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Friday, December 4


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 98 (Part B)

Insert 98
Narration Continuous
The Motsepe household was filled with laughter, smiles glancing at ever sight most importantly it was love. We remember that God is love so he reigned more than anything.
The food delicious as always created with a pinch of a mother's love.
A proud moment in the family when the eldest child gets married, tying the knot a sacret and significant moment. As everyone enjoyed each other's company, Rori excused himself.
Something wasn't adding up, Lesego isn't known to switch off her phone even when she's frustrated.
Before leaving for her house, he dialed her number numerous times yet no answer.
His blood got cold, he kept faith and got into the car and drove to her house.
It is amazing what love can do, it breaks every chain. Who would have thought?
A player, Mr Dimple, Abuti Maglisa!
Now a lawyer, a father and probably a husband, something he'd trembled about.
While at the house,Kaboentle decided to go to her room and check her mail. A hand written note
As she unsealed the write envelope, a scent hit her nostrils.
An English black blazer scent and her heart began to skip a beat. She knew how he smelt, his fragrances that would paralyse her knees,leave her legs wobbling. All the block memories, were freed in an instant. Someone said you can't forget who is special in your heart. No matter they miles away or have shattered you in an unforgettable way yet your heart still registers them as special.
She carefully unwrapped the letter, his left hand handwriting.
"My First Lady, Dearest Kaboentle, Princess ya Mr Motsepe.
This is usually your thing, writing letters, expressing feelings yet I guess now its my turn.
I can't seem to put what is in my heart completely on paper.
I know I am probably the last person you want to hear from, you might as well hate me.
Im not perfect and I know no one is. But with you, to me you are perfect, the way you move, smile and how you part your lips to laugh. How you pout everytime you frustrated, the way you specticals land on tip of your nose and you'd finch to lift them up again. You do everything with pure bliss, which is exceptional and amazing in everyway.
I've been cracking my head trying to understand why I can me so stupid and a fool. You everything a man wants and wishes, you are dream to a lot us yet I had you but I blew it, just like my dad to my mom.
You made it clear from the beginning of our sacret connection that you are a goal driven girl and empowering yourself is the first thing in your life. I agreed because that is what makes me tick, thats sexy according to me a young women who knows what they want and goes through heights to get there.
But when you left for Cape Town, I felt incomplete something was missing. I was used to us being together from sun rise to sun down. You'd make a lunch box that would be enough for two, I'd skip my duties during break to be in your embrace and around you. It took me 2 whole years to be able to tell you how I feel about you.
The matric dance idea I just have God to thank that you came alone, so the plan worked. You looked dazzling like a dream although you still do.
I gave you the necklace so if you felt incomplete you'd rub it and you'd feel like im there yet I failed you. I fell into a trap.
I feel into temptation, I was weak.
I felt sorry for her, Rea had done damage towards her in every way and somehow I felt obligated to be a knight and shining armer. I forgot I was your knight, your king and everything. It was supposed to be a once off thing, yet she got clingy and wanted more. The more we didn't speal the more I fell into her web. Its my fault, I shouldn't have been there like that. I disrespected you in more than one way. She younger than you and ...
In the end I realised it was jealous, she wanted to be like you and she couldn't.
I can never erase the pain I've caused you. You entrusted me with your heart and I shattered it into pieces. I promised you not to hurt you but I broke everything.
Please forgive me my jellytots.
Im sorry that im a jerk.
Im sorry that im weak.
I know you probably not going to trust me again but please forgive me.
The ring and necklace are real, they are yours please give is a chance.
Give me a chance.
I love you Kaboentle, you are my first true love. I've never been in a committed relationship before. This was first, its my first. Mom is mad at me for losing a precious gem.
Im hopeless without you.
I can't function, please come back to me.
I need you.
I love you, you are treasured in my heart.
You are my one and only. I believe God me you just for me.
Always remember that I love you First Lady.
From the jerk who loves you.
Please forgive me"
The tears were streaming down her cheeks.
Everything felt fresh, wound.
All she could do was cry and rock herself to sleep while hugging the letter in her hands.
While in Soshanguve, Rori parked the car in the front gate.
He walked into the yard and knocked on the door various times. His last knock was so hand that the door opened slowly because it wasn't locked.
He walked in and closed the door.
MamaKgosi!" He called out.
No one answered but he heard a giggle Kgosi.
He made his way to Lesego's room.
What he saw almost knocked him off his feet!
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The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 98 (Part A)

