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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 183

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 183

1 year later

Lolo"Entle" Me"Already awake" I wore my shorts and a vest with uggies, I tied my afro and made the bed. I took my school bag and headed out, I decided to do my MTech at WSU between school and therapy my life seemed to be in order. Lobsie and I saw each othet twice in a month, although sometimed it was hard to maintain things we still pull through. The were moments I would chase him away and he'd beg me to calm down and not let my depression take over. Lonwabo proved to be my strength when everything seemed to fall apart, I found myself in him again and I fell inlove with that man again. Seth would call me and tell me he misses me and that he hated the new house, Lobsie is renting out the house in Bishopscourt and got a new one Constantia but I haven't seen it. Lolo"Entle you're always late for school kodwa uhlala minutes away" Me"Cela lunch" Lolo" Tsek! hamba hamba" see where I get my drama from. I laughed at her and she smiled. Lolo"glad to see you laugh" Me"It was long over due" she hugged me and I drove to school. My day went on smooth I had no friends and trust me I didn't mind, Esihle was still with Bukho and according to Lobsie she acted as if nothing happened,and Thato stopped hanging out with all of them period she was focused on her work and her children, Lobsie told me she even got a promotion at work. She didn't call me and I didn't call her,Lobsie said she never asked about me and nor did I bother myself about her. My phone beeped and it was Lobsie "Surprise! meet me Spur" I drove to Lobsie,thinking to why now? today anyway I wondered if he was with the kids because I missed my kids, I arrived at Hemingways and went straight to him. Lobsie"You're late mother late" Ntombi"Mommy" I cried with excitment. Lobsie"She wants you, being the only girl at home and all" Me"Thank you" I looked at what my daughter was wearing and I laughed. Me"Lonwabo a dress with sneakers? no but really now" Lobsie"Its fashion forward, you know nothing about fashion wena" Me"Bhanxa umntanam wena" we gave our order and while Ntombi went to play games.

Lobsie"I want to eat your cookie until you cannot breathe" Me" I want you too baby" he played with cookie under the table, I unbottened my shorts for him and he put his hand inside them and fingered the hell out of me. Me"Baby please take me home" Lobsie called the waitress to change our order to take away. My phone was ringing but I ignored it, then a text "Long Distiance inst for everyone, dont you wonder who warms his bed everynight and who cooks for your kids? my heart sinked no lies and Lobsie read at the sametime, he pulled his hand out of my shorts and looked at me. Lonwabo"Look at me and breathe" Lobsie"ndim lona next to you, all the way from Cpt just to spend time with you and dont doubt me, not when I've been good to our marriage. I took my phone and threw it in my bag, we got our food and left.

Lobsie"You believe that text ne?" I nodded. Lobsie"It's that easy ne? to break us up I mean, someone tells you that I am cheating and your whole attitude changes" Me"it's not like that, but our past has ma..." Lobsie"Past? You're in East London, everyone has been telling me not to trust you due to our past and I stood up for you because you're my wife and fuck what everyone else says. You leaving me wuth the kids sucks as fuck and I know you didn't want too leave" Me"but I left" Lobsie"ask Seth or Mbasa if any girl has been in that house" Me"I believe you" Lobsie"You dont just be careful of what you believe and the impact it will have" Me"Meaning" Lobsie"Nix" my phone beeped again.

"I know we havent spoke in quite sometime and honestly, I didn't mind because we both said things that we could never take back but now I have to swallow my pride as a mother. Athi is still waiting for a heart his size, long story short he doesn't have much time to wait anymore. So he asked us to throw him a party,because he wants to see his friends. Please come as a Godmother to my son and nothing else, I think he'd love to see you there. Entle my son is dying and suddenly I dont think I can accept it" Thato

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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 182

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 182

Thato"After everything? Entle I have always been there for you!" Me"That I didn't dispute but you were not there when I needed you the most Thato, and when you fell you thought I was the one pulling you to the ground" Thato"I thought you knew and you never denied it" Me"Deny? Thato you didn't even give me a chance to talk! I begged for your forgiveness for shit I didn't even know" Thato"Entle I am sorry! I trusted Esihle but I had nothing to do with you losing you baby" I looked at her,how she reeked of alcohol,how dirty and misarable she looked. She looked nothing like the Thato I know or atleast the Thato I knew. Me"You know regardless of everything,I am worried about you. Look at yourself, you've let go Thato you smell like you bathed in wine and Cwenga doesn't need that,he has Akhona to stress about the last thing he needs is you falling apart when you suppose to be next to him and telling him everything will be fine" Thato"I dont need a lecture from you" Me"Okay then get out of my property, Thato you'll suffer this is just the beggining" She got in her car without arguining with me and drove, I turned around to go back inside.

I went to the kitchen to drink some water. My head was spinning,voices in my head sounded like they were fighting with me. Me"Stop please!" it felt like the walls were closing up me, then suddenly I couldn't breathe, I looked at my hands they were filled with blood,the kitchen walls were full of blood too. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter because it felt like someone was pulling my wrist so I decided to cut my wrist to stop whom ever from pulling it. Me"Ndiyeke mani!" The pain moved from my wrist to my thighs, I grabbed the knife again and stabbed my left thigh. I couldn't stop this edge of wanting to stab myself, I pulled out the knife to cut my other wrist again. Me"Ouchhhhh" I screamed, my heart felt so heavy like someone was playing with it. Me"Lonwabo" I kept on stabbing myself, I tried to stand up so I can stab my waist. Me"Lonwabo!" Me"Breathe Entle" I kept on screaming but every sense in my body wanted me to stab myself. Me"Seth!" I grabbed the knife again because I stabbed my abdorminal region. Me"Lonwabo" I sat on that kitchen floor,crying and judging myself for everything I've ever done. I hated myself so much,just maybe I didn't deserve everything I had and just maybe death is the only way let my family be happy without me. I took the knife and I did what I should have done a long time time.
1 day later

I could hear voices and heavy breathing. Cwenga"Its not your fault! Entle needs help, she'll be fine trust me" Lobsie"She will never be fine again,I dont know anymore. I send her to a mental insitution to only have her come back worse, Seth found his mother commiting suicide! he'd never forget that and at what point does Entle give up so much to take her own life" He cried so loud, I tried to move my hands so I can reach him but they seemed tied and so were my legs. Thato"I'm sorry Lonwabo" he didn't answer just carried on crying. Cwenga"Dont send your wife anywhere,only you know whats right for Entle" Lobsie"At some point I was stupid enough to think so but I will never give up on her that much I know" Thato"Lolo can help Entle, no doctor,no medication but her mother the one person she is scared of becoming" Lobsie"Thanx I'll call her" I opened my eyes and I looked at them. Cwenga"We'll come through later" Lobsie nodded and they left.

Me"Water please" he poured some water for me and then helped me drink it. Me"Kuphi apha?" Lobsie"Dont worry you're safe" kissed my forehead. Me"I'm sorry" Lobsie"Why? never tell you're sorry again,especially for things that are beyond your control" I looked at him. Me"I need help" Lobsie"Then I'll get you help" Me"Thank you" Lobsie"We selling the house, that house has more bad memories than good, I have seen you cry more than laugh there and you've lost too much blood in that place. Entle I am here for you" I nodded. Lobsie"Can you do me a favour" Me"Yea" Lobsie"I need you to move to East london for a while,Lolo wants to help you recover. The kids and I will be visit every weekend" Me"Lonwabo please dont take me away from my kids! please i'll get help but dont take me away from them" Lobsie"I would never but you need to be strong for them" Me"Lonwabo! please dont send me to Lolo not without my kids, they will forget me and I dont want that" I was now crying and you could see Lobsie was a bit shocked. Lobsie"Okay" Me"Thank you" he hugged me and held me tight Lobsie"This all started because of me"he whispeared. Lobsie"I love you Maradebe and I'll love you even when loving you seems so hard"

Dark days ahead
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 181

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 181

I sat in that holding cell, it was cold as hell but I held on to Lobsie's words "I'll get you out in no time" I sat and I looked at the woman there,not that I saw myself better than them but I got even scared thinking I'd spend more time with them. I started to cry, I was shaking wondering hoe Thato could do this to me! was Esihle that powerful or was our friendship that weak that she could kill in months what took us years to build. I was crying because Vuyo dating Vuyo made me lose my child,Esihle killed my child because of my past mistakes. She is even turning my husband against me,the funniest part she is winning. She pretended to be my friend,I believed her are we all that dumb. "Yangxola" someone was nugding my shoulder. I ignored them and carried on with the self pity party. I cried until I couldn't breathe. Some girl came to sit next to me and put my head in her lap,then wiped my tears. Her"Sukhala,you'll be out of here" I didn't answer her, I just carried on crying. Her"Pray for strength" I lost all my faith because it seemed like God forgot about me. I could feel the pain in my chest,I knew exactly what caused the pain. Her"Dear God, your child needs you. Bawo sonile kwa mehli akho kodwa singa bakho. Nkosi siqhume ngesandla sakho,zusikhusele kwi ntshaba zethu Yehova ngoba nguwe umkhuseli wethu. Wathi noba sikubizela phi weba Nkosi uyaphendula,phendula mntana we zulu nazi inkedema zakho zikubiza. Amen" I wasn't crying as much after her prayer but my heart was breaking no lies. Me"Thank you" Her"Its a pleasure" We didn't say anything for a while. Me"I'm Entle Skhosana" Her"Bahle Lupondwana" I fell asleep after sometime. I woke up the next morning,Bahle was still sleeping. "Skhosana Entle" A man coming towards my cell shouted. I stood up and went to him. Man"Hurry up" I walked behind him. I saw Lobsie, the man hugged him and gave him a brown paper bag. We left the station and got in his car "Dont worry your criminal record is gone" I looked at him and nodded. We drove home in silence, I was deep in my thoughts.We arrived and I went straight to the bathroom,and took off my clothes to shower.
Lobsie"Entle" I didn't answer him,the water was falling on my back. Lobsie"Entle!" I sat on the shower corner. He opened the door and switched off the water, he grabbed my hand and took me out of the shower. Me"Why" Lobsie"You're my wife" Me"I am damaged goods Lonwabo! I hate this,us and everything around me" He tried to hug me but I pulled back. "You know what sucks,ayiphelelanga apha! It maybe Esihle now but ayiphelanga pha,we are cursed you and I. It hurts Lonwabo alot,you will never be happy with me! we can force things now but we will never be like a normal couple and you dont deserve it" Lobsie"Entle" Me"No! Sukuyenza lonto! Dont give me false hope,dont make me hold on to whats not real. Hate me because your child got killed because of me! Resent me because I am not life other girls! Dont just stand there and tell me you understand because then I'll know you're lying! Move out! cheat do sonething just dont love me because I dont deserve it. Lonwabo nditheni mna? why cant I be happy? or am I asking for too much? I cant love anyone because they die on me, I cant be happy because happiness is not for me. Lonwabo we are toxic you and I yet you stay! why? I am not even sure its love because I dont know what its like to be loved" He looked at me with tears in his eyes.

