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Thursday, September 14


Little Girl Pictured On Her Knees And In Tears As She Prays And Worships God

Little Girl Pictured On Her Knees And In Tears As She Prays And Worships God

A little girl has got many people talking on social media after pictures of her emerged showing her fervently praying.  A Nigerian Pastor, Jerry Uchechukwu Eze, shared photos of his young daughter lost in deep worship while he was ministering in church.

The photos have since gone viral on social media with a lot of positive feedback.
Who said there is no God? This is a true manifestation of connecting with the father of all spirits!  no age barrier, no discrimination, just worship him in spirit and in truth, He will show himself to you.
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Wednesday, March 22


Take - Receive - Accept Jesus as Your Savior today :Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Receive Jesus as Your Savior

Choosing to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the most important decision you’ll ever make!
God’s Word promises, “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation…. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Rom. 10:9–10,13).
By His grace, God has already done everything to provide salvation. Your part is simply to believe and receive.
Pray out loud, Jesus, I confess that You are my Lord and Savior. I believe in my heart that God raised You from the dead. By faith in Your Word, I receive salvation now. Thank You for saving me!
The very moment you commit your life to Jesus Christ, the truth of His Word instantly comes to pass in your spirit. Now that you’re born again, there’s a brand-new you!
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Monday, January 23


God appear at Bushiri 's church in a form of a thunder and an earthquake during a

God 's move at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 's church in a form of a thunder and an earthquake

God moving at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 's ECG church during a diplomatic service.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri told congregants at the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in South Africa on the 23 of January 2017 during a diplomatic service that:
"God has told me that He wants to move in our midst. He mentioned that as He is moving, He needs people who are ready for this paradigm shift."

Indeed God moved in a form of a thunder & an earthquake during a diplomatic service at ECG.

Congregants told Mzansi Stories that they heard a sound of a thunder and experienced the shaking in all halls (earthquake)at pretoria show ground.

Major one, Papa Bushiri usually says "shalom" at the end of his sermons however on this day he couldn't even have a chance to say that because the shaking affected the systems in the church and everybody was drunk with the holy Ghost.

People were falling receiving what is of God and been separated from what is not of God in their lives.

Source :Mzansistories
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Wednesday, January 18


[PRESS]: Move Magazine Interviews Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

[PRESS]: Move Magazine Interviews Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

President and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering and PSB Ministries, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was recently interviewed by one of South Africa’s best selling weekly magazines, Move Magazine.
Fresh off the recent successful “Night of Honey” crossover event, which was held at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa with over 100 000 congregants in attendance; Prophet Shepherd Bushiri tells Move Magazine that he is a prophet “who believes in demonstrating the power of God” and this is exactly what happens within his prophetic ministry.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the philanthropist:
This year, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will launch private university called SB International University in Pretoria. The university will offer an array of courses including Nursing, Aviation, Information Technology, Business Administration and Theology.
“With the shortage of space in universities and extremely high fees in South Africa, our goal is to provide students with the best higher education qualifications at an affordable fee, “ said Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

On “controversy”, “attacks” and “fake miracles”:
“I am not a man of many words, especially when it comes to negative comments and rumours about the Prophetic Ministry and what I have been called to do. Those who believe in God and in His true prophets are the ones who receive deliverance and come back to testify of God’s goodness”. He adds that if he performs “fake miracles” then that means God performs “fake miracles” because he operates under the anointing and spirit of the Lord.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the entrepreneur:
 Away from the pulpit as a prophet, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has multiple businesses.
“I have investments in real estate, hospitality, telecommunications, mining and much more, I have a consultancy company [in Dubai], a hotel, a mobile network company which launched in South Africa this past September and many other business ventures that have made me the wealthy man I am”.
To read more of this interview, grab your copy of the magazine, which is now on sale nationwide.
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Monday, September 12


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016

PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016

How To Use Bushiri's sim card - PSB Sim

PSB Network Launch on the 17 Sep 2016 - PSB Network is finding new to ways to connect you, giving you a world-class network that you can own and enjoy. We give you an opportunity to join us, as we celebrate the launch of this amazing gift, Major 1's very own network, 17th September 2016, from 8 pm. It will be what promises to be a great night, performances, entertainments to a point you would not want  to go home.
You can choose to be in Standard or Standard Plus seating, as per ticket sales, or you can seat at the Premium diplomatic seats, you can also join and mingle with the prophets Shepherd and Mary Bushiri, and some special visitors, which could include the Emeritus, Senior Prophet Uebert Angel, at the VIP section. Its up to you where you want to seat, and with whom. Tickets cover a meal, and gets you a FREE sim-card pre-loaded with airtime, which also comes signed by Major 1.

