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Thursday, November 15


Diary of a rural girl chapter 69

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Prophetic day

Chapter 69

When we arrived at our flat, my phone rang; it was my brother Matome who had called me. I answered the phone with an excitement spirit in me that my younger brother is checking up on me today and I said “Hello little sweet brother” “hello sister Mahlatse If you don't mind calling me back because I don’t have enough credits of airtime in my phone, I have serious issues with my baby Mama that I want share with you” Matome said to me while the call braked up. Without any waste of time I called him back and fortunately I had Vodacom free minutes that could last for 60 minutes. “here I am Matome, talk to me” I said to him and he begin by crying and said “Mahlatse my baby mama went to this other prophet in the village and she says the prophet told her that I am a wizard that is destructing her life and she said she don’t want to see me anymore in her life and that i am no longer allowed to see my baby since I will possess the baby with demons”.

While he was still talking i intervened in the conversation and said “Some other prophets just lie, because their intentions are to make money for business sake. I suggest you turn your life to Jesus so that he fight for you in situations like this because there is nothing much that I can do to fix things between you and your baby mother. All I can say is that; Start going to church on a regularly basis, pray, fast and read the word of God not forgetting to seek his kingdom first and all shall be added to you. God is the answer to everything boy, give your problems to him and he shall deliver you. I will call you again later to check if you ok, but you better be ok because stressing doesn't solve problems. I will ensure i call you again in the evening; enjoy the rest of the day because I want to get busy with my school work”. I then hanged up the call.

I told Kholo my friend about Matome ‘s situation in detail and then Kholo begin to tell me about the true Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is known as major 1.His church is currently in Pretoria show ground where UNISA (university of stupid adults) and TUT (Take your time) students write their exams. The man he is so powerful and God is using him mightily to deliver and to heal the sick. He is Major1 the son of prophet Uebert angel, the retired prophet………

I and Kholo agreed to start attending church services there because Kholo persuaded me that major1 is the most powerful and true prophet of God. I believed what Kholo told me and also believed it’s also wise to plant a seed on a fertile soil like at ECG because the soil is fertile unlike other skoro,koro churches where the ground is hard. There is no way a plant can grow on a concrete and bear fruits.

 “Kholo what do you think might be the reasons many people are criticize him (Major1)?” I asked kholo “Mahlatse It does not matter their opinions over our father Major1, What matters is God's opinion over him. They may team up all against him, but they should know this, he and his God are the majority. People are just jealous because their pastors at their churches don’t have the spirit upon to perform miracles and wonders and they believe you need to be poor in order to be a Christian and the word of God says for the love of money is all source of evil but money is not evil. Mahlatse there is no opposition without position; it is the one with a ball that is marked in the football ground”. Kholo said to me because she used to watch prophetic channel back at home. I was so touched by Kholo‘s words and I said “I will take my brother Matome there, maybe he might get prophesy as well”.

While we were busy talking my phone rang, it was Tokollo who had called. He wanted to see me but I couldn’t afford him time to see me since we had unresolved issues after he came back from Cape Town for a business trip. After 20 minutes i went to my bedroom to get busy with my school work, when I entered my room I found a cobra on my bed, no…!!!... not a cobra, but a king cobra.

Stay tuned, Chapter 70 will follow soon.
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Monday, January 11


Diary of a rural girl chapter 68

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

horrible day

Chapter 68

“Just like the day doesn’t start without the sun, my life doesn’t start without your touch and your sweet nothings. I thank God our paths crossed and smiles we shared that Brought you and I into Us.
I also pray that God grant you more years of Health, joy and wealth and all your desires.”

