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Tuesday, February 7


Woman Puts Poison On Her VAG!NA To Kill Husband When He goes Down On Her

Woman Puts Poison On Her VAG!NA To Kill Husband When He goes Down On Her


Said an angry Nothando Khumalo who put poison on her vag!na to try and kill her husband.

The poison was a rat based liquid she found on google that she thought would leave no trace but she was wrong.


His mistress Valerie Sithole stated in court documents as to why she knew something was wrong after she hadn’t seen Mr. Khumalo in 4 days.
Beatrice was charged with attempted murder and faces 15 years in prison. She is being held on R150,000 bond.

Mr Khumalo says he knew something wasn’t right before he went down on her because she had the Bell Biv Devoe song “Poison” playing on repeat.

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Rattex Pastor: Death has no power over us - Pastor offers Rattex for ‘nourishment and healing’

Rattex Pastor: Death has no power over us - Pastor offers Rattex for ‘nourishment and healing’

Pastor Light Monyeki has apparently taken a lead from nyaope smokers and been mixing Rattex with water and offering it to his congregants claiming it is for “nourishment and healing”.

On Sunday‚ in photos posted on Grace Living Hope Ministries’ Facebook page‚ Monyeki “demonstrates power of faith by causing congregants to drink Rattex”.
This‚ the post added‚ would allow the churchgoers to use the “deadly poison to show forth their faith”.

It said that he told the faithful: “If nyaope boys can smoke Rattex for more than eight years‚ who are we? Death has no power over us.”
Monyeki held the plastic bottle aloft and then declared “life from above upon the water mixed with Rattex; and spoke nourishment unto bodies and healing unto the sick”.
After he was the first to partake‚ “a multitude of congregants voluntarily ran to the front to have a drink of the deadly poison”.
Nyaope is a highly addictive drug made from a range of ingredients from low-grade heroin‚ dagga‚ rat poison and detergents containing chlorine and ammonia.
Attempts to obtain comment from Grace Living Hope Ministries were unsuccessful at the time of publication.
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In need of money?contact this Moreki on Facebook and he wants nothing in return.

In need of money?contact this Moreki on Facebook and he wants nothing in return.

Moreki: mother's and babies que up and I give them money cos I'm their sassa

Nobody knows who this man is or why he does what he does but God bless his soul. He helps struggling people make ends meet.

No one even knows how he makes his money and no one is bothered and vele they shouldn't be.

No qurstions asked just recieve and the message is clear. Don’t bore or bother the buyer.

As long as he is buying the drinks and doing the blessing, don’t ask questions,just enjoy.

This mystery moreki is happy to bless and give a helping hand to the needy.what one does with the money is up to them.

A video posted on Facebook the man is seen dishing out one hundred and two hundred rand notes to queueing women, most of them holding children.

On his Facebook page, Moreki Finder, he declares: “I should give out to my charity tomorrow. I will give each person R400 because the government only gives people R350 with which they have to feed kids.” and it's never enough.

While he doesn’t seem to mind people making videos and there are lots of pictures of him on his Facebook page, he does not want to identify himself.

He said whoever needs help can contact him and he will give them a lift in life.

And he invites people to come to him for a hand-out.

“If you also want money, please share and like my page and inbox me.”

He claims that he will check to see if the person really needs help.

“Send me a WhatsApp with your picture and location and I will connect you with Moreki, who will care for you.”

Moreki seemingly moves between Limpopo and Gauteng.

“Moreki is around Gauteng, waiting,” he said.

Social media is going crazy with women trying to locate the blesser, while others praise him for helping the needy.

Kerometsoe Xaba wrote on Facebook: “At least you are doing something great by giving to those who can’t even afford bread. We thank you for being kind. God will always bless you.”

Phindile Semenya’s post said: “I need help. We lost our parents, we are not working. We need money, electricity and water. If we don’t pay they are going to cut it off and the groceries we buy don’t last for the whole month.”

Daily Sun managed to track down the man people call moreki on the phone.

He would not disclose his real name or where he came from, but insisted what he is doing comes from the heart.

“Yes, I do like to help the needy and help make people’s dreams come true.”

Asked for more comment he said: “Well, I’m not yet ready for an interview. We will have to wait.” he helps both genders and has no hidden agenda.
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Sunday, February 5


Lundi ‘died homeless, broke and a broken man’

Lundi ‘died homeless, broke and a broken man’

According to a Sunday paper, Tyamara was lying on his deathbed in hospital, distressed about being kicked out of his house.