Don't miss out, get your own ticket before they sell out. Tickets are available at CNA, EDGARS and Jet stores, or online @ However, you should pre-register for the limited edition sim cards, to be handed out at launch. Remember, they come signed by Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri himself. Don't linger on, hasten up and pre-register for your very own sim on our website
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Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Punani

Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Private Part

Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Private Part(Punai)

Pastor anointing female member's punani or private part

Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Private Part - The founder and leader of Faith Word Church International at Nii Boi Town in Accra Ghana has been arrested by the police for allegedly rubbing olive oil in the vagina and on the clitoris of his church member.

Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei, according to the Tesano police, claimed he was casting out evil spirits that had possessed the victim by applying the oil in her private part.
After the act, the pastor allegedly attempted to rape the victim but she reportedly shouted for help and managed to escape.

Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei has provisionally been charged for indecent assault and breach of trust.

The Tesano Divisional Crime Officer, DSP Aba-Afari, who confirmed the incident to DAILY GUIDE, said the victim is an 18-year-old Senior High School graduate who fellowships with her parents in that church.
The pastor confided in the victim’s mother (named withheld) after church service on Sunday, August 28, 2016 that God had revealed to him through a vision that her daughter was possessed with an evil spirit.
He requested the woman to allow the girl come for deliverance service on Tuesday, August 30.

On that Tuesday, the mother of the victim asked her daughter to go for service but when the victim got to the church, the pastor requested that they go to his house for the said deliverance to be carried out and the victim obliged.

At his residence, the pastor allegedly asked the victim if she had ever accepted any love proposal from a man but she answered in the negative.

“Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei again asked the victim if she had experienced menstrual pains before and the victim answered in the affirmative,” DSP Aba-Afari narrated.
The police officer said the founder of the church then told the victim that the menstrual pains were the work of the devil and that he could deliver her by smearing anointing oil on her navel.

The pastor then ordered the victim to lie down and remove her dress while he rubbed the oil on her naval and parts of her abdomen.

The suspect further asked the victim to remove her pants and he rubbed the oil on the victim’s vagina and clitoris.

When the victim asked him to explain his actions, the pastor allegedly said he was being directed by the Holy Spirit to do so.

The 18-year-old victim resisted and attempted to stand up.
Pastor Agyei at that point grabbed the victim and forcefully kissed her and it was at that point that the victim raised an alarm for help.

The victim overpowered the pastor, came out of his room and reported the matter to her parents in the house.

A compliant was later lodged with the police which led to his arrest.
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Thursday, September 8




PROPHET BUSHIRI COMMANDS PHYSICAL FIRE TO COME DOWN - BLACK ELIJAH On the 3rd of September, around 1am, the supernatural, the unseen happened at Hall H at Pretoria Showgrounds during the church service of Enlightened Christian Gathering,that left the congregation dumb-founded.

After having taken a two-week break,fasting and praying for his followers whom he calls sons and daughters,  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, better known as Major 1,held an all-night prayer service that he dubbed,The Lion Of Judah Night on the 2nd of September 2016.On that evening, the Tshwane Events Centre was abuzz with activity, all halls full as well as the open stands at the stadium and the tent nicknamed miracle tent or mzuzu.  Over a hundred thousand people from all walks of life, locally and from abroad travelled just to  attend the all-night prayer with the Prophet after having missed him for the whole two weeks.

As he was doing what he does best, teaching and prophesying to his congregation,  the unusual happened.  He called out some people with charms in their pockets,  bags, wallets etc. to come in front to the altar and surrender their charms and get delivered. Lots of people responded to the call and decided to surrender it all at the altar.

