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Friday, April 26


SA student bust with R9m cash at OR Tambo escapes jail time

SA student bust with R9m cash at OR Tambo escapes jail time

The case of 23-year-old student Fayrooz Saleh – who was caught with US dollars worth over R9m, which she failed to declare at the OR Tambo International Airport – was concluded in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court last week.

In a written plea agreement, the student, who was arrested on September 11 2018 on her way to Hong Kong, shed light on where she had obtained the cash.

“The accused had travelled to Hong Kong after a long-time friend of hers, Mr Faisal Jamal, had asked that she should assist him to purchase goods,” the plea agreement read.

The goods she was to buy were listed as “PlayStations, game consoles, iPhones, laptops, iPads, notebooks, desktops, cellphones, jewellery, clothes and accessories”.

“[Jamal] paid for her return ticket and said everything will be taken care of, including accommodation and food upon her arrival,” the agreement read.

“The accused was only advised after her arrest and release from custody by Mr Jamal that the money that was in her possession belonged to a businessman called Mr Ravichandren Dhurgasamy.”

Shortly after Saleh’s arrest, Sars said she initially denied having the $630,700 with her, but this was uncovered when her luggage was searched.

This led to the state arguing that Saleh had intentionally failed to declare the large sum of money that she had in her possession.

Both the state and Saleh’s lawyer reached an agreement on her sentence, which saw Saleh escape jail time.

The agreement read: “The accused is sentenced to a fine of R200,000 or 24 months imprisonment.

“It is ordered … that the whole of this sentence be suspended for a period of three years, on condition that the accused is not convicted in contravention of section 15(1) of the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964 or an offence of which dishonesty is an element and for which imprisonment without the option of a fine is imposed during the period of suspension.”

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Tuesday, April 16


Former President Robert Mugabe To Spend 29 Days In Hospital

Former President Robert Mugabe To Spend 29 Days In Hospital

Former President Robert Mugabe will spend 29 days in a Singapore hospital for treatment, current President
Emmerson Mnangagwa revealed.
Mugabe will miss Independence Day celebrations for the second time in a row after being ousted from office
in a military coup in November 2017.

Mnangagwa revealed Mugabe’s whereabouts during an interview with ZBCtv on Saturday. He said:
He has not been feeling well. At the age of 95, I think he is reasonably in good health. Currently
he is not in the country. He left on the 2nd of April to Singapore, he will be way for about 29
days and he will come back.

I am making sure that I do the facilitation for him to receive treatment, take him to Singapore
and to bring him back, all the facilities, I make sure that it is done.
Mugabe has shunned the limelight since his humiliation in 2017. His last public appearance was on election
day on July 30, 2018, where he implicitly declared that he would vote for MDC president Nelson Chamisa.
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JOHANNESBURG – Mpumalanga police have arrested 38 people in Kwaggafontein after they torched offices, vandalised computers and looted foreign-owned shops.

The unrest started on Monday and continued into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Residents are protesting over a lack of services in the area.

The demonstrations have also spread to nearby areas, including Baberton.

The police's Leonard Hlathi says: “The Kwaggafontein protest continued up until the early hours of the morning. Our police were busy making sure that the area is declared safe; the road which was barricaded, the Moloto Road, has been opened.

“Our police will remain in that area up until everything returns to normalcy .”
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Pictures: Grandmother of a 21 years old Mobje rapist killed by the community for allegedly hiding a rapist

Photos: Grandmother of a Mobje rapist in Kubyana Village killed by the community for allegedly hiding a rapist

Bolobedu South residents gathered at morutji four ways last night and managed to assassinate the grandmother of a rapist.

She is accused of hiding him, protecting him & bragging that she gave him a muti to save himself so that no one can catch him.

As you know that police in Bolobedu South worthless, they didn't even show themselves, they been failing to arrest a young boy hiding around & raping kids.Now there's more than ten police vans at Kubyana Village since last night.

We know our police are good at arresting innocent people, the rapist still on the run, a young boy 21 years without any weapons running around day and night and boasting about it on Facebook.

While we still on police issue, those people who were attending court case of 2015 Bolobedu south worst case that police killed innocent kids, they recently sentenced about six years in prison for public violence.

Back to the rapist issue, policeman issued some pamphlets of his pictures for those who don't know him, you can also check his pictures of his Facebook by the name of Lister Prince. Some few weeks ago his home was burned at Mopye village but he continued to rape kids, no one knows where he stays, it suspected that thers people who are hiding him around bolobedu south between Marirong, khebabane/makaba, Leretjeni & khethone.

