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Sunday, July 26


Friendship and other things chapter 71

Chapter 71
He tossed my food and came towards me, his clothes reeked stale whiskey and cigarettes. His face lit up like the sun as he appeared to be happy seeing me this weak, he loved watching and listening to me beg him to let me go, he took pride in being the master my master. Face filled with glee like a child in a candy store, he dangled the keys in front of me laughing everytime I attempted to reach them.
Me"Let me gooooo!"
I begged but it seemed like my plea fell on deaf ears
Me"At least untie me" 
He sat next to me and took out a pocket knife, he grabbed my wrist
Tau"Seeing you bleed turns me on" 
He brought my hand to his lip kissing my wrist, he slowly caressed them hymning "Up in flames" which was very appropriate. I watched as he slit my wrist with a smile on his face, not flinching or anything of a sort. My whole body went numb, I silently cried as my body was beginning to shut down again.
Tau"You are mine" 
Suddenly I became despondent wondering if he controlled me or I wanted to be his victim, suddenly I began pondering to how I got here, reflecting to how after three wonderful years would I be back at Tau Segomelo's arms or in this case hell. What is it about him that keeps me coming back, what was it about me that needed his drama to feel better about myself? Did I relate to him more than Skylar or do I just like being a victim?. Were my demons bigger than me? Who is Thandiwe Morris Bremner and why is she so afraid of greatness?
Me"I need your pain"

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Monday, June 22


Friendship and other things Chapter 70

Chapter 70

I was on another flight after being at LAX for two hours, I was bushed no lies. I couldn't even feel my legs anymore, I used the next 5 hours to sleep but I couldn't even fall asleep. My thoughts transported me to when I bought my first Red bottoms and Chanel bag.

Thoughts 2003*
I got back from school and unpacked my book, I was suppose to meet with Alarick in Hyde Park. I was so nervous no lies, yesterday he picked me up and declined to have sex with me. If that wasn't weird enough he wanted to speak about my life and my future plans , We spoke until I fell asleep. I found myself crying to a stranger with an accent of a killer, but that stranger comforted me. I remember this day like it was yesterday, I wore black shorts with a white vest and gold sandals. I was still your typical PE girl, I took a vneck jersey as a just incase because PE weather groomed me well. hahaha I love my city, I got a metre taxi and left for Hyde park without any fear of this being some trap. I called him and told him where I was, he told me to go to a store called Apsely house and I asked around until I found the store. Lord! did I feel out of place, he was sitting on the couch with a glass of champagne on his hand. Imagine George Clooney sex appeal with all grey hair, well shaped body but probably 60 years old. Me"Hello" I was so nervous. Him"African time hahaha" I was really late. Me"Sorry, I had classes today" he said its fine, he asked me about class and how it was, I told him and he motivated me to do better than average. I could not understand his accent sometimes but I found it funny anyway. Alarick"Size shoe" I smiled because I couldn't laugh. Me"4" he went to the sales lady and told her, 3 pairs with one Scrap Jimmy choo sandal. Me"Hay!" that was all I could say, from the store we went to others like Burberry to D&G. In the car we hardly spoke he was on the phone, speaking in German and I was still dumbfounded. We got to Braam and the car stopped, his driver opened the door for us. Me"Why are we here" he looked at me. Alarick"English bad hahaha" we spoke to the driver in German and from where I was standing he sounded scary but the driver didn't look scared. Driver"He says this is your new home, well until you finish with varsity. He will pay for your fees only if you promise to stop your night job, he wants you to invite him to your graduation and that these clothes are yours " I think I was getting punked. Me"Why me?" he told his driver what to say. Driver"You remind him of his late daughter, she passed away last year and he thinks you deserve these things" I wiped my tears, this memory hurts because he passed away before he could even see me graduate. I always say besides our parents, out there you are likely to meet a stranger who would risk everything to see you happy. Beyond sex or any lust but maternal type of thing, stranger with effect I call them.Felt like time was speeding me up, next thing I was in JFK. I think I sat there for more than an hour, the next hour I spent in the toilet crying my lungs out. I searched in my bag for coins, I called someone to come pick me up. He promised to come as fast as he could, surprised he even picked up. I bought myself a muffin and green tea, I was starved and drained. Kopano"You took the phrase too far Tee" I laughed. Me"The city that never sleeps" we hugged. Kopano"You look like a mess,where are your bags? " I showed him my things. Kopano"Somethings never change" we took the bags and hailed a cab. Kopano"He is in the Hamptons, you know its Polo season" I smiled. Me"Ever so shallow, how are you?" we got to his apartment, we didn't even talk much. Me" Goodnight" I went straight to bed . 

Narrative *
Kopano"Where are you?" he was on the phone with Nate, what Thandi didn't know alot had changed after she left. Nate had a son with Nambitha Abonga, although he didn't find out about it in the most pleasant way but he did. Nate"We are still in Manhattan, where are you?" earlier they had a party for Abonga, Kopano had to leave because of Thandi. Kopano"Down town, get Skylar here" as expected Nate was against it. Nate"No! Kp!" Kopano"Dude,don't make me mention how Tee helped Nana. Just make sure he brings the twins" after alot of convincing he finally agree. Nate"You love her?" Kopano didn't expect the question but he was sure of his answer. Kopano"Like the little sister I never had, and I think she deserves a chance at happiness" with that said Nate couldn't argue . Kopano waited for what felt like a life time before someone knocked on his door. Skylar"We home" the twins were sleeping. Nate"Beer please" Kopano side eyed him. Nate"It was worth a try" he headed to the kitchen, while Skylar was catching Kopano up on what happened after he left. Kopano"Blair looks naughty even when he's asleep" he looked like his mother everyday. Skylar"he looks peaceful for once, probably tired from all the dancing" they laughed. Kopano"We call crawling dancing lately, I see you" Nate came back. Kopano"Thandi is here" at first Skylar wasn't sure what Kopano said. Nate"Fuck!" Kopano"Tee is here, in my bedroom. Nate and I will take a walk to.." Nate"Hell no! I am not taking a walk with you" Kopano dragged his arm. Nate"You're lucky, I am more of a lover than a fighter" they left the apartment leaving Skylar with the twins and a sleeping Thandiwe.

Have you ever been asleep but your whole senses are wide awake. It felt like someone was watching me sleep, and the. other pulling my hair. Me"Kopano" I opened one eye, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. Me"Litha" I opened my eyes and sat up immediately. Skylar"Don't touch him" Lelethu was behind me playing with my hair. Me"I am s..." he interrupted me. Skylar" A letter Tee? we have kids , we were married, twins Tee and you left me" I wanted to talk but I decided against it. Skylar"Will you leave again Tee?" I told him "no" , I could see he was really hurt. Skylar"I am not ready to let you but the house at the Hamptons is empty, the twins can leave with you and I take them every weekend" I didn't expect an award for returning but a seperation? that I never anticipated. Me"No!" he looked at me and laughed. Me"No! I was a coward, I ran when things got serious but I love you babe!for once I love myself too, enough to love you and the twins. I was hallow,I was living but not alive and those months away made me realize how much I loved you" Lelethu was clinging to me like a new born. Me"I hurt you fine but don't punish yourself over my stupidity " he shrugged. Skylar"Nice speech, Flora is at the house and I'll tell the driver to pick you up. Don't drag my friends into our marital issues, I'll leave Lethu here because she seems to feel your love" I wont lie I cried more than I have ever cried. Me"Skylar please don't leave me!" I moved Lethu to the side and ran to Skylar. Skylar"I can't do this again Tee" that was it, he left me. I cried the whole night with Lelethu sleeping next to me, when Kopano returned I heard shouting and knew Skylar was angry at him.

4 months later
To say things have been weird would be an understatement, Skylar and I were just drifting apart. I was on the verge of giving up on my marriage but something stopped me, maybe the thought of my kids growing up without both parents or the thought of Blair turning out to be like me. He was coming to fetch the kids, I had the Flora and the nannies help me out. He arrived and we were having a picnic, at least I was. Skylar"Should I wait inside?" Blaine ran to his father. Me"Join us, I promise you can leave after this" we sat on the grass . Me"Relax" he chuckled. Skylar"You look happy" I was. Me"I am" we shared a moment. Me"I miss you" I went in for a kiss. Skylar"No Tee, we combined by our kids and that's all" I smiled. Me"I want you back, I need you back" he smiled, I took his hand. Skylar"You not giving up" I nodded. "You want to know why I want you back?" he nodded. "You were there when I had no direction, when loving me was toxic, you were there when I needed saving. I love you and I will wait for you, even if waiting means watching you love another woman." I shrugged. "No don't love anyone else but me, I hate how you make me nervous and how I say all the wrong things! You make me a better person and I love you" he looked at me. Me"I wont give up on you" his eyes glued to mine. Skylar"I came here to tell you, I can't be with you" he smiled and I knew he would come around. Me"Then you shouldn't have wore those jeans" we both laughed Blaine giggled along. Me"I love you" he kissed me . Skylar" I love you too" I reached for my phone and played, 'Glen_ fall inlove again' he laughed again. Skylar"You just had to play that song" I smiled at him. Me"Allow me, plus maid in manhattan was our movie"

Maybe happy endings do exist when give the chance, maybe it takes having to lose yourself in the mist or dying to actually realize. All the things that you think are important are not and maybe if you stopped worrying so much, you might realize "You are stronger than you think"

The end *

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Friendship and other things Chapter 69

Chapter 69

I remember this one time, it was my birthday and Luyanda bought me a book a series of Sweet Valley high books. Trust me I cherished those books, yet never once had I read them. Not because I didn't want too, trust me I did want to read them but I was never interested in them. I liked them but not enough to actually read them, he thought I wanted to read them because I claimed to like them. Weird part, I still have all of the books in good condition, why? Because those books are the reminder of my first death. 