Then the amazing happened when Major 1 called out the Fire of the Holy Ghost while delivering the people from the evil bondage by their charms and demonic forces. Physical fire appeared, just like in the days of Elijah and consumed the evil charms at the altar.  Everybody was shocked to see fire that nobody had put on.It was an electrifying moment that nobody will ever forget about it.

It simply shows that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever and that  He lives amongst us. All you need is to call out to Him and indeed,  He shall appear in your situation in many ways and forms. Power!
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Thursday, September 1


The anointing upon BUSHIRI will make you afford everything


The anointing upon Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,  the founder and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  Ministries, is powerful and it can make you afford anything. It will move you from poverty to prosperity.
The beloved prophet,popularly known as Major 1,has so many  successful business tycoons,entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires in his church. He even formed a Billionaires Academy at his church where he meets his sons and daughters and share ideas on how to run a successful businesses.

Major 1 always says that ECG doesn't attract millionaires,  it produces them. It is an error to meet a prophet and continue living in poverty. We have witnessed so many testimonies of people under the anointing of Major 1 testifying on how they started from nothing and now they are millionaires and billionaires. How they won tenders through faith and hokima wisdom.

Recently, Major 1 invited his son,a renowned speaker and business consultant,Lucas Sadler, all the way from Australia, to teach on how to establish businesses. when Major 1 was teaching on tushiya anointing,he mentioned this:- "I will not give you fish, but rather I will teach you how to fish!" His teachings  enable believers to become that long awaited streak of breakthrough that will enable them to deliver their families from generational curses of poverty

Surely the anointing of Papa Major 1 is worth to be pursued especially if you attend ECG church, which is more like  a university where we are schooled on how to move from one dimension of life to another, from being a nobody to being a somebody by a  great teacher and multimillionaire like Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, with Jesus Christ being the center of it all.All we need is a ravenous spirit to chase it, and surely we will achieve it!
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Wednesday, August 17


Malema:'I am not on a diet, i'm on a 90 days fasting with Major1, some demons need prayer and fasting'

Fasting is all about abstaining from food in order to give ourselves to prayer and fellowship with the Lord.  There are 3 types of fasting
Absolute fast:no water or food
Normal fast: abstaining from food
Partial fast : (Daniel's fast) Eating only vegetables
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the founder and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries is on a 90 -day fasting period,  fasting for his church members whom he calls sons and daughters.

Papa Major  1,  as he's popularly known amongst his followers,has always taught us that fasting breaks  strongholds, liberates people and draws them closer to God.Just as it is written in the Book of Amos 3 verse 7 that "Surely the Lord God will do nothing but revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets", Exodus 4 verse 16,"
And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people;and he shall be,even he shall be to thee instead of a mouth,and thou shalt be to him instead of God","...Believe in the Lord your God,so shall ye be established; believe His prophets,so shall ye prosper". This scriptures states clearly  that the prophet of God is there to stand between us and God.

All we need is to believe in the man of God. By praying and fasting, and believing in the prophet, we indeed shall prosper speedily. Everything one needs happens faster than anticipated.  Therefore fasting is essential in ones Christian walk . As the mouthpiece of God,Major 1 teaches us that being a partaker of God's divine nature,fasting and praying,   we shall conquer the world.  We even conquer distance, time and matter.We have to keep tapping into the grace and anointing of  not just a prophet,  but a Major prophet of our generation in order for us to prosper.  We are taking over!!!!
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Friday, August 12


Bushiri Humanitarian: 'Papa I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,i had no shelter and you gave me one'

Major 1 as a Humanitarian - I had no home but you gave me one, i had no food and you gave me plenty

There are people who will starve to death today in Africa. There are people who have to eat mud pies daily. We don’t truly understand how blessed we are. As Christians we are to feed the poor and help people who are in need. Feeding the needy is part of serving one another and as we serve others we are serving Christ.

For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, Matthew 25:42

When you go to the store and you happen to see a homeless man why not buy him something to eat? Think about it we go to the store seeking to buy things we don’t need like junk food.

