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Thursday, April 2


Video of Masego - Leaked trending video of Masego

A Hoax old video which is believed to be a video of masego 

That video existed on P-0rn sites long time ago. Masego (The Trending SA woman) is a fake woman who trended on Twitter with people amused by the size of her vag*na after her s*x video was allegedly leaked. The video however turned to be an old po*n video. Masego turned to be a hoax meant as an April's Fools Day.

You can watch the video 1 HERE

You can watch the video 2 HERE

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Wednesday, April 1


Mourners for hire to cry & mourn at funeral - Fake crier for hire

Hired to mourn and cry at funerals and for reasonable price.

Durban - It’s important to grieve and show your support for family and friends. Because Everyone who was there when life was great might disappeared when life becomes rough.

It is a known fact that when days are dark friends are few so,hire mourners to make the funeral interesting with a lot of mourners crying and rolling around.

Dumisane Ngobene, 21, placed an ad on Facebook some time back offering to “fake-cry” or even “cry and roll on the ground” at funerals – for a fee. His post, along with a generic picture of people mourning at a funeral, read: “Do you want to boost your funeral?

We hire out professional mourners to cry at the funeral. The prices are: normal crying at R200 per mourner, crying and rolling on the ground at R300 per mourner, crying and insulting at R400 a mourner, or crying and threatening to jump into the grave at R500 per mourner.”

Asked if it was disrespectful, Ngobene said no.
“Funerals are not as sacred as they used to be. Nowadays, people need these services. I discovered that mourning services were a real thing in London and other parts of the world. This got me thinking.
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Friday, October 18


Video & pictures of Ronald Muchengwa aka Uncle Ronald #RolandMuchegwa.

It is s_e_x Videos & pictures of  blesser Ronald Muchengwa #RolandMuchegwa Shrek!!!

uMalume Roland Muchengwa ‘Man Of The Month’ October belongs to uMalume #RolandMuchegwa. Show Some Respect for this blesser

Ronald Muchengwa is a shady fuel dealer – transports fuel to Zimbabwe. He once lied that he was sending it to DRC when it was going to Harare. In 2015 he badly beat up his then wife, a young attractive light skinned lady. He has 8 kids 4 moms.

According to reports Roland Muchegwa who is 46 years of age is on the run from police in Zimbabwe after savagely attacking his ex-wife, mother of two Mitchell Kawome, on the 16th of September leaving her fighting for her life.

The police and her family want to hear from anyone who may have information on his whereabouts. He is a very dangerous and violent man and should not be confronted or approached except by police officers.

His usual and last known place of residence is in Mount Pleasant, Harare. Anyone with information should contact Inspector Sengwe or anyone on duty at the Harare Central Police Sub District level (Phone: Number is 04-777777).
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Muchegwa and his ex wife, Mitchell Kawome, were married for ten years and have two children together. However, Muchegwa had not been providing any form of support or child maintenance to his children. He has eight children with four different women. Of the eight, four were conceived outside of marriage while he was still married to Kawome.

Their marriage was marred by Muchegwa’s philandering, abusive, violent and controlling behaviour. She was routinely subjected to savage acts of physical violence, countless times, in front of her children whenever she confronted him about his behaviour.

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Tuesday, April 30


Alleged Video Of Putco Mafani's wife 'Bongiwe' with a nigerian ben10

Alleged Video Of Former kaizer  chiefs PRO 'Putco Mafani's wife with a young boy.

A video has been making rounds on social media of a man banging a women so hard, others are saying its Putco Mafani's wife but the video it's not clear, you cant even identify who is in there.There is no proof if Bongiwe is in the video.

It's simple : You cannot have the best of both worlds... Rich hard working guys are busy out there providing for their wives... Trying to make money to pay that expensive car and mansion...
Watch video below 

So you can't expect him to perform like le lofa/student or a student who is staying at the backroom or flat with no stress or responsibility
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Monday, April 15


Reasons Why Women Cry or Moan During Sex

Reasons Why Women Cry or Moan During Sex

“Yes, yes, YES! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m … crying?”

