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Monday, June 6


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Dygo Season final

Dygo Season Finale

I’ve had some tough times in life, and in each struggle I asked the same questions. Why me? How long will this last? What will it teach me? Life is known for testing you, then teaching you. It’s the opposite of how we were taught in school. I’ve gone from test to test all of my life, and I’m sure you have too. I guess it’s just the way it goes. I’ve learned some valuable lessons in my few years on Earth, and amongst those lessons one really echoes; turn pain into purpose! If you have to go through it at least get something out of it. There’s a lesson in every struggle.

I knew I was not immune to learning life's hard lessons. Whether the timing was perfect or whether I willingly enrolled for the classes, I knew there was greater rewards to benefit me through those hard lessons. I knew I was being toughened up.

One of my mentors once told me three profound steps one has to take when experiencing trials, tribulations and tests. She said, first, one need to understand why such misfortune or tribulations were happening to them. She said often times that question might  sound unfair, but the truth is that it’s happening to you because you can handle it.

Life happens to us all, but to each is a share that’s meant to strengthen, not kill. Remember all the times you didn’t see a way out but yet you made it anyways. It was blind faith and instinct that brought you through it every time. If it happened to your best friend, it could have killed them. If it had happened to your enemy it still would have hurt you. Your problems are put on your plate because you can swallow them.

Then the second step will be to get a lesson from it. She said Life is a great teacher, so let her have her perfect way. When the struggle hits don’t focus on the pain, focus on the purpose. Life has an interesting way of handing out valuable lessons. Sometimes we bring them on by our actions, and sometimes life just happens to us. As you’ve heard before: it’s not what happens, it’s how you respond that matters most. Look the pain in the face and smile back at it. Don’t let it beat you. Let it teach you. Life is meant to be lived, not to be survived. And life is survival of the wisest. Get a lesson instead of fussing and stressing about it.

The last step, which is what I always take,: is to turn the pain into purpose. If it happened to you, it was meant to happen so that you could help someone else get through it next. As we live we should learn, and as we learn we should teach. Some of the greatest teachers are those who decided to teach from the hard lessons life taught them.
Some of the greatest inventions were made from a struggle. Adversity should breed creativity.

When Kevin mentioned the divorce, I knew Reatli and MamaTau were behind it and they had influenced him and no matter how much I could try to convince or explain, the two witches had cast their spell on his mind.

Oh God! How could they do this to him? Reatli is a really vindictive woman. I cannot believe she and her mom sat and told Kevin all of this. Not when he was not that strong enough. The doctor clearly asked us not to tell him anything upsetting or that could have a negative impact on his emotional state. But no! Reatli had an agenda and she used Kevin to settle scores. It’s ok. Truth was, yes, I did not tell Kev most of the stuff, not for personal gain but to spare him the inevitable.

I went closer to Kevin, trying to reason and explain why I didn’t tell him everything. He was devastated, torn and crying. I just held on to him, crying together. I kept on saying I was sorry and that I would make it up to him. Five minutes later, Kevin asked me to open the drawer next to me. I slowly opened it and asked him what he needed from there.

He said there’s a white envelope and I should take it out. I reached out for the envelope and closed the drawer. Just as I was about to hand over the envelope to him, he said something.

Kevin: No Bobo, don’t give it to me! It’s yours. Go ahead! Open it!

I was wondering what it could be but went ahead and opened it. I could not believe my eyes.

Kevin: There are the divorce papers you gave to my mother. I signed them as you wished. You don’t have to pretend anymore. You are free now Obonolo

Kevin’s words made a direct hit to my heart and knocked the wind out of me. Not in my wildest nightmare had I prepared for this. Adrenaline flooded my veins, pounding its way through my arms, my legs and my heart. And I felt myself falling farther and farther down into a terrifying , dark abyss. I gave my head a fierce shake and tried to hold on to anything that made sense. This can’t be happening, I thought as I took two steps backwards throwing myself in a chair..

I looked at Kevin and shook my head. I told him that I had those papers drawn and signed before the accident and I only handed them over to his parents because I believed and thought he chose Sheryl and her kids over me and our kids. I told him how I was angry and upset. But everything changed when I made a decision to put it on hold and focused on getting him better.

He said it didn’t matter because I lied to him. I did file for divorce and was planning  to end our marriage so he did me a favour of not having to wait anymore because he gave me what I wanted. I went on telling him how unfair he was, to just sign those papers because of what his family made him to believe . I did admit to a lot of bad choices I made but I emphasised that I did everything for him and wanted him to be his old self, healed and aware of everything before I could discuss such pressing matters.

I told him that he can’t sign those divorce papers meanwhile he doesn’t remember even marrying me. I told him that we owe it to ourselves, to God, to our kids and our families to end this marriage in our clear minds and amicably so.

I told him that he doesn’t know what he wanted, he was doing what his family put him up to do. I told him that he needed to think it through before he does what his little sister and mother wanted him to do, just to hurt me.

He was offended by what I said about his family and told me that I should not blame anyone but myself for everything. He said I should call the kids so that he could say goodbye to them since he won’t see them for a while, especially because I chase his family away from my home. I asked him why he was doing that to me and the kids. He said I left him no choice.

He said he thought it was best to accept that our marriage was over. He said besides everything else, he was no use for me without memories of our times together. Hence he signed the papers, not because of his family.

Unfortunately Kevin had made up his mind. He wanted a divorce. In his own words he said he doesn’t want to be married to me anymore.

My cheeks grew hot, and I was unable to draw deep breath. Tears spilled down my face, my arms and my legs were trembling and my stomach ached. A thud pounded in the depth of my chest as I felt my heartbeat.

In less than it took me to inhale, the reassuring pretense disappeared. Choking sobs erupted from my angry, broken soul and spewed hot tears down my face. Kevin sat up straight and started rubbing his hands together, his eyes searching mine. He called my name and asked if I heard him and if I understand his decision! He stared at his hands and dropped his head in the hands, groaned and then looked back up at me.

He said he doesn’t want to be married to me anymore!

The panic became a tidal wave around me, consuming me. I blinked hot tears. I could not believe what I just heard. I struggled to catch my breath as I buried my face in my hands and tried to search for a reasonable explanation. I must say I was devastated. This was too deep, a guttural weeping that came from a place in my heart. Yes I started this “divorce thing”, but I never thought Kevin would agree to end our marriage without a fight, even in his right mind. It was worse now because he couldn’t remember our love, our lives and our good times in that marriage.

I was torn beyond any explanation. Never in a million years did I ever thought I would feel this way. A dark place empty of all words except a wrenching why?

I pulled my knees up beneath my chin. Everything about the past hour seemed like something from a nightmare, and I prayed I might wake up. I thought of the woman I was that morning. Happy, content , confident and looking forward to a new beginning with Kevin. Believing, hoping and trusting him implicitly and ready to launch a new chapter of our lives. There hadn’t been a single warning that life as I planned it was about to be shattered.

Immediately, the situation became clear. Yes I had filled for divorce but the accident changed everything. Somehow at the back of my mind I knew I would not go through it especially after the revelation that Kevin never slept with Sheryl nor made her pregnant. So I was hoping that as I nurse him back to health, he might end up changing to a better man. A better lover, and a better husband. But boy I was wrong.

The truth was, I still loved him so much! More than I was willing to admit. Yet, in the wake of his unfaithfulness , his betrayal, my heart still urged me to hate him, tell him that I accept the divorce and let him go and never want to see him again. But I would be lying. I knew God wanted something else. He wanted me to see through this journey, and be willing to forgive and make things right. Not only because I felt like it, but because it was something I ‘d decided to do since the accident.

I blinked back the tears, and the terror faded. In it’s place my fury was more controlled. I tightened my grip on the back of my chair and tried desperately to understand and make sense of what was happening. I looked up to Kevin, the rage within me was suffocating. With a voice so broken, my throat pinched, I spoke:

Nna: Why are you giving up on our marriage? Have you stopped loving us? Are you going to look me in the eyes and tell me that this is what you want? To divorce me and move on with your life?

Kevin: there’s no other way or easy way to say this, Obonolo. I want a divorce. I know I do care about you, maybe loved you more than anything else, but , right now...I’m not.. I am not in love with you anymore.Well at least I don't remember loving you.