Why not use our wealth to help someone that really needs it. Many times God will provide for people through us. Let’s all pray for more love and compassion for the needy. Let’s think of different ways to bless the poor. Let’s pray that God removes any stinginess that’s lurking in our heart.

Proverbs 19:17 The one who is gracious to the poor lends to the Lord, and the Lord will repay him for his good deed.

Major 1 has over the period of one year contributed millions to feed those who could not feed themselves. He has devoted of his time to go to to desolated places and feed the poor as Christ commanded in His word. Modern day prophets not only speak the word of God with Accuracy and Precision but also see to the needs of those less fortunate.

As a humanitarian Major 1 desires not praise for his humanitarian activities but long to do even more for those who are in need.
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Bushiri Anointing oils - Lion of Judah oil

Anointing the body or head with oil was a common practice with the Jews, as with other Oriental nations. ( Ruth 3:3 ; Micah 6:15 ) Anointing the head with oil or ointment seems also to have been a mark of respect sometimes paid by a host to his guests. Luke 7:46  and Psalms 23:5. It was a rite of inauguration into each of the three typical offices of the Jewish commonwealth.

1.Prophets were occasionally anointed to their office, ( 1 Kings 19:16 ) and were called messiahs, or anointed. ( 1 Chronicles 16:22 ; Psalms 105:15 )
 2.Priests, at the first institution of the Levitical priesthood, were all anointed to their offices, ( Exodus 40:15 ; Numbers 3:3 ) but afterwards anointing seems to have been specially reserved for the high priest, ( Exodus 29:29 ; Leviticus 16:32 ) so that "the priest that is anointed," ( Leviticus 4:3 ) is generally thought to mean the high priest. 3. Kings. Anointing was the principal and divinely-appointed ceremony in the inauguration of the Jewish Kings. ( 1 Samuel 9:16 ; 10:1 ; 1 Kings 1:34 1 Kings 1:39 ) The rite was sometimes performed more than once. David was thrice anointed.
4. Inanimate objects also were anointed with oil, in token of their being set apart for religious service. Thus Jacob anointed a pillar at Bethel. ( ( Genesis 31:13 ; Exodus 30:26-28 )
5.Ecclesiastical . Anointing with oil is prescribed by St. James to be used for the recovery of the sick. ( James 5:14 ) Analogous to this is the anointing with oil practiced by the twelve disciples. ( Mark 6:13 ) .
At Enlightened Christian Gathering, a church founded by the multimillionaire  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,  you get to find different anointed materials that helps every individual that believes and uses it. There are two different anointing oils that are found there. There's Oil of Favour and the Lion of Judah oil. These oils acts as a conduit, people getting breakthroughs,  healed and delivered, thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit carried within the oils that the man of God,popularly known as Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri prays for.

Most believers have, and still are testifying on the goodness of the Lord after using these anointing oils. Some apply it on the sick, who get healed immediately after rubbing it on the body. Some spray it in their homes to keep away evil spirits.A certain young man who had his liver removed, applied the Lion of Judah oil on the wound where he was operated on. Within a few days, a new liver appeared. A certain unemployed lady applied the oil and she got a miracle job that she never applied for.  Several dead people, mostly children,  came back to life after they were applied the oil. Two young toddlers,  one in August 2015 and another one in April 2016 both died at church but were resurrected after being anointed by the Lion of Judah oil.There are so many thousands of other testimonies that came due to the use of the anointing oil from the church.

Clearly this shows that the anointing oil has so many uses and purposes that includes deliverance, healing and instant breakthroughs amongst the users.  Every household needs to have it. You can never take Major 1 to your home or office but with his anointed materials including the Oil of favour and the Lion of Judah oil,you will know that you are safe and protected because the Power of the Holy Ghost is in there! POWER!!!
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Tuesday, July 12


People who laugh at your humble beginning, tell them “Watch the space” – Major 1

They will be saying : you go church every service but your life aint moving.

Starting things is difficult and requires patience. A lot of people have failed to accomplish things because of so many distractions associated with humble beginnings.

The most of it all is what others say when they see you struggling to get established. They make you believe you cant do it and they talk a lot behind your back, mocking you saying you are chasing impossible dreams.