Insert 98
The newly junior Mr and Mrs Motsepe boarded the plane to the capital city accompanied by their witnesses.
Everything thrilled,faces glowing filled with nothing but joy.
Who'd thought?
Not so long Chrissie almost lost Oara, Thandolwethu didn't understand their kind of life, she had forgotten how it is like to love for the first time. A lot of people fought against their love because she's white and his black yet again love knows no colour or shape. Despite it all they endured it all, through think and think, better or worse. They as a girl always pictures her wedding day, clothed in white gown, powered with make-up, folding a bouquet in your arms and most important that ring, as they say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
Oarabile, thee heir to the Motsepe throne.
The first to feed on his mother's breats, I guess we can comprehend her behaviours of trying to middle her way into his life. She not once but twice almost cost his son, the women of his dreams and on the 24th of December, she'll definitely be the women of his reality, life and everything.
They landed in the afternoon, everyone rushed to find their luggage. Rori had hired a Quantum for them and was on time. They all embraced each other, introductions were given. The long road began to the location of locations "Mabopane" where the wedding will take place.
They were having the ultimate Kasi wedding, no fancy venues. They want everything, to step to the neighbors melodies of matrimony. While the auntie brewed mxombothi.
In mabopane life was as normal,the perfectionist Mrs Motsepe was preparing everything for her children while Kaboentle sat in her room making final arrangements for tommorow's intimate parties.
While planning everything, like Thabang she'd unblock him on Whatsapp just to see his status, and messages then block him again. Although it broke her to see that he wasn't do well. His profile picture is the ring and necklace he was gave her.
Sometimes it hurts to love so bad!
She brought herself back to reality blocking the memories and pain. She vowed to herself, she was done saving lives because it always comes to bite her.
Lerato is back in town and they'll all be at the sexy party tommorow.
She decided to call MaKgosi.
She picked up after the 3rd ring.
Lesego: (low key) Bestie!
Kaboentle: Friend! Why is your voice so low? Is it Rori? Coz I'll kill him.
Lesego: (giggles) As if you would do anything to him! Well erm...
Kaboentle: Lesego? Friend. Hello?
She checks her phone to see if the call got ended. But no!
She could hear kgosi making noise in the background.
She hang up.
She heard a series or bells hooting outside, she peeped through my window and it was their awaited guess. Knowing Kaboentle she wore he shoes and raced outside to join her mother in melody.
"Matswale tlhogela dipitsa
Mongwa tsona ke yo wetla x2
Mo sutele, Mo sutele x2
Ke yo wetla"
They did a mini step near the gate while luluating!
The groom and his two friends from Cape town and Chrissie's friends joined in melody. Everything was blissful.
They all walked to the house while Kaboentle stayed with Rori who, parked the Combie and they both walked together as Rori grabbed the day's mail and put his hand around his little sister's shoulders!
"Have you called Lesego? " Kaboentle asked..
"I've tried to on my way here a few minutes ago yet her phone goes straight to voicemail. But I'll go to her after this" he said.
Kaboentle nodded and took the mail her bother handed her. It was hand written.
She went to put it in her room and returned to the dining area to enjoy the festivities.
As they say that a family that prays together, stays together.
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Thursday, December 3


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 97 (Part C)

