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Saturday, September 17


Slow poison Chapter 18

I left Teekay alone upon receiving a text from keegan saying he was already outside to deliver the next batch
Immediately after exiting the dorm I could see him
I quickly ran to him, it was already dark but since it's the weekend students were busy roaming around
Me: hey
Him: hi girl

He stared at me for the longest while, it's like there's a lot he wanted to say
Me: it's anything the matter kg
Him: no
Me: so where's the stuff
Him: but ain't you over doing it now
Me: meaning
Him: like, I just think it's enough, I mean am sure there's enough powder in her system to get her hooked
You should stop injecting her now, or else you may end up killing her
Me: that's not your call to make, have you suddenly grown a conscience huh
When have you started to be a good Samaritan
Him: chill girl, I was just saying
In fact I don' t wanna be responsible for anybody's death
Me: you have developed cold feet I see
But you know what maybe I should call your boss and tell him about your little chat
Him: whoa hold on there would be no need for that
From now on I'll just deliver the stuff and keep my mouth shut
Me: you better, cause am sure that's what Vusi is paying you to do
Now can I have the stuff
He took out the bottle and gave it to me
" You really are heartless" he hissed after giving me the stuff
Me: it takes one to know one
I then let out a smile while he just clicked his tongue in annoyance
After that he just walked away without even saying any word
Mxm like I care
I just placed the bottle inside my jacket pocket and walked back to the room
Keegan had just swerved around the corner with his hands in his trouser pocket and he had on a black Bennie
He was so deep in thoughts that he never saw someone walking his way until he bumped into him
" Aibo mjita you need to watch where you going" the guy he bumped into said
" Eish am so sorry bra yam, let me get that for you" he apologised then bend down to pick up the phone which fell when he bumped into the guy
" Hade bro" he said again handing the phone over to him
He stopped midway upon seeing who the random guy actually was
For few seconds his heart was filled with fear
He could clearly see him through the darkness because of his light skin
He swallowed a spit, his mouth hanged open
There's just a lot he wanted to say or could have said starting by stating that he was now a betrayer
" My eyes are deceiving me, tell me it's not you fana
Skull what in the hell are you doing in jozi this night near my school resident" the guy finally said
With his facial expression one could clearly see the shock painted all over his face
And he had a bunch of questions roaming in his mind
Mostly he wondered what his former gang member was doing near his school at that time of a night
Keegan: hey bra Thunder,,,,uhmm
That's the only words he managed to say
He quickly handed him his phone
He sweat profusely feeling the heat of the moment, he was very much afraid of his former gang leader because he knew how dangerous and irrational he tends to get when betrayed
What was gonna become of him if Thunder learns that he now works for his father
The man he hated the most
He placed his hand on his head, and a nicely embronded tatoo of a skull rested in his wrist
He took off his Bennie
THULANI: what are you doing here
Keegan: I was in the neighbourhood so I decided to check on my girl,she resides here
THULANI: owh really
He stared sharply at him and noticed how keegan couldn't stare back at him
His eyes were just all over the place
Keegan: yes bra Thunder
THULANI noticed the rapid quenching of his left eye
And right then he knew that keegan was lying
He always does that Everytime he had something to hide
Thunder: owh so how is the gang
Keegan: they,,,,,they are fine
THULANI took a deep breathe
" You know that I know you are not telling the truth right
You better not be here to do what I think you are doing" THULANI said
Stunned, keegan chocked on his words
He coughed for a while
THULANI: what's in the bagpack
Keegan: my,,,,my clothes
THULANI: owh really, can I see
Keegan: it's just clothes bra Thunder
THULANI: skull what do you take me for, a fool
He shook his head no
THULANI: then why are you making me a fool, I know you skull
In fact I made you
Do you think I have forgotten that we used to use that bag for carrying our stuff
What are you doing here
So you are now dealing in schools, which you know is against our code
What happened to the gang
I left you guys with a huge amount of money
Where did it all go and how is it that you are now breaking the code
Keegan shook even more, he had no way out
Thulani: what exactly have you gotten yourself into
Keegan: I can explain
THULANI: not right here, let's go to my car and we will talk in my flat
Am sure Alex would also wanna hear this
THULANI led the way to the school parking lot while keegan followed behind him scared as hell
It was almost 23:30 pm, after dropping Jamal to his house Grace drove to her house.