We have the story of David in the bible who was mocked by his brothers and friends when he took up the challenge to fight Goliath. One thing I love about David is that he never cared what others said about him. He knew his fight, it was against Goliath and not what others said about him.

If you are having these humble beginnings, keep moving forward. Big dreams do not come cheap, they require your total concentration. People might say you cant do it, when you do it, they will ask how you did it, and you will tell them with a smile over your face the God you worship made it happen for you.

I speak to you now, if people laugh at what you are doing, calling you all sorts of names and telling you that you are chasing impossible dreams, just answer them that “Watch this space.”
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Monday, June 13


Dating at work place - relationship talks in the workplace

Elijah Padi: Yesterday's answer on workplace relationships.

Question 1

Do you think workplace dating should be allowed or discouraged?

Studies have shown that 70% of employees wolrdwide have engaged in some sort of workplace romance, 50% have become physically involved and the other 20% ended things before they could get physical.

I say workplace dating should be allowed but managed. It is happening anyway, whether allowed or not.

Think about this: Most high performing and even low performing companies tend to recruit people on the basis of person to organization fit(meaning they employ a certain calibre of people). This would mean like minded people will be employed in a particular company. These people may share similar interest and show similar intellectual levels, thereby challenging each other to be more of who they really are at the core. This similarity might create a strong sense of belonging, understanding, and familiarity. Time spending and stimulating conversations may lead to Psychological and social attachment that may lead to intimate relationships. If it were not of workplace policies and certain societal values, many people would have been open about workplace dating. However workplace dating can become a problem when it involves a senior manager and a direct reportee.

Question 2

Do you think relationship talks/ education should be allowed in the workplace?

Relationship and Marriage talks should be allowed in the workplace. In fact, they are a must. Many companies are losing money and productivity because of intimate relationships. People are absent from work because of relationship stress. Medical aid are exhausted because of depressed employees who are suffering from different psychosomatic ills. Most companies expect employees to separate their personal life from the work life. This is an unfair ask. People carry their personal life where ever they go. They may not discuss their problems with the boss or a colleague, but their problems are affecting them during the 70% of their time spent at work. That is why most people have attitudinal problems at work, or mediocre productivity, or even staying absent from work. Companies that are not allowing relationship talks at work are paying a high price. On the hand if companies can allow relationship talks at workplace, employees will find time during thein 70% stay at work to learn of conflict management skills, emotional management, how to deal with abuse, boosting your self confidence, when to let go of toxic relationships, people management etc. These are the same skills that are needed at workplace. this will translate to improved productivity and a conducive environment. People don't need to broadcast their problems in public, they can have one on one sessions with professionals, but allowing them to learn relationship skills in a public forum can add so much value in their lives. This is a proactive solution as opposed to being reactive. Some people might not know what to do in a situation and may be shy or ashamed to ask, but when they know that they have a platform to listen to qualified speakers, they will be confident to speak and be effective in dealing with their relationship problems. Workplace romances are are part of  organizational life, and prohibiting them will not solve the problems associated with them, but talking about them within a work context will improve the lives of employees. Let's start the conversations.

Elijah Padi
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Monday, June 6


How to be a successful business man? - stay away from woman they will pull you backward.

Be ware of demons that works in woman - Ladies can dig all your money in a short space of time.

Don't be deceived by the out looks of woman - Ladies will dig your money in a short space of time before you even realise.

Unfortunalety man dont walk around with exray machine to look if a person is good inside or not , if exray machine could really tell if the person is beautiful inside.

I wish scientist could develop a machine that could tell if a person is good inside , unfortunately there is no such machine , only GOd can tell if a person is good or no good when you acquired the spirit of discernment through Christ Jesus who paid the price for our sins on the cross 2000 years ago.

Woman nowadays use their bodies as a source of income , others would say "how can I suffer or be poor while I have a firm/company between my legs". fornication has become one of the major factor to draw back man 's focus nowadays.

Many man had been pulled back in their businesses , others lost their jobs because of this threat of firms or company between woman 's legs.