Lobsie"I love you Maradebe, I hate seeing you like this breaks my heart no lies. Baby sizoba right,it may not look like that right now but we'll be fine. Family is not defined by our past or enemies, I love you not your past or your problems. We'll grow old together baby and we'll laugh at these moments" he gave me a gown and walked me over to our bed. Lobsie"I'll bring your pills, just lay here" he kissed my forehead. Mbasa and Seth walked in. Seth"mommy wam" Me"Hey you" he kissed my lips and took off his shoes and snuggled next to me. Mbasa"Move over I want to get in too" Lobsie came back with Ntombi. Lobsie"Ndizolala phi mna?" we all laughed. I took my pills and then moved for Lobsie to sleep next to me. Seth"Daddy dont touch mommy I can see us" Lobsie and I laughed. Mbasa"Ohhhh naughty naughty" We sat in bed and watched a movie.

Around 19:43 Lobsie's phone rang. Lobsie"Entle" Seth"Nolhiza yabizwa" we laughed. Lobsie"Babe Cwenga just called" I didn't answer him "Entle" Me"Uthini" Lobsie"Thato is outside and drunk" Me"Uphi?" Lobsie"She is on our drive way" I got up from bed "you sure" Me"Yeah" I changed and wore shorts and a hoodie. Seth "Looking hot mom" I laughed. I went outside and I saw her car, I knocked on her window.

Thato"I am sorry" Me"so am I" she looked shocked. Thato"So we are fine?" Me"Yeah" she got out of the car to hug me and I let her. Thato"Lunch tomorrow?" Me"I said I accept your apology but I dont want to be your friend, I am done with you. I dont hate you though, I just realised our friendship wasn't what I thought it was. I pray to God you find a best friend and you treat her the way you used to treat me. I trusted you and you threw my trust in jail, I am sorry for hitting you but I dont regret doing it!" Thato"So we done" Me"We got done the minute you let Esihle tell you to send me to jail, I meant it when I said I want my baby to haunt you then you'll feel my pain"

- one problem
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 180

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chaptet 180

I woke up next morning,nothing big just a huge headache from last night. I went to take a shower and then wore a dress because Lonwabo's uncle was coming to visit. I looked at my phone and read a message from Zimkita, I looked for my sandals when I couldn't find them I wore uggs ran down stairs and grabbed my car keys. Lobsie"Entle" Me"I promise I'll explain later" I drove to Newlands,not caring about running the light or any of that road crap. I buzzed the gate and I went in and knocked, Thato opened for me.

Me"so is this how things will be?" Thato"Hamba Entle" Me"No! You kill my baby and then we even is that how it works?" she looked surprised, I tossed her with my phone. Me"Are you happy Thato" she didn't answer, I grabbed het so she can come outside that way her kids wont see when I beat her up. Thato"Let go" Me"Fuck you! I've been there for you when life threw rocks at you and you didn't even have hope! I have accompanied you to have an abortion,I watched you cry all night telling me how filthy you felt, when Lonwabo did it to me you were the first person I called and I cried to you all night,when Seth was born you were there you know better anyone. How could you do that to me? I know you were angry but umna Thato? Its me Entle! look at me, I would never hurt you like that but wena you ripped out my heart over shit I didnt even know" Thato"You knew Entle! you told Esihle, wena my bestfriend let me believe I had a perfect husband! You stand there and shout at me for shit I dont even know! I am sorry about the baby but I would never go that far" Me"You did though! Lobsie lied to me to protect you from drinking again because he knew I would tell you if I knew" Thato"So it was better to lie? did I ask Lonwabo to protect me? I am not a charity case with a drinking problem" Me"You may not be but to us you are more than just a friend! Atleast you were! So you kill my baby,what now? are we even? Do I appluad you for taking a life? tell me mani!" Thato"I would never stoep that low" Me"Now am suppose to believe you right? but you couldn't even take my word for something I also didnt know" Thato"Entle you know me" Me"I thought I did! I hate you so much,I hope the sound of my baby crying keeps you up at night and I pray to God my baby is in everyone of your dreams,just as you about to think you're going crazy then you'll know half the pain I feel" She started crying "Entle! before Cwenga or Lonwabo is was you and me,I swear on Athi's life I had nothing to do with your misc..." I slapped her across the face! Me"Voestek and stay the fuck away from me" I left her standing there and I drove right back to my house. The minute I walked in I wad still shaking, I took Seth with me to my room.

Me"Take charge Entle" I breathed. Seth"Mamam cela mali" Me"my pills first" He ran to the bathroom and came back with them. Me"water" He took a cup on my bed side and came back with water and my wallet. Me"Get me tatakho" I took out 10rand and gave it to him. I drank my pills while sitting on the floor.

Lobsie"You asked Bukho to draw up divorce papers? You're leaving me?" I was shocked as hell,especially because I didn't ask Bukho to do that. Lobsie"I know about the place in Wyneburg, wow Entle you really think I killed our baby ne" Me"No" he looked like he was crying. Lobsie"You're not leaving me! I'll be damned if that would happen, but trust me I wont force you to stay though. Whatever you do leave my kids alone" I started crying again, I tossed Lobsie my phone. Me"Read the text from Zimkita" he looked at my phone for a while and then looked up. Lobsie"Esihle" Me"what you just said, everything you just said I told her not Bukho baby" Mbasa came running to our room. "Dude! not sure why but two policemen are looking for you" Lobsie"Wenzentoni" my heart started racing. Me"Lonwabo help me!" Lobsie"come with me,dont resist arrest. I'll follow right after the van" he kissed my forehead.

Me"I have to make a quick call" I tool my phone and called Esihle. Me"What did I ever do to you" Esihle"Tshomi uryt" Me"Dont make me angry" Esihle"Oh but I want too, you'll be at a mad house in no time and you will commit suicide! You making this whole thing easy for me, told Thato you deserve to go to jail. Atleast Orange looks good on you, assualt Entle? mmmm naughty naughty" I looked at Lobsie my phone was on loud speaker. Me"This doesn't end here" Esihle"That my friend you are right about, you'll pay for ruining my family!" Me"I dont know your family" Esihle"But you do, Remember Vuyo? that's my father! nzakunyisa Entle until you feel alone and then I'll hand you a rope to hang yourself" the line went dead. I was shacking like crazy when Lobsie and I went to the police.

Past in the future :/
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 179

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 179

Sometimes things happen so you can remember that you live on borrowed happiness. I have cried for my husband more than once in that bed,I have heard the worst news in that bed,I have cried myself to sleep in that bed yet in that same bed I have had the best memories with my husband, we've made love and laughed together in that same bed,we found in each other when all seemed lost in that bed and we've declared each others love in that bed yet tonight I lost the one person that I've been looking forward to seeing. The first pregnancy Lobsie and I agreed on,the one we even decided to start a journal to write our fears so we call pull through together funny how in our fears we never not once thought to mention death. I sat in Claremont hospital,reflecting on how a great day turned out to be the worst day ever. I heard a husky voice "Dont cry baby" my heart felt warm yet empty at the same time, Lobsie held my hand. Me"Bathini,I've been here since sunday ekseni its now monday am quite sure someone knows something" He gave me my pills and water, I drank them and looked at his eyes. Me"I'm sorry, I know you will say its not my fault but I'm sorry Lonwabo" He banged his head against the wall, I could hear him cry. Lobsie"We'll be fine baby.. trust in that" my heart just felt even heavy than before. The doctor came in and asked to speak to Lonwabo outside. Lobsie"She can handle it" Dr" We managed to clean the womb with no problem,the thing with back door will likely begin to experience bleeding,
passing of blood clots, and cramping
within a few hours of inserting the
Misoprostol. The amount of bleeding and
cramping varies greatly from one patient
to the next. The heaviest bleeding usually
begins as the pregnancy is moving out of
the body, and lasts for two to three
hours. Typically this bleeding exceeds
that of a normal menstrual period, but
will subside to a flow similar to a normal
menstrual period after the pregnancy has
been passed from the body. The average
duration of bleeding is 9 to 16 days,
though you may experience some
bleeding for four to five week so yo.." Lobsie"Abortion" Me"I didn't do any abortion" Dr"We found a high dose of M ethotrexate (MTX)in your blood, it is a chemotherapy
agent that has been used for many years in
the treatment of cancer because it affects
cells that are rapidly dividing. In a
Methotrexate (MTX) Abortion, it stops
embryonic cells from dividing and
multiplying and is a non-surgical method of
ending pregnancy in its early stages.Within
a few days or weeks of receing an injection
of Methotrexate (MTX) at the clinic the, the
pregnancy ends through an experience
similar to an early miscarriage" Lobsie and I looked at that man like he just farted.

With our history it would generally be easy for me to blame Lonwabo and the way he looked at me,it was like he knew what I was thinking. The doctor left the room after telling us the news. Lobsie"Should I leave?" I shaked my head. Lobsie"I didn't I wouldn't not again, you believe me right" I just grabbed him and I cried my lungs out. Me"I love you so much" Lobsie"I love you too" he held on to me like I was going to run away from him.

3 weeks later

I was back home, when I arrived it was like I didn't want to be there. The sheets were changed,the floors looked spotless it was like nothing happened. Mbasa"Entle you have a guest" Me"Let them come here,dont feel like going down stairs. Lobsie and I were sitting in bed with Ntombi but not inside the blankets. Someone knocked and then peeped through the door. Lobsie"Ekse moja" they man hugged. Khaya"Shap mfethu" He looked at me. Lobsie"Please take her to the garden,she wants to take a walk" Khaya"I'll wait outside for you to get dressed" he closed the door on the way out. Lobsie"I invited him over, you need a friend and I trust Khaya with you" my heart melted. Me"Thank you baby" Lobsie"I told you, I will do anything to see you happy" I wore a dress and my uggies. Lobsie"Too sexy baby" Me"mxm yadika" you could tell Lobsie was defeated,but he pulled a front. Guess it comes with being a man. Lobsie"Take your pain killers first" I dis as instructed and then went to join Khaya,we hugged and then took a walk around the yard. Me"You got taller,as if that was even possible" he laughed. Khaya"You got light,what happened? tired of being the only black in the family" I laughed. Me"I was never dark,mealt in your mouth caramel" Khaya"Then you and Lobsie are no longer 'top deck' hahaha" we kept quiet. Me"Thank you for coming" Khaya"Thank Lobby,what I am about to say should never be heard by anyone else" I nodded. That man loves you,I am not his biggest fan but I think he really changed for you. Lobby bought me flight ticket to come hang out with you,Skhothane of him but very thoughtful. So I am hanging the towel, I think you are already with your soulmate" Me"But we'll remain friends" Khaya"Entle you'll never understand the way I love you,past aside you have a hold on me. I love you the way you love Lonwabo,sometimes I wish I could just forget you but I cant. See now that I know ir I atleast think I do,Lonwabo loves you more than you love him. You two will always find a way back to each other and lets face it I am not getting any younger. He took a box out of his pocket. Khaya"I bought this for you way back then but I never asked you because I knew you'd say no and I was scared. Preposing to my gf tonight wish me luck" he put the box back in his pocket. Me"You dont need luck,she would be crazy to decline and trust me I am an expect of crazy" we laughed, we sat outside until it was late then Khaya had to leave. Me"Thank you" Khaya"Anytime" we hugged and he left.

