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Monday, February 24


'Glory and Salvation Temple' Christian Church - GST

Glory & Salvation Temple - William Mahlatse Ramatseba Ministries - G.S.T

GST is not just a congregation but a church of disciples of Christ, it's a family. People and children of all ages and races are encouraged to join a cell and get connected to The Prophet of God ' William Mahlatse Ramatseba

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Thursday, September 14


Little Girl Pictured On Her Knees And In Tears As She Prays And Worships God

Little Girl Pictured On Her Knees And In Tears As She Prays And Worships God

A little girl has got many people talking on social media after pictures of her emerged showing her fervently praying.  A Nigerian Pastor, Jerry Uchechukwu Eze, shared photos of his young daughter lost in deep worship while he was ministering in church.

The photos have since gone viral on social media with a lot of positive feedback.
Who said there is no God? This is a true manifestation of connecting with the father of all spirits!  no age barrier, no discrimination, just worship him in spirit and in truth, He will show himself to you.
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Monday, September 12


Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Punani

Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Private Part

Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Private Part(Punai)

Pastor anointing female member's punani or private part

Pastor Arrested for Rubbing Anointing Oil On Female's Private Part - The founder and leader of Faith Word Church International at Nii Boi Town in Accra Ghana has been arrested by the police for allegedly rubbing olive oil in the vagina and on the clitoris of his church member.

Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei, according to the Tesano police, claimed he was casting out evil spirits that had possessed the victim by applying the oil in her private part.
After the act, the pastor allegedly attempted to rape the victim but she reportedly shouted for help and managed to escape.

Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei has provisionally been charged for indecent assault and breach of trust.

The Tesano Divisional Crime Officer, DSP Aba-Afari, who confirmed the incident to DAILY GUIDE, said the victim is an 18-year-old Senior High School graduate who fellowships with her parents in that church.
The pastor confided in the victim’s mother (named withheld) after church service on Sunday, August 28, 2016 that God had revealed to him through a vision that her daughter was possessed with an evil spirit.
He requested the woman to allow the girl come for deliverance service on Tuesday, August 30.

On that Tuesday, the mother of the victim asked her daughter to go for service but when the victim got to the church, the pastor requested that they go to his house for the said deliverance to be carried out and the victim obliged.

At his residence, the pastor allegedly asked the victim if she had ever accepted any love proposal from a man but she answered in the negative.

“Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei again asked the victim if she had experienced menstrual pains before and the victim answered in the affirmative,” DSP Aba-Afari narrated.
The police officer said the founder of the church then told the victim that the menstrual pains were the work of the devil and that he could deliver her by smearing anointing oil on her navel.

The pastor then ordered the victim to lie down and remove her dress while he rubbed the oil on her naval and parts of her abdomen.

The suspect further asked the victim to remove her pants and he rubbed the oil on the victim’s vagina and clitoris.

When the victim asked him to explain his actions, the pastor allegedly said he was being directed by the Holy Spirit to do so.

The 18-year-old victim resisted and attempted to stand up.
Pastor Agyei at that point grabbed the victim and forcefully kissed her and it was at that point that the victim raised an alarm for help.

The victim overpowered the pastor, came out of his room and reported the matter to her parents in the house.

A compliant was later lodged with the police which led to his arrest.
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Wednesday, August 17


Malema:'I am not on a diet, i'm on a 90 days fasting with Major1, some demons need prayer and fasting'

Fasting is all about abstaining from food in order to give ourselves to prayer and fellowship with the Lord.  There are 3 types of fasting
Absolute fast:no water or food
Normal fast: abstaining from food
Partial fast : (Daniel's fast) Eating only vegetables
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the founder and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries is on a 90 -day fasting period,  fasting for his church members whom he calls sons and daughters.

Papa Major  1,  as he's popularly known amongst his followers,has always taught us that fasting breaks  strongholds, liberates people and draws them closer to God.Just as it is written in the Book of Amos 3 verse 7 that "Surely the Lord God will do nothing but revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets", Exodus 4 verse 16,"
And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people;and he shall be,even he shall be to thee instead of a mouth,and thou shalt be to him instead of God","...Believe in the Lord your God,so shall ye be established; believe His prophets,so shall ye prosper". This scriptures states clearly  that the prophet of God is there to stand between us and God.

All we need is to believe in the man of God. By praying and fasting, and believing in the prophet, we indeed shall prosper speedily. Everything one needs happens faster than anticipated.  Therefore fasting is essential in ones Christian walk . As the mouthpiece of God,Major 1 teaches us that being a partaker of God's divine nature,fasting and praying,   we shall conquer the world.  We even conquer distance, time and matter.We have to keep tapping into the grace and anointing of  not just a prophet,  but a Major prophet of our generation in order for us to prosper.  We are taking over!!!!
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Monday, June 13


Dating at work place - relationship talks in the workplace

Elijah Padi: Yesterday's answer on workplace relationships.

