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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 200

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 200
2 years later
Time has a way of humbling you, trust me I've learned this the hardest way possible. I went from being a student to a widow and a mother of 4 but I have no regrets dont get me wrong. Although there were days I would cry until I couldn't cry anymore,days when driving my kids to school was a mission after Lonwabo's funeral everything in that house reminded us of him to a point where Seth asked me if we could move back to Cape Town, but I refused and told him we cant always run away from our problems. With time and patience, we decided to move to our old house in Bishopscourt trust me that too was hard but we pulled through as a family. But I think the hardest was adjusting financially, I was alone now and I didn't have a job between paying the bond and water bills including school fees just to mention a few things were not easy. Lobsie left me alot of money but I took a vow not to spend a cent but save it for the kids. So I decided to sell the BMW and we were left with the Range, Seth and Viwe both attended Rondebosch boys. I forgot to mention Viwe stays with me now, Mbasa also moved back with us and he was still dating Qhama lol Lobsie would have been proud. I also got a job through Nomtha, at Transnet so I saw my kids often being super mother is hard as hell. Thato finally gave birth to a girl, Cwenga forced her to name the baby 'Thando' and that touched my heart. The weirdest thing though in these past 2 years has to be Bukho and Zimkita the love hate relationship yet they had plenty of sex lol. Zanele worked at the Boardwalk hotel, we surprised her this one time Zimkita suggested we visit her at work and buy her lunch, the past wasn't forgotten but we were learning to forgive the past.

Today was a saturday and I was having lunch with Nonhle this other girl from work,Kathy and Thato at News. Thato"I am sorry but we have to raise this issue" Kathy"Entle when are you getting laid" I laughed. Me"I am in no rush " Nonhle"Dont rush her" Thato side eyed her. Thato"We said dick not a man, she can buy a plastic dick for all I care but Entle looks like hell" Kathy"You've given up on life my friend" Me"I just haven't meet anyone worthy" Thato"but if you'd meet that person would you atleast try" Me"Yes now can we order" Thato"You have a date tonight at Raddison Blue, dress up its a black tie event" I thought my eyes would pop out. Me"Tonight? I have nothing to wear and my hair hay hay forget it" Kathy"That's where we come in" Thato gave me a dress "Size 32, your favourite colour lately black and shoes size 3 I got you a platform I know how you used to love those" Kathy"Last but not least a trip to Gugs to get your hair done" I was crying dont not because I was sad though but I was happy. Thato"Come come Cindy your prince awaits" We paid for drinks and we drove to Gugs but in different cars, Nonhle decided not to join. After the salon we went to my house, I took a shower and got dressed.

Thato"Seth mamakho has a date" Seth"finally" Viwe"We want you to get a boyfriend" Me"tsek Thato I know you made them say that" Kathy"You look so beautiful! hamba you'll be late" Me"I dont even know his name" Thato" He knows you" I drove as sceptical I was, I spoke to Lobsie in the car I did that alot. strange as it might be it calms me down. I got out of the car and really there was a guy at the entraced and he smilled at me. Me"Hey I'm Entle" someone behind me giggled.

"Thatha njani date yomnye umntu" I laughed too because I knew that voice. Me"Yhuuuu you're my date?" Khaya"Blind date Entle, you dont know me clean slate nontombi" We hugged. Me"Can we go to the beach instead, not in the mood for a crowd" Khaya"Okay babe" I left my car and we left with his, we didn't talk much in the car. So I spoke to Lobsie just to kill time "Baby I dont think I can go through with this, I am not ready and I dont want it to seem like I am letting man come and go in our house..." Khaya"Entle" Me"We are here" Me"okay" I got out of the car, leaving my shoes there. Khaya"relax" Me"I am" he looked at me. Khaya"You still miss him?" Me"Alot" Khaya"I wont rush you, I just want to see you laugh qha. You look so drained" Me"Sorry ke" Khaya"Masambe let me drive you home" Me"A.a I'll stay, I want to too" Khaya"Nope, you'll call me when you want to see me. No blind dates, just you Entle wanting to see mna Khaya" He drove me, we hugged and he left. Everyone was still up excited waiting for me. I just rushed to my room and locked.