Her mind was in battle, with her left hand she took out the bottle from her hand bag again
One more time she stared at it
Her car swaying out of the road is what brought her back to planet earth
She quickly took control of the car getting it back on the road
" Omg I almost killed myself, I can't die, at least not yet
Maybe after getting married to the man of my dream
I hope Jamal is sure that this poison can't be detected
And mxolisi's death can never be traced back to me
I have to get this right, just a few drops in his water and it's good ridden to bad rubbish to that sucker" she thought out loud
" I cant wait to see the look on my step sister's face when she learns of mxolisi's death
Poor her, she will have to raise the baby all by herself" she continued
She tossed the bottle aside and replaced her memories with the hot session she had with Jamal at his house
She smiled to herself, she couldn't wait to finally be with him officially
And that small bottle was the solution to her problem
She was gonna kill mxolisi then inherit everything
And together with Jamal they are gonna built their empire
Get married,drove into the sunset and live happily ever after
Her phone disturbed her, Vusi flashed on the screen
She frowned she really was in no mood for him
" You also suppose to die mxm" she said at the phone before picking up
Her: baby hey
Vusi: hi love, how are you and my soccer star doing
Her: we are ohk, just tired
Vusi: but sounds like you are driving
Her: well I am, I'm just coming from work
Vusi: work, at this time
Her: well yes, I had a lot to do, and I have back to back cases to represent in court tomorrow so I was preparing myself
Vusi: you work very hard, you need to take a break , think about your condition
Grace: ncooh you care so much
Vusi: I have to, phela you are carrying the only heir to the Ngwenya clan
So next week you still on right
Grace: about what
Vusi: you have already forgotten, I told you that we have to sign my taxis over to you
Grace: owh so you were serious about making me the owner of your taxis
Vusi: yes, you are the mother of my child and I will do anything for you
Maybe then you will finally divorce that hot headed husband of yours and marry me
Grace: ncooh you so sweet, but you know why I can't divorce him
Am doing this for Th.......
Vusi: for Thando, I know but I still don't get why though
I mean Thando is an old woman now she can take care of herself
Grace: she's still a baby and divorce will shatter her
Vusi: ah if only she was never conceived
Grace: yeah if only
They talked for a while, finally Grace hung up
She had already reached her house so she drove in
As we meet the all fake devious Grace
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Slow poison Chapter 17

Its been a whole week since I spoke to Thulani or seen him
I avoided his calls and messages and alerted the guard never to let him in or show him my room
I made sure to avoid him by all cost partly because I was still mad at him and partly because of how weird and funny I have been acting lately

I tend to forget almost most half my daily activities
I will feel super happy for no reason at all or just feel sad
Luckily I had rato, she was with me in each step of the way
She was there anytime I started acting up
We were best of friends and she never once abandoned me
Apart from forgetting was the tiredness
I always felt tired for no reason and the pains I always felt in my arms its like I was being injected by a needle or something
Just yesterday my whole body was shaking for no reason and sometimes the itchiness will be there
It was friday, I hadn't gone to school well I have been bunking a lot lately I woke up in the late afternoon, I sat up straight and rubbed my eyes
Upon realizing that I was in my bed I got off but standing up was such a nightmare
I felt dizzy so I quickly sat back on the bed and as usual, I had no recollection of my earlier memories
Right then Rato came in
" Owh you are awake" she said, she seemed rather surprised that I was awake
I just stared at her, she looked so buffed up with a big nose and tiny head
I tried holding myself together but the laughter couldn't be contained so I just let it out
I laughed so hard until I felt knots in my stomach
Squeezing my eyes so tight led to tears rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably
I felt like I was floating in the air, my heart was just so happy
I had no worries or what so ever
Rato: are you ohk
I just nodded and laughed again the more she spoke the more she looked funny
" Waswaba nje yini nkinga yakho" I said seeing how tense she was
Rato: ah wa gafa saan am fine nna
Me: shame good then coz I really feel sorry for your parents
Rato: you feel sorry for my parents?, what for
Me: am sure they were in a hurry when they made you seeing how ugly you look
Am sure they are even relieved that you are gone
Phela wena nje uli wrong turn cobo
She looked so confused by my statement
Me: just look at how big you nose is, I have to get out of here before you finish all the present oxygen
I stood up attempting to leave but rato held my hand and I lost balance and fell on my bed
Rato: you can't go out like this, what if you get hit by a car or worse
Me: well I doubt a car can hit such a beautiful being like myself
And even if I die it doesn't matter, we all gonna die someday
Besides I know for sure that If I die I will go straight to heaven
Am Too cute for hell
Rato just laughed, while I tried getting up from the bed
" Gosh I have never been this happy well accept for the first I met Thulani.