Question 1

Do you think workplace dating should be allowed or discouraged?

Studies have shown that 70% of employees wolrdwide have engaged in some sort of workplace romance, 50% have become physically involved and the other 20% ended things before they could get physical.

I say workplace dating should be allowed but managed. It is happening anyway, whether allowed or not.

Think about this: Most high performing and even low performing companies tend to recruit people on the basis of person to organization fit(meaning they employ a certain calibre of people). This would mean like minded people will be employed in a particular company. These people may share similar interest and show similar intellectual levels, thereby challenging each other to be more of who they really are at the core. This similarity might create a strong sense of belonging, understanding, and familiarity. Time spending and stimulating conversations may lead to Psychological and social attachment that may lead to intimate relationships. If it were not of workplace policies and certain societal values, many people would have been open about workplace dating. However workplace dating can become a problem when it involves a senior manager and a direct reportee.

Question 2

Do you think relationship talks/ education should be allowed in the workplace?

Relationship and Marriage talks should be allowed in the workplace. In fact, they are a must. Many companies are losing money and productivity because of intimate relationships. People are absent from work because of relationship stress. Medical aid are exhausted because of depressed employees who are suffering from different psychosomatic ills. Most companies expect employees to separate their personal life from the work life. This is an unfair ask. People carry their personal life where ever they go. They may not discuss their problems with the boss or a colleague, but their problems are affecting them during the 70% of their time spent at work. That is why most people have attitudinal problems at work, or mediocre productivity, or even staying absent from work. Companies that are not allowing relationship talks at work are paying a high price. On the hand if companies can allow relationship talks at workplace, employees will find time during thein 70% stay at work to learn of conflict management skills, emotional management, how to deal with abuse, boosting your self confidence, when to let go of toxic relationships, people management etc. These are the same skills that are needed at workplace. this will translate to improved productivity and a conducive environment. People don't need to broadcast their problems in public, they can have one on one sessions with professionals, but allowing them to learn relationship skills in a public forum can add so much value in their lives. This is a proactive solution as opposed to being reactive. Some people might not know what to do in a situation and may be shy or ashamed to ask, but when they know that they have a platform to listen to qualified speakers, they will be confident to speak and be effective in dealing with their relationship problems. Workplace romances are are part of  organizational life, and prohibiting them will not solve the problems associated with them, but talking about them within a work context will improve the lives of employees. Let's start the conversations.

Elijah Padi
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Monday, June 6


How to be a successful business man? - stay away from woman they will pull you backward.

Be ware of demons that works in woman - Ladies can dig all your money in a short space of time.

Don't be deceived by the out looks of woman - Ladies will dig your money in a short space of time before you even realise.

Unfortunalety man dont walk around with exray machine to look if a person is good inside or not , if exray machine could really tell if the person is beautiful inside.

I wish scientist could develop a machine that could tell if a person is good inside , unfortunately there is no such machine , only GOd can tell if a person is good or no good when you acquired the spirit of discernment through Christ Jesus who paid the price for our sins on the cross 2000 years ago.

Woman nowadays use their bodies as a source of income , others would say "how can I suffer or be poor while I have a firm/company between my legs". fornication has become one of the major factor to draw back man 's focus nowadays.

Many man had been pulled back in their businesses , others lost their jobs because of this threat of firms or company between woman 's legs.

:A massage to mzansi stories readers ( for man )

"live your life like your a foreigner because our final destination is in heaven. I understand that the bible says two is better than one however one man for one lady and then you will see success in your life"

"se_x before mariage is a sin" but most pastors dont like preaching about this topic from the holy bible because they might loose members. TO restore your relationship with God a sacrifice need to be done by starting to pay your tithe and offerings.

IF you cannot manage your emotions and feelings , do you think you can be able to manage R20?

What about a billions?

please share to grow up your daily doze "mzansi stories"
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Monday, April 18


Your purpose as a human being

Let me tell you about your purpose.

Many people are afraid to pursue their purpose because of the bad things or failures of their past. They always measure themselves in terms of their past and end up sabotaging themselves.

You see, your purpose is inborn, it is yours forever. It is not determined by your life events or circumstances. You may have committed murder, abortion, adultery and other sins but your purpose remains the same. David committed adultery and murder, he was deposed as a king but he was again restored as a king because he was born a king.

Child of God don't go to your grave with that business idea, that book, that ministry, etc. Don't be afraid of what people will say, be encouraged by what God said: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more (Hebrews 8:12).

The people you are concerned about don't have great plans for you, and will always remember and remind you of your past sins, just say to them: " Haven't you heard that the person you are talking about is long dead", and leave them like that. The bible says " If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come and the old one has gone (2 Corinthians 5:17).

