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Monday, June 6


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 7

Insert 7R 
One of the most things that weakens and cripples a man entirely is seeing the women he loves the most in unbearable pain. I froze right there, looking at her in a foetus position, laying there helpless immediately I went cold.
I went on my knees, next to her side trying to put her in a safe position. She held on to my hand and for her a moment there I felt my bones crack!
I told her to stay come and breathe like they taught her at those pregnancy lessons she liked going to her, rushed to my study to get my phone and with immediate effect I dialled the ambulance and they said we’d rush over and I should give the 30 minutes. I stayed by her side and placed a pillow by her head to balance her while I kept rubbing her tummy. I’d breathe with her from time to time yet she did not make it easy at all because my knuckles were feeling the pain, this better be a girl with the way Kamo is so feisty.
“This is your entire fault” she murmured in between the deep breathes. 
I got the message loud and clear because at some point I kind of couldn’t feel my hand. 
I heard knocking at the door and I gently pulled my hand went to open and God had answered the cries of my hand. The paramedics rushed to our living room where I directed them and they found her on the floor. Two helped my wife and another stayed with me while asking me questions about the pregnancy and how far long she was, if she had, had a miscarriage before this pregnancy. I answered their questions as they carried her out and she continued to squint in pain and my insides squinted as well to the rhythm of her pain, its John’s fault though. I wanted to follow behind with my car but she did not let me, her screams frightened the living soul in me that worships the ground she walks on and I couldn’t let the women who has shaped the man I am go through a couple product alone.
In the midst of everything mind you, I have court tomorrow defending that man yet here I am bringing my weakness into this world, so cruel yet filled with love and its internal conditions. But now here I was, few minutes into fatherhood. Believe in me, I salute you women out there and to my fellow brothers don’t be like me back up your hands always. On the way to the hospital, I had to make few call, notify our parents and close friends that the dear gift we’ve waited is about to land. 
We arrived at the hospital and they quickly rushed her to the ward while I stayed and filled in the forms, but in that moment I was shaking about to pee on myself. The pen walked on narrow roads, I couldn’t be still someone tapped me. 
“Bruda, I’ll finish up” my best friend eased up on me.
I did not think twice, I just walked with my mind jumbled up and the look on my face was indeed puzzling. Was I ready?
When we grow up we always reminisce about being parents and how we’d always protect our offspring yet now here I am about to be a runaway father. Although I bet she’s going to be beautiful and immediately I find her on the bed, sweat dripped from her oval face. My acceptance, I bet she was crying but even through her worst she looks so extremely beautiful and from that I found my strength. I manned up, “I got this bra” I murmured to myself as they instructed me to wear scrubs because it is about to get amazingly bloody. I’d rub her back from time to time, even though my ears were hearing her vulgar French words. The centimetres increased and the time to anoint me as a father had arrived. All I remember was Kamogelo’s last heavy and forced breathe and there she was, crying and complain like her mother. 
12:30 am, 1st June.
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Wednesday, June 1


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 6

Insert 6 (Revolving)
It is said that pleasure and business do not mix, probably because they’d give the same results oil and water gives us. I’ve been told in my profession that I have a heart of stone, ruthless and nothing but an empty vessel with dead flowers. Yet I do have a heart, however my job requires me to not feel, but act out the Proverb “Monna ga a lle”. I think I have my morals and values jumbled up, been happily married for the past 5 years but here I am defending a men, a fellow disciple but most importantly a brother, he is divorcing his wife for another and somehow sitting here makes me question the man I am, is it really business?
Twirling Johnny Walker in his mature state, trying to intoxicate my nerves, in order to stomach the man I am or actually because I am defending someone who goes beyond my barriers of life. He is actually striping her naked in front of his mistress, taking everything from her without a doubt and his the one who is in the dog box, a brute of a man, a smooth sailor in an ocean of lies. I wonder to myself as I prepare my defence in what world am I bringing my daughter into, one where man are just boats ridden by any captain even when the owns name is visibly engraved, bolded and classified. In who’s care am I putting the lives of innocent souls, to be packed in every destination their father’s desire leads them?