It is common for women to cry during sex but the big question is why?

In most cases, people associate crying with sadness or pain however during sex, crying can be a totally different emotion.

Women cry during sex because it is a way of showing appreciation of the moment.

Some people cry when they are happy and these tears are called “tears of joy”, this feeling is the same feeling women have during sex.

There are other several reasons women cry during sex , here are a few:

She is in pain.

A number of women have admitted to feeling pain during sex but not being able to open up to their partner and letting them know that they are hurting them.

Some women feel that by letting their partner know that they are in pain, they will hurt their feelings

Her emotions are all over the place.

It is a known fact that besides sex being physical, it also triggers a lot of emotions.

Imagine having sex and you are going through some emotionally stressing situations that you cannot even block out during sex? The tears will definitely flow.

She has had a bad experience before.

If a woman has had a bad experience with sex in the past, having sex can trigger those emotions while having sex.

You feel super-connected

Sometimes, there are no words for how deeply connected you feel to your partner. Instead, there are tears, Dr Nasserzadeh says. “If sex is a way of deep connection with a partner, your body might choose this form of release to communicate your emotions,” she says.

That’s pretty typical, Wright adds, since sex releases oxytocin, and oxytocin promotes bonding, trust, and empathy. “It’s easy to feel safe to release emotions that may have been bottled up for whatever reason,” she says.

You’re grieving

Did a relative or pet die recently? Or perhaps you got laid off or, heck, you’re still not over your last breakup. Grief can strike anywhere – walking down the sidewalk, in the middle of work meeting, or, yep, mid-romp.

 It hurts so good

Tears can also strike due to the type of pain you asked for in the form of (consensual) choking, spanking, slapping or getting tied up.

“Both physical pain and pleasure activate the same part of the brain,” Wright says, “so it’s totally possible to be crying from pain and be enjoying it at the same time.”

You’re ashamed or feeling guilty

Dr Nasserzadeh has worked with women who tell her they’ve cried during sex because they don’t feel like they “deserve” to take a moment to enjoy themselves. “They feel like, as a mother, they should be focusing on their child and not on self-pleasuring,” she says.

PSA though: You cannot take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself. “If you’re feeling shame around sex or intimacy in general, and it comes out in the form of tears, it’s a good indicator to explore that shame outside of the bedroom and see what it’s about,” Wright adds.

You’re so happy!

Maybe you’ve had a seriously long dry spell, or maybe sex just has never been that fun or enjoyable to you. “If you’ve never had (or rarely had) satisfying sexual interactions, it might be so wonderful that tears would be a sign of gratitude, joy or happiness,” Dr Nasserzadeh says. Let ‘em flow, let ‘em flow, let ‘em flow!

You’re triggered

Maybe you’re a survivor of sexual assault, or maybe something a little off happened once that you thought you’d forgotten. Cue sex to remind you. “Trauma gets so deeply embedded in our minds and memory that it’s hard to remember exactly what happened and something [sex] will bring it up,” McGuire says. Stop having sex if you feel like your brain and body are dissociating, if painful memories are coming up, or you feel out of control, Wright advises.

Crying during sex can be embarrassing for some women but there are ways one can try to overcome this feeling.

Try controlling your breathing during sex.

Controlling your breathing can help you relax and therefore help you enjoy the process.

Breathing exercises can also help by letting the mind relax and making it easier for the body to take charge of the sensation.
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Friday, March 29


5 Signs A Woman Is HIV Positive Even Though She Looks Healthy

5 Signs A Woman Is HIV Positive Even Though She Looks Healthy

Women may wonder how HIV symptoms for them differ from those seen in men. Many HIV symptoms are the same for men and women, but not all.