You are a new being, now go and pursue your purpose.

Elijah Padi
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Wednesday, March 30


James nee - turning around

James nee turning around mp3

The son of the major prophet in the world has expanded with his hit album 2016.

James Nee is a singer, songwriter, producer and businessman. He is a son of Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and ECG worshipper. #WAECG #TAC

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Saturday, February 6


Communication in relationships

Communication is made up of three components namely;

Body language which equals 55%
Tonality which equals 38 %
Words which account for only 7%

Furthermore it is important to note that the a man and a woman's brains are wired differently. A woman's brain is created in a multi-tracking manner(which means a woman can jungle more than one conversations at the time) whereas a man's brain is created in a mono-tracking manner(which means men process information one bit at the time).

In order for couples to communicate well, women must understand that the more they speak a lot of things to their husbands the more they switch off and try to process what their wives are trying to say, so it is best to say only a few specific things and allow your husband/boyfriend to process and make sense of your concerns. On the other hand, husbands must notify their wives when they are experiencing information overload.

Women are also quick to pick up bodily responses, hence they can see when a man I disengaged. On the other hand men struggle tremendously to read body language. Women are more concern about the tone of their husband's voices rather than what the husband is saying. So Gents use a proper (preferably a soft one when engaging with your wife, especially when having an argument). Women stop expecting your husbands to read sign languages, they are not very good with that.

Always remember that women can multitask because they us mainly both sides of their brains, whereas men use mainly one side of their brain.

That is why most women can listen to the radio, drive, and do make up at the same time.  Whereas when a man is driving and looking for directions he would even switch off the radio in order to concentrate.

Next update coming.... From my book divorce is not my portion.  Coming soon... Elijah Padi
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Wednesday, January 20


How to be rich free and fast.

In Christ jesus I assure you more blessings to bless others - In  that way your blessings will multiply.

If you plant a seed on infertile soil do you think it will bear fruits , People should learn to plant their seeds on fertile soil. Let's think outside the box for a while . If you plant one seed of millie how many millies will you get? and if you plant multi seeds, how many millies you will get? answer your self that complimentary question...

IF you own cows; ant you allowed to milk them. All I am trying to show you is that man of God are allowed to eat part of your blessings because they feed you with the spiritual food. (scriptures support my statement )

Those who are renting apartments and flats are paying rent money on a monthly basis. Everything depend on money always . Churches depend on money to run.

Invest in GOd and you will see the great one showering your life with multi blessings. Don't you wanna be a millionaire? invest in GOd today and he shall keep his promise and bless you.

The more you give is the more you will receive , the less you give is the less you will receive and the zero you you give the is "0" you will receive. Money for you is just waiting for you to press the release button by planting a seed on fertile soil which will take a short time to grow and bear fruits for just you my brother my sister.

mzansi stories readers I want you to be billionaires today by adhering to the priciples of the living God.

God knows our problems and all we need; so let's follow his principles to get blessed to bless others...

"Receive more money in Jesus name Amen"

Don't be selfish , and share this post so that you don't be a billionaire alone

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Tuesday, January 19


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - Diplomatic LIVE 18/01/2016

Diplomatic LIVE - 18/01/2016


Everytime you are in a prophetic arena, it is imperative to understand how God operates in such an arena.
Seldom people's situations do not change due to their lack of understanding and revelation thereof.
Understand this dynamic truth,when one is privileged to be associated with such a powerful anointing as the one working upon Major 1, the only thing that stands in the way of them receiving a miracle, is revelation.
Readers all round, join us on these LIVE minute-to-minute updates of the Monday Diplomatic Service. Lives are guaranteed to change tonight!


Many times, people experience a business lapse and failure due to lack of principles.
In order for one to run a smooth business it needs to be pioneered by firm principles.
-Major 1 Teaching


Before God formed anything, He first created it in the spirit; then he went on to form it by speaking forth.
The lesson is this, before you form anything in your life, you must first create it in the spirit thereafter , it will begin to manifest in the natural.
-Major 1



God gave power to human kind to dominate over several things on earth.
This means that a human has dominion over money, animals, business, their marriage and breakthroughs.
Dominion had already been placed in the spirit by God to take over, now it is the time for the manifestation of this dominion to come into being.
Major 1 Teaching.

