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Wednesday, March 22


Take - Receive - Accept Jesus as Your Savior today :Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Receive Jesus as Your Savior

Choosing to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the most important decision you’ll ever make!
God’s Word promises, “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation…. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Rom. 10:9–10,13).
By His grace, God has already done everything to provide salvation. Your part is simply to believe and receive.
Pray out loud, Jesus, I confess that You are my Lord and Savior. I believe in my heart that God raised You from the dead. By faith in Your Word, I receive salvation now. Thank You for saving me!
The very moment you commit your life to Jesus Christ, the truth of His Word instantly comes to pass in your spirit. Now that you’re born again, there’s a brand-new you!
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Saturday, March 18


Prophet Bushiri: R7000 rumours to have 1 on 1 session with the Prophet

Rumours have spread hate on Bushiri - Bushiri has never charged anyone to see him

Prophet Bushiri: R7000 rumours to have one on one session with the Prophet 

Bushiri’s church, Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has got an "international visitors"programme which happens every two weeks of the month; though a lot of local people use it as an opportunity to see the prophet which is not the purpose of the programme.

The programme is meant for people who are coming from outside countries,the people who can't be at ECG church every service. because Bushiri’s church has grown at an “alarming rate”, attracting millions of people from various countries across the world coming to the Republic of South Africa, on the “International Visitors” ticket.

“These are the international visitors who agree and confirm to come under the care and supervision of the church. They are required to pay a fee of R7, 000 at ECG church that caters for their accommodation(hotels), meals and transportation, to and from the hotel and church respectively, for a period of 3 days.

Prophet Shephered Bushiri 's church doesn't ask people money on facebook, Twitter,whatsup or any other social media. The arrangement to book your ticket is only done telephonically by the number on Prophetic channel screen,by Email or in person at ECG church Pretoria show ground.

“Prophet Bushiri has got nothing to do with this arrangement as he is only concerned with preaching the gospel to them and making his anointing work in their lives. All pre-arrangements of the international visitors are done by an independent body chosen by the church,” reads the statement issued by Kelvin Sulugwe, Public Relations Officer for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries.

It is the responsibility of the visitors to pay for their accommodations,food and transport,
Unless if your pastor at your church pay for your transport,accommodation or food for you to be at church.

Some of the things which are free at ECG is Prayers or one on one sessions with the prophet......Bushiri will set you free for free
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Monday, January 23


God appear at Bushiri 's church in a form of a thunder and an earthquake during a

God 's move at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 's church in a form of a thunder and an earthquake

God moving at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 's ECG church during a diplomatic service.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri told congregants at the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in South Africa on the 23 of January 2017 during a diplomatic service that:
"God has told me that He wants to move in our midst. He mentioned that as He is moving, He needs people who are ready for this paradigm shift."

Indeed God moved in a form of a thunder & an earthquake during a diplomatic service at ECG.

Congregants told Mzansi Stories that they heard a sound of a thunder and experienced the shaking in all halls (earthquake)at pretoria show ground.

Major one, Papa Bushiri usually says "shalom" at the end of his sermons however on this day he couldn't even have a chance to say that because the shaking affected the systems in the church and everybody was drunk with the holy Ghost.

People were falling receiving what is of God and been separated from what is not of God in their lives.

Source :Mzansistories
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Wednesday, January 18


[PRESS]: Move Magazine Interviews Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

[PRESS]: Move Magazine Interviews Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

President and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering and PSB Ministries, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was recently interviewed by one of South Africa’s best selling weekly magazines, Move Magazine.
Fresh off the recent successful “Night of Honey” crossover event, which was held at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa with over 100 000 congregants in attendance; Prophet Shepherd Bushiri tells Move Magazine that he is a prophet “who believes in demonstrating the power of God” and this is exactly what happens within his prophetic ministry.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the philanthropist:
This year, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will launch private university called SB International University in Pretoria. The university will offer an array of courses including Nursing, Aviation, Information Technology, Business Administration and Theology.
“With the shortage of space in universities and extremely high fees in South Africa, our goal is to provide students with the best higher education qualifications at an affordable fee, “ said Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