More updates coming soon
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Monday, April 8


ZIM man 'Elliot' ‘Resurrected’ by Prophet Lukau dies for real and buried

Brighton Elliot Moyo Death: ZIM man ‘Resurrected’ by Prophet Lukau dies for real buried

Resurrected Zimbabwean man, Elliot Moyo, dead and buried in South Africa

After being allegedly resurrected by South African prophet, Pastor Alph Lukau back in February, Zimbabwean born Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo has died.

Moyo made waves across the whole world after a video in which he was allegedly raised from the dead after 3 days went viral although Pastor Lukau later backtracked on his claims and accused Moyo’s family of staging the miracle.

According to local publication H-Metro, Brighton died last week in a village called St Luke’s in South Africa. Unfortunately for Brighton, there was no resurrection this time and he was buried on Saturday. He is survived by his wife only as they had no children.  A close family member who spoke to H-Metro said,

His stomach started swelling and didn’t stop for three days and on the third day, he died.

According to other reports, when Brighton joined Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries International there were reports that he was HIV positive and he had kidney failure and he also had TB (tuberculosis).

When reached for comment, officials from the church stressed that what happened in February was not a

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Sunday, March 31


Pictures: Jacob Zuma in his fancy swimming pool 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'

Watch photos: Jacob Zuma swimming in his fancy pool 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'

Indeed ubaba former president Jacob Zuma can swim and do various styles of swimming. President Zuma remains the most charismatic leader in the world.

President Jacob Zuma tweeted photos of him swimming moving backward, the president seem to ke enjoying life without us.

 - Mzansi stories
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Friday, March 29


Zodwa Wabantu 'No Need to Audition me, i am Ready To Play Lebo Mathosa'

No Need For Auditions Zodwa Feels Ready To Play Lebo Mathosa

Zodwa Wabantu says there is no need for auditions for The Lebo Mathosa Story role.

“They should give it to me…I will nail it,” she said.

She said it will be easy for her to nail the role because she and Lebo are the same in many aspects.

According to SowetanLIVE, BET Africa announced that it will producing a biopic entitled The Lebo Mathosa Story detailing the life and career of the late South African singer, Lebo Mathosa. The biopic is set to be released later this year in September and auditions for the role of the singer will ensue at the end of this month in the city of Johannesburg.

Lebo Mathosa passed away 12 years ago at the age of 29-years-old in a horrific car accident. Like so many entertainers, her life and career were cut short just as she had reached the peak. The news of her death rocked South Africans.

Mathosa, who started off in the iconic kwaito group, Boom Shaka, went off on her own and began what would become an extremely successful solo career. She was known for her signature blond hair, sexy on-stage ensembles and fiery performances. Hits like “Free” and “Dangerous” from her Legends album took South Africa by storm and had many South Africans enamored with the singer to the extent that they nicknamed her “The New Madonna of the Townships”.

Speaking on the upcoming biopic, Monde Twala, the vice-president for youth, music and BET at Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) said, “Lebo was a pivotal voice of her generation and her legacy continues to inspire. It’s about time we share her untold story with audiences across the continent.”

South Africans are currently debating which celebrities should play the role of Lebo Mathosa with suggestion ranging from dancer Zodwa Wabantu, TV personality Denise Zimba to even Bonang Matheba.
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'Why Man Are Afraid To Date us Successful Women, Im rich and single'

Why Men Are Afraid To Date Successful Women -  'Im rich and single'

DAILY Sun asked SunReaders on Facebook why most men don’t want to date independent women.

And many men had a lot to say.

– Ta Dorana said: “They tend to treat us like their children. They send us to the shop. They want us to take off their shoes. They want us to put their phones on the charger. They want us to bring them toothpicks. They want us to hang their underwear. They don’t want to have sex when you want. They want to have sex when you don’t want. They must just go buy sex toys.”

– Jay Marhamela said: “Men are not shallow like women. We don’t care about you having a job or looking like Barbie. We want respect and personality.”

- Katlego Phillimon said: “Who said we don’t want date them? We approach them and they reject us.” Even the women shared their thoughts on the matter.

– Vinolia Mogashoa said the men were lying. “It’s jealousy, intimidation, weakness and low self-esteem. A confident man is boss. Money or not, educated or not, successful women respect a confident man,” she said.

– Shalom Kgosigadi said: “Most men are afraid of being challenged. Successful and independent women question what is deemed as common sense, therefore some men want to be authoritarian and disregard women.”
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Wednesday, March 27


Man stabs girlfriend for KFC's streetwise two he bought for his p_regnant wife.

Man stabs girlfriend for KFC's streetwise two he bought for his wife.