Be a Diplomatic Manager

" Good management is defined as the proper organization and coordination of particular activities in order to achieve defined objectives. It is a factor of production.
Listen, management is a defining factor of success. If you are unable to manage your time and resources you will not be able to yield great results.
Sometimes it's not a question of deliverance or demonic influence, it is simply a question of how you are managing your things."
-Major 1

The Principle of Management

"God analyses the way in which you handle the basic stuff before he blesses you.
There is no way that you can handle millions if you are failing to manage your bedroom."
-Major 1

Self- management

"The way in which you manage your personal life is of prime importance.
You need to discipline yourself enough to spend your time wisely, pray unceasingly , set your priorities straight , eliminate unnecessary wants and ventures and simply focus."
-Major 1

 A good manager

" A good manager not only has a right perspective but he carries God's perspective.
He does not see sickness he sees healing. He does not see failure he sees success. He does not tire he pushes further.
A good manager has a stubborn faith. Are you a good manager ?"
-Major 1

Diplomatic LIVE:

"God is looking for people who can manage themselves well before He brings in their miracles.
Effective self-management precedes the manifestation of divine blessings."
-Major 1

Spiritual Management

" You need to handle issues of lust, pride and all fleshly desires before God can bless you.
Spiritually , you need to be disciplined and focused before God can bless you with abundant miracles.
Poor management is standing in the way of your blessings today. Ask yourself this question, if God is to bless you with a million dollars today, what would you do with it ?
A good manager plans and makes forecasts. They establish ideas and set up contracts. A good manager puts things in order."
-Major 1


"The Lord will bless you and transform you into a good manager tonight, receive the blessing of the Lord."
-Major 1

"If you can not manage your bedroom, you can not manage your business. It starts from how clean you are. For women, if you can not manage your kitchen, you can not manage millions of dollars. God is looking for people who can manage themselves before He gives them what to manage."
- Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Closing Prayer

Our dearest readers, as the night comes to a close, the man of God anoints the ears of every individual that was in attendance. Declaring thereafter that divine revelations must become manifest in the lives of Gods children.
Distance is never a hindrance, therefore, by reason of you being connected , may you also become a good manager who carries divine revelation.
May everything in your life prosper and succeed by reason of good management.
Shalom !
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Sunday, December 6


TB Joshua massage of the day - the synagogue church of all nations

"We have an enemy to fight against, a Captain to fight for and a Banner to fight under. So, apply yourself to your work and duty as Christian soldiers and destroy the works of the devil, by loving God and loving everyone as you love yourself, in Jesus’name."

"Nobody wants to be on the outside. Everybody desires to have a feel of belonging to a unified whole. For people of faith, Jesus Christ is the whole and the common centre or our unity. As Christians, the basis of our unity with one another is our union with God!"
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Sunday, November 29


Christmas news letter - celebrating Christmas on the 25 December 2015

Christmas united state,Canada,South africa



When is our Savior's real birthday? Is it December 25? If not, why do we celebrate his birth on Christmas?
The date of Christ's actual birth is unknown. It is not recorded in the Bible. However, Christians of all denominations and faith groups, aside from the Church of Armenia, celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25

There is no evidence in The Holy Bible that Christmas is to be celebrated, in fact, The Apostles, the disciples, the first true believers and even for the next three centuries we find absolutely no record anywhere that anyone spoke about or observed what we know today as 'Christmas'.

Before the birth of The Messiah, Y'shua our LORD, The Romans had a pagan feast called 'saturnalia' that was observed during the early part of winter, what we now call 'December', and its heathen feast and practices fell towards the end of the month.

Yes, Y'shua (Jesus) was born in Bethlehem of Judea nearly two-thousand years ago for one and only one purpose and reason, and that is, to become our mediator between GOD and man, and not as some espouse, that Mary, or the Pope, or a rabbi, or a minister can take his place or even intercede before GOD for us. Only Y'shua (Jesus) is Our LORD. It is only through The Birth, Life, Death, Burial and Resurrection of Our LORD and Savior Y'shua (Jesus) that anyone can have access into The Kingdom of GOD.

Latest Christmas News

Fasting is the most powerful spiritual discipline of all the Christian disciplines. Through fasting and prayer, the Holy Spirit can transform your life. Fasting and prayer can also work on a much grander scale. According to Scripture, personal experience and observation, I am convinced that when God's people fast with a proper Biblical motive-seeking God's face not His hand-with a broken, repentant and contrite spirit, God will hear from heaven and heal our lives, our churches, our communities, our nation and world. Fasting and prayer can bring about revival - a change in the direction of our nation, the nations of earth and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Spiritual Tips

1. Read spiritual and uplifting books.
2. Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day.
3. Acknowledge the fact that you are a spirit with a physical body
4. Develop tolerance, patience, tact and consideration for others.
5. Think positive. If you find yourself thinking negatively, immediately switch to thinking positively. Be in control of what enters your mind. Open the door for the positive and close it for the negative.