Insert 97
Narration ends!
Blood rushing, emotions wounded all because of betrayal. Among a blissful atmosphere Thando headed their way.
Kaboentle began irritated, something she buried deep within her mind surfaced, its been a month ever since she found out about her boyfriend's misconduct more than it included a girl she rescued from a bitter life ending event.
If it wasn't for her love for Rea she wouldn't be here, caught up on some sick jealous love triangle. If it wasn't for her pure heart Thando would have been a statistic and Rea probably a big bear in an orange suite.
She took a vibrant deep breath and calmed her ranging hormones, her straatmaat behaviour subsided.
Thando looked jolly, like she'd achived something worth celebrating. She'd wrecked a heart that fed her tears once.
Never find happiness at the cost of another women's tears, a statement taken for granted for countless times. She swerved her hips left an right, walking towards the distraught pair.
"What a surprise!
Small world indeed
Hi Kaboentle" with a smirk.
She leaned over to hug the cautious Kaboentle who became a robot and kept still as the hyper, jolly lady rubbed off on them.
"Rea, you looking good" she confessed.
Rea nodded looking her while Kaboentle faked a smile yet deep within she was burning, fuming and disgusted by her sense of grace.
"I got your messages and emails, tried to reply but you'd block my numbers and your email would bounce back.
But as I said, water under the bridge" she said.
Kaboentle couldn't pretend anymore, a mountain called Thando isn't one she's willing to climb.
"Excuse, I'll be by Mr Price" she patted Rea's shoulder firmly.
As she walked passed Thando. Thando grabbed Kaboentle's hand.
"Kaboentle are you okay?" she asked.
Kaboentle looked at her briefly and chuckled. The nerve in her voice that she'd say such a thing, like she didn't know what she did wrong. Kaboentle shook her head and leaned firmly against Thando's ear
"Well since you've asked.
No im not alright with the fact that you thought you had every right to worm your hands on Thabang.
I know you answered his phone that day on purpose.
So you know how I feel.
Hope you sleep peaceful at night!" She whispered softly.
Then walked away leaving her shocked. Her jaw dropped that Thabang confessed.
Rea shook his head in complete shame, leaving her standing there without a word.
A lovely shopping and relaxation day ruined by betrayal.
After going to some few shops they headed home.
In the mother city, the soon to be legally married couple were packing to come hole for their matrimony ceremony. The brides too were making final touch ups to got the Capital City. In two daya it is the respective groom and bride parties, everyone is ecstatic. They thought little Kgosi would be the ring boy yet he walks a couple of steps then falls and giggles himself away. But the perfect one, the gorgeous ring boy, Thami like his father he has dimples.
Well his mother is still hung up on her lost dream of being a Motsepe.
At the University Of Pretoria, Thabang isn't coping at all. Its been a month and his losing himself, his mother and sister are worried about his changed behaviour. He tries calling her yet she doesn't answer his calls, messages or skype calls.
He concontinuously calls her with different numbers to just hear her say, "Hello" while he just breaths on the other line.
He can't go on like this, a miserable soul. She was everything to him, now she gone, he has nothing at all.
A simple mistake yet a mouthful of consequences.
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Tuesday, December 1


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 97 (Part B)

Insert 97
Naration (Continuation)
Intoxicated with pain, driven by anger it was the simpliest way by perception to walk away from everything.
The defamed Thabang couldn't believe it, watching the only women he vowed he'd cherish for eternity and gave her, his solemn word walk away.
His hands parallel to his rigid body, still in his hands the treasures he thought they'd one day be transferred to their off-springs.
He watched her walking into the house without looking back, how she carried herself.
How he'd lost a diamond while picking stones..
He stood there for a few minutes hoping she'd come out and say they'd work everything out, but unfortunately his lucky star wasn't the brightest in the sky.
Conflicted with himself, in the spring night sky he kicked his black tyres with rage rushing through his brain!
Like an adrenaline rush. He groaned with each kick.
While in the house, immediately when Kaboentle got into the house, she was embraced warmly by her mother. Eager to cry the heart-felt hug, she contained the tears that were emencely burning her. Mrs Motsepe rubbed her back firmly with pure affection, while bumbling she'd missed her. John watched with a banana smile at the two women who mean the world to him embrace each other.
They had dinner, the scrumptious food Kaboentle had cooked. She updated them on everything and they shared few laughs, later in the night Rorisang joined them. Kaboentle's eyes almost popped out at how his brother had changed, he had a 3 piece slim suite with glowing black shoes. A corperate player, he embraced his young sister. Responsibility does reform and shape people, Mr lawyer now father and retired player.
They serenated the lounge with memories and talks, discussing the upcoming wedding.
The happy moment surrounding the entire room hypnotised Kaboentle's pain, she'd forgot that a few hours ago she'd ripped out her heart out of Thabang's hands.
Their conversations retired and everyone when to bed.
She blocked every memory of her heartbreak.
The next coming weeks she buried herself into the plans on planning the wedding, making conference calls with the bride's ladies and the caterers. Rea would drive her wherever she wanted to go, he was her escaped goat.
Two weeks from the wedding, Rea and Kaboentle were strolling in Menlyn when Rea laid his eyes on Thando. His palms began to sweat, recalling all he'd done to her in a flash being displayed in his mind. He grapped Kaboentle's hand, she felt him tremble with each squeeze.
"Rea what is the problem?" she asked.
A few minutes ago they were both laughing, indulging in their Mc'Flurry, now his trembling.
"Look on your right, corner of Maxis" he feared.
Curious lady, looked and what she saw completely threw her off the ramp!
Thando walking towards them.
She represented different versions for both of them yet ...
What could happen with Kaboentle angry and Rea shocked with shame?
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Sunday, November 29


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 97 (Part A)

