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Wednesday, September 28


Slow poison Chapter 24

Its been two days since I've been discharged
I was living with THULANI while his friend crushed on another friend's place just for the time being because THULANI thought for some reason unknown to me i was still in danger
After taking a shower i wore my long sleeve vest and my leggings with platform heel knee lengths leather boots

I topped it of with my biker jacket
" Mmh you are making me jealous" thulani said as he entered
He was coming from the shower
Me: how am i making you jealous nah
Him: just look at how sexy you look, my whole assets are actually on display right now
He came towards me with a towel wrapped from his waist downwards
His body still dripping wet showing his well built body
My man was sexy no lie
She planted a feather kiss on my forehead
Him: do you really have to go to school today
Me: hell yes, i have missed on so much work
Him: just wish we can stay in and cuddle the whole day
Me: just cuddle really
Him: you know ( he winked and gave out his sexy smile)
Me: ai am going to school, we can cuddle later
Him: mxm do school really have to spoil the fun always
Me: shame toba right, now go get dressed before siba late
I baby kissed his lips and wiped the lipstick with my index finger
" You should have just left it there" she referred to the lipstick
Me: lool why
Him: so that they can see that am taken
Me: i think they will think that you now gay thats all or vele you are gay
Him: whoa never, how can a strong men like me be a woman
Me: asati, all i know is that it takes a strong man to handle another man
Him: yabona ke Hlehle
He came my way and i ran towards the bed and jumped on it,
He also jumped in,he held me and pinned me against it
"So you were saying" he said tickling me
I just laughed so hard
Me: i didn't mean it ba,,,, by maan
He continued tickling me and stopped when he saw me running out of breath
Him: you so ticklish yoh
Me: mxm
He collapsed ontop of me
"Shit" he said lifting his head
Me: what is it
Him: my crocodile just lost control of himself
Me: which crocodile
I really had no idea what he was talking about until i felt his boner
Me: wololo and too bad cause you ain't getting any shame now cause am in my periods
He rolled his eyes and hesitantly get off me, he lotioned and wore his black jean and white t-shirt
With his black leather ankle all-star
He looked even more handsome not forgetting the bennie because my man was really a hat person
I quickly sprayed and brushed my weave neatly
We looked good no lie
" We taking my car right" i said
Him: no stress as long as i will drive, i really don't trust women driving skills
Me: whatever, am not in a driving mood vele
We had a quick breakfast before we took our stuff and drove to school
We parked on the students parking lot then got off
He was walking me to my class when i noticed three girls staring at us
We continued walking until we got near my class
"Will see yo ngo 12:00pm e cafeteria ke" he said
We kissed briefly before he left
I was about to enter the class when a female voice sounded behind me
" Sorry girl" the voice said
"Are you talking to me" i said turning
Then i realised it was the three girls from the parking lot
" Jah am talking to you" one of the girls said
Me: owh how can i help you
Her: heee really, so you are fucking around with my man and you have the guts to ask me that nonsense
Me: am sorry but what are you talking about, do i even know you
Her: yiva Zanele, this bitch be shitting with her mouth
"Ai shem uyak'jwayela skeem" the other girl answered i guess it was the zanele girl
I was scared no lie, i feared the big ass hands of those girls
They looked so intimidating, but the one who was talking about her man was worse than the other two
She was tall with a firm fit body, she had wide hips and big ass
The was also gifted on the dairy side
Her breast were bigger than mine
And a figure of a bee, her stomach was so flat
Her body was like our south African Nicki Minaj
And she was beautiful shem
Too pretty for the noise she was making
" So I've started being crazy now, I've started talking alone like a fool" she said
Patting my cheek with her big hand bringing me back to life
" Mtrape wena Carol, she's too full of herself
Adelela kabi lama coconut" the other girl said
I froze as soon as i heard the name Carol
So this was thee Carol
Wow Rato was right this girl was a no go area
I didn't know whether to pee myself or shit myself
Either way i was tossed and ready to mess myself because of fear
"U right yati Zuki, i think a few slaps can teach her a lesson" she said
She held me by the vest i was wearing, i swear i felt tears threatening my eyes
A group of people were already there cheering the crazy carol to teach the boyfriend snatcher a lesson
Me: please you don't have to do this, i didn't know he was your man
Carol: didn't he tell you that he has a child
Me: he did
Carol: so where did you think that child came from, heaven
I am the mother of that child and Thunder is my man
We are a family and you are ruining that
Its always has been mduduzi and me in his life so angati kutsi wena ungenaphi
Usvalo saliphi libhodo
Me: am sorry i didn't mean to intrude, i swear i will stay away from him
Just don't do this
"She's lying beat her wena Carol, those coconut wanna bes are full of shit
She is a freshman and already she's stealing our boyfriends
This yellow bones are just disrespectful" some girl shouted from the crowd
Some were even making videos.
