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Friday, May 6


fake prophet Bushiri facebook pages to continue spreading hate on him

DPP cadets create fake prophet Bushiri facebook pages to continue spreading hate on him

notorious cadets from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are creating fake facebook pages bearing the name of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and they are posting their wicked imaginations masquerading as Prophecies emanating from the man of God. The idea, so we have established, is to discredit the man of God with their dubious prophecies they are posting.  For these fake pages to gain credence, the cadets are copying updates from the official Prophet Shepherd Bushiri page to deceive people into believing that the page is run by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
These fake pages are championed by the gangsters who run Malawi Voice, a ruling DPP mouthpiece.
Ironically and this is where we, at Malawian Watchdog, have problems with Malawians is that you find Malawians of sound mind liking such pages in thousands. Like really? Is it out of sheer ignorance or you are part of these devilish cadets who are spending sleepless nights scheming to destroy the character of the Prophet by mistakenly thinking that he is a threat to their master President Peter Mutharika?
The truth of the matter is that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has one and only one official facebook page called, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, and the page has over 700,000 followers.
If you see any other facebook page bearing the name of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, with less than 700,000 followers, just know that page is bogus. It is a page run by DPP cadets with their evil and devilish motives of discrediting the man of God!
We at Malawian Watchdog will continue telling the truth to you Malawians so you can be emancipated from those who take advantage of your less inquisitive minds just to brainwash you with their dirty propaganda to achieve their selfish political goals. Less inquisitive because we stoop so low in just believing any garbage churned out in the pro government online publications.
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Monday, May 2


A child coming back to life at ECG church by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Sunday Live: The revivification effect, dead boy comes back to life

We call it the Miracle Tent, another place of worship within the premises of ECG, Pretoria at Show Grounds. The supernatural happened. It started as pain, nailing through the hearts of believers who sought shelter in the tent to worship God.
Everyone saw the child, dangling lifelessly in the hands of his crying Father, whose eyes were engorged with tears of incredulity. He could not swallow the pill, but death had taken over. The child was on a point of no return. He was gone. He was dead. Everyone wept. What a lacerating moment it was. The church had witnessed death scare life, guiding it to the voyage of no return. The battle for heart beat seemed lost, for once and for all because even a trained medical personnel confirmed it.
But, as it happened, in a spiritual twist of events, faith took over. Jesus spoke life over death and fired with the same faith; ECG Pastors took the Lion of Judah oil and ministered it upon the body of the dead boy resting motionlessly in the shaking hands of his father. One miracle led to another. Slowly, he begun to cough and the heart beat was felt once more. The boy came back to life amid shouts of joy from onlookers at the Miracle Tent.
We celebrate the anointing upon Major 1 conveyed to the Lion of Judah. God is in this place and He is faithful to His servant, Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri whose anointing has defeated death, not just once, but on numerous occasions. Do you believe that God can resurrect your cases, turning sorrow to happiness and unfortunates to fortunate happenings?
Keep being connected to this anointing. What’s happening here is anointing. Be willing to receive this anointing and make things happen in your life, through the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.
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Sunday, April 10


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri praying for the nation of South Africa

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri praying for S.A’s economy and good governance,for God's intervention.

Glorious Sunday Live:10 April 2016

“Today I pray for South Africa as a nation. Despite the economic challenges and the setbacks this nation has been facing, today I will place a plea at the feet of God to place you upon a pedestal and to protect you... Stay connected to escape turmoil and chaos in the name of Jesus. Bayethe!” Said Major1
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Saturday, April 9


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is phasing false allegations against him powered by the devil in return for money

False articles are spread all over the internet on several websites/Blogs against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to gain more page views and clicks on advertisements in return for revenue.

Touch not my anointed!

We as Mzansi team have come to a conclusion of giving clarity about false articles trying to bring the man of God Down.There is a lot of false testimonies circulating all over the internet about the True Man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri by fake and illegitimate websites to destroy the image of the church and the man of  God. You who follow and read  articles such as that online I want to reveal to you that those publishers are making a lot of money out of spreading lies about innocent people like Major 1, a father of all the nations , most of us we call him papa. If you have noticed on those articles there are advertisements which are called ads in Google language. These ads are from a popular programme called Google Adsense and Mgid where publishers make money from their online contents. 

When you click on their ads Google pays them 68 percent out of 100 percent to a publisher for that click and remember you are making somebody rich with your data bundles out of lies.
Publishers have targeted this man of God because he is popular and he is the anointed one.People take advantage of him because he is very humble and he doesn’t have time for these small, small lies on the internet. I strongly agree with the freedom of expression however I edge you to stop following these websites or blogs that advocates harm against an individual, group or religion. I want you to claim back your dignity by refraining from following this blogs that teach you nonsense and also waste your data bundles, instead get applying for jobs or searching for business ideas on the internet. The owners of those sites knows very well that if they publish lies about the anointed ones, people will follow to get informed about the lies they publish and they be making big money with Google adsense and while you making zero.