May 2000/ friday after school( my thoughts on the plane)
We were sitting on a 3 seat before the seat of the bus, it was Khanya Luyanda Bulumko and I. I sat on top of Luyanda because the bus was packed, the other two were deep in conversion planning matric dance outfits. Luyanda had still not asked me, but we were just friends although I wanted more. Luyanda"I want to ask Elihle to the dance qha ndoyika,that girl makes me nervous Tee" how come I didn't make him nervous? We have kissed before, hell we acted like a couple most of the time. We got off eNtshekisa , he suggested we chill at his place when we got there mamakhe bengekho. Luyanda"You can chill e roomini, I have to switch off the alarm " I nodded . he came in after a while and asked what I wanted to eat, I told him I wasn't hungry and Lord knows I was starved. Why do girls torture themselves, 90% of us decline food from our partners the first few weeks. Luyanda "hahaha okay" he went out again and came back with food. Me"Told you ndihluthi" he said I should eat anyway. Luyanda "Just eat, woman" we ate while making small talk, I excused myself. 

I laughed a little at how aneroxia controlled my life for years, my parents were so blind or ignorant, Luyanda tried to help but failed and Kopano didn't attempt he just saved me from myself. I will always be grateful to Kopano for reaching out to me, although we had the worst ending. Anyway I went to throw up, and washed my mouth. Luyanda "Thought you ran away from me" I smiled and we started kissing, next thing I know he was reaching for a condom. Me"I am not ready" I really wasn't, I imagined my first time with someone who loved me. Luyanda may have loved me but not the way I wanted him too, I needed him to see me the way he saw some girls. Luyanda"I just thought you wanted it, you and I are the only virgins in grade 12" I sucked at fighting for something I believe in. Me"Are you mad at me?" he smiled me. Luyanda"no I love you way too much for that" I was naive and unloved, I was stupid then hence over the years I changed the story. Me"I want us to do it" Luyanda"It will ruin our friendship" I smiled. Me"We are bigger than sex, we just helping each other" we agreed and through our sloppy mistakes we finally got it right. You see with sex its a coin flip, you wish to get tales and instead you receive heads. Does that make sense? with sex there will never be two winners, especially with virginity something so pure should be cherished but people don't know this. When I got home, I cried my lungs out I felt so dirty because I wasn't ready and my mind haunted me! I realized how worthless I was then, I couldn't even protect my own virginity! The weird part Luyanda never asked me "Are you sure" I wanted those words! I needed them so much it hurts to know I was not worthy of 3 words!. "water mam'? " the flight attendant interrupted my thoughts. Me"No thank you" I wiped my tears DRIFTED BACK TO MY THOUGHTS. if that was not enough we started having sex on the regular, Luyanda started dating Elihle and was chowing me on the side. I think it was after we got our matric results, Luyanda had decided on Rhodes and I was accepted at UCT and Wits but I took Wits because it was further. We were sitting outside Khanya's house, we were drinking but nothing heavy . Me"We should cherish the days we have" planned our 31st december, funny how when that came we were already separated as a group. With Luyanda focused on Elihle, Bulumko was dating Khanya and I was longing for Luyanda. 

Varsity came and our first march break I went home with the hopes of seeing Luyanda, We hung out and I was still the best friend although one weird night. We were kissing and fiddling as usual, we got hot and heavy. Me"I have a boyfriend, and I don't want to ruin it" he laid next to me. Luyanda "ngoku ufuna uthini?" I kept quiet. Luyanda" I have a feeling you want us to date, my biggest fear is if we date we wont work out and our friendship will fail. I love our friendship Tee, but if you want us to date then we will" Luyanda was obvious why was I so blind kengoku? Why would I be that desperate for love? I left Rorisang for Jabu, I then dumped Jabu for Tau and Tau for Luyanda who later got replaced by Kopano to only leave Kopano for his best friend. As Thandiwe Morris I slept with 5 men and Beauty I slept with 20 men but weird how I am not ashamed nor do I pity myself for paying off my fees with prostitution, my biggest pity goes to my parents I feel sorry for them. They missed out on getting to know me, getting to raise an amazing woman and yes regardless of my mistakes I grew up to be amazing. I have everything I have ever wanted, Wealth, Friendship and now I need my family.

Self love :)

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Friendship and other things Chapter 68

Chapter 68

I can spot a liar from far, I think its one of those things 'it takes one to know one' I could smile and laugh with you while I know every well that you're lying to me. I think I do that to check your intentions, there are two sides to every lie anyway. Its either you're lying to protect or lying to benefit, trust the two can be confusing but after what is said after the lie determines their intentions.

Me"Oh? But Skylar and I went to Nina's wedding last fall while I was pregnant with the twins, I guess they were lucky enough to have failed unions" I got up and poured myself a glass of wine, I didn't offer Bells wine he wasn't worthy of my alcohol. Me"I have to be in North riding today, someone bought the house!" He was searching for a reaction in eyes but just like house wives I had a poker face. Me"I'll drive behind you" Bells"Lets take the same car" I smiled. Me"Babe I have to return here remember? So I will need my car" he laughed. Bells"Petrol wasted but akhonto" I shrugged. Me"Hayke, babe let me clean up quickly and then do me, but I have food in the fridge " I didn't even wait for him to answer, I just went straight to my room. I called Jabu his phone went straight to voice mail, I called Songezo and if bendim buzzer would have failed.
Songezo"Skank!" I laughed . Me"Beni bone uKopano?" Songezo"Phi baby? Kopano doesn't even talk to us but Jabu, and gqibele kudala no Jabu lowo" oh yet Bells came all this way to tell me about Skylar. Me"Nanku Bells apha" he kept quiet. Me"Bhabha" he sighed. Songezo"Thandiwe uyandazi, I told nangoku ufika I don't condone what you did and Thabang nam decided to ubhekela kancinci, I told Bells to say sorry for telling Skylar buno Jabu." but Bells? . Me"Akhonto babe, just wanted to clear the air. Uyi fumene message yam?" but why would Bells want to hurt me?. Songezo"I managed to book eya e LAX, you'll fly out to New York from there" omg! that was going to take a life time. Me"Maximum of 20 hours if not more, but my kids are worth it" we kept quiet. Me"Enkosi tshomi, I'll be forever grateful kuwe no Thabang." he laughed voice filled with glee. Songezo"Anytime kalok baby wam, We will meet you eAirport" we spoke some more, we decided on drinks before I depart. Songezo"Bells?" Me"Bells who?" I am not the type to extend a feud, I just write you off. I took a quick bath and laughed at how all my bags were already in my car, I just needed to pack away the jogging clothes and toiletries. I wore blue torn jeans with a white vest and nude red bottoms, I decided to wear a hat and shades. Me"Bells ndaphuma" we walked out together, he got in his car and I got in mine. I decided to drive straight and stopped twice to pee, music blasting my speakers with The Script music. I got a text from Jabu 'Babe get here already its been 4 hours, we in Kempton Park" I was enjoying driving so much because when I finally got to Kempton park I took the longer route to get to Thabang's place. 

There is something about friendship that makes you feel whole, like nothing could ever go wrong. I could have got angry at everyone for Bells trying to control my life but instead, my realest showed me friendships knows no betrayal. At the Airport we were all in tears, we stood there like emotional teenagers. Me"This reminds me of Varsity, I love you guys" after those words, it felt like we were in Braam again. Jabu"You will always have a home here" we hugged. Thabang"Thank you for teaching me the meaning of friendship" we shared a kiss. Songezo"I want to visit you soon! teach my babies friendship is everything" we all shared a hug. Me"Love you guys"


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Friendship and other things Chapter 67

Chapter 67

I never say this often and I doubt I would really admit it out loud but Mpumalanga is beautiful! Something about that place that could make you write a bookand finish it on the same day. I had been stayimg in Vaalbank for 3 straight months, isolated from everything and everyone and trust me I didn't mind. My friends and I would occasionally Skype but that too was a drag, I was happy though at least I felt happy. Wait how do you define happiness again? I just want to know if we talking about the same thing or lets just say I felt less empty lately. I won't lie not a day went by without me thinking about my children, Skylar whom I claimed to have forgotten. I may have been content but I still felt the gap they left, I sometimes stop myself from making that call although its hard.

I was sitting next to the fire place reading a Sidney Sheldon novel, it was really cold. I kept on looking at my phone, pretending not to want to call had to be the most difficult this but I decided to call. Me"You're stupid" the phone rang. "Hey" I kept quiet trying to gain strength. "Hey" Me"Uhm hey" Nate"Tee?" I nodded like he could see me. Nate"Tee?" Me"How is he? how are they? are they healthy? is Blaine looking after Blair? they turning 7 next month" Nate"I can't tell you those things Tee" Me"Pls Nate" Me"Tell him I am getting better,he will know what I mean" I giggled. Nate"he moved on" dropped the phone without hesitation. wait he moved on? with who? so quick? but Nate is going thro

I wanted to Souped him but nah that was too complicated, he could easily reject my call. I sat on the floor trying to figure out my next move but I really had no ideas, I was out of ideas. How could I be out of ideas! No! I cant give up now, I went straight to the house phone and dialed 646 my palms were sweating and Lord knows he could pick up. What I hate with international calls it always feels like the dialing is longer than usual, I don't know why but my head wanted me to hang up "Bremer residents hello " Me"Hello is Mr Bremner there?" Lady"Thandi? its me Sarah " yhooo I wanted to die but my hand didn't let me put down the phone. Me"Yea, Is Skylar there?" Sarah"Yes they are in a meeting though, how is rehabilitation? Thandi he needs you to get better and your children need you too" Me"Rehab Uhm can I talk to them?" the line went quiet for sometime. "Dada " I just wanted to die, I think I was on speaker because I could hear the noise. Me"Hello" I could hear small giggles. Sarah "Say hello to mommy " they repeatedly kept on saying "nana and dada " I dropped the phone. Me"You're an idiot" but why would Sarah think I am in rehab? didn't Skylar tell them I left? or was he still hoping I'd come back? . I had all the right questions but no one to answer them,I was even questioning my own intentions towards my family . 

