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Monday, August 8


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 100

my life has had ups and downs more than i can actually remember but nobody can tell you that i suffered because i knew how to put a front
I like to say am strong but that would be a lie because at times i could feel myself breaking down. There were times where i thought suicide was the only way, i wanted to take the easy way out
But looking back now i actually don't regret anything that i went through, i don't regret the mistakes that i had made along the road because if i didn't make those mistake i wouldn't be witnessing god's kindness that he has showered me with
It is because of his mercy and kindness that i got to where i am, thats why i decided to name this gift from him " Musa" and luyolo asked to name him Brian
So my son's names were Musa, Brian Mdingi
He was just my pride and joy, he actually brought my family and friends close to me
I didnt want my baby to ever lack anything in life so i opened a trust fund for him, i took every cent that i had in my savings account and transferred it to his trust fund.
It is a year later and a lot had happened this past year
Starting with luyolo finding out that Dk was actually never pregnant
So i also don't know why he experienced morning sickness
She actually faked the pregnancy to get me out of the way, then after i left the house she saw no reason to keep the fake pregnancy so she faked a miscarriage
Upon hearing this, yolo chased Dk out of his house.
He then begged for forgiveness from me and i forgave him but i told him that i will never get back together with him
He was cool with us being civil towards each other. He came time to time to check on Musa, he was actually very fond of him
Even though he knew he wasn't his son but he treated him as his own
Mandy's dowry was paid six months ago by Nceba's family
So she was back together with her baby daddy
And Nwabisa was also fine Just scarce the last time i saw her was during vuyo's funeral
And for me life was good, i actually was a natural at being a mom. My life was peaceful, i was actually happy and was looking forward to DAVE'S wedding which was actually a month from now and you will not believe who he was getting married to.
He actually was getting married to SINDY my friend who was now two months pregnant
And don't ask me how they met cause i also don't know
DAVE said he met her at a gala that was held in jozi
Khitha had become the greatest mother to Imi, she was now dating some guy who was staying around mamelodi named Chris
They seemed happy.
As for Luke he was still at his craziest, loud and fun and was actually now my closest friend
Zintle was still hitting it hard with nhlanhla
Everything was just great
After getting musa dressed he ran around the room, he was just a happy child with his smile a lot like Vuyo's
I also took a bath, wore my torn boyfriend jean, white vest and my black biker blazer with my nude black heel
I put on my make up.
I heard the car bell
I quickly did some touch ups before taking my bags
I walked out of the room with Musa following me
SIBU came and took the bags from me
Khitha came out with imi's bag, i picked up musa and we walked to the car.
Khitha: take care sis, don't forget my pictures
Me: i won't, you and chris should have come with us making this a double date
Khitha: i would have love too but since you know i will be working this weekend
And chris is also working too.
Me: next time it must be a double date
Khitha: i promise you it will
We hugged and kissed on the cheeks.
Then i went on my side
Khitha: yhu u imi already in the car
Me: iyathandwa imoto apha.
She tried saying goodbye but Imi just ignored her.
Sibu started the car beeping the bell once while Khitha was busy waving goodbye
And Off we went
he had planned a weekend gate away for us
"You still haven't told me where we are going" i said
Sibu: relax bhabha, its no fancy place just Durban
Me: mm i've never been there before, it would be nice to see the place
Sibu: don't worry you will love it, i already have everything planned
Me: thank you for this, i really needed a time out to refresh my mind
Sibu: and thank you for being my woman.
Thank you nana for giving me a second chance, i promise i will never disappoint you again
I love you so much bhabha ne munchies zam
He looked at Musa and my boy just giggle
Sibu: lol lentwana ayintle ngathi yi moffie
Me: so you mean my son is gay
( i faked a frown)
Sibu: no but he looks like a girl even imi can agree with me right imi
Imi nodded her head
Imi: ufana ne ntombi lona
Sibu: see even imi can see it
Me: mxm
Sibu: uqumbile kengok
Me: what do you think
I folded my arms
Sibu: sorry bhabha owh yini, u mama ka munchie, i was just kidding
Sorry nana zam
He took my hand, while driving with his other hand
he kissed the back of my hand
Me: ohk back to the road already.
SIBU: woman and their cautiousness
Me: mxm
I smiled, i had never been so happy in my life.
We drove all the way to durban, it was just a fun family road trip
this may be the end of the story but it is a beginning of a new Chapter for me
I just want to thank everyone for being with me in this journey
For crying and laughing with me, for the funny and building comments
I know some of y'all were expecting a grand ending but this is just how my life turned out and i am happy where i am right now with a man who truly loves me and whom i love back.
Ndithi Enkosi, ndiyabulela kuThixo ngoMusa andenzele wona
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Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 99

