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Thursday, October 13


Slow poison Chapter 30

It was a long wait for everyone, for few minutes there, the lounge was dead quiet
it was no lie that everybody was anxious and curious to know who tommy called
Teekay had tucked himself nicely in Lani's arms who held her close tightly as if he was afraid that if he loosen the grip the woman he loves will slip away
He really had no intentions of loosing her this time around
And teekay felt like she was blessed to have a man who was willing to fight for her through thick and thin
Grace on the far end couch had her head buried in the ground
Still confused and lost at what reaLly was happening
A lot of possible scenarios were playing in her head
She thought that maybe jamal finally found out the real deal about her unusual relationship with vusi and has brought police to arrest her
I mean that was the only possible explanation for his presence in vusi's house
She kept swallowing saliva that wasn't even there
On the two seater couch sat Vusi who was busy attending to the bullet hole in his hand
The bullet had pass through his palm leaving a large hole in the centre of his hand
He still winched in pain
And part of him wanted so badly to pick up his gun from the floor
And shoot straight at Thulani's chest silencing him for good
But with such a full house it was hard to do such a thing
Near the door stood jamal who was busy tapping his shoe on the ground much to everyone's irritation
With such quietness the shoe tapping sound seemed to be louder
Like a buzzing bee on your ear
The sound was so annoying and unbearable but nobody dared told him to stop
Alex sat near the steps, he was really trying to dismiss the pain that came from the gun wound in his leg
The only thoughts that ran in his mind was how messed up his friend's father was
It really amazed him how a father can detest his own son like that
He really hated how vusi tempered with Thulani's recovering progress
This stunt he pulled has driven thulani back into the gutter no doubt
Just when his friend was becoming a better man, his father decided to become the enemy of progress
He kept stAring sharply at Vusi who kept looking at the gun on the floor
Alex could see that vusi was planning something sinister so he decided to keep a close eye on him
Tommy was busy browsing nothing in his phone
He waited eagerly for mxo to make his entrance
Part of his heart was a bit relieved knowing that finally his brother's death will be accounted for
He was happy that there was gonna be no escape for grace this time around
Suddenly everyone's heart rate elevated upon hearing the firm footsteps that was heard on the other side of the door
Everybody waited eagerly to see the face on the other side of the door
Those few steps seemed to be longer than they usually take that day for vusi
He anticipated every sounds made on the other side of the wall
For once everyone in the house ,with the exception of jamal and tommy, were afraid of the unknown
Hearts were ready to fly out their chest when a soft knock was heard on the door
Tommy who was standing near the door held the door handle
He swayed it down and the glass door opened a bit enough for him to be able to peek
" Ey boss kushubile" tommy said to the person who was on the other side of the door
" Kantsi kwentekani ( what's happening)" the voice on the other side responded
Upon hearing that voice thando quickly recognized it
While Grace so sure that she knew that voice froze on that couch
Her mind entered the in denial
She held for his dear life on the leather couch
Her long artificial nails clawed in deeper leaving bits of holes in the arm rest of the couch
" UTatibonela boss yonke lentfo yinyakanyaka nje ( you will see for your self boss, this whole thing is just a mess)" tommy said
He opened the door a Bit wider, stepped aside and allowed mxolisi to step in
All eyes were on the door and to some their expectations were shattered and to some they were gruesome while others remained in the dark and confused when mxolisi walked in
" Papa" teekay said running to her dad
She literally jumped on him and hung her hands around his neck
Mxolisi as confused as hell held on tight to his little girL
His mind wondered what was thando doing in Vusi's house
" What are you doing here dad" thando asked curiously still tucked in her dad arms
" I should be asking you that same question
What are you doing here, ain't you suppose to be in school" mxolisi asked
" No,,, you are dead, jamal he is dead isn't he
I.... I saw you drinking the water
The police confirmed your death
Owh lord you are a ghost,, but isn't it too soon for you to become a ghost
Jamal tell me am seeing things" a deranged Grace said pointing her finger at mxolisi
" Don't worry baby, you are not crazzy just yet you still intact
I told you a storm was coming, you should have listened to me and got an umbrella for your evil heart" jamal responded sarcastically with a conniving smile
" Yes grace as you can see I am very much alive
Sorry to have busted your bubbles" mxolisi said breaking the hug with thando
He headed towards grace
" No.. Jamallll" that's all grace managed to say before she felt so suffocated
A hot rush of air took over her surrounding
She tried making a fan with her hand but at that point and time her hand was rendered useless
It didn't produce adequate air
So as a results she collapsed on the couch
" Owh not so soon devil's advocate you can't play dead just yet
There's still a lot you need to answer for" jamal said shaking her
" Can someone get us a glass of cold water" tommy said
Thulani ran to the kitchen to get the water
While teekay ran to her mother's unconscious body
"Mom please wake up, please can somebody please wake her up
Please" teekay cried out busy shaking her
Tommy had to pull her away
Tommy: don't worry nana she will be ohk she just fainted that's all
Jamal: besides she won't die just yet
She has a lot to answer for before faking her early death
Teekay: what's really going on here dad, why are you here
Can anyone please explain to me what's the real connection here
From this man( pointing at vusi) trying
To kill me and kidnapping me
To you guys being gathered In his living room
"Trying to kill you, am sorry what,
Did I just hear you saying that this goat here kidnapped you" mxolisi asked so amazed
without even waiting for a respond mxo flew to the couch where vusi was sitting and a very hard mind blowing punch landed on vusi's cheek
" You bursted, you laid your filthy hands on my daughter how dare you" mxo said punching vusi repeatedly
Until the guys jumped in and tried pulling him away from vusi who was trying to fight back but couldn't really because of his wounded hand
" No let me beat the bullshit out of him" mxo yelled trying to break free from the guys grasp
Tommy: boss you have to remember why you are here
You can't kill the guy just yet
We need answers remember
Teekay: and can we get them now please because I am actually dying to know what's going on
Right then Thulani came back with the jug of cold water
" Ah finally, can we wake her up already" jamal said
He took the jug from thulani and poured the cold water roughly on Grace's face
" God please don't kill me" she screamed and gasped rapidly before sitting up straight
" Relax would you, I doubt God can kill you now
Infact I don't think he even want to have your black blood soiled in his hands
So sorry madam don't flatter yourself although for your evil deeds you deserve the most horrible death
Just like the one you brought upon my brother" jamal said furiously
" What, baby what are you talking about and how is mxolisi here you said the poison was...." She kept quiet upon seeing her daughter's sharp gaze
" ReaLly you don't know what am talking about