Sarah was watching Barney with her grandchildren, she was deep in thought about that call something was off. She rushed straight to the study with Blaine crawling right behind her, while Blair watched Barney with no care of her brother. Skylar"Mom we are busy" Sarah "Your father isn't suppose to be working" Mr Bremner just ignored the two and carried on working. Sarah"Thandi just called " Skylar looked at her with tears in his eyes, confused at why he was even crying for someone who left them for freedom or whatever she was seeking. Sarah"Tell me what happened" he stood up to pour himself a stiff one. Skylar "Its been Thandi and I mother" Sarah"She needs you Skylar" He ignored her. "Just call her back please " Skylar"What did she say" Sarah was left with two options admit Thandi just wanted her kids more than their father, or mend her son broken heart with lies. Sarah"She just said, She needs you now more than ever" She walked out after that telling the lie that could save them or keep apart. Skylar"She left me without any hesitation, Without a proper explanation. What would you do if you were me?" that question was difficult but the answer was clear as daylight. Mr Bremner"I would do it for my children" Skylar"You think she will come back" Mr Bremner"No but you need to remind her why she should"

The next morning I went for a jog, felt good to clear my mind with rock music blasting on my ears. I arrived at home and I saw Bells car parked on my drive way, I wasn't even expecting him. Me"Hey surprise" we both laughed. Bells "You look fresh" I twirled for him. Me"I wanted to a trip to Gods window before I leave for Soweto" Bells "Jabu invited you to the braai?" Me"No I wanted him to take me to the airport, I was planning to drive up later today " You could tell Bells was shocked. Bells"uyaphi?" Me"Hopefully New York, but depends if i get a flight" Bells"Papers sorted?" Me"Ewe , yinto ngathi awufuni ndihambe?" Bells"Akhonto but Skylar is back with Nina, Kopano told Jabu. hlala Thandiwe "

other things

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Friendship and other things Chapter 66

Chapter 66

If I could be given the opportunity to take one part of my past and erase it, I think well I know what I would take but what I chose scares me. I would go back to the day my mother gave birth to me, I would die or get stuck in her pelvis or whatever that kills babies. I don't I deserve to be alive,I stand for everything God hates about humans or at least what we have been told God is against. I always I say I died the day I was born, Does that make sense? I never became whole I don't remember laughing the way others do, I don't define happiness the way I should. I am hallow, I don't think am worthy of life or children. I am too dead, wait let me explain why I say that what led me to this.

A week ago*
I was on the phone with Sive, tomorrow my life and pictures will be on every sunday News publication and we would on our way to New York. Sive"I am proud of you" Me"That doesn't mean anything to me, I know you'll benefit from his fall too" Sive"Tee I am not a monster" Me"No monster has ever admitted to being one" We were at O.R Tambo waiting for our flight. Me"Don't call me again" I dropped the phone. Skylar"You're scaring me" Me"You're are too sweet" we kissed. Skylar"Thandi I am not an idiot" Me"I know" Skylar"Then whats with the private calls? your brother not attending the family event? Kaymo being your sister? Why can't you just talk?" Me"We are talking" Skylar"No Tee, I am talking you're just pretending to listen" I ignored his comment. Skylar "You're making us a duty and not a priority" that was true and I wasn't about to argue, on our way to New York he was on his phone work stuff. I was on my laptop looking at updates but nothing except those articles that make you want to buy the newspaper. We were media so I wasn't shocked when Bells sent me an email about the article, I just replied 'Can you guys be at Vaalbank on friday , the keys are with Jabu" I bought a house there after Tau and I officially broke up well when wait when I left him, I won't say ran away. The next day we arrived in New York at 22:45pm, Skylar has to leave for Washington . Me"I love you" we kissed and then I just gave him the biggest hug ever. Me"I am sorry for hurting you Skylar and I mean That, you don't deserve this" he smiled. Skylar"Babe I love you too, Tee should I be worried?" I kissed him. Me"You're too perfect " we got into the car and Skylar went to wait for a flight out to Washington. When we got to the apartment and the nannies took the kids to their nursery, I called booked myself a ticket to SA and I packed my things all of them from shoes to underwear to weaves. No trace of me was left at that place, I looked at the time 9:53 I hadn't slept and I didn't really mind I took out a note pad to write Skylar a letter.

Dear Skylar
I know I am a coward but I was born by one, so its probably genetic. I can't love you when I don't even know how to love myself, I am so empty it hurts not to feel anything. I don't want you to wake up one day and regret being with me, I dontwant my curse to burden my twins. I may not know love but I felt safe with you, please do me a favour. Never mention me to them, tell them I died while giving birth because that's how I have always felt. In your study you'll find divorce papers, I signed everything over to you. Thank you. p.s I am sorry

I went to kiss my twins and took a picture of them, I was in tears overwhelmed by my decision. I didn't even feel bad for leaving my kids behind, I hated myself so much for that. I didn't even bath, My flight was for 16:15 the staf helped with the bags and we left. Driver"Where too Mam'" Me"Jfk" I was crying like a mad man, but I wasn't about to change my mind. Every decision has a reason and mine was simple, I was meant to be alone. I slept with my brother more than once, my mother hated me, Luyanda left me, Kopano never fought for me and Skylar was never for me. Maybe my dreams were signs that I ignored or maybe I don't know but whatever it was my decision was final. On the plane the flight attendant kept on asking me if I was 'okay' so I decided to take a little nap.

OR Tambo was welcoming as always, I was beyond the word 'jet legged' I was drained. Flight from NYC to Johannesburg is plus minus 24 hours , I switched on my phone and I cried at the first text that came in 'Please come back' I hate myself for this one but pride wouldn't let me back down. "Thandiwe " I quickly wiped my tears but Jabu just held me too tight, I needed that hug. Jabu"Calm down" I just held on to him, we stood there until I stopped crying. We bought snacks for the road, I promised Jabu I will calm down. Jabu"Running away?" Me"Yea" Jabu"You'll regret it" I laughed. Me"I know" I played with my twins socks, I silently cried watching the road. Kept on falling asleep and waking up, "is he in jail" Jabu"Yes, his wife took off her clothes at some press conference they held for damage control " Me"Nambitha" Jabu"Yea, she had burn marks along with whip scars and to make it weird she hung herself later that day" I was astonished. Me"You're lying" that was all I could say. Jabu"Sunday and Monday were weird as hell for everyone in the country " Me"I am lost for words" How could Nambitha do that! How could she take her life! How could she be so stupid!. When you travel you pass those empty fields,you see your life flashing through your eyes and your innocence disappear.

Jabu"Tee wake up" Jabu"Babe" I opened my eyes. Me"You're too sweet" we went inside and everyone was already there, Bells Songezo and Thabang. Me"Ey" We hugged. Me"I need to bath" I could see they were shocked . Me"Thank you for being here" Bells "Friends do that"

I died the day my mother gave birth to me, the day I let men pay for sex, the day I had sex for a job, but I think I dug my grave the minute I left my twins but that's who I am. A coward, liar,mistake, unwanted,rape victim and a lonely Person. I guess my name is an irony "Thandiwe" hahaha, but who cares? I have me and at the end of the day I matter more. Me"Life goes on" I laughed at myself. Bells "Tee, we are waiting for you" Me"Okay" I stood up and looked myself in the mirror. Me"Who are you?" I never got to ask myself that question, maybe alot could have changed if I knew me. Me"You're a lost soul" I went back to my friends and the tears were gone, twins forgotten, Skylar put on hold. Bells"Welcome back" Me"Feels good to be back"


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Friendship and other things Chapter 65

Chapter 65

I remember this day like it was yesterday, my knee was stuck between the floor it was of wood. I think I was still 8, my father left me home without anyone to look after me but that's besides the point. Long story short I screamed my lungs out, until screaming and crying wasn't enough. I pulled my knee out so hard parts of the wood got in, I limped to estratweni and stopped the first car I saw to help me. Point is I have always depended on myself to do things for myself, Tau may be my brother but he isn't me and me matters more than anyone else.

Nambitha was in bed with Nate, they just had intercourse. Nate"You're quite sexy" Nambitha"You're falling inlove with damaged goods sir and I advice you not too" Its like that with them, cat and mouse that is. Nate"okay then let me use you for sex" Nambitha was taken back by what he said. Nate"You love complicating life" he went on top of her . Nate"I have business today, so I have to shower and leave you" Nambitha"Okay" they kissed. Nambitha"I might join you" she spanked his behind. Skylar"You're too naughty" Nambitha reached for her laptop, to check her email the one from Thandiwe immediately caught her eye. Nambitha"Thank you God" Tears were already on her cheeks, She reached for her phone to call her mother. Nambitha"Mama" She told her mother everything Thandiwe just sent her and what Thandiwe wanted them do. Mamakhe"He is the father of your child, noba wankenza ntoni Nana kodwa uAbonga will not grow up without a father" Nambitha"Ukhona Nate mama and uyandithanda" Mamakhe"Yakuthanda? akhona mnye umntu omithisa umntu otshatileyo! uzaba ngu monganeli la Tau! " Nambitha"Mam ..." Mamakhe"Rha ude ukhalele ubethwa! angakunyela base busweni for all I care and ndithe kuwe buyela kumyeni wakho or someone will replace you and ungumkanja wena, you cant afford that. You'll be left alone with a white man baby and no home because awubuyi kwam" Nambitha was just shocked, how could money make people so heart less? Abonga would need her to get a job, all she has is that degree with Tau as an enemy might as well forget it. Nate"Why were you crying" Nambitha"I miss my son" Nate"I would love to have a child but ey" awkward silence. Nate"funny how when you were pregnant I thought the baby was mine, hahaha but yeah you should go see him" Funny.