The tidal wave came crashing down, as I fell back into the chair. My heart raced dangerously fast, and I couldn’t grab a full breath. Excruciating pain shot down my entire being and there was a heaviness on my chest that grew worse each passing second. I breathe in and out and my pain was eased a bit , and allowed me to inhale

Nna: You owe me that much! I am your wife and Reatli and your mom are doing all this to protect their marriages at our expense, yet,  you chose to walk away on yours so easily?

Kevin just starred at me, slowly sliding out his wedding ring off his finger. He said I didn’t get it. He said he made his decision and he doesn’t want to be married to me, especially now that there is another woman in the picture. So he wanted to be fair on both of us!

I was so furious because I knew he was telling me about Sheryl. Before his accident he told me that he never loved Sheryl and that the only thing that combined them was the twins. So with the test proving that he was not the father, why was he still hung up on Sheryl? Unless his two witches made him believe that he loved her!

As the ring clattered onto the cabinet besides his bed, something inside of me shut down. It was almost as if a protective shield had gone up around my heart, a kind of armour that simply would not allow me any more pain. I felt so dizzy and sicker to my stomach, yet somehow I felt detached and clear eyed, as if I was observing and listening to the whole scene from a distance.

It was unfathomable, as if it was happening to someone else. I could barely breathe.

Kevin was nothing of the man I married, the man I loved, the man I thought him to be. Instead he had lied, cheated and betrayed me, and now he was sitting there saying our marriage was over? I looked at him, tears still falling down on my lap. .

I remembered a verse the pastor recited on our wedding day:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love .But the greatest of these is Love.

Acting with what I could explain only as supernatural power, and without so much as a single tear, I studied my husband and steadied my voice. The anger was still there but my determination was greater.

Nna: “Lavo, divorce won’t solve our problems nor bring back your memories, we need counselling “

Yooo Kevin’s mouth hung open and he said something that tore my heart to the core.

Kevin: Counselling Bobo? Why didn’t you think of counselling before you serve my family with the divorce papers? I m sorry this is hard for you to accept, but you need to hear me. I want out of whatever marriage you are now so desperately trying to hold together. Now I want divorce, not counselling. Besides, I’m in love with someone else”

Just as I was about to say something, Kevin held out a hand to stop me. He said he was sorry and he asked me to accept his decision and how he chose to live his life going forward. He said he didn’t need my pity or forgiveness or preaching. He said that all he wanted was time out. He continued that it was not fair for both of us, especially when so much has happened.

Again a strength I could not explain coursed through me. I stood up and took out the divorce papers from the envelope and tore them into pieces while talking to him

Nna: You are my husband. We promised to love each other forever. Yes we all did things we are not proud of. I remember my part, but you don’t. How can you just opt out while you can’t even remember what you promised me? What you vowed. Fine, if you want to go ahead and run to mama like a little boy and believe everything they told you, do so. But copy this, I am not going to file this”

Just as I finished tearing up those papers, I grabbed my handbag and looked at Kevin, for the last time.

Nna: Whatever decision you take will affect the rest of your life. I’m gonna leave now, go to your parents’ place. But when you sleep at night, think of what you want to do. If you still want  divorce, you go ahead and file for one.

Again the words seemed strangely out of place, as if they were coming from someone else. Unbelievable! Kevin thought he was in love with Sheryl and wanted to divorce me.I must say, he'd become the cruelest insensitive man he could ever be. He’d broken our wedding vows and did the one thing that had given me a Godly grounds for ending our marriage. But all the time I had chosen not to. But despite my pain, my anger , my grief , despite the shock that still shook my body, I knew one thing for certain: I did not want to end my marriage like that. I didn’t want to give up on my promise to stay with him nor matter what. Especially in his condition , nor matter what he put me, I still loved him and was prepared to give us a second chance at happiness .

Nna: I don’t want to end our marriage like this Kevin. Not when you are not fully recovered. We can work it out later. Right now let's focus on getting you better.

Kevin: I’m sorry Bobo. I can't.  Please excuse me, I need to get ready.will have to call you tomorrow. We need to talk about the legalities. Reatli told me our Cousin Motsheoa is our Lawyer, so maybe we should call her and arrange for legal advice.

I took a few steps towards the door, I thought of a million things to say and do. A part of me wanted to walk up to him and slap him with a warm clap, spit at him, punch him or kick him. Another part wanted to hit myself for being so stupid. I wanted to just dig a deep hole on the floor or wall, collapse in a heap and never wake up or better yet, woke up with a complete new memory or a breakdown– the one only God would be holding at bay, the one I was certain to have in the hours and days and weeks ahead …

Instead, I walked back to his bed and looked deeply into his eyes and willed him to hear or see or feel how my heart was breaking and then, out of nowhere I said one thing.

Nna: I will never give up on you now and I will never give you a divorce!

I turned and walked to the door. Just as I opened it, there before me, stood MamaTau, Reatli and Nyiko. We crossed paths without the usual greetings. It was simple Hallo’s and I went to fetch the kids and told them to go say goodbye to their Dad . When I got there Kevin was finished dressing up and ready to go. Reatli was smiling ear to ear holding Nyiko’s hands. Something inside of me said I should do something. I asked Reatli if I could have a word with her in private. I asked Mamo to take the kids to the car.

Nna: Reatli, right now you might think you won this round. But let me say this. This is far from being over. You might be happy that my marriage is finally ending but you have a thing coming. You pushed me too far this time. And don’t say I didn’t warn you! And don’t blame me for what I will do in retaliation.

Reatli: You messed with the wrong family Obonolo. Don’t blame me for all this. You are the one who filled for divorce. You should be happy that Kevin signed them. Now you can leave your perfect live freely.

Nna: Hhmmmm. Ausi, seeing that you think you got rid of me, listen here, and listen very carefully because I am not going to repeat myself. The divorce papers that you think your brother signed are now destroyed. So, I just want to warn you! Should you and your family push Kevin to file for divorce, ohhh no no, let me rephrase! You are going to make sure that my husband doesn’t file for divorce or else..

Reatli: ( rudely interrupting me).Or else what Obonolo?

Nna: Or else, you are going to also lose your husband, not to divorce though but to prison . I will take all the proof I have of the crimes your husband and his associates committed and got away with to NPA,  and I am so sure they will investigate him. And between you and I, we know those stuff I asked you to look at in the USB stick, will ensure that Kevin and Sheryl get arrested for defeating the ends of justice and as for your husband, he will rot in jail for many years …For two counts of murder, money laundering, fraud and corruption. Don’t test me! Right now I have nothing to lose remember? So I dare you! Go fix what you did!

I looked at Reatli from top to bottom, and back to her face then I turned and walked away! Who has the last laugh now?

Hurting, broken, shattered as I walk to my car, I had to think clearly about the ultimatum I gave Reatli. I asked myself! Was it worth it? Is Kevin worth going through all this troubles and endangering my life for?

Then I decided that I would not cry over Kevin nor fight for him. I have done a lot of hectic stuff trying to save our marriage while he could remember our love and now that he can’t even remember and was being badly influenced, there was nothing more left for me to do.

Besides, who knows when will Kevin’s memory return? Or if we will ever go back to the times we loved each other? Or if we will ever feel the same about each other? Maybe never….
So what was I holding on to? As I got into the car and driving back home, I decided that I would give in to what he wanted, what his family wanted, what  I initially initiated. I’m letting go!

I wanted to be free and at Peace…I wanted to move on with my life, because I deserved way more than I was settling for…. I deserved better. I deserved more.. Happiness isn't a destination, it's a decision. You can choose to be happy no matter your situation. You can change the way you're looking at things and those things will change.

"I wish people could get what they think will make them happy just so they can see that's not what happiness is."Being married or remaining in a loveless marriage will never make you happy... instead it will bring nothing but pain.

When Vows are broken...nothing else matters...

I was broken but I said to myself: God must want me to learn how to live my life without seeking people's approval or validation. I was in pain but I said to myself: If it doesn't kill me then at least it'll make me stronger.
Thats the end of OBONOLO AND KEVIN 's Broken Vows!
Watch out for Season 2 to find out what will Princess  Reatli chose!  Is it the end of Kevin and Obonolo? Even if Reatli chose to stop Kevin, Will Obonolo take Kevin back?