Insert 99
Vuyo was laid to rest a week after his death
( am sorry i cant get into the funeral details)
After the funeral i picked up the pieces of what was remaining of my life
I tried living if not for anything else but for my unborn baby
As weeks passed i slowly adjusted into the new life
My pregnancy was fine. I had stopped going to work though because my feet were so swollen
I was so big, although people kept saying i wasn't that big but i felt so huge
I had the support of my family and friends, even imi couldn't wait to have a lil sister or brother
On the 8th of december 2014 i woke up in the middle of the night with a pressing urge to pee
I went to pee then came back to bed, i felt mild craps that subsided after a while
But i felt the need to pee in every 5 minutes although nothing came out
My stomach was just so hard and my baby wasn't even kicking
After those long trips to the loo i finally caught some sleep and it was already 4 AM
AROUND 6AM the need to go to toilet woke me.
I went to the toilet and noticed i had a bit of spotting in my pantyliner
Now i started to freak out. The cramps got a bit severe and would subside after some time
I went to khitha's room and told her about my encounter
Khitha: i think you are going in labor next time you feel the need to go to the toilet just ignore it
Get ready we need to get you to the hospital
Me: ohw my gosh, am so scared, what if something is wrong with my baby, why is he not moving
Khitha: am sure everything is fine, get ready
I was so scared with the cramps getting intense with each minute that passed
I went to take a shower
When i came back to the room khitha had already packed my baby bag
I wore my green maternity dress.
Khitha: how are the pains
Me: gruesome by each minute
Khith: don't worry sis, it will get worse
Me: yeah right very comforting
She laughed while i just smile
She drove to the hospital and we walked in with her carrying my bags
" are you sure you are in labour sisi cause you don't look like someone who is in labour" some nurse said
Me: i have bad cramps and i spotted this morning and my baby is not moving
They told me to change my dress into a hospital gown
I then lay in bed and the nurse inserted her two fingers
Her: you are still two centremetre
She checked my baby's heartbeat and all after everything i was admitted.
They took me to my ward where there were two other pregnant ladies in there
They were busy screaming and moaning intensely aggreviating my pain
Now i was really scared cause some were even crying
Khitha brought my bags, she stayed a bit
And left after few hours promising to come back later but i told her to come back the following day
I stayed in that bed and would sometimes get up and walked around
they checked us the whole day, one of the lady in our ward had gone to give birth
.it was already after 9mp we had just finished eating dinner
The nightshift nurses call us in for check up
Once i gain, the nurse inserted her fingers and told me that i was still two centremetres
They check the heartbeat but it had severely dropped
And because of the swollen feet and my blood level they had to keep me under watch so i didn't return to the ward
i stayed there with the heartbeat machine placed on my stomach and another machine to check how far apart were my cramps
My baby's heartbeat was still dropping rapidly
In a point where it would sometimes stop then will start again if i was experiencing some cramps
" you need to be watched Because you are opening slowly and your baby is in distress" the nurse said watching at the papers which had the readings
Nurse: your baby is not to strong to push for himself
So you need to be checked every after two hours
I had on the oxygen pipe inserted on my nose
I was already in tears thinking that my baby was not gonna make it
" god please save him for me" i prayed
Four days later i was still in the hospital was now only three centimeter dilated which was too slow considering the labour pains i was feeling, the pains were so severe i swear i thought i was gonna die but my baby was just not strong enough to push through
Sibu, khitha and dave visited me everyday.
Dave: yaz i think bakuvalile
Me: as in like someone is preventing me from give birth on purpose
Dave: yes
Me: but who could be doing that to me
Khitha: with enemies like yours do you really have to ask
Then it sank to me, maybe they were right, maybe someone was blocking me from giving birth
That night i prayed like a raving lunatic, i prayed without a pause
Asking God to release my baby
Around 4:30 am on Friday the 12 of december i couldn't take the pain anymore
It was just so intense and i was still dilated three cm.
With no other option they prepared me for a c section
When the doctor arrived that morning i was the first one to be taken in for c section because my baby's life was in danger
They sedated me so i don't know what exactly happened, but what i remembered is being cut and they took out my baby and he wasn't crying
I don't remember what happened after that
I woke up out of the operation room i was back in the normal ward, i couldn't feel my lower body
And i was instructed not to move my head sideways, i was suppose to lay still
Later they brought my baby to me i was overwhelmed when they told me it was a boy
I actually smiled thinking that Vuyo was right
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Tuesday, August 2


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 98

Insert 98
We got home and was met by a completely panicked Khitha, she was pacing around the lounge
" am sorry my phone was on silent, but i came as soon as i saw your message" i said
" owh mntase," tears embraced her face
Then it hit me, this must be serious