Tabloid Sunday World has reported on further details around the sad end of gospel star Lundi Tyamara, who passed away this month and was still being remembered at his funeral on Sunday in Worcester.

Despite the fact that Lundi was a commercial success and is understood to have enjoyed high album sales, he was reportedly evicted from the townhouse he had been renting in Mondeor, Johannesburg.

The owner confirmed to the tabloid that he had sold the house in December and the new owner was in a hurry to take occupation.

According to Sunday World, Tyamara needed to borrow R950 from a friend to pay a storage fee for furniture.

The friend reportedly said that the singer “complained that Anele Hlazo, who was his manager, was the reason he was broke.”

Hlazo told the tabloid he was only willing to offer his side of what had happened between himself and Lundi after the funeral.

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Saturday, February 4


VIDEO: Malema shares 3 weeks banting weight loss secrets - I don’t have Aids, I’m just thinner

Julius Malema shares 3 weeks banting weight loss secrets

Health Tips From EFF CiC Julius Malema - How I Lost Weight

I don’t have Aids, I’m just thinner because of Banting Rules – Malema

RUSTENBURG - eNCA’s Nickolaus Bauer caught the Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema in his car on the way to Rustenburg and asked him some off-the-cuff questions.
It seems Malema has some thoughts on more than solving South Africa's problems - Banting weight loss is also top of his agenda.
Malema was on his way to Sunrise Park near Rustenburg on Thursday.

Malema is in the North West to garner support for his party ahead of the local government elections.
He was set to wrap up his three-day campaign in North West with community meetings in Rustenburg, Marikana, Letlhabile and Brits.

Rumours have swirled on social media over the last couple of months about Malema’s shrinking girth. In May EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi confirmed that Malema had made a personal choice to join a gym and to follow banting rules so that he can be in better health.
Ndlozi laughed when asked about Malema’s belly fading away‚ and said: “He is on a gym and diet programme to look good and be in good shape.”
Watch video of Julius Malema's Banting weightloss

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Wednesday, February 1


Video:Sechaba causes havoc at Lundi’s funeral

Sechaba Padi causes havoc at Lundi’s funeral - lundi's memorial service

Gospel singer Sechaba Padi had to be calmed down after delivering a heart breaking speech at Lundi Tymara’s memorial at Grace Bible Church in Soweto today. He said the music industry does not love its artists because they only get celebrated once they are dead. He accused record companies of exploiting them, leaving them with nothing to feed their families.

An angry Sechaba asked who was taking care of the widows and children of dead gospel singers such as SFiso Ncwane, Oleseng Shuping among others.
Immediately after he left the stage the crowd and some well known artists was chanting his name.
He had just finished singing Ke Matla a song he featured The late gospel singer Lundi in.

Source : DailySun
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Monday, January 30


A man bought wood beautifully covered to look like a plasma in the street.

A man bought wood beautifully covered to look like a plasma in the street.

Be very careful of what you spend your money on ,especially at the busy streets of this world.

We all wake up in the mornings to hustle differently in this world. Some hustle the legit way while others rob us .

A hustle is a hustle. As long as it helps you put food on the table and keep that roof over heads then it's a hustle.

A man bought a 43cm LG disguised plasma TV on the streets of Johannesburg for a mere R700.

He says his TV just got stolen at his house during the festives so he was desperate for a replacement, when two men carrying a TV of my dreams approached me at that low price I thought God had finally heard my cry.
I was over the moon and couldn't wait to get home. When switching it on I could here sounds as of it was about to switch on. Only to realise that i was actually plugging in a small radio stuffed inside the disguised TV.
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Sfiso Ncwane’s son writes emotional letter to Lundi’s family

Sfiso Ncwane’s son writes emotional letter to Lundi’s family

Sfiso Ncwane’s son, Ngcweti, says that his family has been hit hard by the death of gospel star Lundi Tyamara.
Lundi’s death sent shockwaves across the country, as fans and celebrities poured onto social media to pay tribute to the Mama Wami  hitmaker.
His death came a month after the gospel fraternity mourned the loss of musician Sfiso Ncwane.