On “controversy”, “attacks” and “fake miracles”:
“I am not a man of many words, especially when it comes to negative comments and rumours about the Prophetic Ministry and what I have been called to do. Those who believe in God and in His true prophets are the ones who receive deliverance and come back to testify of God’s goodness”. He adds that if he performs “fake miracles” then that means God performs “fake miracles” because he operates under the anointing and spirit of the Lord.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the entrepreneur:
 Away from the pulpit as a prophet, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has multiple businesses.
“I have investments in real estate, hospitality, telecommunications, mining and much more, I have a consultancy company [in Dubai], a hotel, a mobile network company which launched in South Africa this past September and many other business ventures that have made me the wealthy man I am”.
To read more of this interview, grab your copy of the magazine, which is now on sale nationwide.
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Monday, September 12


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016

PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016

How To Use Bushiri's sim card - PSB Sim

PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016 - PSB Network is finding new to ways to connect you, giving you a world-class network that you can own and enjoy. We give you an opportunity to join us, as we celebrate the launch of this amazing gift, Major 1's very own network, 17th September 2016, from 8 pm. It will be what promises to be a great night, performances, entertainments to a point you would not want  to go home.
You can choose to be in Standard or Standard Plus seating, as per ticket sales, or you can seat at the Premium diplomatic seats, you can also join and mingle with the prophets Shepherd and Mary Bushiri, and some special visitors, which could include the Emeritus, Senior Prophet Uebert Angel, at the VIP section. Its up to you where you want to seat, and with whom. Tickets cover a meal, and gets you a FREE sim-card pre-loaded with airtime, which also comes signed by Major 1.

Don't miss out, get your own ticket before they sell out. Tickets are available at CNA, EDGARS and Jet stores, or online @ However, you should pre-register for the limited edition sim cards, to be handed out at launch. Remember, they come signed by Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri himself. Don't linger on, hasten up and pre-register for your very own sim on our website
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Thursday, September 8




PROPHET BUSHIRI COMMANDS PHYSICAL FIRE TO COME DOWN - BLACK ELIJAH On the 3rd of September, around 1am, the supernatural, the unseen happened at Hall H at Pretoria Showgrounds during the church service of Enlightened Christian Gathering,that left the congregation dumb-founded.

After having taken a two-week break,fasting and praying for his followers whom he calls sons and daughters,  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, better known as Major 1,held an all-night prayer service that he dubbed,The Lion Of Judah Night on the 2nd of September 2016.On that evening, the Tshwane Events Centre was abuzz with activity, all halls full as well as the open stands at the stadium and the tent nicknamed miracle tent or mzuzu.  Over a hundred thousand people from all walks of life, locally and from abroad travelled just to  attend the all-night prayer with the Prophet after having missed him for the whole two weeks.

As he was doing what he does best, teaching and prophesying to his congregation,  the unusual happened.  He called out some people with charms in their pockets,  bags, wallets etc. to come in front to the altar and surrender their charms and get delivered. Lots of people responded to the call and decided to surrender it all at the altar.

Then the amazing happened when Major 1 called out the Fire of the Holy Ghost while delivering the people from the evil bondage by their charms and demonic forces. Physical fire appeared, just like in the days of Elijah and consumed the evil charms at the altar.  Everybody was shocked to see fire that nobody had put on.It was an electrifying moment that nobody will ever forget about it.

It simply shows that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever and that  He lives amongst us. All you need is to call out to Him and indeed,  He shall appear in your situation in many ways and forms. Power!
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Thursday, September 1


The anointing upon BUSHIRI will make you afford everything


The anointing upon Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,  the founder and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  Ministries, is powerful and it can make you afford anything. It will move you from poverty to prosperity.
The beloved prophet,popularly known as Major 1,has so many  successful business tycoons,entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires in his church. He even formed a Billionaires Academy at his church where he meets his sons and daughters and share ideas on how to run a successful businesses.

Major 1 always says that ECG doesn't attract millionaires,  it produces them. It is an error to meet a prophet and continue living in poverty. We have witnessed so many testimonies of people under the anointing of Major 1 testifying on how they started from nothing and now they are millionaires and billionaires. How they won tenders through faith and hokima wisdom.

Recently, Major 1 invited his son,a renowned speaker and business consultant,Lucas Sadler, all the way from Australia, to teach on how to establish businesses. when Major 1 was teaching on tushiya anointing,he mentioned this:- "I will not give you fish, but rather I will teach you how to fish!" His teachings  enable believers to become that long awaited streak of breakthrough that will enable them to deliver their families from generational curses of poverty

Surely the anointing of Papa Major 1 is worth to be pursued especially if you attend ECG church, which is more like  a university where we are schooled on how to move from one dimension of life to another, from being a nobody to being a somebody by a  great teacher and multimillionaire like Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, with Jesus Christ being the center of it all.All we need is a ravenous spirit to chase it, and surely we will achieve it!
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Monday, August 22


Major 1- Bushiri, A Youth Magnet

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ,founder and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries, has a very big and massive followers across the globe.
Amongst his great followers, there is a lot of youth that are attracted to his teachings.  Many young people travel from different parts of Africa and beyond just to tap into the anointing of Major 1.
Most of the leaders in the church,  especially those working in media are youngsters some as young as 15 year old doing a phenomenal work at church. Other youngsters helps lead home cell groups. Some as young as 18 are doing pastoral and evangelical work both at church and home cell groups.  Most,if not all,youth magnets aspire to be like their father and mentor Major 1.