I mean I feel so light, no worries and no stress" I said
Rato: I thought you were always happy mos
I mean your folks are rich, they give you anything you want
Hell girl they even gave you a car
Me: well they give me everything accept love and attentions
I mean since we got here have you ever heard me talking to them on the phone
Well the answer is no, they don't care as long as they give me money the rest is history
They don't care about my feelings hell they don't even care if am alive or death
They just all work and no love
See my life is no bed of roses, I envy those average and poor people because they atleast have their parents attention
Am sure their mother's call just to check on them
My mother doesn't even know whether I have started my menstrual cycle or not
I was already in tears, don't ask me why though coz I don't know
" Shame I have just the thing to make you forget your sorrows" rato said
She took a small plastic and flashed it on my face
Me: what's that
Rato: you will see, it will come you down
I watched as she poured it on my study guide making two lines
Me: is this, owh my god is this drugs
Rato: its just something to calm your nerves down, try it
I also take it when I feel shattered and alone
Me: so you into drugs, omg rato you don't look like a junky or someone who is using at all
Rato: well that's because its not addictive
And I do it occasionally, just try it and if you don't like it then you will stop
I hesitated at first, never in my life have I ever thought I will do drugs
Me: so what do I do
Rato: just sniff this line and tell me how you feel
Like an idiot that I was I did as lerato instructed not knowing that this was just the beginning
Mxolisi decided to leave work early, he drove straight to Nyiko's house
He made sure to pass by the mall and get the few stuffs that Nyiko ask him. To get for her
He reached Nyiko's house, drove in and parked on the driveway, he took the plastics, lock the car and walked in the house
The front door was slightly opened so he knocked once and walked in
He made his way to the kitchen where nyiko was busy preparing a sandwich for herself
Mxolisi stood by the kitchen door
He was admiring her well built body
He whistled shaking his head sexily
" Mxm stop with the whistles you are making me shy" nyiko said shyly she smiled exposing her dimple
Mxolisi: is the something wrong with me admiring the beauty that stands before me
Nyiko nodded still smiling
Mxolisi: that's absurd then, am. Allowed to admire god's creation
Nyiko: I hope you bought my wings ke in that admiring process of yours
Mxolisi: don't worry I did, I don't want you to chop my head off
Knowing you, you can kill for your wings
Nyiko: don't blame me blame your baby in here
He is the one wanting all these stuff
In fact he is turning me into a heavy eater
Soon enough I will be as fat as an elephant
Mxolisi: and you will look even more sexier
Nyiko: wena and your jokes
Mxolisi: am serious, elephant or not I will still love you
He walked over to her, he placed the plastic on the table first then he rested his arms on nyiko's waist
He kissed her softly
" I love you mama ka baby" mxo said
" I love you too but right now am really hungry
I will end up biting you" nyiko responded
She broke the kiss and warmed the food mxolisi came with
" When last did you talk to Thando" nyiko said
Mxolisi remained quiet and brushed his head
" Eish its been a while, the problem is I've been under a lot of pressure trying to keep the company running
And the going home to an irritating grace don't make things easier I hardly have time" mxo said
Nyiko: yoh mihlolo, too busy to call your own daughter
Aibo mxolisi that's so wrong in many levels
Money isn't everything you know
Thando needs her parents in her life
Mxo kept quiet not knowing how to respond to the bitter truth
Mxolisi: is she ohk though
Nyiko: why are you asking me
Mxolisi: because I know for sure that you two talk
Nyiko: angati mxolisi why don't you call and ask her
Call her
Mxolisi took out his phone and called Thando
The first number rang straight to voicemail
And the other number rang unanswered
"She's not picking up" he said
Nyiko: am sure she's already asleep
You must call her tomorrow
Mxolisi: I will
Nyiko dished up for both of them, they sat and ate
After sniffing that stuff. I had never felt so better
I felt like I was in heaven
The feeling was so familiar
And I loved every bit of it
My phone rang, after realizing that it was my father calling I just didn't bother answering it
I mean its been two weeks since I last heard from them
Why would my father be calling me today
I thought they forgot that they have a Daughter
I sniffed the other line, wiped my nose then faced up and let the powder take its toll
I had my eyes closed all this while
I didn't know I was missing on something so great
Damn I was in cloud nine
As we meet the all natural lovely TINYIKO
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Wednesday, September 14


Slow poison Chapter 16

Tommy was still at the bar and as expected was getting a bit tipsy
" One more please" he said to the barman who handed him one more drink
He drank it at a slow pace since he was not in any hurry
" Can I have a castle light bra yam" another guy ordered
He took a sit next to Tommy