Here’s a list of 5 common symptoms, including those that are specific to women.
Women with HIV can experience changes to their menstrual cycle. Their periods may be lighter or heavier than normal, or they may not have a period at all.

HIV-positive women may also have more severe premenstrual symptoms.

Most people with HIV develop skin problems. Rash is a common symptom of HIV, and many different types of skin rashes are associated with the condition. They may be a symptom of HIV itself or the result of a concurrent infection or condition.

If a rash appears, it’s a good idea to have a healthcare provider review one’s medical history. They can use a complete medical history to determine which diagnostic tests are needed.

Lymph nodes are located throughout the human body, including the neck, back of the head, armpits, and groin. As part of the immune system, lymph nodes fend off infections by storing immune cells and filtering pathogens.

As HIV begins to spread, the immune system kicks into high gear. The result is enlarged lymph nodes, commonly known as swollen glands.
It’s often one of the first signs of HIV. In people living with HIV, swollen glands may last for several months.
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Tuesday, March 26


PICTURES : Limpopo Gay Couple Celebrates Relationship On Social Media 

PICTURES : Limpopo Gay Couple Celebrates Relationship On Social Media

 Two men from Limpopo have posted their photos looking happily together on Instagram & many people have shared the controversial photos as one of them was holding something that looked like a co_ndom,leaving more questions than answers.


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Saturday, March 23


Powerful Sangoma 'Nena' claim he killed the mermaid 'cyclone idai' in Mozambique - Must See

Powerful Sangoma 'Nena' claim he killed the mermaid 'cyclone idai' in Mozambique - Must See 

A powerful Sangoma by the name 'Nena' from Mozambique claim he killed cyclone idai and he refer to the tropical cyclone as a mermaid.Nena is originally from malawi and was raised in mozambique according to rumours.

The sangoma whom others are saying he is a mad man recorded a live video on facebook claiming he killed the cyclone and showing some pictures which were not convincing. The live video and the Facebook account was later deleted.

Cyclone Idai is category 3 cyclone that has made landfall in Mozambique on Thursday evening, bringing with it high wind speeds of up to 224km/h and rain.

There are reports of damage and power cuts as the tropical cyclone made landfall and claimed over 1000 lifes so far.

The cyclone, named Tropical Cyclone Idai, is said to have gathering strength over the Indian Ocean.
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Tuesday, March 19


Parents take gay son to Church to burn out the spirit of homosexuality

Parents take gay son to Church to burn out the spirit of homosexuality

A Facebook user has shared how his family took him to a Church last night so as to deliver him from the spirit of homosexuality.

The pictures shared by the young man shows a burning g candle on his head with the wax melting down on his face.
According to him, that was done so as to burn out the spirit from him.
He wrote:

“Last night my family took me to a church in an attempt to burn out the “spirit” of homosexuality from me.”

Below are picture from the deliverance session the young man was involved in.

The user did not share whether or not if the homosexuality was successfully burnt. Or maybe it take a little bit of time to see results. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds!
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Friday, January 18


Woman drives from Johannesburg to Durban to deliver lunch to a facebook friend she never met before - see why

Woman drives from Johannesburg to Durban to deliver lunch to a facebook friend she never met before - see why


Felicity Moyo (24) from Observatory, Joburg told Daily Sun she decided to give her boyfriend, Ajax Bhengu (25) the surprise of his life.

Felicity said she was chatting to him on Wednesday last week when he told her he had been in an accident and he was hungry.

By then she had already made up her mind but she didn’t tell him her plans.

With clever questioning she worked out what his favourite food was and then, with two of her friends who came along for moral support, Felicity jumped into her car and drove from Joburg to KwaMashu in KZN for a first time meeting.

A video of Felicity delivering lunch and a gift circulated on social media recently.

And from the images it is clear that he was surprised and clearly delighted.

It is not clear whether he or she, or both of them, were hiding happy tears, but it is very clear that he was surprised!

Felicity explained they met on Facebook seven years ago but were both involved with other partners.