Insert 97
The warm breeze of the spring, brought chills on her skin as she's compelled with emotions. Thabang stood before Kaboentle knee-length with concern written all over his body yet most of all thrilled to be in a presence so blissful and arousing.
Anticipating and anxiously waiting upon the reply to his concerns, although Kaboentle failed to truthfully express herself. She tried to utter a word, justifying her emotions yet her words lacked life.
Her smooth tiny palms began to sweat, nerveousness clothed her.
His big brown eyes still struck by her sense of beauty, how her lips parted to reveal a tantilating, sweet voice. His blissful chuckles, and stolen smiles desplayed a young man, struck by the lightening of love.
Kaboentle took a deep breath and what happend next, brutally murdered the atmosphere, shattering it into pieces that opened a dark, cold bearer between them.
"Thabang's phone: Come on, kiss me. She wouldnt know and besides what she doesn't know wont kill her...
Thabang's phone: No, I love my girlfriend. This is a mistaken. It shouldn't have happened!
Thabang's phone: Well in January you didn't. She doesn't deserve you. I give you all you need. Damn Thabang!" as she put her phone back in her pocket and sighed.
Thabang went pail, his cream colour lost its since of glow. Resting his head into his palms, and gently relaying to the car to support his stature.
More than anything he was paralysed with shock, blinking his eyes in disbelief. He let out a slight moan accompanied by heavy breathing.
"Explain yourself, defend your despicable behaviour" with calmness.
He tried to hug her yet her stature refused but her heart yearned for it.
"Kabo, Baby How did...
I am sorry, I love you and only you, believe me when I say you are the women for me" he confessed.
"Thats not explaining, you love me. I thought love came with commitment and respect Thabang!
You've violated me in a condeming manner.
I love you more than I can imagine it yet when felt it is real but I can't.."
He forcefully cupped her petite body into his, although she put a fight with every tighten grip. As he rocked her back and forth.
"Baby please believe in me when I say, it was my mistake and weak nature not you.
I was missing you and I couldn't be around you, you were miles and miles away from home. I needed someone to embrace me and make me feel whole and I thought, it was a once of thing.
Thando was there, she went through a tough time and I guess we gave in to our weaknesses.
I thought it was once of thing yet it continued, that day I ended it but she was being a problem as usual, Sthandwa sam please believe me" while wrapped around her.
Her ears rised with the name of a women, a particular women!
She harshly pushed him back and gave him a deadly stare.
"Thando, out of all people Thabang!!!
I can't, you...
You and her" she said with a trembling mouth.
A light flooded them which blinded Kaboentle followed by a hooter. It was her parents, they were familiar to the young man who stole their daughter's heart.
Kaboentle ran to open the gate for them and returned to her devastating sense of love and affection.
Thabang tried to hug her again, but this time she stepped back creating a wall between them.
She put her hands up around her neck, lossening up the gift, her guide given by Thabang for her to cope.
She handed it back to him with a ring!
He hesitated to take it, put up a fight with a minor tantrum.
Kaboentle is well known for her calmness, she gentle took his hand into hers.
She put the necklace and ring into his hand and curled his fingers into a ball so he can treasure them.
She kissed him to his cheek.
"Please leave. I want you to go...away" she said tears burning her eyes.
She walked into the house leaving him there...
Could this be thee end of a genuine love?
Please like "Gangster love Lill¥",
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The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 96 (Part C)