You are a murderer woman" jamal yelled with so much anger
Tommy: brother please come down
Jamal: no, I have held back so much for far too long
This woman is a murder, she killed our little brother
Grace: whoaw am sorry what, what are you talking about
Can someone clarify what he is talking about
Teekay: tommy what is your friend talking about
Tell him to stop, he can't just label my mother as a murder
Dad say something
mxolisi cleared his throat
" Am sorry to be a carrier of bad news honey but jamal is telling the whole truth
Your mother here is a monster in the flesh
She has a lot of explaining to do starting from the innocent ten year old young boy she got killed in order to stage a killing of my son
And how she planned to kill me" mxolisi said
" Not my mother
Mother tell me that's a lie
Mom can't do that, she will never do something like that
And she can't go as far as trying To kill you dad
This is just madness
Its insane" teekay said refusing to believe the bitter truth that had just surface about her mother
She felt like she was about to hit the ground as her knees were failing her
So she acquired balance to the person she trusted the most which was Thulani
" Its ohk hlehle, we'll get to the bottom of this" lani said brushing her back
Teekay: its a lie, mom please tell them its a lie
Jamal: jah grace tell us, are we really lying
What's the real deal between you and vusi accept for the fact that you two are banging of'cause
Grace: baby please
"Which one is your real baby again, is it me or your supposedly dead husband or vusi" jamal said
Grace: jamal please, you know its you i love
I can do anything for you, for us
Think about our baby
She/he needs us both
" So this is the father of your baby, the guy you dumped me for" vusi talked for the first time since mxolisi walked in
Grace: yes vusi, he is the father of my child and I love him
Jamal laughed so hard, mxo and tommy joined in that laughter
" You really are that naïve to believe that I impregnated you
I can never do such a thing, you are not really pregnant grace
And for your information there never was an "us"
This whole thing was a setup
We staged everything just like you staged the death of your soon to be ex husband's son
The doctor injected you with a pregnancy hormone
Its fake you not caring any child
Well definitely not my child " jamal said inbetween the laughter
Grace: baby please don't say that, you know am carrying your child
And what we had was real, think of all the time we spend together it was real
I love you
Vusi: really, you are so pathetic grace
I can't believe how much stupid you can get
I can't believe you left me for something that was not there
You got played sweety
Grace: no I refuse to believe it
Mxo: then why don't you ask your self why am still alive
Its because I came up with the plan of killing me
I drew the plan to jamal and he simply carried it out
There never was real poison in that bottle
It was just pure water
Grace: but, but the police called, they said you died in that car accident
Mxo: yeah a police called and it was tommy
There never was any accident
Knowing how heartless you can be I knew that you would never follow up
I knew that you wouldn't have bothered going to the police station to identify my body
And you did just that, you proved me right
And now you gonna go down for attempted murder
Mxolisi said that taking out and playing a tap recording of grace stating how she poisoned his husband's water in her conversation with jamal
Grace was so crushed upon hearing that
She was literally speechless well mostly because of the look her daughter gave her upon hearing that tape
The look was so intense and carried so much hatred
" So jamal you are a police" grace finally said
Jamal: yeah grace me and my brother tommy here are actually working for the law
And we are about to close the case that was left cold 15 years ago
Right now we are wearing wires
Detectives are listening to this conversation
You better start explaining what happened 15 years ago or be prepared to be locked up for a very long time
Grace: I have no idea what you are talking about
Jamal: really, so can Mr Ngwenya back you up in that
Vusi can you testify to this woman's claims and be dragged down with her or are you ready to start talking
Vusi, feeling so cornered and under pressure saw no need protecting a woman who didn't even love him
He looked at her for a while
Grace slowly shook her head alerting him not to speak
But vusi had no reason to protect her
" I will talk only if I get immunity" vusi said
" Vusi its me, you can't betray me like that
When I go down you will go down with me" grace blabbed looking all scared
Tommy: don't worry mr ngwenya just talk and immunity will be granted to you
Grace: no baby no, I will be with you
I will spend the rest of my life with you
Just don't do this
Vusi just gave her a death stare
" Well it all started 16 years ago, this woman right here had this master plan to cut all ties between her sister and his husband
I had knew her from university cause we once dated there but lost contact after we graduated
So when I met her four years later old flames were restored
And she told me that she needed help
She was so convincing about how her husband abused her and cheated on her with her sister hence the outcome was a son
Grace wanted that son gone
She wanted to hurt her sister so badly but couldn't soiled her hands with family blood
That's when she looked for a young orphan whom nobody will lay claim on to stage a perfect plan
She asked me to get some strong guys for her to do the job
That's when I told her about stone and sgiva
Two guys who were gonna do a clean job
She hired them to kill that young boy
The plan was to smash him beyond recognition then deem him as her sister's son
I was friends with the doctor who examined the body so we paid him to say that the death boy was indeed her sister's son
Then later she showed up with a young boy on my door step and asked me to raise as my own in return we will recandle our
And because I still loved her I agreed
But she master minded everything" vusi said
Mxo: and then the boy where is he
Vusi's continuous gaze at thulani just confirmed the most thing everybody knew
While some were still in the dark
Mxolisi headed to thulani and grabbed his arm
And the birth mark embedded on his arm just confirmed the story
Mxolisi knew that birth mark because tinyiko also had it
And he knew that Thulani bear the mark from birth
" Omg its him, its really is him
He still has her mother's eyes" mxolisi said with a sad but most joyful tone
His voice trembled
While everyone stood awkwardly waiting for what was to follow
Thulani: what's going on, why are you looking at my arm
Mxo: that's because I know that mark
Your mother has it too
You are indeed my son
" Am sorry what!!!" Teekay said astonished by what she just heard
Mxo: she is your brother babygirl, well your half brother but you still binded by my blood, i know this is a lot and new but I will explain everything to you
" No,,, hell no" both Thulani and Teekay said
Thulani: no, not this, you can't be my father
Well...she can't be my sister
Well please don't be my father, tell me this a joke please
" Mom please tell me this is not true" Teekay said with a shaky voice with tears already in her chin
Her mom wailed a bit louder, she staggered a bit as if someone had died
" Am sorry baby but its true, its all true
He is your half brother, you two are siblings
You share the same father
I am so sorry, I didn't mean for things to get this out of hands" grace finally said
That harsh truth cut deeply into Teekay's heart
It was so overwhelming, it all felt unreal
"No, I impregnated my own sister" Thulani said with his hands on his head
" What!!!!" Everybody exclaimed
Teekay: am pregnant?