Their relationship officially began on 27 December when it became clear that they were both single. “When I laid eyes on him, I realised the trip was worth it,” she said.

“I found myself very comfortable around him and I loved the way he presented himself.”

Felicity told the People’s Paper she was initially planning on staying in Durban for a day but (surprise, surprise!) she stayed a few days longer.
Ajax told Daily Sun he never expected the visit.

“The guys are the ones who are expected to go the extra mile,” he said.

“The first time I saw her I couldn’t believe it was her. I started laughing and we started talking.”

Ajax said he has no doubt that Felicity showed her love by making the long drive.

Felicity told the People’s Paper that moving to Durban might be a possibility.

“First I extended my stay as long as could but then I had to get back to work. If things go well I might even move to Durban.”

Felicity said that she is happy to have found her soulmate.

“I’m looking forward to something long term,” she said.

“Who knows? We might even get married.”
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Thursday, September 27




Famous actress and businesswoman Sophie Lichaba, formerly Ndaba, has gone through a scary body deformation.

The former Generations star has lost a lot of weight and is looking extremely slimmer and sick.
With Mzansi being one of the most obese countries in the world, Sophie in April this year claimed she is pleased and no longer contributes to that number, but truth be told (with the look of eyes you can see that she is not healthy)

She is rumoured to be having sugar dibates and black twitter has criticised her for HIV and AIDS, you know how black people think especially when you lost wait.

Somebody please tag Sophie Ndaba she need to explain to us, we are ready to pray for her.

- Mzansi Stories
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Tuesday, July 24


Faith Nketsi’s naked pictures cause traffic jam on social media - Nation happy

Faith Nketsi’s n_udes , for everyone to refresh their eyes.

A twitter accont posted on Tuesday that 'it has been a good day until someone decided to send me Faith Nketsi’s nudes. Let me visit my IG account it’s been long.






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Saturday, July 7


Funny Outfits from 2018 Durban July #Dineo Ranaka outfit #JLO Zodwa Wabantu outfit

Durban July Funny pictures - Hot Crazy Outfits from 2018 Durban July #Dineo Ranaka outfit #JLO zodwa Wabantu outfit.

Durban July 2018 Theme - The Vodacom Durban July is one of South Africa's most anticipated events, and this year did not disappoint.

Dressed in their best designs and ready to have some serious fun here are some of the few celebrities who have began to share photo's of their Durban July outfits.

Who nailed it between Jennifer Lopez Like for Zodwa Wabantu #VDJ18 #VDJ2018 #DurbanJuly #DurbanJuly2018

Zodwa Wabantu made headlines again by an outfit similar to the one of J'LO at durban july 2018

What was Dineo Ranaka thinking #VDJ18 #VDJ2018 #DurbanJuly #DurbanJuly2018

Dineo Ranaka was wearing a crazy outfit which looks like a sheep or a dog outfit

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Thursday, July 5


Daisy Maseleme LIMPOPO's video WITH A BEN 10 goes viral, Limpopo Dept of Health HR manager

Daisy Maseleme's video WITH A BEN 10 goes viral, Limpopo Dept of Health HR manager

She is said to be in intensive care unit for past two days.The husband 'Tshepo Maseleme' also works at the Department of Health in Limpompo” Said a source.

“She was having an online affair with a Ben 10 and they had a s3x video call and the young boy recorded and published it. She is said to have been hospitalised in a high care ward.The husband also works at the Department of Health in Limpompo” Said a source.

We couldn't get hold of daisy and her husband to hear their comments about video which went viral.
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Wednesday, July 4


Video: Slay Queen who cant afford Sponge B_utt making a nice behind with Pampers

Watch Video: Slay Queen who cant afford Sponge B_utt making a nice b_ooty with Pampers or Nappies

Some girls are working overtime - Her h_ibs and butt are In the wardrobe. Its better for her to slay with a flat b_utt because this is serious crime of misleading the nation.