" Aita _da" he said to Tommy

"Ekse..." He stood mid sentence upon seeing who was greeting him
" Haau am I dreaming or what, Tommy,, Tommy parrez is this you" the guy interjected
Tommy: yep bra in flesh, wow look who we have here KEEGAN SIMMONS
What brings you to this side of the world
Keegan: well_well its work you know just trying to make ends meet
And wena sogidla la nou (you stay here now)
Tommy: I only wish, I stay in nelspruit
I was just here to check on someone
He said that with a disappointed look
Keegan: and by the look of things am thinking things didn't go your way
Tommy: owh no I did get some, I just didn't see the person I was hoping to see
Keegan: still love yourself some skirts I see
I thought you would have abandoned the game by now
Tommy: well I stopped that shit, my eyes are just fixated on only but one woman
Man I wish you could see her
She so perfect and so gorgeous she has everything I need in a girl
Keegan could see the sincerity and love in his voice when he spoke
Keegan: damn man you are hooked so bad its not even funny
So why don't you just get the girl
We both know that with your looks, charms and your smooth talk you can have any girl you want in the world
Tommy: yeah I can have anyone but her
Keegan: how do you mean mister smooth talker
ToMmy: well firstly she is way out of my league
She is rich and has a boyfriend
Keegan: well we both know that has never stopped you before
Bra you always love a challenge so what stopping you now
Tommy: well she is the boss's daughter
Keegan: whoa what, so you are attracted to your boss's daughter
Poi you are playing with fire
Tommy: well if that was the only thing then I wouldn't have mind
Keegan: so there's more, are you also attracted to your boss's wife
Tommy: hell no man, I can never be attracted to the wife, she is pretty yes but she is a monster,
the problem is am the family driver
Keegan: what
Tommy: yeah man I work as a driver for the family
And I know Kuhle can never fall for a mere driver
Keegan: wow man that's...
Tommy: unbelievable I know, with my engineering degree I still have a shitty job
But am not complaining though they pay me more than average driver salary, in fact its way more
Keegan: I hear you man, am also someone's lapdog with my engineering degree I also work as an errand boy to some flashy guy who also resides around nelspruit but I ran his jo'burg business
Tommy: life can be so unfair
Keegan: tell me about it poi, I still remember while we were still in the university, we were the top four
We had life figured out, we all hoped that after our course we were gonna work in south africa's topest companies
Unfortunately life had other plans for us
Now look at us stuck in shitty jobs
How about Micheal and paul when last have you heard from them
Tommy: few months back, micheal works in the states and paul owns his own engineering company in PE
KEEGAn: wow perks of being white, how I wish I could find a proper job, I really hate what I do
He looked troubled
Tommy: what's wrong you know you can talk to me we are bros
Keegan: I had my hands soiled in something so sinister
I think an innocent person's life is in turmoil because of my work and what I do
Tommy: how you mean
Keegan: my boss has me and his lady working on something so bad
I hate doing it but if I don't that man will have me killed
Tommy: am sure its not that bad
Keegan: trust me its worse, but can we drop it, I really don't wanna talk about it
Tommy: ohk ntwana akuna stress
Keegan: so how has life been
Tommy: well...
They talked about their lives and the university days which seemed like it happened long time ago
on the other side Thulani had been asleep the whole day trying to numb the broken heart
A soft knock sounded on the door, he jumped from the bed and rushed to the Door
He hoped it was TEEKAY knocking
But as soon as he opened the door his face turned sour
He wanted so much to slam the door in her face
But carol had already made her way in
" What the heLl do you want in my room Carol" he said with an irritated tone
" I just came to say hello to the father of my child" carol said slamming harder on the heel she was wearing walking to thulani's bed
Thulani: carol stop your funny games ayanyakula (they are irritating)
Carol: baby please, give us a chance, give me a chance we both know that I am the girl you loved and you will ever love
Let me make it up to you, am sure you remember this
When thulani lifted his eyes he was confronted by a completely naked CAROL
He swallowed hard as his eyes traced down carol's whole body
He stared hungrily at her firm round breast
Hers were a bit bigger than TEEKAY's
He remembered how much those breast use to turn him on
Carol: don't fight it, I know you want me just as much as I want you
She slowly catwalked to thulani who was still holding the door handle
" I know you want this, remember how I use to swing ontop of you" she whispered on his ear
biting his ear lobe sexily
Thulani's mind raced back, he remembered how great and intense the sex use to be like
How rough carol would let him go, she was the only one capable of taming his anger
She allowed the roughness and beating during their sexual intercourse, those role play which led to the greatest sex ever
She knew how to handle him
Carol breathed heavily on his skin.