I quikly went to my car to fetch a little something to thank Lobsie. I went inside. Me"Mbasa lighter" Mbasa" I dont smoke" Me"and I am Jesus" he laughed and tossed it at me. I went to the fridge and took a six pack of Heineken. Lobsie was busy studying "Take a break" he looked at my hand and laughed. Lobsie"You cant mix your medication with alcohol" Me"I'll sleep after we are done" he put his books aside and took the beer. Me"fancy a blunt sir" Lobsie"see you get me baby" he took a blunt and the match. We started blazing and pondering about the past, I took pictures of us. Lobsie"We'll be fine baby" Me"I hope so too" my phone beeped it was Zimkita.

"a person who knows how medication works is either a doctor or a medical student,look around your circle and be careful Entle" I tossed my phone to the side. Lobsie"Babe one more blunt then we'll sleep" I rolled another blunt while he played Kendrick section 80

These moments
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 178

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 178

I didn't even bother myself with answering her,she could go and jump for all I care. I get she is angry but to swear at my husband and I like that? the other reason I wasn't bitching,I knew I'd see her on saturday. I went down stairs to join my family. Seth"Mama kukho party apha?" Me"Ewe" Mbasa"Where will they be?" Lobsie"When we return the house must be shit clean!" Seth"Yathuka" he giggled. Me"How do you know?" Seth"Hay yeka" Mbasa laughed at him. Me"Mbasa Judy will bring back Ntombi and Seth to the house at 8,your party must be over by then" Mbasa"Its not a party,chillas between friends just 10 of us" Lobsie nudge his shoulder 'My nigga! I knew there was still hope for you,but stay out of my room" I looked at him. Me"I trust you dont fail me, We'll get you the meat for the braai please dont break anything" Seth"Wait,andizi mna bhuti" Lobsie"Nop,you'll be outside with Ntombi and Judy. I'll give her your homework" Seth stood up and went towards the srairs and shouted "Nadika nonke shame" he went upstairs. Lobsie"Dramatic lantwana" Mbasa"Like his mother" we chilled until midnight until I decided to go to bed.

Saturday came, Lobsie woke me up. Lobsie"Fetching Zimkita e Airport, get up and bath" Me"Hay hay,whats the rush? the event starts at 5" Lobsie"You have to drive Mbasa to his cricket trails" I got out of bed mumbling. I went to take a shower and I wore a dress with sandals, I took Seth with me because Lobsie left with his daughter. Mbasa"Lady the weave is no longer what it used to be" Me"tsek! hahaha I spent alot of money on this hair piece" Mbasa"I trust you did,but now its drained mtase. You cant expect Bhuti to show you off with a weave like that. Trust me, I am your brother I have no reason to lie to you" Me"Okay thanx then" was kind of hurt by Mbasa's comment about my hair but I had to look beautiful tonight. I dropped Mbasa off, Seth and I took a short left to Gugs. Thato once introduced me to the owner and they had nice hair pieces hence it was always packed. When we arrived there, I called him and told him about my hair saga,he said he'll help me out. I walked in "Yhuuuuu" you know how some gays can make a scene,he was exactly like that. Me"I need your help" Him"Army baby not just my help" he looked at Seth. Him"Hay boyza man! yellow little bone" I laughed,Seth just smiled and greeted. He took off what I had and washed my hair "Tshomi I saved you Brazilian 16inch two toned" Me"hay hay dont want anything long" Him"Haska! dont be stingy, mali ikhona. Yenza tshomi ulalazele nawe" peer pressure. Me"I'll take it but I just want brown" Him"Mgani wam" we shared a high 5. I arrived there at 10:37 but I got done at 15:23 between all the talking and gossiping about people I didn't even know not to mention the damage to my bank account. Him"Hay sana I'm the Lord of hair and nails ungatsho nje! hamba ke mfazi my job is done" I checked my phone, missed calls from Mbasa ans Lobsie, I drove to fetch Pick n Pay to buy the meat for Mbasa and some snacks. Seth"Cela Pizza please" Me"I'll leave some money then you'll order" I knew he was hungry but the salon thing was beyond my control, so I bought him hot chips and juice. We left to fetch Mbasa who seemed so pissed off. Me"I am really sorry" Mbasa"You screwed up mate, trust I'll remind you that you owe me" Mbasa was so much like my dad,from personality to the way he treats people. Seth"Bhuti did you see Nolhiza's hair" ever since he heard the name 'Nolhiza' ulenze elakhe. Mbasa"She looks hot" Me"thank you" Mbasa"We should take a picture before you leave" Me"Its not my matric dance" Mbasa"That we all know,we have to capture these rare moments" Suddenly the things Mbasa has been saying made sense, I am always wearing sweat pants or worn out jeans,unless I have to attend parents meeting. We arrived at home the time was 17:45 and I knew Lobsie was about to murder me. We took the plastics and went inside.

Zimkita"Lonwabo left" Me"I'll quickly wipe the importent parts and then we leave" I rushed to our room and did the imported things. I wore my dress, it was red lace with detail that's like flower it was also long it accommodated my small bump, I wore black heels with gold studs. Zimkita was wearing an earth green one arm dress and with black heels too. We drove to The Lagoon beach hotel,by the time we arrived you could tell the event started.

Bukho"You ladies look mega sexy, I see Entle didn't leave the bump at home" Me"I couldnt leave last born at home" we laughed. Bukho"Lobsie wants 3more" Me"he is crazy" Zimkita wasn't saying a word, guess things were awkward at my wedding they slept together Best man and maid of honour. I saw Thato standing with Esihle soI left Zim with Bukho. Me"Can we talk" Esihle"excuse me" Thato"Nah dont go, Entle ufike ulapha" Me"I am not about to beg you, you should know I'd never hide anything from you but its whatever.I'll for you to calm down" Thato"Dont hold your breathe" Me"That's fine too,you know betrayal cuts deep. You and I have been through crap together, the fact that you'd think I would protect Cwenga puzzles me. You telling me i'm just like Lonwabo was wrong, you'd never hear me calling Cwenga names" she turned around without answering me,that pissed me off even more I grabbed her arm. "Thato you dare walk away from me, I write you off as my friend here and now" I let go off her arm, "You lied to me Entle and that I will never forgive" she left me standing there with tears in my eyes, Esihle left with Thato.

I saw Khaya coming toward me, I quickly searched the room for Lobsie and I went with him with tears in my eyes. Me"Can we talk" he lead me outside. Lobsie"You look so beautiful,why are you crying?" he hugged, I cried even louder. Me"Lonwabo Thato is blaming us for into ka Cwenga! I didnt even know kodwa mna" Lobsie"I'll fix it baby dont cry kalok" Me"She hates me and you'll probably make it worse" I kept on crying on his chest, I never thought I'd see the day Thato hates me. Esihle"drink this" She gave me a glass of water,then left me with Lobsie again. Me"I am sorry for ruining your night" Lobsie"You're my wife,my night could never be ruined by you" he kissed my forehead. I called Zimkita to tel her Lobsie and I were leaving but her phone just rang on its own. Losbie"send a text and tell her to take a cab" I did that. My phone beeped "About to make the best mistake,sleep with Bukho again. I am a bitch I know lol,see you in the morning" I laughed and showed Lobsie. We arrived at home at 23:12 the lights were off,we went staight to bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

I woke up because I felt like I wanted to pee. I also had these cramps but they were not really painful. Lobsie"Wenzant0" he grabbed his phone and checked the time. Lobsie"Entle is 4:57 hay baby can I sleep jus..." I screamed trying to get out of bed, my lower body felt so numb. Lobsie rushed to switch on the light "You're bleedig" he looked at me dumb as hell. Me"Lonwabo it hurts" he yelled for Mbasa. Lobsie"hold on babe'

why us?
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 177

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 177

One month later

Things have been rusty at our house yet we still pull through, Seth watched Lobsie and I like hawks. With me being jobless I was always at home,but we got new help Judy she stayed in the cottage outside. She got along with everyone and the best part she cooked for us too. Me"Judy I am on my way out" Judy"Enjoy mam" I hated that word but she didn't seem to want to stop. I drove to Cavendish Square,was meeting up with Esihle. Lobsie and the guys were having a gala to raise funds for a childrens home in Gugs,the charity work got their company new clients and media exposure. So as wives we got an excuse to buy dresses we'll probably never wear again. Esihle was already waiting for me. Esihle"You're late" Me"I had to drop off the kids and Mbasa forgot his cricket clothes so I had to go back. Then I went home to change, I mean who goes shopping at 9am?" Esihle"Its still empty ksasa" Me"You look cute btw" Esihle"nawe small bump" we laughed and went inside. 

Me"Hows being engaged" Esihle"Its good,with Bukho and I life is easy. Half the time I am at work and so is he,when we both free we have the best sex and then catch up,he is amazing but just like Kathy I think I want a long engagement" Me"that's a smart ey, I trust you two will last though" We walked to Earth child, I know I said I would never buy my kids designer clothes but Ntombi is my little girl and she deserves the best. Esihle"So you're going through it?" Me"Yeah but I wanna be sure first" Esihle"You're allowed to be mad at him but divorce is something else" Me"I took the apartment in Wyneburg,I'll pay for it while I still try to fix my marriage but the lies are draining fuck! Yhoo Lonwabo will never change and I hate that ngaye,but nam I got my own shit to deal with " Esihle"Yaz Lonwabo loves you,trust me everyone in our circle envy's the two of you. You guys are not perfect but you always there for each other" Me"But what do I bring to the relationship? I went from driving a Polo Vivo to a BMW M3, the house is not mine, I have nothing without Lonwabo" Esihle"So you'd rather let go of this life? You wear designer clothes,your kids go to the best school in Cape Town and you stay in a big ass house. You'll get a job,stop beating yourself up for things you cant change" Me"So I accept whatever crap Lobsie does?" Esihle"No! you groom Lonwabo" Me"With all these kids there is no time for that" Esihle"Atleast Lonwabo never had a child while you were having problems with falling pregnant" she seemed shocked that she said that. Me"Cwenga has a child?" she didn't answer. Me"Thetha" she didn't want too,so I decided to let it go. We bought everything we needed and more.