Not that I didn't want to try but I wasn't ready, my heart wasn't there not yet anyway. I just cried because I felt useless like the self pity stole my happiness or me moping around was irritating my friends. Me"Lonwabo I am letting go, not saying I will forget you or our marriage but I have to atleast try to be happy again right?. Some no more black clothes, no tears just smiles from here on" I think after that night it took me six if not more to pick up the phone and call Khaya, althoughwe didn't date we were just friends. Then at work I met Gcisa, we went out on a few dates just to save myself from hurt I told him about Lonwabo and my kids but I guess he didn't care because he still liked me but I didn't introduce him to my kids, it was still early.

My life has been hell on earth, happiness was always rare. With God,family and friends I made it. Although some days it felt like God tested me more than the others,took more than he gave but with Unekamva,Viwe,Seth and Ntombikayise I learned once you have kids your joys become limited and transferred to them, pain is worse because every action makes you think as a mother instead of just a normal human. Losig my father and husband were the worst points of my life but it took my father dying for me to get the daughter i've always wanted and Lonwabo passing away for me to depend on myself, God works in irony. I have siblings that would kill for me,friends that would fight a war for me and a husband who left with lovely kids. I Entle Lamani Skhosane, finally found happiness from within
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 199

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 199


I was in bed with my children all 3 of them, Unekamva went back to Joburg. Beku wamkelwa umzimba by the others, I decided my kids shouldn't be there because he wasn't taking this we'll at all. Me"Viwe will you be able to talk alone ecaweni?" Ntombi"Nam mos mama" Because Lobsie wasn't sick, his mother preposed we let his children tell their own stories about him. Seth"Nam mama" I was shocked to hear him speak but didn't want to dwell so I swiftly moved on. Me"Viwe what did mommy one say?" Viwe"She said I can stay if I want but you'll have to ask her" Seth and Ntombi were so excited. Me"Shhhh" we all giggled. I promised Lobsie I'd take care of his children and that I will do. We eventually left for the church, Lobsie's mother was crying so much and so was his sister. That broke my heart, death is hard to deal with that's no shocker but I've always wondered does it get easier. In church people came out in numbers, some were his rugby friends from high school,varsity and work mates. Bukho and Cwenga shared their stories about Lobsie, then Sivu talked about what type of person he was the community and finally my 3 little pigs.

Ntombi"Mama uthi kum tata is heaven and usijongile, wathi Sethie yena 'Bubi yam xa funa thetha no tata you have to sing twinkle little star but awuzombona but yena he'll see you and be your arm" I giggled. "tata ndakukhumbula mna, mama yena akapheki nje ngawe. Enkosi" Viwe"It hurts being the oldest, sometimes you have to put your needs aside for your siblings yet my father once told me 'a man is not defined by his success but the way he puts his family first' I wont lie ndithi he was close to being super man because he was better. I once told him he loves Seth kunam, he cried that day and he kept on asking mama if he could speak to me and I said no, the next day I woke up and he was sleeping next to me in my bed" he wiped his tears. "I was lucky enough to have him as my dad, so I say to my siblings and mama 2 'Mamabo life goes on' my family knows that was his favourite line" he sat down and Seth came on. Seth"3 things matter here now and tomorrow, ndayiva ngo tatam lonto. I just want to say qha uhm enkosi" he got off the stage and went straight outside, I wanted to chase him but mama ka Lobsie stopped me.