" I love you THUNDER" she whispered again
She then moved from his ear to his mouth
She kissed him softly while her hand making its way to thulani's already hard rod
Thulani remembered those soft warm strawberry lips
But while his eyes closed all he could think about was HLEHLE and how much he would never hurt her
Roughly he held carol's hand which was two inches from his manhood
And he roughly pushed her
" Baby what, I know you want this, let me show you how much I love you" carol begged after seeing her efforts being rejected
" Leave,,,, I said leave" thulani hissed
" But babyyyy I.."
Thulani: phuma Carol, you are a cheap hoe and that will never change
You slept with my best friend
Get the hell out of my room
Thulani opened the door and pushed the naked Carol out of his room
She stood on the passage trying to cover her private parts
"Am sorry baby please" she said attempting to come in
Thulani: don't you dare try me, you know what I will do if you enter
Don't patronize me
Carol: thunder please
Her eyes were already teary. Much to Thulani's irritation
He just slammed the door in her face and made sure to lock it
Carol: thunder please give me my dress, I can't leave naked
She banged harder on the door
Thulani open the window and threw the dress out
" Please thunder give me my dress" she banged
" Your dress is outside, I tossed it out the window
Now leave my door before you break it" thulani called out
Carol: no you wouldn't dare, how could you do that to me
Am the mother of your child
" Well you are also a hoe so why don't you just let people see how hoerish you are, go get your dress down stairs" thulani said without remorse
Seeing that she had no choice carol went into the elevator naked as she was and with luck it was empty
But when she got to the floor it was packed and people busted out laughing at her, some were calling her all sorts of names while others took videos
She rushed out and her dress was infront of the building so she quickly picked it up and wore it
She rushed out of the vicinity with no dignity left
While thulani just took his phone and sent HleHle a text telling her how sorry he was about not telling her that he has a baby
#slow poison
As we meet the charming TOMMY
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Tuesday, September 13


Slow poison Chapter 15

I watched with so much. Joy as this brat took out a glass and poured her self a glass of juice
Just what I wanted because I just spiked it after pouring my own glass
I made sure that I increased tHe cocaine batch since I went to keegan to get the drugs first before coming into the house
In my head I had killed her a thousand, I hated the fact that she still denies having anything with Tommy while I saw everything
DeeP down I was fuming with anger
" Umh this juice taste really funny yati" she said
Me: yeah I noticed too but its still drinkable
Her: yeah it is
I let out a devious smile while she continued drinking her juice
15 minutes after she had drank The juice the drugs started kicking in
She has started being loud and even more bubbly
She stood up from her bed and came to sit on mine
" I feel so good, in fact I have never felt this hype
I love you so much friend, you are my first best friend ever" she said pulling me in for a hug
She hugged me so tight
Me: I love you too chommie
Her: who needs Thulani when I have you
Akahambe ayofa Thulani
Me: wait what are you on about
I said quickly breaking the hug
Her: owh konje I didn't tell you
That asshole has a baby
And apparently the baby mama still loves him
Me: whoa what, omg you kidding right
Her: am not, in fact my heart has never been so shattered I love him so much and I don't know if I can stand the baby mama Drama
( She burped louder)
Wow that's great so Thulani has a baby
The lord works in mysterious ways
Now all I had to do is to poison her crazy mind and make sure that she doesn't go back to Thulani
Her: Thulani has a baby, he is a damn father
How can such hotty have a baby, he was supposed to be mine without any strings attached
Ngyamtsandza yat, I know he is an ass but I love him
I need to forgive him like ses'nyiko said
She sniffed
Me: no, don't forgive him dear, let me tell you forgiving him would be like selling yourself short
Don't settle for less it doesn't suit you
Beside love alone is not enough and what if you get back with him only to find out that he is still fucking his baby mama
Phela man can be dogs
Her: Lani wam akasinjalo, he will never do that to me
He chose me and he said things were over between him an his ex
Me: well thulani is a man and from experience nana all I can tell you is men lie and are very good manipulators and I can tell you the baby mama will always be in your relationship