I think that is why they take so long in the bathroom even at the clubs still fitting their Pampers

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Tuesday, May 29




Natasha Thahane Sends Her Bae The Sweetest Shoutout! After she got black twitter talking when she jokingly tried to shoot her shot at Lunga Shabalala, Natasha took to Instagram to make it clear whom her heart belongs to.

The actress shared a sweet selfie with her American bae along with a cute caption from Usher’s song, Matrimony. “If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it. It don’t belong to anyone but you,” she wrote.

Cute couple alert!
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Sunday, May 27


Mzansi's Jay Z and Beyonce couple, Shona and Connie Ferguson break up

Mzansi's Jay Z and Beyonce couple, Shona ferguson and Connie Ferguson divorce.

The couple‚ who have become firm favourites on the celebrity scene and often referred to each other as 'best buddies‚' apparently called it quits after cheating rumours involving Shona emerged.

"The cheating rumours are nothing new but Conny got proof that couldn't be disputed. She's upset. She didn't expect this‚" a close source told Mzansi Stories

Those close to conny have told Mzansistories that the alleged cheating is even more hurtful because its not for the first time.

"They were good friends and he betrayed that trust. She's gone through this before and he promised to change."

Shona has denied the cheating claims and said that his reputation speaks for itself.
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Wednesday, May 23


Mshoza respond - 'I’m not cheating with a police i moved on with my life'

Mshoza respond - 'I’m not cheating with a police i moved on with my life'

Mshoza has admitted that that she has indeed moved on and is in love with 37-year-old police detective, Tlhabe Mbhele but insists that she's not cheating.

The Kortes hitmaker told Drum magazine that trouble in her marriage had been going on for months and that she met Tlhabe in January this year.

Mshoza said as far as she was concerned, Tlhabe opened her eyes to what love is.

"I'm not cheating - I'm in love and I'm moving on," said Mshoza.

Mshoza explained that she met the detective after she was allegedly arrested for speeding and the pair became friends after the incident. She said he became her support system and they began dating in March.

"He's respectful, forever smiling and I felt safe and protected with him..."
Mshoza, who now wants to terminate her traditional marriage, said she didn't care what other people thought of her decision to move on.

"If a relationship isn't working out I will move on to find my happiness somewhere else and I won't apologise for living my life."

Mshoza and Thuthukani traditionally tied the knot in 2017 but the facade of a happy marriage came crumbling down recently as the former lovebirds' split turned ugly.

Mshoza has been "in hiding" amidst claims of abuse at the hands of Thuthukani.  During an interview with Metro FM's DJ Fresh last Monday Mshoza said she planned to leave her marriage months ago and that she feared for her life.
"I saw this coming. I was planning to escape. He was quicker than me. I am very scared, I even told my sisters two weeks ago that I couldn't leave him because I was very scared.

Mshoza's manager Thanduxolo Jindela told TshisaLIVE that Mshoza has been having a hard time but said that the law should be allowed to take it course.

Police also confirmed to TshisaLIVE that Mshoza's husband, Thuthukani was arrested on charges of assault and has been released on R5,000 bail.

"He handed himself over at the Phuthaditjhaba police station on Monday. He appeared in court shortly after that. He was granted bail of R5,000 and was told to reappear on May 28. In the meantime, we are continuing with investigations," Police spokesperson Sergeant Mmako Mophiring.

Thuthukani's bail conditions prevent him from being in contact with Mshoza.
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Sunday, December 31


Robbie Malinga's Son looks like Letsholonyane and they are neighbors.

Robbie Malinga's Son looks like Reneilwe Letsholonyane and they are neighbors.

But the fact that Reneilwe Letsholonyane is Robbie malinga's neighbor makes me suspicious.I got to believe rumours that Reneilwe Letsholonyane had an affair with Robbie's wife.
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Friday, December 8




Crazy whatsup group for daily videos


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