A woman stopped Seth while he was running without looking. Seth"Sorry" he looked so much like him, thoughts to herself. Woman"Ina sela amanzi" Seth gulped the whole bottle. Seth"Enkosi" Woman"I saw your father before he died, and he was rushing home to show you the Play station game he bought, I dont know you all but I can tell who the whole family is and how old everyone is" she gave a faint smile. Woman"Please give this to your mother and tell her, I'm sorry for her loss" She got up from the bench and walked out of the church.
As soon as the service ended I looked for my son. Me"uright" he nodded and gave me a letter. Me"Velaphi?" Seth"Yhoo andazi nam mama" I opened the letter I didn't even know the hand writting but read anyway.

'I saw the death of your husband officially on the Herald yesterday and I cried so hard because he died because of me. I heard you came to see me but I didn't see you, I am not your husbands mistress if thats what you wanted to know. He just saw me and recognised me, but didnt understand why I was cleaning at your house and that didnt sit well with him. He made a few calls and managed to get me job at the Boardwalk hotel and for that I am greatful. I noticed something though, my envy for you slowed down life because I was so focused on running your happiness instead of building my own but most of all I am sorry for suggesting your parents take away your child that was evil of me. Look at me and then you now, you won Entle and your husband loves you or atleast loved you'

After the whole funeral people were starting to leave. Ma'Lobsie"Iza ne wine Likhona we need to calm our nerves" I gave her the bottle, she and Lolo were now drinking buddies lol. I left them to go speak with Alwaba, she was standing with the usual Xoli and Babalwa arg ex gf union lol. Me"can we talk" Alwaba"Thetha" see now that pissed me off.

Me"Tell me when you are done being childish" Alwaba"That would be the day you stop pretending to care about my son" Me"okay" ndim dala ngoku, mommy thats looks after her kids and has no time for drama. I walked back to the house to call my daughter.

No more tears
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 198+

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter  198+

Lobsie"Day 2 as Mrs Skhosana and you haven't even made me breakfast" Me" Day 2 as my husband and you've been getting the sex you want" we both laughed. Lobsie"I know you not keen on Cape Town but please babe try" Me"I promise to try" we kissed. Lobsie"We are leaving at 17:45 so lets get down to business" Me"Noo! Hahaha honey pot is offline" he went under the blankets and kissed my honey pot, trust me to get wet. Me"Okay I'll allow you to get in and get out" Lobsie"hahaha I paid Lobola I think I own it" Me"Then dont be greedy, it will be your house warming gift" Lobsie"Stingy Entle rhaa" I laughed at him, he laid his head on my breast. Me"Have you ever imagined death?" he didn't answer. Me"Lonwabo" He lifted his head and then went back to my boobs. Lobsie"why?" Me"I think death will take me away from you" Lobsie"and if its the other way around?" Me"I wouldn't live without you! I dont even want to try" Lobsie"Nam but baby I'd want you to be happy, plus if you'd die our kids will be a reminder of our happiness and especially love" Me"Would you want me to move on" Lobsie"Yes and you?" Me"No!, I cant imagine someone else on my side of the bed, doing everything we once planned,taking over what was once mine! I know its selfish of me but I doubt I'd ever accept it. maybe 5 years down the line" he laughed. Lobsie"I would rather another man lay his head on my side of the bed than watch you cry every night for me, babe sadness delays life. I love you Lamani and even when I die your happiness comes first" we both kept quiet. Lobsie"Promise me you'll never cry for me! no matter how much it hurts but promise me you'll be strong because I know I would have died a happy man" Me"I cant promise that" Lobsie"Then you dont love me" Me"I love you Lonwabo" Lobsie"Then my death shouldn't take away all of you, I leave you with my children and our memories. Infact I would be if you'd move on after a year just as long as my kids are taken care and you're happy" Me"Then should I die first, get a new place. You bought that one for me,its only fair that you and your new wife respect our memories" Lobsie"hahaha linda naxa uswelekile, anyway why we talking about death on our honeymoon" Me"You married a weirdo kalok"