"Beat her Carol, ebile she's a junky, they found her almost dead the other day because of drug overdose" another girl spoke
I think carol liked the praises, her grip became tighter on my vest
Before i knew it a hot slap landed on my left cheek
" Ungjwayela kabi, i will teach you a lesson you will never forget
After this you will never come close any of our boyfriends" she said
" Am sorry please, i will leave him" i cried out
But another slap landed on my right cheek
People kept watching and cheering
" Yah mshaye carol" they kept saying
She was about to slap me for the third time when someone held her hand
The crowd kept quiet, some murmured
I looked up and it was THULANI
She pulled carol away from me
"Carol ufunani emvakwami" he said sharply
Before she could answer a hot slap landed on her cheek
She screamed louder
I couldn't stay and watch, i wanted to get out of there
I just searched my way in the crowd and ran out, not minding thulani who was busy calling my name
Good thing the car keys were with me, i ran straight to my car, got in the driver side and drove off the park roughly
I drove out the school, i didn't even know where i was going
My eyes were clouded with so much tears
Knowing that beating or fighting someone in the school vacinity was a crime and called for expulsion
I dragged carol by her long braids out of the school
I asked alex to follow Hlehle and make sure that she was ohk
The group of students were busy following behind
We got to an open space near the park
I pinned her so hard against a tree
" Thunder you are hurting me, am sorry ohk
I was fighting for us, that girl is not even your type, she can't handle you at your worst
And i can, i love you, we are a family, mdu, you and i there's no place for her" she yelled
This girl's head was really dysfunctional
She really was a medical case
" Yey wena , i don't love you anymore get that into your crazy skull
Hlehle is the woman am with now, i love her
Move on get yourself a man and get laid because i see that you need a good sex session " i said
" Never thunder, i will never let you be with her" she said making me even more angry
" I will still beat her if i see her anywhere near you" she continued
Me: i think you have forgotten me ne, i need to remind you that i dont entertain madness
I took off my belt and started
Flocking her mercilessly
" Noma ungangishaya Thunder oksalayo ngiyakutsandza
(Even if you can beat me thunder the fact remains that i love you)" she said
I knew how stubborn she was, to her this was a game
She thought hlehle was one of the floozies i usually mess around with
I needed to show her that i meant business
I took out my gun and placed it on her head
Students started screaming while some ran away
" Just lay a single finger on her and i swear to god i will spill your brains out" i hissed
I guess she noticed the seriousness in my voice she started shaking with fear and shedding tears
Me:are we clear
She nodded repeatedly
Me: i cant hear you
Her: i promise, i promise i will stay away from her just don't kill me
Me: good
I removed the gun and she quickly picked up her bag and ran towards the school entrance
I placed my gun back into my bagpack
Right then my phone rang it was Alex
Me: Leza where is she
Him: i cant find her boss, i found her car near the bush but she's not in it
Me: what, what do you mean leza
Him: all her stuff is here, but she's gone
i think someone took her
Me: shitt, get the gang together now, i think i know where she is
Him: sho boss
I dropped the call and took a taxi back to my room i needed more bullets for my gun
My father had bitten more than he can chew
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Slow poison Chapter 23

I became conscious but I tried opening my eyes it became a mission
They were so heavy and my head was pounding
For a minute I thought I was asleep in my own bed so why was it difficult to open my eyes
When have waking up ever became such a mission
*I tried moving my hand and I felt a warm hand touching me
I was overwhelmed, who could be in my room
Who was touching me
" Am here nana, I am right here" LANI's voice sounded
I moved my head and with much force I tried opening my eyes and finally I was able to open them
But my vision was a bit blurry
" Yes, thank God you are awake, let me go get the doctor" Thulani said

He let go of my hand and quickly exited the room
My vision returned to normal with each blink
I looked around and I was surrounded by beeping machines and my throat burned like hell
It finally downed to me, I was in a hospital bed
I tried lifting my head attempting to sit up but my head was just too heavy for my body to carry
So I lay back down, I swallowed saliva but my mouth was so dry, I needed water
My mind raced down to what brought me here
I suddenly remembered the shocking revelation I discovered before I collapsed in my room
I remember how I was left to drown in my own pull of blood
My heart pounded heavier
I mean why would rato wanna do that to me
Was she trying to kill me, but why, what did I do
I closed my eyes again and all I saw was her injecting a needle on my arm while I was bleeding on the floor
I remembered telling her to stop
I actually begged her to stop
But all she said was a lousy " am sorry"
She didn't look sorry though
Her eyes were cold and filled with hatred
She lifted her hand and injected the needle
And I screamed louder sitting up straight
" Pleeeeeeaaase stooop" I cried out
" Whoaw come down dear" a male doctor said, he rushed in with THULANI
" She wants to kill me, she's trying to kill me" I said breathing heavily
" No nana you are safe, you are safe now
No one will ever hurt you again I promise" Thulani said
He held my hand and I held on tight on him with my body shaking
I was so scared
The doctor paged through the file and came to me
I hesitantly let go of thulani while he examined me
He shone that touch in my eyes and mouth
He checked my heartbeat and everything
Then he wrote something down
Dr: I know your mouth feels dry and you wish you can have something to drink right
Me: yes
Dr: well we can't give you any liquid right now
The drip is the only thing that has to be in your system
The nurse will come and give you an injection with something that will flash the rest of the remaining drugs out of your system
Me: my head is pounding
Dr: well that's only normal and to be expected, don't worry the nurse will come with the pain meds
I just nodded, he then exited
And I was now only left with Thulani
Him: are you ohk
Me: I feel like I've been hit by a train
My whole body aches
Him: you are strong, I know you will get through this and you will be fine
I am gonna be with you every step of the way ohk
Me: why, why would lerato wanna hurt me,
She was my only best friend and I don't remember ever doing something that might have upset her or jeopardize our friendship
I was hurt and confused no lie, I really didn't wanna believe that my own friend could hurt me like that
While in actual fact she did. Now I was here behind this white hospital walls, cramped in this tiny bed and fearing for my dear life
I had one thing on my mind: what if she comes back to finish me
" Please hlehle don't do that to yourself