When we walked sweetness out to her flat we came across Thabang my ex-boyfriend, I don't know if I should refer to him as my ex-boyfriend because we had never engaged in a sexual intercourse and I believe sexual intercourse should have been occurred to qualify one as an ex. “Hello Thabang, how have you been, it had been a while without hearkening from you” I said in excitement and then he respond this way “buy a gift for a dog and you will be amazed at the way it will dance and swerve its tail. But if you don't have anything to offer to it, it won’t even recognize your arrival; such are the attributes of fake people in our lives.” I opened my eyes very wide and looked him in the eyes and said:

“Thabang what’s up with you? What you do you mean by all that nonsense? Calling me names…! Do you even understand what you saying? Please note that i am no longer part of your life, “so”, help yourself and move on with your life, you had been unfaithful to me the whole time and you didn't meet all the quality set standards I have set for myself, so chill or else I will stop talking to you in the next occasion we meet because I cannot afford to listen to all this nonsense your rising on. How could you compare me to a dog out of all this things? I left you because you cheated on me several times and the fact that you are not circumcised and I couldn't allow that ugly shrink socks of yours enter my private part, this is not a public part where everybody plays on it and get away, Thabang just leave me the hell alone and continue living your life, you multi charger, aids will catch you.” I referred to him as multi charger because he goes around sleeping with every girl and you know multi charger can work on most of the batteries.

Sweetness and kholo couldn’t help it at that moment and began to laugh hilariously at Thabang because they found him very amusing and he seemed to be a bit embarrassed by the time, but he continued shamelessly and said “Mahlatse this days because you found a job, that Mr Tokollo, (Thabang referred to dating Tokollo as a job for me that I'm getting remunerated to do.) You have changed so much Mahlatse, lucky Dube was right when he sang a song that says “money makes the world go round and you can't find love without a dollar” “you just don't love me because I'm poor and I don't have any income or a fat bank account. I looked him in the eyes and said “Thabang do you know what? Good bye, I granted you an opportunity to have me as your future wife and you took it for granted. Time wasted never regain, just chill and you will get another me or somebody who is even much better than me”.
Thabang left in confusion with his long ugly face when he is angry. Me and the girls continued with our journey to sweetness‘s crib. Before we could even arrive there, when we were nearing the gate to sweetness‘s place kholo said in shock “girls, girls, girls…! Do you see what’s coming towards us, I foresee danger here, that guy who is coming closer to us is Bongani, the dagga Guy.” before Kholo could even finish with what she was telling, Bongani arrived at our destination and he opened his big mouth. “Hey guys”, Bongani shouted and greeted us in a friendly manner but his breath smelled horrible from all the dagga that he smoked, he had a very dark skin complexion and lastly, his eyes were bloodshot, very red indeed.

“So”, Bongani said in excitement that, “Girls when are we playing the skunk games once again when you are free, I hope it can be soon, I miss spending time with you guys on a joint of skunk, (skunk he referred to the dagga straight from  Germany )“Germanskunk”. That was Bongani‘s suggestion and I replied in weariness and said “We no longer doing such ugly things, beside our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit, who is in us, whom we have received from God himself.” Bongani looked at me with an angry face and said “you are always the problem Mahlatse that is why I dislike you at some point, the problem with you is being stereotype which will bring trouble in trouser one day, Limpopo girls are just like monkeys. Let me go to my crib before I get angry. Kholo if you need some medication just give me a ring” Bongani referred to skunk as medicine.”

Bongani left and without any waste of time I and kholo made our way back to the flat because sweetness was almost at her apartment.

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Wednesday, November 25


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 67

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Girls talk

Chapter 67
7:30 when we arrived at McDonald's Sunnyside for my meeting with Mr Pillay and Mooketsi.Tokollo dropped me off and went back to his crib in Brooklyn. As I was standing outside about to go inside I heard my phone ringing, it was Mooketsi who had called me using Aunt Merriam’s cell phone because he didn't have one by the time, “Mahlatse I don't think I'll make it to the meeting, my little sister is very ill, she’s got tonsils. I believe it's the weather change, because she's crying endlessly. She can hardly even talk because her voice is sore. Can't we postpone the meeting for later today or tomorrow when we are back from the clinic and I believe she might be feeling better by then, right now it would be too risky to let her go to the clinic alone”. Mooketsi said to me “ok well Mooketsi I will explain to Mr Pillay & I hope your sister will get well soon and pass my greetings to auntie Merriam” .I said to him and the phone call braked because of the network coverage that day, it was really bad. I went inside to look for Mr Pillay who was not currently at work, I guess he was still in McDonald’s arcadia because he runs both side. I waited for him for a while and when he arrived I explained what Mooketsi had told me to Mr Pillay, Basically I passed the message in detail. “Ok well Mahlatse, no problem just come anytime you free as long as I am in the office” Mr Pillay said to me.