Thulani: no you lost the baby in the drug overdose incident
I couldn't tell you because I didn't wanna break your heart
Mxo: whoa wait, you two slept together
Thulani: we are or should I say were dating
Jamal: now that's something we don't see everyday
Alex: its really is a fucked up shit
"And all because of one heartless monster of a woman
I hate you and from today you seize to be my mom" teekay said
she then ran out of the house, her mom tried calling her name but Thando was long gone
tommy ran after her while without thinking twice a bullet shot through vusi's skull and he fell on the couch with blood covering his face
Busy weekend (wedding vibes)
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Thursday, October 6


Slow poison Chapter 29


We made sure that we had eliminated all my father's thugs
Then my guys took the bodies of our two fallen solders and exited the compound with them
I was gonna meet them later at the shack
I went back to the house and my father was now dressed in a long trek pants and a long sleeve t-shirt
Hlehle's mother was dressed in his t-shirt and had on a towel around her waist
" What you know, the love birds are still here" I said
My father couldn't even answer, he was clearly amazed seeing me still breathing
Him: owh so you are back
Me: well you should know that a man never sends boys to do a man's job
Him: clear enough
Me: now daddy dearest you have a lot of questions to answer before I blow out your brains
I pointed a gun in his face
" What has really gotten into you, what do you want from me boy
Do you really think I will let you just kill me" my dad said taking out a gun
I just smiled sarcastically,
Me: now we shall see who can pull the trigger faster then
" Guys you need to stop this, enough with this madness ohk" hlehle's mother interjected
Me: owh no your boyfriend needs to answer few questions first
Starting with who is my father
Hlehle's mother coughed continuously
"I need water, vusi can I get a glass of water please"
Me: nobody is going anywhere
Answer me dad, are you really my father
If so then who was my mother, can you atleast show me her picture
And explain to me why don't i remember my life before I was 10
The room was dead quiet
" Answer me dammit" I yelled louder
Before anybody could talk hlehle entered the room looking all kinds of horrible
She was followed by an injured alex
Her eyes met with mine, from what was written in her face I could tell that she was dead stunned seeing me carrying a gun
I didn't know what to do, I really had hoped that she will never have to see this side of me
I was caught in continuing pointing the gun at my dad or just let it down
Upon entering the lounge I literary froze
My knees trembled
I couldn't believe the scene enrolling right infront of eyes
I couldn't believe that it was my
Lani pointing a gun at someone like thAt
Then on the side was my mother who looked like she had seen a ghost she was sitting on the other couch
I couldn't really understand what she was doing with a towel wrapped around her waist and a dodgy t-shirt
" What's really going on here" I asked hoping to clear my confusion
" Owh baby are you ohk, did he hurt you" lani asked
He ran towards me and hugged me with one hand
I just buried myself in his chest and sob for a while
" They had me tied up like some pathetic dog
Why, why would he do that to me" I staggered
I really let the pain took over me
Lani brushed my back for a while until I was completely calm
When I felt better we broke the hug
I stared deeply in his eyes
We were about to kiss when my mom cleared her throat
" Umh baby girl am so glad you are ohk" she said standing up from the couch
She came towards me and tried hugging me forcing me to break the hug with Lani
I broke the hug then hugged her briefly
" Why are you here, what are doing here mom " I asked breaking the hug
Thulani: good question maybe she and my father can explain
Her: uhm ehh baby
Me: mom please, why are you in the house of a man who held me hostage wearing only but a towel
What are you doing here and how do you know this man
Her: well I came here looking for you baby
Me: really, wearing a towel
She kept quiet
Thulani: maybe dad here can clarify starting from why he had you drugged
And why he kidnapped you
Not forgetting explaining to me who my father is
Lani pointed the gun at his father again
" Start talking dammit" Lani said getting rather angry
I didn't blame him though I also felt so much anger and hatred towards his heartless father
I mean I did nothing to him and yet he just woke up and saw it best to just ruin my life
Without any notice the fire arm went off
My mother and I screamed and just then tommy and some guy rushed in pointing guns at thulani who had fired a shot
Shooting the hand his father was holding a gun with
He screamed so loud in pain and his gun scattered on the floor
" The next one is gonna be in your head dad, you better start talking right now" thulani proceeded
" Please come down dude, put the gun down" tommy said
Me: tommy what are doing here
Tommy: I should be asking you that question, ain't you suppose to be in school
"Jam....jamal, how did you get here and why are you with tommy" my mom said
Now she really looked like she has seen a real ghost
She was so sweaty and for a while there couldn't breathe
" Well,, well ,, well this has just gotten so amazing
Hi grace" the guy who was with tommy said with a side smile
I guess from the look of things he was the Jamal person
" What, why are you here" my mom said, it seemed like her mouth was running dry
She held her head and chest then tried sitting down on the couch
"Relax grace, you ain't seen nothing yet
Its about to rain cats and dogs in here
You just have to get ready for the storm that is coming it just a pity that you don't have an umbrella to protect yourself from getting wet " the jamal guy said
Mom: who are you really and what storm are you talking about
Jamal: just wait and see
A loud bang was heard, thulani had just shot the ceiling
" Can we get back to the matter at hand
Dad who is my father" thulani said pointing the gun at his father
Who was moaning in pain from his hand wound
I could see thulani's anger was getting out of control
Tommy: man please put the gun down
Thulani: no not until I get all the answers
This man needs to tell me the truth
Tommy: I believe that is the same reason we are here
Please man
You don't have to do this
We can get to the bottom of this peacefully
Thulani: who the hell are you
Tommy: put the gun down first and I will tell you all you need to know about me
Alex: please boss, put it down, let your old man speak
I walked towards him
" Kuhle no, step back" tommy said trying to stop me
Me: its ohk, he won't hurt me
I finally reached the angry thulani
I placed my hand on the hand that was holding the gun
Me: please baby put the gun down ohky, its ohk
Everything is gonna be ohk
He hesitated for a while before putting the gun down
After he had put the gun down he placed both his hands in his face
" This man has put me through so much pain
And hurting the woman I love was just the last straw