Don't cry, my heart gets torn into shreds when I see you cry" Thulani's voice creeped in my web of thoughts
It caught me off guard and like hypnotism it brought me back to reality
I didn't realize that I was actually crying
I attempted to wipe the tears with the back of my hand but Thulani beat me to it
With his thumb, he wiped my tears gently
His face was just covered with worry and concern
" You don't have to cry, am here now I will protect you
Ngifuna wati kutsi noma ngabe kwentekani (I want you to know that no Matter what happens) I will always be by your side
NgiyakuTsandza mine Hlehle, ngehlitiyo yami yonke futsi
(I love you hlehle, wholeheartedly)" he said
His tone was so sincere and his voice so reassuring
I caught a glimpse of him and the visible glass in his eyes caught my attention
Wow he was actually tearing up for me, how lucky was i to have a man like him in my life
" I love you too and I forgive you"
Him: what
Me: I heard you in my sleep and I forgive you for the baby issue
It is your past and am ready to be your present and future if possible
Upon hearing that my superman smiled broadly
He held on tight to my hand and kissed it
Then he moved from the chair and sat on the bed
He gave one hell of a kiss that drove me insane
I had no idea how much I missed him until now
Holding him close to me, feeling his warm breath on my skin was the most wonderful feeling ever
"Thank you" he finally said breaking the kiss
Me: and thank you for picking up my call at a crucial time
You are my hero
Him: and you are my heroin, even at the depth of the darkest night I will always be there to pick up your call
I love you and it is my duty to pick up when destiny calls
Me: so am your destiny
Him: you are everything to me now I have two most important people in my life
I feel highly favored by God
Me: two mmh so who and who
Him: you and my son, you guys are my pillar of strength
He became emotional, tears fell freely from his checks
His face was just withdrawn, something else was bothering him
Me: you are worrying me, what really Is the problem
Him: nothing, I just feel like I could have protected my child
He also deserved a fair share at life and they took him away from me
Me: is there anything wrong with mduduzi
Am sure you can get him back after you done with your studies
He just chuckled inbetween the tears, and I felt like something deeper was disturbing him. maybe he missed his son so much
We spent the whole afternoon together
And later I literally had to force him to leave but he refused
He said there's no place he rather be than my side
And he said he had made arrangement with the hospital and they had agreed to let him stay until I got discharged
He was just the sweetest boyfriend ever and I couldn't help but fall inlove with him even more
Later I called sis nyiko, I just wanted to greet her. But I didn't tell her that I was in a hospital though
Her: so did your father call you this morning
Me: ah he didn't , I wonder why do you even bother asking
You know how less they don't give a damn about me
Her: that's not true nana, they love you just like every parent loves their kids
They just have a different way of showing it
Me: you need not to defend them, we both know that mama na papa they are shitty parents
They think money is everything, I mean I could even die here and they will not know
That's how little they care
I have robots as parents while other kids have the privilege of having real parents
At time I wish I was never born because I think i Came as a mistake to them
Her: give them time nono, its a learning process for them
Me: time, time sis'nyiko, those people had twenty years to learn, thats more than enough time
Hell they gave birth to me, they need not to learn to love me it should come naturally
But instead their love for money replaced their love for me
You raised me, you were a mother and a father to me
I don't care if it was your job because the truth is you were good at it
You cared for me in many ways than a parent could ever do for her child
And I will forever be grateful for that
I was now emotional
I could hear sis'nyiko sniffing on the other end of the line
She took a deep breath
Her: you are my child nono and I will do anything for you
Just bear with your parents am sure they will come around
Me: and that would be after they see my cold body in a coffin and realized that they lost a daughter
That's when they will come around
Her: owh swane lami, (owh my baby) just forgive them
Sis'nyiko has always been so kind, sometimes maybe to kind but she was the mother I knew
We talked about some other stuff and I told her that I forgave Thulani
She was just glad that I was happy
"She sounds like a remarkable woman" thulani sAid after I dropped the call
Me: she is and more, all I know is that her kids will be lucky to have her as a mother someday
As for me, I wish she was my real mom
Him: I could hear from the sound of her voice, she is down to earth
I wish I could have met my mother
Me: am so sorry, God knows why she took her away or why you had to go through all those terrible things your father did to you
No child deserves to be molested by their parents
Are you sure he his your real father though
Him: of'cause, I mean how else could I have been living with him
Me: you did say you don't remember your first ten years and I find that strange
I mean does he atleast have pictures of you before you were ten
Him: not really, I have never asked him though
Me: you need not to ask, your pictures should be around the house
Him: maybe you right, something really does smell fishy
We talked a bit, then the nurse came and gave me the shots and right after that I fell asleep
I watched quietly as Hlehle slept soundly
I was happy no lie, the fact that she woke up was just the joyful thing ever
But a part of my heart ached, I so badly wanted to tell her that he lost a baby in the midst of all that chaos but I was just plain scared
I was scared of hurting her even further.
I tried taking my mind off that painful incident
And what Hlehle mentioned filled my mind
Something was awfully not right about my childhood and my so called father
I looked at the black almost triangle like shaped mark on my arm
I remember asking my father what was that mark for and where I got it but he never gave me an honest answer
My father never really talked about my childhood
He never said anything concerning me or my mother really
I thought that maybe talking about it reminded him of how my mother died but funny thing is I never even saw a picture of my mother
What if what hlehle said was true
But then if vusi is not my father then who is
I made myself comfortable on the chair and tried falling asleep
I didn't wanna leave hlehle alone because I really didn't know what my father's goons intentions were
Before I could take a nap my phone vibrated
I quickly checked it and it was a message from alex
"The gang is back on boss, all the guys are in and ready to lay their heads on the line for you
I set up a meeting for this weeked" the message read
"Sharp leza go ahead and set the meeting tell them that ngitobabona weekend" I wrote back
I switched off the phone and tried sleeping
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Slow poison Chapter 22

The taxi dropped me off near the gate.