When I made my way to the flat I came across sweetness Kholo‘s friend who happened to be my friend too, she was on her way to my flat to fetch something from Kholo. On our way we met this guy who looked like his life depended on Nyaope. He approached us and asked for sweetness's number, promising her the world “lol” he offered to take her to the cinema for a movie this afternoon but she ignored him. He had the worst smell, let's not even speak about how dirty he looked. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know that water can also be used for cleaning one's body and clothes, we still have those people who think water is just for drinking. He wouldn't give up, he kept following us saying useless things which were pretty obvious such as “I might be broke with no cars to impress you and win your attention but I have a healthy Dick, its Hiv free and all yours. I'm still fresh and innocent AKA a virgin”. Sweetness burst with laughter and we just kept walking ignoring him. But hey the guy was persistent. He continued talking about her sexy body. Sweetness still paid him no attention. He was getting annoyed now and started being nasty and said “I don’t think you even know a door of a gym, the reason you have a sexy body is because you always run after guys with cars and money, aids will catch you and kill you. Most girls like you are always heartbroken because they go for this guys who keep on hurting them, by the name of cheese boys”.

We got to the flat and we were starving by now and when I wanted to make breakfast, there was no bread. I then decided to make jungle oats for us, going to the shop to buy bread was not an option I was lazy. “Sweetness what are you doing here so early in the morning?” Kholo asked. “I came to get my calculator; I'm in need of it. I'm not even staying for long because I need to get back to the flat and use it, besides that I've missed you so much girlfriend it's been a minute hey” said sweetness. “Aah chomi I'm happy you came, we have so much to catch up on” Kholo replied leaning in to give sweetness a kiss on the cheek then she asked if she could have some oats and I said “no problem help yourself”. We were in a happy place enjoying the oats then suddenly it started raining again outside and this time it was raining cats and dogs. Sweetness said to me “Mahlatse you know sometimes it's annoying when you are told you are beautiful especially by a stranger, truth is we know it already hence we have mirrors. Guys can be pretty lame sometimes man. They need to up their game and come with better ways to approach and win our attention”. Just imagine a nigga comes to you and say “Lady you are attractive and smart" oooohhhhhh now that I'd so much appreciate, it's a total turn on.……mmm..!!!”. We all laughed and agreed that guys should find another method.

“Girls I understand the point sweetness is raising but sometimes we don’t have to avoid people just like that because you’ll never know what the future holds. The person you are avoiding or ignoring might be your interviewer one day for a vacant you have applied for and if you have been rude, he might sabotage your application. So we shouldn’t look down at other people because of their present situation, because sometimes the people we look down at Might be the ones we look up to tomorrow. I understand that people set their own standards but we should treat people right at all times, being good is not a crime and God will shower you with his blessings for that. No one can predict tomorrow”……Said Mahlatse.

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Monday, November 23


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 66

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Ungrateful homeless man 

Chapter 66
It was 6:15 in the morning when I woke up. I dragged my feet to the sitting room window to look through it and it was still dark outside and I noticed that it was drizzling too, And I could only think of the bible when it was said that the sun set and darkness came when Jesus was crucified and I looked up and said a little prayer “your Grace is ever sufficient my Lord, Thank you God for the rain and for giving your one and only son to die for our sins and paying for life's debts on the cross your love is amazing, stay with me all day every day for the rest of my life” ...I then dragged my feet to the bathroom to take a bath and titivate myself to go meet Mr. Pillar and Mooketsi.  I came across Tokollo who just came from the bedroom and he held my hand tight and pulled me closer to his chest holding me closer and looking me in the eyes and said “Mahlatse please forgive me babe, I love you so much and I didn't mean any of the things I said last night. I take everything back and I swear it will never happen again, I don't know what came over me”...I pulled back and said “I need to be somewhere Tokollo and right now I have a lot on my mind so let's talk later just not now or I'll be late for my 8am meeting and I can't afford that”. I hear you Mahlatse I'll be waiting for you when you are done taking care of your staff then we can continue this talk, just as long as you forgive me please.  He said this while letting me go.