A South African man stabbed his Zimbabwean girlfriend for eating his wife's streetwise two. The man apparently sent his wife and his kids home to his mother during the festives promising to join them soon which he never did.

He sent them away so he can invite his girlfriend he met five months ago to the house. They spent the festives together and he spent all his bonuses on her.

His wife back at home took her kids to her mother and stayed there weeks after her husband kept lying about coming.

The man finally went to Machonisa this January and he was able to send his wife money to come back to Gauteng but leave the kids as they still had issues iron out.

The man told his girlfriend to leave the house as his wife is coming back. He went to KFC and bought his wide her favourite meal,streetwise two.

He told the girlfriend to wait for him as he bathed he will walk her to the taxi rank.  The girlfriend sadly assumed the meal was hers and ate it all up.

The man got furious when he saw an empty box of his wife's favourite meal and fetched a knife from the kitchen and stabbed his girlfriend on the leg two times shouting that was my last money and the only way I could win my family back you s##t
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28 year old female sexually frustrated because sex will kill her according to doctors

28year old female sexually frustrated because sex will kill her according to doctors

PEARL Tshabalala has been told she will die if she pokes.
The 28-year-old from Katlehong in Ekurhuleni was in tears when she recently told Daily Sun she was operated on but still didn’t know what was wrong with her.
“After the operation, I was advised by a surgeon that I have blocked tubes and can’t have sex or I will die,” she said.

The mum of three said she was admitted to Thelle Mogoerane Hospital last month and stayed for almost three weeks.

She was admitted after she started experiencing abdominal pains and constantly vomited.

On her arrival, Pearl was told her appendix was infected, but she was later told she had ovarian cysts, then fibroids and then cancer.

However, after the operation she was never told what was wrong.
Pearl said she was left incapable of even going to the toilet alone and her mum had to bathe her.
“The treatment I received from the hospital was terrible. The first night I slept on a stretcher in the hall and nurses wouldn’t help me go to the bathroom,” she said.

Hospital acting CEO Michael Malaka said Pearl was recently contacted.
“She will be reassessed by a specialist. Her mum stated she was not happy with the way her daughter was treated,” he said.
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Pictures: Missing 6 years old Elim girl, found murdered behind school

Pictures: Missing 6 years old Elim girl,  found murdered behind school

A man taken in for questioning in connection with the murder of a six-year-old girl in Elim, near Bredasdorp, has not yet been charged.

The 35-year-old suspect remains in police custody.

Delvina Europa's body was found among bushes behind a school in the area during a community search on Tuesday.

She was last seen on Sunday.

Police are also investigating whether the little girl was raped.

Community worker Lana O'Neil said that the child's family and the Elim community are distraught.

"She was quite a happy and jolly person is what I understand. If I look at the [social media] profiles of one of the aunts, she said: 'We'll miss you, you were so much fun.' So I believe she was a jolly child."

O'Neil said the man taken in for questioning in connection with Delvina's murder is known in the community.

The 35-year-old man taken in for questioning is still in police custody. O'Neil said relatives and residents are reeling as the child's murder comes just months after the sudden death of her mother in December.

O'Neil said Delvina's aunt assumed she was staying over at a neighbour's house on Sunday night.

But she disappeared after being spotted walking into a bushy area with a person.

Source:Eyewitness News
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THOBELA FM presenter Kwenisto Makgakga fired over comments he made about King Monada on New Year’s Eve 2018

THOBELA FM presenter Kwenisto Makgakga fired over comments he made about King Monada on New Year’s Eve 2018

Kwenisto and DJ Boeli were suspended  and asked to provide reasons why their contracts should not be terminated.

This came after King Monada’s hit song Malwedhe was beaten by Master KG’s Skeleton Move to be crowned the summer song of last year on the radio station.

This led to the station and the two being accused by social media users of tampering with the list.

The two made comments on the issue, which fuelled the flames of the social media attacks.

Kwenisto wrote on Facebook that King Monada’s manager, Albert Makwela, was destroying his talent.

SABC spokeswoman Neo Momudu said the station had noted comments made by the two on social media platforms, which management considered to be inappropriate.

As a result both had been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

An insider also revealed that every employee at the station was sent an email telling them to submit their qualifications as soon as possible.

Makwela said he and King Monada were aware that Kwenisto and the producer had developed a hatred for them after they did not agree to perform at their events last month as the fee was too low.

“Whatever is happening at Thobela FM is not our business.

 “Our focus is giving the best music we can to our fans,” said Makwela.

Today few hours ago Kwenisto posted on his Facebook account about his dismissal and told fans that he is going to miss them.

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Tuesday, March 26


Bolobedu girl build a one bedroom house for her 2 kids after a cement truck collapsed.