If you check on those websites or blogs they have ads/advertisements changing randomly........

Other people are saying we should pray for those publishers who unlawfully,intentionally and seriously impairing the dignity of our Father Major1 by emotional and psychological abuse.This publishers purposely write bad articles and lies about our father and then I ask myself ; how do i pray for the devil……oh sorry I will pray for them because it is the devil inside them

“He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD” (Proverbs 17:150

But for one to find out what is true or false they must look into matter and hear both sides before they make a final judgment. “The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge” (Proverbs 18:15).

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Prophet shepherd Bushiri is not a fake Prophet

The truth behind the man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Most people are blind; do you think magic can do what he does?

Major 1 is a true man of God Part 1

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is being criticized by many people including Pastors and church leaders from various ministries who claim to be Christians. People are just jealous about what God is doing through him. People should stop criticizing him and ask him how he does it because there more you desire the things of the spirit the more the spirit begins to manifest in you. I really fail to understand why people hate the work of God so much. But it is the devil inside them.
Most people including some of the church leaders and pastors from various churches need to accept Jesus as their lord and savior in their lives because they are not yet saved. When the spirit of God is within you we will see you by the fruits you produce, by that I mean the fruits of the spirit that the Bible talks about, if one or two of the fruit is missing in your life, then you are not a fully developed Christian, you need to repent and accept Jesus as your lord and savior and also allow the spirit of the Lord to take over your life.

Prophet shepherd Bushiri is young, rich/wealthy and anointed, so you might have realized that this trinity causes people to hate him so much because they are not like him. Most people who claims to be Christians believes this; "for one to be a Christian you need to be poor"(money is not evil, it is good however for the love of money is all source of evil; where you can even kill for money).Do you think if your poor you can run a ministry like ECG ? No you can’t. Prophet shepherd Bushiri is a true man of God, is just that the discernment has not yet activated in this entire people who threw stones against Major 1 the Original Prophet of our days because of the lack of knowledge.

I have realized that at ECG church they don't answer criticism with words, They answer criticism with success.If you are saying he is using magic or satanic powers to perform miracles,why cant you use the power of God to perform miracles you yourself.How can you judge somebody about something you are not able to do.Its foolishness to oppose what you cannot do,you cannot even lay a hand on the sick to be healed but you have got a big mouth to talk bad about Man of God.

He is not fake weather you like it or not because he was not voted or appointed by a human being to be a prophet of God.He was chosen by God Himself and the man sustain the spirit of the lord inside him ,the spirit of the lord with him and the spirit of the lord upon him.The only way to defeat him, you will have to defeat the blood of Jesus first which is undefeated, the blood that is covering him day and night.

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Thursday, March 31


Prophet Bushiri ranked in top 10 richest church leaders in the world – Report

Top 10 richest pastors or church leaders 

South  African based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  has been ranked  in a joint position with Bishop David Oyedepo as number richest evangelist in the world  according to which is known for ranking celebrities, businessperson and sports personalities worth.

He started ministering in 2002 and have thousands of members worshiping in his church the ‘Enlightened Christian Gathering Church ‘ with branches in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia and Ethiopia.

“Aside being a man of God he owns an electronic company, a telecommunication company, various farms and a private University in South Sudan named Bushiri University of Agriculture. Bushiri is one of the richest pastors in the world,” the website reported.

Topping the list is Bishop Jakes with a net worth of $150.2 million and  lives in a $1.7 million mansion.

Jakes has been called America’s best preacher and has featured on the cover of  TIME Magazine. He is a writer, preacher and movie producer.
Pastor Enoch Adeboye  who heads the Redeemed Christian Church Of God(RCCG)– net  worth estimated $55 million is ranked number 3.

Israeli televangelist, Toufik Benedictus ”Benny” Hinn his best known for his regular ” Miracle Crusades” is ranked number 4 with net w orth: $52 million.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome  of Christ Embassy with a net worth: $50 million is ranked number 6.

American Bible teacher, pastor, and the founder of World Changers Church International,   Creflo Dollar is ranked number 7  with a net worth of $27 million.

Kenneth Copeland ministries, one of several televangelists whose finances were investigated from 2007 to 2011 by Republican Sen. Grassley of Lowa is ranked number 8 with a net worth of $26.5 million.

According to an article that run by the Associated Press that ran in 2008, his ministry is 1500-acre campus, behind an iron gate a half-hour drive from forth worth includes a church, a private airstrip, a hangar for the ministries $17.5 million jet and other aircraft, and a $ 6 million church owned lake-mansion.

America Evangelical Christian Evangelist, William Franklin ”Billy” Graham, Jr is ranked number 8 while Mathew Ashimolowo the founder of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC)  is on number 9.