She cried even louder instead of answering me
Then i remembered seeing Dave's missed calls also, could he be in trouble
My heart pounded, did anything happen to my brother, was he still alive
Those questions roamed in my head
" noo khitha, did something happen to Dave, where is he
Uphi uLuyanda khitha" i was already in tears, sibu held me
Khitha: Dave is fine ( she wiped her tears) but we need to get to the hospital
Me: hospital, why, are you sure Dave is fine
She nodded
Khitha: we gotta go now
Sibu: I'll drive you
Khitha took her hand bag and we rushed out
On the way to the hospital, i had different scenarios playing in my head
What if Dave got into an accident, what if he was robbed and got shot
Was he even fine, but why would khitha say he is fine while he is not.
If its not DAVE in the hospital then who, omg could it be Imi, maybe its her thats why khitha is so worked up
What could be wrong with her, did she fall at the day care or something
I was still lost in thoughts when Sibu shook me
Him: we are here
I didn't even respond , i opened the door and rushed out
I ran into the reception not even sure who i was looking for
As soon as i walked in, Dave ran to me
Me: hey you are fine
Dave: yeah am fine, i've been calling you
Me: whats wrong who is here
Right then Luyolo walked in huffing and all
Yolo: i came as soon as i got your call. How is he, what did the doctor say
Me: what the hell is he doing here, who is he talking about Dave.
Then it hit me, Vuyo, he was the only one not here right now
Me: omg Vuyo where is he
DAVE: You need to calm down sis, take a seat
Me: no tell me its not him, tell me he is fine
Where is he dammit
I was already drowning in tears
Dave took me to the bench and sat me down
Sibu came with a glass of water and handed it to me,i gulped it all at once
And it calmed my nerves a bit
Me: please tell me what happened
Dave: vuyo was involved in a car accident this morning.
a truck smashed into his car crushing it beyond recognition, vuyo was rushed here in a critical condition
Me: owh no, lord No this can't be happening i can't loose him just as yet
Our baby needs him
Right then the doctor walked to us, he had a blank facial expression
" how is he doc" i said quickly getting up from the chair
Doc: we did everything we could to stop the bleeding
But the internal bleeding had already formed clots blocking oxygen from going to the lungs
Me: what are you exactly saying, is he gonna be fine
Doc: am sorry but due to the lack of oxygen to the vital organs of his body, his brain shut down and we lost him
" nooooo, he can't die, we need him, i need him
God no you cant make me this happy then take away my happiness "
I screamed
I wailed louder, breaking down i just couldn't breathe
I was suffocating before i knew it i was about to hit the ground when SIbu held me
I collapse in his arms
I woke up to the beeping sounds of the machines
I looked around realising that i was in a hospital bed
I cracked my head recalling the incident that led me here
" my baby " i thought
I quickly placed my hand in my tummy and my bump was still there, i breathed out in relief
Why would God take him away though, couldn't He have atleast taken Luyolo instead, why do the good ones always have to die so soon
Death though you shall be not proud
My door flew open and Sibu walked in he was with Khitha
"Finally you are awake, we were so worried " sibu said
He came by my bed side and held my hand
Khitha: don't ever scare me like that ohk
Her eyes were covered in glass
Me: am sorry i got you all worried, its just that i still can't believe he is gone, it is just to soon
What about his kid, he promised that we were gonna raise him together and now he is gone
" its sad i know, but we are here for you" sibu said squeezing my hand
I looked up and tears just rolled sideways
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Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 97

After cruising around and khitha spoiling me to the core we went home, i was just so happy.
Later that evening vuyo came he lifted me up and spun me around then kissed me briefly before putting me down
" you have just made me the happiest man on earth
Wooow i love you and will forever hold you dear for this Angel you surely are an angel" he said
He was all smiles

Me: and thank you for making me a real woman, you have restored my worth and my life back to womanhood and i will forever be grateful for that
We hugged i really was grateful to him, i was declared barren by my own ex husband and he changed that, he restore my pride and mended my already tarnished image
Me: gosh you crazy i don't think she can even hear you yet
Him: he is my blood i bet he can feel the connection
Me: so you think its a He
Him: i know its a He, his gonna be daddy's little prince
Me: i think its gonna be a girl.
Him: you wish
Me: mom knows best
Him: in this case i know am right, but nomatter what gender i will love this baby regardless
Me: me too
Him: so when is your next visit, i will really love to come with you
Me: woow really
Him: i cant let you do this alone, we created this wonderful creation together
Me: you are one of a kind
I told him my next Appointment
We chatted a bit, then i later walked him out
We got in his car and he handed me a plastic full of goodies
He kissed my forehead and drove off promising to visit me the next day
Few months passed and the news of my pregnancy had spread around
I was now clearly showing but i was not that big, the vomiting had stopped
I changed my whole wardrobe in to dresses
Vuyo was with me every step of the way. He was just one of a kind. We were not dating but he was the strongest support in my journey
My friends and family were there. I had the best support system i could ever ask for
" you sure don't look that huge for a 6months pregnancy" Sibu said
We were gallivanting around the mall holding hands like a happy couple
Me: mxm you need to stop pulling my leg
Sibu: am telling you the truth, you look way sexy for a pregnant woman
Me: i know you are lying, i feel like a huge elephant and my feet hurts like hell
SIBU: Unana ka tata, don't worry bhabha we will be done soon then we can go relax at the park
Me: i hope it will be sooner, you dont want me collapsing on your watch
Sibu: don't worry bhabha i got you.
He had a grin on his face
Me: and that, what is it for
Sibu: what?
Me: the grin on your face
Sibu: am still trying to install the idea of seeing you pregnant in my mind
I mean how the hell did this happen. I was there when the doctor told you that you will never conceive, la laitie must have strong swimmers to have undone what the doctors said. He did in one day what his brother has been failing to do in years
What if la chap uluyolo is the one who is impotent
Me: thats impossible, he got DK pregnant remember
SIBU: what if that bitch is just lying, what if she is not carrying yolo's baby
Me: i assure you yolo is responsible for that pregnancy
Sibu: how are you so sure.
Me: because yolo was the one who had morning sickness
He is responsible for that pregnancy no doubt
SIBU: its funny how things happen and the way God plan them too
Me: meaning?
Sibu: meaning that maybe yolo failed to get you pregnant because he was never meant to end up with you
And i was happy to know that you were single again, i thought i got my chance to mend what i once broke
But then i found out you were pregnant
But you know what the funny thing is though
Me: what
Sibu: i still have this strange and funny feeling that you and i will end up together regardless of everything
I still feel that we were meant to be
Me: you mean to tell me that you don't mind raising someone else's kid
Sibu: your kid is as well mine
Me: well then maybe in future we will be together but for now am taking a break from men
Am just tired of heartbreaks, i need to focus on myself and my baby
Sibu: i hear you....owh shit here comes trouble
Me: what is it
Sibu: just check on your left
I quickly looked on my left and my face frowned in that instant. I felt disgusted at the first glance i felt like the ground could open and swallow me
The couple walked to us
Its a good morning 1cm mini skirt
Y'all should have a blessed Sunday