Season 2 – Lies, Secrets and Betrayal
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Monday, May 30


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 185 (Part B)

Dygo 185 cont.
Tuesday finally came. I was looking forward to welcoming the father of my kids home. I made couple of phone calls organising everything that Kevin would need. Everything was going well.
Most of the morning all I did was think about last evening events, the bogus unscheduled meeting with the Gosiames and the Tau’s and cherry on top of the tiramisu cake being Kefiloe’s phone call.
You know sometimes one needs to chose their flights . My mom taught me that much. When Kefiloe and MamaG decided to come back to my house to ask me to give them the DVD and Sheryl’s recording, for some reason I was excited that whatever I said before they left after the meeting, stuck in their minds like I wanted, but, I made it clear that whatever answers or proof or clarification they might need, should be directed to Reatlehile Baloye and her husband. I was not going to go against my principles to settle the score. I chose my battle well.
Yes nothing will please me to see Reatli being paid what is due to her but I have done enough and would not want to be the one responsible for her final downfall. I reminded the Gosiames about my intentions and my goals about the whole saga and fact that I achieved them on my own. I told them that I have gotten my answers and that’s all that mattered to me. I told them that I could not give them the video and that if they wanted answers, they should dig for themselves or ask the people who brought them to my house.
Honestly I didn’t want anything combining me or to do with the Gosiames. They were after all the reasons I was where I was and I would be damned to form any alliances with them. So I told them that I was after all still Mrs. Tau and nor matter how bad things were between me and my in-laws, I would not choose to betray my own family over them. Besides who can trust the Gosiames?
Later that evening I was finalising the welcome back home banners and decorations that the kids and I were making. We were all excited making sure Kevin feels welcomed, the minute he enters the door. I really wanted to make our home as warm, welcoming and pleasant for Kevin. I took out everything that belonged to him and put it within his reach. His favourite books, dvds, CDs etc. Thank God I applied for a day's leave so that I could have enough time in the morning to finalise everything. I planned grocery shopping for everything I knew my husband loved, from snack to dessert. And then going to hospital around ten o’clock to fetch him.
Everything was looking good. As usual, I read my Bible. As I flip through, searching for a scripture, I stumbled upon a beautiful scripture in book of Galatians 6:9. It says: “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”
I thought about it and wondered why did God reveal such words to me. It was more like I was being encouraged to continue on my mission to help Kevin with promise of reaping good. It’s true, everyone has God-given dreams and desires. Who knows, maybe things were meant to be like this for Kevin and I. Maybe, just maybe, this new beginning might remind us of the Love we shared and what we vowed before God. Just maybe Kevin and I could have a second chance in building our marriage....
We all have goals we want to accomplish and situations we are believing will be turned around. Sometimes, it seems to take longer than we originally thought. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we planned, and it’s easy to lose enthusiasm. If we’re not careful, we’ll get discouraged and end up just settling where we are. But God doesn’t want us to settle, He wants to take us higher. Many times, people miss out on God’s best simply because they give up too soon. They don’t realise how close they are to their victory.
I wasn’t about to let any negativity and or discouragement pull me down. I wasn’t going to let the Tau’s make me lose focus on what I wanted to achieve. I wasn’t going to give up just because things seem hard. I’ve invested so much, and you never know, just a few more days of believing, another few weeks of doing the right thing, another few months of staying in faith, and you could see that situation turn around.
I just needed to remember that God is on my side! And to keep standing and keep believing because I was closer than I could think, to fulfilling every desire He’s placed inside of me.
Just as I got inside the sheets, my phone rang. It was the father of my kids. I picked up and greeted him. How I so wished I was able to tell him about my day from hell, the visit from his family and Sheryl’s family. But I knew that with time , all will be revealed so there was no need to stress Kevin about what happened since Friday. My focus right now was getting him back to his normal self and afterwards tell him everything.
Nna: Hallo Papa-bana-baka!
Kev: Hey Obonolo! You good?
Nna: I’ve never been better. Thank you!
Kev: Can you be here, first thing tomorrow morning ?
Nna: Ah Kev, I have plans in the morning, and I was hoping by ten I’ll be there to fetch you. Can you not wait a few hours? Don't worry Lavo, I will not change my mind, we are all looking forward to having you back home.
Kev: Please, can’t you change your plans ? Be here in the morning and then attend to whatever you want to do afterwards?
Nna: Oh no Kev! Did they say they were releasing you earlier than expected? In that case I will have to come there earlier. I know you don’t like waiting.
Kev: Thank you! Oh please bring the twins!
Nna: Hah, I was planning to take them to Creche and surprise them when they come back to find their daddy home.
Kev: Please, just bring them with. I’m begging.
Nna: Okay then. See you tomorrow morning!
Kevin and I said our goodbyes and hang up. I prayed and slept.
Wednesday, marks the beginning of a new journey full with uncertainty ...but by the grace of God, no burden or task is too heavy when you have God as the guider. No matter what lies ahead, I was ready to journey on.
The day the kids and I have been waiting for finally arrived. We prepared ourselves and by seven thirty we were getting into the car and headed to hospital. We were all excited.
We finally reached the hospital.
I took Mamo with us so that she could look after the kids, while I help Kevin out of that place to the car and also sort out his discharge procedures and getting his medications. We went straight to Kevin’s hospital room. He was there, still not changed into his clothes .
Luckily I remembered to bring him some clothes . We greeted him and he let the kids sit on his lap and play with them for few minutes. I asked Mamo to give me the bag that we brought to take out Kevin’s clean clothes and start packing up his other stuff so that we could get going. I then asked Mamo to take the kids outside by the garden while Kevin change. Mamo took the kids and left as instructed.
I took out the clean clothes and handed them over to Kevin. He took them and put them on the side of his bed. He then starred at me for few minutes without saying anything. I asked him to take off the clothes he was wearing and put on the clean ones. He kept starring and remained silent.
I have been married to this man for four years and been in his life close to twelve years if not more. So even with memory loss, I could see he was not okay or happy. His eyes always gave him away and his reluctance to express how he feels. I went closer to him and held his hands.
Nna: Kev, I have known you almost all my adult life and I can see that something is bothering you. I know this is a tough journey for you and for me too, but I want you to know that I made a choice to walk with you through it all. I need to do this for you as my husband and the father of my kids. Don’t think I am doing this only out of pity or I’m being cornered to. So, I want you to dress up and let’s get out of this place and start over our new journey, the rest will unfold as we go along.
Kev: Yaaah neh! I hear you! And I wish I could believe everything you are saying. Because right where I am, I’m battling with everything. I actually don’t know how to address this issue or problem or realisation. Obonolo, last night I was watching our wedding video, checking all the pictures and memories we have created for twelve long years. And I asked myself what happened to you and to me to end up here. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster. As it is I have no recollection of the time we were that happy or unhappy. I relied and still will rely on the people close to me to remind me of the Kevin that is trapped in this body. I was so much looking forward to go home with you and the kids and hoping that you will help me recover. Right now I...
I interrupted him while talking, assuring him that I was also looking forward to take him home and help him recover especially the good times. I asked him that we should focus on him being better and the rest will indeed happen at its own time. He interrupted me as well telling me that he wasn’t finish talking. I said ok! Can’t we finish the conversation later at home? Because right at that moment all I wanted was for us to pack and go.
Yooo! Little did I know what awaited me.
Kevin blatantly told me that he was not going home with me. He said he was going home with his parents. I was confused as to what made him change his mind and why did he mislead me to believe that he wanted to be with me and our kids. I looked at him with confusion and shock, demanding for answers.
Then right in that hospital room. Kevin went on about how he could not trust me with his life especially now when he needed to be around people who would help him remember. He went on about how he asked me the other day to tell him everything and I blatantly lied to him. He went on that I deliberately withheld crucial information about his past for personal reasons. He said he couldn’t believe that after everything else that I told him, I failed to tell him that I was the reason he was injured and lost his memory. He said had I not forced him to go to Bloemfontein that night, he wouldn’t have had the accident. He said that he might not remember why I have become obsessed with Sheryl and the other twins. And now he's convinced that he is connected to the twins and Sheryl more than I was willing to admit.
He said since last night he wondered about a lot of things. Amongst the many questions he asked himself what if before the accident he was in love with Sheryl and not me, if indeed I knew that those kids were his and that I deliberately deceived him and was happy that he could not remember anything before the accident so that I could end up with him. He went on saying that he was feeling guilty about what I told him about him breaking my heart and stuff, yet I was capable of doing such things I did.
I wondered how Kevin knew about the whole other information! But it didn’t need a genius to crack it. The entire talk and reasoning had Reatlehile Baloye written all over. I asked Kevin if Reatli came to visit him between Monday and Wednesday.
He said he would prefer if we don’t discuss his family and focus on me and him. He said there’s a lot that was brought to his attention about me and there was a lot that he figured on his own and he was interested to know about those that affects him. He said he wanted me to understand why he decided not to come back home with me. He said unlike me, he was not going to pretend that he was not hurting. He said he just can’t believe I was capable of so many dangerous tactics. He said he didn’t believe that he was willing to go with everything that I told him and try to make things right while his family were advising him not to. He said he believed that going home with me would speed up his recovery and trigger his memories, but it doesn’t look like the best idea anymore.
I asked him what changed between now and two days ago.
Turned out that Kevin knew everything that I didn’t tell him. He knew about the Sunday meeting, paternity test, Sheryl’s disappearance and apparently it seemed like he believed everything that he was told. He went and told me that he was not comfortable going to stay with me especially knowing that I was capable of keeping secrets and forcing things my way. He said, he couldn’t trust me enough to help him recover.
Yooo. When it rains it pours. I couldn’t believe that Reatli and MamaTau could be so cruel to me. On Sunday I told them that I have not told Kevin about some bad stuff especially the paternity in question. I told them that I was waiting for him to recover fully then tell him everything.
Unfortunately, in Kevin’s eyes, I was a liar, manipulator , insensitive, selfish and angry bitter person. I also learned that the Tau’s painted me very bad and told Kevin how I initially thought my younger brother was the father of the Gosiame twins and that since the last meeting we found out that Olefile was not the father, I was pinning it on Nyiko by faking the results. Kevin further asked me how I conducted the tests. Immediately after telling him what I did, he asked me if I blamed him for not trusting me . I tried explaining why I didn’t tell him other stuff and how I was waiting for the right time to tell him everything .
Kevin looked at me and asked me something I never thought of.
Kevin: OH! You didn’t tell me everything because you were protecting me ? Yet you were deceiving me?
Nna: I never meant to hurt you. I did everything for you. I was going to tell you when you recover and let you know the truth.
Kevin: OH really Bobo? Protecting me? Are you serious? Like when were you planning to tell me that you have filled for divorce?
Oh no! Kevin knows about the divorce? Thank you Reatli and MamaTau....
What do I do now? What do I say?
PS: If I get 150 Likes and 100 comments, I will spoil you with Dygo Season Finale. If the above is not reached, then I will see you end of June for Season 2.
Thank you for the Love...thank you for the support. You are all too special to me. I will miss you sorely. See you in season 2
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Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 185 (Part A)