:A massage to mzansi stories readers ( for man )

"live your life like your a foreigner because our final destination is in heaven. I understand that the bible says two is better than one however one man for one lady and then you will see success in your life"

"se_x before mariage is a sin" but most pastors dont like preaching about this topic from the holy bible because they might loose members. TO restore your relationship with God a sacrifice need to be done by starting to pay your tithe and offerings.

IF you cannot manage your emotions and feelings , do you think you can be able to manage R20?

What about a billions?

please share to grow up your daily doze "mzansi stories"
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Monday, April 18


Your purpose as a human being

Let me tell you about your purpose.

Many people are afraid to pursue their purpose because of the bad things or failures of their past. They always measure themselves in terms of their past and end up sabotaging themselves.

You see, your purpose is inborn, it is yours forever. It is not determined by your life events or circumstances. You may have committed murder, abortion, adultery and other sins but your purpose remains the same. David committed adultery and murder, he was deposed as a king but he was again restored as a king because he was born a king.

Child of God don't go to your grave with that business idea, that book, that ministry, etc. Don't be afraid of what people will say, be encouraged by what God said: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more (Hebrews 8:12).

The people you are concerned about don't have great plans for you, and will always remember and remind you of your past sins, just say to them: " Haven't you heard that the person you are talking about is long dead", and leave them like that. The bible says " If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come and the old one has gone (2 Corinthians 5:17).

You are a new being, now go and pursue your purpose.

Elijah Padi
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Wednesday, March 30


James nee - turning around

James nee turning around mp3

The son of the major prophet in the world has expanded with his hit album 2016.

James Nee is a singer, songwriter, producer and businessman. He is a son of Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and ECG worshipper. #WAECG #TAC

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Saturday, February 6


Communication in relationships

Communication is made up of three components namely;

Body language which equals 55%
Tonality which equals 38 %
Words which account for only 7%

Furthermore it is important to note that the a man and a woman's brains are wired differently. A woman's brain is created in a multi-tracking manner(which means a woman can jungle more than one conversations at the time) whereas a man's brain is created in a mono-tracking manner(which means men process information one bit at the time).

In order for couples to communicate well, women must understand that the more they speak a lot of things to their husbands the more they switch off and try to process what their wives are trying to say, so it is best to say only a few specific things and allow your husband/boyfriend to process and make sense of your concerns. On the other hand, husbands must notify their wives when they are experiencing information overload.

Women are also quick to pick up bodily responses, hence they can see when a man I disengaged. On the other hand men struggle tremendously to read body language. Women are more concern about the tone of their husband's voices rather than what the husband is saying. So Gents use a proper (preferably a soft one when engaging with your wife, especially when having an argument). Women stop expecting your husbands to read sign languages, they are not very good with that.

Always remember that women can multitask because they us mainly both sides of their brains, whereas men use mainly one side of their brain.

That is why most women can listen to the radio, drive, and do make up at the same time.  Whereas when a man is driving and looking for directions he would even switch off the radio in order to concentrate.

Next update coming.... From my book divorce is not my portion.  Coming soon... Elijah Padi
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Tuesday, February 2


lion of Judah oil - Anointing oil

The story of the dead boy coming back to life

ECG has now become a residence of prodigious miracles and wonders. Thousands upon thousands who have stepped their feet on the anointed premises have testified of these inordinate heavenly encounters.
Most of the miracles that have been achieved by God through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri have either left conundrums or tears on the faces of people attending the services live or through Prophetic Channel as they cannot modestly apprehend the authority of God through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
Talking of the latter, a rip probing miracle was performed on Sunday, August 9, when a dead boy stumbled upon the refurbishment of life before thousands of eye witnesses who beheld him breathe the last air accessible due to sickness, hence a purpose that impelled his parents to come look for healing from God through the Major Prophet.
As the Mother reminisced through her testimony on Prophetic Channel, her only boy had been sick for some time and after moving from one hospital to another, they as a final point run out of possibilities. This was decently a major problem that needed Major’s responsiveness.
On this precise Sunday, the young couple made its way to the habitual location, a locality that dynasties two major powers of “Favour” and of course the non-negotiator “Lion of Judah” in the form of anointing oil prayed for by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
Just as it is experienced every day, the parents could not get a place to sit in the main auditorium or the main overflow just few steps below Major’s altar. As an alternative, they managed to get a back space in the fourth overflow that was also filled to the last space available.
The waiting was too long and before the Prophet could make his way to the fourth overflow, the child died and he was gone, with no hope of return. As the ushers and first aid doctors made their way to the dead child, his parents and people sitting closer were already deep in tears. The parents had just lost their only joy and happiness that bonded their union. What a sad moment.
As one of the doctors narrates, there was literally nothing substantial they could do apart from soothing the parents to take heart and let God be God for calling a gift He had given them. Just as they were in such a moment of agony, it occurred to one of the ushers to anoint the dead body with the Lion of Judah (anointing oil) and she ministered with faith on the dead body.
A single drop on him was enough to make Angels of life act accordingly and the boy’s breathing passage opened to the bewilderment of people, shocking the parents with delight that they remained mystified up until to the next hour when the news had spread through the church that a boy had been raised from the dead with the touch of the Lion of Judah.