Insert 97  continues
By the look of things they were really coming to us
But the funny thing is Dk tummy was flat, did she give birth already.
" isn't she suppose to be heavily pregnant" sibu whispered
Me: exactly the question i have in mind
Sibu: maybe she gave birth already
Me: that fast, she doesn't even look like someone who just gave birth
They finally reached us
" owh so is true, you are indeed pregnant" yolo said as soon as they reached us
"Molweni nakuni" Sibu said sarcastically
I just kept quiet and brushed my tummy
DK: see honey i told you that she is a witch, she took my baby away from me. She caused my miscarriage so that she could get pregnant
She is a heartless evil bitch. We all know that she was barren. I loose my pregnancy and then boom news of this witch's pregnancy spread around
She stole my child, YOU ATE MY CHILD MOLOI KE WENA
Me: am sorry what now?, i did what, Lady that's just uncalled for, i left the house for you now didn't i. What more can i possibly want with you or your pregnancy
You two should Just leave me alone and take your bitter asses and go drown yourselves to the nearest sea
I took a step attempting to go but yolo held my hand a Sibu quickly grabbed his
I turned looked at his hand and then his face with a " nigga get your filthy hand off me look"
" please don't Do this, atleast lets talk about this
Don't take my child away from me, don't punish him for my sad sins please
Am sorry i made a mistake cheating on you
Am sorry for everything that happened
Things can get back to how they were. I can take DK out of our life for good as you can see, she is no longer pregnant she got a miscarriage three months ago
Can't you see that DK'S miscarriage was GOD'S way of getting us back together
Please forgive me and come back home, i promise we will be a happy family" Yolo said letting go of my hand
I look at him, so he was That naive, he actually thought that i was carrying his child. So he didn't know meaning that Vuyo never told him
I actually laughed real hard that now everybody was starting to think that i was going crazy
Sibu also joined in the laughter
" ai bro i gotta tell you, you've just made the biggest fool of yourself
You my man are the joke of the century, you must have a brain the size of your useless dick" Sibu said still in stitches of laughter
Dk: you need to watch your tongue, stop insulting my man
Honey lets go
YOLO: DK you can go without me
Dk: what, so you really gonna beg this bitch, you are choosing her over me
YOLO: yes, i made a mistake and i wanna fix things with my wife
Me: POC (point of correction) ex wife and i...
" but she killed our son" Dk said
Yolo: are you sure that she did, i love her she is my wife and is carring my baby
Me: whoah stop it with your nonsense take your wife and go mourn your miscarriage because this baby am carrying in here is not yours.
YOLO: baby i know you don't mean that, you are just angry
Me: i absolutely mean it this is not your child
Go and make another one with your wife here
Cause this is not your child
Yolo: what are you saying
Me: go ask your Twin brother am sure He would like to tell you who the father of this baby is
Sibu lets go please
We walked away leaving them standing there like statues
SIBU: That guy's mind is just something else
Me: tell me about it. I really don't know why did i even get married to him
I took my phone out of my bag, it was on silence and i had tons of missed calls from a number i didn't know a few from Khitha and Dave
I showed the missed calls to sibu
Me: omg i wonder whats wrong
SIBU: Maybe they are just wondering where you were
Me: but i told them where i was going
I opened the text message that was sent by KHITHA
IT said i must come home immediately
Me: you need to take me home, i think something bad has happened
SIBU: fine lets go
We went to Sibu's car and he drove me home
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Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 96

Insert 96
Its three months after the meeting with yolo's family.
After that crazy encounter they asked for forgiveness and agreed to the separation
I had returned to my father's house but Dabs and my uncle had left a week after that meeting
Life was really hard, well dealing with a broken heart is always a challenge
Luke tried taking me out more, he said he was trying to get me back to the dating market