He needs to pay for what he put you through baby" he said with a broken voice
I was hurt seeing my man this vulnerable
Me: its ohky baby, you don't have to worry he will pay
" Did you just say baby, are you guys in a relationship" tommy asked
Me: yes, he is the love of my life
Tommy: owh my god
Jamal: shit now this is really fucked up
I think its time to let the boss in
Tommy took out his phone and called someone
" The coast is clear, you can now come in
And please boss prepare yourself for the worst, its a full house" tommy said before dropping the call
All eyes were on him, am sure we were all wondering who he was talking too
And what they were. Really doing here
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Slow poison Chapter 28


I carefully opened the front door leading to the lounge with Leza following behind me
By the greatest luck the door was not locked
We sneaked in slowly only to be surprised by moans and groans sounds
By the time we entered the lounge we were met by the most disgusting and horrifying images ever
My so called dad lay naked ontop of some woman
They were busy fucking in the lounge
That gruesome scene was gonna haunt me for the rest of my life
Leza quickly took their clothes ant threw them at the back of the other couch
" What the fuck, geez in the lounge really
That's really disgusting
You should atleast have the decency to lock the door before engaging in such act" I yelled in annoyance
they quickly got up
" Damn boy what are you doing in my house" vusi said
The woman quickly ran around Looking for her clothes
But since the clothes were nowhere she took the couch cloth and wrapped it around her body
My dad pull up his boxer which rested on his knees
" What the hell do you want in my house boy" my dad yelled a bit louder
" Fuck that, where the hell is she dad, where the hell is she" I said pointing a gun at him
But the dude hardly showed any emotions
He just laughed sarcastically
"Ohk so its funny, am now a clown" I said getting worked up
" You will not shoot me boy, we both know you are too weak to pull the trigger
You can never kill your own father" he said
Me: owh you right, maybe I can't shoot you coz I still need some answers from you
But I can shoot her
I pointed the gun at that skunk of a woman he was with
" Aibo vusi khuta, you can't let him shoot me
What the hell is he even talking about" the woman said
" Put the gun down boy, you have no idea what you are doing
Put the fucken gun down right now" my dad said
Me: hell no dad, not until I get the validation that she is still alive
Alex: sho boss
Me: take the passage it will take you down to the basement
Go free her
Dad you give him the basement key or I blow your floozy's brains out
Vusi: fine, its in the room divider on the upper layer
Alex searched for the keys, he got them and went down the passage
" I swear if she's hurt in any way I will shoot this woman" I said
" Its funny how you so hell bent on shooting that woman, do you even know who she is" dad said with a smirk in his face
He clearly was happy with whatever was happening at that moment
" What's really going on vusi, who is he talking about
Who is in the basement" the woman asked with confusion written well all over her face
" Go on dad, tell her how much of a bastard you are
Tell her how you orchestrated a plan to get An innocent girl killed
Tell her just how heartless you are
Tell her about the young girl you are holding hostage on the basement" I yelled
" What girl, what the hell is really going on here vusi" the woman said
Vusi: well he is talking about his girlfriend
Her: what girlfriend
Vusi: thando of'cause
Her: omg what, you mean they, you are telling me that they are together
Owh vusi no, you are lying, it can't be
It jut...
The woman was clearly worked up, she was sweating and tried blowing air on her face with her left hand
Which was very astonishing to me
Why was she bothered about My relationship with thando
I mean she was just a stranger
Vusi: yes grace you got it right, they are dating or should I say sleeping together
Thulani here is dating your daughter
"What, dad did you just say her daughter
So are you telling me that this woman right here is Hlehle's mother
You are sleeping with my girlfriend's mother
Whoa just great, how do you even know her
How low can you get
And you woman how can you sleep with a man who Almost killed your daughter
Are you in this together, did you plan all this shit with him
What kind of a mother are you" I Hissed rather shocked to the core by what I just heard
Her: no, no don't tell me you slept with my daughter
She said her eyes clouded in tears, she seemed rather unsettled and troubled
While my dad just let out a side smile
"They slept together alright" he said still smiling
Her: and you let them, how could you
You know the implication
How can you let this happen vusi
Dad: heyyi they are adults ohk I couldn't have just stood in their way
Me: both of you shut the hell up
Does Nobody really care about the fact that you wanted her dead
Is my relationship with her that much bigger of a deal than her life
I yelled slowly feeling the anger creeping in
Her: wait you keep saying he wanted to kill her
How do you mean
Me: don't act like you don't know
Your evil boyfriend here hired a girl to drug your daughter to death
Your daughter almost lost her life because of this man I call a father
Her: he did what, hell no vusi you didn't
You wouldn't dare
Tell me you didn't hurt my daughter in any way please
Vusi: I have no idea what he's talking about
I hired no such girl and I did nothing to your daughter
Grace you know me, you know I will never hurt you like that
Me: owh really, so you deny having thando drugged
You deny it
If I can bring your errand boy " Keegan" can he vouch for you
My dad kept quiet
Me: I thought as much
The grace woman just shook his heard in disbelief
Tears embraced her cheeks
I took a good look at her, she really did look like Hlehle
The different was hlehle was lighter in complexion than her
But her facial structure and everything else was Hlehle
Accept for her sharp nose of'cause
Its like I was watching the older vision of Hlehle
I may had lost myself in the midst of my thought
A loud gun sound brought me back to life
I had no idea what had just happened or who fired the shot
All I know is that I had a stinging sensation in my right arm
Before I knew it blood was dripping from my hoody
I lifted the sleeve up with my left hand only to realise that I've been shot
Before I could digest that another bullet flew in
It came outside the lounge window
Luckily it missed me and hit the framed photo on the wall
I quickly dogged down
To protect my self from the more shots that followed
We heard another gun firing and the one who was shooting through the window went quiet
What followed was a war of gun shots outside
I took off my hoody and tried wrapping it around my bleeding arm
I loaded the gun with my left arm and took off the silencer
" Did you really think you will get in here and get out alive boy
Then you really have no idea what am capable of" dad said with a conniving smile