At the Morris house tension was on the roof, Yanga openly telling his father to go straight to hell. Me"Yanga" Yanga"I am not in the mood Thandiwe" Me" I know you angry" Yanga"did we not witness that guy beat you up in Varsity? I saw the bruises Tee, I hated how you depended on that guy" Me"yiyeke" Yanga"does tata know?" Me"No" Yanga" I won't sit here and play happy family, nothing confuses me than you being calm" My phone beeped it was a text from Nambitha 'I too scared but I will get you my hospital file but I can't help you" my heart sinked . Me"Excuse me" Yanga"Ndahamba mna, visit before you go back to New York" we hugged. I went to call Sive, I knew he still had the same number. I just prayed he could help me because I was too desperate, he wanted evidence and that wasn't even an issue. I told him to only get the article out, when I go back to New York. I didn't care what would happen to him really, I wanted him to know humiliation and pain. He needed to be humbled, at this point I felt it was my duty . Sive"Are you sure" Me"Yes, I trust you to give this to a vicious person" Sive"Thandiwe trust me" Me"I would rather not, anyway thank you I will call before I leave" I was trembling with fear, what was I doing? was I even sure? what about my father? I was overwhelmed with emotion. Tau"Little sister"

I jumped up because I was in deep thought and I hate people who sneak up. Tau"I won't hurt you! relax" I laughed. Me"You don't scare me" Tau"But I should" he grabbed my arm and sprained my arm. Tau"Still not scared" Me"Mmmm nope" I was in pain though. Tau"Stay away from my wife, or I will kill you myself and deliver your head to your husband"

Yea I was scared

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Friendship and other things Chapter 64

Chapter 64

I don't like liars probably because I am one but liars disgust me. Especially old people who lie, I just always imagined old people without secrets but then again what was I smoking to think that?. 

Me"I need to vomit" I walked straight to the bathroom and went down on my knees, just the thought of Tau and I sleeping together gave me enough nausea to throw up. Dude I fucked my brother, he raped me but I dated my brother. Dad"Thandiwe" I ignored him, was too caught up in what I was doing. Dad"Thandiwe umithi?" Out of all the things this man could think of, pregnancy came to mind first. Dad"Brother wakho ufuna uthetha nawe" I wanted this nightmare to end. Me"Yanga?" Dad"Tau" I stood up to brush my teeth and wash my face.

Tau was sitting on the edge of my old bed with his head between his legs. Me"Hey" Tau"Past aside " I laughed at that statement. Me"We forget? " Tau"We pretend for a few minutes" Me"I can't " Tau"You look happy" Me"I am" Tau"So am I, for once I have a family and they don't know me. Well they know me but not the Tau you know" Me"I need you to answer something for me" Tau"please don't ask me why" Me"That's all I want to know" Tau" I needed you to be mine, I don't know Thandi but I loved you" Me"love? " Tau"You could have left Tee but you chose to stay! I told you to leave me once too many times but you said you couldn't " Me"I was in love with the pain" Tau" I loved you Tee" Me"You didn't, you just loved having a toy" Tau"You loved the popularity" Me"You made me feel worthy of love, something I have never had growing up" Tau"I felt that way too" Me"You ruined me for me though while we were trying to make me feel worthy" we both laughed. Me"You know whats weird, I want to hate you. But I cannot get my anger to show, I think I really forgave" I laughed. "I was scared of you, I cringed at the thought of you but now I feel sorry for you" Tau"I fucked up ne?" Me"You did" Tau"I am sorry" Me"I may have forgiven but I will never forget, I hate you it scares me how much of a hold you have on me. I am scared for my children because I think you'll kill them or take them away from me" Tau"No you're afraid your children will find out who you really are, and they want to see you again" that hit home a little but I needed to stand up for myself . Me"I won't tell my father about our past but stay away from me" He stood up and came towards me "no sex is better than incest sex, ask me " he laughed so hard. Tau"I am always ten steps ahead, little sister now remember you promised to keep our secret from dad" I was in tears. Tau"Just like old times" He walked out and closed the door .

Getting angry was too useless and I had to fight for myself, mainly for my children. I called Nambitha but she didn't pick up so i sent her something I never thought I would use. "Those are my Xrays from my relationship with Tau, and my rape report. We can't let him win, together we can punish him and make sure he rots in jail. Reply"


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Friendship and other things Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Me"Skylar" he smiled at me, my heart warmed up all the possibilities or presence of fear and self doubt crept away. That effect your man has on you, that 'I got your back even when the going gets tough and I love you sort of effect' I decided to put my phone away. Me"Remind me to buy 1818 and brady" Skylar"You're not allowed to drink" Me"Not for me, babe please remind me" we got home inpeace, without Blaine crying nothing he seemed calmer. Maybe that whole a mother bond with a child does extend to emotions too.

Next morning we got ready for PE, Blaine was quiet than usual he just disconnected. Usually he would be crying sucking his thumb but my son never chills and keep quiet. Me"uyagula kakho" as if he would answer me, but ey it was worth a try. Me"Undezela iworry Lutho" he was staring at me, was he thirsty like everyone around me I decided to feed him. Skylar" the jet is waiting" I wasn't really in the mood for PE but ey, I had this new found theory about family values and I couldn't preach until I put it into practice. Me"Where will the nannies stay?" Skylar "We all staying in a hotel babe" Me"Okay but I think we should do the whole parenting thing without extra hands" the way he looked at me, I swear to God the whole plane could have crashed if looks could kill. Me"Just for the weekend" Skylar"Okay" I told him to wake me up when we arrive. 

At some stage friendships end, not forever but they do eventually crack. See with Bells, Thandi,Thabang, Songezo and Jabu they had the bond of siblings but just like siblings one was always easily replaced by an outsider. Bells"Thank God Thandi canceled that braai, wasn't even in the mood" Jabu"That's a bit hursh, their kid was sick" Bells"With Thandiwe kuhlala kukho some drama" Jabu"Oh? " Bells"Lately I prefer Kamohelo, she has her shit together never man drama or family scandals" Jabu"Did you fight with Tee? what you are saying is nothing like you" Bells "She left us Jabs, life goes on" Jabu"She got married Bells, like you did and she was happy for you!" Bells"I didn't leave! she left" Jabu"Skylar is American " Bells"Whatever" see the thing about jealousy, its never clear always shadowed by smiles . See Bells loved it when Thandiwe depend on him for happiness now with Skylar he felt unwanted and that made him envy Thandiwe.

We arrived in PE and dropped off the nannies, going straight to my house. We arrived aunts and my uncle were there, everyone admiring my babies. Me"Uphi tata" Dabawo"bayothenga inkomo" Me"Yanga akatsho kukho usebenzi" Dabawo"Tjo Thandiwe, Yanga umkile apha" she explained how Yanga and my father fought but didn't go into detail why. "Aunty " I turned around and looked at Kamo confused as hell. Me"What are you doing here? " Dabawo"ngu sister wakho" I just vomited in my mouth without even hearing the how and when or why.

I slept with my brother

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Friendship and other things Chapter 62

Chapter 62

The Morris family have been on their toes, arrangements for their new children Tau and Kamohelo. From imbeleko to intambo yekhaya, to introducing the two kwi ancestors but mostly showing off their new prized possession Minister Segemolo and people from New bright were ever so thrilled to host 'unyana wolahloko' as labeled by the locals. Although the atmosphere was warm and everyone was happy some people were a bit off, you know secrets or as zulu people say 'unembeze' has a way of boiling your blood, guilty by association in Kamohelo's case. Tau was guilty beyond the definition of that word, however this you couldn't be bias about remember to ever story there are two sides. Kamo interrupted her brother thoughts "can we talk" Tau"Yeah" Kamo"I know.." Tau"You don't though, I fucked up! and she is my sister" He immediately started crying, a first sight to Kamo but a sad one to look at. Tau"You don't understand how much I ruined Thandiwe, I made it a mission to make her hate herself! She has lost alot because of me! Kamo we are celebrating our return home and that will be hell for her" Kamo"It wasn't your fault, you had your own demons! I know you, you are my brother you wouldn't hurt a fly " Tau"no instead I beat women up! look at Nambitha, she cant even wear a vest because of me! Don't lie because I am your brother" Kamo"You screwed up yes but she moved on" Tau" if I could tell you about my relationship with Thandi, you would run away" She the thing about the guilt, it can only be ignored so much until it eats your soul, it kills you when you don't expect it. With Tau all he ever wanted was to be loved, nope the only thing standing between him and that happiness is Thandiwe which is quite ironic because he was always the cause of Thandi's pain.