Because of the growing number of congregants at ECG, Major 1 decided to have a separate church service for the youths between the ages of 14 to 35 year olds,from June, 2016. All youths would gather and showcase their extraordinary talent from drama to singing,debating,rapping, dancing and sports

Major 1 ,like what a true father would do, would have fun with them , making jokes, discussing life issues, reprimand them,teach them, pray for  them,prophesy  and deliver those who are hooked up into bad habits .  He even opened a sports academy run by the great sportsmen to train young talent in their different fields.  Most of those are already making a name of their selves in Europe and elsewhere just coming from the Shepherd Bushiri Sports Academy.

Major 1 also opened a music stable called Major-1 Records where talent is identified through music. Several musicians of note are in that solid record label that keeps identifying more young talented musicians.
Indeed Major-1 is a role model and father to many.  He's the most lovable prophet of our generation, loved  and adored by both the old and the young at heart. A prophet with a heart of gold;Major 1, a youth magnet
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Friday, August 12


Bushiri Humanitarian: 'Papa I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,i had no shelter and you gave me one'

Major 1 as a Humanitarian - I had no home but you gave me one, i had no food and you gave me plenty

There are people who will starve to death today in Africa. There are people who have to eat mud pies daily. We don’t truly understand how blessed we are. As Christians we are to feed the poor and help people who are in need. Feeding the needy is part of serving one another and as we serve others we are serving Christ.

For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, Matthew 25:42

When you go to the store and you happen to see a homeless man why not buy him something to eat? Think about it we go to the store seeking to buy things we don’t need like junk food.

Why not use our wealth to help someone that really needs it. Many times God will provide for people through us. Let’s all pray for more love and compassion for the needy. Let’s think of different ways to bless the poor. Let’s pray that God removes any stinginess that’s lurking in our heart.

Proverbs 19:17 The one who is gracious to the poor lends to the Lord, and the Lord will repay him for his good deed.

Major 1 has over the period of one year contributed millions to feed those who could not feed themselves. He has devoted of his time to go to to desolated places and feed the poor as Christ commanded in His word. Modern day prophets not only speak the word of God with Accuracy and Precision but also see to the needs of those less fortunate.

As a humanitarian Major 1 desires not praise for his humanitarian activities but long to do even more for those who are in need.
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Bushiri Anointing oils - Lion of Judah oil

Anointing the body or head with oil was a common practice with the Jews, as with other Oriental nations. ( Ruth 3:3 ; Micah 6:15 ) Anointing the head with oil or ointment seems also to have been a mark of respect sometimes paid by a host to his guests. Luke 7:46  and Psalms 23:5. It was a rite of inauguration into each of the three typical offices of the Jewish commonwealth.

1.Prophets were occasionally anointed to their office, ( 1 Kings 19:16 ) and were called messiahs, or anointed. ( 1 Chronicles 16:22 ; Psalms 105:15 )
 2.Priests, at the first institution of the Levitical priesthood, were all anointed to their offices, ( Exodus 40:15 ; Numbers 3:3 ) but afterwards anointing seems to have been specially reserved for the high priest, ( Exodus 29:29 ; Leviticus 16:32 ) so that "the priest that is anointed," ( Leviticus 4:3 ) is generally thought to mean the high priest. 3. Kings. Anointing was the principal and divinely-appointed ceremony in the inauguration of the Jewish Kings. ( 1 Samuel 9:16 ; 10:1 ; 1 Kings 1:34 1 Kings 1:39 ) The rite was sometimes performed more than once. David was thrice anointed.
4. Inanimate objects also were anointed with oil, in token of their being set apart for religious service. Thus Jacob anointed a pillar at Bethel. ( ( Genesis 31:13 ; Exodus 30:26-28 )
5.Ecclesiastical . Anointing with oil is prescribed by St. James to be used for the recovery of the sick. ( James 5:14 ) Analogous to this is the anointing with oil practiced by the twelve disciples. ( Mark 6:13 ) .
At Enlightened Christian Gathering, a church founded by the multimillionaire  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,  you get to find different anointed materials that helps every individual that believes and uses it. There are two different anointing oils that are found there. There's Oil of Favour and the Lion of Judah oil. These oils acts as a conduit, people getting breakthroughs,  healed and delivered, thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit carried within the oils that the man of God,popularly known as Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri prays for.