A relationship with a third party is no relationship at all
Her: you are right yat maybe I should just stay away from him for good
Me: you should, anyway who is this baby mama
Her: I don't know I heard him calling her Carol
Me: Caarrool as in the famous carol of the big three girls layi campus
Her: do you know her coz I don't
Me: I think I do but I hope you are not talking about her
Her: unani lomatiko
Me: well she is a township girl n uyashayana shem
Her: well I hope its not her
I just zoomed out, I had found a perfect plan to get her to leave Thulani
I needed to talk to carol and point her in the right direction
"But you should know, when it gets too cold
You not alone
I'll melt the snow" that was my junky singing melt the snow
As if her horrible voice was not enough she stood up and started dancing
Her: iyoo iyangbusisa le song, blessed am I ngayo shem
I just stared at her
Her: chommie maan come join me
Let me see how you get down
Me: no am so tired, and hOw can I dance while there's no music
Her: angitsi I am the music, I sing and we dance
Me: sOrry I'll pass
She pulled me up but I resisted and I ended up pulling her to me
She fell on my lap and our lips collided
Instead of pushing her away I just continue sucking her soft lips softly
At First she seemed lost but eventually she responded to the kiss
We kissed for the longest while
And to my surprise she was a great kisser
" Hhayi sentani" she said breaking the kiss
Her: ai tsine siyahlanya shem
I just ignored her I was still held In content by the kiss
she continued rambling alone until she finally fell asleep
After she was sound asleep in my bed
I stood up went to my bag took out the small bottle with the liquid drug and the syringe
I drew the liquid in the syringe then went to the snoring brat held out her arm and searched for vein
When I found it I drove in the syringe, she moved a bit at the stingy sensation
Then she continued snoring while I injected the drug in her veins through her blood stream
In few seconds I was done and I took out the syringe and placed it back in my bag together with the bottle
I breathed out heavily, I hoped this drug does what they said it will do
Keegan said the drug will fasten then process
It was like a catalyist in making an addict
Grace was Busy with her pile of work she had two cases she had to represent the following day so she needed to leave no stone unturned to make sure that her clients don't go to jail the following day
" You really need to eat yat". That was Jamal her senior
He walked over to her desk
" Well I have two cases tomorrow so I have no choice but to work my butt off" she answered closing her laptop
Jamal sat on top of the table putting two take aways
Besides him
Grace stood up and stood between his laps
They shared a passionate kiss
" Tell you what, let me feed you then after I will help you with your case" jamal said in between the kiss
Grace: hmm that sounds like a plan love
They continued french kissing which elevated into something more
jamal's hands traced down grace's soft skin, vigorously he rubbed grace's nipples through her silk shirt and lace bra
Their breathing patterns escalated they wanted each so much
Grace's hand traced over jamal's black formal trouser
She brushed his already hard manhood
You know how it is with office sex, the fear of someone walking in on them limited the time for four play
Jamal got off the desk he took down his trouser leaving it on the knees
Grace lifted her pencil skirt up exposing her lace tong
She bend over holding on to her desk, jamal thrusted her from behind
He firstly moved in a constant pace, while grace moaned quietly fearing to make any noise
Jamal, feeling the adrenaline rush increased the pace, he slammed harder and faster
Their flesh collided making a slap like sound as his flesh slammed to her big round ass
Grace huffed louder placing a hand on her mouth as to not moan louder
Finally jamal came, and so this grace
He then took out his dick and wiped it using a tissue
" I see you still got your game" grace said wiping her self with a tissue too
Jamal: well you get me going and besides I had to feed my lil princess in here
( He placed his hand on grace's tummy)
Grace: lol so your lil princess eat sperms
And how do you know that its a princess
What if its a boy
Jamal: I can feel it, she is a princess,
Anyway so those two idiots believed the story
Grace: yep, I did exactly as you instructed
I told vusi the pregnancy is his but I can't be with him so I will pin the baby on mxolisi
Just like you predicted, they fell for the trap
They both think its their baby
JAMAL: I told you, human being are too predictable, I knew they will fall for the lie