I paid the fare, took my bags and walked in the huge neatly trimmed green yard
The place was just perfect and so majestic
I ringed the bell twice and waited, few minutes later the door opened
Vusi stood by the door half naked
He had a well built body for someone his age
His beard was nicely trimmed resting perfectly on his chin making him even more handsome
" Stop staring and come in already" he said
His baritone just sent chills down to my already disturbed spine
Me: am not staring hau
I said making my way in, I always seem to forget how huge this place is
It fascinate me every time I come here
Vusi: and then, what's with all the bags, did you clean up your whole wardrobe
Me: am moving in with you
Vusi: what???, hell no you gotta be kidding me
Me: am not kidding vusi, I have nowhere to go and I can't just go home you know how my parents are, they want nothing to do with me
And I can't stay at that res its not safe for me
The police could be looking for me as we speak
Vusi: why would the police be looking for you
Me: I killed someone duh, don't you know that murders go to jail
Vusi: mxm, you are so stupid,
if you had killed the bitch it would have been better
Me: how do you mean
Vusi: she is not dead, I sent you to do one little task and you failed
Now you expect me to let you stay here
Me: I did my best vusi,
I did inject her just like you instructed
How do you even know that she's not dead
Vusi: I have eyes everywhere, and my eyes said she is in hospital and he can't finish her because that stupid boy that calls himself Thulani is with her
Me: gosh does it mean that he knows
Vusi: I don't know but if he knows then I have people who will take him out of the equation
Me: what, so you will have your son killed just to save your own skin
Vusi: of'cause I can, besides even if he dies there will be no love lost
I was now even scared of vusi, if he can kill his own son what could stop him from killing me
" You can't stay here" he insisted
Well I was prepared to stay no matter What,
phela I had nowhere to go and my parent's house was just a no,,no
My father Is such a boring cultural stuck up man
He wouldn't mind flocking me to death if I dared returned back home
So there's only one way to secure my stay here
Seduce this man into allowing me to stay
So I took off my jacket now I was only left with my crop top and shot jean
And vusi stared at my body hungrily just how I wanted him too
" Uyanglimata maan ( you are hurting)" he said
He fixed his trunk pants which were already showing his visible boner
He walked towards me, picked me up and we kissed passionately
" Do you still want me to go" I whispered in his ear
Vusi: hell yes, I want you to go upstairs *
Well my plan worked, I knew how to catch my flies
Knowing how much vusi worships sex I know he wouldn't let me go after the session I was going to give him
As some people had already expected Grace did exactly what they say she would do
Or wouldn't do rather
She never bothered going to the station instead she offered to take Jamal to lunch
So they were having lunch at a restaurant
Grace: finally we can be together
Jamal: well not entirely
Grace coughed repeatedly upon hearing jamal say that
She thought maybe she heard him wrong
Grace: how do you mean by that, I thought after the death of mxolisi we will be together
So what can stop us now
Jamal: your other guy, what's his name again
Grace: you mean vusi, you don't have to worry about Him
Jamal: why not, its hard for me not worry
He is the man who's fucking my woman so I have every reason to worry
Grace: ncooh you look so cute when you are jealous
Jamal: mxm, you still haven't told me what is the deal between you and him
What is it that he has on you that I don't know about
Grace: its personal, but don't worry I will end things with him
Jamal: mmmh
Grace: now cheer up would you
Jamal: I will as soon as my wife to be stop hiding things from me
I mean we are about to get married, you will need to tell me everything at some point
Grace: I promise I will tell you, just not now
"Fine" jamal said as he wiped his hands and mouth then stoop up
Grace: aibo where are you going now
Jamal: its personal, am sure I will tell you someday just not now
After saying that jamal walked out the restaurant leaving Grace battling with herself
She was busy beating herself up on whether to tell Jamal what the real deal was between him and vusi
But then she didn't wanna loose Jamal over Such a matter
She was gonna find other means to cheer up the upset jamal than telling him the truth
"Dammit" jamal said when he got outside
He kicked his car tyre angrily
He then took out his phone and dialed a number
It rang a few times before someone answered
"Any news poi" a male voice said on the other end of the line
Jamal: No boss, eish this woman is just so slime and am loosing my patient
Caller: I know bro but please hold on a bit longer am sure she will crack soon
Or just go to plan b
Jamal: I think plan B is better now
I hate each second I spend with this woman
Each time I fuck her my insides turns
I feel like puking on her face
Caller: hahaha bro your job is way better
I mean how hard can fucking someone be
Jamal: well for someone like her its hell
Caller: asati ke ngoba poor woman thinks you two are gonna drove into the sunset and live happily ever after
Jamal: she even thinks she is really pregnant
Wow doctor Lambert's hormones are really messed up
If only she knew the happily ever after that awaits her
Caller: jah neh
Jamal: don't worry mnaka after all this is through you and I would be fine
We need to take a long break from this job
Caller: That's exactly what's am willing to do bro
I really need a break
They talked a bit before they hung up
Jamal got into his car and drove off
I was busy getting myself a drink on the machine when I saw the same guy I saw when leaving Hlehle's room
And to think that he didn't know that I could see that I was being watched was so stupid of him
I just let him be and pretend like I didn't know that I was being followed
I took my drink and decided to check on skull first before going to Hlehle's room
I got in and they were busy chatting with alex busy reminiscing about the gang days
He looked so much better I wished I could say the same about hlehle
I decided to avoid the anger creeping in
" Hey ta'thunder" skull said
Me: hey ntwana ng'yabona u grand
Skull: sorry boss I really didn't know she was your girl
Me: what I don't understand is why her, why
Skull: I really don't know the why, I was just told what to do and I was never allowed to ask questions
Me: I see, well my father's goons are here
Alex: in the hospital
Me: yes, they have been watching me
Alex: then we should do something
Me: No just let him be, I don't want my father knowing that I know that his behind this
Just fOcus on getting the gang back together
Alex: sure boss
We continued chatting a bit before I went to Hlehle's room
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Slow poison Chapter 21

It is said that destiny is something we have no control over and that things always happens for a certain reason and right now sitting in this damn corner I wish I knew what the reason was.