As I walked away from him he asked me if he could walk me...I could see from the lines of his face how sorry he really was and I said its fine.  He asked me to give him two minutes to quickly go brush his teeth and to wash his face. I nodded and waited for him in the sitting room. He was done in less than 20 seconds so I giggled and teased him a little saying he broke the record of the fastest man in South Africa then we shared a laugh and he unlocked the door and held it posing the gentleman gesture and changed his accent to a British accent and said “after you madam” I laughed out loud and also copied the accent and said "well thank you sir "as I walked out and he followed and we both laughed and left. There tension was still there but At least we shed it off a little with our silly games.  We walked hand in hand till we got to Steers in Brooklyn and we went inside to buy a meal. We didn't want their breakfast specials we were very hungry so I ordered their double rack ribs meal and Tokollo ordered double patty burger lol this guy loves his big mac.

We waited for our order for about 15 minutes and we left. We didn't really have much to say to each other since the tension was still there but no love was lost. As we walked back to the apartment to get the car I noticed a homeless guy who looked like he could be in his 30s on the side of the road. We walked past him but he begged us to give him food or any amount we have so that he can buy food. I looked at him and I saw hunger written all over his face. He looked like he hadn't eaten a month.  I know how it feels like to be hungry and for a moment I put myself in his shoes and I walked towards him and gave him my meal. I expected him to dig in right away but he just said thanks CC and put the food away in his dirty sack that looked like it had rotten food inside.  He continued begging for more from people and ignored my presence.  The nerve of this man yoh I got very upset from this scenario and walked to Tokollo who was waiting for me and he could see how upset I was and he tried to calm me down. We finally got in the car and I sat there.

 Quietly, that’s how angry I was. Sweet Tokollo asked if he could get me another meal and I shook my head and told him I'd be late if we go. He offered to go for a drive thru when we get to Sunnyside and I still said no. I saw how bad he was feeling and told him I'm ok. He offered me his burger and I told him I had lost my appetite. He then apologised as if it was his fault and I gave him a kiss on the cheek just to assure him that it wasn't him I'm angry at. I saw him smile and he said “shall we” and I said hoi hoi captain and he drove off and we laughed. He always manages to put a smile on my face even at my angriest.The only thing he could do for me to make this relationship work is to be faithful like me because we women who doesn't cheat investigate better that FBI.
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Saturday, November 21


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 65

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Life its ugly at some point

Chapter 65
10pm when we arrive at Tokollo’s apartment in Brooklyn, The kitchen was dirty and the smell was like sulfur that is explained in the bible. It was obvious the kitchen hadn't been cleaned in a while; the dirty pots on the stove and in the zinc smelled so bad that I even got a mild headache from it. While I was cleaning Tokollo started again with the nonsense of trying to get lucky with me. He grabbed my boobs and wanted to get his hand in my cookie jar and I got furious as I didn't want any of that. The mood was totally wrong for his games and I couldn't make an acception due to the unpleasant conversation we had in the car earlier, Before a minute could even pass I made it clear to him and said; “Tokollo I am not in the mood for things like that and again, I am on my periods, so please play far away from me and let me finish with what I am doing. Don’t you have some games on your cell phone to play with?”