I drove to back to Magxaki,memories of my life with my husband playing in my head like a movie. I missed him, reality though hit yesterday when his uncle came back from identifying the body. It was like someone took my heart out of my chest, I cried so much until I couldn't anymore. I doubt I'll ever accept Lonwabo's death, when they came back with his things the first thing I saw was the arm band I gave him, I just started crying again. Ntombi kept on asking me 'tata fika nini' think that killed me more, Seth was just worse he wasn't talking to anyone and I didn't want to rush him. To say the least I am not looking forward to his funeral. I arrived and got in emva, went straight to the sit with Lobsie's mother. Lolo"uright?" Me"Yea" The day went on, funeral arragements made and a fight occured appearently women are not allowed emagcwabeni xa ingumgcwabo we accident, but Lolo told me to speak up because Lonwabo was my husband after all we concluded his sister mother Ntombi and I will be the only women there. I decided to go Kabega to clean out Lonwabo's clothes so they could burn them.

I arrived and switched on our bedroom light. Me"Lonwabo" felt like he was going to answer me or something, I wanted him to answer and tell me to wake up from this nightmare! I wanted my husband back,no I needed him! how could he die that wasn't part of the plan! Me"Lo..nwabo!" I grabbed his clothes pulling everything to the floor. Me"Its always us! Lonwabo I cannot do this alone" I took our wedding picture, I felt like setting the whole house on fire. Me"I need you so much" I couldnt burry my husband, I know I once promised him but this is one promise I was about to break. I sat on that floor crying my lungs out.

I took his sweater and I wore. Me" take this pain from me" I heard the door open but I didnt look up. Someone laid my head on their shoulder. Zim"sukhala sisi, we are hear for you" Thato"Lobsie wouldnt want you to be sad" I looked at her. Me"I forgot to say I love you! " Zim"Entle hay hay! " Me"Get out! you'll never understand! that was my forever" Thato"I'm sorry" Me"It hurts so much.. " "Lonwabo" she was rubbing my back. Me"I need my kids right now"


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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 198

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 198

The motion of bad news: they give you water,sit you down and tell you to come identify the body not forgetting them telling you they're very sorry for your loss. Yet they dont know Lonwabo, they have no idea how them saying sorry is just annoying because they are not sorry, they dont know us mani! Lonwabo waziwa ndim! ndim! that was my husband,the father of my kids! He drove a black MINI COOPER so why should I go identify what we all know already? do they want to tanish my husbands memory? they already told me the woman he was with in the car was in LivingStone hospit wasn't that enough mani! or there is more?? how could Lonwabo leave me! he promise today not any other day! how does he do that to me! 4 kids alone, he knows I wouldn't be able to pull it off not alone. Zim"I'll go with them" Me"Phumani! Phuma!" I took the bottle of water and threw it at them. "Get the hell out of my house!" My tears just seemed useless because they were never going to bring back my husband. Ntombi"Mama" she too was crying. Ntombi"funa tatam mna mama" I wiped my tears and took her hand leading to their bedroom. The minute I switched on the light I notice they were all awake, Seth was crying on Une's shoulder and Viwe had his head on his lap.

Seth"Mama" he came to hug me. Seth"Vi..we heard la..tat..a, is my dad.. dead? ... ma..uphi tatam" I didn't have the answers, just like him I needed Lonwabo too. I couldn't stand to see my children cry like this and its only day one. Me"I'll call grandma avah" I snuggled Ntombi next to Viwe and I went to the bathroom avoiding going in our bedroom. I called Lobsie's mother at first she didn't pick up. Ma'Lobsie"Likhona" Me"Mama cela uze" I breathed. Ma'Lobsie"Yinto na ntombi yam" Me"Please come, I'll ask Malume akulande. I need you" Ma'Lobsie"Likhona you're scaring me" I just dropped the phone, I sent Lobsie's uncle a text and then Lolo. I washed my face then took my pills, I sent Cwenga a text too then I switched off my phone. I got water for my kids and went to sit with them, Viwe had calm down but he wasn't done he seemed so lost. Une"Mama" Me"Uhm" Une"We'll help you with the tea, Viwe gave Seth and Ntombi panado" Me"Okay" I wiped my tears again. Viwe hugged me from behind and then kissed my cheeck, I turned around and wiped his tears.
The next day