Insert 96
Bluntly annoyed, I managed to find a seat with my heavy burden.
With complete passion I really hate being stood up! Continuously tapping my left foot of the ceremic flooring, admiring the timer on my arm. I was anxious and really annoyed, my cheeks were flushed.
All of a sudden my vision become dark, like being trapped underground. Colour completely vanished from my reach, I tried to tap out yet the firm embraced was tight.
I knew who it was, the whole playful act could only spell one name.
"Come guys quite that!" I confessed.
My pleading act, finally brought me back to the vibrant coulorful life. In a nutshell I stood up hoping to give Rupz swept me off my feet and spinned me all around, he conducted a scene right there.
He cupped me into his firm built body, I missed him dearly as well.
"Wow, Look as you!" as he twirled me around.
I kept on giggled, no words were near my mouth. It felt good to be home, totally amazing. I even forgot about my infedelity for a second. Both Rea and his brother scooped out lugage and off we went to the car.
The long journey began to my kasi!
The drive back home was filled with nothing but laughter and sharing of great memories!
I enjoyed the time spent with those two, the smile on Rupz's face was real, genuine I could see a sense of proudness covering him. He'd look at me on the rear mirrior and mouth "Thank you" followed by a sweet smile. Its rejuvinating to have one carry so much gratitude...
My phone vibrated and I checked it anxiously hoping its MaKgosi
"First Lady waka
I can't wait to see you, immidiately after my class I'd be at your door step
I love you like jelly tots"
for a minute I blushed, I was used to blushing and being smitten after every call or message. I shoke it all off and joined their conversation, Rea was estatic to see his mother and I pretty sure she'd be blown away to see her renewed son.
They dropped me off at home after being complete gentleman, carrying my bags into the lonely house.
Its a surprise, no one knows that I'd be home.
Plus I have to meet decorators and cake makers, Im the wedding planner after all!
I went to my room which was flooded with abundent light from the setting sun, I guess they always open the curtains. Only mom does that, nothing has changed really!
Mom never renovates our rooms even when we move out.
I packed my things in their respective places.
I hugged my teddies anmd jumped on the bed, for few hours I became a silly love struck child...
I prepared dinner and it was funny how its late and not is home yet and I didn't want to call because its a surprise!
After working my feminen magic on the stove, Thabang buzzed me to indicate that he is outside.
I went outside and indeed he had pack, leaning against the car.
The moment he spotted me, he rushed to me and picked me up while squeezing the life out of me.
"I can't breathe" I cried.
"I missed you!!" he let out a slight moan.
I missed his scent around me, his warm embrace...
As much as I hurt and angry, I wanted him all over me.
I let him hug me as my hand hung lifelessly.
He explored the corners of my lips with passion until I couldn't bare it anymore. I put my hands on his chest, creating resistance.
Our heads parted as we both moaned in the dark sky.
"Jellytots are you okay??"concerned.
I looked at him, deep into the windows of his soul. Searching for the man who broke my heart and shattered it.
Those words rang like a banging bongo drum in my head...
"Jellytots are you okay?"
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Thursday, November 26


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 96 (Part B)

Insert 96
Sometimes life will drop a bombshell on you, or better swallow you completely. But never let anyone to tell you not good enough for anything.
The club was truly a surprise topped up by breathtaking performance and an unexpected sweet disaster!
I picked up all the pieces of my life that had been scattered on my bedroom floor. A ring is a symbol of commitment, and a pledge of one's undying love. The edge of it all hanged above my shoulder like a hawk, I tried putting the necklace back where it belonged yet my hands trembled.
Accompanied by the exhaustion of the night before, took a refreshing breath and I forced it back around neck and changed into my night suite. I cried enough, and at this moment tears had become extinct to me.
I tossed and turned until I dozed off to my paradise, where my kind heart wouldn't be stabbed, stamped and tortured for doing its best.
" Dressed in black with everyone paralysed by emotions and grieve, Kgosi laid against my chest an innocent bundle of joy.
I couldn't understand like a movie was being premiered for me.
High pitched wails filled the entired atmosphere,the weather was samber.
We were in the line, walking up to someone one by one.
Everyone looked distraught, until it become my turn to walk to the center of attention.
I looked around while bearing Kgosi in my arms, Rori look horrible, puffed bloodshot eyes while his face filled with gas.
A casket stood before my eyes, I peeped to see who it was and...
I squeezed Kgosi to my chest for sense of comfort!
I peeped once more to clarify my vision and indeed, so peaceful like a babie doll!"
I was pumped back to reality, sweating like a restless runner. Breathing like my lungs are about to give on me.
My room was lighten, I rubbed my eyes as I controlled my breathing.
"It was just a bad dream"I recited it to myself.
I glanced to my bedside table and it was already 8am in the morning. The jubilating sun rays had already penetrated my room, lighting up the interior!
My drum banging head reminded me that lastnight was epic!
I got out of my bed and tried to tidy put yet the after party syndrome restricted my abilities.
Made my way to kitchen, flowing the giggling tangy voices leading to the open kitchen and to my surprise, we had a guest.
I stood judge as my vest laid above my tummy buttom, embarassed I tried to walk to my room.
"Entleza, finally you up!" a voice caught up with my action.
I turned and giggled with guilt. He waved his hand as he got of one of the counter chairs and brushed it off a bit.
"Come on, sit and Sis'Chrissie will serve you!"he commanded.
"After the night that you had, my five star breakfast will shake you up"Chrissie carried on.
We ate breakfast as Rea delievered the news of lastnight, I'd laught there and there yet my mind was occupied. I was going home, I'd have to face Thabang and deal with his mess. Our plan was for 2pm. I was happy that Rea was coming home after so long, everyone will be thrilled to see him yet his timing isn't the best. Im in a state of being tempted, a wounded heart is a prison of deception. I'd steal looks now and then, yet I had to repremand my thoughts. I love thabang with every living thing in me yet there are some living viles in me for Rea.
I left them to their amusing converstation to pack my things and refresh my tense body, I take everything back. Hangover isn't child's play.
After everything, Oara drove me to the Airport while Rea followed behind in his grey metalic Cross Polo.
He had arranged that Abuti would drive car back to the house and Chrissie will drive Angela.
Oara made me carry gifts he bought for Thami, electronic cars and all. I could never understand boys with cars.
We boarded our plan in time and we arrived in O.R about 5pm if im not mistaken. I looked for our lugage while Mr Dj disappeared on me.
Wow, where is he though
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Tuesday, November 24


