dont have any money with me. I just hope you do." He said.
" i aint bailing him out without knowing what happened" i said sternly, a bit more composed than i was before.

" he got arrested because Amanda claimed he raped her."
I paused for a moment. Rape? Like for real? Amanda of all people. It must have been a joke.
"We both know he didn't do it Ria. She is just being bitter" Allan added.
I just stood there in silence. I couldn't fathom it.
" well since it looks like you know what was happening between them you can start explaining it to me. They were dating weren't they?." I asked looking at him.
"They were not Ria." He replied.
" well I'm not bailing him out. Let him spend the night in here or the weekend for all I care. I'm sure he was busy with her all those times he claimed its the research " I said walking out. Allan called after me but I left. I was raving to myself. I didn't even understand what I was saying. He disappointed me. I couldn't even tell anyone about this, not even my own mom. I texted Christy and told her what happened. I just said Mordecai was arrested. Within some time, she buzzed at the gate.
I explained everything to her and she hugged me. I did talk about Amanda when I was with her so she kinda knew her. However she was mad that I didn't bail him out.
" I couldn't bail him out because its not allowed after hours. Rape is a serious offence and he will only get bail in court on Monday. There is nothing I could have done." I said.
We didn't talk much about the issue but went to sleep. Christy called Allan and told him she would be sleeping over at my place. She said she left the baby with the nanny who was a stay in.
Saturday morning I was woken up by Christy who said breakfast was ready. I was really hungry. My mom said she would bring the boys because their dad promised to take them somewhere. I just said ok and let her be.

" do you believe he raped her? Christy asked when I have just started eating.
" No, i dont believe he raped her. He didn't. They have been doing it behind my back. Behind her husband's back. They have been enjoying it. She made him laugh while when he came back to my house, he would just frown and as if that was not enough for him. He would want sex every 2 seconds. He would get on top of me and sweat. He would sweat on top of me Christy. Not make love but sweat. Between me and you, the girl just wanted money. I'm sure its a deal gone wrong and she cried foul because Mordecai doesn't have the money she might have wanted and he is going to go to jail for it and i will gladly watch him. " I said throwing my hands all over the place.
"Wake up and smell the coffee Ria. He is your husband and right now you don't even know his side of the story. You are holding a gtudge against him. Just because he did you wrong 100 years ago. You are still crying foul. He is a good father and a husband . he might not be perfect but you know he is. So just go and be by your man' s side. Isn't what the' through good and bad times' were all about in your vows?." She shouted.
" enough!! Christina. I have heard enough. OK? No more lectures. I'll go be by his side. " I said and walked out.
I'm sure Allan put her up to this. My boys came and I didn't tell my mom what had happened. I still believe she hasn't forgiven Mordecai because would always tell me that he might do it again. So telling her would just be adding fuel to a fire.
I told the boys dad had an emergency that he had to attend and won't be around for the weekend. Christy left in the evening and I was left with my boys who couldn't stop asking me million questions. I started wondering what would happen if their father was to get sentenced.
Monday morning I woke up a bit late. The schools had closed so I decided not to take the boys to pre-school. I called in sick so I couldn't go to work.
I decided I was going to court around 11.
I was going to bail Mordecai out. Just when I was done dressing up and preparing to take the boys to my mom,Mordecai entered.
" Ria.I swear I didn't do it. I swear on my mothers grave,I didn't rape her. And when you were not coming to see me, I thought maybe you believe that I did it. I can't lose you over being framed Ria." He said the moment he saw me
I just stood there and looked at him. I could see the truth in his eyes. He didn't do it. My husband didn't do it.
I went to him and hugged him. Ag he stinked but I kept on hugging him. He needed it.
" everything will be alright, I promise " I said.
I told him I was going somewhere. I ran him a hot bath and left the boys with him. I was going to meet somebody whom I hired to investigate Amanda.
When I came back he was playing snakes and ladder with the boys.
" we need to talk, boys please go play some games with your playstion " I said smiling and they immediately ran to the play room.
They were not allowed to play games every now and then and when they got that chance they would get so excited.
Mordecai sat on the couch next to me.
" you were dating her Mordecai, weren't you" I asked calmly.
" I swear I wasn't Ria. We kissed once and it never got anywhere because I stopped her and that's why she is mad. This is all because she has been seducing me and I always shut her off. Please believe me" He pleaded.
" how is it possible that in the world full of lust and betrayal. You are the only man I have slept with?. Should I feel like a dumbass,knowing that u go on and on doing all these things you call mistakes. Should I feel like a dumbass because I am able to cheat on you yet I don't. Maybe I should. " I shouted.
" oh hell no you won't " he shouted back.
He took me offguard. What the heck.
" I'm sorry. Ria I didn't sleep with that girl. I swear I didn't. The sooner you believe me the better. I need you on this one. Together we can solve it." He said calmly.
My phone rang and I answered it. I listened to what the person was saying then said thanks. I was waiting for this phone call since I didn't get much from the meeting I had during the day.
" here goes. Your alleged victim was never a lecturer but a student who was just a mere tutor who made you believe she was a lecturer. How? I don't know. Either way this seem to have been planned because mandla is not the fiancé and Amanda is actually your ex wife's sister. Lucy!
"What?" Mordecai shouted kinda taken aback.
Lucifer was back and she striked when we least expected it.
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Saturday, July 9