I still can't get why you with that VUSI of a loser though
GRACE: I told you VUsi knows too much about me
If I dump him, he might do something repulsive
And you know if he starts talking we may loose everything
He will give MXO a reason to divorce me
And if that happens our whole plan will fail
Jamal stayed quiet for a bit far too long
" How about we just kill him" he finally said
Grace gasped for air, shocked by the bombshell her lover juSt dropped
Grace: ki,,kill who Vusi
Jamal: No, your husband mxolisi, see if he dies you can claim everything
And we can easily get his company
Grace: what if he has a will and it turned out he left nothing to me
JAMAL: that's why you studied law we can easily replicate anything
And we will make sure that sister of yours gets nothing
Grace: you have a point there, I still don't get it though
Why do you want Mxolisi's company so bad
JAMAL: I know BRA MXO, we come way back with him, he owes me
And to think that he couldn't even recognize me at the party makes me more furious
He owes me and am willing to take back what he owes me by force if I had too
Grace: owh, I just wish I could know where he puts his company papers
I mean I searched everywhere in that house and still nothing
JAMAL: then he has to die for me to get what's mine, after his dead then we both can get married
Be a happy family just the two of us and our lil princess in here
Grace: and THANDOKUHLE she may have MXO's blood running through her veins but she is still my daughter and I love her
I can't just let her suffer so you have to promise me that if we do this you will consider THando and treat her as your own
JAMAL: relax I will never mistreat your child
I love you with her
So I promise I will be a father to her
Grace: good then so how do we go about assassinating mxolisi
JAMAL: just give me few days to come up with a perfect plan
Grace: mmmh mr planner, I trust you
" And I love you" jamal said drawing her closer to him and they kissed
#slow poison
As we meet the connaiving RATO
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Saturday, September 10


Slow poison Chapter 14

actually ran out that vicinity of that flat
Good thing I always carry my wallet everywhere I go so I just border a taxi back to campus
I was so hurt crushed
The taxi seemed to be going slower
And being at the front seat the Zulu driver was already making a pass at me
He kept bragging about being the owner of the taxi he was driving and that he had more taxis
Mxm typical black person talking about riches he doesn't even have
I mean I can never be so desperate in such a level of dating a taxi driver
I mean I like my guys clean not someone who just washes the face by the tap every morning when he rushes to work
And defiantly not anyone who will ask the girl who sit at the front sit out
Imagine being checked by a taxi in the school premises lol I don't wanna be the joke of the school
I didn't hide how disgusted I was by his passes
" Ey my sister my name is Sipho but they call me sphola" he said
Me: ah I thought as much
Him: ah what do you my sister
Me: I mean that its common that most. Taxi drivers are named Sipho in my area
Him: ah my sister that's because abo sipho ba rich
Me: good for you then
Him: so can you give me your number
He took out an scrap Samsung E250
I just laughed sarcastically
Such a straight downgrade for a rich guy he claims to be
Me: sorry but my numbers are too expensive to be lodged in such a phone
Him: sorry what
Me: you can't even afford a simple blackberry to save your life
Him: ah I have apple phone I left it at home
Me: the fact that you just call it that means you don't own it
Now can you please drop me here
Him: ah baby don't do that
Me: I said am getting of here
He stopped the taxi, most people at the back were already laughing at him
I got of and banged the door
He was busy yelling and saying how full of myself I was
If only he knew that I could be worse than this
He must just thank his ancestors that he found me on a dull mood and I was not in any mood to talk
Mxm that's the reason I hate public transport
The road to the dorm felt longer than usual
I finally reached the entrance though
I greeted the security before taking a lift to the room
The moment I got there I unlocked the door and walked in
Rato was not yet back
I threw myself in bed and just broke into a howl
How could I been so stupid to not have thought of this
I mean I fallen in love wIth thulani that I was hurt beyond repair
How could I let go of him while my whole world seems to be revolving around him
But what else can I do I know am far to young to be a step mom or worse being entangled in a baby mama drama.