Dygo 185
My Monday went pretty well. I even squeezed time to go see Kevin at hospital during lunch. I had an appointment with his doctor to discuss his discharge and what I will need. We agreed that I will be back on Wednesday to fetch him. So we were not going to see each other on Tuesday.
I got back to work, put up a full day's leave for Wednesday. Since I didn’t have lots to do at the office I rushed back home for my afternoon appointment with the company that installs Stairlifts. By 16:00 the guys were already started with installation. It was not as complicated and difficult as I thought it would be. At exactly five thirty the Stairlift was installed, tested as ready for use. I paid the guys and they left.
I told the kids that daddy was coming home on Wednesday. Shame my kokoberries were just excited. Jumping up and down to the news. We went upstairs to playroom for some bonding time before supper . While I was having fun with my kids, Mamo came rushing upstairs to tell me that I had visitors.
Visitors? This time of the night? I wasn’t expecting any visitors. I wondered who could it be. Just as I was scratching my head, Mamo said it was my in-laws! I was shocked and surprised. Million questions went through my mind. Did they get the stuff verified? Were they here to ask ( no beg) for my forgiveness? Couldn’t they have called and tell me over the phone that I was right? Or apologize or just leave me the hell alone?Truth was, I did not want their apologies or anything, I meant what I said on Sunday, i was done with all the saga. I was moving on with my life.
Just as I snap out of my million dollar quiz, Mamo was gone. So I didn’t get to ask her who exactly was in my house from head office. I left the playroom and rushed to my bedroom to wear something makoti -appropriate...You know how we roll. Obviously thinking papazala was one of the uninvited guests.
I quickly dialled my big sister Tsitsi, telling her that the Lions just rocked up and I was about to find out to what do I owe this honour. Aus Tsitsi wondered why they just rocked up without letting me know before hand. She jokingly said I should record the meeting and also put her on speed dial in case Reatli or the entire ( felidae) pride goes gaga’ roaring on me. We laughed and hung up. I threw my phone on my bed and I headed downstairs.
As I enter my lounge I was met by a group of feminine species settled nicely on my sofas.
Well, Well, Well , What Do We Have Here ?
Sitting comfortably was my mother in law, Reatli, Fifi ( Sheryl’s sister in law) and some elderly woman.
Let’s just say, the look on both women told me that this was not just a social visit, but blood sucking one...I greeted them and took a seat next to my mother in law. She just greeted me back and spoke.
MamaTau: Mama wa mafatlha, I don’t know if you know or have met this two women before. In any case, on your right hand side is Kefiloe, mmamalome wa Oduetse and Ontiretse and on your left hand side it’s MamaG, nkhono wa bona.
Oh okay! Finally I meet the famous MamaG, the woman who gave birth and raised the Gosiame trash.
Interesting, but then, what do they want in my home?
Because I was raised well, I stood up, and gave MamaG a handshake and introduced myself officially. I then extended my hand to Fifi and she just gave me a ‘don’t you dare dirty look', I got the message loud and clear, I pulled back my hand and took my seat.
MamaTau: Koti, forgive us for just rocking up in your home un-announced. We thought we should come as soon as possible and get this over and done with. I’m afraid we are not here to socialise. In fact, after our meeting on Sunday, we decided to verify your story and that’s why this two women are here with us!
What? What does Sunday meeting got to do with the Gosiame’s? Well it’s got to do with one of them in particular but she wasn’t here, why Fifi and MamaG? I kept quiet, and let my mom in-law continue.
Yaaah some people have a nerve I must say.
MamaTau went on and on about how daddyt asked them to look into every little detail I mentioned with regards to Sheryl’ s confession and the test results and get them verified . So they thought they needed to go to Gosiame's to get to the bottom of my allegations. So upon arriving at Sheryl’s brother’s place, they bumped into Sheryl’s mom and sister in law who were devastated by Sheryl’s sudden disappearance. So the Gosiames needed answers as to what really drove her to run away from home. So that was the reason why they( the Tau’s) thought it was proper and fair that I would answer to them as it appears that I was the last person to have been with Sheryl.
Ooh shame I felt my adrenaline pumping, I had a good mind to chase all of them out of my house because I could hear that they indeed came to piss me off and disrespect me in my own home. But, I thought, let me entertain them. I cleared my throat and addressed my mother in law .
Nna: Mama, with all due respect, I think you wasted the Gosiames time. I don’t have answers for them and I might have been the last to see Sheryl but that doesn’t mean I would know her reasons for running away. So I honestly think you came to the wrong place.
Reatli: Obonolo, you gave us paternity results, and asked me to verify them. You claimed that you got the twins samples and that of Kevin’s to get to prove that they are not Tau's. Turned out that you lied. The reason the Gosiames are here is that they denied seeing you at their place on the Friday you claimed you got the twins samples. So that revelation made us all to question the authenticity of this test results and raised questions as to what you did or said to force Sheryl to say everything that she said on that recording. And that also made us believe that you must have threatened her and made her disappears. So they need answers as to what you threatened her with that made her just to pack up in her condition and took the six months old kids and ran away without saying Goodbye!
Nna: Whoa! Brigga net daar! Are you people for real? Did you just come all the way from Gallo Manor to ask me such bull$h!t? ( Excuse my french Baholo). If honestly that is the case, I’m afraid I m going to ask you to leave my house. You clearly came to the wrong place and expecting answers from the wrong person! All I am going to say to you before you leave is this... I am not Sheryl’s keeper. I don’t know her reasons or state of mind and frankly I could not care less about her. So unfortunately I can’t help you! You can all go now.
Reatli: It’s very funny that you were able to get hold of her and the twins to complete your mission then suddenly she decide to run away but we can’t get hold of her to verify your allegations! Don’t you find this rather strange? Cause we all do!
Fifi: Noli, if I may ask! Reatli told us that you got the twins’ DNA samples to undergo testing, I’m interested to know when did you get them and how?
Nna: How else can I get the samples?
Reatli: Yes, how did you get them?
Nna : Not that it’s any of your business but I am gonna answer this one question and then I will ask you to get out of my house. Seemingly I feel like I am in court, being questioned for murder or something. And I do not owe any of you any explanation. You just wasting my time and unfortunately you wasted yours too. To answer your question Kefiloe, I went to your place on Friday evening and took the swaps of the twins’ DNA and left. Are you happy now?
Instead of Fifi answering my question that I asked about her being happy that I answered her question, she looked at MamaG and they both laughed. Reatli and MamaTau joined in . Talk about disrespect! I was shocked by the whole laughing especially when I did not get what the joke was. I stood up and asked them to either share the joke or get the hell out of my house. I was now getting really annoyed by the foursome . I stood by the door and bang it with my fist, telling them to get up and leave. Reatli got up first, walking towards me, clapping her hands and smiling ear to ear. I let go of the door, moving out of her way to walk out without touching me. Instead he stopped in front of me.
Reatli: my my my Obonolo Kimberley Dire Tau! How about a round of applause for you? You really deserve an Oscar for outstanding performance and creativity. I knew it! To think that I almost believed all this rubbish you presented to us on Sunday? Yoo I am so glad I didn’t . For a moment on Sunday I looked at the test results and believed that I was perhaps wrong about Kevin being the father. Thanks to my mom who encouraged me to check with the Gosiames about what you said you did.