Most believers have, and still are testifying on the goodness of the Lord after using these anointing oils. Some apply it on the sick, who get healed immediately after rubbing it on the body. Some spray it in their homes to keep away evil spirits.A certain young man who had his liver removed, applied the Lion of Judah oil on the wound where he was operated on. Within a few days, a new liver appeared. A certain unemployed lady applied the oil and she got a miracle job that she never applied for.  Several dead people, mostly children,  came back to life after they were applied the oil. Two young toddlers,  one in August 2015 and another one in April 2016 both died at church but were resurrected after being anointed by the Lion of Judah oil.There are so many thousands of other testimonies that came due to the use of the anointing oil from the church.

Clearly this shows that the anointing oil has so many uses and purposes that includes deliverance, healing and instant breakthroughs amongst the users.  Every household needs to have it. You can never take Major 1 to your home or office but with his anointed materials including the Oil of favour and the Lion of Judah oil,you will know that you are safe and protected because the Power of the Holy Ghost is in there! POWER!!!
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Thursday, July 21


Prophet Bushiri: He is not just a prophet, he is also a business man with speed

Major One Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is factually a living testimony. 

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a young South African based Malawian prophet,  is not just a prophet, preacher, teacher, father,he is also a successful businessman, rated among-st one of the wealthiest worldwide.  His net worth is unknown but it's estimated at US$150 million.

Looking back at the life of the man of God, popularly known as Major One,we go back to how it all started.  As a young man growing up in Mzuzu,  a town 356km from Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi,we see a unique young school kid, doing exceptionally well in all his studies, as well as in extra-mural activities.  He was not just a leader but he was also different from other kids, prophesying not just to fellow school kids, but to adults as well. He showed leadership skills from a very young age. He started his ministerial work in 2002.

As the years passed by, Major 1 started venturing into several businesses.  He started by owning and operating the first ever television channel that's independently owned in Malawi. Through hard work and determination, believing in himself , not forgetting endless days and nights of prayer and fasting , Major 1 managed to achieve what nobody had ever achieved in that country of Malawi.As his television channel called Prophetic Channel grew, so was his church growing not just in the warm heart of Africa,Malawi,  but also worldwide.
Because of the great demand by his followers,  especially in the southern region of Africa,  Major 1 eventually relocated to South Africa permanently in January 2015. As he continued with his massively growing ministry,he continued to run his businesses which include gold mines,  oil wells, hotels,farms,electronic and telecommunications companies ,more properties and investments including the latest instant messaging  application called Bushiri Buzz which is growing massively in just over two months since it started.

Major One runs four church services every week and for every church service that he runs, he preaches and teaches his followers how to get out of poverty to his thousands upon thousands of followers who come every week from locally as well as different parts of Africa and abroad. He set aside Monday service, called the Diplomatic Service,  just for aspiring and established business people, as well as scholars in different academic levels. The main point being to preach the Word of God and also to teach them how to make it in life,sharing the secrets of how he and his wife Prophetess Mary made it to be where they are at, today!

Major one has produced 400 billionaires up to so far from his church, God of major one doesn't attract billionaires he produce them.Indeed the whole world is blessed to have a source of  inspiration where both the young and old tap into that wisdom that he imparts to his followers. This really shows that the God of Major 1 is a wonderful working God who can take you from nobody to somebody, only if you believe.With hard work, vision and determination,  everything is possible and the sky is the limit.


mzansi stories
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Monday, July 18


Bushiri: A woman began to speak in English after the prophet prayed for her.

The illiterate can become literate instantly by a word of a Major prophet.

On the 26th of June,  on a typical packed sunday service at Pretoria Showgrounds, despite the cold weather,  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's followers filled up the halls, including the tent and the stands at the showground' stadium.

Immediately when the most adored prophet,popularly known as Major one,arrived,  he instead went straight to minister to his congregation gathered at the tent dubbed 'miracle tent or mzuzu' which is quite unusual as he always arrives and ministers straight from Hall H which is ECG'S main Hall at Tshwane  Events Centre.