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 96 (Part A)

Insert 96
Everything about the kiss felt right, the butterflies in my stomack, rush in my spine which kindled a lot of our past. All the skeletons in our closet regain their flesh in that instant!
Yet the switch flipped immidiately when everything died down and my nerves regained their strength. I slowly pulled away as the crowd cheered and delighted the love scene displayed before them. I put my hand on his chest, creating distance between our heads.
By then the crowd had found another center of attention when I felt all the cocktail I drowned earlier on, flooding my throat!
I excused myself to the ladies to relieve myself. Everything came out even my lunch from the afternoon. If Oara was here he'd be laughing at like he did when Chrissie was drunk. I went to the basin to rinse my mouth as I looked at person looking back at me.
"What just happened? "I murmured to myself
I couldn't recognize the young women before my eyes. Has hurt really driven me to be coming this?
A bitter black women who has been scorned?
A minute was lot because in an instant tears flooded my face, a river without brakes. Yet I quickly pulled myself together reminding myself something that always kept me sane although kind of crazy.
"Kaboentle pick up your crown baby girl, it has fallen!" I said to myself.
I quickly wiped my tears and puffed my eyes up as girls started crowding the bathroom.
Thankfully Rea was still down because I really wanted to get home. As he saw me walking towards the corner couch, he smiled and revealed his gold tooth which has always charmed me up.
I asked him to take me home, the environment was getting to me and in mu state I couldn't handle it anymore. Him being the Dj, all the girls wanted to kiss him goodbye yet he passed. As we got into the and started off home, we got into an interesting conversation.
"So that was a killer performance. Im proud of you and what you have become" with gratitude I said.
"Well I impressed the ice queen! Im always thankful to you, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here." He said while carefully watching the road
"Well dont give all the credit, you did it all by yourself, look at you Mr hot shot Cape Town Dj, Mama iz going to be proud. Im proud!" With emotion.
"Admit it already Entleza, you are my north star. If it wasn't for you, I'd be in a jail cell at Newlock. MaMotsepe you are an incredible women"he let out sincerely.
I got caught up in my own emotional roller coaster! How can he see so much in me while I see non of that when I look at the mirrior.
"Don't be modest! Im just a caring friend!" As I jokingly hit his shoulder.
He parked right infront my brother's gate and we sat in silence for a while.
"Im sorry about earlier on... the kiss. Erm I know you love that good boy! His truly a lucky guy. You are a blessing." With a bright smile.
I looked at him with admiration, his been through a lot. Yes his put himself in some of them yet the grown up man I see before my eyes. Im proud of, Reabetswe aka Dj Rubz. I smiled to myself. It was already 2am in the morning.
"Wow you thinking of Good boy while with me. Anyway im picking you up tommorow we going home together. " he said with laughter.
We talked for a while and I finally got the courage to say bye. Going back to my misery and broken pieces of my heart.
He watched me get inside safely before driving off.
Back to reality!
Everyone was sleeping, just the blissful sound of the ticking wall mounted clock.
Switching on the light in my room felt I switched on the life in my closet, bearing all my burdens and miseries.
Everything was the way I left it, my ring and necklaces still scattered on the floor.
How can I save people's lives while I struggled to save mine. Im thee Hero yet who is my hero?
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Friday, November 20


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 95 (Part B)