I looked at her, shaking my head wondering what she was on about. I wanted to ask her what she was talking about but instead MamaTau called my name and asked us to sit down. I went back to where I was seated and so as Reatli. MamaTau reached for her hand bag and took out an envelope. She asked me if I remembered the envelope. I nodded in agreement. She went on and said she and Reatli decided to verify how true and legit the results were, hence they went to the Gosiames for some questions raised. And they found out that the Gosiames had never saw me on the Friday that I claimed that I went to their place to collect or take the kids’ samples.
She went on saying MamaG was with the twins the entire day and she would have recognised seeing me that night, of which she didn’t. So that brought them to conclude that I have used fake samples and Kevin’s samples to carry out the tests hence the results are positive for me and negative for Sheryl’s kids. So in conclusion, they are still positive that Kevin is indeed the father of those twins.And whatever evidence I presented is now null and void!
I stood up in rage. I asked my mom in law what was she on about? I asked her to explain what she was insinuating by her statement . I went on telling them what happened on Friday day, how Sheryl asked me not to go inside the house as she didn’t want his brother questioning my presence in his house and taking samples on the twins and how she went in the house alone, fetched the twins and came back with them. I told them that I personally took the twins samples myself in front of their mom and left. I told them that it’s true MamaG didn’t see me because I never went inside the house.
Fifi interrupted me and agreeing with my mother in law by saying that my statement and all the proof I presented was wrong. She mentioned that she was home with MamaG the entire day and doesn’t remember Sheryl taking the twins out of the house on Friday. She further said that the security at their complex was tight, and they checked the log register for Friday visitors and there was no record of my entrance, so I must tell them and prove how I got into their complex, took the samples and left! If they have no record or proof? The only person who could prove anything I was saying has vanished and suddenly I have proof? Sheryl's confession and tests results?
Yooo! Yaah desperation can work wonders on some people. Here I was being interrogated about providing proof of how I got the twins samples to conduct DNA testing. I have no time to be proving anything to them. Not especially about the DNA tests. I knew the truth and I got my proof. If they wanted to get their own proof why did they come to me? I was gatvol and really pissed off.
Nna: Bomme! Ka nnete, this is now getting exhausting. I am not gonna sit here and prove anything to you. Firstly, right now where I am, I would love if you had brought Sheryl here with you because she is the master key to this lock. It’s her who can clear everyone’s mind. She is the one on the video clip, she’s the one who got pregnant, she is the one who lied about the father of her kids, she’s the one who willingly said everything on that recording and also took me to get samples from her kids and afterwards decided on her own or perhaps under threats to disappear. I have no answers for you. I have my own proof that Kevin is not the father. MamaTau and Reatli, you are chasing a wrong wind. Your focus should not be on proving whether the test results are fake or real. You saw the video clip and you know what you need to do. I don’t understand why you are even worried about Kevin being the father or not. You should be proving that the other potential father is ruled out.
MamaG and Kefiloe, it’s clear to me that you do not know Sheryl and what she is capable of and you unfortunately seeking answers from the wrong person. The very same people who brought you here, have mislead you. I really don’t have the answers you need, Reatli does. I suggest you leave me out of this thing of yours and focus on finding Sheryl and the twins and ask her to tell you the truth. I found my own truth my own way, and I’m at peace. Its up to you to do the same.
I looked at MamaTau and Reatli and asked them if they showed the Gosiames the video clip that I left them with, the Original? Reatli’s face changed! She just told her mom and the Gosiames that they should go because they wasted their time coming here. I immediately realised what she was doing. I stopped her and asked the Gosiames if their partners in truth finding had shown them the video clip and let them listen to the recorded confession! The Gosiames looked lost and confused.
Turned out that they didn’t even know about any video and audio. Fifi said that they saw the test results and Sheryl’s voicemail and sms she sent Reatli about running away.
It was evident what princess Reatli and her mom were trying to do. But guess what? I was not going to let them get away with it. I told Reatli that I hope she wouldn't mind if I bring my copy of the original video clip and put it on for the Gosiames to see for themselves what their Sheryl did? Yooo MamaTau stood up and instructed the Gosiames to also get up so that they could all leave.
Just as the Gosiames stood up, I looked at Fifi and MamaG and said something that I sure knew would give the Gosiames something to think about.
Nna: MamaG, just before you go, I’m sorry that I have no answers for you and your family about Sheryl and the twins' whereabouts. I truly hope you find them. Like I mentioned before, I had nothing to do with her disappearance, In fact right now, I wish she was here to clarify all this. I really wanted you to see the video clip and listened to the confession she made. I’m sure those might give you a clue about why she might have ran away. Since my beloved in-laws are suddenly rushing you to leave, I suggest you ask them to show you the clip and let you listen to Sheryl's confession,then you can take it from there. If for some reason they don’t show you the clip, I would recommend that you do what we call Siblings DNA testing between Dintle's son and Sheryl’s twins...
I am sure you will find the answers that you are looking for. And if you are not clear about the results, speak to Reatlehile Baloye’s husband. I believe between the late Dintle, Sheryl and my husband who is now suffering from amnesia , Mr Baloye might be happy to fill you in about the night that your grand twins were conceived. Now, if you will excuse me. My family needs me. Thanks for stopping by to meet Kevin’s wife and the only mother to his kids!
MamaG was shocked by what I just said, Fifi on the other hand seemed like she was getting the picture and although she looked shocked, I was happy that : they did hear what I said and the seed was planted in them! Seed of doubt and curiosity.
I left them frozen in place in front of my lounge entrance and went to stand up by the front door and waved my uninvited guests goodbye.. Another mission accomplished.
MamaTau and Reatli were already in their car, ready to leave.
The million dollar question was, will the Gosiames pursue my last suggestions! Or are they going to ignore what I planted in their minds and still look at me as the enemy? The one with answers?
Either way, I could not care less. The two families had so much on their plates. I was free and at peace with myself. I had no chains binding me. I was content. I closed the gate, locked the doors and went upstairs. My kids were fast asleep.
Thanks to those witches, I didn’t even have a chance to say goodnight to my kids. I went back downstairs ,warmed my food and ate. I told myself that all my prayers have been answered. Victory was mine. I finished eating and headed upstairs. I checked my phone, I had more than five missed calls from my mom, Aus Tsitsi and Abuti Omphile. I returned all of them. Aus Tsitsi phoned Mama and Omphile about the Tau rocking up, so they were checking up on me and whether I was ok. I assured both of them that I was more than ok and didn’t want to dwell on the details of the visit. One thing I told them was that my relationship with my kids’ paternal family might be over, for good.
Mama comforted me by reciting words of encouragement from John 16:33 when God said: “I have told you all these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulations. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
Indeed, my sorrow had turned into joy and my heart was rejoicing. Great is thy faithfulness.
As I lay my head to sleep, I got a call...It was Kefiloe... Sheryl’s sister in law. I picked up the phone..
Kefiloe: Hi Noli, MamaG and I thought about what you said earlier!, Do you mind giving us the video clip and Sego's recording? We just need to know what you were talking about! We are outside your gate!
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Wednesday, May 25