Tokollo was not pleased with the way I responded to his attempts but he had no choice, only to stay far away from me up until I finish with the cleanings. There is a rumor around south Africa that says “Limpopians woman don’t take shit and they can be violent if you push them” I think Tokollo is one of those guys who are scared of being moered by Limpopian women so he thought he had to stop trying his luck or things will get ugly. Fortunately I'm not like most Limpopo ladies who tend to use violence as the answer when things are not going their way. A few minutes later when my cleaning part was nearing the end, Tokollo brought wine glasses in the kitchen with 1.5 litre of fourth street wine. It then hit me that Tokollo might get drunk and start behaving like a retard so I decided to go easy on him and just join him even though I'm still mad at him so that when we get drunk we will be in the same state of mind cos if I don't drink he will be more annoying and I'll get even angrier at him.

When I was done cleaning, I went to put my bag in the bedroom and also to wear a tampon to make sure I have all the right to deny Tokollo sex but the truth is I wasn't even on my periods it was just a strategy to make sure he doesn’t get it (pu**y) that night because he seemed to be cheating which gives me reasons not to engage myself in a sexual intercourse with him. When I was done in the bed room I went to the living room to join Tokollo on a bottle of wine and nice cool jams. Tokollo seemed to be tipsy by the time and I was still sober because I only had half a class of wine. “Mahlatse Why do you hate me so much that you denying me, your future husband some intimacy?” Tokollo asked “I have the right to say no to things that pisses me off.” I replied. “Mahlatse what is it that got in your nerves because you are now acting like the rural girl that you are in the city who can't even decide what she wants nor know what she wants, baby I’m really horny and I want some” Tokollo said to me. “Are you out of your mind Tokollo? Do you think even if I wanted to sleep with you I could after what you just said about me being a rural girl, I think you need to date somebody from urban areas not a rural girl like me, you don’t deserve me and your Behaving like a 50 year old man trapped in a boy' body. I'm on periods and I'm just not in the mood. This is my property and if I don’t want there is nothing you can do, you don’t have respect for women. You don't even respect women. “Could you please kindly take me to my flat” I said to him while he stood up and went to the bathroom.

Without any waste of time I took out my phone and called Kholo to inform her that I will be Coming back to the flat soon so that she doesn't sleep or sleep lightly because I didn’t have the tag for the main gate with me. Kholo extremely laughed at me and asked me And asked me what changed my mind because when I left I told them I'll be coming back the next day. I simply told her that I will explain everything when I get there because my mind was full of Tokollo’s windy things that he does. That was one of my worst days with this Sotho guy. “Hlatse are you sure you want to go to your flat right now” Tokollo asked “yes I want to go to my flat because there is nothing valuable I am doing here and it Feels like I had you for supper and now I feel like I could just throw up so” I went to the bedroom to fetch my bag”. when I came back from the bed room Tokollo said “I’m not going to Sunnyside, I am lazy to drive unless you don’t mind walking to your place” “ok well Tokollo where is the keys for the door?” I asked “You should be asking yourself that question because you are the one who unlocked the door when we came in’'Tokollo said

“Ok well I will sleep here On the couch and I will leave in the morning and please don’t touch me, if you try to do something stupid we will fight and I will Report you to the police that you attempted to rape me idiot” I said to him. Tokollo forcefully touched my breast and I Screamed extremely loud and slapped and him on the face and at the same time pushed him down from me and he ran to the store room and came back with a machete. It was the first time I've ever slapped anyone, maybe it was because I had few glasses of wine by then. Tokollo tried all his tricks to scare me but I wasn't feeling scared or intimidated by him so I slapped him again. …………

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Tuesday, September 15


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 64

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Chaos between Tokollo and Mahlatse

Chapter 64
Without any waste of time I went straight to my bedroom, took my bag and then we left to Tokollo’s place in Brooklyn. On our way to Brooklyn we had arguments in the car because Tokollo couldn’t give me proper reasons as to why his phone was off. I had been wondering if Tokollo heard the conversation I had with girls, but he seemed to have not heard .while he was busy driving his Mercedes Benz (AMG), others call it “all my money gone”; to Brooklyn I looked at his cell phone as if I was checking the time on it, only to find out that his cell phone battery life was at 75 percent, which further confirms that his cell phone was never dead. “Tokollo can you please be honest with me and explain to me why your cell phone was off, because honestly speaking I really don’t get it.” I asked him while he threw me an icy look with those small brown eyes of his and said: “Baby I already told you it was a network failure, that is the only truth and why are you making it a big issue, it’s not like I didn't make it to come fetch you at your place, I love you so much Mahlatse and I will never make any intentions to hurt you.”