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 69

Chapter 69
Unless you have been very, very lucky, you have undoubtedly experienced events in your life that have made you cry. So unless you have been very, very lucky, you know that a good,long session of weeping can often make you feel better,even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.
Lemony snicket
There was nothing else I could do than cry, life has failed me once more. Call me weak or whatever,I could care less. I was hurt. Infact I was jolted by the whole thing. I couldn't imagine losing Ria, I needed her more than ever. I just sat there with my arms around her. I was speechless. I could have told her everything was going to be alright but I couldn't because I was overwhelmed by fear. The fear of ' what if'. We sat there until she dozed off then I took her to bed. It took me some time before I could doze off but eventually I did.
The next morning I woke up and prepared the kids to go be with their grandma. It was weekend and we planned to spend the day at crocodile and reptile park but I decided I was going to see the Doctor with Ria.
Above it all, Ria could still fight this thing and triumph over it. It was still possible. All I had to do was be supportive.
The doctors visit went well, he told us Ria still had the chance to fight the cancer as it was still on the early stage and the only problem might be the side effects of the treatment she was going to undergo.
There might have been hope but I felt like my life was dwindling at the passing of each day. I felt hopeless. Ria spent most of her days sleeping after work and I couldn't say much to her. I even sent the boys to Tembisa for some time because the environment we were in was not good for them. Dinah knew what was going on and she tried talking to Ria but no one could get to her. She was in her own world and not allowing anyone into it.
I turned to alcohol, I don't know how but I couldnt go a day without my whiskey. It just helped me feel better for some reason. I could focus better at work with it and mind you, I was busy with my PhD. That thing is hard. The research was doing my head in and home was just a place I didn't wanna go to.
" babe we need to talk" I said as I woke Ria up.
" but Mordecai, I am sleeping" she said putting the blanket over her head.
" like hell you are ( I removed the blanket). Everyday after work you are sleeping. as if that's not enough, you only talk to me when you see fit. You hardly reply to what I say. What kind of a life is this. Did we sign up for this. Get up woman" I shouted
She got up and just looked at me. She was taken aback by what I just did or say but I didn't care. I wanted my wife back. I understand that the treatment had a lot of side effects that were overwhelming but her fatigue was like a disease now.

" how are we going to get through this if you keep on shutting me out. Like really now, I'm your husband through thick and thin, not when you feel like it" I said holding her hands.
We talked for some time and she promised to let me in. We made love, gosh I couldn't even remember the last time we did that. I was just greatful that maybe our family would be back to how it used to be.
Ria's POV
We might be diagnosed with the same disease but we will never deal with it the same way.
I was tired emotionally and physically. I didn't even have the energy to spend time with my boys. I couldn't. The nausea and vomitting was also making things worse. I felt like it was better to stop with the treatment. But who I was kidding, I had to do it. At least do it for my boys.
The little talk I had with Mordecai wasn't helping. Well he talked about being there for me but he was hardly there. He would come back home late and he blamed it on his PhD. Alcohol was like his best friend. I did ask Allan to talk to him but it never worked.
I did stop sleeping every now and then but he was just another creature. Its like he stopped caring and I even thought he might have been cheating with that Amanda chick. I mean she was all he ever talked about when he finally got the chance to talk. Oh and the sex was just bad, he would come back from God knows where and start sweating on top of me. The worst part he would be smelling of alcohol. I felt like I was just his robot that was there to give him sex when he wanted to. I couldn't even wait for it to end, everytime he was on top of me. It was not even spontaneous anymore, all he did was missionary style. I don't know what happened to my Mordecai because he wasnt the same. Talking was not helpful because he would doze off in the middle of the conversation.
Maybe this relationship was never meant to work. He got me thinking about divorce. Something I never wanted.
I was still going to work and I did try to keep my happy mood when I was there so nobody could suspect a thing.
Friday night I was busy watching one of favorite series when I received a phone call from Allan. It was around past 8 and I thought Mordecai was busy with his PhDs because he wasn't back yet.
Me: hello Allan. How are you doing?.
Allan: not good Ria. I have bad news.
I wasn't surprised or anything. Bad news was all I seemed to get.
Me: OK shoot.
Allan: Mordecai has been arrested. I need you to come down to sandton police station.
Me: Oh that wasn't the bad news I expected. He probably got arrested for drunk driving. Let him stay the weekend, he will probably learn more things for his PhD.
Allan: Ria its more serious than that. Please just get here.
My heart started beating fast. What the hell has he done now?
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Sunday, July 3


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 68

Chapter 68
Mordecai's POV
Something was happening with Ria. I felt it yet I didn't want to pressurize her.I wanted to give her some time and hopefully she would explain to me what was up.
I couldn't concentrate at work. My head was all over the place.
" having a hard day already Mr M?" That was Amanda standing next to me.
Amanda was among the young lecturers in my department. She was one of the people I got along with here. Me and her were practically friends but I haven't told Ria because she was still convinced I would cheat on her. Amanda was a good looking woman so it was even going to cause more problems. I was not planning to cheat on my wife. Not ever.
" well days can't be the same miss Seboko." I replied looking at her.
" speaking of which, I won't be Miss Seboko but Mrs Ndlovu soon because he proposed " she said showing me the ring.

" oh that's beautiful. Congratulations hey. Can't wait for the invitation "
" as long as Ria and the twins are coming" she said sitting down.
Well what Amanda talked about most of the time was meeting Ria and the twins. She kinda believed she could be Ria's friend or something and knowing my wife, all she would get from her would be a cold shoulder.
I brushed Amanda off by saying Ria would most definitely come. As if that was not enough. She suggested that maybe we should have dinner with her fiancé and my family. I wasn't ready for that. How was I even going to ask Ria for this?. I actually sounded like a man who was scared of his own wife. I was actually trying to be a man keeping his family together.
I went back to class although I was in no mood for a lecture at all. When I was just about to began, my phone rang. Which I immediately answered.
As I was going out of the class one of the students shouted" but you said no phones allowed in class Mr M".