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 184 (Part B)

Dygo 184 cont.
I turned and faced Reatli and looked her right into her eyes.
I asked Reatli her to confirm in front of our parents that I do have the “sex tape” like hers. And she was too quick to confirm she had known all along that I have the tape and probably watched it. She said that is why she didn’t understand why I was denying the facts if I saw it . I clarified one thing, the fact that I only watched the video recently, Friday afternoon to be precise and further I told her that I found it rather weird or surprising that we have same sex tapes yet hers wasn’t exactly the same as the one that I have.
She asked me what I meant because as far as she knew Nyiko gave Kevin same copy the day when Kevin paid Sheryl for the original, so according to her, I must have same copy. I told her that she was right, Kevin did pay for the original, so, She and Nyiko had the first copy that the sisters were using for manipulation. So yes Nyiko had a copy and Kevin got the original.
Reatli went all dumb saying there’s no difference as a copy comes from an original, so the contents are still the same. Kevin slept with Sheryl and they made twins and everyone saw it on the clip including me.
I went all technical on her explaining the difference between original and copy. I saw that she was not getting it. I told her that, since she was so convinced that seeing faceless man's body on top of a woman proved that whoever the man on the clip is the father of the twins! Then, I’m sure she will be happy to see the original clip showing faces and everything that happened that night. Then, I will be happy to hear her still say, it is obvious that the man on the clip having sex with Sheryl is indeed and beyond reasonable doubt the father of Sheryl’s twins.
She nodded happily saying the man on the video was her brother and said we both saw that. She demanded that I put the original. I reached for my handbag, and made sure I take out the right copy. I handed her the edited copy and put in the original. As we were halfway through, both the Tau were shocked and saddened by what was playing before their eyes.
Ten minutes later, Reatli was all claws on me crying and screaming and scratching the hell out of me. She called me every derogative name you can think of. Accusing me of tampering with the clips and trying to destroy her like Sheryl told her. Daddyt pulled her off and warned her to behave.
As she calms herself down, she asked me why I wanted to destroy her marriage? Why I could do that to her. She went on saying I must have paid my people to tamper with the clip. She said if I had that clip all this time, why was I only showing it now. She said there was no way I could have kept quiet about it. So it was clear that I edited the original to destroy her.
Everyone was looking at me! Saying nothing. I asked them to come to the lounge so that I could tell them something. As we all sat down, I told them what happened on Friday after seeing Sheryl, Kevin and the twins together. How I went home devastated and went to Kevin’s study searching for anything that could perhaps trigger his memory and how I accidentally bumped into the USB flash disk. I told them that it was the first time I brought myself to watch the clip since Kevin and Nyiko confessed. I further told them that after the shock of watching the video I called and met up with Sheryl who confirmed the truth. I then went on and took out the recorded voice note and played it.
Reatli was so torn apart, sobbing uncontrollably. MamaTau was comforting her as Sheryl’s confession played. At the end of the voice note Reatli stood up, took the USB stick and the voice recorder and throw them at me and gave me a hot clap and said I was a fraudster who will go to any length to get what I wanted. I returned the favour and gave her a hot one. Suddenly there was catfight. Daddyt stood up and pulled her from me, while Aus Nthabì pulled me.
Reatli wiped off her face and then addressed her family and told them that they can’t believe anything I presented because she knows for a fact that I paid people to cook up everything to pin it on Nyiko and Sheryl. She said It was clear I wanted to hurt her where it hurts by implicating her husband and the woman her brother wanted to be with.
Yooo! The nerve of that woman. I looked at MamaTau ,then daddyt and Aus Nthabì, they were so cold. I did not know what to make out of their facial expressions. They seemed frozen in their seats. As I looked towards daddyt he shook his head and stood up. He then called MamaTau and Nthabeleng aside, leaving Reatli and I in the lounge.
We sat there in silence. I was curious about the trio meeting happening on the other side of the room. I was wondering what was going to happen. While waiting, a call came through my phone. It was Aus Tsitsi. Since we were waiting I decided to take it. I stood up and went outside. She was just asking how the meeting was going. I told her that I will tell her everything when I get home. I told her that I got to go and will see her very soon.
When I get back inside, the trio was back to the lounge.
As I sat down daddyt spoke.
Daddyt: Makoti we had a little chat, with your mom and sister. Yes we watched both videos and listened to both you and Reatlehile's arguments and having said that, we decided that we can’t believe what you presented. Surely we know from the beginning of this problem that you wanted to disregard Kevin as the father and all of a sudden you have this videos proving otherwise.
I am sorry Koti, empa we have our own doubts about the authenticity of what you presented. We will need time to have it checked and get back to you. Also, you and Reatli are the only ones who knows that young woman and for the fact that you met up with her and suddenly she confirmed and confessed and disappeared, raised some eyebrows especially because she claim that you wanted to destroy her, Reatlehile and her husband. Unfortunately things are pointing at you as the one with agenda and motives. Surely you can understand how difficult is it for us to believe you’re version of events and the proof presented.
What? Did my father in-law think and believe Reatli’s performance over the facts? How do I edit an original copy by adding Nyiko’s face and body in-between ? Why would I go to such length to implicate Nyiko if indeed Kevin was the only one on that video? Reatli was just in denial. But I was at peace knowing a seed of doubt was planted in all the people in that room. They might not believe me, its okay, but deep inside the images they saw on those videos and Sheryl’s confession will be stuck in their minds. I reached for my handbag and looked at daddyt then MamaTau then Aus Nthabì.
I nodded, tears threatening to flood out of my eyes, but I held them back. I didn't want those people see me shedding tears of defeat. Besides, I was not defeated by a long shot, I did what I had to do and I was content. I turned towards princess Reatlehile.
Nna: "I am Not the one destroying you Reatlehile, Sheryl did. She confessed everything to me on her own free will. I have no reason to want to destroy you. I have nothing to gain. All I wanted was the truth. By the way, on Friday after the confession Sheryl agreed to give me proof of her confession. She took me to her brother’s place and I took swaps from the twins and went to hospital and took Kevin’s and have them analysed and tested. I am happy to prove that Kevin like my brother Olefile, is not Sheryl’s baby daddy .
Madam, according to you and your parents, you are so convinced and believed that Kevin slept with that trash while it is in fact your husband on that Original clip. Now, It’s up to you to verify, or prove or deny it all you want. I am done with all this. Whether your parents think I am that vindictive to destroy your marriage or I am capable of fabricating this, it’s also up to you. After all the Tau’s look after their own, AND today proved just that. I am going to leave everything in your capable hands. Do something or don’t do anything, I don’t toss a cent. Go back and play happy family with that cruel and heartless husband of yours , still it’s your problem. At least I gave you something to work on since you were so busy trying to play match maker ya Kevin le Sheryl.
I am done with all of you. I will happily move on with my life especially knowing the truth. You on the other side,will live with a question mark hanging over you. I just want all of you to know that as soon as Kevin is well and good, he will know the truth. The ball is in your family’s court to verify or destroy or do whatever will please you.
My conscious is clear and I now know the truth. Like I said, I had nothing to gain from all this. In fact I feel sorry for You Reatli because one thing for sure the truth will come out and you and your family will realise my intentions but it will be too late. I’m not the enemy here. Anyway, my work here is done and it’s up to all of you here, Where do you go from here. As for me, this is the beginning of are chapter of my life."
I then reached inside my handbag and took out the two sealed envelopes in different colours. I stood up and handed them to Reatlehile. I told her that those are the paternity results. For Kevin and Olefile . I then walked towards where daddyt was seated. I handed him the USB flash disk and Sheryl’s recorded confession. I told him that he can get a forensic investigator to verify the authenticity of the stuff or better yet He could call Sheryl and Nyiko to confirm the authenticity of the details shown on the video and recording and the paternity results, I could not care. I then walked just close to Reatli and said :
Nna: If you think I want to destroy you’re marriage, go through the file on the USB flash disk and ask yourself whether the marriage you claim I want to destroy will last for how long if I have to take that information to the police. But because I am not as cruel and heartless as your husband, I will not do anything to hurt you, well for now.
I walked out of that door without saying Goodbye!! In my heart I thought, I will never set foot in this house for as long as I will still hurt. I got in the car and drove to the cemetery to visit my little boy's grave and left Sebokeng.
I was planning to pass by Kevin’s after the meeting, but I was too devastated. I got to Greenstone and told ausi Tsitsi everything that happened. She told me that she wasn’t surprised that the Tau would turn against me. She said she expected worse from MamaTau and Reatli, but Daddyt and Nthabeleng ‘s reaction shocked her. We went to the mall to get something to eat as I was starving. After mid-afternoon snack, I prepared the kids and we went home.
My drive home was filled with planning and thinking about my future. In my heart and my soul, I had so much peace. I was glad the Sheryl -Paternity saga was over. My focus was on getting the father of my kids well. I then thought of checking any physiotherapist around our area. I finally got home. All I needed was time alone. I asked Mamo and DK to clear up one of the outside rooms that Kevin was using as gym and prepare it so that I could convert it to a bedroom. I headed upstairs. While browsing the internet trying to find out how to convert a place into wheelchair accessible place, I bumped into a very interesting website.
Apparently there was no need to let Kevin sleep in the outside rooms. In fact, Kevin could stay in the house with us and even sleep upstairs. This company specialised in such innovative solutions without major adjustments nor structural changes to our home. Since it was Sunday, I decided to call the company the next day to come and install the Stairlift right away.
For some awkward reasons I was just excited about how things were turning up for me. I was busy preparing for my future, and funny enough Kevin was part of that future, well even though it was not a permanent picture perfect, I felt I had an obligation towards Kevin and I was just looking forward to having him home. My concern was his family. After what happened today, I doubted that they will be visiting us anytime soon. I was not bothered. They proved beyond any doubt that I wasn’t one of them anymore.
Such is life.
It is true that along one's lifetime, there will be a natural process of elimination that occurs on your journey. You have to pay attention to what's happening in your life and don't try to interrupt the process.
People will show up and show their true colours and you have to respond accordingly. You may have to cut off some people whom you've considered friends. You may have to cut off some family members. Anyone who is toxic and refuses to grow and change must be left behind until they are ready to catch up.
There will always be separation before elevation. I was at that point where I was ready for it and let the natural occur. Whoever wants to grow with me will indeed have to catch up.
I called Mamo and told her that they should leave the gym as is, we won’t be needing it. She laughed and said they were not even started with it as yet. She left the room excited about not having to slaver anymore.
I took an hour nap. When I woke up it was six forty five. I went to check the twins. Mamo was preparing them for bath time while DK was still letting them finish their supper. I also decided to take a long bath, have my supper and have an early night. I remembered that I had an early meeting. I went back to my room and run my bubble bath. After bathing I decided to tug the kids in before I went downstairs to eat. The kids were very hyper active, they told me that Mamane Diki ( as they call DK), gave them ice cream. I was not impressed with DK because the twins did not want to sleep but play. Finally at eight o'clock sharp they were dead asleep. I switched off the lights and headed downstairs.
I had my supper and afterwards I had a brief meeting with Mamo and DK. I was letting them know that ntate Tau will be coming home so they needed to be prepared. I also told them, for the first time about his condition. They were also excited that big boss was well and on his way to recovery. They went to their rooms and I went upstairs to retire for the night. Before I slept I phoned Kevin and told him the good news about the Stairlift. He was also excited and even confirmed that he was coming home on Wednesday. We said our goodbyes
For the first time in months, I went to sleep with so much peace in my heart.
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Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 184 (Part A)