A couple of minutes later before we could arrive at his place in Brooklyn, I then decided to ask him to unlock his cell phone so that I send some of our old pictures we took at Union building some time back via Bluetooth. That was the only way I could gain access to his cell phone because I was not satisfied with his answers and I felt a need to check his cellphone if there is anything funny that he is doing. Tokollo didn’t have any problem with me gaining access to his cellphone that day provided if I would not mind his old pictures of his ex-girlfriends that he still have to clear them off and he claimed he never had time to delete them from his device due to his businesses commitments. “Since I am still driving my unlock code is 79928.”Tokollo said to me and then I successfully managed to unlock his cell phone and went straight to the picture folders.

“Tokollo when are you going to clear this pictures off your device because they are disgusting and I don’t see a point of keeping them  if you are really done with our ex-girlfriends? If I may ask you again, why is your cell-phone on airplane mode? Are you trying to ignore someone’s incoming texts or calls?” I said to him, and without any waste of time I switched his cell phone from airplane mode to normal. By that time I began to get very crossed with him, Tokollo my nigga who seemed to be disloyal but generous indeed. “Mahlatse I was not aware that my cell phone is on Flight mode, I might have pressed that flight tab by mistake, I am really sorry about that and I assure you that the pictures will be cleared today as a matter of priority. Can you please refrain from checking out my cell phone in future to avoid unnecessary conflicts” Tokollo said to me while incoming texts began to come through his cell phone, a lot of  whats-up massages came in like rainy days during summer times.

When Tokollo heard his phone beeping he didn’t waste any time, he crabbed my hand aggressively, took his cell phone off my hand and put it away from me. I only managed to see one massage that came through from a contact saved as “Wa-Kapa” but I never had a chance to see the details of the text. I then concluded that Tokollo is cheating on me. I went into deep thinking with myself; Tokollo was in cape town for his business trip and the next thing he saved somebody‘s contacts as “Wa-Kapa” and cape town is nicknamed “Kapa” from some of the south African racial groups. I got very angry with Tokollo within a short space of time, and at the same time thought as much that Tokollo got involved with somebody in Cape Town. I wanted to slap him on his face, but I couldn’t because it clipped up in my mind that Tokollo had a very fat bank account and that I am not that beautiful like the girls He had been dating even thou I have a very nice a*s. I then decided to calm down and look for plan B because I was definitely sure that Tokollo doesn’t know what he wants and his (D) controls his mind. It didn’t worth it to continue arguing with him because I could predict that I am the one who is going to get hurt but I was glad that I had seen the highlights about Tokollo being controlled by a (D).

“Baby sometimes in a relationship we need to speak out if we have any problems rather than keeping them to ourselves. If you hold on to something which is bothering you inside it will automatically make you unhappy, so it’s better to talk about it so that it can be resolved however we should also respect each other’s privacy. This thing of checking my phone should end right here” Tokollo said to me while we arrived at his place. I acted as if I understand and as if I am all ok, but honestly speaking I was not happy at all. “Ok love I get your point but if there is anything you doing that you would not like me to do please stop it for the sake of my feelings, Tokollo I don’t want to share you as much as you don’t want to share me if I am not wrong. I love you with all of my heart.” I said to him and deep down in my heart I knew very well that i was not happy at all…..