Sfiso’s son Ngcweti took to social media over the weekend to offer his condolences to Lundi, and said that the Ncwane family was left shaken by the gospel star’s death.
He also claimed that the news had greatly affected Ayanda Ncwane’s healing.
“Uncle Lundi, your passing has reversed our healing process, especially mom,” Ngcweti wrote.

Lundi was an important part of Sfiso Ncwane’s career, introducing the star to the industry and helping him record some of his first hits.
Ngweti’s tribute thanked Lundi for helping his father.
“Thank you for allowing God to use you to introduce dad to the industry, dad always told us the story how you helped to listen to his demo. Good night uncle I pray you rest peaceful, just like dad,” Ngcweti wrote.
Lundi died on Friday after being hospitalised with liver complications and stomach TB. The star’s health took a turn for the worse last Monday and he was transferred to ICU, where he was placed on life support.
A public memorial service will be held in Lundi’s honour on Tuesday, 31 January at Grace Bible Church at 2pm.
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Saturday, January 28


We not comfortable in underwears because we have too much meat.

We not comfortable in underwears because we have too much meat.

Being over weight is not much of a problem, the problem is when you are not comfortable in your own skin let along in panties and a bra.

Research has proved that it's rare to find full figured women in shorts outside their comfort space.

Shorts are not made only for the petites only hence at times you'll find them at stores in various sizes including the big sizes so relax ladies.

Speaking to this beautiful full figured women who were very hesitant to wear the swimwear we made them realise that they are really not as bad as they think they are.

We hope from on they will feel comfortable in their skin and realise that they are largely beautiful.

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Friday, January 27


Watch: Heartbroken Zahara sings tribute to Lundi

Watch: Heartbroken Zahara sings tribute to Lungi

Award winning singer and songwriter Zahara took to social media to pay tribute to Lundi Tyamara through song.
The gospel star passed away in the early hours of the morning today, 27 January 2017.
“Ulalekakhle Mntwanomntu”, Zahara captioned her tribute post to Lundi.

In the video, Zahara sings one of Lundi’s biggest hits – ‘Mphefumlo Wami’.
Watch the video here:
A video posted by Bulelwa Mkutukana (@zaharasa) on
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Lundi Tyamara Before And After His Sickness

Lundi Tyamara Before And After His Sickness.

Gay Lundi Tyamara in hospital and after sickness(death) - what killed lundi

Yes it is true Lundi Tyamara died on the 27 January 2017 at the age of 38 after a long suffering. it is now true that the Gospel singer has died.

Read the following to see how Lundi Tyamara suffered and died.

Things were not well for Lundi as his health is said to have deteriorated severely. According to sources Lundi has abdominal tuberculosis, chest pains and he has had a liver problem for a while.

More shocking are the pictures reflecting on his health. Gone is the fresh faced man with a golden voice. Lundi looks like a far cry from himself. His last appearance signified lots of weight loss and his physical appearance is now grotesquely disfigured. We wonder what could have possibly made him look like that.
Lundi’s manager, Anele Hlazo, could not be reached for comment. However, it’s rumoured he dumped his duties managing Lundi’s career two months ago.
Looks like the saying ‘when days are dark, friends are few’ could be true after all.

Sources close to the musician confirmed he died in an Edenvale hospital in the early hours of this morning.

The Ndixolele hitmaker was moved to ICU on Monday after his condition took a turn for the worse.

Insiders confirmed that the singer was placed on oxygen machines as his liver "had practically stopped working".

Despite the dire situation his family remained hopeful that "God's intervention" would help get him through the ordeal and called on the nation to pray for him.

Lundi was first admitted to hospital in December after returning from a trip to China.

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Tuesday, January 24


Lundi Tyamara in ICU - his liver stopped working & he needs more prayers

SUPERSTAR gospel singer Lundi Tyamara still needs prayers!

The 38-year-old has been fighting for his life at Edenvale Hospital in Ekurhuleni since the festive season.

Lundi is being treated for stomach TB and a liver condition.

Speaking to Daily Sun, his manager Anele Hlazo said his health has not improved and he has been moved to high care.
“We have not lost hope and we pray for his speedy recovery. We ask his fans, supporters, followers, well wishers and the general public to keep praying for his healing as his condition remains worryingly critical.

“As believers, we know that through God’s intervention he will overcome. We are not giving up on Lundi. We believe that through God’s grace he will pull through. He is a fighter.”