I honestly refused to admit that GOD brought HLEHLE in my life only to take her away so soon
I tried to be damned strong, you know be a man and not cry just like we man are expected not too but it was just damn hard
I kept sniffing like someone lobhema snuff
I had my face buried deep in the hospital floor and alex was busy brushing my back trying to calm me down
I am sure he might have thought of me as weak to be crying like that ehhossi
"Dammit kantsi labo doctor bentani skhatsi lesidze so
(Dammit what could the doctors be doing for such a long time)
What if..." I couldn't even finish that sentence
Alex: nooo.. No.. No bra Thusko you can be thinking of such things
You need to be positive
Thando will be fine and nothing will happen to her
Me: mara litaima lifunani kimi ( what does my father want from me)
Why is he so hell bent in stepping on my toes
Kuncono vele ngimphihlite buxopho ngalenganono kube kanye
( Its better I just spill his brain up with this gun once and for all)
Alex: now you talking,I never thought I would ever say this but we need to get the gang back together and prepare for war
Me: exactly
Right then the doctor came out, he had no emotions or whatsoever
He was just unreadable
" Doctor how is she" I asked standing up from the bench
He took a deep breathe
" We had managed to drain the excessive amount of that toxic drug in her body
Am glad you brought her in sooner, should you have wasted a second longer she could have died
The drugs had corroded most of her system, sending her brain into shock waves
Her body suggest that she has been using the substance for a while now in a measurable quantity but last night I think she took the drug excessively and her respiratory system decided to shut down
With such low oxygen in her body the embryo that was growing in her died" the doctor said, I think it was more like rumbled
Me: doctor in a simple straight forward english please
doctor: in short we managed to save her but she lost the pregnancy
Me: whoah utsiniii (whattt)
Dr: I said she lost her pregancy
Me: am sure you are confused doctor, l don't think we are referring to the same person here, Hlehle was never pregnant
Dr: am referring to THANDOKuUHLE NKOSI, the girl who was brought in here few hours ago because of drugs overdose
According to the results she was almost 14 days pregnant
But because we use the menstrual cycle calendar we count from her last menstrual cycle which was over two weeks ago
It means she was over two weeks pregnant
Me: hell it can't be, I made sure that we use protecting
Dr: well sometimes condoms are not 100 percent safe especially when sexual intercourse occurs during the ovulation period where chances of pregnancy are high
Just a single sperm can do the job
I guess it was one of those mistakes
Me: omg, I need to see her, can I see her
Dr: of'coz, follow me
" You guys go right ahead, I will check on KG" alex said
I followed the doctor to her ward
We walked in
" She is in an induced coma, we needed to put her to sleep so that her body can rebuilt and her brain can reconnect again" the doctor said
" But you can talk to her, she can hear you". He continued then he walked out leaving me alone with her
She had all those machines connected to her, she looked so pale and her lips were cracked
She just looked like she was in a lot of pain and I couldn't help her
The machines beeped louder, as she breathed through the pipes which where connected in her nose
Seeing her in that state was just so heart breaking
I sat on the chair beside her bed. I took her hand which had the drip needle
Her hand was just so cold and soft
I held on to it so gentle, I took a Deep breathe and swallowed the lump away.
I needed to be strong for her
" Hey, they said you can hear me. I just wanna say thank you for calling me
I just wish I could have been there sooner
I should have seen this coming
I want you to get well for me, I love you HLehle and I can't see my life without you
Yes I may have a son but I still want a future with you.