God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in The Name of Thy Beloved Son Y'shua (Jesus), I ask You to forgive me for the lack of understanding and the disrespect that I have shown You in observing 'Christ-mas' the way I have in the past; Now, with Your love, mercy and help, please strengthen me to properly and scripturally worship You in spirit and in truth as I look unto My Saviour, The Messiah of Israel as My LORD,on the 25th day of December and every day of the year, and help me to be a loving and compassionate witness of Your love and grace 'to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile'.May The LORD Himself help us to stay within the pages of Holy Writ for our counsel and guidance, and may we never accept additions or deletions to The Word of God, no matter how enticing they may be, or how old and beautiful the tradition and custom is.Shalom (peace) U'vracha (blessings) and Emet (truth) from The Holy One of Israel be yours now and forever. Amen.


Prayer,fasting and reading the word of god has revived my life and changed the direction of my life to fulfillment of the Great Commission of God.The lord healed my life through fasting with a proper Biblical motive-seeking God's face not His hand-with a broken, repentant and contrite spirit.
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Wednesday, September 16


how to bless others - Learn to bless when cursed

Learn to bless when cursed!
Learn to bless everyone who dares to curse you. We are called to be like Christ that's why He gave us His own mind so that we can think His thoughts and do His will and purpose. When people curse you, 1stly you need to deal with the curses through prayer but don't curse them back, you deal with this through prayer because you know the power of the tongue. God has blessed you and we understand through the Word of God that no one can curse what God has blessed. So you don't have to repay evil with evil, but you have to show people the light, love, peace and the blessings of the Lord in your life. Its easy to curse when you cursed but its hard to bless when you cursed. Luke 6:33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.
Brethren being a Christian is not easy, let's renew our thinking with the Word of God so that we may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God. If God is for us, who can be against us? If you know and love this verse, why do you curse people? Man God is not a man that He should lie, if you believe the word of God then you'll know that there's no need for you to be bitter and go around cursing people. Jesus said what comes out of your mouth will make you unclean so be very careful with your words.
God has declared in genesis 12 that He will curse anyone who curses you and bless everyone who bless you. When you curse people, you inviting curses in your own life but when you bless you inviting blessings into your life. Learn to bless when you cursed, don't do this with pride but do this with love. Blessing people means you are blessed because you can't go around giving people something you don't have. Acts 3:6 Then Peter said, "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." 7 Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man's feet and ankles became strong. A cursed man will go around cursing people but a blessed man will go around blessing people, you can't give people what you don't have. Peter didn't have silver or gold but He was able to walk and He gave this crippled man the ability to walk In Jesus name. God bless you
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Monday, August 31


questions to ask yourself when you feel like God has forgotten or forsaken you

Let me help you. By Elijah Padi.

If you are not seeing the hand of God in your life,or maybe you feel like God has forgotten or forsaken you; Ask yourself the following 4 questions:

Where am I now?

In order for you to see the hand of God in your life, you must be where God want you to be. Elijah had to be in the Kerith Ravine in order to drink from the brook and to be fed by the ravens. If Elijah was not where God wanted him to be he would have missed the blessing from God. Check your current location.

Where am I going?

The bible says the plan of God is to prosper you, if you will abide by his laws. Are you going towards fulfilling the purpose of God or are you chasing the things of the world? Jonah was swallowed by the whale and nearly died because he was going in the wrong direction. God wanted him to go to Niniveh, he chose to go to Tarshish. Check your direction.

What do I see?

Sometimes we miss our blessings because we are not seeing what God has prepared for us. Most of the time we are seeing and choosing worldly things over spiritual things. God asked Jeremiah "what do you see jeremiah?" He answered, "I see the branch of an almond tree." The Lord said to him" You have seen well." Are you seeing well? Are you insync with the Lord? Check what you are focusing on.

Who are you with?

The bible says bad company corrupts good morals. Are the people in your life leading you to your Godly purpose or are they causing you to chase the wind? Is your relationship enabling or disabling you? Are you friends enabling or disabling you? Maybe it is time to let go of relationships that are not serving you positively.

God wants to prosper you, but he needs you to look at yourself honestly and ask" For how long will I be in this undesirable situation?"

The truth is; Nothing will change until you change. Nothing will improve unless you improve. Nothing will be renewed unless you renew your mind. You have been in the wilderness for too long. Today make a decision to move on.

It's time.
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Tuesday, August 25


When I am dead - Do it now when i am alive

We all going to die! By Elijah Padi

Sooner or later you and I will leave this world. There are some people who don't care about you and I, and some who will not learn anything from us or listen to what we say. There are those who will not take a moment to call us and say " Hi," and yet the very same people will travel 200 km's to bury us when we are dead. They come to bury us so that they can witness that we are truly and really dead. Some of them will come to mark our graves so that they can secretly come back to worship us and call us their ancestors. Some would come back to ask for blessings and expect us to listen to them in our eternal sleep.