The grace woman was still sobbing in the couch
" You are such an evil old man, you deserve to rot in hell
I really can't believe you are my father
I have no monster like you as a father" I said walking towards the door
I needed to get to the war outside
"Clearly not" he boosted
The grace woman shook her head no to what my father just said
Its like she didn't want him to talk any further
Pity I couldn't wait any longer to listen to their deal
I just rushed out and started joining in the shooting
They were few of my father's thugs outside
And my guys on the other side
I started opening fire
Shooting without mercy at my father's thugs
I made sure to shoot to kill, and each bullet that was fired out of my gun landed on someone's flesh
I wasn't called thunder for nothing
I never miss a shot, killing was in my blood
I've been trained by the best as early as 14 years old
This was my thing
I could feel the adrenaline rush talking over
I was in the zone and I was enjoying this
Once again the old me was back, the guy I tried so had to suppress inside my body was slowly creeping out
I fired more shots until I reached my guys
I took cover with them and the shooting continued
Two of my guys laid lifeless on the ground, this sight just added fuel to my already burning fire
I opened fire like heavy rain ready to wash away all the evil doers
I was like a dog ready to bark at their corrupt world
Tommy, mxo and jamal had just reached the Ngwenya house, the minute they opened their car doors they were Greeted by gun sounds
" There's a shoot out" tommy stated the obvious to the others
Jamal: just great, he is a kidnapper and a gangster
Tommy: boss you need to stay in the car for your own safety
I will alert you to get out when its safe to do so
Mxo: but if my son is in there I need to go in
He needs my protection
Jamal: boss what my brother means is that your son needs you alive
He doesn't need to see your dead body
And am sure the boy is in school
He's not in there
Just stay in the car for your own safety please
Mxo: fine, but make sure that this Mr Ngwenya person doesn't die
I need him alive
He has a lot to answer for, I will really like to be the one to put a bullet in his head after all
Jamal just laughed, he and tommy took their loaded guns and walked in the compound
They were met by the two men laying in their pull of blood near the gate
They moved carefully in unison
But the closer they approached the house
They could hear the gun fire dying off
A trail of dead bodies laid on the drive way
" This is a slaughter house" jamal hissed
Tommy: am sure its a gang war, this mr Ngwenya person must be far more dangerous that we think
They were still heading near the house when one of Vusi's goons came flying with a gun
Tommy fired two shots
Which hit him on the chest and forehead
Leaving him dead on the spot
I listened carefully when I had noises outside the door
It sounded like two people fighting
The fight went on a bit longer until I heard a gun shot
Then a bit of struggle before another two shots were fired then it was quiet
I struggled on the chair trying to free myself
But that ugly duckling tied me pretty tight
He sure lacked manners to tie a lady like that
But then his ugliness was enough to show that he wasn't raised well
I was smelling like shit,
Well I had pee'd on myself earlier so I was bound to smell
The sweat mixed with the pEe made me smell like a rotten fish and I needed a shower or a bubble bath at that moment
I was hungry I could eat the greasy bunny chow at any given time
But in the midst of all that I missed Lani
I know Rato insinuated that Lani was behind this but my mind and heart battled to accept that story
I mean Lani will never hurt me like that
He loved me as much as I loved him
We were Inlove
Although they were many morehills and stumbling blocks in our path but I still loved him
I would gladly take another hot slap from carol just to be with him
Right then they were scritching and scratching sounds, someone unlocked the door
I stared with so much curiosity
I wanted to know who it was
When the door flew opened I couldn't help but mumbled under the tape and moved a bit
Gosh was I happy to see Alex there
He was hurt though
His left leg was bleeding
But not that much, he had wrapped a piece of cloth around it
he limped to my direction, carefully he removed the tape from my mouth
And finally I could breathe
"Alex what are you doing here, how did you get here
How did you even know I was here
And where the hell is Thulani" I asked
" Whoa one question at a time, but first let me get you out of her then your questions would be answered" he said untying my hands and ankles
" Damn I've never been happier to see you" I said standing up
I brushed my hands and ankles which had bruises left by the rope
Me: what's really going on alex
Alex: only thulani's father can answer that right now
he is behind all this, he was the one behind your drugging too
And I have no idea why
Me: owh my god, is that man reaLly that heartless
I mean I did nothing to him
Alex: well he is the monster, the devil himself
Me: am sorry about your leg
Alex: its ohk, am glad you are ohk, am sure your man will be glad too
We exited the basement and headed upstairs
Another one might follow later
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Slow poison Chapter 27

Vusi knowing that grace was on her way to the house, he came with a plan to get lerato out of the house
He needed grace not to meet with lerato
He didn't want anything that was gonna upset grace
She loved her so much and lerato was just a,, well she was just a distraction for him
"Here" he said handing a credit card to lerato who was coming from the basement
Rato: and then, what's the occasion
What did I do to deserve this, are we celebrating the brat being held in the basement
Vusi: sort off
Rato: you stiLl haven't told me why you so badly wanna destroy her
Vusi: are you taking the card or do you want me to keep it
Rato: fine (she snatched the card) mr serious, you are always serious
Loosen up a bit would you
Vusi: am not a kid, I have no time for games
Rato: ah cons of dating old hags, you have to deal with the moods and the seriousness everyday
Vusi: please don't test me
He pointed at her sharply, upon seeing the serious in his face, lerato decided to keep quiet
" Stitch will drive you to the mall, get yourself whatever you want" vusi instructed
Rato: you are a charmer, you are such a giver I guess that's what attracted me to you the moSt
Kea go rata
Vusi: point of correction you love what I give you
That doesn't fall under the love category
Rato: ah its just the same to me, anyway let me get going before you decide to change you mind
She kissed him on the cheek before
Exiting the lounge
She went to get her hand bag then left the house
Thirty minutes later the door bell rang vusi went to open the door
He was holding a glass of scotch as usual
He was the hot stuff person
" It took you long enough" he said
After opening the door
" Well I swear if you have touched a hair in her head you will have to deal with
I will make sure tha.."