I cried till tears ran dry all that was left was the hiccups and the pain
The tears failed to wash away the pain
And my heart remained broken
How could thulani forget to mention that he was a daddy
I hate drama and this carol girl I smelled smoke and where the is smoke there's defiantly fire and a lots of drama
I was hurt and confused. My phone rang it was thulani so I just let it ring
He kept on calling until I decided to switch my phone off
I really had nothing to say to him
I took my other phone and call the one person who knew how to cheer me up
I called sis'nyiko
Like expected she answered on the first ring
Her: hey nana
Me: sis'nyiko
Her: owh dear are you alright you sound so down
The minute she said that I just gave in and started crying again
Her: please dear tell me is there something wrong
What happened did someone hurt you or something
Me: no... Am.. Its
(Words refused to come out)
Her: nana take a deep breathe and talk to me
(I did as instructed)
Her: is it a boy, did a guy assaulted you
Me: its thulani
Her: and whose this thulani person
Did he beat you or touch you coz I swear to. God if he did am coming in that school
I will sure him heLl
Me: no ( I smiled in between the tears still thrilled about how much sis'nyiko loved me
Its like she was my biological mother)
Me: he didn't beat me or touch me in anyway, he is my boyfriend, well was my boyfriend
Her: what did he do
Me: well I just found out that he has a son and the baby mama is still inlove with him
Her: owh nana such is life, this things happen
How long have you been dating
Me: few days he hid this from me
Now the baby mama called him this morning confessing her undying love for him
Her: did he say he loves her back
Me: no, he said its over between them and that he loves me
Her: then maybe he's telling the truth, maybe he still was gonna tell you about the baby
Me: I guess so
Her: you love him right
Me: than charlie (my first bf)
Her: wow you must really love him
Me: I do, I feel like he is the only thing that is sane in my life right now
He's the reason I wear a smile each morning I wake up
Her: then what are you waiting for, go get your man
Hear him out and forgive him
You don't wanna be miserable all your life thinking how it would have been like if you had given him a chance
Me: but am not ready to be a step mom
Her: am sure the guy didn't ask for marriage so there's no need to bother yourself about that now
Enjoy life who knows you might even take great interest in that baby in future
Me: loL I doubt
Her: well you never no, anyway hear him out
And if you guys decides to continue with the relationship just make sure you use protection
You know your father will kill you if you by any chance fall pregnant
Me: don't worry sis I will be careful
Her: great then, please don't forget about your books
Me: I won't, thanx for your advise
Her: you welcome, you know am always here for you
Me: anyway where are the parents
Her: they are at work
Me: ohk bye then
Her: bye nana love you
Me: love you too
I then hung up feeling a bit better
Sis'nyiko just knew the right words to say
But I wasn't ready to hear thulani out
So I just took a nap instead
I woke up later went to take a shower then wore a trek pants and a sport bra only
I prepared few salads rice and lamb stew
Well that's the only thing I really knew how to cook
I was really a lousy cooker I didn't know most house stuff like cleaning and cooking because I never did it since there was sis'nyiko who did everything around the house
The stew and rice she literally taught me by force
After cooking I dished for myself and ate
Half way through my plate a single knock sounded then rato came in
She looked tired and drained
Her "girls out" must have really been hectic
" Owh hey you are home" she said, her voIce sounded rather cold
But I thought maybe it was just my imagination
So I let it slide
Me: yeah I decided to come back early
Her: owh ohk
Me: so how was your night out
Her: great
Me: you look tired beniytjukutja ngempela ne
Her: sort of, damn am so tired
Me: don't worry I cooked enough food
You can dish for yourself
Her: I can use a very cold juice
Me: its in the freezer, I already made it
Her: cool
She was busy in her bag
Then she took a glass and went to the freezer
she faced the other side a bit longer I really couldn't see cause she had her back against me
Finally she moved from the fridge with her glass filled with juice
She sat on her bed
Her: so how did it go
Me: well good I guess, I had a good time
I just didn't wanna tell her about the morning incident
I really didn't wanna talk about it because the more I thought about it the more angry I become
Her: mMh am sure you got some
I just smiled, we continued talking about Our outing
" So how is your family" she asked out of nowhere
Me: well they are great, in fact I've just spoke to sis'nyiko our house. Maid this morning
Her: wow that's great, how about that hot driver
What's his name gain
Me: tommy, I don't know. I haven't spoken to him ever since he brought my car
You really like him don't you
Her: well you gotta admit the guy is hot
Won't you date him if given a chance
Me: well I don't think so, I actually see him as a big brother
Besides he has never showed any interest in me
Her: owh ohk
Me: I will put in a good word for you because you really seem to be interested in him
Her: really you would do that
Me: yes, I don't know if he's single though
Her: I doubt it, he's too hot to be single
Me: lol hot guys can be single too
Her: if you say so
After eating I went to pour myself a glass of juice
After dropping rato Tommy drove back to the hotel he felt so shattered by the fact that he still couldn't see kuhle
He felt like his heart had been torn into shreds
I could she has a boyfriend
If only she could know how crazy he was about her
He took out his phone and attempted to dial her number but he dropped before the phone even rang
He was scared I mean he had no reason to be calling her
He finally reached the hotel parked his car and decided to drop by the nearby bar
To him drinking to dead was better than being battered by the memories of a girl he might never have
Well the may be few mistakes here and there coz I really don't have time to check, my meds are already hitting in so deep
Again am sorry for keeping you guys waiting
As we meet the bubbly TEEKAY
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