Bad news spread fast, by the next morning alot of people were showing face. We had moved to Magxaki because our complex didnt allow funerals, Lolo and Zintle arrived the next day, even Lumka and Kagiso, Mbasa was writting his last paper then he promised to drive down as soon as he finished. My family came out in numbers,meaning the place in Kabega was packed. Ma'Lobsie"Likhona" Me"Mama" Ma'Lobsie"Never be too shy to ask for help, even after the funeral please dont be a stranger mtanam. You were the apple of my son' eyes and you made him happy" I had my head on her lap and Lolo was sitting next to Lonwabo's mother. Lolo"Akayenza ngabom uLonwabo baba, never think other wise. He made a vow to take care of you and that he shall do, he gave you his soul in 3 parts and those are his children make him proud by making sure his seeds grow old and make him proud" After our mini talk, we all decided the funeral should be this weekend. Me"I need answers" Lolo"Can you handle them?" Ma'Lobsie"You deserve them, its the only way your heart will be at ease" I stood up and thanked her, I drove to Livingstone hospital.

My phone rang it was Lulama, so I decided not to answer. I arrived to the hospital, the nurse at the help didn't look friendly at all but I gathered every piece of strength I had.Nurse"Molo sisi" Me"Molo sisi, izolo a woman came in here after an accident that happened eNational" Nurse"Gama" I looked dumb fast, I didnt know her I never thought Lobsie was cheating on me again. Ma"I dont know her, she was in a car with my husband when he died and I want to know why!" I wiped my tears "What she was doing in his car that's all" She was staring at me like I was stupid or something. Me"ndakucela I need to know! he promised to ne...never do it again so after 7years I have the right to know why he lied to me for her, why he wou..ld risk losing his family" Nurse"Room 345 " Me"Enkosi" I took my things and asked around where I can find that room, when I finally found it. I stood at the door asking myself what the hell is wrong with me! he cheated so what? it doesn't change how happy we were, am I bitter that I'd ruin my last memories of my husband? No women is with that! that was my soulmate and if he was cheating so be.

That was my cheating husband, he was the love of my life, my partner in crime, he was patient,loving and he was the best Goddam father. We had bad moments and alot of arguements but I woke up and went to sleep next to a man who loved me,would have done alot for me. I took walked out of that hospital happy that Lonwabo Thando Skhosane was my husband but sad that I have to say goodbye when I am not ready

Chronicles of my life

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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 197

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 197

3 days

Lobsie and I were in bed, we still haven't spoke about Esihle and trust me I didn't mind. I had come to this conclusion, if he killed then he did it for Ntombi and that was reason enough for me to look past everything and I didn't feel sorry for her not at all. Lobsie"Unekamva wants a phone" Me"She said that?" he laughed. Lobsie"Not in so many words" Me"Hay babe andizingeni mna, because if I buy its like am buying her love and I dont wana be that mother" He kissed me. Me"Sies that breath" Lobsie" Hahaha you're so ugly ke" Me"As if you're any better" he tickled my waist and I was laughing out loud. We shared a brief awkward moment out of no where, my body wanted him to make passionate love to me like it was our first time and I guess he felt the same because he grabbed my waist pulling me closer. We just locked eyes without talking, it was like our bodies were in charge, we kissed slowly with passion his hand on my ass and mine on his neck. He pulled away and took of my night dress and my naked body was out there for him to use to his needs.