" Relax she's fine, well atleast for now" vusi cut in
Grace's face was overwhelmed with worry
Grace: what do you want with me vusi
Why are you doing this
Just let her go, she is just a child and has nothing to do with this
Vusi: really grace, are you asking me that right now
You know that I want you, I want us to be a family
I love you and you may pretend like you don't love me but deep down I know you do
And that girl is the reason you don't wanna be with me
Grace: vusi please, don't do this
"Do what" vusi said
His face so close to grace's
He breathed on her Soft skin, that scotch tainted breath sent chills to grace's spine
For a second or two she lost control. She always has a soft spot for vusi
He stroke the hair on her neck with his index finger
He drew her closer and grace's knEes were so weak she succumb to vusi's touch
Vusi smashed his lips on grace's lips
They shared a long passionate kiss
Things tensed up they undressed each other on that lounge
Vusi finished of the scotch and placed the glass on the table
" You so not fair" with a different tone grace said inbetween the kiss
" We both know what's fair here" vusi responded placing her on the couch
He was left with only his boxer while grace was left in a panty and its matching bra
Vusi was ontop of her, he held her breast firmly
Planted few kisses from her neck and traced down until he reached them breast
He sucked her already hard protruding nipples softly, teasing them a bit
Grace couldn't help but let out a slight moan, she was on cloud nine
She was so caught up in the moment that she forget the real reason why she came there
She forget all about her daughter and once again she placed herself first not caring about the people around her getting hurt
As always she became her selfish self
I had different scenarios playing in my head but they all had one thing in common
My father ending up in a pull of blood with a bullet in his skull
I loaded all my guns while alex drove
Skull was in the back seat with a plaster in hiS leg, we needed him for this
He knew my father's gang and how they operated
There was no need for him to get off the car
His job was just to point us in the right direction
I placed a silencer in my revolver, we needed to make sure that this becomes an element of surprise
My father has stepped on my toes for once to many times
Now he had to pay, he needed to be punished for his sins
I quickly placed everything away as we entered Marchado toll gate
We stopped a bit and paid for our dues
We passed through and I could already feel my blood boiling as we got closer to my father's house
" So where did the guys say we wiLl find them" I asked
Alex: the usual meeting spot near the taxi rank
Me: let's hope they are ready for this war
Alex: don't worry boss agrand majita
And they are ready to lay their heads on the line for you
Me: good then, today is kill or be killed
When we get there we shoot to kill
We can't leave anything to chance
Skull: too bad am gonna miss the war, its like the olden days welcome back bra Thunder
Me: some people will wish I had never returned
We turned left and approached the old worn out shack near the taxi rank
We parked on a far distance
Walked a bit before we finally entered the place
Just like they promised to die with me
The whole gang was there
There were few different guns ontop of the table
I briefed them about our tactics then when I was done they took their guns
We exited the place
They got into two different cars, we got in my car and alex drove to my fathers house
We Parked up the road and found a way to sneak in with out being seen
We climbed the back fence and jumped in
They were two guys at the gate
They stood there like statues with guns hanging on their waist, their faces stiff as shit
I sneaked behind one of them while alex approached the other one
I just held the guy from behind and closed his mouth with my left hand before he could make any noise
I placed the gun at the back of his skull and released the trigger
Two bullets hit him and I let him down carefully with significant amount of blood oozing from his head
It was so quiet, we had hit them with an element of surprise
We sneaked in the back garage where most of the guys usually hangs
Like skull had directed us
four of them were there, they attempted taking out their guns when they saw us but we fired shots first
Making sure to shoot to kill
My other members went to the out room where STITCH and two of my fathers goons stayed
Alex and I approached the front door
The only thing roaming my mind was the basement
It was the only place where my father could keep TEEKAY that's if she was still alive
Tommy drove to the hotel to get mxolisi who was already on standby waiting eagerly for them
He was so anxious but who wouldn't be when you are told you are about to meet your son for the first time in 15 years
Mxolisi was so restless, so nervous he could hardly sit
He kept pacing up and the room
His heartbeat increased when he saw tommy's car parking
He peeped through that window for a while to long
Somehow this felt like a dream, he couldn't wait to share this good news with Nyiko
But he first needed to make sure that it was reaLly their son before he could tell her
He really didn't wanna get her hopes high for something that might not be true
A firm knock disturbed him from his thoughts
It took a while for him to gather himself together
He fixed himself before opening the door
" You are here already" he staggered
Upon seeing Tommy and jamal who stood on the other side of the door
Tommy: yes, are we too early
Mxo: not at all, let's go, am ready
Jamal: so did you tell sis'tinyiko
Mxo: not yet, I need to make sure first
Tommy: I have no doubt in mind that mr Ngwenya is raising your son
Mxo: all because of one woman whose heart is made of stone
We were robbed the chance to raise our son
Now anOther man had to do that for us
Jamal: don't worry boss, that woman will pay for everything she has ever done
Mxo: I just wish this can be over soon, I spoke to ,Nyiko yesterday
I told her that I wanna marry her
So the sooner I divorce this demon the better for all of us
They walked to tommy's car and drove to Likazi which was actually a 15 minutes drive from the hotel
Eish sorry guys for the starvation
I am super, super busy
Actually am cramped with a whole lot of things
When my plate clears up I will make up for the lost time
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Saturday, October 1


Slow poison Chapter 26

Grace was in her office when her phone rang
Her face changed the minute she saw that it was vusi calling
" I told you that i cant do this anymore Vusi
Its over, i just can't continue with this relationship" she answered harshly
Vusi: i don't understand why you have to do this to us
You know that i love you, and did You really have to dump me over the phone
Vusi was referring to the previous day's event where grace sent a text message telling him that she can't continue with the relationship anymore
Grace: am sorry ohk, i just have some other important things to deal with right now
Vusi: you can't do this to us, what about our baby
" Uhm its not yours" she whispered