I chuckled and walked out.
Me: sorry babe. I was in class. Do you miss me, Mrs Martins?
Ria: I miss you all day, everyday. Um babe can we do dinner tonight?.
Me: um do you want us to go out or cook in or invite your family?
Ria: I don't know babe. I just need to do something I haven't done. Maybe go to a restaurant I have never gone to. Or eat with people I haven't met. I just need to clear my head.
Me: oh well I think I'm just gonna invite some colleagues.... Or not. Well i mean I'll find a restaurant we haven't gone too around Pretoria.
Ria: colleagues are fine babe. See you when you come back.
I went on with my lecture then went to tell Amanda the kinda news she might have been waiting for.
" oh my gosh, for real? Mandla would be delighted I'm sure. Let me call him " she walked out excitedly. I wondered what the big deal was all about. I went home early and took the twins from pre -school. They were actually excited to see me pick them up before 4pm. I was going to prepare the dinner. I found my wife sleeping. I doubt if she even went to work. I didn't ask though. The twins woke her up.
"Aiden have you actually realised mommy sleeps a lot these days" Adrien said to his brother as they stood next to their mother.
" I was about to say that. She is like that lazy hippo from the nursery book who slept a lot" aiden said and they all giggled.
" OK boys go and change now" I said and kissed their mother on the forehead who was giggling with them.
I prepared the dinner with the help of my wife who seemed to be in a better mood than before.
At 19h00 Amanda and her fiancé as well as another colleague of ours Jason arrived.
" you didn't tell me your wife was this beautiful Mr M" Jason whispered to me.
" don't even think about it Mr " I smiled.
The dinner went well although it comprised of Amanda asking us million questions. Like how we met and all that. To her it seemed like we had it all. I never told her my father was a rich man which was probably making her wonder how we could afford a mansion with our salaries. Ria answered most of her questions but never disclosed that I ever did her wrong since we met. She just make it sounds all extra perfect. I was glad. These people were better off without knowing my life. The night was successful. The twins we're playing PlayStation while we had the dinner. They actually ate before the guests came and they were more than happy to play games. Those two would have definetly ask our guests million questions. That is what they loved doing. Asking questions.
Our guests left around 10 and the boys were still playing games.
" oh my gosh you let 5 years old kids play games for three hours? Babe that is illegal " Ria said when we were cleaning up the table.
" it was just a once off thing. All work and no play makes john a dull boy" I said.
After tidying up, we tucked the boys in.
" babe I wanna tell you something " Ria said holding my hand.
" what is it babe" I asked sitting her down on our bed.
" I have cancer" she blurted.
"What?" I mumbled.
She looked at me with tears in her eyes.
" oh my God! Oh no. This is not happening Ria. No! It can't be happening" tears were already flowing down my eyes. I tried wiping them but it just got worse. I felt like a defeated man.
If this is what life is all about then I don't want it anymore!!!!.
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Wednesday, June 22


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 67

Chapter 67
I didnt know whether i was angry, shocked or both.
I felt confused. I didn't wanna believe that my husband had something to do with Bra Nisa. That was a fire nobody dared to sit by.
The guy was dangerous and a lot of people had succumbed in his hands. He had killed people but never stayed in jail because of lack of evidence.
" baby I'm so sorry. I really wanted to give you the wedding of your dreams. I really wanted to and yes I may have crossed the line but I did it for us.
I didn't say much but just gave him a hug. I had to give credit where it was due. My husband gave me the most beautiful wedding I always dreamt of. The consequences were for us to deal with.
As his wife, I didn't have to shout at him.
" well babe its OK. We will deal with this together , I love you". I said kissing him.

Four years down the line, a lot has happened. Well we paid off bra Nisa with our own money that we were working for. We only stayed in Tembisa for a month because the owner had to come back. As a thank you, We renovated her house and bought new furnishers.
We moved to Sandhurst, well the house in Sandhurst already had everything but that didn't mean that things were running smoothly for us financially. Mordecai was having a hard time coping with not having the money he used to have. We were using my car. We couldn't afford another car.
My mother did graduate and fortunately she got a teaching post at mvelaphanda primary school. Well that meant that things were going to be better for her. I was really ecstatic upon hearing she got the job. Finally the ray of light was shining upon us.
My dad was still at venda but he would come see me. My mom seemed to have made peace with his existence.
As for Nandi, she was back to being herself. The bubbly girl full of life. She divorced that husband of hers and got half of his assests. Well that meant she could start a life of her own. She got a job as well.
Christy gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Aletta. She was co- parenting with Pierre and apparently something was going on between her and Allan. I was just happy for her . for quite some time my friend had lost hope of ever finding somebody who will love her.
As for my husband, he proved to be all that I never expected from him. He was a hands on family man who was there for me and the boys.
His father was not found guilty of any of those charges. He claimed some former partner of his was trying to get him down. I was just glad that it was all over. it was actually putting a strain on Mordecai although he would claim to be fine. The guy got his assets back but he said it was high time Mordecai worked for his family. That meant there were no handouts for us.Mordecai was now a senior lecturer which made things a bit easier. I still had my job, which was something I was thankful for. Roger spent time at Sandhurst and London as he wished.
My boys were all grown up.
I was busy cooking when they ran to hug me from school.
" we missed you mommy" they said in unison as they both grabbed my legs.

" I missed you two, my boys. And you too my big boy" I said kissing Mordecai.
" go put your bags in your room and come tell me all about school " they ran to their room.
"How was your day babe" I asked continuing with my cooking.
" it was OK. You know same old....same old, students bunking, doing their own funny stuff. How was your day?" He asked trying to taste some of the stuff I was done preparing.
" huh babe, I always tell you to wait for dinner to be served."
" but you know I'm a hungry lion. Hungry for you even.." He growled kissing me on the neck.
We stopped when the boys started shouting " ewwwww".
We had dinner and helped the boys with their homework. I told Mordecai i wanted to see a Doctor. I haven't been feeling well for quite some time.
In the morning Mordecai prepared the kids for school. He enjoyed doing it anyways.
I had a 8h00 appointment and in no time I was inside.
I had all these symptoms that may have suggested I had breast cancer. I didn't want to believe it which is why I didn't consult the moment i experienced most of those symptoms.
I had a lump on my breast and I thought it would go away. The skin of my breast was dimpled, there was some redness and swelling as well as itching.
Well I might have delayed finding the truth but it didn't take more than an hour for me to be diagnosed with the very same thing I dreaded to have.
I know that if detected early breast cancer can be cured. My biggest fear was how Mordecai would take the news. I think it was going to shatter him. When he talked about his mother, he would finish it all by how horrible cancer is.
I didn't even realised I was home. My mind was somewhere else through out the journey.
I sat in front of the TV the whole day. Just wondering what will happen to my boys if something was to happen to me. I had all these depressing thoughts that I couldn't seem to get off my mind.
Happiness was living in my house for the past 4 years but it seemed to be packing and slowly leaving us.
I didn't even hear my kids coming in with their dad. They both jumped on me which brought me back to reality.
" mommy are you OK?" Aiden asked me busy playing with my cheeks.
Their father immideately sent them to their room.
" baby what's going on?" He asked sitting next to me.
I wanted to say something but broke down and cried instead. I didn't want to tell hin. I couldn't tell him.
It was going to kill him and I didn't want to see him in such pain.
"Ria" he called out my name and I looked at Adrian who was standing on the steps looking at me.
I couldn't do it.
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Wednesday, June 15