As he was ministering,  he picked some few people to  prophesy.   Amongst those being prophesied,  there was a woman from Rustenburg in the North West Province of South Africa who stepped forward with her adult son. As Major 1 was revealing what he was seeing in the spirit,  he mentioned that the man has a mental illness.  The man confirmed together with his mother.  Because the man couldn't speak well due to his condition,  Major one turned to the mother and began prophesying to her.

Unfortunately,  the woman couldn't answer in English.  She could only speak in Sotho. Major 1 insisted she responds in English however the woman struggled. That's when the prophet told his congregation that he's going to pray for this woman for her to be able to speak in English. Immediately after that short prayer,  the woman's tongue was loosed, she began responding in perfect English,  leaving the congregation both at the church and those watching online via Major 1ns own Prophetic Channel ,  mesmerized and in awe of what the God of Major 1 had done instantly  right before their eyes.

Even the woman appeared to have been shocked herself by being able to speak English that she couldn't speak before. She began shedding tears of joy and different emotions as major 1 was telling her all about herself and delivering her from bondages that tormented her life and her family while the rest of the congregation was left speechless seeing such a miracle right before them.

The God of major 1 is a God of wonders and miracles and anything is possible with him.  The illiterate can become instantly literate simply by just a small prayer or declaration by the major prophet. The miracle tent did what it's renowned for; instant miracles!
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Tuesday, July 12


People who laugh at your humble beginning, tell them “Watch the space” – Major 1

They will be saying : you go church every service but your life aint moving.

Starting things is difficult and requires patience. A lot of people have failed to accomplish things because of so many distractions associated with humble beginnings.

The most of it all is what others say when they see you struggling to get established. They make you believe you cant do it and they talk a lot behind your back, mocking you saying you are chasing impossible dreams.

We have the story of David in the bible who was mocked by his brothers and friends when he took up the challenge to fight Goliath. One thing I love about David is that he never cared what others said about him. He knew his fight, it was against Goliath and not what others said about him.

If you are having these humble beginnings, keep moving forward. Big dreams do not come cheap, they require your total concentration. People might say you cant do it, when you do it, they will ask how you did it, and you will tell them with a smile over your face the God you worship made it happen for you.

I speak to you now, if people laugh at what you are doing, calling you all sorts of names and telling you that you are chasing impossible dreams, just answer them that “Watch this space.”
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Saturday, July 9


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Facebook page\account vs Fake ones

True Bushiri Facebook Page

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri doesn't communicate with people on Facebook or ask them for money via inbox or any other method.

The following are all fake ones:

We advice all Bushiri followers to unlike them and block them as well.










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Tuesday, July 5


Prophet Bushiri: Hell was made for the devil and his demons not you

Heaven is for us all, so make a solid choice to surrender all to Jesus!

Hell is a place came into existence for the devil and the angels rebelled against God not you!!!no no no......

You are designed for Paradise not Hell, so be careful that the devil will never do anything that will disqualify you to see Paradise, Heaven is your dwelling place.Every child has the right to their fathers 's property.

Its no longer me living, but Jesus Christ is living in me.

Three days He was in the tomb preparing me not to die and not to perish for ever and on the third day He came out of the tomb and went with my life in the presence of God ...Colosians 3:3
Disappear so that God appear in your life,Decrease so that God increase in your life.Come and experience the power of God with us at EGG church based in Pretoria show grounds(Tshwane).Your life will never be the same again after meeting a Major Prophet by scope of work.

Our church services goes like this

Monday's        Wonderful diplomatic service to push you to another level of prosperity from 18:00
Thursday's       Powerful youth service    18:00
Friday's            Deliverance service         18:00
Sunday's          Sunday service                 18:00

Or you can tune you TV to prophetic channel because distance is not a barrier.

Stop assisting the devil to destroy your life and resist him.

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Saturday, July 2


Exposed: Prophet I receive Shepherd Bushiri is under daily dose treatment

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is taking heavenly dose of medication on a daily basis.

It is indeed revealed that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering, Known as a Major Prophet of all the nation is reading the word of God on a daily basis like people who don't miss their daily dose of medication of their critical diseases like HIV & aids or etc.

5 reasons why Bushiri takes daily dose of the word of God.

1. The Word of God is Unfailing.( Proverbs 30:5-6)
2. The Word of God is complete.( Revelation 22:18-19)
3. The Word of God is totally authoritative.(  Psalms 119:89)
4. God's Word is totally sufficient for all of our needs.( 2 Timothy 3:16-17)
5. The Word of God will accomplish what it promises.( Isaiah 55:11)

what are you waiting for?Go to ECG church and experince the daily dose of the word of God from the very same bible you holding.