Nigeria’s most controversial ‘prophet’ T.B Joshua who heads the Synagogue Church of all Nations(SCOAN), a congregation he founded in 1987, which accommodates 15,000 worshipers on Sunday is ranked number 10 with a net worth  of $15 million.

Source : Nyasa Times
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Tuesday, February 2


lion of Judah oil - Anointing oil

The story of the dead boy coming back to life

ECG has now become a residence of prodigious miracles and wonders. Thousands upon thousands who have stepped their feet on the anointed premises have testified of these inordinate heavenly encounters.
Most of the miracles that have been achieved by God through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri have either left conundrums or tears on the faces of people attending the services live or through Prophetic Channel as they cannot modestly apprehend the authority of God through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
Talking of the latter, a rip probing miracle was performed on Sunday, August 9, when a dead boy stumbled upon the refurbishment of life before thousands of eye witnesses who beheld him breathe the last air accessible due to sickness, hence a purpose that impelled his parents to come look for healing from God through the Major Prophet.
As the Mother reminisced through her testimony on Prophetic Channel, her only boy had been sick for some time and after moving from one hospital to another, they as a final point run out of possibilities. This was decently a major problem that needed Major’s responsiveness.
On this precise Sunday, the young couple made its way to the habitual location, a locality that dynasties two major powers of “Favour” and of course the non-negotiator “Lion of Judah” in the form of anointing oil prayed for by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
Just as it is experienced every day, the parents could not get a place to sit in the main auditorium or the main overflow just few steps below Major’s altar. As an alternative, they managed to get a back space in the fourth overflow that was also filled to the last space available.
The waiting was too long and before the Prophet could make his way to the fourth overflow, the child died and he was gone, with no hope of return. As the ushers and first aid doctors made their way to the dead child, his parents and people sitting closer were already deep in tears. The parents had just lost their only joy and happiness that bonded their union. What a sad moment.
As one of the doctors narrates, there was literally nothing substantial they could do apart from soothing the parents to take heart and let God be God for calling a gift He had given them. Just as they were in such a moment of agony, it occurred to one of the ushers to anoint the dead body with the Lion of Judah (anointing oil) and she ministered with faith on the dead body.
A single drop on him was enough to make Angels of life act accordingly and the boy’s breathing passage opened to the bewilderment of people, shocking the parents with delight that they remained mystified up until to the next hour when the news had spread through the church that a boy had been raised from the dead with the touch of the Lion of Judah.

So it happened that with the help of one of the pastors, the Mother and the boy were brought to the main auditorium where another huge line of people was also pending to testify of the different miracles encountered in their lives through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
With an incest of tears pouring down her cheeks, the Mother recalled the whole story before thousands of congregation and millions of views, explaining how the young boy had been touched by the Lion of Judah. She at first testified in the absence of her husband who was still feeble in the fourth overflow, ostensibly out of words to designate what he had just encountered. It was after few hours later that he joined his wife on the altar to elucidate the bitter joy of having lost the child and see him breathe again minutes later through the anointing.
“I don’t know how to explain this and as I speak, my heart rejoices of what the Lord has done. Am old enough, I know a dead person when I see one. This time, I did not just see, but I carried him in my arms, and that’s my baby boy who lost his life few minutes ago when we were hoping for his healing in the fourth overflow,” recalled the father in a very low voice as he had lost strength to shout with Joy.
“Just as the first aid doctors came to help us, they also examined him and told us that the boy was already dead. Of course I had already seen that he was dead and developed a cold body, with his eyes protruding dangerously in our presence. But when one of the ushers ministered the anointing oil on him, we felt his heart beat once more and his body temperature became normal once again. All I can afford to say now is to thank God of Major One for this great miracle,” explained the father of the child before millions of viewers of Prophetic Channel.
This is one of the many cases that have been handled by Major One’s anointing. Most of them are cases that even science cannot give a candid explanation to. The lame walking, blind people receiving their sight back, marriages being restored, people getting opportunities beyond their qualifications and now, dead people coming back to life. What can we say of this God? How can we explain this anointing upon Major One? Even none believers have been left mouths open with no tenacious enlightenment to the miracles performed by Major One.
Is this science or magic, having in mind that there is just a thin line existing between the two? But what is beyond science and magic? Surely, there is God waiting tolerantly to exhibit what none believers term as science or magic, while we, believers call such things ‘’miracles and wonders.”
It is spoken on John 11:25 that: “Jesus told her, "I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.”
The story of the dead boy coming back to life should promise us that there is nothing impossible with God through His chosen servant, Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. As it stands, a lot of people have lost the things they love with no hope of revivification.
“Enough is enough! The devil is a liar. You are getting your blessings now. If I be a prophet of God, of who I know I am, then I speak to you that whatever things which are dead in your life should come back to life now in Jesus’ name. Be it marriages, employment, relationships, careers, talents and anything that is dead within you, I speak life in the name of Jesus,” declares Major One, all you have to do is to receive with faith.
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