Insert 95
"Have you ever loved somebody
So much it makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad that you can't sleep night
Have you ever tried to find the words but they done come out right
Have you ever!
Have you ever!"
I laid flat on my bed as Brandy's words flooded my ears, as I bursted the music out loud!
Couldn't utter any word myself, just tears crowded my cheeks...
It is true that when you are between a rock and hard place you understand the lyrics better.
I couldn't stomach the anything let alone what I heard minutes ago. Immidiately after I hung up, I paraided my phone log to verify that indeed it was Mr President.
How could one be so selfish?
I could feel my heart shatter into pieces, the aching pain piercing my flesh. But no pain killer could murder, nor rescue my heart.
I couldn't even wipe my tears, just let them flow like a river without any direction. As I sniffed with every rhyme of the song! After a few minutes Brandy's journey ended
Then Mam' Aritha Franklin broke the inner walls of my defence, and that was thee end of my resistance.
"Oh Baby, Ohhh Baby x2
Love was always supposed to be something wonderful to me
To watch in grow inside yourself
To feel your heart beside myself
Sometimes it hurts to love so bad
When you know you've given all you can
Sometimes it even hurts to laugh
You do your best but its much too sad
Sometimes the pain is just too much
Ohhh and it hurts like hell
Thats the way it feels"
I just broke down and cried, because thats exactely how I felt, like my world has ended, like there's no more life left in me!
As I cried and brought my knees to my chest; rocking myself back and forth. I felt like I was choking, running out of breath as I held my chest and felt him around my neck!
Without hesitation I forcely pulled the necklace, yet I felt the chain burn my neck and I through it on the ceremic floor. The ring and necklace parted ways like my heart parted into pieces. I touched my neck and to my surprise I was bleeding, I guess I pulled it too hard with aggression. Got off the bed and made way to the 6 feet mirror presioned on the wall. I couldn't recognise the reflection before me which boiled my blood and in an instant I fell a rush of anger. I screamed my lungs out trying to empty the pain, probably hopinf to vomit it. A simple scream let me to hit my head numerous on my cushion!
The room went silent as my playlist came to a complete hult...
I heard my phone ringing and I answered it without looking at the caller identification.
Me: What!?
Caller: Entleza
Me: (Sniffing and trying to pull myself together) Erm Rea? Is it you?
Caller: Yes, its me darling! Are you okay? Entleza are you crying?
Me: Erm... I was trying to cook something, so the naughty onions caught my eyes. (I even believed my own eyes)
Caller: Yeah right (His not convinced) I wanted to take you out tonight. 18:00 on the dot
Me: I dont think I am up to it! Next time plus Im leaving in two days Rea please...
Caller: Too bad Im not taking no for an answer. Do inform Bra Doc daarso. Will pick you! Bye Entleza
He hung up and I threw myself on the bed. The last thing I needed! Like thats about two hours from now. Im a complete mess and I can't stop crying, what am I going to do???
But it couldn't hurt though right? Probably might even revenge him or better yet replace him. As beyonce once sang he is irreplaceble!
Took a quick shower and wore just a normal jean, pums, top and a blazer. At 6 he messaged me and the soon to be married couple weren't home so left them a note on the fridge.
Funny enough he had a car. Rehab must be treating him fabulous like a prince. I got in and greeted him, he just glanced at me with suspicion written all over his face.
Did I give it away?
Are my eyes puffy?
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Monday, November 16


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 95 (Part A)