I should have told you about Mdu but I was afraid
I was afraid of loosing you, I guess with you I am afraid of doing anything
You are my weakness and I will give up my life for you to live
I had never felt this way about anybody not even carol
Before you I was just a heartless, ruthless guy
I was just a lost cause but you have to get better and get out of here so that I can tell you all about it ohk" I said
I didn't wanna cry but looking at her and knowing that she has just lost our child and almost lost her life made it hard for me not to cry
My father had robbed me my happiness and everything that matters to me
He has just chewed more than he could swallow
I was ready to take his life if it was the only way I was ever gonna find peace
I stayed there a bit longer hoping that just maybe Hlehle might wake up but she never did
But nonetheless I was prepared to stay for as along as it took
As long as I was gonna be by her side when she wakes up
It was exactly one hour since Grace got to work
She was busy pacing up and down in her office feeling so anxious
She wondered why Jamal was still not at work
Could something be wrong with him did he get held up somewhere
Her cellphone rang on her desk, she rushed to it hoping that it was Jamal but to her surprise it was an unknown number
" Hi" she answered in a hostile manner
" hello can I speak to Mrs Grace Nkosi please" the caller said
It was a male voice
Her: yah this is she, who are you and how can I help you
Caller: this is detective Thabethe from Mbombela croissant police station
I am afraid I have some bad news for you ma'am
Her: am listening
Caller: are you with someone there
Her: just come out with it detective whatever it is am sure I can handle it
Caller: ohk ma'am am afraid to tell you that your husband was involved in a car accident this morning
For some reason yet unknown to us he lost control of the car and it ran out of the road straight over the bridge and it caught fire when it reached the ground
Am afraid your husband burned almost half of my body
With the work of the police force we were able to collect some few items on the scene that led us to believe that it was your husband
The line was so quiet, Grace didn't care about any of the stuff the police said
Infact she wasn't even interested in hearing it
The only thing that was important to her at that moment was to know Jamal's whereabouts and if he was safe
" Ma'am are you still there" the detective asked
Grace: yes am here
Detective: ow ohk so we need you to come down the station for some clarification
Grace: ohk I will be there, thank you for letting me know
Then she hung up. Right then her office door swung open
Jamal walked in looking all handsome and sexy
His face clearly stated that he was way younger than grace, he still possessed his youth
" Thank goodness, where have you been" grace said running to him and hugging him tightly
" Gosh can I atleast get some air" jamal said trying to break out of grace's tight hug
Grace: am sorry, its just thAt you had me worried sick
Where have you been
Jamal: relax am fine, I had few errands to run before coming to work
Grace: you should have atleast called
Jamal: you right and am sorry ohk, sorry I got you worried
Grace: you are forgiven, and guess what
Jamal: I have a feeling you are about to tell me
Grace: well the police called, mxolisi was involved in a car accident on his way to work
They said he lost control of the car and swerved over a bridge
Jamal: it means the poison attacked him in the car
It weakens and numbs every joint and muscles in the body before killing the victim
Am sure that's how mxolisi lost control of the car
Grace: I don't care what happened am just glad that he is dead
Now we can finally be free to be together
We can finally get married
Jamal: you really are a smart woman
How did you get him to drink the poison so quick
Grace: that was just easy, I know that he always drinks the bottled water every morning so I just poured the poison in the bottles
I have been leaving with that bastard Forever so I know him like the back of my hand
Now I have to figure out where he kept the company papers
Don't worry baby victory is ours finally
Jamal just let out a side smile and drew her closer for a kiss
After a certain call Tommy hung up, and shifted his attention back to his work which was driving
He drove for four hours before coming into a halt
He parked near an unknown hotel dropped a certain man before driving back to his place
He hoped and wished that after all this is done he will not get caught in the cross fire
He hoped that at the end of all this he would still be able to have the one person he desired the most, even though what he was doing might end up hurting her the most
He could be responsible for taking a parent away from her
he had no choice but to do this, it came with the job
Now he had to do his last task which is finding out where exactly is the boy
He had hoped that his informant would have found something tangible by now but there were still no leads
If only he knew what really was the connection between the no nonsense taxi owner known as mr ngwenya and mrs Nkosi
He went to his private room and watched at the board carefully to see what he has been missing
The single lead that could blow this whole case apart
He sat on his chair and began with the paper work
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Monday, September 19


Slow poison Chapter 20

Skull screamed in pain, he opened his mouth as to speak but I pulled the trigger and the bullet just grazed through his left arm
I was about to shoot for the third time when alex jumped in front of the gun
Thank god I was so experienced with guns because if I was just an amateur I would have shot him point blank

And with how he just jumped the bullet I would have shot his skull reaping it apart
" Ufuna kufa yini LEZA, wentani, suka ng'dubule lenja maan
(Do you wanna die leza, what are you doing
Move and let me shoot this dog)". I said
Alex: muna you need to calm down, I can't just stand aside and let you kill KG
We both know that this is not his fault, the real enemy of progress here is your ratchet father
He's the one who deserve those bullets
Me: but why her, couldn't they have targeted someone else
Why her, why
Alex: that's there more reason why you need to keep KG alive
To find out the why
I looked down and let the tears fall freely
I was so angry and hurt at the same time
I wanted to lash out and right at that moment I had directed all my frustrations and my anger to skull
He deserved to feel the pain Hlehle was in
Its his actions that led the woman I love in this situation
Moreover it was just easy to entertain the anger and suppress the pain
The guard took out his (wokey talkey) or what ever you new school kids call it
He attempted calling other securities when I pointed the gun at him
" Am sure awufuni kwakho noma kini bahlabele magugu vandag
You better put that thing down and be a good guy, there's no need for you to play a hero today this is no action movie
Its real shiit, and in here heroes die, and not onLy will I kill you
I will come after your whole family too "
The security had fear written all over his face, he tossed the radio away
" Hade mjita, am not trying to be any herO
Please don't hurt me, I promise I will stay out of your way" he pleaded with tears forming in his eyes
" Good boy, Now WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUCKEN AMBULANCE!!!" I yelled out loud
Guard: I don't know what's keeping them because when I called they said they were on their way
Me: shiiittt , she will die here, her heart rate is deteriorating
She needs medical attention and fast
We need to take her to hospital
She can't die, I can't just loose her
Alex helped me lift her up and we took her into my car while the guard followed behind with the bleeding. Skull
He got him into the back seat with Hlehle
"Remember, mention what happened here and it will be the last thing you will ever say" I said one more time terrifying the guard even more before getting in car and alex sped of to the nearest hospital
We got to the hospital in no time, alex rushed inside and came out with two females and males nurses who had two stretchers
We laid hlehle on the stretcher and laid a pale skull on the other stretcher
My car had a pull of skull's blood
We ran with them inside the hospital with me holding for my dear life on that stretcher
They took her to the ER and stopped me from entering so I just stood on the passage
A while later I had sat down because standing was nolonger working
I had both my hands on my face silently praying
" God please, please save her for me
Yakena nawe kutsi ngimncanywa ngenhlitiyo yam yonke hlehle
(You know that I love HLEHLE whole heartedly)
Save her, because if she dies I might as well die with her
Life without her is just like an empty space occupied by nothing but air and loneliness
I know I haven't called upon your name for a while now but today I am humbling myself in your eyes
See my pain and save me from this heartache
I pray all this in your mighty name..."