Vusi: am sorry what
Grace: the pregnancy is not yours ohk, i lied, it was never yours
Vusi: what, you kidding right, you mean to tell me that you let that ratchet husband of yours impregnate you again
Grace: no, its not for mxolisi either
Its for another man
For a while the line was dead quiet, Vusi felt more frustrated
But even with so much frustration, he still wanted grace
He still loved her
" Even if its for another man i don't care, we can raise him/her together
I love you, and i don't think i can be able to go on without you" he said
Grace took a deep breath, she didn't understand why Vusi had to make things so difficult
" We cant, i love him, i love the father of my child and am gonna marry him" grace answered with her eyes closed as if she didn't wanna hear the words she omitted
While Vusi bursted with much anger
Vusi: grace you better stop testing my patience
You have no right to do what you are doing
Remember the troubles i went through for you
Have you forgotten that i know all your dirty laundry
Hell am still washing some of those dirty laundry for you
Grace: i know ohk, and am grateful for what you have done for me
But i don't love you like that, i never did
I just put up with you because of what you did for me
But now You have to accept that its over
Vusi: owh so its like that, i didn't want us to get into this but it looks like you are taking it there
Grace: what do you mean
Vusi: if you ever wanna see your daughter alive, you better come to my house right now
Grace: what, what are you talking about and what does Thando have to do with this
Vusi: just come to my house
He then cut the call , then after a few minutes Grace's phone beeped with an incoming message
She opened it only to be met by a picture of Thando tied to a chair, with a duct tape in her mouth
Grace was so terrified, she quickly called vusi back
He answered in the second ring
" Vusi i swear if you have hurt my daughter in any way i will......"
Vusi: just come to my house and she will not be hurt
Vusi cut her mid sentence
He then dropped the call.
Grace took her car keys and headed out her office
On the other side tommy waited patiently until his big brother arrived
He knocked twice before letting himself in
"Hey Sfiso" his brother said
Tommy: wow i haven't been called by that name ever since our parents died
" Just wanted to remind you of them a bit, because you are so stuck in your work you seem to have forgotten yourself" he said
Tommy: ai Jamal you really like exaggerating
Jamal: do you blame me, i mean this job sucks
I have to sleep with that old heartless woman and smile with her everyday while all i want is to suck the life out of her
Just smash her head just like she had our brother killed
Tommy: don't worry bro, i think everything is about to blow out
I think mr Ngwenya's so called son is mxolisi's missing son
Jamal: shit, thats fucked up, but it makes sense because most of the neighbors didn't know that Vusi had a son until one day when a ten years old boy appeared out of nowhere
Owh my god, that's why they were together
Tommy: do you think we should tell mxolisi
Jamal: i think so, lets just call him and notify him
Tommy: ohk then
Jamal: is he still at the hotel
Tommy: yes
Jamal: its funny how grace is not Even touched about his husband sudden death
All shes happy about is finally being married to me
That woman doesn't have a heart, she didn't even bother going to the police station to check the body
Tommy: it just shows how right mxolisi was, he knew that his wife wouldn't go to the police station
Jamal: she deserves to burn in hell , good thing i have the recording
She won't know whats coming to her
Tommy took his phone and called the hotel where he dropped mxolisi at
Mxolisi answered and they talked for a while before they hung up
" Lets go" tommy said taking his car keys
Jamal: where are we going now
Tommy: to pick mxolisi at the hotel then we are going to lekazi to mr Ngwenya's house
Jamal: then we are taking my car
Tommy: ohk fine but am driving since you know what a shitty driver you tend to be
Jamal: well says the person who drives cars for a living
You are right vele am not a driver like you
Tommy: yeah sure you are just a ben 10
Jamal: yanya fana.
He hit his back playfully, while they exited the house
" So did you finally get the chance to talk to Kuhle about your feelings" Jamal asked
Tommy shook his head no
Jamal: why not
Tommy: apparently she's taken, she has a man
Jamal: owh too bad
They got into the car and drove to the hotel
I STILL had my head buried in the ground with tears when the basement door opened
I head heels stamps heading my way
I raised my head only to be met by the biggest shock of my life
What the hell was happening here, what was she doing here
She walked towards me, stopped and stared at me
I gave her a death stare
She took off the tape roughly
I gasped for fresh air
" What the hell, why are you here lerato, what do you want here
What do you want with me" i said
Her: mmh so you really are alive, i see
Me: whats wrong with you, what did i do to you
Why are so hell-bent in ruining my life
Her: hey bitch don't blame me for your scrap yard of a life
Who knows what you did to vusi for him to want you dead
Don't you dare blame me
Me: you are in this too, you drugged me and left me for death
Why, what did i do to you
Her: i was sent to do that, and i had to do it because you are a slut, you were sleeping with my tommy
Me: am confused, which tommy, do you by any chance mean my driver
Hell i never slept with him
He's my driver, i take him as my driver
I have a boyfriend, you of all people know that i love THULANI
Her: yeah right, the same boyfriend who had his father kidnap you
Me: what, what are talking about
Her: the man who has you held here is your so called boyfriend's father
Me: what, why, what does Lani's father wants with me
Her: well that's the question you should answer
Anyway i just wanted to see if you were really alive, although i really wish he can kill you to save us all the troubles
After that she placed the tape back in my mouth
" You make me sick" she said spitting on my face before she exited the room
I was left with such heavy thoughts
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Slow poison Chapter 25

A pile of documents were scattered ontop of Tommy's desk in his secret study room
He stared at everything with so much frustration until one odd thing stood out about Mr Ngwenya
He was once married , that was nearly 25 years ago and his marriage ended in divorce
Oddly he and his ex wife never had a child yet mr Ngwenya has a son who was now a university student
The funny thing is Tommy's informant said upon his investigation on vusi's neighbors they didn't know about vusi's child

They only started seeing him when he was already a young boy
No one knew where the boy came from or who his mother was or where he was all those years
This was really odd and stood out to tommy
Suddenly it started to make sense
It was around the emerging of that young boy that Grace was seen around random hotels with Vusi
It was becoming clear, the missing boy can as well be vusi's mysterious son