The bible in the book of ecclesiastes 9:5-6 says " For the living know that they will die,but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward,and even their name is forgotten. Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun.

The above scripture is clear and straightforward, when we are dead we are finished, we will not take part in anything that happens on earth. WE ARE DONE. So when we are dead, we are of no use to anyone. We cannot help or bless anyone. If I cannot help you while I am here, how will I be able to help you when I am gone? If you cannot love me while I am here, how can I experience your love when I am gone? If you cannot spend your time with me while I am still here, how will I enjoy your presence when I am dead? If you I cannot listen to you while I am still here, how will I hear you when I am gone? Why do you want to cry for me when I am dead, and yet you cannot laugh with me while I am still here? Why do you want to afford me a majestic funeral, and yet you cannot cook a scrumptious meal for me?

Why do you want to wait for my death before you can take me serious? What value will I add in your life when I am dead? I am more valuable only while I am still on earth. Appreciate me while I am still here with you. Spend time with me for as long as it is still called today. Share your love with me while I am still alive, and don't wait for my grave to come.

When I am dead, I am of no use to anyone. Let me help you today while my heart still beats. Let me share my love, kindness, peace, gentleness, and time with you while I am still breathing.

When I am dead, allow me to rest in peace. Don't mourn for me, instead rejoice and celebrate my life. Don't mourn me forever, because you and I are destined to die. Death comes to all men at different times. Instead of crying for me , be happy that I have fulfilled my purpose and lived according to the will of God.

Be still, for when I am dead God is alive. He is always close to a broken-hearted, and he provides refuge for those who seek him. Instead of mourning the dead, seek God and his glory. Live your life to the fullest, for tomorrow is never promised.

When you are reading this now, it means you are alive. The bible says " Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun—all your meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome labor under the sun. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom."

With love: Elijah Padi

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Tuesday, March 10


Alcohol and drugs are bad for Christians and your health

Alcohol and drugs are not good for your health

In the South African population many people especially youth are facing Alcohol & drugs abuse. Alcohol and drugs gets you intoxicated. When you are intoxicated your central nervous system gets depressed and then your mood, physical and mental abilities change to be abnormal. Do you want to be abnormal or live an abnormal life? Answer yourself that question.

Alcohol & drug abuse are proven to be addictive. In that case when you are addicted to these threats you will then live an abnormal life. When you are abnormal as a result of this threats it means you’re no longer fit to be called somebody with sense because your state of mind will always be affected very badly or you will be depressed at all times, unless you want to live a depressed and abnormal life.

Drugs and alcohol abuse is one of the major problems that cause our youth in south Africa to get sickness like hiv & aids as well as sexual transmitted disease .If you once being to clubs, taverns and so on you will understand my point. At clubs people get intoxicated and end up doing things they wouldn't do when they are sober. Our youth end up not using protection when engaging in sexual intercourses after being intoxicated by these threats we mentioned earlier on.

When you use these threats, by that I mean alcohol and drugs, which mostly affect youth. You will not be able to hear God when he talks to you, you will not be able to understand him even if you hear him. God talks to us through people, dreams and signs .But you must be careful because some of the dreams, people or signs are from the devil who is promoting alcohol and drug abuse.

I got to agree to God when he says your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit through the book of life, the Bible. I urge you to keep your body clean from these threats so that you live a long healthy life. Don’t abuse this body God gave you with drugs and alcohol.

When you are addicted to these threats you will not be able to further your studies, work or even to eat properly. Drugs and alcohol abuse is not ayoba, so refrain from using them or else your life will be a mess.

We have seen many families, relationships falling apart due to these Drug and alcohol abuse. A lots of south African youth think it's a cool thing to use these threats. Our youth think they can't have fun without these threats. My brother my sister you are wrong ask me and I will tell you.

Many people think that using these threats helps to reduce problems or predicaments. The following day when you’re sober you start to realise that you still have the same problems which are still not resolved. And you will end up being a victim of alcohol and drugs.

Do the right thing and stop using things that destroy your body. Don’t hate yourself that much were you end up destroying it intentionally. Remember your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and you can make it to add value to the South African population and the world as a whole.

People die every day as a result of this threats and I believe you don’t want to be one of them. Stay safe by keeping away from these threats; this will also optimise your life span.

Living a healthy life is not that expensive as you think, and killing materials like alcohol & drugs are very expensive to maintain. Do something valuable with your money and stop buying these threats or you can either donate it to those who don't have it if you think you have a lot of it.

The money you spend on these threats could multiply if you offer it to the creator of the heaven & the earth and everything on it, by that I mean to God through giving at church (a place you deserve to be).