I went to fetch Seth at school and then waited for Mbasa's practise to end. He came in the car dirty as hell. Mbasa"Hey can I have a few friends over sat" Me"why?" Mbasa"You'll be out and I think I've earned it kodwa" Me"I'll ask Lobsie,but dont make me regret saying yes" I drove home,Seth was telling us about his teacher and how pretty she was. I left the shopping bags in my car because I could see Lobsie was already home. Me"Can we talk" He followed me to our bedroom. Me" How is Zipho's child" You could tell he didn't expect that. Lobsie"Yeah ey,she is good I guess" Me"Sometimes I dont even get why I bother" Lobsie"Funa ndithini Entle?" Me"Surprise me,tell me the truth" Lobsoe"Its not mine to tell" Me"You'd rather us fight so you can protect Cwenga? You'd rather have me wreck my brain trying to figure out why my husband cant put me first" Lobsie"Its not about you!You think Cwenga likes lying to Thato,four straight years he has been hidding his own daughter because he scared of what might happen,yeah I lied but I dont regret it. Cwenga is cought between a rock and a hard place,and and as my wife I expect you to support me not make me feel guilty!" Me"Lonwabo!" Lobsie"A a Entle,you think Cwenga wants to hide things from Thato? you think if he tells her she'll welcome Akhona with open arms? Cwenga needs Athi's blood but he cant get it without telling Thato what might ruin them forever. Shock me kayi one nje and not act selfish,I love you but sometimes you're selfish. I am sorry for lying to you but I had too" Me"Okay" Lobsie"We'll be fine mna nawe,we always pull through. Please dont give up now" He hugged me. Lobsie"Baby I want us to take the kids to Lolo and we go to PE together,to properly bond" he spanked me. Me"I'd love that" Lobsie"I miss my wife moaning for me" I laughed. Me"I miss you too babe" Lobsie"Entle I want us to fix the cracks in our marraige,for our children' sake. No other man should see you naked again or else I'll kill that bitch I promise you" his tone changed,then he grabbed me then kissed me. My phone beeped I went to check who it was.

"Friendship is one sided lately, I am glad I still have a friend in you Entle or so I thought. For Esihle to be the one to tell me about Cwenga's shit when you're my bestfriend and I know you knew. Its fine though,atleast I can count on Esihle" Thato. I looked at Lobsie and threw my phone at him,he read the text. Lobsie"Its fine, I want you to stop being friends with all of them anyway less drama that way. Yadika lento hence kuliwa kangaka,my friends are mine and your friends should be yours" Me"I've known Thato before you came along" Lobsie"But now I am here,yeka Thato and take Esihle" he kissed my forehead and left the room. I replied "I dont know what youre mad at me for,can we meet up for lunch and talk? 1:30pm tomorrow" after a while she replied "stay the fuck away from from me,you may not see it now but you becoming like Lonwabo everyday,you lie cheat and you're selfish. rha I was wrong you two are a match made in heaven!"

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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 176

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 176

Me"Andimfuni" he didn't answer me,and I didn't mind I wanted to sleep.I woke up the next morning and he wasn't in bed,so I to take a quick shower and wore sweat pants,white beater and my filthy All star along with denim jacket. I went to Ntombi's nursery and I saw someone had already bathed her,so I made her something to eat. Mbasa"Morning" Me"Hey lil bro" he stared at me. Me"You know?" Mbasa"Heard you guys last night,Seth kept to sleep with me he fell asleep crying" I didn't say anything. Mbasa"You leaving?" Me"Its saturday I wanted to take Ntombi out for the day" Mbasa"Dont stay here with Seth,he thinks you're leaving him again. Your husband is swimming outside just stay away from him today,go to Seth and I'll look after Ntombi for now" Me"You think I screwed up! I know I did but I need to hear someone to tell me" my phone rang and it was Lulama. Mbasa"I'll give you space" I picked up.

Me"Hello" Lulama"How are you? I am worried about you" Me"I got thrown out,so I dont really know how I feel and you calling me is not helping" Lulama"I am sorry Entle,leaving SA tomorrow it doesn't feel right to leave you here" Me"I have kids and you have a wife,please stop calling and I am sorry if I made you believe we'd ever be together again. I love Lonwabo and that's how it will be" Lulama"I told you before, I love you enough to let you pursue what may seem like happiness but wena nam have a deep history together and last night was proof that we sleeping in the wrong beds" Me"So be it but Lonwabo is my husband and I expect you to respect that. shap" I dropped the phone and called the one person that keeps me sane. Esihle"Sweety" Me"I fucked up" Esihle" I know Lobsie told Bukho,now I need you to breathe,drink your pills and draft a letter" Me"A letter?" Esihle"Yes,you will no longer work at Petro. After you draft that letter,I'll go to Lonwabo and you'll tell him its cool that his mad at you but you're not walkig out of that until you two find common ground. Be honest Entle,he is your husband for a reason. Now go to Lobsie first and draft the letter later, you're married to a lawyer think like one" Me"Thank you for not judging" Esihle"Arg dick happeneds wethu mtchana" we both giggled. I went outside Seth was in the pool and Lobsie was on his phone,he side eyed me. Seth"Mama come swim" I laughed. Me"Not today" Seth"Hugger tata ke" Me"I will" he looked at Lobsie and I, like he expected us to fight again Lobsie got done with his call and I went to hug him. Seth"Yey,Mama cela uSpur" Me"ask your dad" Seth"sonke mani mama,mbasa,dad and Ntombi" Lobsie"Hay andiyi mna,got work to do" Seth stood there and looked us. Me"Vasa we'll leave around 12" Lobsie side eyed me again,Seth went inside the house.

Me"can we talk?" Lobsie" go ahead" I breathed. Me"I love you and I know you know that too, we've been through hell together and we never gave up.I'm not saying applaud me for cheating but dont you wonder why it was so easy for him to get me to open my legs" Lobsie"I gather you about to tell me" Me"Lonwabo, I am 28 with 2 kids and a step son plus am expecting another one. Before I met you I was just a wreckless teenager who just discoverd clubs but you calmed me down and showed me there is more to life than that,you made me your wife. We had a child things were sour,before Seth you aborted my child without even thinking how I would feel but I forgave" I was crying and he was playing with his fingers. Me"You changed to the core while I still wanted to act my age but because I loved you and my kids, I put me on the side and trusted in our love. It hasn't been easy,there were days I would have Varsity and after that still have to attend events with you. My point is the second time things changed, I lost my gran,my father and along the way I lost you to an accident. I am always expected to understand but you know the funniest part is I dont,Lonwabo you left me here and came back you didn't even recognise me! I was never ready for Seth or Ntombi, I had dreams nam but I put you first because yours seemed more importent,dont get me wrong I dont regret anything but I needed you to stop and ask 'Entle are you fine?' but you never did. That's what he did! he cared enough to ask me how I feel,it sounds stupid but Lonwabo you stopped trying. I love you enough to love for the both of us, I will never leave you but I want you to meet me half way sometimes. I dont mind my kids but I need help from you too,Seth asked Mbasa if am leaving again,I know this is not what I promised your mom or what you promised my father but if you want me out I'll leave but not without my kids" I stood up and walked to the kitchen door. "Entle" I breathed and turned around. Lobsie"Spur with everyone seems like a great idea" Me"Go change, I'll fetch my car keys" Lobsie"Likhona never forget where you and I come from,I've you in the past I know but nguwe umfazi wam. We'll be fine though,but I need you to get your priorities together" We hugged and we both went inside,he changed and we all left for Spur. I sent Esihle a text "thank you" .

We had a nice meal,the Mbasa took Seth to the games. Me"Ntombi's first birthday is coming soon" Lobsie"We will drive to Durbz and spend it there" Me"Yhoo she wont even remember that" my phone beeped. "Please tell Lonwabo to rush to Groote Schure, I've been trying to call him but his phone is off. Zipho's daughter has bone cancer and they need Lobsie there too" I read the text over and over again, I dailed Cwenga and gave Lobsie the phone.

Lobsie"You're killing family time" Cwenga"Bra I just got a call from Zipho,uthi she cant get hold of you. So she called me" Lobsie"I blocked her,she was playing mind games" they carried on talking and then Lobsie looked at me. Lobsie"I think God is testing your love for me, Hlobisile Zipho's friend,might have lied about Zipho being sick but that was her trying to get Zipho and I to talk again,but I thought Zipho was trying to come between us. Bukho and Cwenga are already there,lets go please babe" We paid our bill and we drove in silence. Me"Are you sure she is yours" Lobsie"Zipho called me on Christmas trying to tell me something but I dropped the phone,she is alot of things but not a liar" Me"This too shall pass baby" We hels hands as he was driving.

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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 175

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 175

Graduation night

We were having a braai to celebrate me finally getting my degree. It was Me,Kathy,Siyanda,Bukho,Esihle,Bukho,Lobsie,Thato and Cwenga. Cwenga"Well mrs Skhosana" Me'Thank you" We sat and ate. Esihle"Now wr are all educated" Lobsie"Entle was slowing us down for a minute there" We all laughed. Thato"Thank God,baby number 3 is just on time mama will have a job" My phone rang and it was Nomtha, I stood up and went outside. Me"Hello" Nomtha"My graduate" I laughed. Nomtha"Mamela Entle,I have a late wedding gift for you and a graduation gift" Me"Hahaha but you didn't have too" Nomtha"Even a learnership at Transnet" Me"I said you didn't have? I meant thank you" We laughed inbetween. Nomtha"They're expecting you at 11am for a brief interview but you already in" Me"How?" Nomtha"I know someone in HR who owed me a favour and plus you deserve the job" I was still shocked. Nomtha"Dont be late ke" after the call I went back to everyone. I didn't tell them what up or anything,the night went on smoothly everyone went home. 

Lobsie and I went to bed. Me"I have a job interview tomorrow" Lobsie"I'm happy for you Entle" I went to chill in Ntombi"s nursery as usual. I woke up the next morning,took a bath and got dressed in blue jeans,a white blouse and black blazer plus simple black heel. Lobsie"swap the jeans for a black chino ankle grazer,that way you look good yet not too serious" I changed my jeans and wore the pants as Lobsie said,he was right everything worked well that way. Me"am out" Lobsie"bye" Lonwabo not having his memory was kinda hurtful sometimes but I was slowly getting used to it. I drove to the interview then something crawled in my mind and I pulled over. Me"God I cant be in that house,it hurts and me working near will mean I have to always hurt over Lobsie just by looking at him. for how long? dont I deserve much better than that?" I turned my car and drove for something like three/four hours. I stopped and I looked at where I was, I got out of the car and took all the things I will need. Receptionist"Welcome to Petrol SA,how can I help you" Me"I'd like to interview for a learnership" she asked me to sit down and then called me back. Receptionist"Fill in these forms and then we'll get back to you" I did as instructed. I drove back to Cape Town, I got home at around 7. Lobsie"You have a child that needs your breast" Me"I pumped for her" Lobsie"one bottle Entle,arg I know you dont want to be around me but do it for your child " Me"Lonwabo" he turned around "I am sorry" Lobsie"Dont apologise to me,save it for your daughter. See you in bed" This is why I want to work far away from him because the Lonwabo I know would have asked me about my interview regardless of being mad at me.