Dygo 184
I slept over Aus Tsitsi's place. We spoke about how to approach the Tau, and also to make decision about Kevin’s request. Aus Tsitsi convinced me to let Kevin back home. She had quite valid points. She said If I so badly wanted him to remember the past so that we could finalize the divorce, what better and quicker way it might happen right under our roof. The place where so much happened. The familiar place that might trigger all that he seemed to have forgotten. I ended up agreeing that it was worth the shot.
Sunday finally arrived, I prepared myself for the meeting. I spoke to both parties and we agreed to meet in Sebokeng at 12:00. I phoned my family, mom, Olefile and Abuti Omphile, telling them what I was about to do. Olefile was shocked by the revelation about Nyiko and Sheryl. Abuti Omphile said I must be careful and suggested that I pass by his place to take a copy of Olefile’s results just in case . Mama was not impressed at all.
As soon as I told her my intentions, she was against it and told me that as long as I knew the truth, there was no point to go rub it off on their faces. She said I should give them the tests results and let it go. She said I should not get myself into such messy and dangerous position and end up suffering the consequences of my decision. She also said, if indeed Nyiko was that dangerous, he won’t let this whole revelation lying down. She said He might try to hurt me or my family for letting out his secret.
I must say Mama had a point. She’s right about what she said about what I perceived as answered prayer
She said often time when some breakthrough happen, it's not what we thought it would be. Sometimes we want something so bad that we obsess over it. We hope, pray, wish, and sometimes beg for it. There's a lesson I learned about what she said : It's that not everything you pray for is for you. Sometimes we want something so bad that God will allow us to get it, only to show us that what we were asking for is actually beneath the level He has for us. He'll let you go through it and show you in the process that it's only a stepping-stone for greater things. My mom said more often as people we tend to sell ourselves short. We're praying for a seat at the table when He's intended for us to own the table.
She said God won’t reveal the truth to me and want me to use it to destroy lives.
Mama’s last words to me were: “Obonolo ngwanaka, Pray that His will is done in your life and not your will. A lot of times we can't see what God has for us because we can't see as far as He can. Be open for greater. Be ready for bigger blessings than your mind can conceive. Trust the process; don't rush the process. Please let go and let God”
You all know how my mom is! When you are raised by such a strong and god-fearing woman, sometimes it can be good or bad. Depending on your mission. For me at that time I felt it was bad advise because my mission was to hurt and enjoy someone's pain!
I borrowed Aus Tsitsi’s car and went past the hospital. I was there to tell Kevin that I thought about our chat and that He could come back home as soon as he is discharged. He was so happy that I agreed and thanked me. I didn’t tell him about the family meeting I was heading to. We said our goodbyes and left. I drove to the my brother’s place, took the copy of Olefile’s paternity results and left.
As I drove to thee family meeting, I thought hard about how I was going to approach this and also mama's advise. In as much as I would like to enjoy the moment, and see the look on both my sister and my mother in law's face s, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. I was really battling with myself. A part of me was up for blood, another one was too tired to fight. This paternity-Sheryl saga had drained me from day one I found out about the pregnancy. All through the time all I ever wanted was to prove how trashy Sheryl was and the fact that those kids were not Kevin’s . Now, I have achieved that, unfortunately on my quest to find the truth I paid the heavy price. My marriage was over, my relationship with my in-laws was so broken and I was just battered and torn apart.
My fear was, what started as truth finding and proving my in-laws wrong, had now turned into a vindictive, victory seeking and very dangerous and more complicated saga. If I pursue it to get victory, I might regret my part in causing more damage. Yes, revenge taste sweet, but was it important for me? Will seeing the pain that the truth will do to both families and everyone involved make me happy? Will seeing the disappointment and pain on both Reatli and MamaTau’s faces make me happy? Of course, but only for that moment. What’s going to happen afterwards? I might not be able to live with myself knowing I was the reason for her marriage breakdown and causing a rift between the Baloye and DiTau. Especially when they realize what Nyiko had done to Kevin and I. My mom was right. The important thing was that God answered my prayer by revealing the truth and I have prove that I so needed. The rest was not for me to prove.
But still, for some reason I wanted Reatli to feel the pain I felt....Not a godly way of handling things, “ I know”, but after how she treated me, all I wanted was to see her suffer and get a taste of her own medicine. God will forgive later.
Obonolo Dire, are you for real? What have you become? This is not who you are and surely this is not what you want to be. Don’t fight fire with fire. Roman12:19 kept playing over and over in my mind. That’s when I decided, I will get to that meeting, tell the Tau how they hurt me, and also tell them my plans going forward and only hand them over the envelope with tests results and leave. They will figure out what to do with them. I decided that I won’t get into the dirty part of the revelation about Nyiko. I believe nothing stays hidden forever. One thing for sure, once Kevin regains his memory, I will have to tell him what kind of a monster Nyiko was.
I made up my mind that I won’t be presenting the other evidence to the family anymore, unless, and I mean unless I am truly forced to. So Reatli better behave herself and not push me. She better hold her high horses and not step on my toes or mention anything to do with Sheryl. Cause God will really have to forgive me for whatever I would do, or say, should I be pissed.
I arrived in Sebokeng exactly at eleven thirty. Reatli and Aus Nthabeleng were already there. I greeted everyone and we went to sit in the lounge. Daddyt went first and asked me why did I want to see them and what did I want to talk about.
I started by telling them about my plans for the future I told them that as per our last meeting, I wanted out of my marriage with Kevin. I told them that nothing has changed, and that I decided to put the divorce aside and ensure that Kevin gets better and was also able to remember the past for me to fairly divorce him. I then told them that the reason I was there was to let them know how hurt I was by all of them. I told them that I felt let down by them when I needed their support. I also mentioned Reatli’s actions. I told the family about Reatli taking Sheryl and her kids to visit Kevin behind my back, against my wishes and without my permission and also telling him about the accident.
She initially wanted to deny but I told her and everyone that I saw them with my own two eyes and that later that day Kevin confirmed it and asked me to tell him the truth. I further told them that I had no choice but to continue and finish off what Reatli had started by telling Kevin the truth about the accident and everything else that happened before.
Daddyt was not impressed with what Reatli did. MamaTau as usual justified her mini witch's actions and Aus Nthabeleng also thought her little sister was out of order. Daddyt calmed all of us down from bickering and bitching around, and pointing fingers at each other. He asked Reatli to apologize to me for her actions and she refused. She went on and on about how I have filled for divorce and how that had taken away my rights to Kevin. Daddyt kept reprimanding her and telling her that for as long as the divorce has not been finalized, I was still Kevin’s wife and next of kin. And can make any decisions I wanted.