Thandiwe, Skylar along with LithaLethu aka Blair and Blaine had just landed at O.R Tambourine with the twins being 4 months old they were even worse than before. Although Thandi enjoyed every moment with her babies they were honestly a handful, with Skylar always being away things did get a little had at times but thank God for their nannies. Skylar"We should stay in Morningside today, then travel tomorrow to PE" Me"Yea plus I am worried about Litha, this heat rash seems to be spreading" Skylar"Call Jabu, to look at it" Me"He is not a pediatrician" he side eyed me, I decided to pretend like I didn't see him. Skylar"He is still your friend right?" Me"Yes" Skylar"Oh? then tell them you're in town, so they could meet the twins" I knew he was testing me but ey I wasn't about to give in. Me"Okay, I'll text them" When we arrived at the house , everything was still the same well obviously but you know what I mean. As if we were not jet legged enough Skylar was already on his way out to buy food for the braai, I decided to bath my babies and fed them but they were both screaming and crying. I don't know if Blaine was influencing his sister but either way they were loud , the nannies and I were running around like headless chickens. Blaine was warming up and that frightened me alot, see I have been a mother for four months meaning my knowledge was limited. Google and the nannies helped but when Google said change of climate can influence a baby's mood but this was a bitch fit yhoo!. I think I died inside when my son started vomiting, I felt so useless at that moment we took off his clothes but he was getting those inbetween vomit heavy gasps. I couldn't wait for an ambulance while watching my son fade away with whatever he had, I left with one of the nannies Lelethu. In the car my son was getting worse by the minute, I couldn't even focus on driving but thank God Mediclinic wasnt far from us. We waited while the nurse attend to him, my head was spinning no lies. Somehow I dozed off while waiting.

Everyone was in black sitting around our Manhattan apartment, they looked sad but whatever was being told cheered a few up. Ontop of Bells lap sat a child with beautiful brown curly hair and grey/green eyes alot like a Lelethu in the future, a boy sitting on top of Nate looking alot like the kid on Bells lap. Sarah"Thandi would have loved to see her children grow up, Blaine look after your sister okay" wait where was I? , I felt so empty and cold dehydrated too. Nate took the little boy to our main bedroom so I followed them, but when we got there I was in my parents bedroom and 18 year old me was packing her bags because tomorrow she was leaving for Johannesburg. Tata"Thandi awuphinde uphelele mntanan" Me"Njani? " Tata"Johannesburg will be the death of you, the minute you step out of that train you're no longer pure but you will be populated" I laughed at me. Tata"xolo baba wam" I looked at my father hugging 18 year old me. Me"Tata" my mother yanked my arm. Mom"Thandi ndinxaniwe" I looked at her with disgusted eyes. Mom"Thandiwe mna no makhulu sinxaniwe" Me"Okay" Mom"uyabizwa Mamtshawe" 

I opened my eyes and looked around me, I looked around me and stood up because I needed water. Skylar"You woke up finally" Me"Yes, uhm where is Blaine? " Skylar"They keeping him for over night observation" Me"Babe has my father called?" Skylar"No" Me"I need water" Skylar"babe you just drank two glasses" Me"My throat is dry and I am dehydrated, I want to go" Skylar"Tee are you fine?" Me"I need to be in PE, something is wrong" I knew he wouldn't understand but my dreams were not making sense. Me"I need to speak to my father" he managed to convince the doctor to let Blaine get discharged. We left for our place in the car my phone rang but I ignored it, was still trying to figure out what that dream was about and why was I always dead in my dreams. Skylar"You have a text" I took my phone and read it.

"I am sorry for ruining your life"

Tau :/

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Friendship and other things Chapter 61

Chapter 61

I woke up the next morning, Skylar wasn't in bed and I wasn't really phased trust me. I would throw a part if he left for his business trips, the comment he made yesterday threw me off but I swallowed and moved on. I took a shower, I wore my sexiest lingerie with an oversized shirt. I went to check on my babies, who were fast asleep I pumped and gave Flora the milk. Me"Is Skylar home" Flora"Yes Mam'" I needed to teach Skylar a lesson while fixing our problems , bedroom hair to set the tone and purple lipstick for dramatic effect. I walked pass him without greeting, I could feel his eyes behind me and that motivated me to flourish even more.

I took a banana and went to sit next to him, he was watching CNN. Me"Can I watch 90210" he was staring at me. Me"Husband "wasn't about to say babe or honey. Skylar"Yea" not what I was expecting but I was not up to break the ice. Skylar"Where is the rest of your outfit?" men are predictable as hell, but I wanted to make him beg for my attention first . Me"I have a few friends to visit, I'll put on shorts after this episode" Skylar"What friends?" I ignored him. Skylar "Tee" Me"I am trying to watch tv" he got up and came back after a few minutes. Skylar"You're having an affair?" I ignored him again. Skylar"Whats with you Tee!" Me"Me? probably money it changed me after all" Skylar"I am sorry" Me"For what?" he was annoyed as hell. Me"You begged me to start going out and when I do, you want me home" Skylar "You were not home after 12! I am all for you going out but babe don't get home late" Me"Okay" Skylar"Where are you going?" Me"I told you" Skylar"Cancel those plans, I am home " Me"No thanx, if you don't mind can we focus on what am watching" He grabbed my legs and threw them on the couch, he parted my legs. Me"No" I pushed him with my feet . Skylar"Okay" he pulled me, holding my waist kissing me with passion and intensity. I pushed him away again, Skylar just looked at me. Me"Not in the mood" Skylar"I'll help" we looked at each other. Skylar"I want to fuck you" Me"Then do it" Marriage doesn't have to be boring, communications are essential and those once in the while teenage moments. Nothing has to change, yes there will be kids and but those are the addiction to test your love.

See in my culture there is this thing about waiting for 4 months before rocking the magic stick or so I have heard. Well I wasn't about to wait, my husband and I needed to screw right now not in the next 3 months. He shoved himself inside and I screamed with pleasure, he pulled out again making me beg for it. Me"Skylar" Skylar"Wait" he was pounding me hard then slowed down. Me"Ahhh " I didn't know what to do with my hands. we fell to the floor, I decided to be ontop I rode him cowgirl . Felt so amazing having sex again but aside from sex just having Skylar home. Our marriage was not easy but he was worth it, I loved this guy to the core and I wasn't to lose him. 

After sex we laid on the floor with my head on his heart and him playing with my hair. Me"You hurt me yesterday, but I noticed something about you that I hate or scares me. You love it when I depend on you but baby you forget, I also have my own money" Skylar"Its not about money, I just don't want you to change for me. I worry that one day you will wake up and realize you don't love me, I will be stuck here alone and visiting my kids on weekends" I kept quiet "Or worse, you realize you love KP and regret us. I think about those things everyday " Me"I love you, not him" Skylar"But you loved him" Me"Loved, I have a beautiful family and I love you" 

together :)
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Friendship and other things Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Manhattan I call it the land of the shallow, anyone who has watched the Devils advocate would have an idea of what am talking about. Money mattered more than anything, designer clothes were their daily bread and obviously plastic surgery . I missed my friends more than anything, I missed speaking Xhosa I swear to God when you overseas you miss the craziest things about home. 

Sarah"Thandi, get dressed I want you to meet the ladies at an art exhibition" I studied art and fashion design part time, along with Public Relations so I knew alot about art and I can safely say if things were different I could have owned a contemporary gallery . Me"I have to breast feed" She looked at me like I just committed a crime. Sarah"Lord no! You do that? I was even surprised you gave birth naturally" Am I the only person who did that willingly?. Me"Yes I had no desire to cut my stomach open" Sarah"Darling aa your friend and mother inlaw, I think I should take you to heaven" We are friends? Yhooo I didn't even know. I decided to pump for milk, she looked at me like I was killing a cow. I took a shower, wore black pants Mr price has nice chino pants with a white blouse and black Sissy boy studded heels, I decided on Michael Kors for my bag with a black and white hat. I looked like one of them especially with my black Chanel shade, although I looked good. Sarah"You look so ravishing, you remind me of a young me" I laughed, kissing my babies who I didn't feel comfortable leaving behind. We hailed a cab and left for Manhattan art gallery, when we got there it was packed with the industries great. Photographs that told a million stories without saying a word, although their price tags said alot. We bought some paintings, while I bought a few photographs. Erin"Fancy seeing you here" Me"I was dragged here" Sarah"hahaha I am about to drag her to Dr Blatt" Me"Who?" Erin"Only the God of Virginal surgery" Me"No not happening" Sarah"She gave birth naturally, I have to bless her with this gift" We hailed another cab, after that we went straight to the doctor. They were such regular customers the doctor knew their names, when I went in he told me "After I am done with you, you'll be tighter than a virgin" I chuckled. I booked an appointment for monday, I wanted to have time to heal before Skylar returned. We left for a party in upper Manhattan,women there had poker faces. I got to know my mother inlaw better though, she was educated graduated from Brown university then went to Harvard business school to finish her degree that's where she met Skylar's father. Me"Then I don't get why you are a house wife" She and Erin giggled. Erin"When you're born rich education is an accessory, a few of us focus on keeping our money or growing which is why marring into the right family matters more. More money more power" Sarah"We invest in our companions, I am old money and so is my husband. Together we are the greatest thing that has ever happened to New York" Me"You're too shallow for your own good" we were all laughing, I won't lie I was having fun. Skylar called so I went outside.

Me"Babe" Skylar"Where are you" I could hear kids crying in the background. Me"We in Brooklyn" Skylar"Its 00:56 Tee! You have to breastfeed" Me"Honey I pumped" Skylar"Its almost 1 o"clock" Me"You said I should start going out" Skylar"Please get home and tell mother to stop interfering in our marriage" he dropped the phone. I told my girls what was happening. Sarah"You can't take the subway at this time" Me"Skylar sent the driver" he didn't though, I had to leave before my husband gets even more angry. I called a cab while waiting outside, I laughed at how quickly I had changed. I was a New Yorker and a happy one might I add, for once in my life I was happy. 