" So what did they say" Alex asked ,interupting me from my prayers, he was coming from the other side where skull was taken
Me: still nothing as yet, how is skull
Alex: they are taking the bullet out of his leg, and he will need blood transfusion but luckily they do have his blood type available in storage
Me: good, he needs to get better so that he can tell me who is this trump he gave the drugs too
That stupid girl will pay
I said feeling my palms getting hot
Grace kept tossing and turning on the bed, she could hardly sleep partly because she was a bit nervous yet much excited at the fact that finally there was a permanent way to rob her step sister her happiness
She hoped that mxolisi will drink the bottled water she poison in the freezer
She actually couldn't wait for morning to come
See, upon her arrival before midnight grace found mxolisi already asleep
She saw that as the perfect opportunities to poison both the bottled water they kept in the freezer
Indeed she did pour few drops of the poison in the bottles
Closed them tight again and placed it back into the freezer
She tossed the poison bottle back into her bag then went to take a quick shower before retiring to bed
The following morning mxolisi woke up feeling a bit down
He took a quick shower since he was already late for work
He dressed formally and went downstairs
He prepared cereal for himself, sat down and ate
Grace entered the kitchen wearing only her shot nighty
She didn't even bother greeting her husband
She went into the freezer took out an apple and washed it on the sink
While patiently waiting for her plan to manifest
Well, after eating mxolisi washed his bowl and placed it nicely on its place
He went to the freezer, just as expected he took out the bottle water and drank it all at once
He took the other bottle and left
Grace had a visible grin on her face upon witnessing such exciting news
She jumped and screamed with excitement.
She ran upstairs back to the bedroom
She took her phone and called a number
It rang twice before the caller answered
" He drank it, I think our plan is in motion" she said excitedly
Jamal: whoaw come down, you don't wanna get to excited
We don't want people finding out the truth
Grace: yho sorry, I just couldn't contain myself
Am so happy that in few hours he would be declared dead and I can finally move on with my life
We can finally be together
I love you so much Jamal
I can do anything for us
Jamal: owh jah, I will see you at work neh and I love you too
Jamal cut the call before grace could say any further
" She actually bought it. Boss" jamal said to a certain man he was in the car with
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Saturday, September 17


Slow poison Chapter 19

I woke up in the middle of the night, my throat felt so dry and it was burning
And as usual I had the tingly needle pain in my arm
I was still so damned high
I wondered if the highness is really suppose to last this long
I sat up cause I wasn't sleepy anymore
Rato seemed to be in a deep slumber, I really don't remember what happened after I took the cocaine but I hope I did nothing bad

I was so famished I could eat a cow but because the was no food in the house I settled for bread and juice
We always have juice made so I just poured myself juice and cut two pieces of polony and inserted it in my bread
I went back to my bed, sat down and ate
Drinking the juice brought forth a familiar feeling
I experienced the same feeling I felt when I took the cocaine although with the juice it was not as intense but it was still there
Finally it hit me
I had figured out the funny taste in the juice
It was drugs, the juice had drugs
I Placed the glass away but it was already too late
I had drank the juice to the last drop
"Omg I was being drugged before I even took the drugs" I thought to myself
But somehow this didn't seem to make any sense
I only live with RATo, n she would never do that to me now would she
Fear creeped in as pieces were coming together starting to make this mystery puzzle visibly clearer
The good feeling the juice usually brought turned into something else, I felt so nauseastic and I was getting a bit dizzy
A very strong headache kicked in, I got off my bed and walked to RATO's bed
" Lerato wake up, you are such a sn" I couldn't even finish the sentence I just hit the ground so hard before I even reached her bed
I wanted so much to scream but my throat was burning and something was prohibiting my voice from coming out
My nose was sore, and I felt liquid flowing from it
I touched it with my finger and realized that it was blood
I felt like I was dying
" LEERRAaaa" I called out but she seemed to be deep in her sleep
I raised my hand and took out my phone under the pillow
I dialed the number of the first person who came to my mind
It ranged a while longer until he finally picked up
"Pleeeease LAni heelllppp" that's all I managed to say
Thulani: hlehle are you ohk, what's wrong and where are you
I couldn't answer
Thulani: hlehle are you still there,,, hold on am coming
I gasped for air before realizing that blood was now gushing out of my mouth too
I tried crawling but before I knew it, it was lights out for me
I was still phased by the call I just received
I shook ALEX and SKULL who we decided he must sleep over so that in the morning he can take us to the girl she was giving the drugs too
I mean after explaining his long story few hours ago about how they squandered the money I left them with then after the money was finished the gang started to fall apart and it was every man for him self
He started to look for other means for survival until he came across my father who offered him a great deal
He was to sell drugs for him and run few errands in exchange for a promitable salary
And because of hunger and desperation, he took the job and few months ago my father promised him a huge lump sum of money if he do a job for him
That job was delivering cocaine to her girlfriend
That cocaine was gonna be used in my father's girlfriend roommate
And now things were running out of hand because skull thought my father's girlfriend is overdosing the poor girl
I swear I wanted to tear skull apart for the betrayal and the sinister thing he has stood so low to have agreed to do
I mean he knew my father and how heartless he can be
How on earth did he accept his bogus offer
" Majita vukan! (Guys wake up" I said shaking them
" Aibo ta'thulz yinton ingxaki (what's the problem) why are you waking us and fully dressed in the middle of the night where are you going" alex said
He rubbed his eyes and poked Skull who also woke up looking all surprised at me
Skull: and nou, kuyiwaphi
(And now, where are you going)
Me: get dressed majita, no time to explain but all I can is someone is fucking with my woman
Alex: your woman, which woman?