Stay blessed
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Tuesday, March 3


You cant run away from God when he called you

When God anoints you to do His will

You will never run away from the call of the lord

When God anoints you to do His will, you’ll do it even when you think you out of his plans or will, even when you feel you've freed yourself from His will. There was this anointed preacher and He was so powerful @ church, He would just point at people and they would just fall down, be healed and delivered. After few years of doing the work of the Lord the man decided to leave the church and do His own will. He began to use alcohol and drugs, one day when he was chilling at some tavern next to this tent of Christians. The preacher put a tent there for 7 days revival.

When you seating in the tavern you could see what was happening in the tent. After the service the preacher was praying for people, the guys in the tavern were just sipping the drinks of alcohol and looking at what was happening in the church. The dude that used to be a preacher started to preach to the drunkards, he explained to them that he used to heal the people by just pointing at them and they be falling down being healed and delivered.

While he was still telling this all to his mates, he got all their attention .He was pointing at the people in the church tent and at that time they were falling down. The anointing and purpose of God didn't get off him because he chose to back slide. God still did through him what he anointed him to do. He showed the people that God doesn't anoint people because they are good people but because God has a plan and purpose for their live and that it’s by the grace of God that we are anointed.

Like Jonah who tried to run away from the will of God. He’s running away preached a powerful message that got lots of people saved. Moses killed a person trying to be a saviour of people and He ran to the desert because of fear that the King will kill Him, and it was when he was in the desert that God prepared Him to be a Shepherd. See; you can never run away from the will of God, the bible says many are the plans in man's heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails (Proverb 19:21).

God is omniscient so when He calls and anoints you there's nothing you can do that will stop his purpose. This is the greatest thing about being saved, God knows your end from beginning; He knows all the mistakes you going to do but His love, grace and mercy welcomes you in His family. There's nothing you can ever do that will surprise God, for God knows everything and He'll use everything you do for His own Glory.
(Look what happened to this man)
There was a young man from South Africa in Gauteng province by the name of Eric .Eric was a Christian and God was using him to perform miracles in church and to deliver the healing of the Lord unto the people .when the time went by; Eric backslidden after meeting this beautiful girl by the name of Mokgadi from Limpopo. It happened that they fall into a sexual sin.

Mokgadi was sent by the devil to destroy Eric spiritually because his plan is to destroy always. Eric was not strong enough to resist the temptation, eventually when time went by, Eric begin to drink alcohol after Mokgadi introduced him to different clubbing places .Eric eventually begin to suffer in life because his drinking problem affected him negatively and he was dismissed from work for misconduct and he didn't have any source of income. Eric also tested jail because he was once arrested for public drinking.

One day Eric was sitting under a tree with his new friends drinking. There was a tent next to the tree they were sitting under; it was a Christian convention in the tent. The pastor begin to pray for the congregation and no miracles where performed by the pastor, and the people where not delivered from their different problems.

Eric and his friends could see what’s happening in the tent because it was open in the front due to summer conditions .all of a sudden Eric begging to tell his friends his story that, by the time he used to serve God he was just pointing his finger at people and they would fall down by the holy spirit .one of his friend asked; “how do you point fingers on people and they fall down?”. Eric started to illustrate pointing people in the tent and they begin to fall down and Eric was surprised because he thought God is no longer going to use him.

His friends begin to believe in God and eventually they threw the bottles of their drinks and went into the tent and they accepted the Lord as their saviour and Eric asked God for forgiveness and begins to pray for the people.

To all who are reading this story: please don't be like Eric or the man Jonah because you will always be swallowed if you are at the wrong place with wrong people? Be where God want you to be.

Stay blessed

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The character of God

God's Character #1

 Oxford dictionary defines Character as The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. When God created us in His own image and likeness so that when can be like Him and do the things He does. But through the weakness of Adam and the disobedience of Eve, we lost that an everyday we are becoming more like the devil. You see this with how we treat each other, how you can't trust your baby girl with her uncle, how people respect you for sleeping with many people this was not the plan of God us. This is one of the reasons God had to send His own begotten son to the world not to judge it but to save it. Jesus on the earth lived a life that God wants us to live; He lived a life He was created for.

 That's why you hear Him say I and the Father are one, I only do what I see the Father do, how many of you can stand boldly and say God is my Father an I do what I see Him do? Jesus did not die for our sins only be He did so that as He is in Heaven so are on the earth. As Loving and forgiving as He is, so are we to be on the earth. Brethren we need to start praying in a way that we let God work in our lives and through our lives. We need to see Him more in our lives than our own flesh. Let's stop worshiping God because we in troubles or we need new material things that's called doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, worship God because you want to grow in Him and you want Him to grow in You. Lots of people shout greater is He that's in me than the one in the world but you should see how the react when the get flu or headache, they even forget that they were healed 2000 years ago on the cross. As long as you breathing you have a chance to be like God, Jesus said if you believe you do lots of good works than Him. Be blessed.