ZINTLE was back in Pretoria and had moved in with Nhlanhla.
Luyolo called me like an obsessed bitch so i ended up changing my number
I never talked to him again, i was just glad that he finally signed the divorce papers all thanx to Dave
Mam Nomcebo stopped working a month ago, she said she had personal emergencies to attend to back home so she left pretoria.
IMI was now in a daycare and vathiswa was still working for us
SIBU had again become my best of friend this few months, Since we worked together. We ate together and left work together most of the time
Like before we ever dated he was there for me, he made me laugh infact i was so surprised that he still had the humor in him after all this years
i seldom talked to Vuyo, infact i tried so hard to avoid him. Well that's because i had so much mixed unexplained emotions towards him
Sometimes i would find myself so mad at him for no reason and at times i will miss him like crazy that i would even cry
My moods were just all over the place
It was a cold Tuesday morning i didn't go to work and Imi had just left with her transport for daycare.
I was so pleased about how close her and Khitha were this days
It was just so cute seeing Khitha wArming to the idea of being a mother. I had just exited the toilet
I just nodded my head and wiped my mouth since i had just vomitted. This had became part of my life this few weeks. I vomited alot even at work.
Beside the throwing up, was my persistent hunger, i just felt the need to always eat but i never seemed to get full.
I had became a bit more curvier and wider. My breast had become fuller and tender to a touch
" you know ( she paused and smile) i was exactly like that during my pregnancy" Khitha said
I kept quiet, dumb stricken for a while to long
Me: so i must... No its a joke am barren
I can't be pregnant
In my situation its just impossible
Khitha: but you do know that doctors are not God right
Me: but still khitha, i can't be, can i?
Omg if so why now
I haven't been intimate with a guy for a while now
I have.....owh no Vuyo
KHITHA: wow girl you are so naughty so vuyo is the Daddy
Gosh luyolo would burst if he hears this
Me: you need to come down, we not even sure if am really pregnant yet. This could be a false alarm for all we know
KHITHA: Then why are we still here, lets go find out
Me: WHAT!!
KHITHA: get ready girl we are going to the gynecologist
Me: but...
Khitha: if you don't get in that room and get ready i swear i will drag you in myself
Me: fine ( i raised my hands and surrendered)
I went in my room, took a quick shower and wore an above the knees black dress with a black and white cardigan and black leather ankle all star
I took my clutch bag and exited the room
Khitha was already waiting impatiently for me in the lounge
We told Vathiswa that we were going out
Khitha: we are taking my car
Me: fine lets get this over and done with
We exited the house, entered khitha's car and she drove to the doctor's office
When we got there it was a bit packed but we waited for our turn
After what seemed like forever we were finally called in.
The Doctor did the tests and yes i was indeed 12 weeks pregnant meaning that Vuyo was indeed the father
I was overwhelmed with emotions, after hearing the news and that heartbeat my heart jumped with happiness
I was so delighted i placed my hand in my tummy just knowing that i was capable of caring a life inside me felt like a dream
Tears of shock and joy filled my eyes but mostly they were tears of glory. I gave GOD the glory for blessing me with the fruit of the womb proving my enemies wrong
I couldn't believe that i finally get to be a mom
Khitha: ncooh sis welcome to motherhood
Me: i haven't even given birth yet infact am not even in the second trimester
Khitha: who cares, you will be a mother soon that's all that matters
I smile in-between the tears
Me: so after all this pain God has finally decided to bless me
Although this pregnancy came about wrongly am still so happy to be a mom
I swear am gonna love him or her
Thank you so much Lord i lack words to thank You
KHITHA: its ohk, stop crying already
So when are you gonna tell Vuyo the great news
Me: i really don't know, i have no idea am scared
Khitha: well in that case i have a perfect idea
Give me your phone and the scan picture
Me: what are you gonna do
Khitha: just give me what i asked for
I gave her the picture and the phone
She firstly took a picture of the scan then did something on the phone
Khitha: am done
Me: you and your plans, what did you do now
Khitha: here see
I took a look and khitha had sent the scan to vuyo with the caption " our precious creation"
Me: owh no you are so crazy
Khitha: well i just made things easier for you
Me: mxm you...
My phone rang it was vuyo
" its him, crap what am i gonna say, should i even answer" i said in a panic mode
Khitha snatched the phone and answered it putting it in a louder speaker
Vuyo: Angel tell me its not a joke, is this what i think it is
( excitement shoot through his voice)
Vuyo: please tell me its true please lord let it be true
Khitha: yho come down bro
Vuyo: mxm khitha is this one of your stupid pranks ( in disappointment)
Me: no its true, it not a prank am three months pregnant the doctor has just confirmed it
We are gonna be parents
VUYO: wow really, this is the greatest news ever
But i thought you weren't able to conceive
Me: well then it turns out that God had other plans
VUYO: i just can't stop smiling, can i please come and see you after work
Me: yeah you can come
Vuyo: thank you, shit i can't believe this
Khitha: well believe it ke coz it has already happened
We talked a bit before hanging up, i just couldn't wipe the smile of my face
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Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 95