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 66

Chapter 66
Longed for him. Got him. Shit!
Margaret Atwood.
Well this guy was doing my head in. I walked out and sat outside. He didn't follow. I sat there for an hour thinking about my life in general and if my marriage with Morde was ever going to work out.
I was scared.
I was scared that he didn't even look me in the eyes the way he used to.
I was scared that all he saw from me was the woman who will bear him kids, His heirs. What if that's all he wanted from me?
To give him a family.
After sitting in the cold I went back to the house. He was already sleeping. I didn't bother him but took a bath then slept.
In the morning, The noise outside woke me up. I dragged my feet to the kitchen. Mordecai was nowhere in sight. I opened the door. Damn it was raining and freezing cold.
I immediately went back to the bedroom where I found a note written " went to work. I made some breakfast for you too. Love you"
I just laid on the bed. After some time of contemplating on whether I should go to work or not. I chose to go. I know I was supposed to go back on Wednesday but what else would I have been all day rather than losing my mind.
I ate the breakfast my husband made which was delicious by the way then prepared to go to work. I knew I was late but I had to go push my work.
I got to work and the CEO was excited to see me. This guy was weird.
After some minutes of settling in,he came knocking in my office.
" hey I hope I'm not disturbing " he said inviting himself in.
Clearly he was disturbing. Well I was actually viewing my wedding photos from the email that the photographer sent me.

" no you are not" I said closing the laptop.
" so how was the wedding. Sorry I couldn't make it. I had commitments. Is everything alright? You don't look happy." He said sitting on the chair.
I assured him everything was more than fine and I was just tired. I wanted to talk to somebody about what Mordecai wanted. I wanted to hear somebody's opinion on the whole thing but all I could hear was my mom's voice echoing " usisidenge Ria" ( you are a fool,Ria).
My mom was against discussing ones problems with people. She said when the going gets tough, lock yourself in your bedroom and tell God.
Well she was right,when you tell people your problems, they pretend like they want to help while in fact they just want to know so they can use it against you.
Mr CEO was trying by all means to make small talk. I finally got rid of him and when I was about to close the door, Rochelle passed with a snarl.
" newly married and you are already flirting with Mr CEO".
I ignored her and went on to do my work. I didn't even realize that tea time passed. I was inclined to my work and nothing else when I got a phone call from Linda. It scared me a little but I answered.
Me: hey
Linda: I need to see you. Can you pass by home after work.
What did this one just say? As much as Linda was supposed to be my sister. She was like a sworn enemy. I always had to watch my back around her.
Linda: Hello Ria....are you there?
I didn't even realized I went quiet for quite some time.
Me: um yeah I'm here. Let's meet for lunch at midrand. I'll send you the details.
Well this was the only way to stop her from making a scene. She probably wouldnt start doing unnecessary things in front of people she didn't know. I didn't know what she was planning for a start and I didn't want to go home because my mom would definitely read my sorrows written all over my face.
I sent Linda the details and prepared myself to go there. I had to use a gautrain. Ag not having a car was getting into me. I was used to driving myself to places I wanted when I wanted.
When I got there she was already waiting for me. I wonder who gave her a lift. We hugged and sat down.
It was just weird acting all white.

We were busy eating when she started.
" I know I have been a very bad person towards you ever since I got here. I was mad my dad was re-marrying so I took it out on you and hence I wonder why things never go right for me. I'm here to ask for forgiveness and to tell you I have decided to marry Banele and I'm going with him to Eastern cape.I'm not getting any younger and the life of being spiteful is not helping me"
Well I hugged her once more. She was forgiven and I hoped her marriage with Banele would be everything she ever wanted. We sat down and chatted more.
After an hour of our brunch. I decided to go back to work. I decided to work till late, some guy from sangweni said he would give me a lift.
When I got home it was 19h00. I did send Mordecai a message in the morning that I was going to work. I also did sent him another one saying I will work till late. He just replied OK to both of them. I was still expecting the same atmosphere from last night.
When I opened the door, I was greeted by the twins crawling towards me. Those two could walk but they could just be lazy like that. I picked them up. They were so excited to see me. Oh how I missed them. I was surprised as to why Mordecai went to pick them up from my mom.
" it smells nice in here" I said going to the kitchen where he was cooking. He immediately turned and gave me a kiss.
"How was your day my beautiful wife?" He asked turning back to the pots.
' it was great. How was yours" I said smiling. This was not what I expected at all.
" it was busy. You and the boys can sit down. Dinner will be served in no time" he said.
I sat down. In no time dinner was served as promised. The boys had their own plates. We ate. Well my husband outdid himself.
" well babe I have actually thought about what you said and you are right. I need to be a hands on father and a husband. I didn't even realized i was the luckiest man on....." I stopped him by kissing him. If It wasn't for the kids. I was going to do stuff to this amazing husband of mine.
" please tell these two to sleep" I whispered.
He chuckled." I thought we should play some games with them tonight ".
" I need to play games with you...." His phone rang and he tried ignoring it but it kept on making noise so he took it out. The caller ID was Bra Nisa. I couldn't believe it.
The only Bra Nisa I know was the feared loan shark who has been terrorizing my mom. I immideately gave Mordecai the " what's going on here look" and he looked down.
Oh my Gosh! No!!!!!
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Wednesday, June 8