“If Tokollo want to play me its ok provided that I also play in his fat bank account, because I cannot afford to lose him now” I thought to myself.
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Thursday, September 10


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 63

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Tokollo’s surprise visit

Chapter 63
It was on Friday after school when I arrived at the flat, around passed 4 o’clock expecting a call from Moeketsi so that I can tell him about our appointment with Mr Pillay the following day on Saturday at 8:30 at McDonald’s Sunnyside .Time went and the night grew old without receiving any call from Moeketsi as I expected. There was no way I could reach him because he didn’t own a Meer cell phone. The only option to get hold of him was to physically go to his place in Atteridgevill Lotus Gardens. I began to worry much about Moeketsi and also thinking he might be somewhere trying to rob people like he had been doing previously. At around 8 o’clock in the evening I received a call from a private number, before I could answer the call I was definitely sure that is Moeketsi who was calling. “Hello” I answered and it was Tokollo who had called me. “Baby I really miss you so much and I want us to have some quality time at my place tonight since it had been a while we have been together due to my business commitments” Tokollo said to me. “Ok baby you will let me know when you coming over to fetch me and please don’t take much of your time to get here because tomorrow morning I have an appointment to attend to and as a result I will have to leave your place very early in the morning.” I said to him, immediately after the last word I said “morning” his phone braked on the network. When I attempted to call him back his phone was on voice mail, I then decided to be patient and waited for him to get back to me, it is now two important people I’m expecting calls from.

As I was busy thinking about Moeketsi and his siblings, 20 minutes later I received a second call from a land line number, it was Moeketsi who had called me, by that time I was already in a bathtub fixing myself and getting ready for Tokollo whom I’m not sure if he was going to make it to my place to fetch me because it was very strange that his phone braked and he didn’t make any means of contacting me even though he had two cell phones and I didn’t have his other number, I had been very ignorant to save them on my device. Honestly speaking I wanted all of him that night because it had been a while since he left for his business trip. “Mahlatse I only paid two rand's for the phone i am calling you from which will last us for one hundred and twenty seconds, it’s a public phone and fortunately they close late on Fridays and weekends which better sweet some of us who like hanging around overnight”. Moeketsi said to me “Ok well Moeketsi, we are meeting with Mr Pillay tomorrow morning at 8:30, He is a branch manager at McDonald’s Sunnyside, He will hook up you with a job to sustain you and your siblings but you will only work on weekends provided that you go back to school for security reasons. Be on time and I will also try to talk to the social workers if they can offer you guy’s social grants for orphans since you don’t have both parents or somebody who is looking after your family”. I said to Moeketsi. “Mahlatse I will be on time tomorrow and thanks for your effort and again for bailing me out of the police station, my minutes are almost depleted, and I will meet you tomorrow on time there, bye” Moeketsi said as he hanged up the phone.

I attempted to call Tokollo several times after I was done with Moeketsi and his cell phone took me straight to voicemail. The capacity of my worrying began to grow big and bigger, I tried by all means to ignore this feeling of getting annoyed by Tokollo but that didn’t help at all. When I was done bathing I went to the living room to join the girls, we were watching a movie by Leon Schuster; panic mechanic. “Mahlatse why do you look sad, is everything ok?” Tsakane asked. “I’m ok my friend is just that Sometimes we get swallowed like the man Jonah from the bible because we are going to the wrong direction with the wrong people. God wanted him Jonah to go to Niniveh, he choose to go to Tarshish. I think I have to check and review my directions with Tokollo. I am no longer sure if my relationship with Tokollo is enabling or disabling me, maybe it is time to let go of relationships that are not serving me positive. 

The truth is; nothing will change until you change. Nothing will improve unless you improve. Nothing will be renewed unless you renew your mind. I have been in the wilderness for too long. Today I want to make a decision to move on. Tokollo hanged up the phone whilst we were busy on the line and he switched off his phone and I was supposed to spend a night at his place today” I said to the girls, and there was a moment of silent and this other guy in the movie we were watching chipped a tooth and farted at the same time, instead of us laughing there was a knock at the door, without any waste of time I went to check out who was knocking with a thought that it might be Tokollo. When I opened the door it was Tokollo and he seemed to have heard all that I shared with the girls, I nodded. “Hey baby” Tokollo exclaimed…………

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