Insert 95
The lounge was graced with different individuals
There were two old men which were present during my lobola negotiations,and luyolo's uncle
On the other couch was my uncle, and my father's sister
the was luyolo on a one seater couch then there was Dave and I

I looked at the seriousness on those old men's faces, honestly it was so scary
They looked like they were ready for world war three
I composed myself and listen while they were busy bragging about young couples in marriage and how weak they tend to be and how their marriages never works
They talked about how respectful and submissive a wife is suppose to be to her husband
They talked about how women suffered in the olden days at the hands of their husbands and inlaws and yet they never divorce, they stayed strong and attended the needs of their husbands without questioning their authority
I so much wanted to answer their bullshit stereotype conversation
What they were saying made my stomach turn
Its just disgusting for parents to want their kids to suffer all in the name of Marriage
Yes marriage is created by God, and God doesn't like divorce
The Same GOD who doesn't condone abuse
If something is not working its just better to let it go
Don't stay just because you think you have too, or just because you are afraid that people will laugh at you and call you a failure
Don't stay because you wanna please someone, don't stay because you feel obliged to do so
Its ohk to make someone happy, but you don't wanna loose yourself in the mist of that
Don't sacrifice your own happiness at someone else's expense
Finally they stopped with their crap and shifted the attention to us
Old men 1: ndisatsho wena Dlamini this kids will have you running around like a headless chicken
Bebe belibala ukuba umendo awuthunyelwa gundane
It didn't come as a surprise to me waking up to a surprise visit from ku nyana wethu apha emalengeni
Old man: From the time he drove through the gate i just knew that something is wrong
YOLO's uncle: that's why we saw it best to set up a meeting
Because my nephew seemed broken by your daughter's behaviour
So we came here to get both sides of the story and find a way forward because as we all know that uNonkanyiso(the name i was given klo luyolo) lo usengumfazi wakwa Mdingi, her dowry was paid for her in full.
Old man: thats why her behavior was just uncalled for
She is a married woman, who shouldn't just pack her bags and run at the first sight of trouble
Then there was a bit of silent
My uncle breathed heavily before speaking
Uncle: we hear you nina bakwa Mdingi
And we assure you we knew nothing about this
ATHE never told us anything
We were just as surprised when you called telling us about the meeting
Or am i wrong maRhadebe
Dabs: uthetha inyani, Angela never called me or tell anything
Infact we talked on phone two days ago and she never said anything
She never mentioned a thing
The old men looked at each other
Old man1: well this is strange because our son came to us few days ago. He told us that him and Nonkanyiso had an argument and a bit of disagreement then Nonkanyiso packed her bags and left
Old men2: and a married woman don't just run away at first sight of trouble
She sits down and reason with his husband and if things gets beyond her control she calls the elders for help
Couples disagree all the times and they sit down and solve their differences
"Uxolo ngothetha but i have to say this is a pile of bullsh*t excuse my french
Did this son of a bitch tell you exactly what he did to my sister
If he did then i will be damn to sit here and listen to y'all calling his barbaric behaviour a mere disagreement" Dave said angrily
I slowly squeezed his hand as i felt he wanted to stand up
Yolo's incle: my boy you have to watch young tongue
Old men2: akanambeko tuu lo, kwedini we are your elders you have to respect us
DAVE: RESPECT is a two way thing, until this Dog learns that my sister is not a playground i will respect no one
DAVE: you did not just say that rubbish to me, nigga i dare you repeat that ish you just said
Yolo tucked his tail in-between his legs and kept quiet
I wondered what Dave really did to him
Dave: i thought so
Uncle: boys just come down
We need to get to the bottom of this
Dabs: Angela do you mind telling us what happened that led you leaving your house
I took a deep breathe and gathered all my strengths
Old men1: whatever he did doesn't justify you leaving you marital home
Old me2: exactly my brother
I look at this old shameless men like they were deranged,how can they sit here and actually shit with their mouths. Do they even have the slightest idea what their precious son did to me. The pain he subjected me in.
" did your precious son tell why or how i left
Did he tell you how he got his mistress pregnant and still had the guts to bring and sleep with her in our house right under my nose
Or did he mentioned the part where he beat me into a pulp and locked me into our bedroom since i decided to leave because he brought his mistress home to live with us. Did he mention that huh" i said already drowning in tears
The whole lounge went in turmoil after that statement
The old men started mumbling and shaking their heads
They had embarrassment writen well all over their face
Old man1: inyala lodwa eli
I took out pictures of my battered face and tossed them on the table just for control
They all look at it and gasped for air
Me: thats how i was like when his twin rescued me from his house
Luyolo: Athe am sorry abo...
"Kwedini thula!!! Ihlazo lantoni eli" old men2 shouted with his husky voice
Old man1: the nerve of this boy, he did all this then he come to us running
If we knew all this we wouldn't have come
Umdaka kwedini, uve ngabani uba uyabethwa umntu obhinxileyo
Uncle: now that we've seen what kind of a monster your son is can you take him and kindly leave our house
Dabs: sis you are an excuse of a man, to think that i actually liked you i feel sorry for that slut you got pregnant
Now leave
They tried asking for forgiveness but my family didn't barge
They just threw them out
"Owh and wena asshole you better sign those divorce papers or else you will have me to deal with" Dave instructed at the door
After that he slammed the door close
Dabs: owh nana you should have told me, izapha
She opened his arms and squeezed me in a warm hug
I felt right at home, so i just cried my eyes out
She warmly brushed my back
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Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 94