Me: alex nawe sometimes uba slima yati( alex you sometimes can be stupid you know)
Who else could I be talking about if not Thando of'cause
Alex: is it the same thando who has been giving you sleepless night for this pass week
The one who has not responded to any of your calls or returned any of your messAges
Is it that same Thando
Skull: who is Thando now, what happened to carol
Me: Thando is the woman who is in trouble right now
She called me few minutes ago
SHe could hardly speak
Now am calling her back and she is not picking up
Now gents get off that bed or I will drag you out by my self
Alex: so do we know where she is
Me: no but i am gonna check at the campus first
Alex: do you think the security guard will let you in this time
Remember you tried going there numerous times and the guards refused to let you in
What makes you think they will allow you in now
Worse in the middle of the night
Me: I think you know how good I am at convincing people
Now be quick guys
They got out of bed and get dressed while I took out my gun
Loaded it first before placing it on my waist
I was ready to kill anyone who was gonna stop me from seeing hlehle
Even the pathetic guard if I had too
Within minutes the guys were ready, I took the golf keys and we walked out
Teeky's ringing phone woke me up
" Damn why don't you just switch it off" I said sitting up straight
The first thing I noticed was her empty bed
Ohky that's weird
The phone rang again and I realized that the sound was coming from the floor
But TEEkay's lifeless body caught my attention
She lay faced down near her bed
I quickly got out off bed
" Omg Teekay are you ohk" I ran up to her
She had a measurable amount of blood from his nose and mouth
There were also white visible bubble oozing out of her mouth
I held her wrist and she still had a faint pulse
"What have I done" I said upon seeing the juice glass
It has downed to me that the juice she took actually increased the amount of drugs in her system
Well it was a lot because she firstly took it by nose, then I injected her when I came back from keegan and now she drank it on the juice
I was on a panic mode
" Owh god, what have I done"
I quickly took my phone and called vusi
It first rang unanswered
" Pleeaseee,, answer your phone dammit" I yelled and called again
This time he picked up in a second ring
" I killed her vusi, the drugs were too much for her system to handle: I said hurriedly before he could even say a word
"Hey come down ohk, tell me whAt happened" his voice sounded on the other end of the line
He talked in a sleepy tone
I tried explaining what happened as calm as I possibly can
Vusi: so is she really dead
Me: not really but she's not looking good at all
Vusi: then finish her
Me: what!!! Vusi no way
Vusi: if she talks do you realize that you will be in trouble, do you have a lawyer to represent you in court cause I won't pay any legal fees and I will terminate any traces that connect me to you, all in all you will be on your own Now you better do as I say
Finish her off
Me: how
Vusi: do you still have the injection
Me: yes
Vusi: inject her again, then wipe your fingerprints off the injection without removing it from her arm
Make it look like she injected herself
Can you do that
Me: ye...yesss I think I can
( I also nodded my head as if he could see me)
Vusi: when you done leave the room, erase any trace that say you were ever there this night
Me: owh ohk
I hung up, did exactly as vusi instructed
I then took my over night bag and my cosmetics then exited the room
I had to make sure that I pass the security unseen
But that was no problem since it was weekend
The campus was a bit busy some students were still up
So I did pass undetected
I decided I was going to Cameron's party down street
after so much intimidating and some few notes the guard finally let us through
He took us to the room, knocked few times. But there was no response
" Are you sure the girl called you from here" the guard asked
Me: yes, she didn't sound fine over the phone
Am sure she is in there
The guard unlocked using his spare key
We all opened the door and rushed in
Hlehle's lifeless body on the floor was the first thing I saw
I ran to her
" Jesus, what the hell"I said
I knelt down and turned her over since she was facing down
The injection on her arm caught my attention
" Baby what have you done, I said it
I knew you were somehow using" I said un able to hold the tears that embraced my chin
Guard: is she still alive
Me: her body is still warm
I check for a pulse and it was there, just so faint
Me: she has a pulse
The guard called the ambulance while Alex and skull helped me picked her up from the floor
"Owh lord, what have I done" skull said as soon as he saw Hlehle's face
Me: yini bro
He held his hands on his face
" Skull talk dammit" I said running out of patience
" That's her, thatsss her" he said
Alex: owh no, KG what have you done
I didn't even wait for his explanation, I took out my gun and shoot right through his left leg
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