A source close to Lundi has also urged the people of Mzansi to keep him in their prayers.
“On Monday he was sent to ICU after he took a left turn. It is so sad to see him in that state. We are asking and hoping for prayers as it really is not looking good at all for him.”

The source added that the doctors and staff at the hospital are trying their best.

“The Gauteng government has also stepped in and put together a strong health team for him.”

Earlier this month a rumour started on social media that the Mphefumlo Wami hit maker had allegedly died.

His management had to crush the rumours and explain that he was in hospital. Even EFF leader Julius Malema took to Twitter to allay the fears and confirmed that Lundi was indeed alive.

- Daily Sun
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Idols SA finalist Mmatema Moremi's star is on the up.

Idols SA finalist Mmatema Moremi's star is on the up.

After losing out on Idols SA glory two years ago to Karabo Mogane, she now steps out as an actress.

Moremi has been announced as one of the leading faces of the SABC2 drama Bone of My Bones.

She plays Thembi, a school teacher married to Karabo Mohlala, played by the award winning Aubrey Poo.

The drama that promises to be gripping unfolds as Karabo, a musician wanna-be, struggles to break into the music industry.

This leaves a frustrated Thembi to bear the brunt of being the bread winner who keeps the family afloat financially on a modest school teacher's salary.

Moremi gushed: "There's a first time for everything, I am excited about the role and feeling blessed to a part of such an accomplished cast as this. The role puts me in a different light from the singing girl everyone loves.

"I've always wanted to sing. I didn't grow up wanting to act, I discovered it in high school and in tertiary my love for it grew further. I decided to go for lessons from Fumani Shilubana, who acted as Detective Dabula on Isidingo. When I got the opportunity from Idols I decided to use it to show off my other talents, including this."

Moremi was the leading lady in the stage musical A Tribute to the Manhattan Brothers at Soweto Theatre last year.

Not that Moremi has turned her back on music. In fact, she will be recording her debut album live on March 3 at Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria.

She said of the album: "It's called The Definition of Me; people will get to find out more about this woman they love so much. I am a born- again child of the most high, woman of God. Expect songs that will speak to normal people, especially women.


"I'm independent on this one, only using a live band. My secret has always been prayer. And I have a lot of surprises and announcements to share."

Her spokeswoman Zandile Xan Moeketsi shared that Moremi doesn't hold back on the album. "It's a spiritual soul album. The songs are about God and general life challenges. It is an album that caters for everyone. Although Mmatema is a Christian, in this album she concedes that there are other life challenges. The other songs speak about being a woman who gets asked out and she expresses her other relationships."

Source: sowetan live
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Sunday, January 22


Minnie Dlamini now joining SuperSport.

Minnie Dlamini now joining SuperSport.

Dlamini has allegedly found a new home in Randburg, Joburg.

According to sources close to the former SoccerZone presenter, she’s now joining SuperSport.

The source said they spotted Minnie at the SuperSport headquarters a few days ago.

A mole also told Sunday Sun the KZN-born lady was also approached by

“The pay channel approached Minnie a long time, but she was not yet ready,” said the source.

Another highly placed source said Minnie will again be hosting the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards in March, which also raised
suspicions that DStv might be
Minnie’s new home?

The source said Minnie is
perfect for the channel.

Minnie was unavailable for comment and failed to respond to our SMSes.

SuperSport spokesperson
Clinton van der Berg said there’s been rumours, but nothing formal has come of it. - See more at: \
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DJ Sbu leaving Vuma FM with immediate effect

DJ Sbu leaving Vuma FM with immediate effect

IT SEEMS DJ Sbu just can’t avoid controversy.

This after news that he’s leaving Vuma FM, after less than a year since he joined the KZN-based commercial radio station.

Sources at the station said it was unclear as to why the controversial DJ, whose real name is Sbusiso Leope, was leaving.

They allege he doesn’t see eye to eye with the new station manager.

A source told Sunday Sun: “When Sbu was introduced in June last year, management said he was expected to bring positive impact to the station.”

Sbu presents the DJ Sbu Breakfast on weekdays, which he also presents on the Vuma FM’s sister station, Rise FM – which is based in Mpumalanga.

A producer at the station said station manager, Pearl Sokhulu, wants to change the structure at Vuma FM and that doesn’t sit well with DJ Sbu.

Said the source: “Pearl calls the shots as the station manager. She makes decisions, and some of the staff, including Sbu, hate some of her decisions. But there’s nothing they can do as she’s their boss.”