Be nurtured by broken homes?
Children are meant to stay with their mothers no matter the circumstances or am I actually becoming feminine for a moment here?
Has Johnny Walker confused my genes?
Looking at her records, she being admitted in a phycological ward numerous times, heavens knows that he had pushed her to the edge but I am expected to use this women’s sorrow to tear her apart, destroy her and actually rip her off her blessings. As I look, at my rare view on the room divider door window while pouring myself a double on the rocks. Karabo Mogotsi, my reflection looking back at me.
After all it is just business, throwing my manly body on my chair yet again I enter the war room my thoughts, I hear Kamo’s voice deep within, her calling out in agony or is it that me, because I am defending the vary person that tents the reputation of man, I mean honourable man out there work for, those that do their level best to make sure that the rib that was taken out of them is protected no matter what!
But my wife’s voice keeps on persisting pain screaming out of her. I snap out of my thoughts and I actually hear her. I jump out of chair like I’ve been I am a bullet fired from a pistol.
I head to the living room, only to be terrified by my wife’s rapid screams, her crunched up on the floor , my acceptance…
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Tuesday, February 9


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 5

Insert 5 (Revolving) heart emoticon
Kamogelo Mogotsi that’s the women I married, a forensic pathologist and with that being said you can see how brave she is
A true brainy I tell you, she is short but refuses to accept it no matter what yet in her dreams she says me and her are the same height, can you imagine?
In order for her to console herself she’d say that I have short legs so in that form we are even although she the one that has to stand on her toes to reach the top counter for glasses.
Currently she is on maternity leave yet she refuses to sit still and just relax, being handy is her second nature.
I quickly rush to her side to rub her back while passing her a glass of water.
“Remind me to never mention her name during dinner” I confess.
A few deep breaths bring her back and she leans back on her chair taking in the air gradually, well my mother and wife it is a different tale not telling as a bedtime story.
She finally speaks, “She passed by before heading to your side, when they delivered the flowers she signed for them”
I nod for her to continue.

“Her visit wasn’t polite, she warned me against having a baby shower and said surely history will repeat itself” her voice lowered on the last few words.
I love my mother don’t get me wrong yet when it comes to my wife, battle lines are drawn and are boldly visible I must add. I felt my blood going cold yet I maintained my calm nature for Kamo’s sake.
Still by her side, I told her to go rest on the couch and watch a bit of television while I cleared the table and did the dishes. I do the chores in the house not because of her condition but because she treats me like a king and I certainly want her to be treated like the beautiful gracious queen she is. I finish up and go join her on the couch.
I lift her feet and rest them on my lap while giving her an immature massage, she moans in pleasure and I raise the matter again.
“Honey I think it is high time I speak to my mother about this, she can’t come into your house and disrespect you like that” I chanted.
My wife’s sweet dilemma overtook and filled the entire room.
“Karabo, don’t do that, she’ll dearly hate me for life and say I turned her son against her. I’ll find a way to deal with her, she’s your mom after all.” She politely said.
I smile to her mature words. Indeed I chose well her, no return of cows.
“You are truly remarkable women, my wife” I say with confidence.
I rub her tummy once more.
“You should take after mommy” imitating a baby voice. A light snore disturbs my thoughts and I realise she’s dozed off.
Watching her sleep is like the best movie I've ever watched, one can be really blessed I think to myself. I hurry to our room to get a blanket because attempting to pick her up is a mission especially in her manner. I peak her forehead and switch of the lights and head to my study to finish up a case analysis.
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The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 4

Insert 4 (Revolving)
It takes a certain kind of shivering upon your spin, stomach being battered by wings and mind continuously drifted from regular life.
A feeling that scares you, you'd think you are bewitched. 
Friend's mouths fall in woe, as skirts pass without you blinking twice. Guys certainly know what I am talking about.
I found one of the amazing women in the world, a precious gem. Even gold doesn't come near her, when she found me I was just your particular labled vulture.
The drive home is just about 30min yet it feels like a decade. I haven't seen my chubby, amazing and beautiful wife in about 8 hours.
I park infront of my timber steeled gate as I press the room and it voluntarily slides for the king.
I drive into the garage and carefully gather my stuff in hand before going inside.
I use the garage door that leads into the kitchen to my surprise. There, in a perfect view as she's on her toes trying to reach the upper self yet her condition seems to be dragging her down as well
I put my things on the counter and get the glasses for her. She giggles as she feels my presence.
"Your mother really did a great job, you really are an answer." Before peaking my lips.
I forgot to introduce myself.
Karabo Mogotsi, thats just me in a nutshell.
I go down on her and greet my other most precious gift of all.
"Hope you've been good to mommy here" I whisper.

