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Wednesday, May 1


Facebook Launching “Secret Crush” An Online Dating App!

Facebook Launching “Secret Crush” An Online Dating App!

Facebook wants to help you hook up with your friends. A year after the US social networking giant announced Facebook Dating, a tool for finding potential dates, it has now announced “Secret Crush” – a new feature for figuring out which of your friends might be open to romantic overtures.

Facebook Dating is also rolling out to a more than a dozen new countries, the company announced at its annual F8 conference on Tuesday, bringing the total up to 19 – including Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Guyana, Uruguay, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, and Suriname

The announcement comes as Facebook attempts to move past two years of scandals and crises, from Cambridge Analytica’s misappropriation of tens of millions of users’ data to the social network’s role in spreading hate speech that fuelled genocide in Myanmar.
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Thursday, June 30


How to prevent your Facebook Account from being hacked 2016

Best Ways To Keep Hackers off Your Facebook Account

From Account settings, click on Security. ...
Secure Browsing – enabled.
Login Notifications – enabled.
Login Approvals – enabled. ...
App Passwords – If you don't have many apps associated with your Facebook account, you can probably leave this off.
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Tuesday, March 17


How to use Facebook for personal

How does Facebook help us to get in touch with friends and to make new friends.

How to make friends with the best people on Facebook

Think outside the box, the bigger your circle of friends on the network, the more problems you will encounter. The more friends you have will lead to more chat sessions and more of all activities on Facebook, so choose few friends wisely(be strategic about it). Don’t adapt to everyone - welcome rule on Facebook and accept all friend requests. Bear in mind that not all of your friends on Facebook are really your friends, some people are just there to sabotage you and to check up on your success because not everybody loves you. When you choose friends ask yourself this questions. Is this person going lift me up or pull me back? Will this person assist me to achieve my goals? Try and find friends who will add value to your life.

How to get more fans on Facebook

Facebook is the boss of all social networks on the planet with more than a billion active users per month. Facebook has more than 61% of users around the universe; it is a great tool to market and promote individuals and to make new friends. Nowadays most People find their soul mates on Facebook. Take advantage of this channel to get more fans.

10 Tips to get more fans

  • Be original and yourself, don’t try to be someone else.
  • Don’t upload unpleasant pictures of anything which is not family safe.
  • Refrain from posting and sharing dumb things on Facebook because people will not take you serious.
  • Keep your audience in touch by engaging in chat sessions, commenting on their post too, liking their nice pictures and posts as well as to appreciate their time with you.
  • The topics you post must always make sense, don’t just post because you have internet bundles.
  • Always check your grammar before posting because bad written post people don’t take them serious and write full words unlike the way young youth write by shortening words.
  • Be likable; to be likable you mustn’t compete with your audience or to judge them.
  •  Don’t be insecure always be positive and genuine, add value to your audience, don’t settle for less or for small talks, touch people whenever you post, don’t be shy always have a self-confidence.
  • Be generous with the things you can do best like information sharing.
  • Post on a daily basis so that you don’t keep your audience waiting.

Advantages of using Facebook

Facebook keeps you informed of what is happening in the word. You can read news and articles according to the topic that suits your needs. Facebook is one of the major platforms for entertainment; it provides tons of gaming and other more applications like stock analysis, horoscope, photo editor and etc. Facebook can be used on both mobile and desktop devices to kill the boredom by reconnecting with old friends, lost friends, ex colleagues and also your loved ones.

You can save your videos and pictures on Facebook; you can publish your business on Facebook, you can date on Facebook and also to send files via private chat. Facebook gives academics and student’s additional information and knowledge about other things, culture, and customs and as well as places. Most people learn how to speak other languages like English on Facebook and to communicate with fellow people so simple. Academics use Facebook for group discussions and study purpose to simplify learning. Facebook is also a learning forum because many people acquire information and clarity from it.

Let’s stay connected on Facebook to simplify a lot of things in life...!!!

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Sunday, March 15


How to use Facebook for your business

8 Reasons you should keep using Facebook for your business

Facebook is the largest and effective social network

Facebook is an effective social channel for small and big business owners to interact with their customers and for advertising purpose. Facebook remain one of the largest social network on earth, with more than a billion users that are active on a monthly basis. Obviously you can’t turn away from using it. Facebook is a platform where you can be able to know what your customers’ needs are and how you should render your service to them. Facebook is a free platform to use (it is also user friendly) and you don’t need any technical skills to use it but you need to be computer literate. 

Facebook is a worldwide social channel/network
Facebook remains the leading or major social network in the world. Your clients or customers are there waiting for you on mobile and desktop device through the programme Facebook. It is a great channel to engage, interact and talk to your customers and for your customers to talk to you or for communication as a major factor in business. If you haven’t started engaging your business on this universal platform, your letting down and disappointing your customers. 

Facebook is a cheap way to get new customers 
It is the cheapest and reliable way many companies gets new customers and to interact with the current customers. It is a very useful tool to establish a good relationship with them customers. When you’re using Facebook for your business you will be socially engaging, providing quality written contents based on your business, some pictures of your business or your products, Website/blog of your business as well as information sharing. You have to be professional and yourself because social media can improve your business image. All just to say social media channel, by that i mean facebook, can drive a lot of traffic of new customers to your business for a successful business.

Facebook is essential for customer support
It is of extreme importance for you to always be available for your customers because it is where your customer or consumer engage by sharing new ideas, post their challenges on the service you’re rendering as well as the products of your business. It is also crucial to always connect with your customers on Facebook or being present at all times so that you are able to respond to queries and to address issues of consumers on time. Clients need an effective customer support, I would suggest a 24/7 customer support to a successful business. Clients need a service which is of quality and rendered on time. Don’t keep your clients waiting for support because they will move to another competitor. 

Facebook is useful
Facebook it is a very useful channel because most of the users compare it to a cell phone which has to be available and on at all times. Nowadays a cell phone it is no longer a want, it is a necessity; by that I mean it is something one should have for a better living in terms of communication. If you don’t have a face book account is more like not having a phone, but other people don’t care if they have a Facebook account and a mere cell phone so to speak. For business sake you can’t just opt out of the channel or platform just like that, even if it is not of more importance but efficient. 

Facebook build a business image and credibility
When clients see a business online they begin to take it serious and they want to know more of the business, not only the services and the products , and also to give the company credits by just visiting the Facebook page and then to the site if you have one as referred by the Facebook page. It shows our clients that we are vocal and instrumental about our business. 

Facebook is one of the major source of traffic for a business
You all know that Facebook drives a lot of traffic to a business even though organic reach is declining. Businesses can take a chance to gain traffic by Facebook referrals when they share quality contents that will persuade users to share the contents with their friends, families and their colleagues at work. 

Facebook is a public forum and good for finding suitable people for you business
Think outside the box, Facebook has always been one of the leading public forum in the world, it is one of the simplest ways for customers to search for any online business that suit their needs. It is one of the platforms to spotlight a business or company culture and to show how the company is unique from others. We all know that businesses differ in many aspects and customers want to have a sense of the business image and culture.

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