Present day
Lobsie went out of the room to speak to Seth. I put back my clothes back in the closet, I decided to wear my pj's im the meantime. I heard the door close, I turned around it was Lobsie. He went straight to bed, I switched off the lights and got in the blankets. We both kept quiet,silence took over he kept on tosing and turning. Me"I am sorry" he didn't say a word, I started being sleepy after a while. Lobsie"You're not sorry Entle,you are scared that I will throw you out again and take the kids away from you but I know you, you're my wife after all" I didn't say anything. Lobsie"You know whats the craziest part about all of this, I want to fix things with you! I still love you regardless of you cheating on me. Does that make me crazy?" I reached for his hand. Lobsie"Dont touch me please! I dont wanna go to jail, I could beat you up right now. Entle what about our baby? did you forget that you're pregnant?" Me"no" Lobsie"qha? make me understand,will I always compete with Lulama and Khaya? You're my wife yet other men eat for free, I parade you wit pride and wena you throw that in my face. I get we not perfect but I thought we were good,atleast enough for me not to cheat on you" Me"Ngubani tiger" he didn't answer, I just heard him breathing heavy. He got out of bed and switched on the light.

Lobsie"Remember Zipho? the one I was with after our divorce" I nodded. Lobsie" When you were at St Anthony's I saw her at tiger tiger,her friend told me Zipho is diabetic and its time I stepped up and took care of my child because Zipho is really sick" I sat up straight. Lobsie"So I took number ka Zipho from her friend,because the whole night she didn't want to talk to me. Then we spoke on whatsapp,that day I came with the kids to visit you. She told me her friend was lying,she doesn't have a child so I blocked her on whatsapp because we not friends. Then Xmas she called me but I hung up on her and blocked her number" Me"You didn't sleep with her?" He looked at me. Lobsie"Since I've married you,you're the only girl I've seen naked and I dont regret that. Your insecurities are blinding you and they're ruining us" Me"It just happened" Lobsie"You wanted it,you wanted to hurt me just in case I was sleeping with anyone. I want you out of my house tomorrow Entle. You'll come back after you're done growing up, I stole your freedom take it back ke baby and we'll be here waiting for you to be ready to be a wife and a mother" He switched off the lights again.

He was sleeping and I was thinking about everything. Maybe I am really selfish and I am the reason for my depression. My phone rang it was Lulama, I ignored him and he called again. Lobsie"tell him he can have you" he turned around again.

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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 174

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 174

Today was my first day at work, I work up made lunch for Seth and Mbasa, leaving 30rand for Mbasa and 20 for Seth. I was working in Mossel Bay so I had to leave early, in order to beat the trafic and be early at work so I can make an impression. I bathed Ntombi and then fed her quickly,after she burped I went to get dressed in a black above the knee pencil skirt and a white shirt with a black blazer I tied my twist neatly and went to say goodbye to Lobsie. Me" I am out" I kissed his lips. Lobsie" knock them dead baby" I travelled to work playing my Kendrick Lamar cd. Me"Lord please carry my hand all day. amen" I was just three minutes early, I walked inside and people were already there no one even paid attention to me. I walked to the boardroom,someone old man was talking to what seemed like a bunch of teenagers, I went in and stood at the back. Man"You should know this first, this is an internship and most of you do not seem ti value the meaning of that. If you're late,we wont hire you! You're always sick leave now! not a team player please stand up and go! this is the real world not varsity. Welcome to Petrol SA" He went out of the room,then some lady showed us our working space. I forgot with my field I had to work with both my hands and still need a computer. 

The day went well I enjoyed every minute of work, before I could leave I got an email from work telling me am on standby from 22:55 until 03:00am, I went back to ask what is required from someone on standby. I drove home pissed and tired. Me" I have arrived" Mbasa"Your dress has also arrived" I shrinked with excitment. Me"Have you guys ate?" Mbasa"Yeah Seth is asleep and Losta is working in his study" Me"Goodnight ke" Mbasa"Entle, Can I tell you something as your brother" I nodded. Mbasa"You wont be able to pull this off,Seth waited for you to help with his homework he went to bed while waiting,Losta cooked for us as tired as he was because you were not here and me fetching Ntombi at day care is not cool, I miss out on cricket practise. I know Losta wont tell you this but dude you coming home at half 8 isn't cool at all" I get out at work at 6 from then I struggle with trafic,that is out of my hands. I went to the study to greed Lobsie. Me"baby" Lobsie" how was work baby" Me"Great and kuwe" Lobsie"just work,new contract which means I'll be working all night" Me"Nam am on standby" Lobsie" whats that?" Me"Technical support" We chatted but you could tell he wasn't in the mood so I left him. I went to fit on my dress for the gala dinner on friday. Lobsie" Good night" I smiled at him and carried on working,with my phone ringing like crazy.

My days at work would all be the same and I would arrive late at home everyday. Seth and I were not on speaking terms because I dont help and at school they said mommy should help with school work.Today was friday and it was Thato's gala, during my lunch break I went to a salon to take off my braids they got done in time,I went back to work by knock off time. I put on my Lace wig and I wore my dress, it was long and white with lace sleeves and an open back that ends almost in my ass, I wore my wedding shoes and did my make up putting on some red lipstick. I walked to the parking lot "Entle" I turned around and this guy was running towards me. Him"You left your phone behind" Me" thanx" as he handed it to me. Him" You look beautiful, enjoy your night" I drove back to Cape town and I texted Thato that am going to be an hour late. I arrived at Radison blue hotel and they escorted me to the venue. I sat through the event,saw Thato walking around every five minutes. After the speeches they allowed us to mingle while the food is being served. My boss came towards me was even shocked to see him. Me"Hello Sir" Him" I didn't know you support probono work" Me"My husband's company normaly host these,so by default I started to enjoy them" we both laughed,someone tapped on my shoulder. Him" It was nice seeing you" he left,so I turned around to see who it was. Lulama" You look amazing" Me" so do you" we looked at each other. Lulama"Can we talk outside" Me"Yeah I need the air anyway" We walked outside. Me"When did you get here" Lulama"Yesterday,this event is to raise funds for us. Hence you'll find alot of doctors here" I smiled. Lulama" You look so sexy fuck" Me"Thank you" we hugged. He kissed my lips. Lulama"I have a room" I nodded. Lulama"405,you'll follow me" he left me and I stood there thinking what am I doing. I rushed to the lift and pressed the 4th floor. I knocked he opened, I stood by the door. He held my hand for me to come in, I looked at him and then turned around to put my clutch on the couch. He sucked my neck and moved my hair to the front,he turned me around and then we kissed. Lulama" Are you sure" I nodded. He picked me up and laid me in bed, I helped him take off my dress. We kissed again. He took a condom and we did the deed. When we were done he kissed my forehead and then laid next to me. I waited for him to fall asleep, I wore my dress and then drove home.

In the car I was crying and not because of what I just dis but because I just risked losing my family for one round of sex. I saw the lights were still on,so I stayed in the car for some time. I went inside,Lobsie was sitting on the kitchen stool eating bread. Me"I am back" Lobsie" You look amazing,how was it" Me"good" I went upstairs and took a long ass shower. Lobsie"Entle" I wrapped myself with a towel. He threw my phone at me, I saw an opened text from Lulama "Dont regret tonight at all, you're still amazing. come'n E leave him for me" my heart just stopped beating. Lobsie"Will you explain before or after I throw you out of my house"

I kept quie "Entle I will beat the shit out of you right now!" I still didn't say a word. Lobsie" wow Entle are you that easy? or your family doesnt mean much to you" I didnt say anything. Lobsie" Fuck mani!Thetha!" He pulled me up from the floor. Lobsie" Why are you crying? Undenza kaka Entle" he took my clothes out of the closet and threw them at me. Lobsie" Hamba before I do something I'll regret" Me"sorry" Lobsie"Hamba Entle" I went to him and held his hand. He pushed me to the floor. I saw Seth peeking through the door. Lobsie" Bekumnadi? I hate you Entle fuck first time I forgave you! it was Thato's event Cwenga was bound to be there, imagine being called by my bestfriend telling me he saw my wife kissing another man" he was crying. I kept on looking at Seth. Lobsie" I guess I wasnt enough for you" he wiped his tears. Me"Lonwabo umtana" Seth was in tears

I fucked up
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 173

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 173

Lobsie went straight to the guest room to speak to Alwaba,he was a bit sceptical about what he was about to do but he to please his wife. He knocked and she opened the door for him. Alwaba"That thing of yours is crazy wena" Lonwabo was taken back by Alwaba calling Entle a "thing". Lobsie" Please respect my wife" Alwaba"Uba ngu "my wife" xaku theni? I swear I dont get you Lonwabo! What you see is beyond me" Lobsie"Sundiqhela! Dont see me smilling with you and mistake me for your friend,we not friends. That thing you talking about is my wife and this is her house,and she wants you gone and so do I" Alwaba"Not so long ago you needed my help but now you throwing me out" Lobsie"Not throwing you,I didn't grab you ndakukhupha dont tempt me and I never asked you to come here you offended" Alwaba"Uyikaka Lonwabo and that will never change" Lobsie"Ndiyila kaka uyifunayo!" he walked towards the door and then stopped "I want my son here next week kukho umsebenzi" Alwaba"You really love her more than you love?" Lobsie" I stopped loving you the day you became friends with my mother and whatever was left of that love is gone because wena you quick to compare yourself to Entle who doesn't even care about you,please stop calling me unless you wanna talk about our son" He left Alwaba standing there in tears. He went to help Viwe pack his clothes. Viwe"Cela hlala nawe tata" Lobsie kept quiet,he did want Viwe to stay with him too but he and Alwaba always agreed that Viwe will stay with het until his 15 and they signed a contract,he drew up the contract so he knew the were no loop holes. Viwe"tata" Lobsie"Not now boy,but you'll visit every holiday" Viwe started crying. Viwe"thanda Seth more than me wena tata" that killed Lobsie even more. Lobsie"Hay Viwe,I love you nawe" Viwe"Then ndiyeke ndihlale nawe" he kept on crying,his tears wore Lobsie down and he knew there is no way in hell Alwaba would let Viwe stay with Entle. Lobsie"Sukhala boy" he tried to hug him but Viwe pulled away and took his Spider man bag,and went straight to Alwaba's room without even saying goodbye to his father.