God's character # 2

Brethren our God is a giver and if we want to be like Him, we should be givers too. But the most important thing about being a giver is your motives. Before you think of giving someone something, ask yourself why you want to do it. Be Honest with yourself and if you feel that the reason of your giving is against the word of God, Pray and ask God for forgiveness just get your heart in the right place and give. You don't have to withhold the gift because of your bad motives but repent and do the right thing. I want us to check the motives of our God for sending Jesus Christ to the world. The bible says in John 3: 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

 The reason God send His son to the world was because of His Love for us, so Here the bible tells us that God demonstrated His Love for us by Giving us His son, so if you want to be like Him your 1st reason for giving should be Love, Give out of Love. Even in the church give your tithes or services to the church because of the Love you have for God, His house and His people. God didn't give us Christ to show off or to brag but He gave because of Love. The reason we don't give or tithe is because we Lack knowledge, I actually wanted to say we lack Love but I can't say that because the bible says the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. So we have the Love of God within us, but since we don't know that we fail to use it to touch the lives of people around us. We fail to give in church, when we do give we give because we want God to give us good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over.

We don't give because we Love God but we give because we want God to multiply what we've given. God gave you Jesus because He Loves you, Jesus gave Himself up because He Loves You, He even gave you His spirit because He Loves You. Do you tithe because you Love God or You want God to multiply your tithe? The 2nd thing we learn from this verse is why did God send His son, He gave His only begotten son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life, Here we learn that God didn't give His son for selfish reasons. So you brethren don't give because of selfish reasons, don't tithe or give offerings for selfish reasons but give so that there may be bread in the House of the Lord. Give because you want to change the lives of people around you. Don't give to the church so that you can go around telling people that see that red suit our bishop wear, that's my money right nope that's stupid and God will never bless you for that. Give out of Love and give to change lives.

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Saturday, February 7


How to live a successful life

How to live a successful life as a christian

I'm not necessarily talking about having a mansion on a hill and driving thee latest cars but I'm talking about doing all those things God has created us to do. If you want to be successful, you 1st need to know why you are here, you need to understand that you are not here for fun, God wasn't bored when He formed you in your mother's womb, regardless of the circumstances of your birth you are not here by a mistake but God has a divine plan for your life, The bible says we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them. If you are not walking in those good works then you are a failure even if you have more money than South African Reserve Bank.

See,we are the Amy of God in Christ Jesus sent here on earth for a mission. We are here to fill the earth with God's culture, multiply in numbers by the means of preaching the gospel to all nations to save souls, to just walk in the good works God have prepared for us from the foundations of the World. If you don't know why you here, you'll live a confused life. See walking in the Good works God has prepared for us will fill you with Great joy, peace and fulfillment. You can look at wealthy people around you, most of them are greedy and miserable, and they take drugs for everything because they are walking in their own will.

Brethren am not saying we should settle for less and rejoice in poverty and refuse to build our own empires but I'm saying we need to balance our lives in a way that as wealthy as we are getting materially we also do the things we were created to do. Don't forsake your calling for the wealth of the world. Jesus said we should store our treasures in Heaven; it would be a shame for you to be a billionaire here and broke in Heaven. When a company hires a person they give them a certain position and the employee know what they have to do from 7am-4pm in the say way God has hired us to do certain things for as long as we are awake.

Brethren Jesus was very successful and He didn't build charity buildings so that we can look at them and see how wealthy and successful He walked in the good works of God and Instead of building buildings He built people. Out of the 12 He built comes the millions of disciples and He's still building His church. Are you doing the things God created you to do or are you busy trying to save up money you going to die a leave behind? Someone said the reason that R200 note don't have your name on it means it's not yours but the treasures you store in Heaven no moth or rust can destroy and no thief can break in and steal them they have your name on them........!!!

 Pray the Word of God.

Don't pray your situation, pray the Word of God. For the Word of God is the sword of the spirit. God will fight for you through His Word that's why as a believer you got to eat the Word of God everyday till you constipated. The Word of God is full of His promises and solutions for everything you'll ever go through in Life so when you pray His word according to your situation you give God license to Heal you in that area of your Life. When you confess your situation you worship around the altar of what the enemy is doing in your life, you killing your spiritual life.

Going though troubles doesn't mean that God has forsaken you the bible says that they that live Godly shall suffer persecution, Jesus said that the sons of the devil will do us what they did to Him and He said no servant is greater than His master. So we are encouraged to keep on worshiping our God knowing in our Hearts that His will and purpose are being done in our lives. If you don't know the word of God when trouble comes you have no ground to stand on but when you know the Word of God and His promises you have something to keep you going. Study the Word of God and Pray the Word of God.

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