Insert 94
I woke up the following morning with guilt hanging over me, i felt like a cheap hoe who jumps from one brother to the next,
What got into me last night, why on earth did i open my legs for vuyo.
I sat up straight yesterday's event played in my mind, i wanted him as much i didn't even think twice before sleeping with him. I actually enjoyed his touch i let him caressed my body
How could i have been so heartless, am a married woman for god sake

I wasn't worried about pregnancy because i've known myself to be barren the only thing i was worried about is getting infected with horrible diseases.
Got out of the bed, i was wearing vuyo's baggy t-shirt with no panty
It just felt weird waking up in vuyo's bedroom
Although yolo has wronged me it was so wrong of me to do the same thing he did
They say two wrongs don't make a right
But then again i did give luyolo a chance to make things right and instead he decided to bring home a pregnant girl, i mean he slept with her right under our roof how stupid can one be to forgive such
and now that i have messed up too the was no need for us to fix out relationship because now it was beyond repair
We were both devils in a sheep skin
After last night incident i seize being a victim
I was nolonger the one being wronged, we had both wronged each other but even if so i wanted nothing to do with Luyolo. I might have also cheated on him right now but i didnt want him back so i was really not looking forward to today's meeting
I held on the door handle about to open the door but Vuyo beat me to it
"You are up already, you ruined the surprise please go back to bed" he said walking in, he had a trey of breakfast with him
I never contested i jumped right back to bed.
" here you go, breakfast is served ma'am " he said imitating a waiter
Me: mmh scrumptious, it smell divine. What do we know he also cooks
You are just a full package ain't you
He chuckled
Him: you can say that, so tea or coffee
Me: mmh somebody is in a jolly mood toaday, coffee please
Him: the fact that i woke up with you by my side is enough to elevate my mood
Being in your presence alone is enough to build my happiness
Me: you make me doubt my choices, am really starting to think that i married the wrong twin
Him: maybe you needed that, maybe you needed to be wrong in order to be right
I told you i was gonna wait, and i waited
And i am ready to wait for eternity if thats how long it will take for me to be with you
I am willing to wait
Me: you have a heart of gold, i hope you know that
But i hate you putting your life on hold just for me
You need to live and enjoy life because its too short
I don't want you to wait forever
I know what we did last night complicates things and i cannot say what happened was a mistake because we both know it wasn't but for now it will stay there
Am just not ready for a relationship
Him: i know and thats why am willing to wait, i will wait no matter what you say
Looking at him i could see how much serious he was
I heard the sincerity in his voice when he spoke. It was just clear that he meant every word that he spoke causing me to admit defeat and surrender my arguments
Him: so milk or not
Me: milk please
He did everything then handed me the trey. I placed it on my lap and started eating
I already knew how good he was when it comes to cooking so the food being this delicious didn't come as a surprise to me
Me: you need to stop staring at me
Him: sorry i cant, i just enjoy watching you eat
You are More cute when you chew
Me: yuck, nigga you gross
Him: shawty you cute
Me: mxm i tend to forget how crazy you can be
He just winked and laughed showing his so ever beautiful dimple
This guy was just handsome. Him and yolo were identical twins yes maybe on the first glance that statement was applicable but when you really watching the different becomes more visible
Vuyo was more lighter " yellow bone lighter" his face had more flesh and was a bit roundish compared to yolo's but their dimples and smile were almost the same
My eyes had moved from his face to his well build body
His packs were clearly visible through the muscle vest he had on
Him: geez and now look whose staring
His voice had become the distraction i needed because i was lost in his body
I came back to my senses and continued with my food
"Can the ground open up and swallow me already, am really not looking forward to this meeting" i said getting in the car
" don't worry you are strong, don't let them bully you just stand your ground and am sure Dave will handle this" vuyo answered getting on the driver's side
He was driving me to my father's house for the meeting
Me: speaking of Dave i hope he didn't do anything stupid last night
I will hate it if he gets into trouble because of me
And i tried to warn him not to go but he is just so stubborn
Him: just like someone i know, i guess it runs in the family
Me: are you saying am also stubborn
Him: owh no, you just don't do what somebody tells you to do
Me: mxm uyaphapha shame
Him: then am lucky to be blessed with wings
I just hit his shoulder playfully
We drove all the way in laughter
Atleast i got to forget the lectures that awAited me
We parked on the front gate, few cars were already there
Me: i guess kulindwe mna
him: just go get them, i wish i can go in but am not invited to the party
Me: i also wish my invitation got lost in the mail or something
Him: you will be fine
Me: see you later then
He kissed my forehead
" don't forget to smile, it makes your enemies wonder
You got this" he said
Me: thanx
I got out and walked in the house
I knocked once and Vuyiswa came to open for me
Her: hi sisi
Me: hey are they here yet
Her: ewe they are waiting for you in the lounge
Me: owhk then
I went to the lounge, they were busy talking but the moment i walked in the room became dead silent and all eyes were on me
Luckly i wore respectable and covered my head because with all the uncles here shit was about to go down
"Molweni" i said and they all greeted back
I went to sit next to Dave, i was just glad that he was fine
My eyes met with yolo's who looked like he was hit by a train
His face was swollen he just looked like a wreck
" what did you do to him" i whispered in Dave's ear
Him: i gave him a taste of his own medicine
He whispered back
I just smiled, my brother was something else
The conversation started
This was really gonna be a long day
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Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 93