So it happened that with the help of one of the pastors, the Mother and the boy were brought to the main auditorium where another huge line of people was also pending to testify of the different miracles encountered in their lives through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
With an incest of tears pouring down her cheeks, the Mother recalled the whole story before thousands of congregation and millions of views, explaining how the young boy had been touched by the Lion of Judah. She at first testified in the absence of her husband who was still feeble in the fourth overflow, ostensibly out of words to designate what he had just encountered. It was after few hours later that he joined his wife on the altar to elucidate the bitter joy of having lost the child and see him breathe again minutes later through the anointing.
“I don’t know how to explain this and as I speak, my heart rejoices of what the Lord has done. Am old enough, I know a dead person when I see one. This time, I did not just see, but I carried him in my arms, and that’s my baby boy who lost his life few minutes ago when we were hoping for his healing in the fourth overflow,” recalled the father in a very low voice as he had lost strength to shout with Joy.
“Just as the first aid doctors came to help us, they also examined him and told us that the boy was already dead. Of course I had already seen that he was dead and developed a cold body, with his eyes protruding dangerously in our presence. But when one of the ushers ministered the anointing oil on him, we felt his heart beat once more and his body temperature became normal once again. All I can afford to say now is to thank God of Major One for this great miracle,” explained the father of the child before millions of viewers of Prophetic Channel.
This is one of the many cases that have been handled by Major One’s anointing. Most of them are cases that even science cannot give a candid explanation to. The lame walking, blind people receiving their sight back, marriages being restored, people getting opportunities beyond their qualifications and now, dead people coming back to life. What can we say of this God? How can we explain this anointing upon Major One? Even none believers have been left mouths open with no tenacious enlightenment to the miracles performed by Major One.
Is this science or magic, having in mind that there is just a thin line existing between the two? But what is beyond science and magic? Surely, there is God waiting tolerantly to exhibit what none believers term as science or magic, while we, believers call such things ‘’miracles and wonders.”
It is spoken on John 11:25 that: “Jesus told her, "I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.”
The story of the dead boy coming back to life should promise us that there is nothing impossible with God through His chosen servant, Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. As it stands, a lot of people have lost the things they love with no hope of revivification.
“Enough is enough! The devil is a liar. You are getting your blessings now. If I be a prophet of God, of who I know I am, then I speak to you that whatever things which are dead in your life should come back to life now in Jesus’ name. Be it marriages, employment, relationships, careers, talents and anything that is dead within you, I speak life in the name of Jesus,” declares Major One, all you have to do is to receive with faith.
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Wednesday, January 20


How to be rich free and fast.

In Christ jesus I assure you more blessings to bless others - In  that way your blessings will multiply.

If you plant a seed on infertile soil do you think it will bear fruits , People should learn to plant their seeds on fertile soil. Let's think outside the box for a while . If you plant one seed of millie how many millies will you get? and if you plant multi seeds, how many millies you will get? answer your self that complimentary question...

IF you own cows; ant you allowed to milk them. All I am trying to show you is that man of God are allowed to eat part of your blessings because they feed you with the spiritual food. (scriptures support my statement )

Those who are renting apartments and flats are paying rent money on a monthly basis. Everything depend on money always . Churches depend on money to run.