Pictures:Bolobedu women build a one bedroom house for her two kids after a cement truck collapsed.

A women from Mamphakhathi village in Limpopo Bolobodu (Tzaneen) area managed to move out of a shack to a one bedroom house with her two children from different fathers since she is a single parent.

When a cement truck lost control and collapsed, it was a breakthrough for other people like this lady who happened to build a one bedroom house from cement collected from an incident scene.

A source close to the anonymous girl told Mzansi Stories that the girl is struggling to survive and she is only depending on social Grant's money she receive monthly for her two kids.

According to the source the girl has been struggling to save money from social grant she receive to buy Clements to build a house since she was staying in a shack.

 -Mzansi Stories 
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Monday, March 25


Woman attacked with hammers during a hijack

Woman attacked with hammers during a hijack

Blythe Mason-Boyle was attacked by hijackers using hammers while leaving a gym.

So last night at around 8pm whilst leaving the gym I was attacked by 2 men with hammers for the sake of an Audi A1.

Ladies and Gents PLEASE all be extra vigilant when getting into your cars after dark. Take that extra bit of time to check your surrounding area and study the people around you. Stay safe,You never know what’s around the corner!❤️


If anybody saw anything between 8:00 and 8:05 by Énergie fitness sheldon gym please contact me!
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#CycloneIdai Miracle…. Brave Woman Gives Birth Trapped On A Tree Branch

#CycloneIdai Miracle…. Brave Woman Gives Birth Trapped On A Tree Branch

Chimanimani woman gives birth trapped on a tree branch.

A brave woman gave birth while marooned by the devastating cyclone Idai.

Stuck on a tree branch, Tariro Guvakuva of Chimanimani found grace as she was able to deliver her baby while marooned, thanks to the heroic feat of the husband, who immediately assumed the role of a midwife.
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Sunday, March 24


Woman Delivers Baby Boy On The Roadside - watch this shocking video

Woman Delivers Baby Boy On The Roadside - watch this shocking video 

Community members came together to help a mother who gave birth on the road on Monday.

One of the residents, Olivia Adams of Hillview rushed outside after her daughter told her that a woman was giving birth on the street next to the tuck shop in Southern Hills.

“She was screaming very loud and I could already see the baby’s head,” said Olivia.

Olivia said the woman gave birth to a baby boy.

“I covered her with a blanket while her sister removed the afterbirth,” she said.

Olivia said the mother was identified as Fazlin Jonas of Lavender Hill.

“She only had a bag with tins and other items. No baby stuff and said she didn’t know she was pregnant,” said Olivia.

Western Cape Government Health spokeswoman, Monique Johnstone, confirmed that the mother and baby are currently being treated at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Olivia is now appealing to people to donate baby clothing, nappies and toiletries for the baby.

“If you would like to assist, please contact Fazlin’s mother, Faeeza Jonas, on 076 032 0273. Donations can also be dropped off at 13 Kepel Court, Lavender Hill.”

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HE was always mocked for being a 26-year-old virgin!

So he bought a magosha after he got his first paycheck.

But Teboho Maoa from Celeb Motshabi kasi in Mangaung, Free State, now believes he’s cursed as he only gets an erection for magoshas.

Tebogo claimed he can’t keep women as his 4-5 lets him down in bed.

“I’ve had seven girlfriends after breaking my virginity with a magosha, and they all left me because I can’t satisfy them in bed.”

“I had stayed a virgin because I wanted to build a stable future for myself before I had a girlfriend and children.”

He said he got his first job in 2017 as a shepherd.

“I decided to treat myself with a magosha when I got my first salary. I spent about R600 that day, but I’ve become addicted to magoshas since then,” he said.

Tebogo said he had to come up with excuses why his 4-5 didn’t want to get up.

He said he visited a clinic and was given medication, but it didn’t help.

“I’ve also tried seeking help from sangomas, who give me muthi to drink.

“I need help as I’m looking to settle down and have children,” he said.

One of Teboho’s ex-girlfriends, Palesa Motaung, said: “I dumped him because he’s useless in bed. He’s a good man but I also need to be satisfied.”

Sangoma Kingsley Maboe said Teboho needed to be cleansed by a strong sangoma.

“He’s carrying a curse which was passed on by someone he slept with,” said the sangoma.

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ZCC Lekganyane Builds P10m Clinic In Mmopane & a High school and this is not trending bcz it's not a miracle - Pictures

Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane Builds P10m million Clinic In Mmopane & a High school and this is not trending bcz it's not a miracle

The Zion Christian Church better known as ZCC (Naledi) has built a P10 million clinic for residents of Mmopane Block 1 and near-by villages. The clinic is named after the church's Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane's grandmother Mahlaku Lekganyane.