"Dammmit, thats what has been keeping them together" tommy thought out loud
He quickly picked up the documents and started placing them in order
A picture fell out of those documents
With such a heavy heart Tommy picked up the photo
He tried so hard to hold the tears that embraced his eyes but it was impossible
After all those years the pain was still there
It didn't get any better
His mind raced back to what really happened 15 years ago
He relived that moment as if it was happening again
He saw the blue mustang that hit his 10 years younger brother
It literally drove ontop of him crushing his skull into mince meat
Leaving him unrecognizable
Then a guy wearing a mask stepped out of the car and collected the crushed flesh and bones of his brother
He placed it in a black body bag
He remembered running to them, he remembered crying his eyes out asking them to give him back his brother's body
But those goons never budged, he had to watch at gun point when they placed his brother's remains in the trunk
They shot his leg before they got in the car and drove away
Leaving him to bleed to death
He somehow felt like it was his fault, he should have been more alert
He shouldn't have allowed his little brother to play on the streets alone
He still blamed himself even though he knew that his brother was targeted
This was not just a random accident
His older brother tried convincing him to let it go
He tried telling him that it was not his fault
But how was he gonna let it go, he failed his younger brother, loosing parents at a very early age it always has been the three of them against the world
They were suppose to conquer the world together until that faithful night
The nightmare that followed after that was unbearable
" Son of a well known business man crushed beyond recognition in a car crash" was the headline he read from a local newspaper the next day
He somehow knew that it was his brother the press were referring too
With his older brother they made plans to meet up with this so called business man
That's how they met mxolisi and his fucked up family
After they told him everything he immediately knew that this was a foul play
He told them about his psychopath of a wife
Police tried investigating the matter but being a lawyer the wife had all her tracks covered very well
Police found nothing on her
Tommy had to watch as his brother was buried by another family
But somehow that became a blessing in disguise, mxolisi took interest in them
He sponsored their education through out high school and even university
But being obsessed with the truth finally coming out, he decided to join the police force abandoning his engineering career path
He made sure to be the best thats how he ended up being the top private investigator
He snapped out of his thoughts
" Don't worry bro, am so close to the truth, we will finally get the person who did this behind bars" he said before slitting the picture back to the pile of files
He took his phone and called a number
"Hey bafo" the guy on the other end of the line answered
Tommy: hey bro come to my place right away i think i found the connection between Vusi and Grace
" Sho bro am on my way" the guy said
Tommy: sharp
He hung up, and packed the files
I woke up in a dark place with my hands tied behind my back
My ankles were tied too
It was when i started moving that i realised that my movements were restricted
It finally downed to me that i was in a car trunk
I tried screaming but with the duct tape in my mouth it was difficult to do anything really
I felt like i was suffocating
I could feel the rush of hot air taking over
I tried kicking harder with my feet but looks like nobody heard me
I was feeling a bit drowsy and was slowly running out of oxygen
I tried to stay as calm as i possibly can
I remember driving, i was actually heading towards midrand when the tears made it harder for me to concentrate on the road
To avoid causing unnecessary accidents i decided to park near the road, there were trees and a wide bush near by
I had my head buried deep in the driving wheel when i felt a tight grip on my arm
I looked up only to find a gun hole pointing at me
Behind it was a very tall large guy wearing a mask
My mouth hanged opened, i was terrified with fear
"If You want to live to tell the tale you better keep your mouth shut bitch" he said upon seeing that i wanted to scream
" Now you will do as i say, are we clear" he said with his scary husky baritone
I just nodded repeatedly
Him: step out of the car with your hands up
I did as instructed, i stepped out of the car with my leggins dripping wet with pee
Well who wouldn't pee herself at the verge of death
" Please don't kill me, you can take everything, the car, my phones and my purse just spare my life please" i cried out
But the guy never said a word, instead he searched me
Upon seeing that i wasn't carrying anything in my jacket pockets he dragged me to his car where another guy was on the driving seat
He tossed me at the back seat.
" Hayyi joe you can't just leave her like that, what if we get stopped by traffic, utasiniketa inkinga lomuntfu" the other guy said
He was wearing a hat
"I swear i won't get you in trouble please just don't hurt me
If its about THULANI then like i said before i will stay away from him" i said
" Sorry but we can't risk getting caught" the Joe guy said
He took out a needle and injected me, i screamed loud before it was lights out for me
I was still kicking when the car slowed down before coming into halt
I listened carefully and i could hear people talking
I heard foot steps heading to the trunk
I stared with so much curiosity when the door opened
An ugly guy full of scars pulled me out the car
I muttered in an attempt to speak but the tape was really limiting everything
He untied my ankles leaving my hands still tied
My surroundings were familiar, i realised that i was no longer in Jo'burg but i was in nelspruit
I was confused, what the hell was i doing here
" Here is the package boss" the guy said as soon as we entered the huge house
A well built middle aged man was sitting on the couch with a glass of whiskey in his hands
" Well, well, well, who we have here" the man said
He walked towards me
" Mmmh you have your mother's traits and attributes i see
You are just the spitting image of her
Finally i have the pleasure to meet the beautiful thandokuhle nkosi" he whispered in my ear
Now my confusion got worse, so this man knew my mother, who was he and what did he want with me
The pervert sniffed my hair with his eyes closed
" The saint is different though, your mother's is so unique" he said
He paced around a bit
" Don't worry, am trying to get someone's attention
If she cooperate then i will release you unharmed but if she decides to be stubborn then i guess i'll have to show her how serious i am" he said
He came closer and kissed my forehead, i just yanked my head out of his hands
" Feisty i see, well joe take her to the basement"he instructed
The scarred guy dragged me to the basement, so the joe guy was this ugly
Well with this face i would wear a mask too
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