Lobsie walked in the room with tears in his eyes. Me"and then?" he didn't answer he just laid ontop of my thighs and cried in silence. Me"Baby" Lobsie"Viwe wants to stay here and we both know Alwaba wont let that happen,he thinks I love Seth more than him!Entle you know me better than anyone I love both of my children equally,sometimes I hate being a lawyer sometimes! who draws a contract for their children" he kept on crying. Me"Uphi Viwe?" Lobsie"He went to his mother that's if they haven't left" I mover his head from me and quickly wore sweat pants and a vest,rushing to them before they leave. Me"Mbasa have they left" he pointed at the door, I rushed outside "Alwaba ima" Viwe turned around to look at me,Alwaba also stopped. Me"I just want to speak to Viwe fast" Alwaba"No! he is not your son,you have no right to speak to him" I ignored her and bent down. Me"hide this from your mom,you'll call tatakho qho. You can read ne? cofa phezulu wen its dark and it will light up again,when that thing is red at the top charge it. Yayazi charger mos" He nodded. Me"then call tatakho,Seth even Ntombi everyday avah boy" I put the phone in his school bag. Viwe"phone yam" Me"shhhh ewe" Alwaba"Hurry up" Viwe kissed my cheek and went inside his mothers car. Me"Alwaba,please dont use Viwe as a weapon in your fight with Lonwabo" Alwaba"Voestek wena" she got in her car and drove away. I stood there wondering how long this war will go on.

Next day
Ntombi and I went to see Thato. Me"Uphi Cwenga" Thato"They went out with the boys kanti where is Lonwabo" Me"Mbasa is playing a cricket match so they went to watch him" Thato"Entle remember our PE days though" Me"How could I ever forget" Thato"and now you have 3 kids and I have two,how fast time goes by" Me"I am pregnant again" she coughed. Thato"Have you and Lonwabo ever heard of a condom" Me"Wasn't planned,plus after this one I am freezing my tubes" Thato" you should,not to bomb you or anything but remember how you wanted a career,a proper job,your own money and now you going for 4 kids and you've never even had a job,yet Lobsie finds time to get a Dr while he makes you have kids" Me"I know" Thato"I dont think you do,you have a degree qha wena and lobsie has how many certificates,soon he will be Dr Skhosona and you'll just be Entle Skhosana" Me"I know Thato but I didn't give up on my dreams, I'll go back to school after I give birth" Thato stood up and came back with three application forms UCT and CPUT plus UNISA. Thato"Apply rigjt now for your MTech and I'll pay every cent of your application fees,Petro will provide the bursary that am sure of. You're smart,you are worth every cent" she gave me a pen to fill in the forms while she watched. Me"Do you think I've let go of myself" Thato" I know you have,but i'll get you back on track" I was so ashamed of myself,no lies and I knew Thato was right but I didn't want to admit it ot atleast my pride didnt want me too. Thato"We having a gala dinner next week at work I want you to be my plus one" Me"no I cant, I have kids" Thato"so do I but I have a husband and he had to help out,nawe let Lobsie look after the kids" Me"I'll ask him" Thato"no you'll tell him, Lobsie and Cwenga go clubbing at Tiger tiger qho quite sure one night wont kill them" Me"Tiger?" she nodded. After my day with Thato I went home and put Ntombi to sleep,the boys were already back. So I went to the study to speak to Lobsie about Thato's invite.

Me"babe" Lobsie"Baby whats wrong?" Me"Thato invited me to a gala dinner next week,please look after the kids" Lobsie"okay" Me"baby I applied at school and when I stary at work I will apply for bursary. We have to find help" Lobsie" Entle I have no problem with you going back to school but I have a problem with you going back while you pregnant. Babe please wait until Ntombi is two and then go back to school and work not that you need to because I can afford us and I thought you'd be happy with being a house wife" Me" you thought wrong" He stood up and sat next to me but on top of the table. Lobsie"okay ke,I hope you can maintain being a wife/mother and a career woman because one out weighs the other" he kissed my forehead,at the back of my mind I kept repeating "take control Entle" I stood up "I married a rich man quite sure we can afford 2 baby sitters,ow and baby I am going back to school" I kissed him with all the passion I had in me,then Lobsie laughed. Lobsie"You're sexy fuck,okay i'll get the baby sitters ke" I touched his crotch. Me"You're handsome" we kissed again. Lobsie"Forever and always" Me"until the end"

Love this man :)
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 172

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 172

At our house who ever is at the front door has
a clear view of the dinning table but those at
the table have just the view of the living room.
So I knew they all couldn't see me, my head
started spinning a little so I rushed back outside
and I closed the door. I searched througj my
bag for my pills, I took them with the juice
Esihle bought for me. I gathered my senses and
calmed the fuck out of myself, I sat on that
floor for something like 15minutes until I felt
my heart settling down and my emotions coming
back to me. I stood up and I went inside.
Me"I'm home" I shouted. Seth came running to
me. Seth"heh fikile wena?" Me"Yes,I am back"
he kissed my forehead,I put him back down
because he was heavy. Me"Whose school?"
Seth"Yhoo teacher! is umhle mama" I laughed
so hard,he kept on telling me about his new
school until we got to where everyone was.
Lobsie"Why didn't you tell me to fetch you?"
Me"They couldn't get hold of you,so Bukho
asked Esihle to fetch me" he stood up and
hugged me. I greeted my brother. Mbasa"Yhoo
you've gone alot of explaining to do" Me"Yes
dad" Viwe"Mamam" I kissed his forehead.
Me"Vivi" Viwe"You look pretty" I laughed.
Me"Hey" Alwaba"Hi" I took my bags and went
to our bedroom,Lobsie followed holding
Ntombi. Me"How are things here"
Lobsie"Complicated,Nombasa left akhange atsho
that she is quitting she just packed her shit and
left" Me"Who looks after Ntombi?" Lobsie"At
first it was Mbasa,but school started so
morning's I looked after her and then after
school the boys would take over so I could
atleast get some work done. That's when Alwaba
stepped in,this whole week she has been looking
after everyone" Me"Okay" I unpacked my
things. Lobsie"You look calm" Me"I am calm"
Lobsie"Okay baby" we laid in bed with Ntombi
between us.
Me"I start at work soon" he didn't answer me.
Me"I'll find a perminent domestic worker in the
meantime,one that can move in" he just played
with Ntombi's hand. Me"Lonwabo!"
Lobsie"What?" I looked at him. Lobsie"I heard
every word you said,you were not asking you
always make your own decisions ngoku funa
ndithini?" Me"Okay" we didnt talk for a while.
Lobsie"I think you need to attend therapy"
Me"Why?" Lobsie"You're not fine Entle,buy I
wont force you umdala but as your husband and
the man that loved you,I think you have alot to
deal with and with the 3rd one on the way I
doubt you'll be able to handle everything" Yeah
my womb is that friendly,Ntombi is almost 5
months and I am already pregnant again. Me"I'll
get the help I need,I will stick to taking my pills
but no therapy they'll send me back"
Lobsie"Then what?" Me"Khaya,he helped me the
last time and he knows me so I think he can
help me" Lobsie"Okay,I love you Lamani" Me"I
love you too Gaba wam" we kissed. Me"Tonight"
Lobsie"Wear something sexy,I wanna welcome
you properly" We sat in bed and talked about
I went to put Ntombi in her Nursery because
she was fast asleep. I bumped into Alwaba in the
kitchen,we didn't talk and I didn't mind until
she broke the silence. Alwaba"Family to much
for you? " Me"Thetha nam?" had to be sure if
she's not in the phone before I attack.
Alwaba"crazy and deaf,I swear Lonwabo knows
how to pick them. No wonder he us thin
lately,guess money doesn't buy you happiness
nor does you a free voucher for a perfect home,
I will be damned if I let my son stay here
without me" I think she forgot me,maybe the
past was quickly forgotten or she needs a
reminder. Me"I worry about you hey,how old
are you again? 33? yet you busy bitching for
someone who left you years ago? ihamba njan
lento? tell me how it works, I have a break
down and you step in and play happy family
with my family? you become a stand in
wife,praying to God Lobsie could me out so you
can move in my place? hahaha I am only 27 and
yet you standing in my kitchen wanting
everything that I have? that's petty ey,hamba go
find your own man! this Tom and Jerry game is
getting old" Alwaba"No I won bec..." Me"Thula!
because right now uhlisa isdima sakho and I
doubt Viwe would like to see his mom trying to
break a home or acting this weak. You quick to
forget khona ne, you have a job today because
of me wena! you didnt have a cent when Lobsie
left you,dont test me Alwaba.I am crazy and I
am pissed,you dont wana bother me not today
anyway" Alwaba"I am taking my son" Me"Good
for you,but just know fighting your battles ngo
Viwe just shows youre weak. Now get the fuck
out of my house,beke nolo glass nxa sela amanzi
kaba" I walked out of the kitchen,I wanted to
laugh at myself for depriving her water.
I went back to Lobsie,he was laying in bed. I got
on top of him and kissed him,I sucked his neck.
Me"I missed you" Lobsie"Alot baby" he grabbed
my waist making me grind ontop of him.
Me"You want it" He nodded. I unbuckled his
belt and pulled down his pants. Me"I am hurt
baby" Lobsie"Utheni" Me"I feel like you've
already replaced me with her" I kept on
grinding on top of him. Lobsie"mmmh a.a baby
I would never" he bite my bottom lip and I
pushed him back. I held his cock and inserted
myself in,I moved fast and I kept on kissing
him. I could tell he was enjoying it,then I
stopped. Me"Get Alwaba out of my house
today" Lobsie"Anything for you" because of that
answer,I let him take control and get it from
behind. I arched my back and he smached
in,banging me hard. I wanted to scream at that
moment. He kept on spanking my ass,he made
this roaring sound and I knew my man was
happy. Lobsie"Let me go tell her ke baby" we
kissed and he wore his robe and went out of the

Pussy power
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 171+

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 171+

Lonwabo woke up and played his Neyo cd,a thought of Entle creeped in his head and he smiled. 'why does she stay' played his heart broke a little. Mbasa"Morning" Lobsie"Dont be gay! could have said Bhuti or nigga" they both laughed. Mbasa"You took my advice?" Lobsie"Planning to put it in action?" Mbasa"Yeah" Lobsie threw him with an apron,Mbasa gave Lobsie veggies to chop while he cooked the grains. Lobsie"Your sister cant even cook to save her life" Mbasa"I know and the craziest pary about that she is always cooking" they laughed,he checked the time 04:23. Mbasa"We'll be done on time" Lobsie"Are you sure you'll be able to handle everything" Mbasa"Its just Viwe and Seth,I'll take to Grant's house then we'll play games there" Lobsie"Thato will come and fetch Ntombi,I've already packed her things though. I'll return around 6pm" Mbasa"Take your time,we'll be cool" Lobsie"baby sitter's fee" Mbasa"Nah ain't about that,you've done alot for me and am saying thank you by helping out" They continued cooking christmas meals. Lobsie packed his work documents,he wanted Entle help him type for old time sake and he wanted to chill with his wife without the kids. The morning went out,he and Mbasa got done with the important meals then he went to bath. Lobsie"Call me if anything goes wrong,dont play super man" Mbasa"just be gone already" Lobsie left 200rand note for Mbasa and didn't take no for an answer,he drove to his wife. When he arrived at St Anthony's he got a call from 'tiger'. Lobsie"I told you to stop calling me" Tiger"Lonwabo I have to tell you something" Lobsie"Hay hay,I told you nditshatile please respect that before ndicaphuke" Tiger"Lonwabo I'm..." Lobsie dropped the phone and blocked the number. He spoke to Christa about Entle.