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 65

Chapter 65
Rianze's POV
It's the things that you least expect that hit you the hardest.
Tears were coming out of my eyes cause I never expected what I was seeing. It was like seeing all that I have imagined being brought to life. If Mordecai did something like this when his family had all that money. I wouldn't be surprised but I knew he didn't have any which pose a question to my mind; where did he get the money from?
I shove that thought at the back of my mind and concentrated on the wedding.
My twins looked so cute and they just on kept smiling like they were taught to. They were even on their best behavior and not running around.
My mom looked absolutely amazing and not forgetting my besties. Everything was just amazing.
I couldn't see Linda and Lucy and I was hoping they don't show up because those two could start an unnecessary havoc to ruin everything.
The ceremony went well without any hiccups. I didn't even want pastors who would preach for 3 hours and people would sleep.
After eating we went back to Tembisa for the traditional wedding. I had a lot of disagreement with my mother concerning this part. I wanted to integrate the venda culture into the tradition and she was so against it. Everything that has to do with my dad was a taboo. She sure loved this guy and he disappointed her.
After a long battle she allowed it. Well my dad already had an outfit made for us which was just amazing. When I showed it to my mom. She was amazed as well.
I was still in contact with my dad and she didn't know because if she knew she would blow everything out of proportion. My life though, It couldn't just have one aspect that was perfect..... Well that had to be my two handsome munchkins; Aiden and Adrian.
It was safe to say, the wedding went well. I was officially a married woman. We didn't plan for any honeymoon. Not that I was complaining. The wedding was enough and my husband outdid himself. That was more than enough for me.
The first week of marriage was beautiful. My mom took the twins and we had the house to ourselves to be kinky and do stuff we wanted. I just wished it could continue being a fairytale like this.
One night while we were sitting watching TV, not that we were concentrating. We never had time to concentrate on the tv, we would be concentrating on us.
" babe" Mordecai said while we were busy drinking coffee.
"Dont you think its time we stop using a condom. Especially now that we are married." He said massaging my legs that were on top of his thighs.
" what?. Marriage shouldn't be a reason enough for not using a condom. I don't even think I'm prepared for that with you yet"I said taking off my legs from him.
"What?, are you saying I'm sick?how about we go test for all the STI's then." He retorted.
"It's not just about that. I'm not on any contraceptive method. I rely on condoms." I responded continuing to drink my coffee.
I just wished my phone could ring so I could escape the conversation. I wanted someone to knock.
"Speaking of that, don't u think it's time for us to try have another baby." He said calmly.
Say what???
I spilled the coffee on my self and immediately jumped and stood on the other side.
I stared at him waiting to hear something different from what he said then I realized he was serious.
He was busy asking if I was OK, taking a towel and trying to wipe me off.
I didn't care about that.
" you must be out of your mind Mordecai Martins. Adrian and aiden have just started walking and you want another child. What the heck Is wrong with you? I fumed
"We don't even have the financial means to support an extra mouth and you busy talking about another baby.mxm" I added.
" how about all these people out here who are not rich but can still support their kids. We are both working. We can afford it. I don't want my kids when I'm old. I want my kids when I'm still energetic and besides I wasn't there for you when you were pregnant with the boys " he said calmly.
I chuckled.
" whose fault is it? Mine? Should i be blamed for the fact that you were running around with another woman while I was heavily pregnant? What do you even mean by energetic? energetic for what? You are not even there for the twins and you talking about being energetic while you can't even spend an hour of your time being a hands on dad. Who want to have 3 kids in their 20's. We are still young Mordecai. We can't be doing this" I shouted.
This guy was losing it. He clearly had a reason for this. He wanted to Give me three kids so I can age fast like a magogo then I wouldn't leave him or worse he would leave me! I was still trying to have a career for crying out loud. Such an inconsiderate bastard.
I walked out!
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Monday, June 6


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Mordecai's POV

I was excited that I had a job that didn't have anything to do with my father.
Rianze didn't seem happy about it though. I thought she would be glad that our financial woes will be over or minimized at least. I didn't want to stay at this place anymore however since it was her mother's wish. I was gonna obey it.
I wasn't in her good books after what I did to her daughter so I had to make sure I was back in the books again.
I didn't ask what was bothering Ria, but just changed the topic.
She told me she was tired and wanted to sleep. It seemed the wedding suggestion didn't sit well with her.
I dont know how long it was going to take Ria to be herself around me like before. She was a complete different person who would just answer yes/ no to my questions. She never raised her opinions at all.
I wanted my old Ria back. I know it would take some time but eventually it would happen. She was even more open to Roger than me. Oh and the twins, it was like they were told to like him more.
What was left was for me to wake up one day and realize that lil nigga has stolen my family. You can't dispute that. The world has become so evil that people don't have hearts anymore. The evil they do under the sun surprises the devil himself. However if that ever happen. I would kill somebody.
Anyways I was the one to blame. I guess I was the bad father and husband.  I had to do something to change all this.
I went to the bedroom and found Ria sleeping peacefully. I just sat there and watched her. The guilt of mistreating such a beautiful soul got me every time.
Morning.she woke up before me. I didn't even hear my alarm go off. She woke me up.
" will you be able to take the twins to my moms?I have to leave early today. Or just call Roger to come take them." She said kissing me on the forehead. I agreed then she left.
I woke up and prepared myself and the twins. I don't think anybody can oversleep Here because it just get loud in the morning. The will be people talking and laughing, taxis hooting endlessly and it was actually the same at night. These people hardly sleep. I guess that's the kasi life.
I asked Roger to come and he didn't even take time . he really had to stop obsessessing with my twins and get a job. He could see that recession has hit the martins family yet he continue to sit on his ass like everything was still intact.
I told him about this and he said he was doing something about it. Well I hope so.
My first lecture was at 9. I couldn't wait.
My senior lecturer introduced me to the students but they just seemed to be in disbelief. Probably because they were not used to seeing a young, well dressed lecturer. I wasn't blowing my own horn or something but these lecturers just tend to not care about their appearance. The syllabus seemed to be more important to them.
My first lecture went just fine except that some girls were trying to flirt with me. I wasn't going to entertain any of those.
I spent the whole day thinking about the wedding that Ria always dreamt of. The one I once promised I would give her. But here I was, just being a broke ass. Life had been good on my side that I never thought something like this could happen. I mean I could have just saved some money. Stupidity at its best, you can say.
I had to make a plan, get money and give my wife the wedding she deserved. I talked to Allan about my problem and he promised to help me with some stuff. Well I wanted to borrow the money but he insists I shouldn't pay him back.
Well actually it was just one of those moments where you insist that you will pay back the money but hoping the person keeps on saying no so you don't have to. How the hell did I even get here!
Well as much as he was going to help, I had to pull some strings of my own to make the wedding as elegant as it could be. I borrowed money.
I applied for loans at whichever loan company that was willing to give me some.  Some guy at varsity hooked me up with a loan shark. I was getting myself into some scary situation but it was the risk I was willing to take.
I had everything in order. I didn't tell Ria what I did but we sat down and planned the wedding together.  She still had an impression that it was going to be a small ceremony at her church. I wasn't going to tell her now because she would tell me to return the money and not go ahead with my plan.
With the help of her two friends and the wedding planner, we organized an elegant wedding she always dreamt of.  This was going to be a surprise for her. I did tell her mom what I was planning and begged her not to tell Ria.
Christy made her try on different wedding gowns so she could see which one she loved most. She did tell her friend which one she wanted but couldn't have it because of the budget. She was just going to be surprised to see it waiting for her on the day of the wedding.
The days were passing faster than I expected. I was starting to get goose bumps. What if it all fail or she doesn't like it.?
I did invite my dad and aunt and some friends from London. I just hope they could allow my dad to come.
The day of the wedding arrived and everything was top notch. I pulled it of.
I chose Shepstone gardens as our venue. Ria would just be suprised when she would be drived there. We invited her dad and his family and I asked Dinah not to cause a scene. It was Ria's wish that both her dad and step dad walk her done the aisle. I made sure that I fulfilled all Ria's wedding wishes..
I waited for her to arrive at the venue. I didn't know what the girls told her but the moment she entered the place, her face lit and it was like she could scream OMG!.
I just smiled and watched her walk towards me.
When she stood next to me, she whispered " oh my gosh Mordecai..... How...did you pull this off?"
I wiped the tears off her face.
" you deserved this"!!!
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Wednesday, June 1