Insert 93
A week passed and i was still living with Vuyo, i was much better than my former state
My bruises we healing well and unfortunately luyolo was still roaming around the streets
He got out on bail
He actually sent me a text message last night telling me that he will not sign the divorce papers because its not what he want
I never responded to his delusional message
All i know is that i wanted a divorce and i was gonna get it whether he likes it or not

Iyaqhela le chap
how dare he, what kind of an animal who beats a woman like that" my brother shouted
He clicked his tongue
Fine lines form from his forehead, his ears so red
Sweat dripped from his face, his jaws were tighter than that of a lion
I had never seen Dave so angry
I watched as he paced around Vuyo's lounge
" its ohk bro, just let him be. I know someday he will suffer for this" i answered sincerely
DAVE: but still he needs to be taught a lesson or two
And oDabawo nabo are busy calling a family meeting
Mxm family meeting my ass
that nigga needs to be taught some manners
Who does he think he is laying his filthy hands on you
Damn am so pissed right now
How can the family agree on meeting with this beast
Me: ah am just not looking forward to that meeting
I just don't have the strength to fight anymore
Am so tired, i just wish he could just leave me alone and be happy with his newly found wife
DAVE: don't worry i will handle this, am here now
You don't need to face any of these alone
In fact i won't allow you too
Mxm why am i even still talking
He grabbed his car keys from the table
" where are you going" i asked with so much curiosity
DAVE: to fix some stuff, will see you tomorrow
I love you, and know that you are not alone in this
later lil sis
He quickly kissed my cheek
" Dave you don't have to do this,,,Dave
LUYANDA COME BACK HERE" i called out but he was already gone the door had already shut close behind him
" dammit, i just hope you wont do anything stupid " i slammed the sofa hard with my fist
" trouble in paradise" vuyo said coming from the room
Me: Dave just rushed out, am sure he has gone to luyolo
I just don't want him doing anything stupid
What if he kills him, he would go to jail for god sake
And we had just found each other i don't wanna loose him
And if he gets hurt or arrested i will never forgive myself
This whole mess is just my damn fault...
VUYO: WHOO you need to calm down
He sat near me and brushed my back because i was already in tears
Yeah am a cry baby i know
Me: am so tired, i just want everything to end, i want a normal and pain free life is that too much to asked
I gasped
VUYO: i know Angel, i just wish i can take your pain away
I want to make everything better
But am here now i won't let you suffer
He tucked me in his warm embrace
I got lost in the midst of all that
Its been a while since i've been touched
his cologne drove me insane
As we broke the hug our eyes met
The room became smaller suffocating us, he stared deeply in my eyes
I got lost in his soul, i needed a shoulder to cry on and he was here
He cared and thats all i wanted
Like a magnet we drew closer to each other
" owh my god, what the hell am i doing" my conscious battled
But the bitterness in me said " go for it, after all your husband also cheated on you"
Before i knew it we were kissing passionately
Tongues buried deep in each other's throats
My knees weakened, butterflies filled my tummy
The kiss sent chills to my spine
Then vuyo suddenly stopped
" am sorry, i didn't mean to take advantage of this situation" he said
Me: please kiss me
( i blurted out truthfully)
I know this was bitchy of me but am afraid to say i wanted him as much as he wanted me
Vuyo: are you sure
I didnt respond, instead i pulled him closer and we kissed intensely
The kiss got heated up, before i know it our clothes spreads across the lounge
I was left with my white bra and its matching panty
And vuyo was left with nothing but his boxers
He gently caressed my soft skin
Softly he planted kisses from my neck to my stomach
With his other hand he rubbed my breast
I moaned a bit
I felt my princess getting wetter with each touch
After minutes of foreplay i knew i wanted him inside me
I was so wet i just wanted to feel his rod in me
He took of my panty while i took off his boxer
"Are you sure you want this" he asked laying ontop of me
I just nodded my head since i didn't trust my voice anymore
Then he continued kissing me, his hand rubbing my clits
And slowly he thrusted himself in my canal and i moaned louder
Feeling a bit of pain and pleasure kicking in
Nobody even thought of a condom at that moment
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