After daddyt’s wise words, I told them about Kevin’s request and my decision to have him back home. MamaTau was not impressed at all. She said she would not trust me with her son especially in his condition. She kept asking daddyt to refuse me to take her son home , and suggested that I won’t be able to give him attention blah blah. I told them that I made up my mind and it was final, Kevin was going home with me as soon as He is discharged. I told them that I will get him all the help he would need, so he could get better .
Then, as expected, Reatli brought up Sheryl's name again. She told the parents that I only agreed to take Kevin home to make sure that I keep him away from his twins and Sheryl. She told the parents that I was either threatened by Sheryl’s visit or was up to something. Why else did l insist on looking after Kevin whereas I have made it clear I will carry on with the divorce? She said, nor wonder I did something to eliminate or get rid of my threat Sheryl. And she wondered what I did this time.
Her mom entertained her by asking what she meant by all that threats and getting rid of Sheryl. Like a broken record she went on about how Sheryl was so traumatized and devastated after our meeting and how she told her to be careful of me and how I told Sheryl that I would destroy Reatli’s marriage, Kevin, the twins and herself, hence she decided to run far away from me to protect her life and the twins. Reatli said she had Sheryl’s voicemail and sms to prove that indeed , I did something to threaten dearest Sheryl .
I kept quiet , praying silently to God to keep me calm and humble while she continued talking crap about me and why she didn’t think it was a good idea to be allowed to stay with Kevin blah bloody blah. For a moment I saw everyone believing her and entertaining her conspiracy theories. MamaTau made it clear that indeed she thinks I have motives and intentions to hurt Kevin and also to separate him with his other twins. Why was I suddenly interested in his well-being, if I was not planning to be his wife anymore. Daddyt kept nodding in agreement with what his daughter and wife were raising. I realized that it was no point to contain myself.
With the strength and courage so strong I stood up and raised my hand. I asked Reatli to shut her mouth up. I told her that she had said enough and now it was my turn to talk. I told her how I was not threatened by Sheryl nor anyone who wants to be with Kevin. I told all of them that I might be planning to divorce Kevin but right now I won’t give anyone the satisfaction of punishing him while he was at this lowest point. I went on telling them how they are going to have to deal with the fact that Kevin chose to go to Dainfern instead of here.
I looked at Reatli and asked her to provide us with proof that I wanted to get rid of Sheryl and her twins. I further asked her that since she is so sure that those kids are Kevin’s, I need proper proof as well. I asked her that since she met the twins, did she make sure that they have the Tau mark? I told her and everyone that until anyone could prove beyond reasonable doubt that the twins are Kevin’s, I will accept them and even give them access to everything Kevin’s kids should have and if there was no such proof , no one should ever mention Sheryl and her twins to me or Kevin until such time that there is proof.
Dearest Reatli mentioned that she had proof , and so was I.
At first I was wondering what she was talking about when she said I had proof. I asked her what she meant that I have proof. She then said I must have seen the sex tape proving exactly what happened that night and how that was proof enough for her to believe that Sheryl was made pregnant by his brother, undoubtedly.
Daddyt was shocked and shaking his head. He asked what Reatli was talking about. Which sex tape was she talking about? Daddyt asked where that sex tape was and if it would prove Reatli’s allegations . I looked at Reatli with disbelief. Just when I decided not to reveal those and suddenly she brings them up? And how did she even know that I had them? Yooo! Did Sheryl tell her and Nyiko about the DVD? But then she would not have brought that up if she knew that the sex tape was edited and I had the original. But why does she think that ? I was curious but panicking as well. But unfortunately, she asked for it...
Just as Reatli was about to answer I disturbed her.
I told daddy, that Reatli is referring to some recorded video that Sheryl’s late sister Dintle( the one who has a child with Nyiko) recorded in order to threaten and manipulate Kevin with. I also said I don’t think we should use that clip to proof that Kevin is the father of Sheryl’s twins.
Reatli insisted that the recording was Perfect! And that it was about time that everyone finally sees that and see why Kevin, Sheryl, Nyiko d myself know for a fact that those twins are Tau's.
Yooo I felt a chill going down my spine. Reatli was just too sure about the clip. Right there I decided to play dumb. For as long as she’s the one going on about the “sex tape”, I will play along. She did not know whether I had watched the original or edited video or not. , so, I decided to watch her destroy herself. One thing for sure, if she present the edited clip , I will be forced to reveal the truth and present the original. For her sake, I prayed that she doesn’t insist on getting us to watch the video at all.
I repeatedly asked her and the elders if they were sure we must watch the clip? I told them that I’ve seen the clip and thought it was rather inappropriate. Still I kept asking Reatli again if she is sure that she wanted to let them see that.
Reatli disturbed me and said, last night when I called requesting to see her, she knew we were bound to discuss Sheryl ,hence she brought the copy of the proof that Kevin was the father. At first I was a bit taken by surprise but I asked her what was that proof. She reached out for her handbag and took out the DVD . I immediately knew what she had. The copy of the edited version of the night the twins were conceived. I smiled and once again I asked the elders if they were sure that they wanted to see what was in there?
Both shook their heads in agreement. Daddyt even said, if that would proof once and for all what Reatli is saying, then hard and difficult as it surely would be, they would like to see it. I was smiling ear to ear. Knowing very well the shock on both their eyes when they get to watch the original clip. Yes Reatli did watch the edited clip, and I was sure that the DVD she had, was the one Dintle gave to Nyiko. The one that those trashes were using to manipulate Kevin with.. Little did she know what awaited her and her family.
We all headed to daddyT’s home office. Reatli went on, leading us to the office with so much confidence and put in the edited version. I was not so comfortable watching such disgraceful clip with my own parents in law. Half way through the clip, I excused myself and left them watching. I went to the bathroom. I actually was embarrassed to be watching such stuff with my in-laws. I took almost ten minutes so that by the time I went back, it will be ending.
Indeed as I sat down, it was at the end. Reatli was presenting in words, pointing at the faceless people on the clip. I only heard, “there’s Kevin, that’s Sheryl, you see him daddy?” As they stopped the clip seeing Kevin with the trashy tramp in bed naked, Reatli had victory written all over her face. She said the parents must have seen enough, that clip said it all. She even said if we could all calculate from the time of the video clip being December till the day the twins were born in September, irrespective of how intoxicated Kevin was, it was so clear and obvious that her brother made poor Sheryl pregnant that one unfortunate night .
Ooh she didn’t ! I so prayed and battled with this yet here she was playing victorious in front of everyone. God knows I did not destroy her marriage, she did. In as much as I promised Mama, God and my inner self not to reveal the truth, I had no choice, Reatli’s attitude wanted some adjustments and the truth will do just that. However painful , She’s going to be served what she so deserve.
As I prepare myself to to wipe off the devil's victorious smile on her face...I said a silent prayer. Dear God please forgive....
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