A Walk On Love's Dark Side chapter 63

Chapter 63
Doesn't marriage scare you?
Well it scares me.....a lot.
Marriage has evolved in such a way that cheating has become a norm and divorcing after 8 days of tying the knot is no longer a taboo.
These days everything is all about the money. We marry for money and divorce for money.
I'm not really saying I dated Mordecai for his money. No it was pure love but a lot of things just got me thinking if love alone was enough.
I was scared of what lies ahead in our marriage. I don't blame myself. Mordecai threw me a blow when I least expect it. I was jolted. Now I live in fear of what might happen next.
Should I give him all my love? Or rather hold back and act like I don't care.
I doubted his love for me.
" its OK mom. We will go and stay there." I said and bade people goodnight
The next day my mom woke us early. She called some guy who had a van to come take our stuff to phomolong. I don't think it was necessary. I had my car and all we were taking was our clothes and sheets.
Well I did tell my mom that but she said it was necessary as we were not taking the car.
Ummm.... Say what?
" but mom why are we not taking my car?" I asked her.
"Well there is no garage there so your car might not even see the dusk of this day. And I think its high time ya'all come down to earth and do things the normal way." She said continuing to pack things on the van.
" ah mom. Being poor is normal? I mean I have been poor all my life and you still want me to do things the normal way.? I have to go to work plus the twins would need to be brought here every morning. Without a car it would be a lot of work. This doesn't even make sense. " I said mumbling.
" oh yes it does. If you have nothing you might actually learn a thing or two as a couple. Like helping each other and enduring stuff together. That will be love. You won't be able to do that with all the materialistic things surrounding you guys. Mordecai is a spoilt brat and he won't stop acting like a child unless something in his life changes. His father might be on trial for whatever charges but that man is not so dumb to leave nothing for his kids. These people are not even freaked out by this mess. Now you are going with this guy you dearly love and go leave like a normal phomolong resident. " she said and dissapeared to the house.
We got to phomolong and started unpacking. The house could really do with some makeover. It was a two bedroom house with a kitchen and lounge. The toilet was outside.
Mordecai wasn't impressed at all but maybe this was what he wanted as a wake up call.
Roger was sad because he wouldn't be spending some time with the twins. I was sad because I would be spending a lot of time with them. These two were becoming troublesome by the passing of each day. They were not to be left alone unattended. The worst part was I didn't have their prams,rocking chairs or cot bed because I would usually just leave them to play there. Mordecai wasn't really a hands on father, well maybe that's because I was comparing him to Roger.
He was more interested in soccer and highlights and more soccer. You could leave him with the twins and the next thing you find them somewhere else.
"This house looks weird hey. I may have nightmares tonight" he said holding my hand after we were done eating. He helped me cook.

I ignored his statement and went to check on the twins who were already sleeping. He couldn't be saying stuff like that while I grew up in a house like that.
I decided I was gonna go to work the next day. Mordecai said something about an interview. I woke up early and got ready. I bathed the kids and caught a local taxi to my mother's place. I was leaving them with Roger.
I went about with my business of the day which included ignoring Rochelle. I was doing my stuff at work like I never left. The CEO kept on coming up on me making weird conversations. I couldn't wait for the day to end.
When I got home I found Mordecai with the kids. He was watching TV. There wasn't much to watch since there was no DSTV.
"Didn't you get lost trying to come back here.?" I asked throwing myself on the couch.
"Not really. Language barrier was a problem. What are we eating tonight?" He asked.
I was in no mood for such questions because I wasn't even planning to cook. I was really tired. If I told him about ordering pizza he would start asking me questions like " do they even deliver pizza here?
" well I have got some good news.......I got a job as a junior professor at wits.I'll be lecturing while doing my masters." He said kissing me.
" oh my gosh that's great news babe"
" I was also thinking that we have a small, private wedding just for us and family " he added.
"Say what??
I always dreamt of a huge wedding and this wasn't going to work ....oh and him lecturing some teenagers who would be crushing on him was unsettling.
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Wednesday, May 25