When I got home Skylar was reading the New York post in the dark, I could sense the tension. Me"You back early" Skylar"I know, Nate told me your friends have been trying to get hold of you" Me"I have been busy" Skylar"For Bells? " I nodded ashamed. Skylar"We are leaving for friday" Me"Why?" Skylar"Bells said its in your best interest" Skylar"Get the kids vaccinate tomorrow" Me"Okay, are you mad at me?" Skylar"No just disappointed at how quickly money changed you"

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Friendship and other things Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Motherhood is enchanting , I know it has only been a week but I was enjoying myself. Challenging as those late or early morning cries were, I was always looking forward to them. Although it felt like Lelethu preferred Skylar, I loved that too because moments like those matter. Skylar was worried about me though, he thought I was deattaching from the outside world but I wasn't. I was avoiding being like my mother, I wanted to show my children I loved them at any cost. Even if it meant sleeping in their nursery until I die.

Skylar"Babe go take a shower " Me"We should buy basin babe, so I can wash here" he looked at me funny like I just farted . Me"I didn't grow up with a bathroom" Skylar" Now you have one, go use it" I chuckled. Me"Look after them" Skylar"We pay someone for that Tee, I have to go to work" Me"You going back to Manhattan?" Skylar"Yes, I have a company to run babes you know this" Me"What about us?" Skylar"Tee we don't stay here! We vacation here, we stayed longer because you.were heavily pregnant... We have our own home waiting us" Me"I want to stay" Skylar"No you cannot! My children will not stay away from me" Me"Skylar most of the time you're at work! They are my kids too" Skylar"We have a house Tee! " Me"Yes and this is it, I really don't understand what's the big deal" We went back and forth about it, until he won the fight and I noticed something Skylar can be ruthless. Skylar"The driver will pick you up tomorrow" he kissed my forehead. Skylar"We have nannies, I booked you a spar treatment at Southampton inn" I won't lie I wanted to cry, being gone from my babies wounded my heart. Think new mothers went through that separation anxiety thing, I felt like I had no say in my children's life ngathi I was an incubator for Skylar.

Bells was with the usual suspects Thabang, Songezo and Kamo they were in Kemptom Park. Kamo"I want to tell you guys something, Not sure how you'll react but promise not to tell Thandiwe" Bells"Please dont talk about your brother" Kamo"Then never mind" Thabang side eyed Bells and then nudged Kamo . Thabang"Thandiwe is occupied with motherhood" Songezo"thetha wena bhabha" Kamo poured everyone wine then downed the rest, she needed to be drunk for this one. Kamo"Thandiwe is my sister" Songezo"Hay sugeza!" the shock was quite expected. Kamo"Can you let me finish" they all were all anxious. Kamo"Not sure how, but I saw Thandi's father in a picture with Tau and I" Bells"How though, Thandiwe is older than you" Kamo"I know but when I confronted mom, she just cried" Kamo explained everything to her friends, everyone's jaw was on the floor. Bells"She won't survive this one" Thabang"which part?,aborting her rape child? being raped and abused? or the fact that all her pain was caused by her brother" Kamo was in tears because she knew hell was about to break loose and hearts were going to be broken. Songezo"I can't help but worry about how Tau will react" Bells"Or how Thandiwe will die inside again" Parents have away of ruining their children's lives without even knowning.

The next morning I woke up and took a bath, I needed to chill a little before going to the back to the land of the snakes. My children were already bathed, I hated that but I chilled because Skylar and I were already not on speaking terms. Flora"Madam the car arrived" I nodded and got out of the bath, wore my leggings with a blue maternity top and uggies. Flora"Children already in car" I nodded, went to the drive way and we left for Manhattan. I always saw how rich children complained about their parents being their nannies, I don't want that. I want to be there for everything, first day of scholars, those tennis matches, swimming lessons and all the heart breaks. The nanny life wasn't for me, I couldn't let a stranger play my role not ndikhona. When we arrived at the apartment, Skylar was on the phone with his father sitting next to him going through depositions as usual. Me"Mr Bremner" he looked up and greeted back. Me"I'll be in the nursery" he nodded. I was so irritated by being there, this being the longest fight Skylar and I ever had. Litha was crying interrupting my thoughts, I fed him and rocking him until he fell asleep. Putting him down Lelethu started crying, I just laughed and fed her too after she burped I assumed she would sleep instead she was staring at me. Me"Umbi" but she was scary beautiful, with cat green eyes that could possibly be my windows to heaven. "Can we talk" I turned around to look at him. Me"Yeah" Skylar"I have to go to Jersey for a week, but I will call every chance I get" Me"Okay" Skylar"Tee" Me"Yinto" Skylar"Don't do that" Me"What ke" Skylar"No never mind" I pushed the door before he could get out. Skylar"And then?" Me"I hate how you sideline me" Skylar"I don't, but you shutting me out" Me"How?" Skylar"What's his name?" Me"Litha" Skylar"Blaine Tee, we agreed now suddenly my kids are raised the khosa way" Akanyi perhaps. Me"Shot" Skylar "Team work Thandiwe, you shut me out like I just donated sperms" Me"Okay" Skylar"I am not going to argue with you" Me"Hamba baby, greet your girlfriend for me" He laughed. Skylar"I love you way too much to cheat, I married you knowing that I am stuck with you forever. I'll spank you tonight " he opened the door leaving me blushing like a love crazed teenager.

Skylar :)
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Friendship and other things Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Pregnancy can be amazing, well that's if you have been waiting it for too long. I loved every moment of my pregnancy, the swollen feet, the morning sickness, the FALSE alarms, cramps, the kicks and Lord did I love my babies the one on the right was naughty as hell! But I cherished such moments. Although Skylar felt left out, he would complain about the babies never kicking when he is around. 9 months and one week in things were a bit scary though but I paid no attention to it, I was chilled but my husband wasn't. Skylar was stressing about the FALSE alarms, although in the movies they were always normal.

Skylar" babe I booked you a room, mother suggested C se.." Me"No! I told you I want natural birth, I want my water to break I want to feel that whole process, labor pains" Skylar"Babe don't make me drag you to that hospital because I will" Me"You're not that tough mr! There are 3 of us and one of you" Skylar"Babe! Can you stop arguing with me and just listen" Me"Give me one week" Skylar"2 days babe" Me"4 days and 3 nights" we both laughed. Skylar"Babe I am worried about your health " Me"Skylar please don't take this away from me" Skylar"Mother said " Me"No don't do! I am married to you not your family" Skylar"Yet you make decisions alone" Me"I am sorry" he ignored me. Me"baby" Skylar"I'll run you a bath" I smiled. We took a bath together, brainstorming names. Skylar "Shane and Wayne" I looked at him. Me"Baxolile and Xolile" Skylar"Babes I cannot even say yours properly, try something else" Me"But babe this is hard" Skylar "We've know at that moment" Me"Babe I wanna fart" Skylar"Babe every day" Me"Its the twins" You know when you fart in the water, you never really sure if it was just farther or you also pee. Me"I love you" Skylar "did you pee?" I smiled. Skylar"babe you're too comfortable, you used to act like you don't even burp" Me"Hawks!! " he laughed at me. Skylar"Lets watch our wedding dvd" Me"Or we could have sex" he side eyed me. Skylar "Thandi that is not even healthy" We got out of the water and went straight to bed.

Skylar and I were watching Nikita while kissing and touching. Skylar "Cramps? " Me"yea but not that much" Skylar"Let me get the bag" Me"No chill, I'll tell you if they get worse" We cuddled watching Nikita,after that we watched Grey's Anatomy, then he fell asleep while I watched New York Giants. My cramps were quiet and I was glad hated how we always get those false alarms . Me"Babe I wana pee" I stood up and went to the bathroom. Me"Skylar I need to go to hospital" I could feel my bladder getting heavy. Me"Babe hospital" he jumped up. Skylar "You gave birth without me!" I wanted to laugh but I was pissed. Me"Skylar lets ahhhhhhhh" I think he was still in awe of what was happening. Me"Baby my water broke" They always say babies never wait for you and it was happening to me. Me"Skylar I don't want to give birth here" think the word birth woke him up because after those words, he got the driver to bring the car and Flora to help me to the car. The problem with the staying in Southamptoms,especially Ox pesture you neighbors are too superior class to even check what the is happening. You could die because of those idiots, Skylar's driving was faster than usual I was breathing down his neck to hurry the hell up. Me"I will not give birth in this car" Skylar "I know you told me" I could tell he was irritated a bit, so I kept quiet and focused on Flora trying to help me breathe. When we got to the hospital, they were already waiting with a wheelchair. The perks of staying 15 minutes away from the hospital and obviously being rich.

1 day later
I will never have children again! giving birth again. Two was enough for me, the giving birth isnt the hard part but pushing is hell . Yet I would do it again for my precious babies, my heart felt so warm when I held them in my hands for the first time . Skylar"We still need to give them names" Me"Litha Lelethu" Skylar"Blaine and Blair" we have been arguing about names for months and yet today we just knew what names we wanted. Me"Can I cry" Skylar"Feed and cry" I smiled at him. Me"I love you so much Skylar" he kissed my forehead. Skylar"I love you too babes" Me"Thank you" Skylar"Stop crying babe" I love this moment, I never want to drift away from this moment . I felt so pure for once in my life, I wasn't crying because I had my twins but for once I did something right, for once Thandiwe Morris did something worthwhile and Lord did that feel good. Skylar"hun the nurse has to take them" Me"few more minutes please " My family and I enjoyed what felt like borrowed time. Me"I am sleepy" Skylar"hahaha you're too cute, I'll get the nurse plus I need water" When he walked out, I decided to pray seeing I had burned my bridges with God for quite sometime.