He laid me down kissing my breast while rubbing my clit, I became wet at that moment but his eyes were still locked to mine. He stopped to look at me and then took off his boxers. Lobsie"u right?" I just nodded, andazi mani it felt like my first time,my first night with him and wedding night all combined. He inserted himself holding my hand, he moved slowly and I let out a sigh of relief. Lobsie"should I stop?" Me"a.a" he carried on, we moved in circles together. I had a tear in my eye he wiped it for me and then smiled. I kept on thinking how lucky I am to have this man for a husband, he is patient, a great father,he loves me,he listens and he is always there for me no questions asked. I realised God took his time to groom this man to be the husband I needed and Lord knows he is my everything. Lobsie"I love you" Me"I love you too" we kissed again. We had the most amazing sex we've ever had, he cuddled behind me. Me"Promise never to leave me" he kissed my shoulder. Lobsie"I promise you" I turned around to lay on his chest, so I can hear his heart beat.

I woke up Lobsie was still sleeping, I got up and wore my gown so I could check on the kids. Une"Mama" Me"Baby" she laughed. Une"Can we go to the movies today" Me"Yes, we'll go now let me bath" Seth"And Spur" Viwe"Liqaba Seth! Spur spur lets go to Wimpy mani" we all laughed. Me"What does Ntombi want?" Ntombi"Pizza mama" I left them arguing about food. I took a shower and then wore a dress. Me"Babe" I shook Lobsie for him to wake up. Lobsie"mamabo" we both laughed. Me"taking the kids to the Boardwalk" Lobsie"Take your key, I still have to go see Tat'Jama about Mbasa" Me"What time are you leaving?" Lobsie"around 3, but I'll drive back" I kissed him then stood up, he pulled my hand and we kissed again. Lobsie"you're beautiful" I laughed. Me"Have a safe trip babe" I left with the kids. We watched 2 different movies because Ntombi wanted everyone watch the movie she and her father already watched. Seth"mama" Me"heh?" Seth"Uthule wena" Me"I'm watching a movie" Seth"Mama yaz taka Une is a doctor" Me"Yes, yours is a lawyer " Seth"hayi akaphangeli tata tshini Nolhiza" I wanted to laugh but I decided not too. Me"bukela movie" Seth"Hayi we talking mama, so when will you give me money" Me"Ndakubetha ne" Seth"Chill Nolhiza" he giggled. The movie finally ended. We went to get pizza, they orderd 2 large pizza. Une"You're a cool mom" I smiled at her, I drove to Kabega around 7.

We ate Lobsie was still not back, my phone rang it was Zim. Me"Hey " Zim"I am on my way there ava, with the twins. I just need to rest in a peaceful place" Me"I'll wait up for you" Zim"thank you" I sat on the couch one by one my devils went to sleep ngaphandle ko Ntombi. Me"awozeli?" Ntombi" No, waiting for tata" Me"lala baby, I'll wake you up when he gets here" the door opened it was Zim with the twins. She was in tears. Zim" I need you so much right now" she threw herself on my shoulder. Me"I'm here for"

Ntombi"Mapolisa" Zim moved from my shoulder, we both turned around. Ntombi being scared of the police hid behind me. Me"Hello,can we help?" Police1"We would like ti speak to Mrs Skhosana" one of them looked at Zim and his face turned red, he helped Zim to sit her down. Police2"Mrs Skhosana we have bad news about your husband" Police1"Mam please bring her some water" I gave him the water bottle and they let Zimkita have some water. Police1"Your husband was involved in a car accident ........" I just screamed after hearing "he didn't make it"

Not Lonwabo wam

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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 196

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 196

I woke up the next morning way before Lobsie, even surprised I fell asleep with all the excitment/ fear but hey time waits for no man or woman in my case. I took a shower and wore a dress because we were also going to Lobsie's house to fetch the kids. Lobsie"Bhinqa Entle" Me"Dont act smart, I took out a scaf already tshini" Lobsie"Baby please iron for me" I took his clothes and did as instructed while he took a shower. Lobsie got done and we eventually left for the airport, he kept on looking at me while driving. Lobsie"Dont be a bitch, chill" I laughed. Me"Dont nag a bitch, I got this" we both laughed,when we arrived at the airport I made Lobsie speak to Lulama to prove there are no grey areas. Lobsie"Kuthwa she has your picture so uzokubona" Me"Did he bitch?" Lobsie"hahaha nah he wasn't himself for once" Me"Hahaha baby daddy drama" he looked at me "too soon?" Lobsie"hahaha I can imagine Lulama acting like a crazy ass skank" I was in tears with laughter. Lobsie"Babe her flight just arrived" I stopped laughing right then just my palms started to sweat. Me"I am scared" Lobsie"Good" he got up from his chair to go look for Unekamva leaving me there.