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 62

Chapter 62
I wouldn't say Linda is a liar.
She is more like a compulsive over exaggerator.
She was a drama queen like that and I didn't believe that she fainted for real. Maybe she wanted us to feel sorry for her or something. I got up and left when her friend was trying to resuscitate her.
She deserved what camebher way.
I found out that Linda instigated the whole Banele idea. She probably brainwashed my mom to believe that I would be better off with that guy.
This was a well executed plan. She knew what she was doing and clearly spent time planning everything that she even managed to get a guy my mom knows.
That wasn't my biggest problem but rather the endless debts of hers. It seemed she made some of them up with her fraudulent friends so they can fake taking the house just so it can belong to her.
Her mind was upside down. She could have just bought her own house with her metro cop money but no she was busy scheming trying to get quick money which made her to even be suspended.
I went outside for some fresh air. There were people walking up and down. The life of a kasi, People are always on the streets whether its cold or not.
I went back after calling my friends and bidding them goodbye.
I walked back to my room where I found Mordecai on the phone.
"Thanks for doing that favour for me, i knew I could trust you..........hahaha I can always make it up to you" he said busy talking to whoever the person was.
My heart sank. I was hoping he wasn't talking to one person i didn't want him to talk to. I was hoping altogether that he was talking about a completely different thing.
I walked to him and stood in front of him. Seeing me he immidiately hung up without saying a thing further.
" who was that?" I asked.
"No one important really" he said avoiding to look at me in the eyes. I kept on staring at him till he finally said something.
"Well its Allen. I asked him to talk to your CEO to give you the job back."
" Oh OK" was all I said as I walked to the door.
" we need that job. Soon enough we will be penniless. Even if we move to the Sandhurst house. How are we going to survive. We wouldn't even afford electricity. Let alone petrol for the car. In a nutshell we can't move to Sandhurst without working. I had to do this.I hope you understand... I'm not proud of what I did but Rochelle was my last resort"
"What?"I asked as I waited to hear him say that it was a slip of a tongue but it seemed like he didn't want to lie any further.
"I'm sorry Ria but I had to do something as a man here. I mean I......" He didn't finish his sentence because I cut him in.
" what the hell are you talking about? Do something as man by calling your ex to beg her to give your fiancé a job? who does such a lousy thing Mordecai? You know that girl is dangerous and I don't want her anywhere near my family but you couldn't resist dancing with the evil,could you?"
" why does she I intimidate you so much Ria. Is because she is way more than what you are.Are you scared I'm gonna leave you for her?" He shouted back at me.
" I wanted to shout the most insulting rant there is but felt like it wasn't worth it.
" get out of my mom' s house Mordecai' I said calmly.
"Where the hell do you think I will go at this time of the night?
" I do not care. You will go somewhere where they will teach you respect.
Finding a job in south Africa these days was as a hard as trying to convince Zuma to step down. I remembered those days where I stayed at home trying to find a job which clearly proved to be a mission I never completed.
However I was not going to be disrespected like this by these two just for a job. I wasn't going to work well with Rochelle thinking I owe her something. I could have talked to that CEO on my own terms for crying out loud. Mordecai called and asked that chick before I even called.
" what's going on here. What's with the commotion " my mom asked getting in. The whole crew followed her.
Clearly everybody was listening except Linda. She wasn't there.
She is throwing me out of the house. Where am I going to sleep?" Mordecai explained to my mom.
" I don't care where you sleep or wake up. Just get...."
I didn't finish my sentence because my mother shouted reprimanding me.
" Hey!!!!!! What do you think this is? A fairytale? You can't throw him out every time you feel the heat. What kind of a marriage will that be? A joke? You are getting worked out over some ex. How about when the going gets tough with the real issues? We won't be there when that happens and you will have to deal with it alone. Look here young woman, this so called fiance of yours has a lot of growing up that he needs to do. You will either let him grow first or marry him and grow with him. The choice is yours but right now he is not going anywhere.
My friend is going to Lesotho for the whole month and she wanted someone to look after her house while she is gone. You two are going to move in that house together in phomolong. After that you will tell us if you still want to get married on not"
I don't think that is what I wanted right now. This was going to be so much stressful for me. Maybe I needed it to see if I could survive with just Mordecai and the twins.
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Monday, May 16


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 61

Chapter 61
Sometimes the chains that prevent you from being free are more mental than physical.
I grew up watching my mom hustle just to make ends meet. I watched her sitting outside in a cold morning just to sell stuff to people who hardly buy or complains that the prices were too much.
I don't believe she was in love with that guy she married. Well she might have been but that was no excuse for her to go back to poverty just to please him.
It wasn't going to happen under my watch.
Oh and my mother finished her course at unisa. She was graduating on the 16th of June. So much have been happening that I didn't have time to plan something for her.
Well that was no excuse, I was going to organise a little something for her to celebrate her achievement with or without money.
"Mama this is the only way cant let this happen to the house because it is going to if you don't stop it." I said holding her hands.
She took her husband by the hand and went to the other room.
" wena you are evil. Your plan wont prevail and I'll make sure of that. I can see through you. My dad paid a lot of money in extending and renovating this house and the next thing you want to cut us out. It doesn't work like that. I own this house as well." Linda said getting closer to me.
"Well you should have thought about that before you went around doing unnecessary debts. All I care about is making sure my mom has a roof over her head. And I will do whatever it takes" I said walking out.
" you should have thought about that when you still have all the money from the martins. What did you even do for her? Nothing." She shouted.
That hit a nerve. What did I do for my mom when the Martins had all money in the world vele? Nothing. I was just there playing a good girl while I could have bought her a car.
Well truth is Mr Martins had all the control of his money and it would sound like I was a gold digger asking for such from him. 