"I want to humble myself, thank you" I wanted to say more,but I wasn't ready. The nurses took the twins, Skylar left because he had to fetch our clothes yes we forgot our bag. I looked at my phone and I had 3 text messages, from Skylar's mother and Nate congratulating me. "I heard about the twins, congratulations Tee. I can't chill and pretend to be happy though because you know I love you, told Sky too don't wana kill your happiness. Kopano" that broke my heart a little but ey life goes on right.

Blaine & Blair :)
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Friendship and other things Chapter 57

Chapter 57

I woke up and Skylar wasn't next to me, he was on the floor . He looked intrigued focused on what he was reading, I couldn't read his facial expression . Me"Baby" he didn't reply . Me"Skylar" he didn't answer, then he stood up I followed him it was like he couldn't even see me. Me"Skylar" He led me to a room, filled with baby toys decorated blue on the door had a sign 'Twin towers ' I giggled at how snobbish that was. The babies were crying, some woman who I figure must be the maid kept on rocking one of the twins back and forth. Skylar kissed her cheek and picked up the other twin. Woman"You know one day they'll ask for their mother " Me"Skylar I am right here" But he still ignored me. Skylar"I know, but Tee made her own decision" Me"Skylar look at me! I am right here! let my hold my babies" she kissed his lips. Woman"I am sorry" Skylar "You shouldn't be, she kept secrets from me not you" Woman "What could be so bad" Skylar looked towards me then decided to put the twin back. Skylar"Lets just say, her tuition fees were the fruits of her a call girl" How does he know that! I never told him! that was just for a year! Skylar shouldn't know that! Bells told him! someone must have told him. Me"Skylar I had to do it! Skylar listen to me!" He still ignored me. Skylar"Thandi" Me"Yes listen to me" Skylar"Thandi" Me"I have been alive but I haven't live" Skylar "Thandi" he started fading, so did the twins and the woman suddenly I was alone in a dark empty room with a Mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself, I couldn't recognize the woman in the mirror. Me"What happened to me?" 

Narrative 2009*
Thandiwe and Kopano were in Rosebank, the two were still mad about each other they were your typical ambitious power couple. You know they oozed confidence, they dressed like a power couple, they walked like they owned Gauteng, pedestrians couldn't help but look at them. It went beyond the expensive clothes, but the was just something intimidating about them combined. "Beauty" Thandiwe's jaw almost dropped. "Beauty hoa,why are you ignoring me?" Kopano"Babe?" Thandi gave a fake giggle. Thandiwe"old client" Client" I think I was your regular! You my girl were a pure gold" Thandiwe"Uhm it was nice seeing you" Client"Are you still in the business?" Not knowing what these two were talking about, Thandiwe's darling boyfriend contributed to the awkward conversation. Kopano"She was so good, she started her own business " Thandiwe wanted to just die on the spot, then again she died 2003 in Hilbrow on her fight night on the streets on Johannesburg with the city lights stealing her innocence or lack the off. Client "I've always known you've got it in you, I hope your girls are just as good" Kopano"Bells is talented, you should really use them I guarantee you won't regret it" Client"You don't mind her job?" Kopano"No, she loves it never easy to kill such passion" Thandiwe wanted to dig herself a grave. Thandiwe "we have to go" she yanked Kopano's arm before anything else could be said. Thandiwe"Not really a fan of Rosebank,we should go home" Kopano"Are you fine?" Thandiwe"I think I need to lay down" Kopano"Okay, lets start at the restaurant I am hungry" Thandi nodded,her mind was still stuck on what almost happened earlier. Kopano"Babes why so quiet? " Thandiwe"Nothing just sleepy" See when you look at Thandiwe and Kopano you would envy them but behind closed doors there is a closet with a suitcase waiting to be opened but whatever is in that closet should remain there. 

Present day*
I woke up sweating the first thing I did was catch my breathe, then touched my tummy and then I looked at Skylar sleeping. I got out of bed and took a shower, I got done wore a white Dior jump suit with gold sandals I tied my weave. Me"Skylar " he opened one eye. Skylar "babe 10 more minutes " Me"I picked the Black Tom Ford tux" Skylar"babe I need you to relax tonight" Me"I will" I kissed him. Me"Your breathe "He forced another kiss me. Skylar"You seem tense, whats wrong? " Me"Nightmare felt so real" Skylar"Share" I looked at him. Me"I was caged by my lies" Skylar"It was just a dream babe" Me"Go shower, before everyone arrives" he got up. Skylar"Okay okay" I laughed at him. Me"Thank you for saving me" Skylar"I love you Morris to the core" I muttered under my breathe "I hope so too" I looked at our closet and started to shiver.

Dreams are previews of the future
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Friendship and other things Chapter 56

Chapter 56

New York looks too beautiful in winter,I noticed as I watched leaves fall down the tree. Upper class East side,where wearing cheap shoes is a sin and cheating is celebrated ,where your maid is more loyal than the people who you call friends. I love this life I dont regret anything about how I got here or how I became who I am. Who would have thought a girl from New Brighton Port Elizabeth would be married to one of the richest man in the world?. Wasn't easy but I made it and I would do anything to protect my past,protect my husband but most of all my secret.

Narrative 2001*
I think I died on this day, this is the day when everything stopped making sense. I think I sold my soul for a pair of heels this day. I sat on the corner like some naughty child, he sat on the bed looking at me with his hand dripping blood my blood. Tau"I am sorry " Me"Okay babe" Tau"Its not Tee, I need you to run away from me!" I sat on that floor not moving, I could have ran at that moment and I had every right but I could not get myself to stand up. Me"I won't run baby you need help" he laughed at me. Tau"Thandiwe leave me,actually leave this place" Me"I won't, I know you can change boo. I also need to stop being a nuisance, I need to obey your rules" Tau"Thandiwe listen to yourself, I beat you up everyday for the stupidest things. I forcefully have sex with you Thandiwe look at you, you're bleeding!" Me"Baby its just blood" See love makes you stupid or at least fear, it controls you to see things that are not even there. Me"Baby chill, I will fix myself and buy something to cover the bruises up" I stood up and sat next to him. Me"We are a team, we will pull through baby trust me" I kissed him. Tau"I love you" Me"I do too" but I didn't love him, not the way I wanted to love him. Tau"I'll give you some pain killers, sleep this off. I have to go to class" Me"Okay" He took his bag and jacket. Tau"Your bus to PE leaves at 17:00, I managed to speak to some friend of mine in the SRC you'll start at UPE the next week" he closed the door and that was it.

Present day.
The party planners were running around trying to get the place ready before the guests arrive. Kopano"Tee I have to go fetch Nate at the airport" Me"Get Nick to fetch him, Wyatt and Andriana are hungry I don't really know the Hamptons that well" Skylar "Babe can I help" Me"No! I have this under control" but I didn't, 6 months pregnant my feet didn't belong to me anymore. Skylar"Baby please go back to bed, we hired these people for a reason" Kopano"Sky get your wife to bed, I'll take these two to the airport with me" Skylar"Thanx Kp, I owe you plenty" Kopano smiled then left. Me"If I sleep I know I will miss the party" Skylar"Twins Tee not just one baby, stop acting like you've got everything figured out when you don't " Me"Baby I have this handled" He side eyed me, the tucked me in. Skylar"Take your meds, I promise you I will wake you up" he gave me my pills and a bottle of water. Me"Skylar I need you now more than ever" Skylar"I am here" Me"Then why do I feel so alone" Skylar"No one will hurt you" Me"But I will hurt myself" Skylar"I love you" Me"I love you too" Skylar"Then trust me the way you love me" he laid next to me. Skylar "This has to be the best birthday ever" Me"Why?" Skylar"I am with my wife and my boys, doesn't get better than that" Me"I want to give them Xhosa names too" Skylar "That's fine, but promise me one thing " Me"And that is?" Skylar "To never give up" I nodded.

"Sometimes you are your own devil,sometimes you fail because you sabotage yourself and most of the time your pain is self inflicted "

Other things
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Friendship and other things Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Nambitha woke up next to Nathaniel, arms wrapped around his body. They have been having sex almost everyday, ignoring the obvious chemistry between them. She got up to take a showers and obviously to cry until she can't breathe. She decided on cold water, looking at her skin healing slowly but surely but her mind wasn't healing. The memories of Tau, their wedding night, her first anal experience with him well that was rape not an experience. Nambitha"Stop thinking" she wiped her tears and carried on with the cold water falling on her skin, she was getting cold,started shaking. Nambitha saw Nate's shadow and pretend not to notice him. Nate"Nana I made breakfast" she switched off the water. Nambitha"Okay thanx" Nate"You know I am here for you right?" she didn't know because it felt like he used her for sex. Nate"Nana talk to me" she got out of the shower. Nate"O...kay..." he decided to ignore the excitement between his pants. Nate"I know what you are doing but it won't work, I wanna speak to you" Nambitha decided to lotion her body in the meantime. Nate"I don't want you for just sex, stop trying to make me some perverted guy" Nambitha"So you don't want me now?" Nate"Trust me I can fuck you like a prostitute if I wanted too but I don't, these past few weeks I have been trying to tell you. I like you" Nambitha"I like you too" she moved towards him, Nate gave her the 'are you sure' look and she nodded. They kissed breathing inbetween . Nate" I want you" they stopped kissing and went to bed. Nambitha got on top of Nate, he gave her a condom but she tossed it to the side. Nate"You're being wreckless" she kissed him. Nambitha"I know" they carried on with Nate inserting himself inside her warm wet honey pot. Nate"" she was riding him, Nate tried to suck her breasts. Nambitha"Baby Aaah" Nate flipped her and went on top, he pulled out to admire Gods creation. Nate"Are you still good?" she nodded, she just wanted him inside of her. Nate went back insid the gates. Putting her legs on his shoulders he slammed inside. Nambitha"Deeper" he did as instructed, she was speaking in tongues grabbing sheets and letting go of them. Nate looked at her and smiled at his work, he pulled out to make her beg for it but instead of using his glow stick his tongue did all the work. Nambitha"O'LORD!" she came immediately, she decided to let Nate cum too. They carried on this time missionary until Nate came inside of her. Nambitha"I need a jug of water" they kissed again. Nate"Okay" While he went to the kitchen, Nambitha took Nate's Laptop to book herself a flight to jo'burg for tonight and then a cab company to fetch her at Nate's house all paid with her credit card. Nambitha"I can't run forever "