Cwenga was speaking to Bukho on the phone after he heard one of the worst news not sad but the worst. Cwenga"B are you sitting down?" Bukho"Yeah, dont be dramatic thetha" Cwenga breathed out loud. "So I heard from Sivu they found Esihle" Bukho has been worried because she wasn't answering her phone and she wasn't at her place,regardless of everything a part of him still cared about Esihle. Bukho"Phi? I'll get the first flight out to Cape town" Cwenga"In Khayelitsha, she was shot to death 3 bullets clean shots" Bukho"What?" that was all he could say. Cwenga"Mfethu I'll it sink in kuwe then we will talk later" he didn't reply but dropped the phone. He hurried upstairs and started packing his work things, when he was done he took his house and car keys going straight to the nursery to kiss the twins. Zim"Yaphi?" pointing at the bag. Bukho"Esihle got shot dead, something just doesn't seem right about all of this" he could see Zim was beyond annoyed. Zim"so you're leaving us to investigate your ex gf's death?" Bukho" Please dont take it personal" Zim"It is though, the minute we got married previous partners stopped being a priority and the day I gave birth you bacame a father" Bukho"I know" Zim"no you dont, so let me make it easy for you. If you leave us I take my kids and move back to Durbs, or you go back up stairs unpack and play happy family with us" Bukho giggled a little. Bukho"Cute but you signed a spouse agreement of no divorce for atleast 3 years and if you do leave you dont take my kids under any condition. So you're stuck with me and really you should read the fine print" Zim laughed too and then kissed his forehead " Oh but baby I do, and I watch suits I saw the loop hole too. If I feel mistreated or any type of abuse I deserve a divorce and joint custody of the twins, so dont threaten me if you thought Entle was crazy I can be worse" she kissed his forehead "Let me go prepare lunch for us" she walked out of the nursery chilled as fuck.

Lobsie came back holding une's bag, she didnt greet me. Me"Hi ndingu Entle" Une"Ndakwazi mama, I have seen the pictures" Lobsie wanted to laugh but didn't. Me"oh okay" she looked so coloured, with caramel skin and natural afro. Lobsie" Lets go fetch the others then we go to Spur" Une"I am not a fan of red meat" Lobsie looked at me and the whispered "she is 12 right" I nodded. We arrived in Magxaki, Lobsie got off to fetch the kids while his mom came to the car to greet Une. Ma'Lobsie"Likhona fana nawe ngqo" I laughed. Me"Nam I was just as shocked" Ma'Lobsie"Dont rush things ke, you have all the time in the world" I nodded. Me"Enkosi mama" Ntombi came running to the car followed by her brothers. Viwe"Mamam" I smiled at him. They all jumped in the car and we left for Summerstrand because Lobsie wanted to take pictures of everyone. Seth"mama" Me"Hmm" Seth"who this" Me"Ask her" Une laughed. Viwe"Seth subuza bafo" Bafo? since when? hahaha.

We arrived at Spur and placed an order while Seth felt the need to tell everyone that he knows where I met Lobsie. We carried on talking even about Cpt, Une seemed to be having fun. We took pictures making fun faces, Ntombi loved Une to a point where she if she could stay with us. Seth came to whisper in my ear "mama two boys two girls, no more others" I laughed so hard, my phone interrupted me,it was a text from Thato.

"so Esihle was found dead, shot to death. just thought you should know"


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