Anyways I had the Sandhurst house, my car and I did open my own savings account. I did have money and something to fall on if things didn't go well with the martins. I was just playing low.
One thing for sure is that I wasnt going to use my money to save Linda's ass. Not in this lifetime. She actually thought she could take us on a ride and we will gladly accept. It wasnt going to happen.
I walked out of the house and Mordecai followed me.
" you cant be walking out here all alone. Its not safe" Mordecai said hugging me from the back. He loved doing this.
"Is everything ok though" he asked.
I didn't waste time and told him everything.
" mmm that's tricky. I don't think it will be easy for them to just do that hey " he said looking me in the eyes. I didn't say anything but went back inside. My old room was still available so I slept there with Mordecai. Roger slept in Sipho's room. My mom took the twins. She didn't say a thing about what I suggested. I kept quiet too.
Next morning I woke up and did the house chores. Linda was nowhere to be found. I was sticking around till the whole debt debacle was fixed.
After I was done with the chores I called the CEO of the company that gave me the job. He was so excited to hear from me and the first thing he asked was " when are you coming back?".
So much unprofessionalism but who cares, I still had a job.
My mom left in the morning. I didn't know where she went. Christy came with Nandi. Apparently she was discharged.
I was happy for her but too stressed to even show it. That is because some dodgy looking guy came looking for his money. It seemed like Linda owed the whole world money and they knew where she stayed. It wasn't safe for people living in the house. Some of these deranged people might just come and kill my family over 1000rands nje.
I spent the whole day with my girls. Mordecai went shopping for some grocery with Roger. There was none in the house. Mr Martins sent some money with moneygram. These two boys depended too much on their dad that they couldn't even stand on their own feet.
They came back just in time when my girls were leaving. Linda came back with Lucy giggling and whispering. It was annoying. They were doing it deliberately.
My mom and dad came back. I dished out for everyone including Lucy and we ate in the dining room. Something that hardly happen in this house.
" I have good news guys " I said smiling.
" what is it?" Linda asked.
She wasn't pleased with the fact that I had good news.
"Well Banele agreed to marrying you" i said looking at her.
" wow that's greatest news. Finally somebody is going to marry Linda" Roger said clapping his hands which clearly annoyed Linda more.
She looked at me hoping I will say I'm joking but I didn't. Instead Banele entered. I told him to actually wait till I announce it.
" I don't know what I was thinking. You are the love of my life Linda" Banele said massaging Linda on the shoulders. She was boiling mad.
She thought she was going to outsmart me but she had a thing coming. All I needed was to convince Banele that Linda was made for him.
While she sat there boiling mad,my mom got up and said.
" we decided to save the house and we changed our marriage to out of property" that was enough for her because the poor girl didn't waste time but fainted.
Yoh we didn't see it coming.
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Wednesday, May 11


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 60

when it rains it pours.
And when all that happens, you don't even have an umbrella, let alone a place you can shelter at.
I knew that all this was bound to happen. If Mr Martins was to be found guilty then our lives would be altered forever. Handouts makes you lazy and feel like you don't have to sweat for anything. Ever since I left for UK I never contacted my CEO to tell him how everything was. I didn't even give him an explanation as to why I left. Well it would be more than a miracle if I still have that job.
I'm sure Rochelle is on cloud nine knowing that she didn't have to go an extra mile to get rid of me but I did it myself.
The guys said they were giving us an hour to pack our stuff and leave. We were only allowed to leave with our clothes and the baby stuff. The cars were being taken as well except mine.
I wonder if they really froze anything or Mr Martins was doing it to get back on us. That man is full of surprises.
"Where are we going to sleep tonight guys?" Roger asked.
"Well we can book a hotel for the night" Mordecai answered packing some stuff in a plastic.
"If they taking the house and cars then I'm pretty sure your cards have been frozen too unless you have one that is not associated to your father" I said dressing Aiden up.
Honestly this was stressful, we were all tired from the flight and all the drama that prevailed during the day and we didn't want more.
I thought of calling christy but she had a bachelor apartment and it wasn't gonna work, Mordecai thought of calling Allan and we decided against it.
My mom was the last option, I didn't wanna go there.
We took all that we could and left some because they couldn't fit in my car. After contemplating for a long time, we decided to go to Tembisa.
When we got there we found the gate locked. I had to call Sipho to come and open for me. Sometimes I even forgot that this guy stayed here. He was hardly around or let me just say, he was too quiet.
You wouldn't hear that he was home even when he was around unlike Linda.
He greeted us and led the way. When we got to the living room, everybody was there. I mean why did they all have to be there at times like this, especially Linda. I was hoping my mother wouldn't start shouting at me or saying stuff that would Give Linda an idea of what was going on.
Surprisingly she didn't, she just gave me looks. We greeted everyone and took a seat.
There was silence and my dad broke it by asking Mordecai how everything was going which he answered fine. Everything was not fine, not at all and I think it was our chance to say we needed a place to stay.

I got a chance when my mom got up and I followed her. I didn't waste time and told her we needed a place to crash for the night. She just looked at me and looked the other way. I lied and said they were renovating the house and we didn't know.
I was actually waiting to hear her response on all that but instead she said " we are in deep money problems".
"What?" I asked because I thought I didn't hear her right.
She repeated her statement.
"How did all this happen. You were never a person who took stuff on credits or owe people mama"
"Well a lot has been happening around here. Well my husband came here with debts of his own, Linda has been owing people and shops everywhere and your father has been trying to pay all of them off, now Linda got suspended because of some shady deals at work and all of the debts are left for us to deal with them"
It is so weird for my mother to call him my father. I wasn't used to that. I never actually spent time with him, for him to qualify being my dad.
The whole debts thing was news to me. I never picked anything up. This husband of hers and his kids seemed to cause more harm than good. I hoped this wouldn't lead to anybody taking my mother's house.
I felt so helpless. There was nothing more I could do to help now that the Martins were also encountering problems of their own. There was no money anywhere that could help.
I felt my head buzzing. This was the time for me to be there for my mother and I was failing dismally.
"This is why I accepted Banele's marriage Proposal. His 80 000 helped us pay off those notorious loan sharks who were making our lives difficult. Now I can't pay him back too, if you don't marry him" she said calmly.
"I'm not marrying that guy. I will never. Not in this lifetime" I said in the same tone she used.
"There is no way out sister. Please marry him. He has money, don't look at his outward appearance. He will take care of you and the rest of your brood. Ibile I heard that Mr Martins got arrested. Things are not looking good for you out there sisi" Linda said entering the room.
I chuckled. This girl was funny. She was giving my mom stress and sleepless nights while acting like all things were fine. She even had the audacity to mock me.
"I'm not going to marry that guy. You put people in this mess, you will have to put them out by marrying that guy. Not me" I said sternly.
"Well he chose and not me. I have no business marrying that guy. You are the golddigger. You love guys for their cash" she giggled.
I realized that she was somehow enjoying it so I kept quiet and turned to my mother instead.
"Soon enough you will lose this house because of debts out there and the only way out is to divorce this guy" I said.
"Intoni?" mom asked surprised.
"This one has lost her mind." Linda shouted.
"I'm not really saying you must divorce him for good. I mean You need to change from in community of property to out of community of property. That's the only way we can save this house"
" My dad now owns a share of this house which means I have a share too and that won't happen. Not anytime soon dear" Linda shouted on top of her lungs which attracted his dad from the living room who came and asked if everything was going well.
Well my mom seemed to have dug herself a hole here that she wouldn't be getting out from anytime soon.
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