"Pumpkin, you guys will bond later I got to finish setting up the table" she complains.
"But you work yourself too hard my Angel, maternity leave, I thought it meant resting!" As I nag her.
She smiles and goes about her business. I gather my bags, walking to my study. I couldn't have asked for better. While she's busy being bossy around the kitchen I steal some few minutes to a quick shower. A bit of cold water to refresh me.
"Karabo dinner is ready!" She yells.
Walked to the dining area, to find the table looking like a magazine cover, very appetizing and beautiful.
"Angel, what is the occasion?" I tease.
She stares me down playfully.
" Can't I spoil my handsome, Hunky husband for no reason at all?" She asks seductively.
Thats us for you. We act like brother and sister, play like two best friends yet love each other dearly.
Before anything we do in our home, we pray first. Kamogelo and I are from very strong faith families.
We took what we learned at our homes and used it tp build such a beautiful home.
After a faithful pray we eat our food while chit chatting.
While showing the chicken quarter leg my wrath of hunger I notice the beautiful dandelions as our centre piece.
"You got the flowers? "
"Yes, I thought I had a secret admirer." She says.
"I kill!"
She giggles, "Then defend yourself in front a judge?".
I stumble, "Well.
.. I guess it wasn't well thought of".
I clear my throat.
"Ma was at my office today" I say.
Kamo's face turns into a faint smile. As sje chokes on her food to a point her eyes turn red and tears reveal themselves.
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Sunday, February 7


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 3

Insert 3 (Revolving)
I barged into my office like a lost fart, hoping to find the lady with a tear birthmark on her right eye.
To my surprise, that isn’t the women I married.
“Mah!” totally surprised.
She smiled while widening the span of her warms.
“That isn’t a way to greet your mother!” She commanded.
With a forced grin, I fall into my mother’s embrace. Lillian Mogotsi, the women who gave birth to me and raised me to being this fine champ!
She was cut from her own set of cloth, a once off design of it if I must add politely. In accurate counting, I am her only child basically but it didn’t last for long because after my aunt, her older sister, died she took my cousin Rose in.
I don’t call Rose, my cousin, she’s my little rock star. We grew up together although I am older than her, I had to be a hunk for some point in her life yet I regret nothing because everything was worth it. She’s been a rebellion and gave my mom a few grey hairs but they are unnoticeable with her 20 year old body and the artificial black colour of her hair.
Miss Mogotsi, point of correction Jennifer isn’t the brightest spark around her. She’s always had the slim body, tugged in stomach and has never had a bit of bone even in her golden years you’d think she’s a rolling stone.
“Ma what are you doing here?” I asked.
She glanced at me through her Prada spectacles.
“And you look like you were expecting to see someone else” while sipping her tea.
I found a comfortable spot on the couch next to her.
“Me? Never, it is always a pleasure you see you.” sounding rather convincing.
Jennifer appeared.
“Sir, I am on my way and I’ve sent the flowers to your wife. Is there anything else?” she said.
I shook my head and she disappeared.
“You still sending her flowers?” my mom interrupted my thoughts.
I knew where this was going.
“Of cause she’s my wife and I want her to know that she means everything to me” I exhaled.
My mother murmured something I couldn’t catch.

“She a lucky women to have you my son.” She managed to say.
She put the empty cup on my desk as I helped her up and gathered my things and left the office, switching the lights off.
Taking the elevator to the parking load and seeing her off.
They say being raised by a single women, especially for man, they become soft. Which I highly without a doubt in the fibre of my brain disagree completely.
Me? Soft?
That doesn’t even rhyme.
I escort her to her car and kiss her cheek, something I grew up doing, call me a mommy’s baby yet that the gentle guy in me. As young boy that would be my key to leave home, that gentle embrace on her cheek.
My mom always wants to be important in my life especially and when I got married her insecurities got wounded!
She drives off and I take the highway leading home. I roll down my window and letting the cold night breeze brush of my milky coffee skin and my stubborn black hair. Now my heart is jumping with joy because I am finally going to see my pumpkin!
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Thursday, February 4


