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Thursday, May 23


Video: 'Mashabela Galane:' Battle of the 4-5s between KZN and Limpopo guys

Mashabela Galane: Battle of the 4-5s between KZN and Limpopo guys

THE stage is set for the battle of the 4-5s between KZN and Limpopo guys.

According to comedian Mashabela Galane, big size Durex Play Very Cherry is for guys from Limpopo – the small size Durex Play Saucy Strawberry is for KZN gentlemen.

In his latest video, Mzansi’s number one vernacular comedian ridicules Zulus, saying they have small 4-5s.

He talks about his show, to be held at Carnival City in July. He’s seated in front of a table.

He takes out a small size gel and says Zulu men should use it to pleasure women.


He then takes out a huge size gel and says that’s what one should use if they are from Limpopo. Some people thought it was funny, others thought it was disrespectful.

Mthokozisi Xaba said: “Uyadelela uMashabela.

“There are men from Limpopo with smaller sizes and bigger sizes, just as Zulus can have both sizes.”

Darling Maluleke said: “Eish, my bro. You’ve started a fight with the wrong people. But that was funny.”

Mashabela saidit’s no more than a joke. He said his upcoming show will be about sex.
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Wednesday, May 15




It's Official: People Can't Get Enough Of Snapchat's New Gender-Swap Filter. The latest and our most favorite to try on this filter is Connie Ferguson.

If you want to check how you would look as an opposite gender, worry not, Snapchat has got you.

The new Snapchat filter that swaps your gender is taking over our timelines and we are here for it.

Our timelines have been filled with pics of guys checking out how they would look as a girl, and the results were interesting.

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Wednesday, May 1


Facebook Launching “Secret Crush” An Online Dating App!

Facebook Launching “Secret Crush” An Online Dating App!

Facebook wants to help you hook up with your friends. A year after the US social networking giant announced Facebook Dating, a tool for finding potential dates, it has now announced “Secret Crush” – a new feature for figuring out which of your friends might be open to romantic overtures.

Facebook Dating is also rolling out to a more than a dozen new countries, the company announced at its annual F8 conference on Tuesday, bringing the total up to 19 – including Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Guyana, Uruguay, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, and Suriname

The announcement comes as Facebook attempts to move past two years of scandals and crises, from Cambridge Analytica’s misappropriation of tens of millions of users’ data to the social network’s role in spreading hate speech that fuelled genocide in Myanmar.
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Tuesday, March 12


First Tsonga drama to air on SABC 2 - Mzansi is getting its very first Tsonga TV drama.

First Tsonga drama to air on SABC 2 - Mzansi is getting its very first Tsonga TV drama.

Singer-cum-actress Yvonne Chaka Chaka will spearhead the cast of the groundbreaking show Giyani: Land of Blood, and the Princess of Africa says "It's about time".

The show is set to debut on SABC 2 on April 1 at 9.30pm - competing with telenovela Imbewu: The Seed - and will air Mondays to Wednesdays.

Former Muvhango actor Ndivhuwo Mutsila, musician Candy "Tsa Mandebele" Mokwena, leading man Fumani Shilubana and funnyman Obed Baloyi also have roles.

"I'm a proud Tsonga wife. I wanted to raise the Tsonga people's flag," Chaka Chaka, who plays the role of Gladys in the drama, told Sowetan yesterday.

"When they came to me to offer me the role I was chuffed and honoured."
The brainchild of The River writers Phathu Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon from Tshedza Pictures, the show is set in Limpopo's fictional village of Risinga, in Giyani.
It follows the conflict of two families in a decades-long
battle over a contested piece of fertile land.

The evil matriarch Gladys is equally ruthless as husband Richard portrayed by Mutsila. The pair exploit the poverty of others to enrich themselves.

"I want South Africans to realise after watching the show to never take freedom and ordinary people for granted," Chaka Chaka said.

"I want South Africans to realise that respect comes a long way and Gladys and her husband Richard are mean people hiding behind being in exile and helping the community.

"They just want money. The show is filled with corruption and deceit."
Mutsila, renowned for his role as Albert Mukwevho in Muvhango, first worked with Chaka Chaka when the Venda soapie debuted in 1998.

"Him [Mutsila] being a Venda guy and me being a Tsonga woman in the storyline is very educational to the people that Venda and Tsonga people don't fight.

"They marry into each other. We are one people. We want to see progress," she said.
"He's an experienced actor and director. The cast is amazing [too]."

Music legend Thomas Chauke has composed the theme song for the dram as a way to celebrate other Tsonga legends.
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Monday, March 11


6 places to find R30-R50 magoshas in Johannesburg

6 places to find R30-R50 magoshas in Johannesburg

24×7 along nugget and President street. These are very dirty street prostitutes and you can get laid from R30. Also on Polly street near the Market street Junction. There is all sort of magoshas and they take you in the tiny cubicles where business is brisk. At night you will spot them along President street from Junction of Troye street all the way to Nugget Street.

Kempton Park
Around Greyilla, Long and Maxwell streets from around 7 pm till early hours. Beware of police patrols. Rates from R50 for short time. The mahosha/isifebe do not like whole night deals. There is plenty of white street prostitutes here.

Along Verona, Bouquette and High streets. The sex workers are littered all over and you cannot miss them. Sometimes they only start appearing after dark on other days even from noon. Rates from R50 and they do give better blow jobs and they are more patient even if you do not come quickly. You can also get some willing to give anal sex.

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Some decent prostitutes are situated at 206 Bram Fisher. They are expensive but better than other places. If you are on budget try Tavern bar or The Beer Garden bar. Just make your way to the toilet and voila a ton of half naked prostitutes will be all over you with offers. The sex area is dingy and you can easily suffocate especially during the summer months. Price is negotiable and starts from R40.

The Garden Beer and the Tavern Bar are both on Hilltop street. In Randburg from the taxi Rank head torwards Sandton/Bryanston using Bram Fischer and turn right into Dover Street (Opposite the Shell garage) then turn right into Hilltop street you won’t miss Beer Garden on the right and towards the end of the road is the Tavern. Goodluck.

During the day these working girls can be spotted on Beaconsfield Avenue all the way from cemetery Road upto Shamrock Avenue. During the night it gets busy with more street prostitutes on Rietfontein Road and all the feeder roads. Prices differ from R50 to R150. These are professional and will check if you have money before charging you. You can always bargain and they are pretty good too.

Rex Hotel at the corner of Tom Jones Street and Ampthill Avenue is full of mahosha. These prositutes charge R50 per shot. The bar is always full with people having drinks and waiting for their turn to head upstairs.
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Wednesday, November 7


Cassper Nyovest new hit song (ft) featuring Shwi Nomtekhala


Its no secret that Cassper Nyovest has been working on a new album. The rapper revealed the news a few months ago, and has since he’s been working towards its completion.

On a recent Tweet, Mufasa disclosed that he has a collaboration with legendary Maskandi duo Shwi Nomtekhala which is going to land on his forthcoming album.

“Made such a beautiful song with the legendary Shwi Nomtekhala for my album,” Cassper said. “Might play it on UKHOZI FM tomorrow during my interview.” he added.
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