I was waiting for Thato and the kids to arrive,I couldn't wait to return home I miss my family. Lobsie"Beautiful" I was so shocked to see him. Me"What are you doing here" Lobsie"I wanna remind my wife why she is my wife tshn,Merry Christmas baby" he kissed me. Lobsie"change into this dress,we having an improto dinner. So please look sexy baby" I looked at him while he was preparing our dinner. Lobsie"Baby you'll be late" I took off my sweatpants and hoodie, I wore the little black dress and red heels I brushed my hair and then put on some lipgloss. Me"Done" He took out his phone and took a picture of me. Me"lets take one together" we took pictures of each other making goofy faces. Lobsie"Lets eat boo" we sat on the wooden floor. Me"I thought you had a court case to prepare for?" Lobsie"I realised you're more important" we kissed.

He laid me on the floor and he kissed me again. Me"I miss that" Lobsie"Every part of your body" he kissed my nose,ears,chest and then sucked my neck. Me"mmm" he lifted up my dress "I didn't shave" we both laughed,he kissed my honey pot and then lifted up my dress,I took off my undies while he took of his pants he got done. Lobsie"I love you" he parted my legs and then he went inside. Our hands were holding,our bodies seemed to move like one. Me"I love you too" he moved I circles and I helped him,he came inside. Lobsie"Number four on the way" he kissed my belly. Me"I have a friendly womb,so I dont doubt that" Lobsie"My wife your are sexy rhaa" I blushed. Me"Baby I am scared that you wont wait for me" Lobsie"that's crazi talk,you're worth the wait" Me"I'll work with the doctors to get better and Petro SA accepted me for inservice training" he kept quiet. Lobsie"You'll work in Mossel bay?" Me"Ewe,its not far mos" Lobsie"I know,lets not ruin the moment we'll talk some other time" We cuddled until Lobsie fell asleep. I tied up the room, I took his phone but it was password protected so I took a wild guess. 132309 and it worked. I wanted to read his messeges but I stopped myself. I put the phone right where I found it, I went to cuddle next to him.

After that day, days passed by and days turned into weeks next thing I knew it was the second lastweek of January. I was finally going home,I woke up supper happy. I packed my things and went to say goodbye to the friends I made and the nurses. Esihle came to fetch me,she took me to the salon to get my hair done. We went to eat at Ocean basket. Me"How's B" we laughed. Esihle"can I ask you something?" Me"Yeah" Esihle"Bukho and Thato have a past?" Me"No,its all been Thato ka Cwenga. They just get along alot" Esihle"Way too much,Bukho accompanies Thato to her AA meetings" Me"Hay if you were dating Lobsie and that was happenig I'd tell you to follow them" we laughed. After lunch we drove to my place, Esihle told me Seth looks too cute in his uniform and Lobsie got Mbasa a place at SACS too.

Me"Thank you for fetching me" Esihle"thank you for the talk" she went back to her car and left. I looked our drive way there were 3 cars,mine and Lobsie's ans then I dont know the 3rd one. I opened the door to surprise them but I was the one who got surprissed. Everyone sat on the dinner table by everyone I meant Lobsie,Seth,Mbasa,Viwe and Alwaba feeding my daughter.

Welcome home :/
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 171

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 171

Before he could say another word Dr Bhengu walked in. Dr"I see you're awake,how are you?" I just nodded. He looked at Lobsie "did you mention what we spoke about?" Lobsie"Babe they think you're a danger to yourself and the children,so we have to send you to a psychiatric home just to keep you have someone monitor you for a week" Dr Bhengu"But how things go during that week totaly depend on how you respond to your medication and how you handle your emotions" I didn't say a word I just looked at Lobsie. I didn't feel any better,my hand hurt like a bitch and my head was just beyond painful. Dr Bhengu"There are different homes we can recommend but she has to go there right away" Lobsie"She is fine now,look at her" Dr Bhengu"I wont tell you whats best for your wife,but if you dont get her help she will do something much worse than cutting her hand" he walked. Lobsie"Ndithini? Now you tell me how do I help you?,Entle you the strong one between us. You cant just give up now!" I turned around so I could sleep. Lobsie"Fuck Entle maan! this is not you! looking dazed,you have kids how do you expect me to explain their mother being in hospital for being crazy" he cuddled up behind me. Lobsie"I love you Lamani,you cant give up now" he got out of the room and went outside to make a call.

Lobsie"B can I speak to Esihle mfethu" Bukho"okay ima" the was fiddling in the other side. Esihle"Hey" Lobsie"I dont know if this is out of your reach but please find me a depression place around CapeTown and book for today,I will pay when I get there" Esihle"Who do I book for?" Lobsie"Entle" then he hung up and stood by the door. He decided to call Mbasa,just to check on how things are at home. Lobsie"Hey is everything fine?" Mbasa"Yeah but the baby has been crying non stop" Lobsie"Do me a favour and pack normal clothes for Entle,nothing fancy and those warm boots she always wears. Someone will come fetch them" Mbasa"Is she fine" Lobsie" I hope so,I really do" He hung up,he received an email from Esihle with pictures of homes around the Western Cape. Lobsie decided on St Anthony's home,he sent Esihle a text to fetch Entle's clothes and drive to St Anthony's he'll give her petrol money. The time was now 18:34 Entle was still sleeping,and Lobsie had already made arrangements for her to be admitted tomorrow. Their friends we at Kingsbury gathered outside the room. Cwenga,Lobsie and Siya excused themselves to go buy food for everyone while Bukho was inside the room with Entle.

Bukho"I hate seeing you like this,come on Entle. I know they dont wanna tell you this but regardless of how well you do,at those places they keep you for 3months or longer. You'll miss Seth nge mini yokuqala eskolweni,you return and maybe Ntombi will be crawling. I am not making you feel guilty but mtchana alot can change in 3months,Lonwabo was crying his lungs out because he knows its his fault that you're here and it sucks umbona enjeyana bathi Ntombi has been crying all day Entle hay hay! You wont let your family fall apart like that" I was listening to every word Bukho was saying but my pain seemed to cut deeper than everything else,like I couldn't even control it and my hands being tied on the bed made me realise that maybe I was not any different from Lolo,maybe my kids are better off without me. I fell asleep again. Everyone left,even Lobsie decided to go check on Ntombi before he took me to St Anthony's. He sent Lolo a text telling her am being admitted to a psychiatric home and then Lumka.

1month later

Lonwabo woke up,then went to check on Seth and Viwe after that he went to check on Ntombi,who was wide awake he took her and went to bath and dress gus little girl. Lobsie"Siya ku Mama today" he smiled and fed his child in silence,collecting all the excitment in himself. He took out the Turkey to roast for later and then went to wake the boys up. Viwe"Chrismas ngomso" Lobsie"yes and people will wear new clothes if they're not naughty today" He picked proper clothes for the boys and left to bath in peace. Mbasa"You're up early" Lobsie"seeing my wife today,I am bound to be up early" everyone got done and they left for family day at St Anthony's home. Lobsie"Seth its mama not sisi" Seth"okay" Lobsie kept on training Seth to stop calling Lolo mama and call her makhulu,because Entle is his mother. They eventually arrived after what seemed like a year of driving. Christa"Welcome to St Anthony's family day and happy Christmas eve" They all greeted back. Lobsie left them with Mbasa so he could look for Entle. He found her sitting by a corner table wearing her NMMU hoodie and grey sweat pants her lace weave looked like she just fought a mean ass cat and the cat won but he ignored that because her eyes were red and she looked so tired. He went to get the kids and Mbasa they all went in,then to her table.
Seth was the first person to catch my eye,he looked so cute in his church clothes. Lobsie"Hey" he kissed my lips. Mbasa"looking like a struggle big sis" he hugged me. Seth"Hello mama" I just wanted to cry when he said that,I got out of my chair and hugged him. Me"hello boy" I just started crying,Lobsie moved Seth and then wiped my tears with his hand. Viwe"Mama number 2" I hugged him too. I could see Nombass was sceptical about giving Ntombi to me. Me"Lonwabo can I hold her?" Lobsie"yes" he took Ntombi from Nombasa and gave her to me. Lonwabo's phone rang he looked at it and then switched it off. Me"whose that" Lobsie"Office" on christmas eve? I am crazy not dumb. I held on to Ntombi,who seemed sleepy. Me"So hows the outside world" Mbasa"Cape Town has nice honies fuck and I have a friend" Me"umcola phi" Mbasa"hahaha opposite,the house thats like a vine yard Grant is the name" Mbasa and I were catching up while Lobsie was texting away on his phone. Me"Lonwabo" Lobsie"ndiku mamele Entle" Me"then please give me the blanket" he put his phone down and I looked at who he was texting,the number was saved as "Tiger" he gave me the blanket and went back on his phone. We had lunch and laughed at the things they were telling me about the outside world. When it was almost time to go,I called Lobsie on the side.

Me"My doctor says I might be out before New year" Lobsie"No Entle,you do that wena. Give me and the kids false hope,then relapse again" Me"I am trying Lonwabo" Lobsie"I miss my wife not this person standing here right now" Me"I miss you too" we kissed. Lobsie"I'll send the kids Thato and Mbasa tomorrow, I have a court case on the 27th so I have to prepare" he kissed on the cheek. Me"Mbasa borrow me your phone" he gave it to me I sent a text to Thato and then I deleted it.

" I am standing next to my husband and I cant help but think,its true women marry their fathers and I think Lonwabo is cheating on me again,please look after my family while I get my act together"

Time waits for no man
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 170

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 170

Without even pulling out,nor turning his head to look at Seth. Lobsie"Phuma Seth and uhambe uyolala" Seth"Hay tata" Lobsie"Phuma Seth Skhosane!!" I know this may sound wrong but everytime Lobsie moved his body his dick kept on hitting my vehay jay walls. I heard Seth slam the door and then Lobsie and I looked at each other. Me"baby he will cry" Lobsie"Baby he is going to cry and. I dont want that" Lobsie"Baby umdala Seth,he should learn to knock. You telling me when he stays here we wont have sex" Me"please go speak to him" Lobsie"Hay hay Entle,that's why enje Seth you treat him like an egg. I saw the Playstation I know for a fact I didn't buy that crap" Me"I also didn't, tata bought it for him but Lonwabo this us having sex infront of our son isn't cool period" he looked at me. Me"baby we'll carry on later,plus I have to check on Ntombi" I went to the bathroom to wipe and then wore my gown,I found Mbasa sitting on the floor in the dark. lol this is my brother,nange mikhwa le.