Here is one of the comments from Mzansi Stories followers:

"All the Glory to God who gave you the gift Major1 , if they don’t believe in you at least let them believe in your gift that God has offered you because it is a working gift."

Stay connected with Mzansi Stories for more updates about Bushiri
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Monday, June 20


Bushiri supernatural gym - Congregants loosing belly fat - more and more miracles at ECG

Watch Prophet shepherd Bushiri supernatural gym - Bushiri weight loss miracle

Cholesterol Hearkens to The Prophetic/ people loose belly fat at Prophet Bushiri’s church

Instant miracles do happen indeed, sure results of the faith that moves mountains. A number of people came forward to testify losing weight after the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri declared the loss of weight to people with obesity, during a church service on Sunday, June 19.

According to testimonies broadcasted on Prophetic Channel, monitored by this reporter, people came forward having lost big tummies to have flat ones.
On another case, Bushiri is seen instantly commanding the big belly to shrink to a flat position and this is done in the presence of congregates and before LIVE broadcasting cameras.

Thousands of people lined up to testify of the ‘Pompo-Pompo’ (Instant) miracles that crazily changed the whole church’s mood as witnessed from Prophetic Channel.
Taking the excitement further, Bushiri went to invite those with shorter hands and legs than the other to come forward for fixing. Amazingly, the hands were able to grow and be of same size with the other.
Another woman came forward to testify while holding up her skirt which was actually going down when left unsupported, a scenario that left laughter in the church.
Well, if you were struggling with belly fat, consider visiting Prophet Bushiri’s church for instant miracles. Why bother going to gym for months when you can achieve same results instantly with Bushiri’s Supernatural Gym.
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Bushiri supernatural surgery - supernatural hands Lengthening

A Hand growing to be equal to the other one

hands Length Discrepancies been corrected /Prophet Bushiri enlarging hands

John 14:12
"Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father"

Prophet shepherd Bushiri - Major 1 of the Enlightened Christian Gathering is doing greater works.The prophet of God called out those with shorter limbs to come to the front for prayer.

He prayed for a lady whose left hand was shorter than the other as she had  a fracture leading to the said hand being shorter.

The congregation shrieked in excitement as the Prophet prayed for her hands to be even.

Whatever has been shortened by a misfortune in your life is being corrected in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!
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Monday, May 23


Be ware of a man who rob people money pretending to be Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

A false article was published on Daily sun, sowetan and other newspapers claiming to be Prophet Shepherd Bushuri 


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Friday, May 13


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri spotted with Billionaire Angelo Gallaso in New York City

While his haters exuded figments of wildest of imaginations that Prophet Bushiri is under abduction of thugs, a pronouncement that could even lack space in a rumour zone, the progressive man of God who also majors in investments has involuntarily showcased his levels in the business world.
Bushiri, who has been in the USA since Wednesday on business trip, has been spotted with big business tycoons of the world one of whom happens to be billionaire, Angelo Gallaso.
For perspective sake, Gallaso is a designer of the most expensive clothing line. For instance, a suit under his brand would sell for a minimum of US$11,000, which if converted to Malawi Kwacha, would be around K8 million. This is just a glimpse of the height of Gallaso in the business industry. He is one of the most celebrated men in the USA.
Galaso has, recently, appeared on Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s twitter while pausing together with him. Bushiri is arguably one of the celebrated men of God in Africa with his impact spreading worldwide. Recently, he has been rated one of the richest pastors in the world.
From what this publication has gathered, the prophet not only discussed business with Gallaso, but also had the time to make some shopping from one of the most expensive shops Gallaso owns.
After almost an hour trying to woo Kelving Sulugwe, the prophet’s PRO, to at least estimate how much the prophet must have spent shopping, he revealed that Bushiri wears Angelo Gallaso and advised this reporter to check the prices online.
“I thought you wanted to know how much he spends on charity and educating people. For your question, google princes for Angelo Galasso clothings,” said Sulugwe in a whatsapp message.
Meanwhile, according to a brief from his PRO, the prophet is expected to return to his base this week after successfully registering his franchise businesses in the New York.
In the light of his ever-growing success, Bushiri has recently been victimized with unfounded accusations in his home country – Malawi. From the look of things, it now goes without saying that Malawi has produced her own Bill Gates.
Source :
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