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 2

Inset 2 (Revolving) heart emoticon
I took my passion and it became what I do for a living. It takes time to establish yourself in the law industry, and better yet creating your own company. The rest of my day revolves around me in court defending clients, mostly I specialise in divorce and custody battles. I decided to take pleasure and create a business although the law of philosophy states that business and pleasure do not mix.
My day is spent in court observing Mike do his thing, the real griller up there in the stand, a master questioner. On this one, his defending a man who cheated and the women poisoned him in complete anger; it is true that a wounded woman is unpredictable. Things are pretty heated up that the judge decides to call it a day. Law is a dirty game at times, where your values as a lawyer are tested; it is not always about lying but how to defend a sinned person trying to make them seem like an angel who was kicked out of heaven unfairly.
I left the criminology department because it sometimes changed people’s characters, the time for me to become selfish had long died and divorce seemed like the less evil of the other. Although when one does approach in a sincere manner seeking my skills I do compromise.
We head back to the office to drop a few things and Jennifer is even smiling while gazing on the computer.
“That better not be Facebook!” I command as she flaps her flake eyelashes at me.
“Yes Mr Mogotsi and you-“I interrupt her with the back my hand as Mike and I head to his office.
We end up having an unofficial meeting, discussing salaries as in a weeks’ time it is month end.
“It was really heated up today in court dude” Mike reflects
I tease him a bit as his face is a bit sour.
“Yet you were on top of your game!” I comfort him.
It comes with the little, encouraging your employees but it is a natural chemistry when it comes to brotherhood.

“Buddy for you it just slides of your tongue, the prosecutor is a women and not just any-“I interrupt him.
Having unfinished business, pushes one between a rock and a hard place.
“And when has that stopped you charmer boy?” I laugh in between my question.
He stares me down because I just took it back to law school. Mike was bowling in women back in our day, depicted charmer boy by them, the ladies.
As much as his my friend and partner, no skirt could pass him unattended to.
While chit chatting, Mike’s phone rings.
He answers and nods a few times then his eyes pop out.
“Brayaka you have someone in your office” he alerts me
I scramble my face in dismay.
“At this time of the day?” as I peep at my watch.
Mike shrugs his shoulders while packing his stuff, loading them in his briefcase.
“I have a beautiful wife waiting for me at home!” I quietly scream.
I fist bump him and remind him to send my love to Cathy, his wife.
“That’s what you get for making my sorrow the daily show!” he lashes back playfully.
Before going into my office, I give Jennifer I bit of my mine.
“Jennifer why let a client at this time of the day?” I protest.
She stands up fixing herself…
“Sir, it’s Mrs Mogotsi” she says rather unpleased.
I immediately smile, feeling amazing; my wife came to my office. Its date night again, two days in a row I is starting to love these 9 months. They becoming a blessing rather than…
I didn’t say it!
Without barging I rush to my office to find…
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Tuesday, February 2


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 1

Insert 1 (Revolving)
I chuckle to myself, legs elevated upon my wooden vanished desk. It is said that life isn’t a bed of roses.
Every challenge in life grooms you to becoming the best you can be, and pain aches you so you can learn the technic of strength. I’d be a character in never land if I’d say that life is easy, it is not but worth it. A pile of files flood my desk but one particular item attracts my perception, a beautiful women trapped in a frame. I remember that smile a few years into puberty when my heart yearned for just a few minutes with her. The strategy was to steal a few minutes in the morning as we walked into the school gates, we’d scan our student cards and I’d walk her to her friends while admiring her beautiful smile. Our conversations weren’t ordinary, but as long I got the glimpse of her two front teeth then my mood would be set for the day!
I can’t hold a slight giggle as it escapes the grin of my teeth carelessly, and I find my strength as a nosy irritating voice interrupts my exquisite thoughts.
“Mr Mogotsi you have a phone call on line 1.” Jennifer barges into my office unannounced.
That’s my nosy personal assistant for you.
But I can’t let her bad manner consume me because it is 10 minutes into midday and well line 1 hold sweeter pastures for me.

Without hesitation I answer my phone with bouncing heart.
“Mogotsi speaking.” I say deliberately.
I hear a slight laugh and I know I’ve done my duty as a protector.
“Shouldn’t you be bailing people out Mr Mogotsi?” she plays along.
Her voice still send chills upon my spline, and tightens other various places.
“MmaMogotsi, I was just thinking about you” I smile to my confession.
Somehow in me, I know she’s doing the same.
“I guess I know now, the reason to my restlessness. I just checking up on you and I hope you are working not day dreaming” she adds on, now sounding like my mother in a respectable manner.
I check my time and I realise that I have to be in court right about now; Mike also stands by my door tapping his Rolex watch. I stand up, phone still intact with my ear and up on my blazer.
“I promise now you can rest peacefully, Honey I’ve got to go. Remember always that my heart is yours. I love you” I say in rush yet with love.
“And mine is yours. I love you too pumpkin” she blesses my ears.
I gather my briefcase and follow my impatient partner and best friend.
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