Me"Hey" Mbasa"Hey I didn't wake her up" Me"no its cool,whats wrong?" Mbasa"You really didn't know about? I know you didn't but I dont get why he never spoke to you because I knew about you and Lumka" Me"Honestly,our stories are not so different. My grandmother told him to come fetch me after my mom was crazy beyond repair,when I first arrived Lumka didn't even like me because I ruined her family and it took time for her to warm up kum. He probably didn't tell us because he knew Lumka would be hurt,yet he knew we would have to take care of each other when he is gone" Mbasa"My mother got mugged they shot her when she didn't want to give up her car,the craziest thing about that car our father bought it for her and she loved it way too much" Me"He had that effect,my mother lost het mubbles when he left her to go back to his wife" Mbasa"hahaha he must have been a great lover" we both laughed. Me"Hahaha sies,so how did Seth know you?" Mbasa"Setile and dad visited me a few times at school,recently we were all at the farm. Entlr are you sure you want me to stay here?" Me"Yeah,plenty of rooms here so go ahead" Mbasa"I've always been reminded by my grandmoms that what mama did bilinyala and I am a result of elanyala lakge,so over the years Seth Tat'Jama and tata were the only people who didn't remind me of that" Me"We share that shame together,you are not your parents mistakes" we hugged. Me"Go to bed,Lobsie wants to take you shopping tomorrow" Mbasa"By the way, isn't he a bit you know" I laughed. Me"old?" he nodded. Me"hahaha nope,he is 7 years older than me" Mbasa"Heh! you go sisters" we laughed, I went back to bed and Mbasa went upstairs.

The next morning I made breakfast for everyone and we sat on the patio. Me"Babe I miss my friends" Lobsie"You can go out for lunch but they cant come here not until Ntombi is 3" Mbasa"Can I swim after this" Lobsie"We going to buy a few clothes for Ntombi then you'll return and swim" Seth"Mna tata?" Lobsie"You'll stay here with Nombasa and Viwe will help you unpack your things" I swear Lobsie was taking this whole head of the house to another level. We went back inside Mbasa washed the dishes,while I bath Ntombi who was crying her lungs out. Me"You remind me of your brother so much,I know he doesn't care that am his mother and it hurts to have my own son call me 'sisi' yet him and I have been through hell and back together,at a point where the was no hope of Lobsie ever coming back. He stays a few years with Lolo suddenly she is the mother" I found myself crying alone because Ntombi just stopped crying. I got her out of the water and dressed her,I could see she was sleepy so I fed her until she fell asleep. I went to bath and then got dressed in a blue dress,denim jacket and white sandals. Lobsie"Have fun baby" Me"Can I ask you something?" He nodded. Me"I think I am going crazy,I didn't want to tell you until I was sure. I get this sharp pain in my heart when ever Seth talks about Lolo I get so angry Lonwabo and my anger scares me,I avoid Ntombi lately because I think she will forget me and this morning when I woke up I cried so hard because you were not next to me. Lonwabo I need help,my emotions are getting the best of me" I was crying again. Lobsie"Baby breathe" I tried to breathe but my thoughts seemed to over power me. Me"Lonwabo" he looked at me with pity in his eyes and then took off my jacket,then laid me in bed. Lobsie"Let me get your pills quickly" my hands were shaking everything just seemed to come back to me,every hurtful thing. From Lolo being crazy,crying alot over my dad and her being emotionally weak,to Lonwabo cheating on me,the night I got in labour and he wasn't around,the first time I held Seth and hated him for ruining my life,to Khaya hitting me,to my grandmother dying after I just bonded her and my father leaving me without a warning or goodbye,to Lumka's mother dying too and me wanting to abort both my children. I just screamed because the pain seemed to get worse. I took the glass next to the bed and knocked it on the headboard,I took a piece and stabbed my hand with it. I screamed again because it was painful but atleast my thoughts shifted. Mbasa came running in the room. Me"Phuma,take a walk with the boys" Mbasa"I cant leave you" Me"Phuma please dont let my son see me like this" at that moment lobsie came in with my pills. Lobsie"Entle" I didnt even answer my body just went numb,my dress my coverd in blood.

Lobsie just carried me to the kitchen and we went outside to his car,he put me in the backseat. Mbasa was standing at the door looking at me. Lobsie drove me to Kingsbury Hospital,I got admitted they stitched my hand abd gave me something to calm me down. I woke up and Lobsie was sitting next to me. Lobsie"Entle utheni" Me"I dont know,Lonwabo help me" Lobsie"They want to send you to a place for depression just to monitor you for a few days" Me"Dont let them take me! Lobsie I can handle it" He kept quite and looked at me amazed like he just saw a ghost from the past. Lonwabo"Ndim, its my fault Entle it has happened before ne" he got up from the chair and pased around the room. Lobsie"In PE last time,how do you take me back when I keep on ruining your life. I'm so sorry baby, I didn't know how much you hurt because of me" he was crying. Lobsie"I love you Lamani,we'll fix this too. I'm sorry never meant to hurt you"

does he remember? is it too late?
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Diary of a cheating husband chapter 169

"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 169

Being a child of a side chick is not nice,people
will forever remind you that your mother
doesn't respect the values of marraige or how
you are a constant reminder of someones
husband not being able to control their dick.
Funny enough,Lumka's mother treated me like
her own yet when she was shouting me I would
always say that's her anger towards my mother
and sometimes it did feel like that. No matter
how hard you try to forgive and forget,the past
always has a way of sneaking in the future.
Lumka"Yhoo my mother,all these children
Nkosi. I give her props she is strong" ouch.
Me"Tell tat'Jama I'll send the money mna"
Lumka"he stays eHostel,so if you pay the fees
then I'll pay for hostel" Me"Then the tat'Jama
can carry on giving him pocket money"
Lumka"Yea that's a plan" Me"You hurt ne?"
Lumka"Yes I wont lie,come on tata didn't even
mention Mbasa not even once and suddenly he
passes away and we left with his burden"
Me"but its not Mbasa's fault regardless,and
remember tata said he took care of us now its
time for us to take care of each other"
Lumka"Just like that Entle? hay tata wasn't fair
about this one" Me"imagine how Mbasa feels to
ask us for money? the guy doesn't even know
us. anyway I'll call you ngomso,kiss Vali for
me" I hung up. Me"I have a little brother"
Lobsie"I over head,I cannot wait to see him
seriously let him come for december holidays
when the boys come" Me"You sure?"
Lobsie"Yea babe,Entle I hope you told your
friends what we decided with Ntombi" Me"They
felt insulted,especially Lolo but they
understand" Lobsie decided with all the bad
luck around us,Everyone should see Ntombi
when she is 3months old. To avoid thing
happening to our daughter,paranoid I know but
witch craft is all around.

2months later

Ntombi was now a month and 3weeks,Lobsie
and I seemed inlove again atleast it felt that
way we were not having sex though. He just
would kiss me and sometimes finger me but
no sex,we hardly spoke about Alwaba and she
called alot to check if Lobsie was still thinking
they were together. Lobsie went to fetch the
boys,I kept on calling every 30min if he is fine.
Past left me paranoid,I heard the car I knew
they arrived. Me"Setile wam" Seth"Hello Entle"
I laughed. Me"ungandi qheli,sisi or mama"
Seth"Mbaa?" I just melted,he hasn't said that in
quite sometime,I kissed him. Seth"Sisi ukhona
bhuti" Me"omphi?" Seth"Mbasa sisi" Okay now
I was shocked,how does Seth know Mbasa.
Me"Mazelaphi" Seth"Khulu mani" he left me
standing there confused as hell. Lobsie and
Viwe finally came inside. Me"Vivi" Viwe"Mama
number 2" I laughed,Lobsie hit the back of his
head. Me"awumhle" Viwe"eish mama" he
giggled. Finally a guy that looked so much like
my father but younger. Me"Hey I'm Entle"
Him"Mbasa" it sounded like he said
Mbarsah,he spoke like Lobsie twang lol.
Me"Come in,let me show you where you'll
sleep" we went upstairs without exchanging any
words. Me"I know this will sound odd or
whatever and you're allowed to discard the
idea" Mbasa"What up?" Me"I asked your gran
if you can stay with my husband and I here" he
looked at me but didn't reply. "its no 5star but
its way better than hostel,we have a pool and
wifi,game room and I'll drive you school just
until you come of age,then you might just take
yourself to school" he smiled. Mbasa"Whats
the catch?" I laughed. Me"No catch,you'll just
fetch Seth from after care and that's it"
Mbasa"I dont mind Anathi,I love that little twit
to death" Me"how do you know him?" he
laughed. Mbasa"Dad used to visit me ehamba
naye but most of the time he we chilled
together at the farm during the holidays" I
cant even trust my own son to tell me I have a
brother .

The days went on and things were going great
between everyone. Obviously Viwe kept on
washing Seth every morning,take of the sheets
when Seth pees for himself. Viwe acted all
grown up and I loved every moment of it, he
would want to feed Ntombi. Me"Uzomvisa Vivi"
Viwe"Heh hay mama,na lomntana wakho always
cries" lol this boy kills me. Lobsie would leave
me with the kids and go out with Mbasa who
seemed to be enjoying CapeTown but all was
well in the skhosana house hold too well
actually. Me"baby" Lobsie"Beauty" Me"I think
I wanna do it" he looked at me,we were
chatting on bbm while everyone was watching
tv. Lobsie"Umhle mtuwam" I laughed. Me"baby
mani" Lobsie"Send them to bed" I kept quiet
and then he pinged me twice. Me"Mbasa please
take them to bed or ya'll watch tv in your
room" I went to feed Ntombi and then gave her
to Lobsie to burp her while I change to more
sexy undies. I went to check if Lobsie was
done,while he was still busy I shaved off some
hair on my vijay jay lol. Lobsie"Baby"
Me"ndiyeza" I quickly shaved my armpits and
then went to join him in bed.
We started kissing and laughing. Me"this is
awkward" I was now sitting on top of him.
Lobsie"You're beautiful yaz,baby Seth needs to
stop calling you sisi" I felt his thing moving
around my honey pot. Me"Monday you have to
take Ntombi to the doctor" Lobsie inserted
himself while I was talking. Me"Mmmm"
Lobsie"yeah I wont forget" he held my waist
while moving it in circles. Me"Bab..y" Lobsie"I
am lucky to have you" Me"So am I baby" I
picked up my pase,it was still awkward but it
was good awkward. Lobsie"Entle" I moved up
and down,moving in circles. He flipped me and
went on top,putting my legs on his shoulders.
He started pounding me fast and then slow
down again, I screamed in pleasure. Lobsie put
his hand on my mouth. I could feel my body
being numb, I came right after that. He pulled
me up from the bed and made me face the
mirror he started pounding me again. Me"Ahhh
fuck" he held my breast and started rubbing

I was crying with pleasure and I kept on bitting
Lobsie's shoulder. We went from the dressing
table to the floor and from the wall to the
wall,catching our breathe in between. Me"baby
we cant let Nombasa clean our cum" he layed
me on the floor again and inserted himself
slowly,this time we did it slow he kept on
biting my legs. Seth"Heh tata,wenzanto ngoku"

# iDie
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