Narrative* 2002 Wits University
Thandiwe was on her way to Braam, they were celebrating Bells birthday. She quickly vomited because of her eating disorder, she wore worn out jeans with a vest and hoodie it was raining cats and dogs your typical Gauteng ice rain. Tau"Where are you going?" they kissed. Thandi"We are invited to Bells party" Tau didnt argue he just wore his jeans, military boots, a sweater and leather jacket. Thandi"Babe hurry up" He ignored her, she kept on nagging. Tau"We are going to Sebukeng not to some lower class gay party " Thandi"No I cant do that to my best friend,not again and I dont fit in kwi party zakho mna. You always condensing when you're infront of your friends! Go with them, I'll meet you back here at 10pm" Tau"You never try to fit in Thandiwe, who on earth doesn't know current affairs! This is why I always say you'll never make it in life, always complaining and hanging out with gay men! Thandiwe Morris don't pussy me off" Thandi"No! You always do this wena! its like you're trying to kill make my friends hate me and its work!" Tau"They hate you! your so called friends call you a parasite behind your back! I am here to protect you " Me"Fine but I am not going to Sebukeng with you!" he threw a vase at her but she ducked. Tau"You always pussy me off Morris! Change those jeans this is not PE were don't dress like hooligans here" Me"Andifuni, beat me up I don't care! You're a bully and that's all you'll ever be" He grabbed her hand and kicked her under arm twice, Thandiwe screamed with pain . Tau"You're always testing me! I try I buy you textbooks, clothes, shoes and I let you hangout with my friends. What more do you want from me?" he slapped her and she fell to the floor. Tau"Lets go to Sebukeng Thandi" Thandi"No" Tau kicked her jaw quickly. Tau"Asambe!" she couldn't reply but she was sure as hell not leaving with him. Tau"Okay" he pulled her up and started punching her, pushing her against the wall.Tau"You never appreciate my efforts! Just like him! That bastard Xhosa people are all the same" he was kicking her like a dog, while she was laying on the floor. Tau and Kamo were raised by their step dad Mr Segomelo, an abusive drunk their father left when Tau was 4 years old and Kamo was just a year old. He got remarried to some Xhosa woman and had children, pretend they never existed. Who probably married him because he was a famous soccer player at that time, he left their mother as soon as he got a little fame. Tau"Thandi" she wasn't breathing, her blood was on the floor coming from her head" Tau ran next door to his best friend Puna, who helped him drag Thandi outside. They went pass Res security telling them they found Thandi passed out and because of Puna's idea to pour wine on her jacket, they got pass without any hustles. Puna"I don't want to be part of this" Tau laughed at him. Tau"Just drive her to those gay bastards ko Braam, drop her at the gate. If she dies then oh well that is sad but it won't be blamed on us" Puna"Where are you going?" Tau"Sebukeng, see you there first round is on me" Puna dropped Thandiwe off at where Bells stayed, and drove off without even looking back.

Narrative 2009.. 
Thandiwe was in PE for her brother's wedding, it was the day after the white wedding. She was chilling with her high school friend Khanya, they were catching up on life after high school. Although Thandiwe's version was edited obviously but she did have a few cool stories. Khanya"Still dating the SRC president?" she nodded. Khanya"What does he do now" Thandiwe bragged with pride how her boyfriend was a future MP but now just an Ambassador for SA. Khanya"Tshomi you're lucky wena" Thandi"Weird how I don't feel lucky" she shrugged. Dad"Thandiwe yabizwa endlini" Thandi stood up from the grass excusing herself from Khanya. She went to her mother who was without a doubt going to kill her mood even further. Thandi"Kuthwa yandi funa" her mother being the bitch that she is knew exactly what buttons to push, she took pride in yourself for being able to torment Thandiwe. Mom"Banxaniwe ooMakazi bakho! Thengela abantu utywala tshini" Not so long ago she bought them food at KFC now she had to buy them alcohol, there has to be a line being over stepped. Thandi"Andina mali yotywala mna, this is not my wedding. Quite sure Yanga will give his guests alcohol when he wants to" Thandiwe's aunt said something that Thandi should have paid attention too. Alot could have changed, obviously disgusting as the change would be but it would limit the heartache in many peoples lives. But instead Thandi walked away before these life changing words were uttered.

"Nothemba khacinge uxakwe ngo wakho umntana, imaginisha if abababini base Gautini baza nomyeni wakho ngeku njani ngoku!" 

Other things ( secrets)
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Friendship and other things Chapter 54

Chapter 54

1 month later
Nambitha has been staying with Nate and it hasn't been smooth, not that there was anything wrong with Nate that relationship was already unique on its own. She just feared the monster that was her husband, being stuck in this whole was going to make her go insane. Nate"I've got to hand it to your husband, he is quite crafty" Nambitha gave him a dumb look. Nate"Minister's wife diagnosed with skin cancer" Nambitha"That would mean I won't be seen in public for quite sometime , enough time for him to find me and kill me" Nate"Where do you find these guys?" Nambitha gave him a deadly look. Nate"Touchy" he laughed. Nambitha"Don't you have somewhere to go? please anywhere but here?" Nate"In my house? whats wrong princess drought making you want some vanilla ice" Nambitha laughed but not enough to convince Nate that she didn't want him. Nate"You didn't answer me" he said pulling her legs towards him. Nambitha"You're not my type" Nate"Whats your type?" he started sucking and biting her neck. Nambitha"Powerful mmm..." Skylar"Yes What else" he took off her cardigan and then unzipped her dress. Nambitha"Rich" she was moaning because Nate was now sucking her thighs. Nambitha"And man who provide security" Nate stopped then looked at her. Nate"Are you looking for a partner or a bank balance, If I dated woman like you then you would know I am rich too probably have more money Thabang your husband that's without excluding my trust fund, powerful my parents donate to the Republicans if you know your politics then you'd now we have power aside from the energy company we have in Germany" Nambitha"You bragging" Nate"If I wanted to brag, I would tell you to google me" he stood up. Nate"I'll be taking a shower, try to stay out of trouble" Nambitha wanted to jump Nate, his confidence turned her on and not to mention the possible bank balance. Nambitha"Nana chill, you're married" regardless of everything, she took a vow and fucking Nate was not going to solve anything. Nambitha"Arg screw Tau" she took off her wedding ring while walking to the bedroom upstairs she took of her dress and underwear. Naked and confident, she opened his bedroom. The water was still ruining, she opened the bathroom door and he looked at her and smiled. Nate"Lost?" Nambitha"Not at all, just sex no feelings" She went down on her knees and Lord knows, she was not about to pray.

Kopano was with Britney, his new girlfriend or hobby they were having lunch at The Trump Towers international. Kopano"I booked us a room" Britney" Why don't we ever go to your place?" Kopano"I have a son and I don't want to confuse him" He introduced Wyatt to Thandiwe they bonded, after the break up he was left alone to answer questions he was not prepared for, like where is the little brother they promised him. Kopano"Can we change the subject" Britney"Why are you with me? when you clearly still love her" Kopano"You know why, I warned you from the start now you acting like you didnt know I love someone else" Britney couldn't even reply. Kopano"Do you want to go to the room or nah?" Britney"No thank you!" Kopano"Okay" he carried on eating his stake like nothing . His phone rang it was Thandiwe. Thandi"Hey are you busy " he looked at Britney. Kopano"No just having lunch" Thandi"Come over when you can, I want us to plan Skylar's birthday" Not what he was expecting, but anything to see her. Kopano"I will be there" Kopano had a huge grin on his face. He got a text from Tee 'recommend a pizza place, craving some indian food too. I miss you babe, and so does your son " Kopano couldn't help but think that text could have been for him,he could have been Thandiwe's husband had he just listened to Skylar. Kopano"How ironic"

The gang was having dinner at Songezo's place in Kempton park. Songezo" I saw Kamo ko China mall job hunting, although she didnt confirm nor deny but she looked like crap" Bells"was just speaking to Thabang about her" Thabang "I wont even lie, I miss her" Jabu"So do I, I really think there is more to the story than we know" They kept quiet. Thabang"What about Tee" Jabu"What do you mean? when Tee left you guys for Tau, we all forgave because that's what friends do" Bells "we met Kamo through Tee" Jabu"You met me through her too but I am tighter with ya'll more than you are with her" Bells"But Tau is..." Songezo"Thandiwe's past, as a friend you make difficult decisions and I stand by Kamo. Sibadala ngoku, asinolwa amadabi ka Thandiwe yena e relaxed no myeni wakhe" Bells"She is your friend" Jabu"And so is Kamo, and friends dont let each other suffer!. Thandi needs to accept Ko screwed up and Kamo needs to apologize to Thandi for the betrayal" Thabang"It won't be easy!" Jabu"Real friendships are never easy" someone knocked and Songezo stood up. Songezo"Glad you feel that way, I invited her to eat with us"

Friendships & other things
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