According to Lekganyane, his grandmother was a loving woman who was given wisdom by God that her children needed more than bread to live. He said Mahlaku had six children whom she taught to live a Christian life.

“My grandmother was also a loving person. She taught her children to love other people.  She believed in the word kamoka, where she believed that good things could be achieved when people unite and work together as one. She had a sense of community. The Republic of Botswana and South Africa are one today henceforth,” he said.

Accepting the church’s good deed, the Minister of Health and Wellness Dorcas Makgato, said the donation of the clinic could not have come at any better as the government was engaged in coming up with strategies aimed at improving healthcare. She added that their healthcare system had over the years grown from strength to strength with primary healthcare as its cornerstone. She said in pursuit of quality and safe healthcare services, the government has invested in major health infrastructure. Makgato further explained that they built healthcare facilities that deliver healthcare services at different level of care. She added that those developments ensured that healthcare services were within reach of their communities.

“The process of establishing this clinic started in October 2015 and it has been achieved today with the help of our Public Private Partnership from Kganya Botswana, a product of the ZCC. I am reliably informed that Kganya Botswana has spent over P9 million to erect this clinic,” she said.

She said  since Mmopane Block 1 had estimated population of 40,655, it was imperative that its community members have access to medical services. She said they could have built a clinic in the area back in 2010, but due to financial constraints, their goals ran futile till the church came to their rescue.

The Mahlaku Lekganyane Clinic has 21 rooms which include the reception area, screening room, consultation and observation rooms, child welfare room, restroom for health officers, pharmacy and laundry room. The clinic will be opened for eight hours.

According to the minister, 5,395 patients had already been consulted during the trials since last year November to date.

According to the former Vice President, Ponatshego Kedikilwe, the clinic started off as an idea between him and the church’s bishop back in 2014 when he expressed his concern over various issues affecting Batswana such as HIV and AIDS and other health-related challenges. 

“Upon the Bishop’s second visit, he expressed interest in building a clinic and that is when a few areas were selected of which after investigations we found it fit to build a clinic in Mmopane Block 1. MoHW helped us find the construction company, which was given nine months to have finished the job. The building was constructed in September last year and was finished in May this year,” he said.

Kedikilwe encouraged the community to take care of itself. He further explained that the relevance of church was to care for both members and those who do not follow it. He stated that all the churches must follow suit the examples of ZCC and practice what they preach.

According to community member, who is also a task force member, Ethel Gumede, the clinic would help her community because they would no longer have to travel long distances to access health services. She said they used to get access to health facilities in nearby areas such as Nkoyaphiri, Metsimotlhabe and Mmopane clinic that were always congested.

 “I however, urge the ministry to make this clinic operate 24 hours as we really need access to health facilities in Mmopane Block 1. We would like to have a doctor as our clinic does not have one,” she ended.
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See inside, Kwesta's luxurious wedding - This is beautiful nation celebrating

See inside, Kwesta's luxurious wedding - This is beautiful nation celebrating 

On Friday, Kwesta and his partner, Yolanda tied the knot in a star-studded wedding after being together for 8 years. Taking to Instagram, Yolanda shared a snap of her and her husband on their wedding day with a sweet caption:

"Yesterday I married my best friend. So many people to thank, I’ll get through it I promise. For now I just want to thank my husband for choosing me. I love you Mr Vilakazi," she wrote.

Take a look at the beautiful image below

Although the day was all about Kwesta and Yolanda, some of our favourite local celebrities attended and they too looked good.
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Saturday, March 23




ECONOMIC Freedom fighter leader Julius Malema says the blacks are eating worse less than the dogs of the whites. He said they are poor and government still fails them. Malema stated during the party's provincial manifesto rally held in Riba Cross outside Burgersfort in Limpopo on Saturday. He said the part is here to rescue the poor people from their sufferings.

"We can't even be worse than the dogs of the whites. Even dogs of Cyril Ramaphosa are not eating the food worthing R10 but when this government increases social grant for our children they add just R10. This must come to and end. The dogs of the whites are not even eating bones but they eat meat and leave the bones to be disposed but we eat bones," said Malema.

He promised the supporters that after they win the elections in May the ancestors will welcome them with a rainfall. He said immediately after that they will arrest former President Jacob Zuma and followed by Cyril Ramaphosa and their fellow comrades.

"They may think they are off the hook now about the people who were killed in Marikana but after the 8 May 2019 we will be working hard. Mama Winny Mandela would have gave us the red signal by then. Nelson Mandela will be smiling in his grave when we deal with them," he said.
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