DJ Sbu was dismissed at Metro FM in 2015, after he advertised his Mofaya energy drink at the Metro FM Music Awards.

Another source said at Vuma FM, Sbu’s allowed to promote his energy drink but Pearl wants to change all that.

“Just when he thought he finally had freedom to push his energy drink business, Pearl came in.

“Sbu even asks the show’s guests to take selfies holding Mofaya. But that could end as Pearl wants to change things,” said the second source.

Vuma FM spokesperson, Tee van Heerden, confirmed DJ Sbu is leaving the station: “He’s leaving us end of February.”

Asked if it DJ Sbu was leaving because of Pearl, Tee said she can only confirm that Sbu was leaving. Pearl and DJ Sbu could not be reached for comment. - Sunday Sun
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Saturday, January 21


Papa Penny:You say my english is broken but my house has got ceiling, yours dololo

Papa Penny:You say my english is broken but who is trending and making money

Yaaaas, Penny, yaaaas! As musician Penny Penny is the new trending topic every time his show, Papa Penny Ahee airs, he's got a few words for the haters.

He has been mocked for his "broken" English and ridiculed for his appearance.

Penny told us that he's got zero f's to give.
"I am not an English man and I won't change for anyone. I am an African man and I am proud of that. I was not born speaking English but I speak communicative English and that should be enough. People who speak to me understand me, so I don't think it is a problem."
And if you still don't believe him, he posted this cartoon onto social media.
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Friday, January 20


Mboro rescues Lundi tyamara from a public hospital to a private hospital

Mboro rescues Lundi tyamara from a public hospital to a private hospital

Pastor Mboro has confirmed that he has made an offer to the family of gospel singer Lundi Tyamara to pay for him to be moved to a private hospital.
The Pastor visited with the star‚ who remains in a serious condition in hospital‚ last week.
Mboro said he was at a restaurant when someone showed him a picture of an ailing Lundi. The image‚ which went viral on social media shortly after it emerged earlier this month‚ had his family outraged at the breach of privacy.
Mboro said he immediately made contact with Lundi’s manager to offer his prayers and possible financial assistance.

“The manager called and said Lundi agreed but on one condition: I should come alone. When I got in the hospital patients and staff members started asking me to pray for them. Lundi was happy to see me and I prayed for him. He stood up due to the excitement and he was instructed to sit down‚ but I told them that they should let him exercise his faith.”
The controversial pastor said he was not happy with the hospital Lundi is in and offered to take him to a private hospital at his own expense.

“I said the hospital that Lundi was admitted to is not sufficient enough then I offered to take Lundi to a private hospital for admission and to pay for his medication at my own expense.”
Mboro told TshisaLIVE that the family said they would consider the offer.
The Mphefumlo Wami hitmaker has been in and out of hospital since December. His management confirmed he was diagnosed with stomach TB and liver problems
Source : Online
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Wednesday, January 11


Virgin divorced on wedding night....must see

“V_!rg!n” divorced on wedding night

A couple’s new year $_3xcapade ended prematurely when the woman screamed out the name ‘wrong’ name during or_g@$m.

Mr and Ms Chabade, who got married on Christmas day, were in Durban for their honeymoon and, according to Mr Chabade, the two were having quality time when disaster struck.

The woman, whose name is Alice had told her husband that she was a v!r_g!n and would offer him her v!r_g!n!ty at the honeymoon. The husband, Joel  was looking forward to being the first man for her wife and even paid lobola in full.

On their wedding night, Joel reports that they started heating things up.

“I have slept with other girls before meeting Alice and since she told me she was inexperienced, I was guiding her but I was totally taken aback because she seemed quiet experienced”, the husband said.

He also told media of how during p3_n3trat!0n, he did not struggle. “I went in easily and did not pay much attention to it because I was in the ‘zone'”, he said. Things quickly went awry when Alice screamed out “Mike”. At first Joel ignored it but then Alice let out another ear-piercing Mike that Joel stopped to process what had just happened.

Realising her mistake, Alice asked Joel for forgiveness but Joel was having none of it.

“There is a guy called Mike who works with her and she always told me not to worry about him”, Joel told LiveMonitor.

After the incident, Joel said he divorced Alice and asked for his Lobola back but his inlaws refused to refund him. In retaliation, Joel leaked their $_3x tape.

Source : LiveMonitor
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