Invest in GOd and you will see the great one showering your life with multi blessings. Don't you wanna be a millionaire? invest in GOd today and he shall keep his promise and bless you.

The more you give is the more you will receive , the less you give is the less you will receive and the zero you you give the is "0" you will receive. Money for you is just waiting for you to press the release button by planting a seed on fertile soil which will take a short time to grow and bear fruits for just you my brother my sister.

mzansi stories readers I want you to be billionaires today by adhering to the priciples of the living God.

God knows our problems and all we need; so let's follow his principles to get blessed to bless others...

"Receive more money in Jesus name Amen"

Don't be selfish , and share this post so that you don't be a billionaire alone

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Tuesday, January 19


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - Diplomatic LIVE 18/01/2016

Diplomatic LIVE - 18/01/2016


Everytime you are in a prophetic arena, it is imperative to understand how God operates in such an arena.
Seldom people's situations do not change due to their lack of understanding and revelation thereof.
Understand this dynamic truth,when one is privileged to be associated with such a powerful anointing as the one working upon Major 1, the only thing that stands in the way of them receiving a miracle, is revelation.
Readers all round, join us on these LIVE minute-to-minute updates of the Monday Diplomatic Service. Lives are guaranteed to change tonight!


Many times, people experience a business lapse and failure due to lack of principles.
In order for one to run a smooth business it needs to be pioneered by firm principles.
-Major 1 Teaching


Before God formed anything, He first created it in the spirit; then he went on to form it by speaking forth.
The lesson is this, before you form anything in your life, you must first create it in the spirit thereafter , it will begin to manifest in the natural.
-Major 1



God gave power to human kind to dominate over several things on earth.
This means that a human has dominion over money, animals, business, their marriage and breakthroughs.
Dominion had already been placed in the spirit by God to take over, now it is the time for the manifestation of this dominion to come into being.
Major 1 Teaching.

Be a Diplomatic Manager

" Good management is defined as the proper organization and coordination of particular activities in order to achieve defined objectives. It is a factor of production.
Listen, management is a defining factor of success. If you are unable to manage your time and resources you will not be able to yield great results.
Sometimes it's not a question of deliverance or demonic influence, it is simply a question of how you are managing your things."
-Major 1

The Principle of Management

"God analyses the way in which you handle the basic stuff before he blesses you.
There is no way that you can handle millions if you are failing to manage your bedroom."
-Major 1

Self- management

"The way in which you manage your personal life is of prime importance.
You need to discipline yourself enough to spend your time wisely, pray unceasingly , set your priorities straight , eliminate unnecessary wants and ventures and simply focus."
-Major 1

 A good manager

" A good manager not only has a right perspective but he carries God's perspective.
He does not see sickness he sees healing. He does not see failure he sees success. He does not tire he pushes further.
A good manager has a stubborn faith. Are you a good manager ?"
-Major 1

Diplomatic LIVE:

"God is looking for people who can manage themselves well before He brings in their miracles.
Effective self-management precedes the manifestation of divine blessings."
-Major 1

Spiritual Management

" You need to handle issues of lust, pride and all fleshly desires before God can bless you.
Spiritually , you need to be disciplined and focused before God can bless you with abundant miracles.
Poor management is standing in the way of your blessings today. Ask yourself this question, if God is to bless you with a million dollars today, what would you do with it ?
A good manager plans and makes forecasts. They establish ideas and set up contracts. A good manager puts things in order."
-Major 1


"The Lord will bless you and transform you into a good manager tonight, receive the blessing of the Lord."
-Major 1

"If you can not manage your bedroom, you can not manage your business. It starts from how clean you are. For women, if you can not manage your kitchen, you can not manage millions of dollars. God is looking for people who can manage themselves before He gives them what to manage."
- Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Closing Prayer

Our dearest readers, as the night comes to a close, the man of God anoints the ears of every individual that was in attendance. Declaring thereafter that divine revelations must become manifest in the lives of Gods children.
Distance is never a hindrance, therefore, by reason of you being connected , may you also become a good manager who carries divine revelation.
May everything in your life prosper and succeed by reason of good management.
Shalom !
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