Insert 95
The left wing of the profound Motsepe family arrived safely at their greener pasture. As the usu ritual, Oara is smitten at the sight of his baby girl, Angela, Mercedes Benz C- class edition. The girls are familiar with his kissing, groans and praises that Angel gets!
They laugh with pure humility as Oara who doesn't seem to care at all. After what felt like a decade, eventually they get into the car and head home.
The gate automatically parts way for the car, as they enter the glorious ground of their palace.
The garden always looked neat, as the bed of daises and roses blossoms and the green grass's smells elegantely indicationg that it has just been freshly cut.
The three get their bags and head for the house as they greet Hendrick, the neighbourhood gardner, as he packs his stool, preparing to leave.
Everything still looks the same, nothing unchanged or repositioned. Everyone goes to their bedrooms to unpack their heavy burdens.
Days and weeks pass as they go through their daily routine. While Kaboentle has been swamped up by her education and preparing for the final exams, the guys have even started a study group to update her properly on everything. Although they do different thing yet their similarities, Kat has been a darling bud, making sure Kaboentle is well equipt with the knowledge she needs to ace the exams. Even though since Kaboentle left they haven't dealt with the factor that almost destroyed their friendship. Yet she's avoided at all cost the talk and sympathy accompanied by never ending apologies. She makes sure after class she runs to avoid having a simple conversation with Kat.
One particular day as she was laying on her bed, doing nothing but lazying round as her bed was covered in books and papers with notes. She picked up her phone and dailed Lesego's number...
Lesego: Rakgadi (Auntie)
Kaboentle: (Blushes) MaKgosi (Kgosi's mom) That little bugger is growing hey friend
Lesego: You dont want to know, he sucks my nutrients as Im left drained and his father seems to take his little side as always!
Kabontle: (She breaks into stitches of laughter) Thats my brother for you! My friend I miss you guys hey, Kgosi, Rori and Rato. Better I making a conference call!
A minute later a squicky voice is heard!
Rato: If it isn't the three addidas strips! Girls (As she screams histerically)
Kaboentle: Wow the loudest tin out of all of us (Everyone laughs)
Rato: (She's heard talking on the other side) Kitties I wish I could join the reunion but I got a story to follow. Boss's order! I love guys and Sego kiss Kgosi for me.
(They both wished Rato well but contined taking)
Kaboentle: Friend wanted to wish you luck with your exams, I heard you starting soon! Remember you can do it. Little should let mommy study (As she hears Kgosi moaning in the background) Ncooh kiss pumpkin for me. bye
Speaking with the girls, always bring Kaboentle upliftment and a sense of joy from a sacret place. Her face, bright and glowing, she thought before heading back to the roaring fire of study she should give Mr P a call. While trying to dial his number, she hears her name.
Without a doubt she knows it is Chriselda!
Which interrupts her plan of action, she throws her phone and rushes to the lounge.
"Wow you early today" says Kaboentle
As she galnces at the bridal magazine flooded on the coffee table.
"Well tonight, is us ladies! Pumpkin is swamped up at the hospital" cheers Chriselda.
After her amusing statement, her friends flood the rooms. Kaboentle was familiar with everyone. They dinned and wined as they browsed through the magazines, looking for the perfect dresses. Bear in mind the wedding is in December.
"So who is doing the decoration?" asks Chrissie's bestfriend Yolanda.
"Angel is" without hesitation adds Chriseladz.
A pazzled Kaboentle glasses at Chriselda with a sense of confusion.
"Me? But?"
"No buts! You said you'd do it, plus you did a spectacular job at Rori's graduation party" says chriselda
They all enjoy themselves as the night sweeps away and invites the sun for a new day.
The ladies are sour as their heads feel the wreath of yesterday's fun.
They tidy up quicky before, the neat freak arrives home, Doctor Motsepe ofcause.
Everyone says their good byes as Chriselda prepares a strong coffee to look like a perfect queen, so Oara can not sense the scars of her hangover. Kaboentle who was intoxicated by the orange juice laughs as Oara graces the house with his presence.
Oara kisses Kaboentle's cheek and hugs Chrisela who wince in pain as Oara squeezes.
"How I missed!" and twirls her around.
"Pumpkin please, I.." as she holds her hand runs to the bathroom to through up.
A confused Oara points in Chriselda's direction in question.
"Red wine effects!" Kaboentle breaks out.
"And thinks Coffee can help?" says Oara
Kaboentle shrugs her shoulders and makes her way to the bathroom to check on her. While Oara whips up a hangover concation for her. As the day progress, the hangover dies form the husband's remedy. Benefits of marrying a doctor.
On the other side of the provinces, Gauteng, Pretoria. John and Thandolwethu spoil their newly found grandson rottenly, John can't seem to keep his heart rate at proper levels, if it isn't Kgosi trying to roll then its Thami dragging him with his leg. John has forgiven his wife and for now we observe a obidient Thandolwethu who does her wife duties for once behaves like a wife. Is it an act?
Lesego, studies her butt off trying to write her matric exam, avoiding history to repeat itself. Rori who is charming Tatum, now seems to be having eyes for one women, although ladies at the law firm worship the ground he walks on. Before heading home he goes through Soshanguve to see his reason for breathing, the lady of his dreams and his son.
Kaboentle finds time in her busy schedule and calls the guy that makes her heart beat. They been taking each and every day, taking of their future together.
The phone is answered on the third ring...
Yet no one answers yet voices are heard.
Kaboentle: Hello, Baby
Thabang's phone: Come on, kiss me. She wouldnt know and besides what she doesn't know wont kill her... (A female voice is heard from the other side, more like a conversation)
A distraught Kaboentle, blinks her eyes in disbelief. But continues to listen to the conversation on the other side as she records it.
Thabang's phone: No, I love my girlfriend. This is a mistaken. It shouldn't have happened!
Thabang's phone: Well in January you didn't think so. She doesn't deserve you. I give you all you need. Damn Thabang!
After that, she hangs up with tears flooding down her cheeks.
Could it be a wrong number?
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